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In with the New

Fandom: Star Trek AOS.
Leonard McCoy X Reader (gender neutral).
Prompt: Modern AU.
Word Count: 2881.
Rating: All ages.
Genre: Fluff.
Summary: A couple of chance meetings with your small town’s new doctor might be the start of a beautiful friendship.
Beta: @starshiphufflebadger.
Author’s Note: Thank you to @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse for helping with out with some of the details in this fic!  For @lt-sammi-matthews’ birthday challenge!  Late AF, but here it is!  I hope you had an amazing birthday, darling, and I hope you enjoy this!

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In with the New

Your breath fogs the air as you jog down the old, familiar path through the woods on the outskirts of town.  It’s a cold, crisp autumn morning and the leaves are soft under your feet, damp with melting frost and glimmering in the sunlight filtering in through the canopy.  The air is thick with the scent of a winter right around the bend and it burns your nose and your chest as you breathe quickly and deeply to keep your muscles fueled with oxygen.

You glance up as you run, spying crows and the last of the straggling migratory birds in the boughs overhead.  You wish them a safe and worthwhile journey for you know it’ll be a much longer and hopefully more rewarding one than this, yours. Your eyes stay glued to the sky as the path is so familiar to you after running it for several years that you don’t even need to keep your eyes open to steer clear of obstacles and you gasp as the sound of a second set of footfalls very nearby reaches your ears.  You’ve never encountered anyone on this path before and you glance down just in time to sidestep a stranger jogging in the other direction.

“Sorry!”  You squeal, stopping on a dime and turning on your heel, your chest heaving from the effort of running.

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If you’re apprehensive about seeing Get Out because it’s been advertised as a horror film:

Honestly, it’s more of a thriller than a horror movie. You’re not gonna walk out of the theater afraid to go to sleep at night (well, at least, I didn’t. I mean, I got terrified of an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine when I was little, so I am a bit of a scaredy-cat).

Still, there’s a definite sense of unease and weirdness for much of it that can throw you for a loop.. As far as I could tell, there are one or two jump scares, though ultimately they’re quite tame (esp. in comparison to some of today’s horror films): the main scares come from the sense of unease shown by the main character, and ultimately felt by the entire audience. But I can assure you, that unease leads to a great payoff. And there’s also a lot of humor at good moments to keep you as relaxed as possible.

tl;dr It’s not scary like a lot of horror films, but it is terrifying in a special way, yet in the end it’s all worth it. And it’s funny.

Programming Conclusion

Today marks the ending of a 6 week journey into basic programming and prototyping systems. I have learnt so, so much.  Borderlands style modular systems, Diablo point and click systems, turn based procedures even to simple RTS systems, was just the tip of the iceberg. The last 5 weeks have been a blur and a ride to say the least. Here is what played out……….

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reasons the malec kiss slays me, a non-watcher who maybe seen 3 shadowhunters gifs ever
  • dramatic music build that got that Flutter going in my stomach
    • OOOOOO, OOOOO-OOOO-OO i love dying and being dea d
  • that fANTASTIC EXPRESSION magnus makes when he walks in, like “i’m not hopeful, but i’m offering everything– i had to try because it’s you
  • a straight solid 15 seconds of pre-kiss eye contact
    • alec’s “literally god himself could not stop me from reaching you” focus, aka visual blowjob
    • magnus’s “i don’t know what you’re about to do but literally god himself could not get me out of your way” expression
  • the reaction shots!!! how long were these assholes dancing around each other to produce these 100K Fanfic Slow Burn Kiss Ending ™ looks @ the guy’s wedding to another person?? fuck me
  • or the bride’s “trying to be happy for you but my heart is in pieces” eyelid flicker– slay my entire ass
    • magnus following but immediately respecting the pause :’)
  • like idk what this storyline has been but to me that’s an “i need you to know that i’m aware of how much this changes, and that i mean everything that this implies” pause
    • “i need to have eyesex w/ u for a quick second so u know i want to make eye-tender-love to u many times in the future”
  • where do u think magnus’s hands are?? alec’s waist (under the suit coat or over it??? is he gripping almost too hard)?? alec’s forearms, so that even if alec lets go of the lapels he won’t go too far?? bELT LOOPS???
    • FUCK
  • the music getting JUST LOW ENOUGH for me to hear the breathing
  • the Wow Sure Am Out Of Breath After That Pining Marathon breathing
  • footage of this show i have seen: this specific 3-minute scene
  • number of times i have watched it: at least 28
halekingsourwolf replied to your post: where are my hobrien friends. i need words. like…

Ok but….. is that supposed to be new footage? As in Stiles and Derek are in 6B..? (I am so out of the loop lately and I don’t know how I feel about this…)

a fan said they saw dylan and hoech on set for 6B and then followed it with a video of what looks like them playing catch (here) but it’s from so far away that no one is sure :/ then twwikia tweeted this «In response [to the video]-Jeff Davis tells TWN, “All I can say at the moment is that the resourcefulness of fans never ceases to amaze me :)"»

idk what to think but I’m both so fucking excited for hobrien and terrified for what the outcome of this could mean for sterek and derek

I did a thing….LOL  As far as I know that is all the music from the dlc

When they don’t release a soundtrack for Episode Prompto so you play the game with no sound effects or voices and rip all the music from your video clips, loop em, fade em out, etc…and turn them into mp3s …and make your own damn soundtrack….because I love the music from this dlc.

300 followers smut series - Day 3: Minato Okouchi

[Minato is my fave. So I kinda went all out. Sorry for showing bias for my fave characters but I just love writing Minato, it flows out easy & shit. Anyway as usual, I apologise for any mistakes I’ve made. PLEASE ENJOY.]

I yawn & stretch at my desk, tired beyond belief, the research I was doing to prepare for the interviews with Minato today grounding to a complete halt. I’m not sure how I’m managing to move right now or even if I should be alive after I’m almost certain I was ravished by a Vampire. Chiaki, left me red raw in certain places but it was so damn hot. I like the little sadistic blonde, he made me feel young & impulsive which is crazy since he’s only a year younger than me…Lost in my thoughts about how Vampires don’t age, I didn’t sense the figure towering over me.

“Holy shit, pommy did you get into a fight with another dog?” Minato’s booming voice comes slamming down above my head startling the shit outta me. 

“Fucking hell, Minato! Don’t do that! What are you even talking about?” Minato & I are like the comedic duo whenever we talk there is never a conversation where he doesn’t call me ‘pommy’ or ‘idiot’ or sometimes even a ‘wanton’ when he’s feeling really cheeky. Constantly hitting each other with jibes & punches of our sharp tongues. It happened so naturally like we’d been doing it since we were kids in school together. 

“Or is it mating season?” His smirk turns evil while pointing at my neck. Suddenly I realise he’s talking about, the healing wound of Chiaki’s vampire bite. My hand flies to my neck trying to cover it but it’s all in vein since Minato’s already seen said mark. I glance over at Chaiki, his demonic smile staring straight back at me.

“Looks like he was really aggressive, _____.” Minato raises an eyebrow, my focus back on him again as he continues to roast me but the fact he used my name instead of my unflattering nickname sent my mind to wander. He looks annoyed & concerned at the same time. Heh.

“Minato, that shade of green doesn’t suite you” I chide turning back to my screen.

“Whose green? I’m just saying I’m going to be pissed if my subordinate is too sore to do her job properly.” He huffs & scowls down at me. If I didn’t already know people like him I would be petrified right now but it just makes me chuckle dryly. 

“I see the sexual tension between you is as high as ever!” Shusei smiles slyly at us as he enters the office. He was right, there was an extreme sexual tension between us but both of us were too stubborn & egotistical to admit it. Part of me wanted to cross off his name right now because at some point, we were bound to have sex anyway. It’s like it was written in the stars. 

“Yeah right, who’d want to sleep with this wanton Pomeranian?” 

“Doesn’t calling me ‘wanton’ imply that plenty of people do & have?” I glance at Chiaki & Akiyoshi barely managing to bite my tongue from saying ‘like your boss & co-worker’. 

“Are you still barking? Get on with your work.” He places a canned coffee down on my desk before briskly walking out the office. He always did that. He’d be rude, obnoxious & damn right irritating but he’d counteract it with a kind gesture. It’s like he was conflicted. Him being…well a giant dick, was never going to change but he’ll make a gesture as if to show he’s a caring dick. It made me worry that maybe bedding him was going to be harder than I thought. 


“How much of a fucking idiot are you?! You’ve just taken two years off my life. I swear to god! Why did the chief transfer a brain dead Pomeranian to our team?” Minato lets rip on me as soon as get back to the now deserted parking lot. It got dark fast & everyone had set off home except for us who are only just setting off home after leaving the security office of the building we were in. As to why I’m now having my head bitten off & leaving the security office; At the interview, there was a scary looking man taunting a girl, being rude, suggestive & just down right disgusting. She was clearly uncomfortable & I took it upon myself to rid her of him which resulted in him turning his attentions towards me, sending the same advances my way. He followed me around for a while, then had me pinned up against a wall, arms restrained & not able to move. If it wasn’t for Minato coming to my rescue me…I don’t even want to think about it. 

“How do you even survive on your own? Do you have any idea how dangerous that was? Who knows that sleezeball would have done…” He trails off, clearly imagining the same thing as me. His words felt like a punch to the gut, I knew I was doing the right thing in saving my fellow woman from a daunting situation but I also knew the danger it could land me in. He was worried about me, that much is clear from the break in his voice & that made me feel even more guilty. 

“Minato…” I stop next to him. He takes a few more steps forward before realising I’m no longer walking next to him. 

“What, Pommy? Save the puppy dog eyes for someone who gives a shi-” I walk towards him, my eyes staring straight into his. I lean up, gripping the lapels of his blazer & forcing my lips on his, a silent apology & thank you for saving me. It takes him several seconds before he kisses me back. His arms wrapping around my waist tightly & protectively. He parted my lips, his tongue gliding over my lips & into my mouth, urgently seeking out mine. The adrenaline & desire pumping through our bodies forcing our legs to find our way to his car despite searching blindly. 

“Eeek” My bare calves hit something cold & hard & I make a strange noise against Minato’s tongue. I felt him smirk into our kiss before proceeding to push me into a sitting position on whatever was behind me. He pulls away from my lips, hands undoing the buttons on my blouse with ease even with his slightly shaky hands, his worry clearly evident in each move he made but still managing to rib me with every ounce of confidence he owned. 

“I’m not going to save you this time, pommy” He smiles naughtily at me, my own hands undoing his shirt from the bottom upwards so I can feel his skin underneath my fingers. I pepper his mouth with little kisses.

“I…think…I…can…handle…you…asshole…” He growls before kissing against my jaw, his hands groping my waist between my open shirt before roughly travelling up to my breasts. He massaged & squeezed them through my flimsy bra before pulling down each cup & returning to his aggressive kneading of my soft mounds. In the empty parking lot, my moans echoed loudly making me all too aware of our surroundings. As experienced as I am, this was new. I’d never had sex this openly in public before, we had nowhere to hide if someone was to walk by & it terrified & excited me immensely. 

“M-Minato” His thumbs circled my stiff nipples in slow & steady motions dragging me forcefully out of my conflict about our situation. My nails dug into his skin, his six pack clenching against my touch. His warmth so close but still too far away from my liking. I spread my thighs further apart, dragging him between them by his belt causing it to loosen in the loop holes. Using this opportunity I unbuckled it. Along with his pant button. As if fighting me for dominance. He release one of my perky nubs, his hand snaking down my body straight between my thighs. Brushing each one of his manly digits against my damp panties. My hands automatically wrap around his belt at the sensation bring him closer towards me & making his knees hit against what I was perched on with a dull thud. 


We both freeze. & at that moment I realise we’re sat on top of the hood of his car. Huffing a frustrated sigh, his other hand also releases my nipple before heading into his own pocket & clicking the button to shut off the alarm. 

“You are so much trouble” He brings his face out of the crook of my neck to show me his furrowed brow before kissing me again simultaneously rubbing my clit through my underwear. I gasp, my breath lost between his lips. 

“Mmmm” A flurry of whimpers, moans & mewls muffled against Minato’s own growls of desire. Intertwining into a beautiful harmony, cascading around the high ceilings letting the sound mingle in our ears once again reminding me of our lack of privacy even in the deserted floor of the car park. However the nerves of being spotted completely died once Minato’s slender fingers pull aside my panties & he resumed his slow strokes on my bundle of nerves. 

Struggling to keep from falling flat against the hood of the car, I try to focus on him instead of the way his finger circled my clit, slow then fast, then gentle, then rough, then tracing through my folds & dipping the tip of his finger into my entrance before retreating back to my clit. My slightly chilled hand trailing under his boxers, ruffling through his pubic hair before letting my dainty fingers ghost over his…shit…his cock is huge too?! I let out an impressed moan making Minato break away from my swollen lips, his piss annoying smirk gracing his perfect face. 

It amazed me how that smirk made my competitive spirit go into overdrive. I didn’t need my tongue right now to rely our playful banter. I had actions for that. I wrap my fingers around his tip, swiping my thumb over the warm droplets of precum oozing at the tip, smearing it across the head like a lubricant. His smirks falls. Now it was my turn, his eyes staring into mine, the beautiful brown of his iris’ almost disappearing as the carnal hunger to fuck my brains out takes over. His hands flying up to grab my wrists, pushing me hard against the bonnet of his car & pinning my wrists next to my head before connecting his right palm with my left, his fingers lacing between mine still slicked with my arousal for him. Slowly he lets go of my other wrist, releasing himself from his boxers. His eyes never leaving mine. He watched my anticipation as trailed my hands down to hold my panties aside for him. His cock so close to my pussy I can feel the heat it’s emitting.

I hum then I moan, my voice dying in my mouth when finally his cock eases into my dripping entrance. My back arches, my head lulls against the bonnet with a quiet thud, my eyes squeezing shut, my lips parting, breath coming out hard & hot against his face. The hand that guided himself into me, heads straight for my free hand entangling our fingers once more as I search for something to grip onto. 

“_____” As each inch of his manhood entered me, my walls sucked him in, hugging around each inch, welcoming him with open arms. That ridiculous nickname he bestowed upon me lost in the back of his mind. The way he says my name, his gruff voice making the word I’d heard everyday, all my life sound like I was an excitable child learning a word for the first time. 

“Minato…Minato” Once his hips finally connect with mine, I could feel his cock already pressed against my g-spot sending hot sparks to fly around my body. I was more than ready for him to start moving. But all I can manage to muster up is the syllables of his name hoping the desperation was conveyed in the tone of my voice.

Thankfully his hips snapped back & forth. He obviously did listen to me (only when he wanted to). Pulling out a little further with each thrust then plummeting in back in creating the delicious friction I was dying for. I didn’t feel myself slide down the shiny metal of the hood of his car until Minato pressed his body against mine, my nipples crushed against his toned, hot chest. The added heat making his thrust even more satisfying, his pelvic bone rubbing hard at my clit causing me to squirm under him. My moans muffling into his neck, his doing to same, sending a throbbing sensation against the wound Chiaki left the previous day.

I didn’t know it was possible for orgasms to come round so quickly but it didn’t take long for the coil in my lower belly to irrupt with a ferocity that could break down a solid brick wall. My hands gripping on his, my nails digging into his knuckles, my legs wrapping around his waist as his name rolled off my tongue like I was reciting a mantra. The pure white fire causing my walls to convulse around his cock. Constricting like a Boa killing its dinner before throbbing with in sync my heart beat. His teeth found my neck, grazing over the bruised area like he was trying to claim me from Chiaki.

His thrusts were dull at first after the scorching orgasm I’d just had like he was allowing me to feel the blissful sensation for as long as possible, making me whimper until I came down off my high & the orgasm coil wound itself back up as his hips pounded into me mercilessly. His knees softly thudding against the car as he drove into me.

“Minato..mmmmmm” He shifted slightly so his pelvic bone pressed down on my sensitive bud, as he thrusted, it rolled around against his skin causing me to arch as much as his chest would allow me. My breasts flattening completely against him adding extra stimulation to the overwhelming amount I was already feeling. 

“Fuck…____…_____” I felt him twitch inside me, signalling me to his own orgasm, his cock pressing against my sensitive spot as it did so sending my eyes flying open only to be met with his dark orbs already staring straight into mine. His face directly above, our lips almost touching before I can even whisper his name, his lips once again attached to mine, his grunts muffling as he swallowed my whines. My hands squeezing his hands tight once again as my over sensitive pussy spasmed around him. My cry almost silent against his lips as I lose my voice to the sensation of my second orgasm. My over-sensitive core on fire, my body ached but beautifully in pure ecstasy. My walls clamping down on his cock, the rest of my body responding in the same way. Clinging to Minato as tight as I could as his final thrusts sent his cum to coat my already soaked walls. His lips parting from mine so he could growl my name.

We fall silent except for our desperate pants for oxygen. My heartbeat ringing in my ears as I try to catch my breath. His body still tightly pressed against mine & honestly I didn’t want him to move. I felt safe with him like this, even in a open, public area I felt like nothing could go wrong with his skin pressed against mine but we both knew we’d have to leave soon before Security came to do their routine night watch.

“I hope you know this doesn’t mean I’ve forgiven you, Pommy” Despite his words, his tone sounded gentle as he slowly removed himself from me. My whole body moaning at the loss from his skin against mine & his cock inside me. I managed to suppress the whimper that wanted to escape my lips, I knew he’d make some comment about ‘wanting more of my master’ or something irritating. 

“Yeah, yeah. How about I buy you dinner tonight? After that I’m feeling something really greasy. Maybe takeout, how about Pizza?” I say sitting up & fixing my dishevelled attire while he does the same. Minato places his fingers under my chin, tilting my face up towards his where he captures my lips in an intense kiss that made me let out a long sigh as he pulls away.

“I’m almost certain you were born to be my faithful pet Pommy, you know exactly how to please your master.” He chuckles before fishing the car keys out of his pocket & heading to the drivers seat without so much as a glance back at me. I guess that means he wants Pizza…still dazed from the mind numbing kiss I didn’t even have to power to call him an asshole for the pommy joke. 

“Do you want me to drive around with you on the hood or something? Get in, idiot.” & with that final comment before we set off for food, I plan to ruin his pizza with some really sweet chocolate sauce. Which lead me to be restrained in his car until he was sure his ‘pet’ was sufficiently ‘punished’ for teasing her master. I didn’t leave the confines of his car & return home till three a.m totally satisfied. My body & stomach no longer hungry.   



BEFORE THE SHOW: So our story starts a few weeks ago when my boyfriend and I’s costumes for the Santa Clara show got a LOT of attention on tumblr and twitter. However, the night of out show there was no loft. So SUPER last minute, on Thursday (8/20) we decided why not just drive the 6 hours and make it to the first night of the LA shows?! Even though we didn’t even have tickets.. and all the tickets on stubhub were way out of our price range. SOO my best friend in the universe @fearlesskatia went out of her way and waited in line at the box office and got us seats while we were driving and I am so beyond thankful and grateful to her for that.

DOORS OPEN: So as soon as we got there we got in line at the doors and we were maybe like eighth in line. As soon as doors open we went straight to the Taylor Nation booth. The first thing we noticed was on the TV’s they had our picture of our costume was on a constant loop on the TV! We kind of freaked out. So we waited and finally got through and Sierra was SOOOO sweet. She was so welcoming and she talked to us for a while about how far we drove without knowing we had tickets and how awesome our costumes were, and then we took the picture and she said “GOOD LUCK TONIGHT GUYS” and I freaked out.

So then we went to our seats and just enjoyed the openers and Taylor when she came on and I was just having the time of my life because I was so happy we got tickets that ended up being incredible and I was so happy to be there with Andy.

ANDREA!!!!: So…….. I guess towards the beginning of the show after Taylor started, Andy saw someone from Taylor Nation or Taylors team walk down our aisle looking at us, but he didn’t tell me because he didn’t want to get my hopes up. But then at the very end of How You Get The Girl, Andrea came down our aisle and then came right up to us. My heart dropped I was in shock. She hugged us and said how amazing our costumes were and how cute we were and then she was talking to Andy because she was like “Have we met?? You look so familiar I feel like I’ve seen you” but he was utterly confused because they hadn’t lol. But then she was like SOOO….. “Have you ever met Taylor?” and I started crying on the spot and we said Noooooooo and she said, “Would you like to?” and I fell in her arms and said YESSSSSS and I was crying and bawling and she said something like well you’re going into Loft 89 to meet her. She had a hard time getting the wristband on my wrist she said it was so small and she was so nice and I was so happy and I was just on cloud nine the rest of the show and I think I blacked out like for half of it!!!

LOFT: ihqhqohqojw so we were taken into loft and it is a lot smaller than I thought, its so cute and cozy! We took some pictures but then were scattered around the room and me and Andy were in the corner right by the door so I knew we would either be first or last. We waited and talked to Austin and Scott and Andrea. Andrea came straight to us when she came in and was like “DID I SURPRISE YOU????” and I was like UM YES. She talked to us about how we didn’t have tickets and how it was destiny we were there and how she was so so happy to find us and that we were in Loft.

OKAY so then Taylor came in and was like HEY EVERYBODY and she went to the people on the opposite side of us, so we were last! Okay but on the real…. HOW IS SHE REAL She is so beautiful and flaw free in person and the way she talks to you and engages in conversation and stares into your soul….. I cant…..

We waited for a while but finally she came and was like HEY GUYS and gave Andy a huge hug, but his lightning bolts on his shirt were sharp and actually scratched her and she was like “WOW these are dangerous like treacherous” and we talked about how they were hard to make and how I cut open my finger cutting the raindrops and she laughed and said we were SO cute and then she was like “so you guys are….” And we were said boyfriend and girlfriend, and she was like OKAY I thought so but you never really know! And then I reminded her that she reblogged the video of us a few months ago and she was like OH YEAH COUPLE GOALS VIBES and I freaked out and she was like you two are SO CUTE.

Then we talked about CALVIN!!! She was like “I wish I could get my boyfriend to wear my lyrics on a shirt” (referring to Andy) and I was like just make him and she was just like well I can get him to come to my shows but I don’t think I can get him in fangirl attire and I said just have him comes with us and we will make him and she was like “PEER PRESSURE YES.”

And then I was like OK I have to tell you about my cat! I told her I had a Scottish fold named Grayson and she was SUCH a Meredith. And Taylor was like “Is she a bitch?” and she said it so serious and like aoadoajopdj I was like YES but shes nice to me and has her moment but then shes mean and people get so confused why I love her but I do and she was like SAME okay like people don’t understand why I would want a cat that runs and bites people but she always is there for me when I’m sad or upset like SHE KNOWS and I was like YES Grayson always know when to love or nuzzle on me. AND THEN TAYLOR FREAKING SWIFT NUZZLED ME LIKE A CAT. SHE PUT HER HANDS INTO PAWS IN FRONT OF HER AND USED HER HEAD TO NUZZLE ME FROM LIKE MY BOOB TO MY FACE. I DID NOT SURVIVE.

By then, I think she realized she was talking to us for a while so she was like do you have anything to sign?? And So she signed “I <3 Quinn” on mine and then on Andys she wrote “ Andrew, Thank you for being so great to Quinn!” and I thought that was so sweet because he didn’t say anything she just wrote that and it was so cute.

I think we talked about Santa Clara but I don’t remember but then she was like picture time!! And she was like lets just do an excessive excited hugging picture! And so we did that and then I asked if I could do one with just her and she was like Of course!!! And she embraced me immediately and I was so happy her embraces are heaven.

Then she was like wait how long have you guys been dating?? And we told her over a year Taylor was like “OH MY GOD YESSS you guys have made it yesssssssssssss!” it was so cute but then it was time for her to leave so she gave us hugs again and she started walking out and looked at me and said “SEE YOU ON THE INTERNET!”

SO YEAH that is the day all my dreams ever came true. She is so beautiful and wonderful inside and out and I can’t be more thankful for this experience. After waiting for basically 7 years I can’t have imagined a more perfect way to meet her. Thank you to everyone who reblogged, RTed and always told me to never lose hope. This is all because of you. I love you so much.

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Could you write prompt number 10 for 00q?? 😍

For you, nonny? Anything at all.

The key line in this fic (you’ll know it when you see it) is indeed from a web series: @bpdcecilpalmer‘s Backwards Compatibility. The line appears here in a short that destroys me every time I read it.

When you touch me, my mind is gone. The only words I know are lost inside your body.

Q doesn’t understand romance. It’s not that he doesn’t want it. He’d like a partner, someone to spend lazy mornings with, who would put up with with his constant tinkering and his odd taste in music and his inability to do the laundry correctly and his fixation for keeping a clean kitchen. He wants someone to go out to eat with, someone who will hold his hand in cabs and kiss him sweetly before he goes to sleep.

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mega-bellossom  asked:

Wait so they're putting out a way to play GBA and GBC games on the 3DS? When does it come to America? Can you post a link to info on it? (I am also very out of the loop)

Original gameboy games, game boy colour games, game boy advance games, NES games & SEGA games.

The VirtualConsole has been on the 3DS for ages. Nintendo gave me a free code for Super Mario Bros Deluxe. VC has over 140 games on it already. You can download them from the Nintendo eShop on your 3DS. There’s a VC for Wii & Wii U too, you can play old NES, Super NES games on there.

Pokemon trading card game is the only Pokemon title released so far. I think I read somewhere that they won’t release other Pokemon games on the VC because of the trading element, and they think that trading is such a big part of the game that without it it’s not worth it or something.


Let's Talk Mockingjay

So. I just came back from watching Mockingjay, just like the majority of the fandom lol. And let me just say, that there are so many aspects of the movie I could talk on and on about. Honestly, I just need somewhere to vent all of my feelings and views on the movie, so if you’ll follow me under the cut, let’s have a little review session! (Okay, maybe not so little; I am literally about to talk every aspect of the movie. Major spoilers ahead!)

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Olicity: I’m Right Here

sickandtwisteddoc said:

I want to see Oliver and Felicity die at the same time but at different locations, without each other by their side.

Originally posted by tanyak312

The city’s infected, it’s futile to pretend otherwise. There’s no cure. They weren’t fast enough. Those who survived are the ones who are long gone. Digg. Lyla. Baby Sara. Thea. They stayed behind to help with the evacuations. As if they could leave. They were on the last bus out, they agreed, and not before.

He’d begged her to go with Thea. She wouldn’t leave him.

And now it’s too late.

She’s on the border of the Glades. She’d tried to make it back to the old foundry before the second wave hit, but she didn’t make it and she’s already experiencing the numbness in her legs. He’s outside the Queen Incorporated building, sat against a pillar with his phone in his hand.

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The moment y'all been waiting for...

…is here, for Artie Abrams has arrived. God, do I wanna know everything I’ve missed out on? Well, the answer’s yes, I do. You have no idea how far out of the loop I am, so hit me up, brothas and sistas. Also, I do believe congratulations are in order for the real MVP’s up in this house–Puckerman & Quinn! I always knew this was gonna happen at some point, obviously. I’m legit happy for you guys, really. 

The Sacred, the Profane, and Pokémon Go

Before I start, I’d like to thank my friends Kate (ABD, Early Modern Jewish History at the University of Maryland), Trish (MA, Modern Middle East + MLIS at the University of Maryland), and Thomas (ABD, Modern European History at the University of Maryland) for putting out ideas and arguments about this that helped me gather and center my thoughts for this post.

So, I am not here to tell you why it’s disrespectful to play Pokémon Go at the Holocaust Museum or wherever. Frankly, if you need to be told why, you’re too far-gone for anything I say to have any impact. So let’s just skip past my pearl-clutching and moral assessments and move on to meaning; what does it mean to play Pokémon Go in spaces with commemorative meanings assigned to them?

Before I go any further, and for those of you out of the loop (like my mom, who thought this game involved following clues to people dressed like Pokémon), Pokémon Go is a cell phone game which, using the mobile device’s camera and GPS, allows players to catch, train, and battle Pokémon in the physical environment , transformed within the augmented reality of gameplay. 

Oh hey look, there’s a Squirtle chilling in my office with my freshly processed papers.

Once a Pokémon is spotted, the player has to throw a Pokéball within the game and make a successful catch. And if the player catches all the Pokémon lurking in their immediate vicinity, they have to get up, and walk around their city, town, or local park to find more. If a player wants to buy supplies or battle with other players, they have to walk to a PokéStop or a Pokémon Gym, typically located at identifiable landmarks like monuments, local strip clubs, and some dude’s converted church house (no but actually).

I’ve thought a lot of about different spaces where gameplay could be perceived as tacky or inappropriate, and I’m going to focus on three sites: Auschwitz, where 1,100,000 Jews and 200,000 Romani, gay men and women, people with mental and physical disabilities, Resistance members, dissidents, and POWs were tortured, abused, executed, and tossed into the ovens; Tuol Sleng (previously known as Security Prison 21/S-21), a former high school used by the Cambodian Khmer Rouge regime as a prison, torture and execution center; and the September 11 Memorial and Museum, the site of death for nearly 3,000 people, and the grave of those whose remains were never identified.

Installation at the September 11 Memorial and Museum between the footprints of the towers. Behind this wall is the Office of Chief Medical Examiner of the City of New York, where unidentified human remains are stored. Image courtesy of the September 11 Memorial and Museum.

The women’s barracks at Auschwitz. Image courtesy of Yad Veshem.

The Khmer Rouge photographed every S-21 incoming prisoner, and here are a fraction of those images on display at the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. Image courtesy of said museum.

NOTE: The images I chose to represent Auschwitz and Tuol Sleng are comparatively tame. I could have chosen much more disturbing ones, but I find those extremely triggering, and I have no desire to spring that on anyone.

I choose these three because these are inarguably sites of human suffering, murder, and/or torture. That legacy cannot be assigned; it’s intangible. These sites are not in any way spatially divorced from the horrors they commemorate. 

I don’t think the game has been released in Cambodia (yet) so my use of Tuol Sleng is hypothetical. But it has been released in Poland and the US and yes, people have and are playing Pokémon Go at Auschwitz and at the September 11 Memorial and Museum.

Here someone plays the game one of the two September 11 Memorial Pools, which lie in the footprints of the two towers. Image courtesy of Time Magazine.

So again I had to ask myself, what does this mean?

Screen-cap of the Auschwitz gameplay. Image courtesy of the NYMag twitter.

Pokémon Go’s gameplay allows users to assert augmented reality over their surroundings. They engage as people on the game board of Pokémon Go, not as people taking in the meaning of the space around them. The game takes what exists, and projects itself over it. Thus, in these spaces I’m discussing, that is no longer a room where a Khmer Rouge official tortured a librarian, or where Jews were forced to huddle together like cattle before the slaughter,or where unidentified human remains still lie, but simply wallpaper; just the setting of a game.

Superimposed Pokémon lurking outside the entrance to Auschwitz. Image courtesy of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

To play Pokémon Go at these sites is to divorce them of all meaning, wrest them away from the hideous pasts they and all visitors must bear witness to. And I guess I lied; I have to extend moral judgement here, because that act?-is pretty profane.

At a site like the Vietnam War Memorial*, it’s a much more ambiguous relationship. This is a memorial to lives lost on a battlefield across the sea. It’s meaningful because we, as a society, have made it meaningful. People bring to it their grief and trauma and memories, and in doing so imbue it with  meaning. Or to put differently, the meaning of the Vietnam War Memorial is a constructed, but it’s a meaningful, important construct.

It is a symbolic site of mourning which means different things to each of the millions of people who visit it. One person could see playing Pokémon Go at the Vietnam Memorial as a horrific insult to fallen soldiers and veterans suffering from trauma, while another could see at as a tribute to a fun-loving grandfather, or never-met uncle. Because it is not on the site of death, the meanings of augmented reality gameplay at the Vietnam Memorial are too fractured for me to be able to make any definitive statements about them.

There’s a lot more to say here. About playing this and other augmented reality games at sites like cemeteries, war memorials, monuments, museums, art installations, gentrifying spaces; about space, interaction, memory, and human geography. I have really just begun to scratch the surface, and I welcome contributions.

*I used the Vietnam War Memorial as an example here, but this discussion can apply to any number of cemeteries or memorials or monuments located away from the site of death, or violence.

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I hate to be bother, but what happened with anachromystic? I haven't been keeping up with things so I'm out of the loop, but I am extremely sad to see her go!

she made a post about it here but I don’t know how long that will be up since she plans to close down her tumblr so;

She’s been unfortunately the target of nasty anons for a while. Never anything constructive; stuff like her lavellan is unlikable, mean to solas, annoying/stupid. Today seemed to be a culmination of anons going after her for her ableas/trev fic + ao3 comments that tipped things too far. There was nothing constructive in these comments; they were straight up hate. I have seen them. 

It’s selfish of me to hope she returns and finishes the stories we all love but at the same time I know it’s hard to create when you no longer feel like you are in a safe place. 

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I'm not American so I am SO FAR out of the loop but it's pretty hard to avoid it online. I've seen a bunch of quotes from Bernie talking about how black people are being murdered and supporting the BLM movement and this recent thing where he just ignored them and made that awful statement afterwards is maybe just because he was there to talk about some other issues and was interrupted? Like he clearly cares about BLM and police brutality so I think maybe he just phrased his sentiments badly?

Calling BLM activists a “disappointment” is not a poorly phrased sentiment. It’s revealing of the fact that he is not taking this life-and-death issue seriously enough. 

And I don’t think that BLM activists should accept that their lives are only worth talking about during specifically scheduled times. It is ALWAYS time to address state-sanctioned violence and institutional racism. 

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Clarke, Octavia, and Raven take over Bellamy’s apartment to decorate for Christmas. Resistance is futile and he knows it.

dedicated to the protectbellamynw, because you guys are awesome <3

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It was the sound of raindrops attacking her window that woke Clarke. She rolled over in bed and squinted at the glow-in-the-dark hands of the analog alarm clock (once her dad’s, it was one of the few things that held enough sentimental value for her not to smash it in the frustration of having to force herself out of bed) on her desk across the room.

She sighed. She and her roommates had been planning to get a head start on holiday shopping today, but their favorite mall — where they always began their quest for presents; it was practically a ritual at this point — was a bit of a drive (a slightly hazardous undertaking in this weather) and none of them would want to haul their purchases through the downpour to the parking lot.

There went that plan.

Of course, they could always stay in and study for finals — because those were a thing that existed and caused them needless misery and stress — but not even Clarke could say that she was excited to spend her day looking at textbooks rather than toys for her kid sister. (The Griffins had adopted Charlotte six years ago; now she was a bright-eyed eight-year-old, beloved by all who met her.) It was a hobby of Clarke’s, browsing store after store to find something worthy of her favorite person in the world, and she wasn’t going to pretend she would rather review Freudian theory.

The very thought had her burrowing back under the covers and squeezing her eyes shut in the hopes that she could fall back to sleep. Or that it would stop raining.

Footsteps sounded outside her door. “Clarke! You up yet?”

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