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I AM FED UP WITH PEOPLE QUESTIONING BTS WINS. THAT ARTICLE SUSPECTED BIGHIT’S CREDIBILITY, BTS’ HARD WORK, AND ARMY’s DEDICATION. Thinking that the 300 Million voting was fake and BTS winning was by cheating is just offensive. BUT We will ALWAYS protect our boys, so just try us!!!

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BTS Reaction: Seeing their S/O in a swimsuit for the first time. Part 3: Jimin, Taehyung, & Jungkook

Description: Going to the beach with the BTS for the first and they see their soulmate in a swimsuit for the first time. 

A/N: I’m sorry it took me so long to post part 3. I’ve been busy with personal stuff like unpacking and getting ready for university, hope you guys enjoy!

*Sorry, I’m doing probably going to do two members at a time for this reaction or else this will be a really really long post.


Although known for being a sexy dancing machine Jimin is also probably the most fluffy adorable person you ever met. He loves to cuddle with you and is a true gentleman waiting and does anything he can to make your first relationship the best. 

One moment you are watching the boys do a photoshoot in Hawaii, you hate to admit it but the way the boys began to have a light tan was something you liked a lot. The staff asked you if you wanted to go swim and just have fun, while the boys work but you said no and just wanted to watch.

Jimin noticed how you were getting hot underneath the heat of the summer sun, so he asked if the guys and him could take a break for the day. The photographer agreed cause everyone was honestly tired from the shoot. Jimin got out of the water and made his way over to you asking you sweetly, “Hey sweetheart, do you wanna go for a swim with me?” 

You smiled brightly knowing the main reason was cause Jimin really cared about your well being. Agreeing you rushed off to go change into a swimsuit you wanted to wear, for him. Sitting there waiting for you to change he began singing Miss Right to himself thinking how you were Miss Right for him.

As you walked over Jimin would look up and be shy as a fluff ball. His face would be flush and a goofy adorable wide smile would spread across his lips as he sees the adorable yet sexy light blue Bandeau style swimsuit you had on. ‘God, she is perfect.’ he would think to himself as his smile turns into a smirk looking over your entire body enjoying the swimsuit and the curves of your body.

“J-Jimin?” you would shyly blush as he snaps his attention to your blushing face making him feel so warm and giddy, god the kind of affect you had on him was incredible. He couldn’t take how adorable you looked so he just hid his face in his hands and looked away from you while muttering something to himself.

*you are left standing confused as your shy boyfriend mutters stuff to himself* “God dammit she is like a freaking angel.” *the rest of the day ends up with him keeping the image of you in his mind*


Knowing Taehyung he was the one who suggested to go to the beach and play, he was the one who also suggested that you guys should bring the dogs and have a picnic. Being in a relationship with the hyperactive alien was always exciting with the way he’d just pop in an out of the place while spoiling you, you’d always have to scold him to be careful of the money he was spending.

So you were glad that this date was simple and easy, leaving the picnic basket in the car you watched Taehyung bring the dogs out and run with them in his swimming trunks, oversized white shirt, and sandals. He ended up tripping in the sand making you laugh as the dogs began running around him and barking as if they were laughing at him too. 

The plan for the day was to take it easy and simples, just relax and take it easy. You let your boyfriend run around and play with his dogs that he hadn’t seen for a while, in the meantime you took off your clothes revealing the purple bikini you already had on underneath.

So you decided to take a nice relaxing swim in the clear waters of the beach, the weather was nice and warm, but not to warm just perfect the perfect temperature.~ 

After floating in the waters and enjoying the partly cloudy skies you went back to find your boyfriend sitting on the beach petting the dogs relaxing as his feet were underneath the sand. You smiled and walked over at the sight of seeing him being so relaxed, he had deserved it after such a long time working. 

As Taehyung laid his eyes on you they widened at how your body was teasing him with the perfect purple bikini that complimented your skin tone and type of body. How it tortured him how slowly the water droplets tracing your curves as they go down your body and hit the sand. He just stared with his jaw wide open forgetting to pet the dogs making the poor little doggies keep pawing at their owner whining for attention. 

As you stood in front of him you laughed softly raising an eyebrow at him then bent down petting the adorable cutiepie dogs. “What’s wrong Taehyung?” you asked him since he just kept staring at you. “N-Nothing, but…man you look beautiful…kitten.” 

Your eyes widened at the sudden call of your nickname, looking at him you knew you were in trouble. His eyes were filled with a dark kind of lust as a smirk appeared on his perfectly soft lips making you realize that you were probably blushing. But the moment was ruined when his attitude changed into a hilarious flirty guy.

“Aye girl, you can call me your Nemo cause I’ll tap that butt~ ” *he then sends you a kiss and raises his eyebrows at you, making you laugh hysterically at the horrible pick-up line and push him over while asking if he learned it from Jin* 


All right this guy is just the definition of awkward and shy. I mean at least I think he was, now I ain’t so sure cause have you seen him?! Alright this would depend on how long you’ve been dating, but I am assuming this is still the beginning of the relationship.

So, Jungkook would be super shy around you. You had to make the first move cause you got fed up about the shy bunny never making a move. But since then it has been adorably awkward and sweet, he would text you good morning and always bring you snacks and sweets.One day he invites you and your friends to a beach party with the boys or just some of his friends. Immediately arriving at the beach Taehyung challenges Jungkook to see who can swim faster and the farthest, with Namjoon supervising of course. :P

During that time you and your friends got changed into the newly bought swimsuits you got just for the occasion. However, Jungkook and you were in different parts of the beach as you and your friends were beach combing and looking for shells or just splashing water at each other, while your active muscle pig boyfriend was playing every beach sport possible not noticing you. 

However as lunch rolled around he began getting hungry and wanted to spend some time alone with you, searching the beach for you he found you staring at the water. As he came closer he felt that his heart was in danger of beating too fast and exploding right on the spot. You were in a pure white swimsuit with your hair tied into a high ponytail exposing the back of your neck, his heart just couldn’t stop beating. 

You turned around to find him awkwardly standing there, although you had made the first move in your relationship everything else was awkward because it was your first and you had no idea what to do. The two of you ended up just staring at each other until Jungkook panicked and made a move. 

He jumped onto the hill of sand he was on and rolled down to you. Wide eyes you just watched your boyfriend expertly role down the hill and pose in a cool heroic pose. He stood up and rubbed the back of your neck, once again with silence taking over. Breaking the silence was your beautiful laugh, you were so surprised and shocked by his actions you couldn’t help but find them hilarious. “W-Why the hell did you roll in the sand like that?! Y-You couldn’t- Hahaha! Ouch my stomach hurts from laughing. Oh my god! Hahaha- You couldn’t think of a better way to break the awkward silence?! Hahaha!” You just kept laughing as his face became super red and a bit pouty that you were laughing at him that he just bursted out his thoughts, “O-Oh yeah? W…Well it’s your fault for looking so sexy and beautiful that I was left standing completely in awe!” 

Again silence, but now you were the one embarrassed. “S-Sexy and…beautiful?” Jungkook couldn’t handle it anymore and just ran away, with you chasing after him yelling to wait and that you should get lunch together. “Wait! Jungkook, let’s go get lunch!” 

“Nooo! You’ll make fun of me!” *runs for his life while thinking* ‘She’ll be the death of me…It’s her fault I’m this awkward around her, she’s too much for my heart to handle.’ *in the end he makes you where his hoodie while eating lunch together*

Credit to the owners of the gifs, they are perfect and I do not own any of them…sadly, but yeah. Hahaha~ ENJOY!

The truth is, rape is the most interesting storyline that they think they can give a woman. They just couldn’t have spent that screen time on Arianne Martell claiming her birth right, or trying to crown Myrcella. Or on Asha Greyjoy claiming queenship over the Iron Islands, or of Arya Stark having wolf dreams, or of Sansa Stark garnering support in the Vale, or of Lady Stoneheart in the riverlands. Even if they wanted to transplant Sansa into another northerner’s storyline, they could have had her replace Alys Karstark, or even Alysane Mormont. But sexual violence was what they would give them ratings, so sexual violence is what we got.

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Do you have any recommendations for fics where the relationship starts online/via text. I just read Hey Lover and I loved it so, so much and am craving more similar fics. Multi-chaptered fics would be preferred, I don't mind if they're completed or WIPs.

Do you know how many fics I found titled ‘Wrong Number’? About 7. Anyway! There are only a few here, but they are all ones I particularly like so I figured I’d recommend them. I hope you enjoy them too! P.S. I’m gonna link Hey Lover for others to read.

Hey Lover
Summary: Fed up with being teased for not having a girlfriend, Eren joins a site that gives the perception of being taken. Little does he know that the sassy and crass girlfriend he asked for isn’t exactly what he had in mind.

Wrong Number
Summary: Eren gets a wrong number, but ends up with something more than he anticipated.

Wrong Number
Summary: Levi scowled down at his phone, rereading the message from an unknown sender. The area code was the same as his, so it was safe to assume this was just a wrong number situation. That wasn’t going to stop him from fucking with a stranger, though. It was a passion of his.

A Tenuous Third Space
Summary: In which Attack on Titan is the MMORPG they all play, and Eren meets Levi online.

Odd Affections Framework
Summary: Eren is a 22 years old recent college graduate who is driven by passions about social justice and making his favourite social network more accessible to its millions of users. He might be a crypto genius on the side and sought after by many companies, but reality is harsh when his idealism is relentless and he wants to make a change in the world, not just succumb to its shitty rules.
     Enter Levi, 35 years old newly promoted front-end software architect at the said social network, with a history of hacktivism and a current hobby of making encrypted chatting tools for journalists and activists. Also a long-time fan of Eren’s very own ‘extension framework’. He might also be a casual stalker of Eren’s personal blog. And perhaps has a wee bit of a (healthy) crush on the young man.
     But there is no way that they can actually meet and connect… Or is there?


OT4 Nonsense:

So I literally snorted up my tea when I saw @hchano new comic http://hchano.tumblr.com/post/153530935946/boy-you-have-no-idea-bonus-scene-more

and I couldn’t resist writing a follow up drabble for my OT4: 

::Nino and Alya walking home later that day::

“Hey Babe?”


“You think Mari’s cute right?”


“Like you can appreciate that she is an objectively attractive person who happens to also be your best friend.”

“Uh huh.”

“And you can see where the attraction would be in being involved with her without actually needing to pursue anything further because you’re best friends.”

“Are you worried that I am going to leave you for Marinette?”

“No! I am just saying that you can be in a perfectly platonic relationship and still have a deep appreciation for her as an attractive and desirable potential life mate.”


“And that doesn’t make you gay.”



“Because I’m Bi.”

“… shit.”

“Is this about your crush on Adrien?”

“What? No! Who said anything about that! I never said… did he say something? Because I haven’t said… I mean, what crush on Adrien.”

“God damn it honey you couldn’t have held out for two more weeks? Now I owe Mari dinner AND movie tickets.”

“You two were betting on me developing feelings for my best bro behind my back?”

“What do you mean developing, you and Adrien have been low key dating since November, we were betting on how long it would take you to notice.”

“What are you even talking about?”

“Honey, you pack him lunches.”

“That’s because Nathalie has him on this disgusting all natural diet plan! Of course I have to make sure he’s fed!”

“And what about the fact that you text him first thing every morning?”

“I text you too! You love my morning wake up texts! It’s not my fault that neither of you can be bothered to go to sleep at decent hours like normal people and someone has take care of you bo- oh my God I’m dating Adrien.”

On Hermione (part 2)

All the racists are out for Hermione. Some of the comments I’m seeing are ridiculous. But I’m seeing this a lot: this shit made me see red.

There’s no continuity.”

Continuity? Are you having a fucking laugh??????

There’s no continuity between the books and the movies. Hermione is supposed have buck teeth. Ron is supposed to be six feet tall. Harry’s supposed to be skinny like a bean poll. The Patil twins are supposed to be in different houses. Neville is Blonde. Where’s Winky? Where’s Dumbledore’s backstory about his family? Why is Ron’s character completely different? What happened to fucking Spew?

And fuck, even the movies have no continuity. Hogwarts changes location after movie two. Sirius’ mirrior is introduced with no backstory. Lavender Brown changes race in movie six (you didn’t give a shit about that). Percy becomes a pro fudge twat with no explanation. Dementors suddenly develop the ability to grab people by the throat in movie five. Charlie Weasley appears in movie three and disappears from the earth. Why wasn’t Oliver Wood in movie 3?

Why does the theatre play have to have continuity with the movies? Why? Why is that? Why do the movies get to monopolise the story?

And furthermore-why does a black Hermione mean there’s no continuity? She’s Hermione. Hermione is still there. Her back story and all the stuff that happens in books 1-7 is still there. Her race does not define her. What is it about the sight of a black person that makes you think this isn’t the same story?

“I’m so used to seeing Emma Watson play Hermione. It’s confusing”

What? What The bloody hell are you on about? Emma Watson doesn’t play Hermione anymore. Emma Watson has moved on with her life. Emma Watson is 100% supportive of Noma playing Hermione. What is it about your brain that finds it confusing to see somebody else play Hermione? Do you find James Bond confusing everytime somebody new steps in to play the role? When a new Doctor Who gets cast do you throw your TV away because you’re confused? When Rocky Horror started on Broadway did you throw away your ticket because somebody else was playing Janet and Frank?

“She looks nothing like Emma.”

Of course she doesn’t you buck eejit. She’s. not. Emma. Watson.

Do you realise that there is a book Hermione? Because Emma Watson is nothing like her. Emma is a babe; Hermione is plain. Book Hermione is a little hysterical at times; she’s also ten times more obnoxious. Also, fun fact, Harry in the movies is nothing like book Harry. In the books, Harry is supposed to be small and super skinny; Dan Radcliffe is built like a brick shit house.

Why is Emma Watson the ultimate Hermione? Why? Why does she get to define the role?

Hermione isn’t real, OK? Like, she doesn’t exist. She’s fictional.

She doesn’t look British.”

Boy, do I have some bad news for you: black people are British. They exist. They’ve been in Britain since the time of Queen Elizabeth I and before that. Go look up Sir Trevor McDonald; he’s the most British person ever.

Why is it racist when white actors play black people and not when black people play white people?”

You need to 1. go to google. 2. Do some research on whitewashing. Come back when you’re done.

“This is so hard for me to accept.”

Boo hoo.

“It’s just weird.”

“It doesn’t make any sense.”

There is nothing weird about this at all. This is the epitome of not weird. Your reaction, on the other hand, is insane.

I am done

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I’m getting so fucking fed up.

You may decide to never text or call me but god dammit I thought we were friends. I fucking like you. You never said you didn’t like me or that you do.

I am sick of it.

You flirt with me, we agree to go out on dates, and yet I’m still so fucking scared to hold your hand. To kiss your cheek. To kiss you.

I may be confident enough to ask you out but I am a hopeless romantic. I want to be swept off my feet. You say you’re a hopeless romantic. So do those romantic things.

And whether it be for me or not I want to be your friend. I want to be a part of your life. You don’t just ask me to work with you on something and never talk to me about it.

You never text me first. You never call me first. I always have to. I am a hopeless romantic. I want to be swept off my feet. I am crying while typing this and it might be because I’m in the middle of watching riverdale but I stopped it because you were on my mind.

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mama blossom, i am so fed up w things!! i was seeing this girl for awhile, texting everyday w those cute goodnight texts etc, we went on several dates & then out of the blue one day she's like "sorry im straight. ur a great person & i rly did try, but im straight". i feel so used & embarrassed...i rarely ever put myself out there: this was the first girl i had started seeing in over a year. i dnt want to close my heart up or whatever but i feel so discouraged after all this. idk what to do

This is an unfortunately common occurrence for women looking for romantic relationships with other women. Sometimes you become an experiment for other women who are testing the ~gay~ waters and it’s not okay. Women who are uncertain of where they lay on that spectrum should be open about themselves and that they are new to relationships with other women. There’s no need to feel embarrassed because almost every queer woman has had this experience. It’s no reason to never put yourself out there again, because it had nothing to do with you personally! She admitted it was all her that was the problem and I agree with her! She didn’t disclose her intentions and that was deceptive but there are so many women out there who ARE looking for a partner. You might even find a woman who is completely and solely attracted to other women, but she could have commitment issues. There’s ALWAYS going to be a risk when you’re out there in the dating world but we simply can’t let it stop us from looking.

Puppy’s Girlfriend

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Wes’s hands freezes in it’s movement when his phone buzzes in his pocket. Michaela looks up from her own stack of paperwork in the arm chair, a slight glare in her eyes, as it’s the 5th time Wes’s phone has gone off in the past hour. He makes eye contact with her and gives her a little nervous smile, she continues to look like she wants to kill him when his phone vibrates again with a text from you.

Wes sighs, and pulls out his phone. He smiles despite himself when he sees the picture of him kissing you on the cheek, and your surprised happy expression pop up in his notifications. He lets out the tiniest, little giggle when he opens the photo you sent him. It’s a picture of a very small Pomeranian with a bow in it’s hair, and it’s tongue lolling out of it’s mouth. He smiles even more when he reads your caption.


He quickly sends a reply of

you’re right, I am. WHO IS SHE?!?!

He sets his phone back down before going back to his paperwork. It’s about five minutes later when his phone dings again, and this time Connor had had enough.

“Alright Wes, just who the hell is blowing up your phone, and distracting everyone from their case files? I would like to know so I can punch them.” He says, a fed up smile on his face as he rubs his fists together. Wes looks down, an embarrassed smile playing with his lips.

“Sorry, my, uh, my girlfriend has been texting me pictures of dogs she see while she’s Colorado visiting her aunt.” He sheepishly rubs the back of his neck. Asher’s eyes light up as he gets up from his place on the couch beside Laurel and comes to stand next to Connor to mock Wes’s situation.

“Awww, Puppy’s ‘girlfriend’” he says, making air quotes with his hands when he says the word girlfriend, like he couldn’t quite believe what Wes was telling him, “is texting him pictures of puppies, how sweet.” A mocking grin on his face as his hands cover his heart and he gets a far away look in his eyes and pretends to wipe away a tear. “No, no, seriously who’s texting you so Laurel can curse them out in Spanish and we can get back to work.” The grin dropping from his face in an instant.

Wes scoffs, and hands him his phone when another text from you pops up. Asher sees the picture of him kissing you on the cheek in his notifications and shrugs nonchalantly, bumping Connors chin as he was viewing over his shoulder.

“Could be a friend, could be a cousin, could be an old high school teacher for all we know, I won’t believe you have a girlfriend until I see her with my own eyes.”

It’s the Friday after the Incident as Wes called it. You were back from Colorado, and were looking forward to a movie night that Wes had promised you. While you were putting away the clothes from your suitcase, you noticed a manila folder sitting on the edge of the nightstand. You knew that if Wes had forgotten his case file Annalise would have made him go back and get it which would cut off time from your movie night that he was not getting out of this time. So, disregarding the suitcase full of clothes, you grab the manila folder and head to your car.

You walked up the front steps and Mrs. Keating’s house and knocked, Wes had given you the address in case you ever needed to get to him, why he was so paranoid about something bad happening to you, you didn’t know.

The door opens after a few seconds to a rather tall white women with short blond hair, from what Wes had told you this had to be Annalise’s partner Bonnie Winterbottom.

“Hi, you must be Miss. Winterbottom, I’m Wes’s girlfriend Y/N, I think he left a case file at home today,” You tell her, extending your hand for her to shake. She takes it lightly and leads you into the house.

“Yes, I’m Bonnie, Wes was looking for his case file a few minutes ago, you can take it to him in the study.” She pointed down to the first opening on the right.

Wes looks up from his bag on the floor when he hears the clicking of your heels on the hardwood. His eyes light up when he spots you standing in the doorway holding up the case file he forgot.

“Hey,” he exclaims, jumping up and over to you, he plants a kiss on your cheek, “thank you so much for bringing this, you just saved my ass from extra paperwork” He looks back up and notices everyone in the room including Annalise is starring at you two. “Um,” he clears his throat before continuing, “Everyone, this is my girlfriend, Y/N.” You give Wes’s coworkers and classmates a timid wave, and slight nod suddenly very self conscious in front of everyone.

“Wow, Puppy really does have a girlfriend.” A tall dude says from the back of the room.

“Well, er, I better get going, let you all get back to whatever case your working on,” you turn to leave, but turn around when you’re almost out the door. “Oh, and Wes don’t forget about our movie night tonight~” You lean up and give him a peck on the lips and you know he’s cheeks are heating up because he ducks his head down once you pull away. “See you everyone!” You call out as you leave, once the door shuts the teasing starts, and doesn’t let up. Ever.

Make up - Jackson (Got7)

You sat pouting on your couch as you flipped through the channels looking for something to distract you from your anger and frustration that Jackson had caused. You couldn’t find anything worth while on the television so you angrily took it off and huffed just as there was a knock on your front door. You rolled your eyes knowing that it was Jackson. You made no move to get up and answer it.

He knocked harder now and shouted through the door, “Come on Y/N, I know it’s one in the morning but I know you’re up!” You sighed and got up walking to the door and swinging it open harshly.

“What do you want?!” you shouted, glaring at him.

He sighed and rubbed the back of his head nervously, “Can I come in?” he mumbled quietly, looking down at the ground totally unlike his usual bubbly self.

“Yea whatever.” you said rolling your eyes and turning around walking back to the living room where you sat back down on the couch, not even looking at him as he closed the door behind him and came over to you.

“Babe I’m sorry.” he whispered apologetically. 

“For what?” you asked glaring up at him.

He sighed, “For cancelling our date like I did before, I just got called into the studio and I am sorry.”

“Ok, cool” you said emotionless.

“Oh god! Seriously, Y/N just stop it will you! I came here after an exhausting day of work so at least I can spend some time with you just drop it and be normal will you?!” he said raising his voice at you.

“No” was all you said getting up from the couch and attempting to pass him to go to your bedroom but he held your arm and stopped you making you face him.

“Oh for fucks sake! It was just a date! A stupid date! We will have more! Why are you so fucking angry!” he yelled completely angering you now.

You wrenched your arm out of his grip and stomped over to the front door opening it, “Get out!” you shouted.

“Stop being so dramatic babe.” he mumbled walked over to you by the door but you shoved him outside so that he was on your doorstep looking at you confused and sad.

“I can’t believe you Jackson! It wasn’t just any fucking date! Did you forget it is my birthday! Well it WAS my birthday because it’s after twelve and I didn’t get so much as a Happy Birthday from you, you self centered asshole!” you screamed. His face dropped immediately, it was obvious he had forgotten it was your birthday, it was obvious that he now realized his huge mistake. 

“B..babe I am so…” he began but you cut him off. 

“Bye! And don’t bother knocking because I won’t answer!” you shouted slamming the door in his face and storming up to your bedroom angrily. You could hear him knocking and screaming apologizes but you didn’t care. He began calling your phone after a while and all you did was turn it off and forced yourself to go to bed.

The next day when you turned on your phone you saw the numerous texts and calls from him but you didn’t care, you just rolled your eyes and ignored it. However after a little while your phone began ringing and you saw that it was him again. You didn’t answer you just let it ring out.

You went through your day doing your daily activities and finally around mid day you got fed up of your phone only going off so you answered it, “What?!” you snapped.

“Babe I am so so so sorry.” he said, it was clear from his voice that he was very surprised that you had actually answered.

“Yea ok cool bye.” you retorted.

“No, wait wait wait, come to my place tonight please, I have something for you. Please, please, please.” he begged sounding so desperate.

Even though you were crazy mad at him, you still loved him and you felt pity for him since he sounded so broken, “Yea ok fine, I will pass at eight.” you said quickly and then hung up.

You kept your word and at eight you arrived at his house. You got out of your car and went to the door knocking on it softly. “Come in the door’s open.” you heard him shout from inside. You frowned and pushed the door open, locking it behind you and making your way to the living room where you saw he had just run in from the dining room looking flustered. You didn’t question him because you were still angry.

He walked over to you and hugged you tightly sighing in content when you didn’t push him away. “I am so so sorry baby” he whispered before pecking your cheek and pulling away. “I am so dumb for forgetting, I don’t deserve to be forgiven but I hope you forgive me babe because I am going to make it up to you, hopefully tonight.” he said smiling at you as you just looked at him unsure if to forgive him now or not.

He took one of your hands in his and led you to his bedroom. When you entered you saw a box on the bed. “Happy Birthday.” he said with a smile looking at you. “Open it.” he whispered. 

You nodded and walked over to the bed with him right by your side. You opened the box quickly and smiled. Inside was a beautiful flowy red dress that you had been eyeing at the mall for a while now. You turned to him smiling widely. “Thank you Jackson.” you said pulling him in for a tight hug. 

“You like it?” he asked beaming down at you and you nodded. “Try it on for me will you babe? I’ll wait outside ok?” he asked.

“OK.” you replied tiptoeing and giving him a slight peck on his lips making him smile as he left the room. You looked down at the beautiful dress hugging it in your arms before you tried it on. You gasped when you looked in the mirror, it fit you like a glove. You were so excited to show Jackson.

You quickly went to the door and opened it but frowned when Jackson was not there. “Jackson!” you called.

“In the dining room babe!” he shouted back. You walked quickly to the dining room smiling the whole time.

When you entered the room however, you gasped staring in awe. Jackson had prepared a cute romantic dinner for you two. The table was laden with your favorite foods, there were a few candles around decorating the room, creating the perfect atmosphere and next to the table stood Jackson smiling at you in your dress and holding a bouquet of roses.

He walked over to you making you take your eyes off of the table and now train them on him which is when you noticed that he was dressed smartly in a shirt and dress pants. “You look absolutely beautiful baby.” he said pecking your lips and handing you the roses. You take them and stare up at him in awe.

“You did all of this for me?” you asked.

“Of course baby, to try to make it up to you for yesterday.” he smiled taking your hand and leading you to the table pulling your chair out for you and pushing it back in slightly for you to sit comfortable at the table. He took his place on the opposite side before pouring some wine for both you and him. 

You both had a lovely dinner, the food was great and the conversation was flowing. You forgave him obviously, noone had ever done something so romantic for you before and you really appreciated it. After you ate, you just smiled and looked at him as thoughts ran through your mind.

“So do you forgive me?” he asked looking over at you hopefully.

“Of course I do.” you replied making him grin. You then got up off of your seat and walked over to him sitting down on his lap so that your legs were to one side and you were facing him he smiled as you leaned in and attached your lips to his kissing him slowly and passionately as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

He slowly wrapped his arms around your waist holding you close as he slipped his tongue into your mouth and you immediately began playing with it with yours. You played with the little bit of his hair at the nape of his neck and bit down on his bottom lip before pulling away and looking down at him. “I love you Jackson, and I want to give you something tonight.” you whispered.

“What?” he asked slightly confused.

“My…virginity.” you mumbled. His eyes widened in shock, he knew you were a virgin obviously, he was just surprised that you wanted to give it up to him.

“Are you…are you sure?” he asked.

“Yes I am.” you replied. He smiled and stood up picking you up bridal style in his arms as he carried you to the bedroom and rest you down on top of the bed. He slowly began to unbutton his shirt and you quickly stood on the bed on your knees placing one of your hands over his to stop him. He looked at you confused. “Let me.” you whispered and he nodded removing his hand.

You slowly undid his buttons and then slipped his shirt off letting it fall to the floor. You bit your lip and stared at his toned upper torso letting your hands trail from his shoulders all the way down to his abs where you fondled them, loving the feeling of them under your touch.

“Y/N” he whispered breaking you out of your trance and making you look up into his face. 

“Can I take off your dress?” he asked and you nodded slowly, moving closer to him so that he could have easier access. He placed his hands to the back of you and slowly unzipped your dress before raising it over your head. He then placed both of his hands on your cheeks rubbing them softly before he let his eyes trail down to your newly exposed skin. “You’re beautiful.” he whispered pressing a soft peck to your lips and making you blush. “Lay down.” he said and you laid down feeling a bit nervous.

He climbed onto the bed as well and pressed his lips to yours softly and gently, moving them very slowly against yours as one of his hands trailed up your side and began rubbing your stomach gently, making butterflies flutter inside of you. You wrapped your arms around his neck deepening the kiss. You bit his bottom lip softly asking for entrance which he gave you and you began playing with his tongue with yours making him moan softly into the kiss. 

You pulled away and looked up at him, he was looking down at you lovingly. He could sense your nervousness. “Don’t worry, I’ll take it slow. You can always tell me to stop if you want.” he whispered and you nodded. He smiled reassuringly making you feel more comfortable.

He leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to your lips before he began kissing down your body starting from your neck. He ghosted his lips on your neck sending tingles down to your core making you want him. He then kissed your shoulder softly before he kissed right under your collarbone and then he was face to face with your bra.

He looked up at you, silently asking for permission and you nodded slightly giving it to him. He undid your bra and threw it to the side before he looked at your now exposed chest. He leaned down and took one of your nipples into his mouth sucking on it gently making a soft moan leave your lips. He kept the nipple in his mouth and began circling his tongue around it making more moans leave your lips. He flicked your nipple hard and you gasped  squirming slightly under him. Soon he pulled away and then took your other nipple into his mouth giving it just as much attention if not a little more. 

“Jackson.” you moaned tugging his hair slightly showing him just how much you were enjoying his lips on your breasts. He pulled away ad smirked up at you.

“Yes baby?” he asked cocking an eyebrow.

“It feels so good.” you whispered.

“Just wait until you feel my lips somewhere else princess.” he said sexily and you couldn’t help but moan in response making his smirk grow even wider. He leaned down and now resumed kissing down your body. He kissed softly down your stomach and then harshly kissed each of your hips, sucking on one a little leaving a very faint mark.

He was now looking at your undies, you had soaked through them from how aroused you were. “You must really want me babe.” he said and you moaned for he was so right, you wanted him so bad. He quickly rid you of your soaking wet panties leaving you fully naked now. He got in between your legs using his hands to push them wide open, revealing your core to him.

“Fuck.” he mumbled as he stared at it almost in a trance. He leaned down and pressed a kiss each to your inner thighs. He then used his fingers to open up your folds, revealing you better to him. He blew some cool ear onto you and you moaned, the feeling of that coldness against your heated pussy felt amazing.

He finally leaned in and licked a long hard lick up your pussy making you arch your back and scream slightly since you were so aroused and you were finally getting the friction you desired. He continued doing that over and over, licking you so good. You reached down and tangled a hand in his hair tugging on it gently as you moaned and gasped at what he was doing.

He soon licked an extra hard lick up to your clit where he gave it a soft yet pleasing suck before he began circling his tongue around it, intensifying the pleasure that you felt. “Fuck!” you screamed having never felt so good before in your life. “That feels so good Jackson.” you moaned closing your eyes and wrapping your legs loosely around his neck drawing him closer to your needy core.

He placed both of his hands on your butt and pulled you even closer as his tongue sped up on your clit and you screamed as you undid your hand from his hair and began clawing the sheets beside you as moans spilled from your lips.

Without any warning at all you felt one of his fingers prod your entrance before he slowly pushed it in and you instinctively clenched around it for it felt good to have something in you. He began to move the finger at the same pace as he was licking your clit and  it felt almost overbearingly good. 

You soon felt another finger enter you, not hurting at all. He began to move the fingers in you sort of stretching you out which you knew was in preparation for his cock. It felt really good though. You could feel something building in the pit of your stomach, your orgasm. “I’m close.” you moaned down at him and he began moving his fingers and tongue more quickly. 

“Oh Jackson!” you screamed as you clenched around his fingers and arched your back cumming hard. He pulled his fingers out of you after a while and licked your juices off of them before he stood up off of the bed and stripped himself fully. You gasped when you saw his cock stand upright. It aroused you and also made you a bit nervous. 

He climbed back onto the bed and hovered above you looking down at your face and noticing your nervousness again. “Do you want to stop?” he asked. 

“No of course not, it’s just that well you know it’s my first time and I am afraid it might hurt a lot.” you mumbled biting your lip.

He smiled down at you, “Yes it might hurt a little but I can assure you, you’re very wet now so there is no way it would hurt a lot and even if it does I will stop, I don’t want to hurt my princess.” he said making you blush. 

“Ok.” you responded and wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him in for a peck before resting your forehead against his and looking deeply into his eyes. “I’m ready.” you said assuring him. He nodded and you felt his tip at your slit.

He rubbed it up and down collecting some arousal on it before he finally began pushing it in at your entrance. He did it slowly studying your face the whole time. When it was a quarter way in you began to feel some pain and you winced making him stop right away. “No keep going.” you said for the pain was bearable. He kept going in and was finally totally in you. It was paining for sure but just as he said it wasn’t that bad due to how wet you were. He stayed still for quite a while before you whispered, “Move.” and he did as you said.

He began moving very slowly inside of you, with every thrust your pain subsided until finally it was totally gone and you began to feel some pleasure. A soft moan left your lips which made him smile for he knew you were finally enjoying it. 

“How does it feel?” he asked.

“Good.” you moaned as  he began moving slightly faster in you. 

“You feel amazing around me.” he groaned as he moved in you. This was the first time you were having sex, the first time you were feeling these things and now you understood why people liked it so much, it felt amazing, not only the pleasure but being so close and vulnerable to Jackson. 

You wrapped your legs around his lower torso which pushed him deeper inside of you and you moaned loudly for the new places that he was now hitting felt really great. You tangled your fingers at the hair on the nape of his neck playing with it lazily as he made sweet love to you.

His forehead was still on yours looking down at you. Savoring the looks of pleasure your face were making. He was happy he was doing this with you, happy he was this close to you and that he was making you feel so good. He felt so honored that you gave him your virginity. 

He began moving faster in you now as he grunted with pleasure. You could tell that he was feeling good and so were you as you tugged at his hair and moaned clenching around him. You could already feel an orgasm building within you since you were still sensitive from your first.

His cock was making you feel so good, so pleasured, you never imagined you could feel this good. You clenched around him again and tugged hard on his hair moaning louder this time. “I’m close.” you moaned and he nodded telling you that he was also so close. 

He thrusted into you deep and precisely a few more times before you felt it. You clenched hard around him and moaned his name as your body released your orgasm and you felt like you were seeing stars. With that he also came moaning your name as his sweaty forehead still rest on yours as he took in your orgasm face thinking it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

He pulled out of you afterwards and laid beside you pulling you in to snuggle. “I love you.” you whispered snuggling your face into his chest and taking in his scent as you closed your eyes,

“I love you more.” he mumbled sleepily making a lazy smile spread on your lips as you drifted off into sleep.

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Opening my locker in a huff, closing my eyes as I sighed out while hearing a thud on the floor “not now!” I spat, opening my eyes looking down at my phone. This happens on a daily basis with me, every time I open my locker my phone falls out. Looking up at my locker, this locker is a mess so it is on me “let me” hearing his husky voice once again “why thank you Daniel” stepping back “it’s cool, hard day? Bailey not got away yet?” taking my phone from him “she is still with the changeover crew, I slipped away. I am just too damn tired for this shit half of the time” seeing the text from my brother which I will ignore because he stole my car again, I don’t want to hear it “always someone getting shot here” Daniel joked “I can’t wait to actually become more than an Emergency room nurse, I know I need to work my way up there. I am just blessed to be here, ignore me” I am so fed up “you know what Rylee, I know you said you don’t want to know but come on. It’s Friday, let’s go out for some drinks, just as friends” he says friends and then creates rumours that we are more “right, last time you said that we kissed” Daniel rubbed his head looking a shamed “oh come on, I understand now. Maybe one day you will like me” I will never like him, just because I found out he fucks with every nurse in this place “you know that bitch Carly, she about to catch these hands!” Bailey shouted, she is screaming in a locker room that could have important people here “what is wrong?” I said, Bailey came around the corner “telling me my motherfucking job! You know what. I am just so happy to see the weekend” Bailey will slap Carly one day, to be honest I want to slap her myself that is why I walked away “I was telling Rylee, let’s go out. Friends?” rolling my eyes as I turned my head away, we can never shake this guy away from us. Bailey giggled at me “you know what, Rylee let’s do something” I can’t believe she is agreeing to this.

Holding the white dress up to the mirror while J. Cole played in the background “the hell do I wear” I said to myself, I can’t wear white because it gets dirty too quickly “not that then” turning around as I threw the dress on my bed, I don’t think I want to go out now. Seeing my bed full of dresses that are ok to wear but I don’t feel right in. Grabbing my phone, let me find out what my bitch is wearing. Pressing the loud speaker as my phone rang out, I look awful “are you ready?” Bailey asked, eyeballing my screen confused “hell no bitch, I am still deciding. What we doing exactly? I don’t know what to wear? Shall we match?” Bailey and I have matching dresses, I have become so close to her since moving here “I am ready, hurry up. Daniel is literally outside my home, and guess who else coming? Tally the whore that never comes out and her man but also Joanna, we ain’t seen her for ages but there is a few of us and we are coming to pick you up now! Just wear black, you can’t go wrong and we are going to the club so you better wear the comfy heels, hurry up” she disconnected the call, I like the way they make plans and I never know what the hell is happening.

I ended up wearing black because I am taking Bailey’ advice, she knows better than me. Placing my shoulder bag over my shoulder, looking in the mirror one good time before I leave. Pressing down my skin tight dress, the dress fits snug on my hips and my ass is popping too. Anyways let me actually get the hell out of here, my heels clicking against the hard wood flooring of my room. Making my way down the lobby and seeing the top of Nathan’ head “Ry” Nathan jumped up off the couch “Rylee, please talk to me come on” placing my hand up making my way to the kitchen, the apartment is open planned so I can’t run far “I needed the car, I am sorry. You got to work on time right?” grabbing the water bottle “yes! Daniel picked me up, do you like guys picking me up?” he frowned at me in anger “the fuck I do, I will bust his knee caps. I won’t do it again, I am getting my own car. Sorry ok?” shaking my head lightly seeing Bailey calling “don’t wait up, I am going out” I didn’t even get to drink my water but whatever, taking the bottle with me “looking like that!? Seriously, these LA niggas out there ain’t good. Watch yourself, least hide your legs” is he really giving me advice “bye!” I shouted “wait till Blake comes out!” I stopped in my tracks when he mentioned his name “who?” turning around “he coming out, he will kill any nigga and you know it” I have not seen my eldest brother Blake in eight years, he never wanted me to visit him in prison. He went to prison and well I guess he is coming out “well he ain’t here so bye” I can only imagine how he is now.

I am still thinking about my brother coming out, I have had good memories with him but he was really bad. He was the first to move to LA and that turned bad so fast because Blake barely lived here for a year, then Nathan came and now me. My dad only let me come because he knows Nathan got me, I am all nervous to see Blake because I am not his little sister anymore, I am going to be twenty five soon. Stepping outside seeing Daniel’ car and also Tally’ car behind, I feel all nervous how everyone is staring at me. Daniel stared at me all wide eyed, walking around the car. Seeing Bailey’ face pressed against the window at the back, they would make me sit in front. She knows I didn’t want this, pulling the car door open. Hearing a wolf whistle as I got inside the car “my, my, my, my Rylee. You look so beautiful” pulling my dress down as I closed the door “thank you Daniel” this is just great.

It’s just crazy how I have Blake on my mind, he is just my half-brother but we are so close and to be honest if he saw me dressed like this he would be pick me up and bring me back in. Eight years and he has missed so much, on the phone he always tells me to stay away from boys “earth calling whore!” Bailey snapped her fingers in my face, frowning at her “what?” how annoying, I am in deep thought here “you haven’t touched your food and you’re daydreaming, what is wrong?” shrugging “just thinking” I mumbled “about? I am still thinking about Chris Brown trying to dick you down” not this shit again “can you please not do that?” I pleaded “what!??” Tally screamed from down the table “she is lying” waving Bailey off “yeah sure, I am lying” I wish she would shut up.

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Watching Royalty as she painted my wall, even though my art is getting ruined she can do what she like. If she thinks my art is bad and needs painting over then so be it “aww sweetie, you got it on the floor” my mom said, my white marble flooring “it should just wipe off ma” getting up from the chair “oooohhh look” Royalty said, jogging over to the kitchen counter, grabbing the paper towels “ooohhh what is that? Is it you painting over my walls” she held her hand up with paint on “yes baby, you can finger paint if you like” crouching down wiping the flooring “come here Royalty, stay here and do it” my mom said, spending time with my daughter is a blessing but she can sure turn my world upside down when she is here “do I get a kiss baby?” Royalty looked at me and then looked away “I guess that means no, no woman rejects me but you” getting up from my positon “you the only girl to do such a thing” walking back to the kitchen counter.

My baby moms is a hoe, she always tryna make me out to be a bad dad or get more money out of me. Shit is just wack to me, I am a good guy but people only like to speak on the bad “what y’all speaking about?” slowly making my way out side “Lo, he been fucking on some chick. Now this chick is blasting him on Instagram” Fresh said laughing, Lo does not look happy “what she saying huh? Which chick was it?” Lo shook his head “you saw her yesterday” pulling a face “that chick that I told you about, the one that kept trying to be near me? You know she wanted me nigga” Lo kissed his teeth “every chick don’t want you nigga!” he spat “oh really though?” I snorted “I will let you think that” I pointed as I walked away.

Jogging up the steps and making my way to Royalty’ room “you hear that baby, daddy is coming now” hearing my mom say “I heard that little stinker is not going sleep” poking my head around the door “nooo!!” Royalty yelped in bed “why you not sleeping? You have to go to sleep” walking slowly over to the bed “no sleep” she shook her head, I nodded my head “yes sleep baby” crouching down at the side of the bed “if you don’t go sleep then I can’t go out, you know that makes daddy sad” she reached over and touched my nose giggling “touch my nose again I’ll bite your finger” she pulled her hand away “you want me to read story to you?” I need Royalty to sleep because my mom will not let me go out, she says it is my responsibility which she is not wrong but my mom should help me too “I don’t think she is tired” my mom said, staring at Royalty being hype as ever “uhhh I don’t think she is but I really need to go” slowly looking over to my mom “oh you do? But I thought you had nothing on?” getting up from my positon “I don’t but the boys want to go out, I will be back in the morning” my mom shook her head at me “thank you?” looking over at Royalty “I love you baby, see you in the morning princess” leaning down pressing kisses to her face.

“Is little Royal asleep?” Hood asked, I shrugged walking down the steps ever so slowly “she is playing up, I don’t have time for that” hearing little footsteps behind me “dad!” Royalty screamed at the top of her lungs, I stopped midway turning around to see her little face “roro not sleep” she said, tilting my head a little “you not tired baby?” she pointed at me “you want me?” pointing at myself, Royalty nodded “I think little Royal wants her dad, we wait Chris go and put her to sleep” I feel a little bad now, I just walked off and she actually wants me. I do feel like I am just there and Royalty prefers her mom and my mom, but no, she is asking for me. Jogging back up the steps, picking Royalty up as I got to the top “daddy is bad, I will stay with roro” she actually wants me.

An hour later and Royalty actually fell asleep, I think she gets this off me. I never like to sleep and I am the same now “see Chris, she loves you. You just got to be there for her, give her a chance. She knows you are her father, she loves you and she loves her mom. I know you feel like she loves her mom more but which child doesn’t, all you can do is be the guy you are because she loves it” my mom stroked my cheek “I try” smiling lightly “good and do not bring any girls home, your daughter is here so I expect more from you. Do it somewhere else” my mom waved me off “don’t worry, I will get a hotel room” let me try and actually leave to go out again now that my daughter is asleep.

Driving to Playhouse Nightclub in my Lamborghini “you know what is annoying Lo” I said as I looked in my rear-view mirror “what is on your mind now?” he seems annoyed with me “niggas that think they can use my name, they think I am stupid when I know everything that be going off in my home” I am sick of these niggas “who we speaking about here? Name the names homie” looking over at Lo before looking ahead “Nathan” stopping at the red light “not this shit again, he is my nigga. He didn’t do nothing to disrespect you, I know you nigga! You upset that his sister don’t want to bother with your ass? Come on, don’t take it out on her brother” rubbing my chin “I ain’t doing shit, I don’t like the homie” Lo snorted laughing “you’re funny, honestly. You putting him at fault when he done nothing, I done told you that it has nothing to do with him. It’s what random niggas you have in the home” of course he will say it’s not Nathan, I don’t even know that guy.

I am not even going to worry anymore, I am just going to be me and do my usual thing. I am back with the girls in VIP, that’s if they do come but the homies usually help a nigga out with the females “it’s busy today” Lo looked at the entrance “well as long as I get inside fuck everybody else” pulling my door up, my bodyguard stood at the side of my car already as I got out of my car. Passing my key to the valet and making my way around the car “oh my god, it’s Chris” waking by the group of females, biting my bottom lip smiling “welcome” the security at the door opened the door for me as I walked by the people stood waiting to get in still, I only want to be here for a while because I need to go to the studio and get some music done.

Pointing and laughing at Hood near falling “you overweight bear, about to squash these poor females” passing the blunt to Fresh “he only has one job, he can’t do that shit right” turning around, it’s getting a little packed here “my nigga!” feeling someone place their hands on my shoulders, turning back around and seeing Tyga “family” dapping him “didn’t know you was coming” I said in his ear “ you should have told me I would have picked you up” turning back around and climbing up the step so I can stand higher, I ain’t about that life standing with all them fat niggas. I feel better now, I can see people. My bodyguard moved my friends out of the way so he could stand in front of me, Tyga made his way up “I wanted to come early but I got little man with me” letting out an oh “you know how it is with kids now” he said, rolling my eyes “trust me, baby moms is still trying to take me to court. She don’t’ want joint custody but she can suck my dick, she ain’t getting anything like that” I hate the bitch so much, sipping my drink.

Can’t go wrong with some Biggie, bopping my head “Biggie Biggie Biggie can’t you see, sometimes your words just hypnotize me. And I just love your flashy ways, guess that’s why they broke and you’re so paid” I sang aloud, I just find it funny how the club is just always all eyes on me and then there is always females trying to get close. Seeing someone wave in the crowd and I just waved back, I don’t know who it was but who cares, a single wave or smile makes a fan happy. Looking down at Lo and then looking over at the crowd, what the hell he staring at. Seeing a tall nigga stood with a shirt on laughing, he must know him or something which is weird. The club lights got brighter on him as he moved to the side smiling, I am confused on why Lo is staring mad hard at him. Squinting my eyes hard and the reason why Lo is staring became apparent to me, licking my lips seeing Rylee smiling and giggling with him. She blew me off for that nigga but god she looks so beautiful.

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I swear to god, Daniel keeps trying it with me. Daniel flashed me a smile moving back again “oh come on you two” Bailey placed her arm around me, Bailey is so high right now “just get some dick, fuck everything else” is she being real “I am just joking with you” Daniel said in my ear, smiling at him “you keep trying it though, and stop making me smile too” hitting Daniel’ chest, he placed his arm around me, stood between both Daniel and Bailey as they both two stepped and I had to join them “I love this song!” I spat, I am about to twerk my ass “ass so fat I need a lap dance” I sang out stepping away from them “Woah! Lo!” my eyes widened hitting into him, he smiled at him. Bringing his face to my ear “come to VIP, Chris has asked for you” dragging my eyes up seeing Chris Brown stood, he is looking to the side of him like he wasn’t just looking over here. How did I not notice him in this club, moving my head back pulling a face “Lo, I am not about that life. I am not some hoe he mentions and I come running, nah. Fuck that” shaking my head, walking away from Lo.

Who does he think he is, I don’t fuck with that LA life. I do not want to get involved with that and get some name, no “what was that all about” Bailey asked, waving her off “nothing, ignore that shit” placing my arms around Bailey “not about them LA niggas Bailey” I said in her ear “I feel you but they just too fine to say no” rolling my eyes, moving my arms away from her as I turned around and started twerking on Bailey “Bands make her dance!” sticking my tongue out “ayyeeee!!” Bailey shouted, I giggled moving away from Bailey. She stared at me all wide eyed. Furrowing my eyebrows “what bitch?” walking back over to her laughing “what?” I said again, she stared ahead so I turned around to see what she is staring at “oh shit, that’s Chris Brown yo” Daniel said, my face dropped. Looking at Lo he just shrugged “you ain’t come to VIP, why?” Chris said, he is creating a scene and I don’t like it, Lo eyeballed me “do it” he mouthed “you wanted a special invite, well I am asking you” I swear the music just got lower, looking around me and I feel like the most hated female here.

Stood next to Lo, I am not moving away from him “you’re a bad brother” I said to him “trust me, I have been trying to keep away, believe me. Just talk to him, he really likes you for some reason. I have been trying” looking behind me as Lo was speaking, Chris waved me over but I don’t want this “you know what, fuck it” placing my hand on Lo’ shoulder and climbed up on the step, I hate this shit. Staring at Chris face to face he didn’t even look at me, it is like he is annoyed with me when I barely know him, he doesn’t even know me either. Turning around to face the crowd, ok this shit looks scary and I hate it “remember that bet?” Chris said, his breath against my ear, I swallowed hard. I shrugged not saying a word “you do remember, you’re not stupid. You blew me off for some dumbass” he pointed straight at Daniel, staring at Chris dumbfounded “what?” why is he acting like we was dating, is he feeling ok “I don’t need to be explaining anything to you, just keep your hoes. You have some beautiful girls here but me, I am going. Goodbye” I am not here for this.

I am shocked and very confused, Bailey held my hand as we walked out of the club. I don’t know what just happened, did Chris Brown just act butt hurt and act like we are dating, why. I sighed out feeling so happy to be out of that place “Ry! Why did Chris Brown point at me? I love that guy!” Daniel said smiling so wide “that is a little gay coming from you and he just said to bring your friends to VIP but I wanted to go home” I lied “I am tired, can we just go” I really need to get out of here “you don’t seem happy though? Do you not like him” eyeballing Daniel “drop it!” I spat, he won’t just shut up about it. Daniel held his hands up walking backwards.

Finally reaching the car in the car park “you know Rylee, you may want to look behind you” Daniel said stood at the side of his car “what is it now? Don’t tell me Blake is out already” turning around and seeing a whole entourage walking behind Chris Brown, what is life. Is this what rejection does to a famous man, he seems way too hurt “Rylee, let me apologise for what happened in the club. Let me speak to you in private real quick” he is not going to leave it “I don’t think she wants to speak to you” Daniel spoke up, the look on Chris’ face he was about to say something “and! I will come” I said cutting Chris off, I just rather tell Chris like a normal person that I am not interested and thank him for the compliment, but I am not about this life.

Closing the car door in the back of the Range, Chris climbed in also. Looking around the interior “this is a beautiful car” I can’t lie, it looks so nice “thank you” Chris said “uhm, I just want to say sorry if I came at you wrong, I didn’t mean it” I nodded my head not saying a word “are you with ole dude? Is that why you are blowing me off?” taking in a deep breath shaking my head “he wishes” I said in a whisper “what?” Chris said, shaking my head “nothing, I said no. He is nothing to me, a friend I work with” Chris looked ahead at Daniel “he looks a little too concerned for you, I think he likes you” Chris looks like he wants to fight Daniel “he’s not, he just cares. He saw how upset I was” Chris looked back at me “you blew me off, all week I didn’t go to a club or with any females. Lo said you ignored him, I gave the message to him” squinting my eyes confused “what message?” what is he talking about “I told Lo to tell you about giving your number, I was good and that I wanted to meet you” pulling my dress down a little, Chris’ eyes dragged down to my body and his tongue licking his top lip “your nipple pierced?” he blurted out, my cheeks became ever so warm “no! I am sorry” he closed his eyes “ignore that” placing my hand over my mouth smiling, that is so embarrassing.

“Wow, you smile. You always look so angry with me” Chris said, moving my hand away from my mouth “I never got any message from Lo, I haven’t seen him in a while actually. So any message you told him I didn’t get. Honestly Chris, it’s hard to not judge you when seeing that” pointing ahead of us, the group of his friends and hoes they are all about to share “you as a person can be a very good guy but I don’t want that life, thank you for thinking that I am beautiful but no” I said, Chris cleared his throat smiling “I came out here because I really like you, I know there is a lot of females out there, I know I have a child. I have a lot of baggage. I have never ran for a female but I like you, I really do. Give a nigga a chance, you said I can be good then give me a chance. I really like you, I can’t even get you off my mind and I will hate to know that I never tried so please just give me a try. Get to know me, leave the name out of it. You can call me Maurice, a new guy” am I crazy, what is this.

Looking away in shock “why me? I am just a regular girl” I don’t get it “you really not, you ain’t notice that all the females look fake as hell. All of them looking like Kim K, you all natural. I just like you so much, I am so attracted to you and it is making me look stupid, I don’t know anymore but I have fallen for you” I feel so ugly but yet he is staring at me like I am the most beautiful girl he has seen “I am honestly scared, I don’t know what to say” he rubbed the back of his neck “I get you, I will get Lo for not telling you. I thought you blew me off but clearly I am in the wrong, let’s start by you giving me your number? I feel like an idiot right now, look at me I am grown as shit just yeah, let’s start off with that” he is honestly giggling to himself, who is this man that switched so quickly from the club to here in this car.

Closing the door to the Range and pulled my dress down. Lo stared at me but I side eyed him, he is an idiot and I hope to god he doesn’t speak to me after this, he could have warned me. I hate that everyone is just staring at me, looking at every friend of Chris’ and every girl they have just picked up from the club. I feel so hated and I have done nothing to these girls, looking to the side of me even more and seeing Chris’ face. He flashed me a smile and I couldn’t help but smile back at him, let me just get out of here. Daniel held the car door open for to get in “are you ok?” Daniel asked, I nodded silently sitting in the car and then all I see is Chris staring mad hard at Daniel which is creepy “what the fuck just happened?” Bailey asked in the backseat “nothing at all, just asking about my brother” I rather keep things like this to myself, for now.

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☎ and @ For Karamatsu?

☎ - Rushed text

>Hey, I’m sorry I cannot talk right now, my angel~ My burazzas are all sick and they need me to take care of them. 

>I promise to call you back as soon as I can, my precious Y/N~*~ 

@ - Scared text

>I-I’m not sure what’s going on, but it’s really dark where I am, and for whatever reason, my hands are tied, so forgive me for any misunderstanding…

>I think Chibita may have gotten fed up with me and my brothers not paying the bill again… No worries, though, my flower~ I shall find a way to come back to you! Because our love is woven with the threads of destiny! Not even the Gods in the sky could keep us apart, my Karamatsu girl~!

>However…if this isn’t Chibita…


>M-My honey…uhh, could you please c-call the police…

kingdomofclay  asked:

I think that's so great that you have the courage to change! What does that changing look like for you? What are you after?

Thanks! ^^ I guess I was just kinda fed up with a lot of my way of “being” basically. I am more mature now, more openminded about things I guess…. All of this kinda happend suddenly though so I´m still figuring things out. But I am more into styles like ullzang or larme-kei now, and I kinda wanna tone-down the whole “kawaii” aspect of everything. I don´t neccessarily wanna wear all pastels or surround myself with plushies anymore, and I feel like I am ready to try out stuff like going to parties (<— EDIT: cause I have NO clue how to go to any parties so I probably won´t since I don´t have anyone to go with haha ^^“) meet new people and perhaps (hopefully) fall in love some day…
I feel more secure about my looks and I am more secure about my opinions and I feel more ready to take on the world without having to shut out everything and everyone because it makes me sceptical and I don´t trust them. I know I have deep issues with trust, but I wanna work with not just declining everyone off hand without giving people a chance. I suspect that last part will be the hardest.
Now, in the beginning, everything is still new and exciting though, so I´m just literary re-inventing myself :-)

The Hills

Not requested
First mature imagine 🙌🏻

Justin’s point of view

Walking around the club with cigars in my hand . I look around at the people here grinding on each other . I saw Za with some chicks smoking pot . I went to them trying to find company.

“Wassaup dude ” Za said , i can already tell he was high . I chuckled and grabbed it “Good” i grabbed it and inhaled my first in this night . It felt like heaven . Letting go of all the problems and all the work . This was my last party before that tour .

“Oh my god ! I can’t believe this !” She said , I don’t even know her name maybe Lisa ? I don’t know but she got some nice body . They all laughed and i laughed with them , I don’t know why but i just laughed .

Suddenly that girl hoped on my lap . “Why don’t you talk with us ?” She whispered lips nearly touching mine . I glanced at her lips biting mine . I looked up again at her green eyes which were full of lust . Her hands were roaming my body without permission. “Don’t start something you know you can’t end ” . She smirked . She contained her teasing touching places where she shouldn’t. Her lips are on my neck tracing wet kisses . I got up and led her thought the first empty room i saw, i closed the door with the key and threw it on the table .

I held her from the hips and turned us and i was on the top . “Get ready to have it hard” i smirked kissing her neck making her scream my name .i kissed her neck so hard leaving huge hickeys , trailing my lips down till i reached her t shirt . I ripped her t shirt into 2 pieces when her breasts were in view . I kept trailing kisses and till i reached her nipples , i sucked her hard , making her moan my name . I left her i went down to where she needed me the most .

“Already wet for me huh ? ” i smirked , already seeing it wet .
“Y-yes ”
“What do you want ?”
“Y-you …”
“Louder ”
“YOU !” She screamed as I slowly entered her .
“Where are you going man ?” Za asked me while i finished my job with dat girl inside .
“I am leaving ” Za chuckled and went up and touched my face . “What man?!”
“Remove that pink lipstick first dude , paps are outside ” he left hurrying up after a half naked girl .

I wiped it all off with my sleeve , i put on my hoodie and went out , flashlights were on. I hurried till i reached the car. I went inside and told the driver to head home . I reached for my phone from the pocket .

I typed my pass and decided to check my social media . I opened up Instagram and found Y/N posts . She was wearing a dress and she was with her friends , she looked very awesome . She had her thick black hair up in a ponytail showing off her beautiful neck tattoo. She has just moved in her new home . I don’t know where was it . I decided to text her .

Justin:Hey girl
Y/N:sup justin ?
Justin : yo free ?
Y/N : um .. Yass why ?
Justin: i am coming ,I can’t find your house, send me the info

Y/N’s Point Of View .

“So are you dating him?“Lilly asked about me and Justin.
“What no ! We are not dating ! We are just best friends ” i said fed up from it , anytime they come to visit me they keep asking me about him . Sometimes i regret telling them that i ONCE liked him ………. And still liking him tho.
“Then why are blushing ?"Rosie asked and all of them laughed .
"Off” I got up from the bed and went to get some cookies .

I went out when my phone rang , singling a message . I looked down and found it was from Justin . Wasn’t he at a party with Za ? I opened up and texted him back , he wanted to come here . Was there anything ? I texted him my address and hurried to my room .

“Sooo ! I have to wake up early tomorrow, so it was nice seeing you today ”

Justin’s POV

“Here you go sir ” the driver spoke and parked the car near the gate of Y/N . I got out and brought my phone . I walked and entered the gate . Walking through the small garden she made herself , i picked up a few white roses and held them .

I knocked on the door , after a few seconds it opened . Y/N was a hot mess . She had her hair in a bun and she was wearing grey sweatpants with a white crop top that showed off her belly piercing .I just wanna get you out the friendzone Cause you look even better than the photo

“Hey” i faintly spoke , amazed by the sight in front of me . She smiled and let me in the house . I gave her the white roses i got from her garden . Her eyes lit up although she knew they were from her garden . “Thank you Justin ”

“So tell me , how was the party ?” She asked as she was sitting handing me a glass of water . I sipped from it looking at her from above the rim of the cup .

“It wasn’t nice , it would have been better if you were there ” i said looking her in the eyes . She smiled and tried hiding her face . I reached forward for her chin and lifted it up . I got close , our noses almost touching . I looked down at her lips and looked back at her eyes .

“Has anyone told you before that you are so beautiful?” I told her looking her in the eyes . When i saw that blush starting to appear i leaned in and kissed her . I almost moaned in her mouth for the most waited kiss . I tasted that amazing mix of strawberry and cherries. It felt as if it was from heaven . I slowly lifted her and automatically her legs went around my waist . I carried her marching towards the nearest bed . I knew this would end there .

I laid her down on the bed as softly as ever . I began leaving soft kisses on her neck and every now and then sucking on her skin . Her breath hitching every now and then . Her hands reached my belt and began pulling down my pants . I kept kissing her till i reached her shirt . I slowly took it off until her boobs were in view . I stared down on her beautiful body “You are so fucking beautiful ” . I leaned in completing my work down on her boobs while her hand were searching to pleasure me too .

Very slowly i took off her pants and touched her ever softly through her panties . I am so afraid i will hurt her . I bit on my lips and asked her “Do you .. Want this ?” I asked . Personally speaking , i wanted this so bad . She nodded her head and spoke faintly “ i want this more than you think … I have always liked you Justin ”

When these words left her , i went down for her . I got her panties off within a minute . I entered her so slowly and her back was already raising from the bed . Her sweet moans filled the room like melodies to my ears . I gave her my best .

“Fuck ..” This was the last thing i said after i spilled myself inside her . I fell on top of her our bodies covered with layers of sweat making it more sweeter . I held her tight , my head resting on het chest , her arms holding me tight .

“Y/N?” She hummed a response.

“I love you so fucking much ”

So tbh , i got this idea while listening to The Hills by the weekend
Tell me what you think and plz consider that this is my first mature imagine
Don’t forget to send in requests!!

Nalu Love Fest: #2 Feed My Desire

Yes, another vampire inspired smutty-shot. I’m sorry, but I can’t not join in the fun! Mashima’s Halloween art made me scream like the fangirl I am.

Warnings: Smut, NSFW, lemon.

“Hello?” Lucy pushed open the heavy, iron door of the mansion. “I’m here about the library job?”

The grounds had been deserted, and as the sunset dyed the sky blood-orange, Lucy felt a shiver pass through her body, despite the heavy gown she was wearing. She had spotted the job advertising on the town’s noticeboard, and it had been perfect: she loved books, and apparently the mansion was being emptied. The previous owner had died, and the property had been sold. Apparently the library held many books, and they needed someone to sort through them before the new owners moved in. Lucy stepped into the hall, dust dancing in the air through the dirty stained-glass window. A chocolate brown, sweeping staircase faced her, and the mansion felt cold and un-lived in.

“Hello?” A door opened above, and suddenly a butler was rushing down the stairs. “Ah, excuse me, Lucy-san! The bell is broken. How was your journey?”

“It was fine, thank you,” the blonde smiled, glad the butler seemed friendly enough. She had been having second thoughts about this job.

“Excellent, excellent!” the grey-haired man bobbed his head in a bow. “Welcome to Ignis Mansion. Let me take you to your room. I can show you to the library after supper.”


“Is it just the two of us?” Lucy asked, as the butler, whose name was Tonkins, led her to the library.

“Yes, at the moment. There are some maids and a chef that come intermittently, but the clear-out is nearly complete.”

Lucy nodded as Tonkins led her to the top floor. Everywhere was so dark, but she supposed it didn’t make sense to light the place, when no one was living there currently.

“Here we are!” the butler announced, pushing open the heavy wooden door. “After you, Lucy-san.”

“Oh, wow!” the blonde mage gasped, stepping into the room. It was like a dream that had came to life. Massive bookcases covered the walls of the octave room, stretching up to the ceiling, which was a romantic mural painting. Large French windows allowed a little natural light into the room, and Lucy breathed in the comforting smell of paper and ink.

“It’s rather impressive, no?” Tonkins nodded. “Igneel-sama was a great lover of books. It seemed such a waste to throw them away, so I hoped you would help us get them to new homes.”

“It would be my pleasure!” Lucy beamed, her hands clasped together. “I know all the second-hand bookshops in Fiorre.”

“Wonderful,” the butler smiled. “As the notice explained, it may take several weeks. The new owners move in one month today- will that be enough time?”

“Sure!” Lucy clenched her fist near her face. “Trust me, I’m a fast reader. I’ll get through this lot in two weeks, tops!”


Lucy had planned on an early night after a long day travelling, but she couldn’t bear to leave the library just yet. She scoped the room, her fingertips trailing over different coloured spines: some leather, some cloth-bound. There were volumes of fiction, tomes of poetry, and collections of academic texts. Tonkins had lit a fire for her in the grate, which was thankfully protected by iron bars, so she relaxed on a comfortable chaise-lounge, and began to read. Time ticked by on the grandfather clock nearby, and Lucy was lost in words until the clock struck midnight, jarring her out of her reading trance. She yawned, returning the book to the shelf, and stretched, giving a happy groan as her back popped. There was a slight swish noise behind her, and Lucy spun around, expecting to see a spider or rat, but there was nothing there. Biting her lip uncertainly, Lucy decided her mind was playing tricks on her, and it was time for bed.


If it weren’t for the massive task facing her and her love of books, Lucy may have felt lonely in the empty mansion. Tonkins was busy cleaning and preparing other rooms, and they had their meals together, but otherwise she was left alone. But the excitement of what she might discover next in the library made her jump out of bed each morning, and stay awake late into the night. By the end of her first week, Lucy had cleared the biggest bookcase. Tonkins had brought padded crates for her to securely pack the books into. She wrote classifications on labels, with details of whom the books would be suitable for- the bookshop in Magnolia that sought rare poetry, or the Mage Library of the Magic Council, and so forth.  That night, she stumbled upon a collection of translated Gothic Victorian literature.

“How fitting!” Lucy giggled, tucking her feet under her gown. She did rather feel like a princess in this mansion. Sometimes her imagination ran away with her, and as she wandered down dark, dusty corridors, she imagined ghosts and monsters lurking in the shadows. There was a translated Dracula, which Lucy had read in the original language, and skimmed over with interest. It had always tickled her that the main character shared the same name as her. 

“There was a deliberate voluptuousness that was both thrilling and repulsive.
And as she arched her neck she actually licked her lips like an animal till I could see in the moonlight the moisture
Then lapped the white, sharp teeth.
Lower and lower went her head. I closed my eyes in a languorous ecstasy and waited.”

A swishing noise drew Lucy from the text, and her heart thumped –the book tumbling to the floor, her hands clutching the chaise-longue. 

“Is someone there?” Lucy asked, slowly rotating her head, scanning the room. The fire had died down to curling embers, and the light of the full-moon trickled onto the floor.  The blonde got to her feet, cursing the fact she had left her keys in her room. There was definitely something there –the skin on the back of her neck prickled, and the atmosphere in the room had changed. A flapping noise near the curtain made Lucy gave a girlish-squeal, and she grabbed the heavy book from the floor. As much as she loved books, she would use it as a weapon if necessary. A black thing fell from the heavy folds of the curtain, onto the moon-illuminated floor. Lucy watched, breath caught, as it flopped several feet, before she realised what it was.

“Just a bat!” she laughed, feeling silly. Tonkins had told her there were many bats in the attic, and he had been trying to clear them out. “Poor thing, did you get lost?” Lucy asked gently, putting the book down on the couch. She took baby steps, not wanting to startle the bat. She had never seen one up close before, and she was curious. It was rather adorable, actually. The blonde covered her mouth as the bat flopped along the floor. It had a furry body, with beady black eyes, and leathery wings, one of which seemed to be damaged. Lucy covered her hands with her long sleeves, and gently scooped up the little guy, carrying him over to the table near the dying fire.

“Are you hurt, poor thing?” Lucy asked. The bat was quiet now, seemingly watching her, its wings curled protectively around it. “I’m not sure how to fix you, I’m afraid…” the blonde hummed. “But let’s get you out of this room!”


She carefully carried the bat in her sleeves, like she would a baby. She had expected it to flap and fuss, but it seemed calm now. She went down to the kitchen, and wrapped the little guy in a towel.

“What should I give you?” Lucy wondered. The little guy kept opening his mouth. Maybe he was hungry?

“Milk?” Lucy wondered, taking a jug from the fridge. “But I don’t have a bottle small enough…” The mage rummaged through the drawers, but most of the utensils had already been packed.

“Let’s try this then…” Lucy dipped her finger into the milk, and let a drop hover over the bat’s face. It plopped into his mouth, but the bat scrunched up his nose and gave a sharp cry, expressing disapproval. 

“I guess not milk then!” the mage laughed. “Maybe you’re a fruit bat? There were some grapes here earlier…” Lucy plucked a purple grape from the bowl, but realising even that was too big for the little creature, she decided to cut it in half. Of course, the only knife was a large kitchen knife. The grape, being round and slippery, bounced from under the blade, and Lucy hissed as she slit her fingertip.

“Itai!” her eyes stung with the pain. It was small cut, and not deep. But the bat next to her went crazy, ruffling its wings and making high-pitched noises.

“Blood, huh?” Lucy winced, as red droplets dripped from her finger. “Well, better than it going to waste…” she dangled her finger above the bat, high enough so it couldn’t reach.

“What am I even doing?” she wondered aloud, as she drip-fed the bat below her. Its tongue darted out, claiming every drop, and when Lucy had stopped bleeding, she located a bandage from the first aid-kit.

“Okay, you’ve been fed!” Lucy sighed, scooped the little guy up. “Let’s set you free now!”


The next night in the library, Lucy felt tired. Perhaps her sight was strained from all the reading, but she was forcing her eyelids not to flutter shut. She lay on her side on the chase-lounge, the text swimming before her. The fire was warm and comfortable, and she dozed off into sleep.

As soon as her breathing regulated, he stepped out from the shadows. The flames flickered over her pale skin, which was mainly covered from his view by the rosy-red apple dress she was wearing. Her long legs were stretched out, clad in white stockings, and he had the urge to run his gloved fingers over them: her small feet, her trim ankles and her shapely calves.  Instead, he knelt before her sleeping face. Her eyelashes, long and thick, brushed her pale cheeks. Her hands were curled under her face, preventing him from seeing her lovely neck. How he had gazed at it the night before, when she had gently nursed him. He had been weak and injured for weeks now, unable to hunt or feed, until this angel had stumbled across him. He ran his tongue along his fangs. The sweet taste of her blood lingered in his mouth. It had been powerful enough to return to this form, but it wouldn’t last long. He needed more. He could bite her wrist, her reasoned, but it just wasn’t the same. He pushed back the blonde tresses that had fallen into her face. His gloved fingers roamed her jaw, before trailing down her neck. The bodice of her dress was enticingly low, gracing him with a wonderful view of her ample breasts.

The girl’s eyes flashed open as soon as the thought had crossed his mind. Deep brown eyes locked with his, and her pupils dilated. She opened her mouth to scream, but he was too quick, smothering the sound with his gloved hand.

“Shh…” he said soothingly. “Don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you.” She shook her head, eyes full of fear, and it was obvious she didn’t believe him.

“I’ve been watching you for a long time now…” he began to say, but Lucy decided to answer by biting his hand as hard as she could. He gasped, his mouth dropping open to reveal his fangs, and Lucy tried to scream again. The vampire pulled her from the chase-longue, onto the floor, where he pinned her down with his body as she tried to struggle and kick him.

“What a sharp bite you have,” he complimented her. “Lucy, was it? My name is Natsu. We met last night, when you helped me in my bat-form.” The girl beneath him stopped struggling, and instead looked stunned. 

“I’ll remove my hands, so don’t scream, okay?” Natsu said. Lucy nodded, and he sat back, inspecting his white glove. She had bit him pretty hard, but hadn’t broken the skin.

“Why…why are you here, if you don’t want to hurt me?” Lucy asked. She took in the male above her. He was certainly not how she pictured vampire to look like. For a start, he had wild, spikey hair, which seemed the exact colour of sunset. His eyes were large, with small, dark pupils, and his skin was golden. He was wearing a white, buttoned up shirt with a black cape, which was torn and shredded at the ends, as though he had been in a fight. And those white gloves that had covered her mouth earlier. 

“Well, the thing is…” Natsu laughed, ruffling his hair, “I haven’t fed in a long time. In fact, I was probably a goner if you hadn’t given me your blood.”

Lucy blushed. The vampire was laughing, with a twinkle in his eye. He didn’t seem scary at all…in fact, he was very easy on the eyes.

“You’re a mage, right?” Natsu asked, leaning closer to her, making her blush deepen further. “I could taste it. The problem is, my body needs more of it. The magic in your blood…how do I explain? It’s like a craving, a drug or something. It’s making me crazy!”

“So, you do want to hurt me!” Lucy accused, her eyes narrowing. She struggled, hitting the vampire, but it was like punching marble. He grinned down at her.

“I want to feed on you, yes. But trust me, it won’t hurt at all. In fact, you will enjoy it…”

“What a pervert!” Lucy gasped, finally scrambling away from him, her back thumping against a bookcase. “Do you think I’m just going to let you drink my blood?”

“Lucy…” he said, talking a step towards her, and the way his voice caressed her name made something clench in her stomach. “I’ve watched you every night you’ve visited this library. If I really wanted to hurt you, you would be dead by now.”

“So…it was you!” Lucy recalled the swishing noises, the prickling of her skin as she read late into the night. “What are you, a stalker?”

“I haven’t got the strength to leave this mansion,” Natsu explained, drawing close to her, caging her with his arms. “I’ve been trapped here for months. Some stupid spell the old man Igneel put on the place. Please, lend me your strength this one time. In return, I promise to protect you.”

Lucy faltered at the earnest look in his eyes, the warmth of his body against hers. “I thought vampires were cold?” she asked, trying to change the subject. Smirking, Natsu leaned forward and brushed his lips against hers. His lips were burning, and she jerked back from him, shocked.

“Most of what you hear about us isn’t true,” he told her. “Blood is warm. How could our bodies be cold?” He moved again, his mouth hot and wet against her jaw. Lucy trembled, unable to move, the hard spines of the books digging into her own, Natsu’s body pressed against her. 

“Wait!” she gasped, as his lips glided down her neck. She could feel his breath, warm and rapid against her skin.

“Please, Lucy,” he begged, his body shaking against her. “Please, help me!” The blonde felt the fists clench at the side of her head, saw the desperate look in his eyes. She had helped the little bat when he was in trouble. Wasn’t it only fair to help him now, in this form too?”

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This is the first second I’ve been home since I wrote my coming out post, so hey. Hi, hello. I’m 26 years old and just now came out to my mom. 

I had a personal deal with myself. When Harry and Louis came out, I would follow suit. I had every intention, even though I was scared. 

My entire family is the hardcore, born-again, evangelical types. I never get personal on here, but they’re the sort of people who toss around the f word freely and use “gay” and “queer” as insults. My biological dad once told me that if I ever told him I wasn’t straight he would never let me see my six year old brother again. That sort of stuff. I’ve always been terrified. In high school I had a girlfriend. One time my brother saw us kissing, told my mom, and I got in big big big trouble. Grounded. For chastely kissing somebody. I denied it, of course. I was fucking terrified. She told me I could find somewhere else to live if that’s how I was going to live my life.

Today’s posts on Louis Underscore’s account felt like a personal attack. They hurt me. I was in the middle of work, with a classroom full of kids, and I almost cried. That’s huge. I don’t cry. I WAS IN THERAPY FOR TWO YEARS AND NEVER CRIED. Even my therapist got pretty fed up of me holding back. I just don’t do it, okay? 

When I read those tweets my blood ran cold, my heart felt like it had stopped, and my stomach sank. My chest hurt. My hands shook. They were so full of hatred and disgust and hurtful, hurtful intent that I refused to be silent about who I am anymore. 

So I texted my mom. I posted on twitter for my friends who didn’t know. I did it. 

I almost cried/passed out/had a panic attack while I waited for a reply. 

My mom was kind about it. She said her and my stepdad love me and support me and if I ever meet somebody I want to bring around, they want me to feel welcome. 

I guess I just wanted to turn something so negative into a positive for myself. 

It hasn’t sunk in that I finally told her HEY, THIS IS WHO I AM. I still feel very, very heavy from this. 

I have anon on and I’ll be here if anybody needs to talk. Please don’t ever let some fucking piece of shit behind a computer, using somebody else’s name, make you feel like less than a beautiful human being. 

Embrace yourself. Never devalue yourself. 

Do not tolerate anybody telling you otherwise.

I love you.

I'm going to rant.

Hi there. Friendly reminder that not everything is about you. 

The “sexual” or “romanticizing” posts about Mark are not going to hurt you or anyone else. Guys, he has literally already said before that he CHOOSES to ignore what he finds a little too weird and he even gave us PERMISSION (which wasn’t necessary since we all should have known this from the start) to post ANYTHING we wanted to in the tag. Haven’t you seen that post where someone bluntly said they’d fuck him and he said “I feel”? So, why are YOU taking it so personally if Mark isn’t taking it seriously himself? 

You’re “uncomfortable”? Gee, that really sucks! I’m sorry to hear that. Hey, random fact of the day, the internet and the thing we call a “tag” is a pretty public place where a lot of shit is said and there is in NO way things are going to be censored because of how uncomfortable you feel (unless you changed your settings to SFW things only!). Did you imagine sunshines, rainbows, people focusing only on game play in the tag? Well, you’re going to have a bad time, ‘cause the internet just doesn’t work that way. Those posts HARDLY EVER make ME uncomfortable, but that’s just because my comfort zone happens to be different from yours. No one is classifying Mark as “just a piece of meat.” They do not speak for him, hell they aren’t even changing him, so who are you to tell anyone what to do? Eat a snickers, my friend, because the one changing here is you (what I mean is, you’re going from peaceful to angry about little things that aren’t a big deal). NO ONE is inclined to listen to you because you are “uncomfortable.” That’s pretty selfish, really. Making people watch what they say in a PUBLIC, FREE FOR ALL TAG because you and a few others felt “uncomfortable.” Paltry comments like that do nothing for anyone but you. Besides, do you think that’s going to stop new people in the fandom from saying anything? I don’t think so. Here’s the mindblowing part of it all and quite possibly the only explanation I will ever give ever.. THE INTERNET IS LITERALLY THE MOST COMMON PLACE TO FIND INAPPROPRIATE THINGS AND PEOPLE ARE GOING TO SAY WHATEVER THEY WANT REGARDLESS! YES, THAT MEANS THERE WILL BE HATE AND SEXUAL PRAISE IN THE TAG! WHOOP DEE DOO, ARE YOU SURPRISED?

I am ESPECIALLY fed up with you people who reblog porn gif’s and crap but get angry at someone for making a sexual TEXT post about Mark one or two times. How does that work? Please, do tell, because I know most of you don’t know Mark personally, so I don’t see how it’s any different. You know Mark as well as you know the person in that gif, so please, leave people alone.

Now, before you call me a hypocrite, I’m not telling you not to complain. It’s your blog (and this blog is mine!) and you are entitled to post your complaints in the tag whenever you want. Just keep this in mind before you start pestering people about how uncomfortable you feel about their post that will go away in under two days.

I hate it when i tell a man about an incident where a guy was being a total creep or harassing me, and he thinks I’m overreacting or exaggerating.

No, the reason why I’m telling you is because these things happen every single day. Since I’m a cashier at a grocery store, i get harrassed, propositioned, hit on, stared at, every single day. And just because it doesn’t happen to you, doesn’t mean it’s not a big deal.
I am so fucking fed up with dudes who think that just because I’m pretty to look at, they can comment on my appearance or invade my personal space.
Seriously, fuck off.

Preference #478: Reading Texts.


Request: Can you do one where y/n and Ash ate best friends and y/n is in the shower and Ash texts her that he loves her, and Luke, her boyfriend, reads it?

‘I LOVE YOU! There I said it’ Luke read the text that Ashton had sent to your phone over and over again whilst you showered. He started to get angry, he knew the two of you were friends but now he was starting to think something more was going on. Why would Ashton send you this? What did it mean? He didn’t know but he was going to find out. Once you were out of the bathroom he abruptly asked you about it “why did Ashton send you this?” he asked showing you the text. Your eyes scanned over the message “I have no idea” you replied. “Are you cheating on me?” he asked bluntly “what no, Ashton is my best friend. He must have a crush or something” you replied before taking your phone and calling Ashton and putting him on speaker. “I saw the text” you said “that’s why I’ve been acting weird okay, I know nothing will happen between us and I still want to be your best friend, I just got fed up with you asking what was wrong the whole time” he slightly chuckled “so we are still on for Sushi tomorrow?” “Absolutely”. You said your goodbyes and looked at Luke “I love Ashton but as a brother, you are the one I am romantically in love with” you said. “I’m sorry I freaked” he sighed “it’s okay I kind of freaked a little on the inside” you chuckled.