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my casual suga post just got a bunch of notes recently and people seemed to like it so i thought id draw another one in my own outfit from a couple of days ago bc im Gay And Edgy

Haz and Tom are into kinky shit?!

Ok so I got this lovely idea from @harrison-osterfield-appreciation, who asked me What I think Harrison and Tom are into 😏😏
Ok so first tommo

- with all of the stunts that Tom does I believe he is like a big thrill seeker when it comes to sex
- he would always want to try different things and look for things online to spice up the sex in different ways
- for instance he would want to do things in weirder places, such as outside or in a pool
- however he would always make sure that no one could take pictures of you two the paparazzi does not need to know about that
- he loves to have sex all the time but it would be a thing between you two
- except ofc that haz knows basically everything
- those smol beans share all of the things
- you guys would have done some kinky shit like tying each other up, using wax and ice shit like that and the next day Harrison would know every single detail of the experience
- one thing that I believe that turns Tom on is like pain? I think he has a serious pain kink
- you would Discover this accidentally and you used it ever Since
- during your orgasm you scraped your nails along Toms back, leaving Some serious scratch marks
- What you did not notice is that your move helped Tom get over the edge and gave him the most intensive orgasm
- “fuck love do that again”
- “shit that felt out of this world babygirl”
- B A B Y G I R L
- Tom would be in to overstimulisation too
- it could be the case that you were not that satisfied with your love life before meeting Tom and that you have never been able to cum with a guy
- the only thing that Tom would hear was challenged accepted
- this would be gradually built up until you reached a place Where you could have 4 amazing orgasms in a short amount of time
- and Tom would be so proud every single time
- i am about to flipping burst

Next we have Harrison
- Ok so you guys might not agree with this… but…
- this would start off as a joke
- like most things in your relationship would start of as jokes to make fun of either Tom or somebody else
- Harrison has reached a level of pettiness I can only dream of
- but When you started calling him daddy more and more, he did not want you to stop
- When he told you this you kind of thought he was crazy but then he started calling you baby girl and kitten and you started seeing the fun in it
- I think Harrison would also be an absolute pro at dirty talking?
- he discovered How much you respond to his dirty talking and now it is his goal to make you cum by only using his voice
- and he came so far but you could not handle it anymore and you just had to help yourself
- “oh princess What did you do? We came so far”
- “I guess this means I have to punish you”
- S P A N K I N G
- he wasnt really a type of daddy that would ask you to bend over one knee and with every slap you had to count
- he is more the Guy that would be like if you make a noice I have to find another punishment
- I think Harrison would use his dirty talking skills in the most inapproptiate places
- you could be like at a family or friend event, or something work related
- and he just could not stop himself from telling you that he would want to take you right here and there
- sometimes Tom could hear you and he would just spritz you guys with water to clean your dirty minds
- these encounters also lead to quite Some under the table teasing and quickies is dirty bathrooms
- Where can I sign up for a haz?

- so kind of combined but I believe they would want to have a threesome as Well?
- I feel like they would not feel awkward at all and they just want to experience the feeling for once
- and Which girl would actually say No?! (I wouldnt)
- it would feel like they had done this before, or at least talked about it quite a lot
- they knew exactly What to do How to divide and share everything
- 10/10 threesome skills
- I do believe tho it would be a 1 or 2 time thing, depends on the girl

Ok so after this tour through my kinky brain I need to bathe in Holy water 💦💦💦

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Shoma Uno is my Yuuri Katsuki and I will fight you on this.

Okay, first of all, I know Shoma is not the real inspiration for Yuuri. I mean, he could be part of him, too, since all that we know is Yuuri is a mix of different skaters. We do know that Yuuri’s style is very much inspired by Daisuke Takahashi, but while I adore Takahashi’s performances, he was also very much a skater who seemed in tune with his style. He is sexy and confident even off the ice. I think this is part of why people have been slow in associating Yuuri with Takahashi.

Enter Shoma Uno. Shoma, 19, joined the seniors division in 2013, won bronze in the last two Grand Prix Final, and his overall best score is currently ranked sixth in the world. Not bad for a kid who recently debuted, considering that he is up against Patrick Chan and even the scores of his idol Takahashi, and of course Yuzuru Hanyu (the most popular Yuuri Katsuki “real figure skater”, though really I see no resemblance other than they are both so cute you want to protect them) and Javier Fernandez. (I’d cite the greats of Plushenko era, too, since that really is the era when I followed figure skating, but scoring is different these days so maybe we should stick with recent skaters.) Shoma’s most thrilling achievement to date though is that he was the first to land a quad flip - yes, Viktor’s quad flip! - in international competition, and this record will be his forever. (My son, I am so proud!)

(The historic quad flip is the one in that video up there, by the way; it is the first jump he does. Listen to crowd cheering! This is still my favourite Shoma Uno performance, hands down. ♡)

See, Shoma has the ability to provide electrifying performances like he had done in the video up there. But! Look at him at the beginning of the video. Chin down, eyes like a puppy, the shy/nervous/anxious lip-biting - he does not really get into it until his program starts. Oh, but when he does! I was a wreck the first time I saw this skate, and I kid you not I watched it five times straight - and three… maybe seven more times later in the day. Off the ice, Shoma is also adorably shy and awkward. There are several funny videos of him, mostly involving Yuzuru Hanyu and his affectionate guidance/bullying, like in these videos below (idk why YouTube gives me weird videos):

- 2015 GPF awarding ceremony (Hanyu can’t take his kouhai who holds him like they’re about to get married, and Shoma keeps walking out of photo shoots)
- Shoma is too shy to touch fellow skaters

I don’t really ship real people, but I am starting to low-key ship Yuzuru/Shoma. I am happy to report that it is all Hanyu’s fault.

However, despite all these, Shoma does seem to be an ambitious kid. He looked up to Daisuke Takahashi and seems to be set on going down the same path as he did. Already their styles are very similar. Shoma is passionate about skating beautifully; despite already making a name for his artistry, he still says that that is still the area he wants to focus and improve on. I really respect this, because artistry seems to be suffering in recent competitions. There’s a lot of discussion about how skating nowadays has turned into this sport where people just try to wrack up as much technical points as they can get, at the expense of artistry. That Shoma wants to work on his style tells us that it is not all about just winning for him; he will win, but he will do it with the best skating he knows.

(Bonus video of Shoma skating with Takahashi! I was so happy for him, skating with his idol, lol. I would just die.)

Shoma also expressed that he hoped to beat his monster genius sempai, Yuzuru Hanyu, in competition someday. Now have you SEEN Hanyu’s records? Have you seen him skate? The guy is insane, but nope, Shoma intends to beat him. I am totally rooting for him, too! Already Shoma dances better than Hanyu, even though Hanyu is still the technical powerhouse.

While Shoma’s record is impressive, you can also see the areas where he could still improve. Shoma rocks the step sequences and the spins, but his jumps could still improve (sounds familiar?). He could also still work on the consistency of his performances, because even though he gives great performances, there are still times when he falls and suffers a dent in his scores, like in the recent Marseilles GPF, where he arguably gave the best FS performance but did poorly in the short program (sounds familiar??). He did land the bronze, so good for him!

TL;DR - Shoma Uno skates like Yuuri Katsuki on the ice, and is about as shy and awkward and adorable as our boy off the ice. He is ambitious and intends to win gold by skating the best way he knows, which is to skate beautifully. His signature jump is the fucking quad flip. Please love and support and protect this baby.

What Is Expected, a game of thrones fanfic | FanFiction

..Jon/Sansa.. Modern AU.

She began to step away from him, but Jon stopped her, his hands still holding her head. “Do not be angry with me,” he said in a low, quiet voice.

“I’m not angry,” she shook her head. “I'm… disappointed.”

“That’s even worse,” he nearly cringed at both the word and the idea of Sansa ever being such a thing in regards to him.

(I wrote a thing and I love it so much and am so flipping proud of it.)


It would be so amazing if I finally got to 105 lbs by Wednesday. I probably won’t be because I just got back into the swing of things but I will use this to motivate me. Gotta get a good workout in today after 2 days off. I needed them, my legs were SO sore. But time to get ready for the week to start again!

Also, today is one week binge/purge free 🖤 I am so proud of myself. The switch flipped and this time I want to keep it off as long as I can.


We both know you were most like Hellion. You make the wrong choices, even when you know where the right ones lie. But that day, you said you aspired to be Cyclops. Scott Summers was strong. He took care of everyone in the face of crisis. He was a man that people wanted by their side. Lo, you’ve made it. You’re my Scott Summers and without you, I wouldn’t be here.

To one of the strongest characters I’ve encountered through the pages and made me proud: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOREN HALE!