i am so excited to spend the next four years with people like this

Way Better than Bumble (Spencer Reid x Reader)

Hi loves! Another Unbeta’d fluffy request fill for anon who wanted “request about reader is Garcia’s close friend and she sees the team out for drinks or something and she goes up to Garcia’s and gets introduced to the team & hits it off with Reid.” Hope you enjoy it! xx 

You tousled with your hair one last time before you grabbed your keys, thinking that it was as good as it was going to get (a conclusion you had to make each time you got ready to go out, if you were being honest). Half of you was excited at the prospect of meeting this guy from Bumble, but another half hated this. You and Michael had hit it off well enough on the app, he was good at keeping up conversation without being pushy or getting weird, but there was an awkwardness that you couldn’t shake. You didn’t even tell you best friend Penelope about the date, afraid to look desperate - or that Pen would try and set you up herself.

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I'm "tired" of your Craigslist ads

This happened a couple years ago but I just remembered while browsing craigslist.

My dad needed some new tires for his truck but being low on funds we turned to craigslist for a used set. I found him what looked to be a good deal only a few blocks from home at some guy’s shop which was more or less just a detached garage next to his house. Dad went and got the tires installed and less than a week later one of them had a huge bubble form where the tread separated and became unusable. We called the guy and he said tough luck, we should have inspected them better. I agree, my dad should have looked them over better but I was still pissed that the guy was selling garbage to unsuspecting customers.

I forget about it and a few months go by but now I am looking for some used tires for my truck on craigslist. Nothing on craigslist annoys me more than when people list their items for $1 just so it shows up more often when people search by price. I start to see multiple listings for the same tires. All listed one day apart, all for $1 and no other mention of price in the ad itself. I begin flagging the multiple listings when I notice the name is the same as the guy who sold the tires to my dad months before (Tom) and my heart starts pounding with excitement as a plan forms in my head.

A couple days later I drive to Tom’s shop and ask to see the tires from the ad. He takes me out back and pulls them down from a rack so I can inspect them. I spend about 10 minutes looking over every inch of the tires then just stand there staring at them and thinking. My original plan was to go inspect them and then after wasting his time tell him I didn’t like them. The problem however, was that the tires were in perfect condition. New plan. After a few more minutes of us standing there in silence it comes to me.

Me: “The tires look great. I’ll take them!”

Tom: “Great, let’s go to my office and write up a receipt.”

Me: “No, it’s ok. I’ll just pay you here.”

I pull out my wallet and ask: “Is it $1 for all four or $1 for each tire?”

He looks at me annoyed as if he sees where this is going and explains he can’t sell them for only $1. I pull out my phone and show him five, yes five, separate listings for the exact same set of tires all listed at $1 with his name and contact info underneath. He didn’t like that and told me firmly to either stop wasting his time and pay him or leave, so I left as he stacked the tires back on the rack.

In all I wasted about 20 minutes of his day and made him lift heavy tires. He didn’t learn his lesson because today I found him doing the same thing with his craigslist listings, so I flagged then all and it feels amazing.

BJoo Time~!

BJoo goes first for a couple of reasons. He sat directly with us from the beginning - Laira was actually sitting next to him for the entire start of the meal, until Hansol literally forced him to switch places. He spoke a lot of English - a LOT of English, which was a pleasant surprise. I know in live streams and stuff previously he’s asked fans to speak in Korean, but he’s been working really hard, and it’s showing. He joked around a bit and used an American accent a few times, and he spent most the meal wriggling around.

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dan and phil play my horse prince #3: a summary

two seconds in and already a questionable horse impression okay time to strap in for another weird one 

“i knew you were going to start clopping" 

clopping??? klopping???? clopping looks better so i’m going with that 

"cloppity clop when will we stop…. is the question many of you have been asking” aw they saw my tweets 

dan licked his lips as he looked over to phil SAME 

he is wearing the ladybird jumper so i agree 

remember the ladybird jumper selfie??? let’s take a moment 

okay back to the video 

it was a nice moment of remembrance though right 


“i like a good divisive series" 

"this is our great youtube controversy, phil" 

those people that are uncomfortable, it’s legit the same level of sexual tension dnp have on a regular basis just in the form of a girl and horse like,,, it’s 2017 the hat/cherry/lung/milk/kitten/whatever else fic exists there are more disturbing things out there

they’re validating those of you though, good for you i’m happy for your notices

"it’s not literal bestiality” // “it’s just a lol” “a nice little lol… just a casual lol" 

"i think we should do this one and see how we feel” i mean finally putting that positions book to good use 

there’s not much eye contact so far are they okay 

i think recently we’ve been spoilt with eye contact and now we’re feeling like something’s wrong because they’re not gawking at each other 

“so whether you want to or not, strap yourselves in for ten minutes of erotic equine roleplay”

phil demonstrating that sweet sweet hand porn 

“i don’t think we should’ve encouraged you with the fanart” story of your life innit lads 

congrats to those phanartists that got noticed!! you’re very talented and i appreciate you!!! 

i appreciate the last one which highlights the shaved sides i liked that a lot ty

“the less we talk about that the better” legit the phandom about 2012 

dan’s reaction to the fanart,,, get those screenshots 

“keep it coming…. or don’t, it’s up to you” phil pls you’re making it too easy for me 

“do you need to do that though?” // “i do, it’s a thing now” living for the little domestic i feel deprived 

“dog. dog has a moustache." 

"phil that makes no sense” as if u never make any mistakes howell phil’s waiting to call you out like the absolute savage that he is 

remember the thomas the tank engine fuck-up, phil was right on that 

phil’s laugh my ears are blessed 

they have two very different reactions to a horse making breakfast 

i found another of dan’s kinks who’s keeping tabs on them all we’ve got another to add to the list 

“what’s a good… lad? one that makes breakfast, the morning after” is that a subtle wink wink nudge nudge, daniel 

“i’m hyped. this, this is, this is a soap.” dan is so excited he’s tripping on his words 

he’s staring at phil okay world order has been restored 

“you know you love it, stop lying to yourself” // “you love it. just thumbs it up anyway, if you don’t like it" 

i love the detailed hair angles we get when they both look down on the screen i appreciate it a lot 

do you think phil will ever ditch the straighteners 

"that’s really posh” phil the savage already getting his revenge

congrats hp stans for phil dropping that reference 

did they just compare all of our mums to a horse 

“anyone that exudes glitter and makes sure that you’re resting on the weekend… that’s who you need in your life" 

"maybe susankun’s on the crunchy nut like us” i bet you both are 

maybe see a doctor about that 

i’m not sorry 

“am i the dog? i think i’m the dog” phil says after barking and effectively claiming the role of the dog 

“you just frickin volunteered” dan the savage 

“that was some good borks” so any excuse to compliment phil huh

“what is this video” me every time i read these summaries before posting them, i relate phil 

“some good pottery" 

"unless this is a magnetic knife, how is the horse holding it? with that horse thumb he’s just gonna grow?" 

dan demonstrates the claw technique 

look at that hand movement fluidity this ain’t his first rodeo 

dan… are u ok…. you’ve just been in this position for four seconds… 

turned into seven seconds, the longest seven seconds of my life…. is it one of the new 7sc they tweeted out for

“can i stroke him?” // “i’ll give him a stroke”

lanky emo lads fawn over hairbrush functions

that sounded like a weird porn didn’t it oh god no

“look at this roleplay, we nintendogs now”

“oh yeah, feel my brush” 

dan gives that side-eye, he doesn’t like phil saying that to anyone else

the singing quota for this video has been filled

thought they were going to give us a sweet harmony for don’t speak and do no doubt proud but nope dan decides to parody it

this is not the harmony i wanted stop singing a weird cult theme or whatever the fuck it is

leek or spring onion will we ever know

phil is intent on killing simulations recently is he ok

“sorry guys” dan is on hand to comfort us

may need to rethink some comfort fic prompts i have

“is it okay? is anything about this okay?” if the existential crisis branding was still relevant he’d be on the floor rn

“shall we have a chat? a little horsey chinwag?” yes phil come back to your northern roots i’ve missed you

“a really long-faced chinwag” you tried dan but you will always be a southerner you can’t pull off chinwag

“is a carrot a fruit?” mister university asking the real question

is dan actually googling it

“AHA it was to catch us out for being an idiot!” i mean, you googled it so…. aren’t you still an idiot

phil is an orange kinda guy, dan is a grapefruit kinda guy…… explains a lot if you think about it

“he hates me again!” // “i can’t believe he hates me again, straight away…” pretty sure i’ve read that exact line of dialogue in a fic before

“what can i say? i’m more in tune with my inner…. horse… man”

casual head scratch as he silently prays for nobody to pick up on that quote

“deep fry anything, and that’s a winner”

“the choices hurt me so bad”

trying to justify this game just falls flat

no amount of meaningful speeches are rectifying it dan

but it’s not stopping him trying

oh he’s stopped now

“i think we should get our things back”

“this is our life” enjoy u demons

“great. i love my life” phil i just don’t even know what to say stop looking like you’re showing a lemon a good time 

take out the lemon and stare at your wavy haired companion

if i used that line in a fic would you disown me

what kind of accent did dan just try to say field in because he sounded like me

“a horse can’t go on rollercoasters is what i’m thinking” // “can a horse go to the cinema?” “no, he’s going to get in the way of everyone’s screen” wow dan and phil, damperers of horse dreams since their corresponding years of birth

“yes, dan’s credit card is about to spend more money on this horse app” of course it’s dan that volunteers his card, phil would never 

he’s the voice of emo goose he only spends money on luxury apps

mister moneybags high brands stan has no problem forking it out tho good for you son get some

“i am this entire developer’s number one supporter” me when dapg was announced

the frenzy time music is something special

“phil you’re doing the impossible quiz again and that is like ten out of ten banned” younger kirsten is crying

phil’s real laugh comes out to play again welcome back old friend i love you

“is she falling in love with the dog? is that what we’re asking?”

phil’s voice is like monotone throughout all of these videos he couldn’t give less of a shit

he’s just humouring dan’s kink(s)

dan stop criticising phil’s horse voice you can’t have it all for yourself all of the time we need as much of it as you do

“i am ready for this” me whenever they upload on a day that’s not the same day i’m posting a fic

there are very different theories about the multitude of onions

again phil’s includes death

i’m beginning to expect it

“oh he’s gone a bit sassy”

“passive aggressive…. okay” dan we feel the same way when we found out phil’s sent a dm

“i feel it coming…. i feel it coming… are you ready? am i ready?”

“that’s just dreamy. i’m in love with that” // “that is dreamy. i’d like that as a poster in my bathroom” 

“that is the thickest spring onion i have ever seen in my entire life” // “it’d take a lot of gnashing” phil demonstrates said gnashing thank you for showing those teggies

“look at the girth on that one” you know what you did dan don’t blame us when the fics come rolling in

the onion fic

“how do you not love this? people, i mean come on, this is better than the current season of the walking dead”

uncomfortable fidgeting as dan realises he’s pissed off hundreds of thousands of people

staring at phil again yes i’m living

“this is better than the wire” phil doesn’t want to leave dan all alone in the opinion firing line

“it’s turning into that cake outtake from tatinof” HOW DARE YOU.

feeling less guilty having watched it now u fuckers

“it’s literally the cake situation”

seriously i’m going to watch it again just to spite you both

“imagine a horse pushing you against a wall and force-feeding you spring onions” dan i love you but i’m going to have to reject this prompt

the game turns sinister and they both look the most excited they’ve looked for the entire video

“this is fulfilling every kink that our audience might have” in which dan tries to push his weird kinks onto us out of fear phil will judge him

“is the next one set in the afterlife?”

“i feel like i went to a place i didn’t think i was going to”

“so real talk, let’s get real” phil i like that you’re trying to get close to the camera but you’re still too far away it’s not doing what you think it’s doing

“if you don’t want us to do this ever again…” “what’s wrong with you” honestly dan same

they’re literally encouraging thumbs down??? how long have they been in the youtube game???

“tell us your opinions down there” oh dear god they’re encouraging the fanfiction

“if you want the horse, we want to give you the horse. you know what we’re saying?” 

it’s hard to quote when they’re both talking at the same time BE POLITE AND LET EACH OTHER SPEAK 

“this is a two way relationship…” why did phil’s smile grow when dan said that

“slice our subscribe button like a spring onion” // “please don’t stab your laptop and/or mobile device” // “trot over to our other channels”

danisnotchoking (but he wants to be)


All I Ask of You

Characters: Sam x Reader

Words: 2007 (1753 without lyrics)

Summary: The Reader gets paired with Sam on a specific project.

Italics is the reader singing. Bold is Sam singing. Bold and Italics are both singing.

Listen to All I Ask of You here.

This is for @nicolejones412 ‘s challenge!! I loved writing this, and I hope you all enjoy!

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Good Girl Ch 14: Bedtime


Kyungsoo shakes his head, “Absolutely not.”

“But Daddy!” I whine as the owl boy takes the dishes out of my hands. Feeling like a child I pout as him and the others stop my attempts to help clear off the table or do the dishes.

“Babies can’t do big kid things like this,” Suho teases as he walks past me with more dishes.

“But I want to help.”

“Come over here baby,” Chen calls me over to where he is standing in front of the sink, his hands are to washing the heavy copper bowls. He stops for a minute and dries his hands before lifting me up on to the counter next to the sink. He hands me one of the bowls and a towel to dry it. Tao comes over and takes the bowl from me to put it away. This continues until all the dishes are washed and put away. Xiumin comes in to the kitchen finally, dressed in an almost matching out fit to mine, and a towel around his neck. He sees me on the counter and quickly takes the place in between my legs, his arms go around my waist.

When I realize his hair is still wet I take the towel from around his neck and dry his hair for him, something that he very much enjoys. I’m too distracted with a very cute kitty to notice the glaring group of men around us.

“Baby,” Suho gets my attention, “I think it’s time for you to take a bath.”

“A bath?” I question, I haven’t taken a bath in years and to be completely honest, it sounds amazing.

“Yea, a nice bubble bath before bed.”

I nod, “Sounds good to me.”

“Good, who do you want to wash you?”

The question catches me off guard, “Wash me?”

“Yes, you are a baby, you don’t expect us to let you bathe alone do you?”

I laugh, “I have showered alone since I was like five, I can do it.”

“Baby,” Xiumin warns, “Don’t question us, just answer the question. Who do you want to wash you?”

I scan the group of men, “Kyungsoo.”

“And to get you dressed?” I open my mouth to ask, yet again, if that is really necessary but Xiumin’s hard stare makes me keep it to myself.

“Baekhyunnie,” The puppy like man cheers cutely.

“And who do you want to sleep with, that is if you want to sleep with someone?”

I hesitate answering that for a minute, “Do you mean sleep with, or, um?”

They laugh at my awkward innocence, “Sleep next to.”

“Then, um, Luhan.”

“Really?” Luhan pops up next to me with a big smile on his face. I nod.

“That’s unfair,” Kai pouts along with Tao and Chanyeol.

“You guys can do it tomorrow,” Suho reminds them.

“Can Chenchen do my hair?”

Chen smiles softly at me, “Of course baby.”

“Now time for a bath!” Kyungsoo claps his hands together and beams at me. Xiumin tightens his grip on me, burrowing his face into my chest.

“Let go hyung,” Luhan swats at the other, “You’ve gotten to spend too much time with her today already.”

“Ugh, fine,” Xiumin grumbles, “But first,” He quickly gives me a peck before running off.

“That chipmunk looking little shit,” Kris growls as he takes after him, followed by Tao, Kai, and Chanyeol. I just sit there for a moment, Kyungsoo comes over to me and helps me down off the counter.

“Come on baby,” He pulls me along into my own bathroom. I sit down on the toilet seat as he gets the bath ready, making sure the water isn’t too cold or too hot. When it’s ready I’m a bit bashful at the idea of taking my clothes off in front of yet another boy but I don’t have to think about it for long. Kyungsoo comes over and pulls my t-shirt over my head without hesitation. I allow him to do whatever, not questioning it when he pulls down my pants and underwear in one motion and asks me to step out of them. My hands are over my chest as I stand there, slightly shivering; Kyungsoo’s eyes rake up and down my body.

My cheeks burn, being naked in front of them is definitely something I’m going to have to get used to but for it only being my third time, I’m completely embarrassed. Kyungsoo shakes his dazed look away and helps me into the large bath filled with bubbles. I can’t hide my excitement for taking a bubble bath in such a perfect bathtub; I know it sounds kind of weird but this bathroom is built for a princess. I slip into the water so my chest is fully covered as Kyungsoo reaches into the bathroom closet for a towel, a stool, and a rag.

“Sorry to ask this again,” I mumble as I stare down at my hands playing with the bubbles, “But do you really need to wash me?”

“I don’t have to if you don’t want to, can I at least wash your back?” He gives me a small smile.

I nod.

“But first how about you just enjoy sitting here for awhile,” He scoops up a handful of bubbles and blows them at me, making me giggle. “So how was school?”

“It was fine,” I shrug, “It’s school.”

He nods in understanding, “Only one more year and you are done.”

“But after that is university so that is four more years at least,” I grimace at the thought.

“College isn’t required.”

I scoff, “Tell that to the rest of the world. How am I supposed to get a good job without an education?”

“Don’t worry about that, your daddies will take care of you,” He brushes a few stray locks out of my face.

“Take care of me,” I echo. That is never something I’ve been fond of, the idea of someone taking care of me while I do nothing. Though I have a good family, I’ve always been a loner, taking care of myself. I’ve never had so many people looking after me, making sure I ate, that I’m safe; as much as I thought I would hate being constantly watched over and taken care of, I love it when it’s these guys.

“Can I ask you something?” Again, I’m staring down at my hands.

He hums a yes as he twirls his hand around in the water.

“Why, um, how long, um, this whole daddy thing?” I struggle to find the right words to ask the question that I’ve been wondering.

“Are you trying to ask why we like it when you call us daddy?” He guides my chin up so I’m looking at him.


“I’m not really sure either. I think we all just have this weird thing in us when we see someone small and cute like you we just have this automatic reaction to do something. To hold you, to have you, to protect you.”

“Have there been other girls like me?”

He pauses for a minute, “Yes and no. There have been one or two who have caught someone’s eye but never all of us. Others have called us daddy during sex and it’s fun for a little bit but it’s not the same as when you did it the first time. You, our little baby, are very different from those girls. We are, as you said it, attached to you. You don’t run away from us or flinch when we touch you, something that never happens, especially after how we met. Those girls would pretend to like us to get away so they didn’t last long.”

“How long do you think you will keep me?”

He shakes his head, “Lets not talk about this baby anymore, I’m pretty sure there are lot more things we could talk about.”

“But-“ He automatically cuts me off.

“I said no more,” His tone is firm. I nod.


It’s quiet for a couple minutes before he just takes my hair down and starts washing it for me. Neither of us says anything as he washes it, he uses a cup to wash the suds out, and I just allow him to do as he wishes.

“Daddy,” I say softly, tired of his silent treatment.

He hums a yes.

“Are you mad at me?”

I freeze when he stops what he is doing to come forward and look me in the eye, “I’m not mad baby, I’m just…” He stops to try and find the right words, “I just don’t want to think about you leaving us. Regardless of how long we have known you, we like you, we really like you. The fact that any of us would kill someone for even looking at you the wrong way is something I’ve never seen. I can’t imagine what would happen if someone came and took you from us. So baby please relax for now, lets not talk about this?”

I just stare at him for a minute, watching his sad face before I find myself reaching out and pulling him closer for a kiss. This kiss is different then all the other ones I’ve had with the other boys, it’s not a peck or a make out session. It’s just a kiss filled with all the things these boys make me feel: warmth, love, that little tingle they give me. When I pull away Kyungsoo opens his large eyes slightly.

“Thank you for being so honest with me.”

There is a knock on the door before he can respond, followed by Baekhyun and Chen demanding that I be released. Kyungsoo glares at the door before grabbing the large fluffy pink towel, that he took out earlier, and holding it open for me. I stand up and happily let him wrap it around me, enjoying when he hugs me during the process. Though I’m caught off guard when he kisses me, feeling the same warmth from the other one, before opening the door to reveal Chen and Baekhyun with childish grins on their faces.

“It’s about time,” Baekhyun snatches me away from the younger boy.

“I’ll see you before you go to bed,” Kyungsoo completely ignores them as he kisses my forehead before heading out.

“Come on baby,” Baekhyun pulls me into my closet, “lets get you dressed before you catch a cold.” He sits me down in the chair as he slides around my closet making a show of digging threw the clothes, I can’t help but laugh. When he finds one he likes he holds it up as if he is recreating the lion king and he revealing the baby lion to the world. As he continues his search he comes a bit more bashful, something I find adorable, but once I realize why, I blush. He comes up to me holding a cute pink night gown with ruffles on the chest and some new underwear.

We are both a bit awkward when he stands me up and hesitantly reaches for my towel. It weirdly comforting not being the only awkward one when my towel drops to the floor, But he helps me get dressed, clasping my bra for me and putting the pajamas over my head and letting it fall around me. I’m thankful when he lets me put my underwear on myself.

“Did you have fun with Kyungsoo?” He asks as he leads me back out of the closet to the same ottoman I was sitting on this morning, Chen is sitting there waiting with a smile on his face. He has another towel in his hands that he uses to dry my hair a bit.

“Yea,” I hesitate on whether or not I should tell them what we talked about, “He was very talkative.”

Baekhyun scoffs as he sprawls out on the bed, “Wow, he must really like you.”

I nod, “That’s what he says.” Chen starts brushing my hair but stops the minute the brush gets caught on a knot. “Just keep pulling, it’s going to be snarly.”

“Baby, I don’t want to hurt you,” The older man panics.

I laugh, “It’s fine..”

He tires again, tensing every time he catches on a knot and has to pull harder, resulting in my head going back a little. “You’ll tell me if it hurts too much right?”

“Daddy Chen,” I was going to try to sound serious but that automatically turned me into a child, “I said it’s fine. I’ve had my hair pulled before, it happens when you have siblings. You tend to fight,” I laugh thinking about childhood memories, even though they weren’t the greatest at the time, they are funny looking back at them.

“Did they hit you?” Chen deadpans. He stops moving behind me, I look back to see both Chen and Baekhyun staring at each other with a chilling gaze.

“No, it’s not that bad. It wasn’t like they ripped the hair out, well some times it happened, but it happens to everyone, you guys must fight right?” I give them a smile but they don’t even look at me.

“Baby,” Chen says after a minute, he finally looks down at me. His hand goes to my cheek, caressing it softly, I lean into his touch. “You would tell us if someone hurt you right? Because if you are afraid that they might hurt you again, know that they won’t. We won’t let anyone hurt our baby, so if anyone bothers you, or has bothered you, tell us. Understand?”

Their intense focus on me makes me gulp, “Yes.”

“Good.” He continues combing my hair, completely drying it when he is done.

“All done,” Baekhyun coos as he comes around the bed to me, his playfulness has returned full force.

“Now what?” I question as I look from boy to boy.

“Technically we are supposed to bring you to the living room to hang out for awhile.”

“Dressed in this?” I look down at the cute but still pretty skimpy night gown that ends just below my butt.

Chen nods, “You look cute.”

“Can I at least put on some shorts?”

“You don’t like how daddy dressed you?” Baekhyun raises his brow at me.

I shake my head, “That not it, it’s just that it’s cold and as cute as this is, it isn’t something I should wear around, only to bed.”

“Fine,” Baekhyun pouts as he wanders back into the closet to find some pants, I’m guessing. He comes back a few minutes later with a pair of sweat pants I was wearing earlier but these are gray. I smile as he helps me put them on, thankful for the warmth and coverage.

“Better?” Chen asks when he notices how I brighten up.

I nod, “Yes, thank you guys.”

“Lets go before they send a search party after us,” He pulls me out of the room and down the hall, Baekhyun trailing after us.

“It’s about time,” Chanyeol whines when we walk into the room. They are all sprawled around room, on the floor or the couch. I look to see what they had all been focused on before we came into the room, to see a massive TV on the stand that was not there before, well the stand was but not the TV. There are a bunch of movie covers on the screen, most of them I realize are scary movies, great.

“That wasn’t there before,” I point to the TV.

“It goes down into the stand,” Suho explains.

“What’s up with those pajamas Hyung?” Tao whines when he scans me.

Baekhyun gives me a once over, “Were you expecting me to let her run around in just a nighty when it’s freezing out side?” Chen and I just chuckle.

“Come sit down,” Tao pats the spot next to him, Kris nods enthusiastically at the idea of me sitting in between them. But that enthusiasm is killed when Chen leads me over and takes the spot on my right with Tao on my left.

“Are we going to watch a movie?” I look to Suho, who is in control of the clicker.

He nods, “Are you okay with scary movies?”

“Um, not really.”

“See Hyung, I told you our little baby is too little of scary movies,” Tao sticks his tongue out at the older, earning himself a swat.

“Don’t worry baby,” Chen wraps an arm around my shoulders and holds me close, “I’m here if you get scared.”

“Me too,” Tao says faking confidents.

“I bet you, you’ll start crying before she even gets scared,” Xiumin teases from the floor. He starts crawling toward me but is cut off by Lay who takes the spot on the floor in front of me, hooking my legs over his shoulders, still facing he TV.

“Ya!” The oldest whines.

Lay scowls at the oldest, “You get her too much.” Xiumin pouts as he crawls back to where he was before and collapses on the floor.

“Are you ready?” Suho looks at me.

I just nod, my arms snake around a smirking Chen. Kris snickers on this other side.

I hate horror movies, Jihyo has loved them ever since we were young but I’m too much of a chicken to even watch the previews. They always give me nightmares, that is if I can even get myself to fall asleep after them. But right now, I feel more comfort in watching it knowing I won’t be sleeping alone tonight, or for awhile if they have anything to say about it, not that I would disagree. Chen doesn’t jump or even falter his amused smirk threw out the whole movie, something comforts and annoys me. Tao on the other hand is just precious, I wish I were braver so I could hold him but I’m far too scared by the creepy ghost girl to unlatch myself from Chen. The others aren’t as scared as me but only Xiumin and Chen are able to say that they aren’t.

As the movie finally begins I burrow myself deeper into Chen’s hold, Tao is behind me with this face buried in my back. I can’t even get myself to look when all the ghost start to appear but Baekhyun and Chanyeol’s yelling give me a pretty good idea of what is going on. When it is over I can barely convince myself to let go of Chen and that is only for a moment so I can hold on to Luhan.

“Are you ready to go to bed baby?” Luhan asks when I’m situated with my legs wrapped around his waist and my arms around his neck.

I nod, actually feeling pretty tired even though I had two naps today.

“Did you get scared?” Xiumin ask when he comes over, he strokes my head softly.

“Not as scared at daddy Tao,” I tease the older boy who is still curled up on the couch.

“Hey,” Tao pouts at me.

They chuckle, “Everyone say good night before I take her to bed.”

“Night baby,” Xiumin kisses the top of my head.

“See you in the morning,” Suho does the same.

Kris is next, “Tomorrow, you are with me,” He decides.

“What if she wants me?” Kai comes up next, another kiss, “Night.”

“I don’t know Hyung,” Sehun teases, “I think I might be next. Right baby girl?”

I laugh at their antics, but Chen gets annoyed and pushes them out of way, “Sleep tight baby.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to sleep with me? We can be scared together,” Tao pouts cutely, but is kicked away by Luhan.

“Don’t you try to steal her from me,” Luhan growls.

“Hyung calm down so I can say good night,” Kyungsoo comes over. He kisses my forehead softly, “Have sweet dreams baby.”

“I can’t wait to get you tomorrow!” Chanyeol sings as he comes over, Of curse Baekhyun is far behind singing the same thing. They each kiss my head and head on their way.

Lay is last, “Sorry you got so scared baby.”

“It’s okay, thank you.”

“Have a good night baby, I’ll see you in the morning.” I nod.

Luhan easily carries me through the house to his room. He sets me down on the edge of the bed before telling me he is going to go change. I sit there patiently until he comes back in nothing but sweat pants, my face goes red at the sight of his perfect body.

“Are you ready to go to bed?”

“Um, I just need to go to the bathroom quick,” He nods and gestures to the only door that hasn’t been opened. I quickly make my way there and do my business, leaving my pants off. Going back into the room, I freeze, greeted by only darkness I think back to the movie and automatically get scared. I frantically reach back for the bathroom light but I can’t find it, god why am I such a chicken? Without another thought I call out, “Daddy?”

“What’s wrong baby?” Luhan responds right away, I’m guess by the direction of his voice he is in bed.

“It’s so dark, I can’t see a thing,” I walk like an idiot with my hands out in front of me.

“I’m over here,” His voice seems closer.

When I touch the bed I let out a sigh of relief, but almost scream when someone grabs my wrist. I should know it’s Luhan but my mind doesn’t work like that after a scary movie, in my head it’s that creepy little girl. But my anxiety is put to rest when Luhan pulls me into bed and wraps himself around me.

“I’ve got you baby, don’t worry, Daddys’ got you.”

Taika Waititi on shaking up Thor and being a Hollywood outsider: 'They take this stuff so seriously'
The Hunt for the Wilderpeople director on joining the Marvel universe, hating biopics and his early script for Moana
By Elle Hunt

When asked what fans can expect from the latest instalment of Thor, director Taika Waititi somewhat unhelpfully says it will be “Taika-esque”.

Asked if he could perhaps describe it in literally any other way, he laughs. “I can’t! There’s no way!”

As far as whetting the appetites of Marvel fanatics goes, it’s a little counterproductive. Thor: Ragnarok will be watched by many more people who are familiar with the franchise than those who know Waititi’s work – but this may be the film that makes the New Zealand director a household name.

The big-budget Thor is a far cry from the Flight of the Conchords, of which Waititi wrote and directed a few episodes, and from What We Do In The Shadows, the 2014 vampire mockumentary he made with Jemaine Clement. And it’s almost the antithesis of Hunt for the Wilderpeople: the family friendly little-Kiwi-film-that-could, which was a surprise hit at box offices around the world last year.

But while the types of projects may differ wildly, his treatment of them – the bit that makes them “Taika-esque” – doesn’t. Even Waititi’s government-funded anti-drug-driving campaign, Tinnyvision – made in collaboration with Snapchat in 2014 – has the same warm, sly humour of his features.

And yet, after 41 years’ experience of being “Taika-esque” himself, he still struggles to describe it.

“If someone asked, ‘What are your films like?’, the best I can come up with is that they’re, like, a fine balance between comedy and drama. And they deal mainly with the clumsiness of humanity.”

Well, that’s definitely true of Tinnyvision.

As evidenced by his decision to set Ragnarok outside the Marvel universe – a ballsy move, given the size of the fandom and budget in question – Waititi is one to do things his own way. And it’s paying off.

Keep reading

7| Pas De Deux

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Ballet au, Romance, Angst
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 3870

Masterlist | Prev | Next

The next four days passed without an anccident. You were getting used to having Madame Hyejin banging on the door at six thirty. You were getting used to Minjee interrupting your conversations with snarky comments. You were getting used to Madame Choi’s fast commands, and your stamina were building. You were getting used to the inevitable pain in your stomach, but it was getting better. The bruises was fading. You were even getting used to the constant stares you got. They hadn’t backed down yet, even though nothing had happened. But there was one thing missing: Jimin.

You hadn’t seen him since he’d lead Taeyeon away from you at breakfast Wednesday morning. You’d watched the studio door on Thursday, but he hadn’t come. You’d watched it on Friday, but still nothing. On Saturday’s shortened lesson, he still hadn’t turned up. You never saw him in the Dining Hall, either, or in the corridors. It was like he’d disappeared off the face of the Earth.

You wondered now if he’d left the academy and gone somewhere else. No doubt there was loads of schools who would accept him within a heartbeat. It wouldn’t have taken long. He could be at another school right now, and that meant that you would never be able to see him again.

You tried to tell yourself not to think about Jimin. You came here for ballet, and he was getting in the way of it.

You still weren’t participating in Pas de Deux classes. However it seemed like you didn’t miss much. Madam Zhang just sat on her chair and did nothing. Though she seemed to have healed her pride, she still didn’t bother to teach anything. It was more like practicing, and when no one had tried much Pas de Deux in the past, practises couldn’t make perfect.

Jiwoo and Yuna complained day and night they really wanted Jimin to come back. “She’s useless! Jimin was always the one who taught us stuff.” Jiwoo was telling you again, as you sat at dinner Sunday night. Sundays were everyones off day, but you still had three hours of classes in the mornings. Today, Jiwoo, Yuna and Hyeun had taken you on a long tour of the grounds, all the way from the front gates to the lake and forest at the back of the property. Some people went home on Sundays, if they lived close by, but Gwangju was way too far away from here. Also you didn’t want to spend money on the train ticket

“And Jimin kept everyone in line.” Yuna mumbled, nibbling on her bread roll. “Now Minjee won’t shut her damned mouth.”

“I wish you hadn’t scared him off, (Name).” Hyeun added. “He always looks so sexy when he’s teaching.”

“We don’t know if it was (Name).” Jiwoo said.

Hyeun smiled. “Well, he was perfectly punctual before (Name) came and danced with him.”

“Either way.” Jiwoo said. “If he doesn’t come back soon, we’re going to have to tell Master Jinho that he has got to change our teachers.”

The hall was suddenly hushed as the man Jiwoo talked about stood up.

“Good evening everyone.” Jinho’s voice rang out through the hall. “I am pleased to announce that the notorious Amour de la Beauté review will be held on Sunday, a week from now.”

Excited whispering broke out. “Dance review?” You asked Yuna.

She was grinning like a maniac. “It’s more like a dance battle. Year against year. Head teachers against seniors, that sort of thing.”

“The program of the show will be posted in the Entrance hall and classrooms shortly.” Jinho looked around the hall. “Prepare to be beaten, my friends.”

Taehyung, Hosoek, and Jungkook ‘ooooohed’ from their table, while Seokjin yelled. “You’re on, Dad!”

Jinho just laughed. “School dismissed.”

Hyeun leapt up squealing. “Oh my God! This is gonna be epic!”

“I know!” Cried Yuna, and they began leaping up and down together.

Jiwoo was grinning. “This sounds like a big thing.” You observed.

She nodded. “It is.”

That was confirmed the next day when Madame Choi gathered you all into a group after having done half an hour of barre exercises. Exchanging glances with Jiwoo. Madame Choi didn’t seem like one for long speeches and group meetings.

“Now.” She said. “I have been informed that the Dance Review will be on Sunday.”

The rise in attentiveness from the class was obvious. Madame Choi raised a pointed eyebrow. “Master Kang’s class have beaten my classes for four years.” She let one corner of her mouth slide up in the smallest hint of a smile.

“We shan’t be letting it become five.”

Hyeun squealed and clapped her hands delightedly. “Go Madam C!”

The smile was back down in an instant, replaced by her usual, almost-scowl. “Control yourself, Miss Yah. Now, we have very little time. There will be absolute focus from every single one of you for the rest of the week.” She nodded. “Alright I want half of you on stage right, half on the left.”

She clapped her hands. “Today please!” Everyone hurriedly stood up, trying to work out which side needed more people. “Miss. (Surname) you will be centre stage.” You stopped in your tracks.

“Center stage?” You choked out.

“Yes, Miss (Surname).” She said, exasperated. “Now, if you please.” Your heart didn’t think it necessary to beat as you moved to stand in the centre of the studio, face a deep red.

“Alright, we have three minutes, three minutes thirty most, on stage. We begin with Miss (Surname) alone on stage for the first few bars. Mister Ghim, the introduction please.” The pianist began to play. It had many notes, but it paused tentatively in places. When the first of the quick notes came in, Madame Choi cut him off.

“Alright, that is where we will have Miss Gwan and Miss Yang come in. Yes, yes step forward, now I want you to flank her on either side, yes very good.” You shared a look with Jiwoo. She smiled at you excitedly, clearly thinking your solo was a good thing.

“And now on the next bar we will have five more of you and so on and so on. I want an inverted triangle.” Your classmates came on, working out where to stand. “Good, good, alright now this is where we begin the full dance.”

You spent the next hour going over and over the fast paced choreography. It involved so many pirouettes, you could pretty much feel the satin wearing away on your Pointe shoes. “And spin and land for arabesque and down and step and up and three four. I want those legs straight!” Sweat was beading on your forehead as you pirouetted across the studio and held up another arabesque, then down again and back.

There was half an hour left when she finally allowed everyone a five minute break. “Miss (Surname), over here, if you please.” Well, apparently not everyone. You went to stand in front of Madame Choi, your legs aching, and sweat pouring down your back.

“Your solo will begin in that arabesque you held so well the other day.” She told you. There was no question of whether you wanted this solo or not. You had it.

“An arabesque?” You couldn’t help but splutter.

“Yes, Miss (Surname).” She said. “Now, I will teach you the choreography and you must rehearse it every waking hour until Sunday. Understand?”

“Yes, Madam.” You nodded.

“Good, now as I said, you begin in an arabesque.” She gestured for you to do so. You went en Pointe, holding your left leg up behind.

“And hold for one two three and then raise your arms…good, now slowly back and changing legs, have your toe touch your knee. And bend your waist left and hold…and now straight into pirouette pirouette pirouette and leap left stretch left leap right stretch right and back to centre for the others’ entry. Hold it in third. Okay, now I want to play you forward a little through the entire thing, so whilst Miss Yang and Miss Gwan are doing their pirouettes I think I will have you couru for eight counts up…”

Her instructions went on and on. You had never, ever been given solo dance before, and now you were extremely worried that you would never remember all these steps.

“Alright, break’s over.” Declared Madame Choi. “Back into positions for the first entrance!” You hurried back to the centre of the 'stage’ and tried to remember all that she’d told you.

“And one two three and enter enter enter enter! Keep going, yes and up on three four five six and now to the right and…”

“I can’t feel my legs.” Yuna groaned, flopping into a chair with a plate of Greek salad.

“I know what you mean.” You told her, your face inching toward your bowl of soup as you tried to refrain from sleeping. “I never knew my toenails had nerves in them.”

“(Name)!” The call of your name woke you up a little. You looked around. Jiwoo, Hyeun and Yuna were all sitting around you. Confused you turned in your chair. A long slender, pretty girl stood in front of you. Jung Dawon. Adding to you surprise of seeing her here, you took in her white tights and red leg warmers with a matching red leotard. In one hand she held a pair of red and white polka dotted Pointe shoes.

“Uh, hi.” You said, bemused.

“Oh, silly me.” She said sticking out a perfect manicured hand. “I’m Jung Dawon, ballet fashion extraordinaire and friend of that immensely idiotic Park Jimin.” She smiled at you bouncily. You smiled back. She was pretty gorgeous. You stood up and shook her hand.

“I’ve been so curious to meet you, it takes a lot to get Jimin to dance with anyone but Taeyeon. You really must tell me your secret!”

You frowned. Was she serious? “Uh…”

She smiled again. “Just kidding. However confused by him? God, aren’t we all…” She shook her head and jumped, clapping her hands, as if remembering something.

“Anyway, I came bearing a message from Mistress Hyejin. She said she would like you to go to her office after your ballet history class as she would like to speak with you.”

You frowned. Why would Madam Hyejin want to see you? “Did she say what it was about?” You asked Dawon. She shook her head.

“Something good, I hope.” She said. “I like you.”

“What are you doing over here, jagi?” Suddenly a tall figure foreshadowed both you and Dawon. He wrapped his arms round her waist.

“Jinnie.” Dawon said, looking loving up at him. “This is (Name).”

Kim Seokjin was way taller than you’d thought. You had to crane your neck to get a good look at his handsome, blonde framed face.

“How’d you do?” He nodded politely to you. You smiled at him. “Come on jagi, we have to get to character.”

“Mmmm.” She groaned. Even though she was tall her head only reached the height of his shoulders as she rested it against his chest. “Not character.”

“Come on, I know you know you like it.” He said, kissing the top of her head.

She sighed. “I know you know I do.” She slipped out of his arms and took his hand instead, then she turned to you.

“It was nice meeting you properly, (Name), you’re nothing like Taeyeon and the gossips are saying. See you later!”

“Bye.” You said, watching as she skipped away, Seokjin keeping up with his long strides.

You slid back into your seat. “Friends with seniors.” Jiwoo muttered. “It’s a strange world, isn’t it?”

“Too true, Jiwoo, too true.”

After Ballet History, you did as Dawon had told, heading down to the cool entrance hall. You walked down a corridor you’d never been down before, passing the grand staircase looking at the plaques on each of the doors. At the very end of the corridor you found Master Kim Jinho’s office. Next to his door was Madame Kim Hyejin plaque.

Head Ballet Mistress, it said.

You knocked, your nerves thrumming.

“Come in.” You heard Madame Hyejin’s voice through the door. You opened it, finding yourself in a small but open office. Everything was dark cherry wood, but two windows and a door led out onto a veranda. One window was partially open, letting through a gentle breeze. Framed photographs covered the white papered walls. They were all of ballet dancers striking complex poses and moves. You swore you could recognize Master Jinho and Madam Hyejin in a dozen of them.

The latter person was currently sitting behind a small and elegant bureau. Next to her, stood a very tall boy. Not as tall as Kim Seokjin, but taller than most boys your age. His face was grim and had a pasty dullness to it. Dull brown hair was cut in a bowl shape a good inch above his brown eyes.

He was dressed in a crisp white t-shirt tucked into black tights.

“Miss (Surname).” Said Madame Hyejin. “This is Mister Dahn Eungkwan. He has agreed to be your partner for Pas de Deux classes.”

“Hi.” You said, looking him up and down. So this was why you’d been called here, so that you could meet your ticket back to the hell of Pas de Deux.

“Hello.” He said with a short smile, then looked down again.

“Mister Dahn is one of our second years.” Madam Hyejin said, as if reading your thoughts. “He’s very skilled at Pas de Deux.”

“Right.” You said. That wasn’t going to make this any easier. You didn’t want to do Pas de Deux…

“Good.” Hyejin said, gracefully standing and walking a round her desk. “I best let you go off to your first class together.” She opened the door and you and Eungkwan walked out. You followed. He walked quickly and quietly up the stairs. It had already occurred to you that you would know even less about him than you had about Kihyun when he’d first put his hands on you. The reassurances about his skill level weren’t reassuring at all. You didn’t want to dance with someone else. It was so constricting.

You walked along the corridor in silence. Finally the two of you reached the studio. You took a deep breath and walked in.

“Why are you late?” Madame Zhang demanded. Today, her thighs were squeezed into a burgundy pencil skirt, with a matching suit top. The rest of your class were performing promenades. They looked like they’d been doing it for some time.

“My class started forty-five minuets ago.”

“Sorry Madam.” You said. “I had to see Madame Hyejin. Uh…” You hesitated, looking at Eungkwan, who was standing with his chin high, as if he were above this place.

“This is Dahn Eungkwan, he’s my new partner.” It made him sound like some sort of object.

Madame Zhang’s beady eyes looked over him as he nodded at her respectfully. “Madame.” He said. You wondered if that was how all second years talked. The seniors certainly didn’t seem to.

“Well hurry up and take your places. You’ve already disrupted enough.”

You hurried to the side to put your Pointe shoes on. Eungkwan stood waiting for you with a blank expression. Jiwoo caught your eye across the room. Her look was a questioning one. 'Later’ You mouthed.

It had never taken such a short amount of time to tie up your Pointe shoes, even though you were trying to slow the process down.

“And up on one two three four and turny turny turny and down two three four.” You tentatively stood up. Immediately, Eungkwan placed his hands on your waist and stepped forward in time to Madame Zhang’s count. You went with him, coming up on to Pointe and raising your leg once again into an arabesque. A chill of fear went through you. This was the move Kihyun had hurt you the most, the one where he’d almost suffocated you. Immediately you came back down, pushing Eungkwan’s hands away in the process.

“Sorry.” You muttered to Eungkwan. He didn’t say anything and you took a deep breath.

“And toe and step and up two three four.” You followed the counts, managing to get up this time and Eungkwan began to turn you around. You hated the feeling. It was like you couldn’t control your own body. Like you had to entrust it to someone else. Someone you didn’t even know.

You swallowed as he turned you back to the front and allowed you to lower your leg again. Fortunately, you all didn’t spend too long on promenades. The other moves weren’t as hard. Madame Hyejin was right. Eungkwan was very good at the Pas de Deux. He was patient with you, letting you stop when you were being a coward, and he never held you too tightly. But there was something missing…

You worked it out when you were performing a sequence up the ballet studio, much like when you’d performed with Kihyun. Whilst everyone else whispered to each other as they waited for their group to be called up.

Eungkwan and you stood alone, looking dully at the dancers performing.

“Thank you very much for doing this for me.” You told him.

He just nodded blankly, not quite looking at you, then returned to watching the dancers.

Your group began. “Tondue out and then courus and gentlemen jump left and ladies jump right and then step together again and up arabesque hold for one two three…”

It was then that you glanced in the mirror and saw the very blank expression on Eungkwan’s face. It stayed the same as he began the promenade, turning you around without absolute no spark in his eyes. Then you lowered your leg and launched into the next set of courus. It was curious, watching his face as he stepped behind you. He watched your moves as you spun out and back again. The series ended in an attitude, with your leg bent slightly around his body. His expression didn’t change. When the music stopped and you lowered your leg again, he took his hands off your waist and went back to the end of the line, like nothing had happened.

He was right; nothing had happened. You had performed a sequence of ballet moves. The both of you had both performed the moves perfectly, but not as a pair.

You tucked a stray lock of hair back into your bun and got ready to do the sequence again. You couldn’t quite stop the memory of those few moments with Jimin sneak into your head. Dancing with him, his entire presence had wrapped around you, everything had felt so fluid and perfect…but you couldn’t think about him now. What on earth was the point when he didn’t seem to be turning up to classes? And even then, what had he got to do with you? Like he’d said the last time you’d seen him; You were just helping in a demonstration.

You tried to exhale as you once again performed courus upstage. You had had this thought trail so many times over the past few days, and it never solved anything. All you could understand was your own weird need to understand him. And even that had lead to quite a few bizarre questions.

The rest of the class passed slowly. When Madame Zhang finally nudged her chair back into the corner and dismissed everyone. Promptly people went to chat while taking their shoes off.

You on the other were frozen in spot. Bored and confused, at the same time. Eungkwan and you hadn’t had any trouble with each other. Technically, you were perfect together. All the moves worked, but neither of you seemed to being enjoying yourselves. He hadn’t said a word since his quiet 'hello’ in Madame Hyejin’s office. But now you turned to him.

“Thank you.” You said. “You must be missing classes for this.”

“No not really.” He said, looking down at his feet.

“Oh.” You said. “I figured everyone had sixth period classes.”

A tiny smile came to his lips. “I don’t consider Ballet History as a class.”

You grinned. “Me neither. It’s very, very boring.”

“Hm.” He just muttered, and waited a couple of seconds to make sure you weren’t going to say anything else before slipping off to a vacant corner to take off his shoes.

You turned around, seeking out Jiwoo and sat down next to her.

“He’s very quiet.” She observed, looking over at him. “How’d you find him?”

“Madame Hyejin organised it.” You told her. “He’s a second year.”

She raised her eyebrows. “Impressive! I thought that he looked way better than the rest of us. You should make the most of him and his experience.”

“Aww, come on.” Yuna slid into your conversation.

“(Name’s) danced with Park Jimin.” She waved a finger at Jiwoo. “There’s not much to compare to that.”

Not wanting to pursue the sizeable subject of Jimin, you quickly changed it. “So how does this Dance Review thing work? How do we work out which class goes first?”

Yuna was grinning again, your diversion clearly having worked. “I think they flip a coin or something, but we’ll go look at the program right now. God!” She squealed. “This is gonna be great!”

You laughed and let her pull you up. Hyeun joined shortly after on your way down the corridors. “I reckon that partner of yours is kind of cute, (Name).” She said. “What’s his name again?”

“Dahn Eungkwan.” You told her.

“You should try him out.” She advised. “His silence was sort of adorable.”

You frowned. “Yeah…”

When you got to the staircase, you immediately heard the clamouring of people in the entrance hall. Yuna and Hyeun squeaked and began running down the stairs. Jiwoo and you followed, but in a more dignified pace.

The crowd in the foyer was large, full of people coming down just after class. Some were declaring that their classes were going to win. Seniors were shouting about which teachers they were facing. The teachers themselves stood off to one side, having a good laugh with one another as they watched the chaos.

Hyeun, who was a little broader over the shoulders than most other ballerinas, made a path for the three of you to get to the notice board. You scanned it down, searching for your class. However you didn’t have to look far. You were first up.

A bolt of nervous energy went through you. That meant that you were opening the entire show. Oh damn, but something much further down the page caught your attention. It was the signups for the seniors going against the teachers. Next to Master Jinho and Mistress Hyejin was a neat, simple script:

Park Jimin and Shinn Taeyeon.

A thrill ran up your spine. That was his writing. You knew it. The poster had only gone up today, that meant that he was still here! That meant that Jimin was somewhere in this building…

The thought warmed you more than it should have. Jimin hadn’t left, Jimin was still here, he hadn’t gone…he hadn’t left you

[INTERVIEW] Armed & Dangerous

An interview by Armie Hammer Global

With at least four movies coming out this year, including the explosive Free Fire and the exquisite Call Me By Your Name, 2017 will definitely be a busy year for Armie. At Armie Hammer Global, we sat down to speak with the boss man himself about his career, his upcoming projects, and even about fans. 

 Let’s set the scene for all of you. It’s April Fool’s Day, but this meet up is dead serious (well…not really but at least a little bit). We are spread on three different time zones and two continents, but the common sunny weather makes it seem like the three of us are all in the same place, and of course, we’re all smiles. We won’t lie to you…it took a hot minute to all but Samurai Jack our way around some technical difficulties, but if there’s one common trait we share, it’s the ability to be absolute troopers through hardship. Thankfully, it wasn’t terribly long before we were all face-to-face (screen-to-face?) with one another and ready to delve into our little chat, starting with Armie’s incredible adaptability. 

Armie Hammer Global: Your filmography is very diverse. One project is completely different from another. You’ve been in big productions, indie films, you’ve played a lot of different characters. Was this richness something you wanted and aimed for? 
Armie Hammer: Yes and no. You know, that’s part of the fun of being an actor; it’s getting to do all the different stuffs and getting to work with different people and do different projects, play different characters, which is a lot of fun. I’ve been really lucky that I’ve got to do a little bit of an array of different characters. But the main criteria for how I pick my projects is really who is directing it. It’s just so important in movie making, the director and his vision and his execution of that. That has so much more to do with how a movie turns out than I feel almost anything else, including the script and all the rest. It really is just about the director. More than anything I just aim to work with a diverse list of directors, therefore it’s been a great process getting to work with so many different directors and do so many different projects. I feel lucky. More so than actually I feel like I am in control of making the decisions. 

 What a perfect transition with our next question! We know that you would like to direct someday. What kind of director would you be? The one that writes, produces and does everything, or just stay behind the camera? 
It’s a good question. I don’t know yet. I know that I want to direct movies and I’ve been privileged enough to see so many great directors sort of first-hand direct movies, and I’ve said to myself, “Oh, I’m definitely going to steal that,” or, “Oh, that’s a really good idea, I’ll make sure I do that.” I would like to think that I would have the attention to details that David Fincher has, the relaxed warm nature that Stanley Tucci has, the vision that Ben Wheatley has. All the directors each bring something so different to it. I don’t know what I would bring to it because I haven’t done it yet. 

Do you usually pay attention to the reviews of your movies and has one ever upset you? Have you ever critiqued a critic about you?
I would ultimately like to say I never read reviews, and that they never bothered me or anything like that, but the fact of the matter is when you’re there and the movie is coming out, it’s such a sort of all-encompassing feeling where everybody is on pins and needles. Everybody is anticipating the release and what’s going to happen, how numbers are going to look, what the reviews are going to say. If they’re good people kind of celebrate and they say, “Look at this one, look at this one!”, and if they’re bad, they go, “Look what you wrote!”. It’s impossible to avoid them, just because that’s the society and that’s the age we live in now. But I don’t seek out reviews, definitely. I definitely have read things said about me, in reviews and things like that, specifically about Lone Ranger. That one got a really bad reaction from really everybody without anyone expecting it. That one didn’t feel so good, other than that, it’s been fine. 

And you have received some really great reviews for Call Me By Your Name!
Yeah, we got a lot! But I’m more excited about the fact that Luca got such great reviews. We were in all those places where we were premiering the movie, and just seeing how happy it made him it was really nice.

Directed by Luca Guadagnino, Call Me By Your Name is the adaptation of the same titled book written by Andre Aciman. It tells the love story between Elio Perlman (played by Timothée Chalamet), a 17 years-old American-Italian boy spending the summer in the family villa in Italy, and Oliver (played by Armie in the film), a 24 years-old American scholar who stays with the Perlmans for the summer in order to work on his doctorate and help Elio’s father with his correspondences. Set in the 80’s, Call Me By Your Name takes you on a ride through a beautiful and hot Italy. The film was very appreciated by the audiences of Sundance and the Berlinale, two movie festivals where it was played. The various screenings were followed by unanimously positive reviews from both the festivalgoers and critics.
Call Me By Your Name is set to have a limited release in New York and Los Angeles starting on November 24th 2017.

Armie as Oliver in Call Me By Your Name. Picture courtesy of Sony Pictures Classic. 

In the book, Elio describes Oliver as a complex person. Do you think that Oliver is as complex as Elios sees him, or is it Elio’s youth and inexperience that blinds him?
It’s both. They are both really intricate and complex humans. They are two people trying to figure themselves out. They are trying to figure out life, they are trying to discover what they like, what they enjoy, what sets them off. It’s not necessarily that one is more complex than the other or anything like that. Both of them are sort of like coming of age and discovering themselves. Obviously, more or so with Elio because he is a little bit younger than Oliver. It’s honestly about two people finding a connection and really realizing that there is something deeper there and having the courage to do something about it. And in some ways, you can really relate to what is happening to them. Everybody has felt, at some point in their life, that feeling of butterflies in the stomach. You don’t know why you feel this when you’re around that specific person, but you know that you feel something strong with them, and having to find the courage to do something about it, the beauty that can unfold with that. And then like all great summer romances that almost everybody’s had, they end. 

What was the most complicated thing about playing a role like Oliver? Were you anxious about filming the more sensual scenes?
I wouldn’t say that I was anxious about filming the sensual scenes. I would say that there were things in this movie I had to do on camera that I had never done on camera before, like being comfortable being naked or being intimate with another man. I have never done that in my personal life, being intimate with another man (laughs). For me, I recognize more than anything, it was going to be a very good challenge as an actor because I would have to act, because this isn’t something I do in my everyday life, this isn’t something I really recognize. I had to do a lot of work to understand the psychology behind these guys, I had to do a lot of work to understand the things that they did together because it’s just different from how I live my life. Which is, by the way, I guess, all acting really is. It should be different from you, right? Otherwise, we are just doing the same part over and over. 

Would you say that acting is a form of art?
Yes, it’s just a different medium. You don’t use paint or brushes or anything like that, but acting is one of the oldest jobs in the world, and basically our job as an actor is to be able to put ourselves into a situation and allow someone watching it a way into it. For Call Me By Your Name for example, everybody has been talking about this peach scene, where Elio is intimate with a peach. I honestly don’t get it. Nothing about that scene really makes sense to me necessarily; because I never had sex with a piece of fruit and I have never eaten a fruit that someone else has had sex with. And I wouldn’t think a lot of people have. But our job while in that scene is to give somebody a window into it where even if they go, “I would never do that, I would not do it,” they also say, “but I understand why these two people are doing this”. It’s about experiencing it yourself while you’re there, but also emoting such a way that you give people a way into it, which is the challenge. It’s our job as an actor to sort of reflect what’s going on in society, give it back to people, give them something to think about, give them something to feel. Not to sound all grandiose or whatever.

Armie Hammer is the cool Ord in Ben Wheatley’s new movie Free Fire. Picture courtesy of A24.

Boston, 1978, a gun deal in an empty warehouse goes wrong and turns into a real bullets fest. That is Free Fire, a brilliant and explosive comedy directed by Ben Wheatley and in which Armie plays Ord, the middleman that looks way too cool for the situation. Free Fire is simply an hour and a half of pure fun and great lines sublimed by a talented cast. Already out in the UK, the movie will hit more theaters across the world by the end of April, including in North America on April 21st, Russia and Australia on April 27th. 

We saw Free Fire and absolutely loved it! What struck us the most in the movie is that, despite the crazy and out of hand situation depicted, every shot seems really precise.
If you knew how much work actually went into the film and Ben. They had to plan out every bullet hit in the movie months before we got there. And then you have a bunch of actors who show up and go, “Actually, I wanna go over there and do that,” and he’s like, “Nonono you can’t go over there”. It was like a real process. It’s so funny because when we started making that movie the script was sort of different from now. Because Ben is so fluid as a director, he writes and comes up with everything, he and his wife together. If there was anything that needed change it was changed right there on the set. And all of us got together, all the acting crew, and had such a good time with this movie that it just became funny. It really kind of became what it is now. A lot of the lines that you see that are like, the funny lines, whether it’s some of Sharlto (Copley) or some of mine, are all things that we really came up with on set.

Ord is quite the character. Despite the situation, he seems to keep things in control and it’s intriguing. Tell us a bit more about him. What is his story? Where does his calm come from?
Basically, Ord is so calm…because he’s just seen too much shit. This is like 1978, so about 8 years after he probably got back from Vietnam. This is the backstory that I gave the character. The reason why he got the nickname Ord is that he was an explosive expert in Vietnam. And his specialty, because he is a bit of a sick, twisted fucker, is that he would put posters in Vietnamese on a tree with big writing, and every line the writing would get a little bit smaller, a little bit smaller and a little bit smaller till eventually it was tiny. Then he would put landmines at the bottom of the tree so people would come up to read it and blow up. He’s a bit of a head case and he was in Vietnam, and I read a book about Vietnam called the Short Timers, which is actually a book that Full Metal Jacket is based of off. I read that and there is a really interesting line about it that says, “You don’t know the truth until you know death,” or something like that, “because death is the ultimate truth and everything else is really lies”. These guys in Vietnam expected to die every single minute so they just became friends with death, in a weird way, because they knew it was the only truth that existed, like, “He’s not a bad guy or a good guy, the truth is, he’s gonna die and I’m gonna die”. So, Ord came so close to dying so many times, like, “I should be dead so it doesn’t really matter at this point anymore”. He gets shot and he’s like, “Ah fuck”! He doesn’t have fear because he has already been so scared that nothing can scare him anymore. That’s why he’s pretty cool under pressure, that’s why he knows how to work with firearms better than anybody else, that’s why he is tactically minded, and that’s why as soon as it started to elevate, he backs up.

Do you have a lot of control on how you create your characters?
I would say it is teamwork. The writer is ultimately the one that puts everything down on paper. And then if the script is good enough, the director gets involved, and then boom you have a movie that kind of starts to go. The writer really sort of comes up with the foundation of everything. But obviously, they have written it before anybody was casted, so it’s not like he can tailor-make a role that fits perfectly. He makes the role that’s in his head. So once they hire an actor, it’s about finding symbiosis between the actor, the writer, and the director so that everybody is happy. Ultimately, you want the writer to be happy, the director to be happy and you, as an artist, you want to be happy. So it becomes more like teamwork. Sometimes you have more control sometimes you have less. I mean, when I did the Social Network, I had very little control over everything because the other people in control were David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin, and I definitely don’t think I know more than these guys.

Let’s talk about Mine because that really is a big moment for you! That was the very first movie you were just starring by yourself, your name is on the poster and everywhere. How does that feel for you? And congratulations by the way!
Thank you! It was great. It was a lot of pressure, especially because, for a majority of the movie, I’m really the only person on screen. I probably shot 75% of the film by myself, as the only actor and person in the scene, which is crazy. It doesn’t really give you anything to play of off, anybody to take cues from. It was a lot of work and we shot it in the Canary Islands, small islands channel along the coast of Morocco, it was hot, it was windy, we had sandstorms, lightning strikes, and it was just crazy. It was an intense filming. But I am happy I got to work with two great new Italian directors, Fabio and Fabio. I got to work with Tom Cullen who, in my opinion, is one of the best working actors out there right now. Annabelle Wallis as well, she was fantastic, Jeff Bells…it was a lot of fun making that movie. For a movie I basically stand still the entire time, I was shocked at how physically challenging it was.

Mike has to survive 52 hours in the desert with one knee on the ground. Not the most comfortable position, how was it for you?
I was probably kneeling 10 hours a day, for a month or something. My right knee still pops and gives me trouble and hurts. I was on my right knee the whole time with my left foot up. My knee is still kind of shocked.

Armie hits where you don’t expect him, including in animated movies. Earlier this year, the actor officially joined the Cars family and voiced Jackson Storm, one of the new characters from the third installment of the Disney Pixar franchise. We don’t know much about his cool-looking character yet, except that he is really fast and, apparently, not so likable. 

First of all, we are very, very excited about this particular project because we love Cars! How did you become a part of the project?
I don’t actually know. I got a phone call from my agent one day, and he was like, “Buddy, I just got a call from Pixar,” and I was like, “What?” and he’s like, “They want you to be in the new Cars movie,” and I was like, “Are you serious? I’m so excited!” I was really lucky; I didn’t have to audition, I didn’t have to do anything. They just kind of called and said, “Do you want to be in this movie?” Maybe they were like, “You know Armie is an asshole, he’d be a really good asshole in the movie.”

We read somewhere that you were chosen thanks to your role as the Winklevoss twins in the Social Network.
Well, they were assholes so there’s that (laughs).

If you have twitter, you probably already saw screen captures of, often very funny, conversations between Armie and fans. Needless to say his answers are always very appreciated by the lucky ones who receive his messages.

You answer a lot to fans online. Why do you dedicate so much time to it?
Well, the reason that I talk to you guys is really because you’re nice. You seem like well-rounded and normal people, you guys live your life. You like my work and that’s nice and I do appreciate that. I don’t answer to everybody, that’s for sure. I would say that I spend so much time answering to people because if somebody is going to take the time to write something and go out of their way and say, “Hey man, I just wanna say I really like your movie,” or whatever, it’s nice, it’s appreciated. It is the same as like if you’re a chef and someone says, “Oh my god, I love the way you cook salmon, I love your steak.” You’re kind of an asshole if you just go, “yeah whatever”. I don’t know, they took the time to write for me, so it’s only fair that I take the time to say, “thanks I appreciate it”.

Not everybody really does that. Another thing we noticed is that there’s no sense of hierarchy with you. You treat fans as normal people, not as ones who are less than you.
I think that the root of that is probably that those people, who treat people like that, think that they are not normal people, either. They think they’re above everything. At the end of the day, you’re doing your job. I trained as an actor, I went to school as an actor, this is what I studied. It’s like being an electrical engineer. I just get to do my job, I get to make movies, I get to do this. It brings so much joy to me to make movies and if it brings that much joy to someone to watch a movie, then that works, it’s great. It seems like teamwork, almost.

To finish, we offered to switch roles, allowing Armie to ask us anything he wanted. Because April Fool’s!
Armie: How much time out of your day do you spend working on the site? Armie Hammer Global: Well, it depends on what you are doing. For example, last year, when you were promoting three different movies at each festival, it would take up to three hours every evening. We usually search for your name, for pictures, videos, interviews, and articles, and we also monitor social media. In the end, it’s really all about organization, because it also depends on how busy we are with our lives. /

Cars 3 will come out on June 16 in the US Mine is now out on DVD/Blu-Ray and HD digital in Italy, Spain and the US.

2017, Season 4, and Series Ends

Hey Friends,

Does everyone have a minute? I wanted to share a couple of things about the future of Wolf 359 and what we’re going to be doing this year. And, as is so often the case with these sorts of things, it comes in the form of Good News and Bad News.

First, the Farnsworth bit: good news, everyone! Wolf 359 will be back this year, and we will be doing a full season. Hooray! Season Four will begin on June 12th, and it’ll be fifteen…ish full episodes. I know that’s a longer gap between seasons than we’ve had before, but we want to spend a bit longer on the writing and the production of these upcoming episodes. And - more good news! - that also means we won’t be taking a mid-season hiatus this year. Once new episodes begin, we’ll run, uninterrupted, every two weeks until the final episode on December 25th.

Which leads us to the bad news, and that is that… well, there’s no easy way to say it, so let’s just get it out: Wolf 359 is coming to its end. This upcoming season’s final episode will also be our series finale.

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BTS / Bangtan Boys
Pairing: Jung Hoseok (J-Hope) / Min Yoongi (Suga) - Yoonseok
Rating: G
Length: 2200 something words
Keywords: Fluff, Friends to lovers, College AU, Roommates AU, Video games
Crossposted on AO3  

Prompt (by @bbyhobie) : Person A & B are roommates that love playing video games. As a joke, their friends get them The Sims. They make a family with all their friends and they get married ironically—but then they get super into it.

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anonymous asked:

A blurb where you are dating harry and he wants you to meet Gemma before you meet his mom?

*I’m not sure this is exactly what you had in mind.  Hope you enjoy, nonnie! A huge thank you to those mutuals who read this and gave me their advice.  (You know who you are.)  

Code Pink

“Gem, I‘ve a Code Pink.”

“Code Pink? Are you positive?  This isn’t a drill?  ‘Cause I’m tired of the drills, baby brother.  Always end badly for both of us.”

“This one is real.  Need your help here, Gems.”

I rummage quickly through the drawer on the nightstand, grabbing a pencil and the list of qualities Harry had written down previously.

“Okay, let’s go through the list of qualities again,” I hold my pencil up, ready to read off of the list, “Are you ready?”

“I’m ready, Gem.  But this is important.  So don’t fuck it up, ‘k?”

Responding with an equally deep sigh of my own, I look at the list, “Here we go: honesty, humility, confidentiality, graciousness, compassion, optimism, and forgiveness.   

My dorky brother pretended to think over the list, but I knew he’d been refining the list for years.  Literally years.  Since his early days on the XFactor, he had been contemplating the characteristics he wanted in a girlfriend and eventually a wife.  This list had been revised and reevaluated, reassessed and reexamined multiple times over the years.  I’d run a Code Pink on three women, each of whom Harry had thought was “the one”.  Snort.  Obviously none of them had even been close to “the one”.

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Made For Each Other

Summary: You’re head over heels for Namjoon but he hides a secret.

Originally posted by ygnj


You met him at a coffee shop after you bumped into him and spilled your latte right in front of him. Thankfully you didn’t soil his clothes, only yours. 

“Are you okay?” He said looking you up and down. 

“I’m fine. Sorry about that.” You replied as you tried not to grimace in pain from spilling boiling hot coffee on your pants and shoes. He noticed your shoes were soaked and pulled out a chair for you as an employee came to clean up.

Apologizing for making a mess you sat down trying to hide your embarrassment behind your hair. “You can’t walk home like that.” He pointed at your shoes as you tried your best to get them out of his view.

“I’ll get you a cab.” He said walking outside, standing on the sidewalk looking down the street. You were so embarrassed you just wanted to disappear, not get help from a handsome stranger. Slowly, you walked outside, shoes making an awful squishing sound from the moisture. 

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 (Y/S/N) - Your son’s name.

 Word count: 705

 You just woke up, feeling your baby boy kicking again. He has been very restless the last few days. Probably excited to see the world. You look to the right side of the bed, but Eric isn’t there. You struggle to sit up since you’re a lot heavier than you use to.

 “Eric, babe, are you there?”

 “I’m coming. Wait a sec.”

 “Tell this to your son, he’s hungry.” You get up and head to the kitchen to meet your husband trying to cook and failing miserable. “So… You know I love you, but I won’t eat… this. What the hell is this?”

 “I don’t know anymore.” Eric drops everything on the sink. “I’ll clean this later, no worry, babe, I don’t want you to worry about anything.”

 “I’m not worried. Can we go to the cafeteria now? Have our breakfast. (Y/S/N) is hungry and so am I.”

 “I rather avoid having you near to those crazy Dauntless people. They could push you or make you trip…”

 “Eric, I’m a Dauntless member, I won’t trip on anything. Can we please go? I’m starving. Pleeeeease, Eric. Let’s go.” You use the puppy eyes that use to make him change his mind.

 “Fine, fine. But nobody will touch you.”

 “You’re such a baby.” You turn your back to him and walk slowly to the cafeteria, with Eric right behind you.

 You secretly enjoy having Big Bad Eric being so cute and protective, but of course, you’d never tell him that. The cafeteria is really crowded, and Eric puts his arm around your shoulders. He leads you to an empty table and you wait for him to bring your food.

 “Hey, (Y/N).” Four smiles and sit next to you. You haven’t seen him coming, being so distracted watching Eric arguing with someone. Again.

 “Hey. How’s my favorite number? I haven’t seen you these past days.” You and Four have always been good friends since he trained you during initiation. He was also excited about your baby, who he decided would be his nephew.

 “I’ve been busy with the new initiates.” He looks up to where Eric is punching someone in the face. “Being a nice guy, as always.”

 “Wanna know what’s happening there?”

 “I’m listening. “

 “That guy teased him about how soft he is around me. Eric wouldn’t take this, so… No words, only violence.” You gasp when (Y/S/N) kicks again, taking Four’s hand and laying down on your belly.

 “Seems like my nephew is happy this morning.” He smiles, taking his hand away from your belly before Eric comes and start bitching about it. “Are you excited?”

 “You have no idea.” It’s your first baby, and you didn’t even know how much Eric wanted to be a father before telling him you were pregnant months ago.

 “How’s Eric dealing with a baby being on its way? Just a month left.”

 “Eric is pissing me off. He doesn’t even let me go out alone since I was six months pregnant. Can you believe this? ” You rest your elbows on the table, staring at Eric walking back to you. “It’s annoying, actually. ”

 “What’s annoying? Is he annoying you?” Eric glances at Four and then back at you.

 “No, babe, he’s not annoying me or the baby. We’re both perfectly fine.” You roll your eyes and start eating.

 “Excuse me, can I have breakfast with my wife in peace? ” Eric says without looking at Four again, taking his place by your side.

 “She’s my friend too.” Four mutters, but stand up and whispers you a goodbye before he leaves.

 “Always jealous.” You smile and kiss his cheek.

 “Am I wrong for wanting to spend time with my family?” He gives you the smile that made you fall for him, two years ago. The one that only belongs to you.

 “No, you’re not.”

 “Besides that, I think I want more kids. Two more maybe.”

 “What?” You cough, cleaning your throat to find your voice again. Now you know how badly he wants this baby, but a big family? You would never imagine that.

 “Is that okay with you?”

 “Yes. Let’s raise our own Dauntless army.” You smile at him, amazed by the future that waits for you.


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Pairing: Eric x reader
Prompt: Eric and you have never really got along, so what happens when a mistake leads to you being stranded with him and the rest of your group far from home.
Fandom: Divergent series
Word count: 5124
Warning: Strong language that’s about it

A/N: I got a lot of good feed back from my last fic so I’m excited to present you guys this one. I think the description is a little sketchy but oh well. I wrote it surprisingly fast so chances are it won’t be that surprising if you spot a few grammar errors here or there. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy pretty please let me know what you think. -Lola

part 2

You where fully convinced that this was your personal hell. This had to be some kind of cruel punishment.

A week ago max announced that he had a mission of sorts that he needed a group of dauntless to check out clear on the other side of the city. It sounded easy enough, take a train trip, check it out, chase off any functionless if any, take some pictures and notes, bring it back to max.

If anything you where slightly looking forward to the trip mainly because Four managed to find a way to pull a few strings so that your group would consist of himself, You, Tris, Christina, Will, Zeke, and Uriah. There where a few other groups going but upon reaching the site everyone was to split up into there respective teams.

It was the day before the trip that Max announced that a dauntless leader would be required to supervise you all. You had prayed that it would be Jessica or maybe even Paul, just someone who wouldn’t make the whole experience miserable. Scratch that, there was really only one leader that truly crept under you skin. So you hoped and prayed that Max would tell this particular leader to just sit this one out.

Of course in the long run you should have realized that luck was never really on your side. The next morning you woke up at the crack of dawn and made your way down to the railways to meet up with everyone else.

Sure enough there standing off to the side of the crowd, having what appeared to be quite a heated discussion with Max was Eric himself.

You pushed your way through the thong of people and eventually spotted Four standing with the rest of your group waiting for train.

“What the fuck is Coulter doing here?” You demanded as you approached the group.

“Good morning to you too..” Four mumbled as you came closer.

“Is he coming with us?”

“Oh that’s right you didn’t hear the fabulous news last night, after you left the office. Eric’s the one in charge of us today.” Four looked and sounded less than delighted with the news.

“That’s just fucking great..” You grumbled shaking your head.

“Glad to hear your about as excited as i am about this whole thing, princess.” You heard a smug voice quip behind you. Groaning you turned around and glared at Eric.

“Don’t call me that and Is there seriously no one else who can do it?” You snapped back. You hated all the little pet names Eric called you by in order to get under your skin. ‘Princess’ had to be your least favorite of them all mainly because Eric has openly admitted that he only calls you that because he thinks your a primadonna.

Eric rolled his eyes at you, “Trust me when i said i tried getting out of this. It’s supposed to be my day off, But instead I get to spend it with you asshats while you play around in the dirt.”

It was your turn to roll your eyes at Eric’s bitching, You could hear the sound of the train as it approached and you turned your back to Eric to see if your team was ready.

“Quite the little team you got there Four..” Eric said tauntingly, Four who promptly decided that it was to early in the morning to deal with the other mans bullshit simply flicked him off before turning to help pull Tris off the ground where she had been sitting.

Everyone around you prepared to get on the train and before you knew it you spotted it round a corner and start heading your way.

You glanced over and noticed Eric waiting in your periphery. You could tell that he was in the perfect position to take off and be the first one on the train. That was the one thing about Eric, he always had to be first. So you decided to do the one thing that you knew would piss him off and took off a few moments before you needed too so you could get a head start in front of him.
It took Eric a few seconds to figure out what you where doing but once he did you could hear his footsteps fall in line next to yours as he tried to race you. You saw the train rush ahead of you and surged ahead of him just in time to latch onto the door handle and pull yourself up and on to the train. Eric entered a few seconds after you and you could see the nasty glare he sent your way earning a chuckle from you.

Zeke and Uriah had been right on your tails apparently and entered the train not long after you, soon followed by Tris and Four, Then Will and Christina. The rest of the people on the mission trickled in and after a few minutes Eric did a head count to make sure no one had been left behind.

You grew irritated upon realizing that it was a two and a half hour ride before you got to the right jump off point. You and Eric argued the whole time about any and everything.

“We need to jump off here Eric.” You snapped.

“No we don’t ___…” He said not even looking at you.

“Whatever..” You growled rolling your eyes at him. You turned to walk away but he quickly grabbed your arm and pulled you closer to him.

“Hey watch the attitude princess..” He whispered fiercely into ear, squeezing your arm tightly.

“Kiss my ass eric.” You spat at him.

“Sure thing bend over.” You yanked your arm from his grasp and glared at him before making your way to sit near your friends.

“What was that all about?” Uriah asked as you sat down.

“Oh you know Eric being an asshole as usual..” You muttered, picking at your nails.

A few minutes passed before Eric announced that everyone would have to jump off in a few minutes and do a long trek to the site because you had missed the stop you where supposed to jump off at. Everyone groaned upon hearing about having to walk almost a whole extra half a mile. But Eric made it quite clear, after a particularly snippy comment from Christina that the next person to bitch about he would personally ‘Escort’ off the train. No one liked the sound of that and pretty much everyone grew silent.

Everyone stood as it came time to exit. Zeke and Uriah pushed there way through the crowed and made sure that they where the first the jump off, They where followed by the rest of the people leaping wildly of the platform.
Before you knew there was only a small group of people left. The made your way to the exit but not before glancing over at Eric who was watching you coldly.

“I told you so, by the way..” was all you had to say, referencing the argument you two had previously, before jumping off the train and landing fairly gracefully.

The rest of the people made it off the train with ease, with Eric being the last person to jump off. Everyone recollected and you guys made the hike to the spot you where originally supposed to be at.

Eric was surprisingly quiet the whole time. Even despite how nice it was, it put you on edge mainly because he was pissed at you for the comment you made on the train. Whatever, you honestly didn’t have the time to worry about whether you hurt his feelings or not. But god knows he was probably plotting something.

The work was tedious. The land Max had sent you all to investigate had once been amity farm land, but a few years back all the amity in the area had upped and relocated after realizing that soil was better on the other side of the city. The area had been abandoned ever since. Jeanine was interested in trying to turn the lot into another research center of sorts but it was agreed, much to Jeanine’s displeasure, that it would be best if a group of trained dauntless soldiers checked it out instead of some erudite scientists.

It was a fairly large piece of land, thus explaining the need for all the groups. Your team was to take the section of land furthest away from the rail tracks. The other teams spread out throughout the land and Eric made himself useful by doing pretty much nothing other than barking orders and pissing people off.

You group worked all the way until just before sundown. Everyone was tried, hungry and a little pissed off. It was only as our group emerged from the little forest that separated the land you investigated from the rest of the area did you notice that there was no one around. Immediate panic set in and your team rushed in the direction of the train.

You where one of the fastest sprinters so you pulled ahead and raced around a bend and spotted the train in the distance. Your feet pounded into the dirt as you spotted Eric in the back of the group.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” You yelled into the wind catching his attention.Eric turned to the side and notice you behind him.

“Why aren’t you on the train?” He snapped back.

“I don’t know why did you leave my team behind.” Confusion crossed his features and he turned around to notice the rest of your friends struggling to close the large gap that separated you from then.

“Shit.” Was all he could say as he realized what happened, Eric then made the jump up on to the train.
“Get on the train.” Was all he said as he looked down at you, he reached a hand out for you to grab but you sneered in his direction.

“No, Eric.”  Your legs started to burn and your lungs where on fire.

“What do you mean no?” He snapped back. You tried to keep up with the train but your body was starting to fail you.
“I’m.. I’m not leaving… my group behind.” You yelled back breathlessly.

Eric was seething at this point and before you could react he reached down, leaning out of the train, and pulled you up by the back of your shirt. You hadn’t completely realized what was happening until you felt yourself being thrown on the floor of the train.
Everyone looked on in shock as you just laid there for a second.

“Your ass is in so much trouble when we get back!” He yelled in your direction. You pushed yourself up from the ground and brushed past him.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He growled down at you.

“I’m not leaving my group behind asshole.” You snapped back.

“Yeah you are ___, get over it.” You moved away from him and reached out gripping your arm tightly.

“Get off me Eric.” You struggled against him for a few seconds and his grip tightened.

Panic started to set in as you realized that you had maybe a 30 second window to safely get off the train and join your group. So in a moment of frustration, anger, and just maybe a little fear you turned around and felt your fist connect to some part of Eric’s face.

His grip loosened as he realized that you had just hit him but as you yanked away he grabbed you one more time just as you where about to jump off. You lost your footing as you pulled against him and the floor disappeared from beneath you. 

Your body connected with the ground hard and it took you a few seconds to come to terms with what just happened. You heard a groan next to you and glanced over and noticed Eric lying next to you face down. You had just fallen off a train and somehow with your luck managed to pull Eric off with you.

“You’re so dead…” Was all he muttered as he started to push himself up. You just sat on the ground and watched as he tried to chase after the train but it was no use it was long gone. He realized that and let out long stream of curse words.

You heard foot steps approaching you. The rest of your team ran up to meet you guys. Tris and Christina immediately busied themselves with making sure you where okay and pulling you off the ground. They helped dust some of the dirt off you not that it was any use, you where covered in the stuff, so was Eric.

He turned around and glared as you stood up. You couldn’t help but feel a little pride as you noticed the angry looking red mark just below his eye from your first, That was so going to burse.

“What the fuck was that?!” He shouted once you where fully standing.

“I told you i wasn’t leaving my friends behind, Eric.” you growled back.

“You could have gotten us killed!”

“It’s not my fault you wouldn’t let go!”

“You are in so much trouble when we get back.” You rolled your eye’s at his threat and turned to everyone else. After checking to make sure everyone was ok you all stood there awkwardly for a few minutes.

“Well what now?” Will asked as he looked around.

“Wait for another train?” Suggested Uriah, Zeke nodding next to him.

Eric shook his head as he watched everyone with disinterest. “That was the last train today.”

“Are you serious?” You growled as you looked off into the distance where the train had disappeared.

“Oh don’t you fucking dare. Maybe if you had followed my orders, we..” He made a motion between you and him. “Wouldn’t be stranded out here!”

“Well maybe if you had done your job instead of sleeping all day none of us would be stranded out here!” After giving out the orders upon reaching the site, Eric proceeded to make himself comfortable under one of the massive trees and took a nap.

Although you do have to admit that he had been quite the sight lounging under the tree. He had his arms crossed over his chest, extenuating the muscles in his biceps and forearms. He leaned his back against the tree and stretched his long legs out, crossing them at the ankle. There was no denying that Eric was.. attractive to say the least. It was a shame his shitty personality ruined it.
You tried to shove any thought of Eric in a romantic or sexual since out of your head, slightly disgusted with yourself for being attracted to him.

“Well how long of a walk would it be..?” Uriah tried again.

“… It was a two hour train ride to get out here, dumbass.” Eric said looking at Uriah like he was a complete idiot.

“Leave him alone Eric, at least he is actually trying to help.” You snapped at him.

“Yeah cause that was a really helpful suggestion.” He snapped back,.

“Shut the fuck up Eric!” You growled.

“Watch your mouth, ___!” He snapped back.

“Or what?” You challenged smugly, he opened his mouth to respond but Four beat him to it.

“Both of you need to shut up, enough is enough. The train isn’t going to show up again till sunrise and Eric is right that’s too long a walk. It’s going to get freezing out as soon as the suns completely go down. We need to find shelter.” Everyone hushed to hear Four speak and we all agreed with what he was saying.

All day while working it had chilly out but by sundown it was going to be down in the 40′s. Right now the sun was going to start setting within the hour to and it got darker every minute and the air was beginning to feel bitter cold.

“I saw a cabin or something while we where working.” Tris piped up.

“Well then what are we waiting for people.” Zeke said loudly.

You guys made your way back to the work site a few minutes later and Tris lead the way to the cabin. The group did there best to keep you and Eric separated because god knows it was impossible for you two to get along.

Upon reaching the cabin, everyone realized that it was surprisingly large, for an old amity house. There where three regular sized bedrooms and one large master bedroom. Eric make it clear pretty that the master bedroom was his.

It wasn’t much of a surprise when Christina and Will claimed a bedroom for themselves giggling the whole time. Uriah and Zeke joked about being room mates again. You knew Four and Tris where just now getting to the point in there relationship where they would sleep in the same bed together. You could tell both of them where uncomfortable with the situation as they claimed a bedroom for themselves earning a snicker from Eric.

Almost all at once everyone glanced at you waiting, and it took you a second to realize what the issue was. There where no bedrooms left for you to take, The only place left for you to sleep was in the master bedroom, with Eric, or one the couch.
You glanced over at him and he had a cat caught the canary grin on his face.

“Why do i have to sleep on the couch?” You exclaimed.

“No one said you had to sleep there, princess.” Eric snickered again from the wall he leaned against.

“I guess I’m taking the couch.” You growled irritated, over your dead body where you going to share a bed with Eric.

“____ it’s going to get cold tonight and it didn’t look like there was a lot of extra blankets.” Four said calmly trying to reason with you.

“Well then I guess my ass will freeze to death because i am not sharing a bed with him.” You said irritated with what Four was insinuating.

“Fine by me.” Eric commented as he pushed himself off the wall and started to make his way up the stairs up to that master bedroom. He hovered at the top of the stairs for a second, looking down.

“But i will save you a spot, sweet heart, for when you change your mind..” He called down before.

“Trust me when I say, I wont!” You called out to him as he laughed and disappeared around a corner.

“Asshole..” you muttered under your breath glaring at the spot he once stood.

Everyone, except Eric, donated a blanket or pillow to your makeshift bed for the night. Tris tried to convince you to put you differences aside and share with Eric just this one time but you made it quite clear that that so wasn’t going to happen
You tried your best to get warm sleeping on the couch but it was pointless. It was freezing and you where miserable. You tossed and turned for about an hour before realizing that there was no way in hell you where going to fall asleep. You had stupidly stripped down to your tank top and boyshort underwear in order to get comfortable, you where now realizing how terrible an idea that had been.

You finally came to terms with the fact that the only way you where going to get sleep was if you swallowed you pride and went upstairs. After contemplating it for a few minutes you finally collected the two blankets that you where trying to get warm with and grabbed the clothes you had taken off.

Every step you took up the stairs felt like you where walking closer to your death. You had tried to wrap the thin blankets around yourself but the air still nipped your skin.

It wasn’t hard to find the bedroom Eric was in. You stood outside of the door contemplating going back down stairs but the chattering of your teeth convinced you other wise. You entered the large bedroom and looked around impressed, the king sized bed was off to the side near a large window.

Eric laid in the middle of the bed on his stomach, stretched out. The heavy blanket he was using had slipped down to about the middle of his back and you took a second to appreciate the muscles and contours of his back.

You took a few tentative steps towards the bed and scowled as you noticed that he was taking up all the space in the bed.

“Eric..” You whispered and he didn’t stir at all.

“Eric come on.” You tried again but still nothing. You reached down and snatched the pillow he had been laying on from underneath his head. Now that woke him up. He glared up at you still groggy and half asleep.

“What the fuck do you want?” He growled his voice sounding thick with sleep you shiver after hearing it but figured you could blame it on the cold.

“scooch over, I’m cold.“ You tried not to whine but you where desperate at this point. Eric was now more awake and he started smirking as he realized what you wanted. He did as you asked and moved over a little bit. You lifted the blanket and caught a glance of his body underneath the covers. You immediately dropped the comforter and looked away.

“I am not getting in the bed till you put some boxers on Eric.” You said slowly Eric, of course thought this was hilarious and looked up at you smugly.

“That’s not really my problem.” He said before putting his head down as if he was going to fall back asleep.

“Eric seriously.” You snapped.

“If your so cold then just get in the bed ____.” Was all he replied not even glancing up.

You where growing irritated and honestly half tempted to just get in the bed. Finally after a few moments of you contemplating what to do, Eric pushed himself up and got out of the bed.

You couldn’t help but sneak a glance at his ass before looking away with a slight blush on your face.

Eric turned around and looked at you waiting for a reaction. He had absolutely no shame as he stood there completely naked in front of you. You glanced over and looked him in the eye, fighting every temptation to look at the rest of his body. Even in the dim light only provided by the large windows in the room, you could see mischief in his eye and an over all smug look wiped across his face.

You finally had to break eye contact and look away because you where more than sure he saw the faint blush across your cheeks.

“Your such a princess, you know that?” He said as he look around the room for his clothes.

“Why, because i asked you to but some underwear on?” You bristled back.

While he slipped his black boxer briefs back on, you climbed under the covers enjoying the warmth of the bed. you couldn’t help but sneak one more glance at Eric while he had his back turned. Only this time before you could look away Eric turned around and caught you in the act. You where absolutely mortified as a smirk grew across his face.

“Like what you see?” He said tauntingly and you rolled your eyes at him.

“You wish, Coulter.”

He climbed in on the other side of the bed and laid about an arms length away as you laid with your back to him. Your teeth wouldn’t stop chattering, you where still freezing under all the covers.

“Can you not?” Eric snapped from next to you.

“Excuse me Eric for still being cold!” You growled back. You heard Eric shifting next to you and a few seconds later you felt him press against your body and wrap an arm around you.

“What are you doing?” You whispered-yelled as you tried to shift away.

“___ Shut up and just go to sleep.” He said sounding annoyed.

“I’m not cuddling with you Eric, so get off.” You said not quite sure how to react.

“Get over yourself, Your cold and the whole teeth chattering thing is annoying as fuck. So get warm and go the hell to sleep.” He growled in your ear. He was surprisingly warm as much as you didn’t want to admit it.

“Fuck you, Eric.” You retorted.

He snorted behind you, “Maybe another time princess.”

“You’re disgusting.” You groaned in response and that earned a snicker from him.

“You offered.” Was all he said, snickering.

Eventually you stopped shivering and your teeth stopped chattering. You where actually comfortable which was surprising to say the least. A few more minutes passed and you where convinced that Eric had fallen asleep.

“Are you warm?” You heard him whisper softly, A part of wanted to just pretend to be asleep but you knew Eric knew better.

“Yes..” You whispered back. He mumbled something you didn’t quite catch and you expected him to untangle himself from you and move away and you pretended that the thought of that didn’t make you feel slightly disappointed. But instead he stayed pressed against you. It didn’t take long for you to fall asleep after that.

“You so owe me 20 when we get back, Uriah.” Snickering filled the room and that combined with the slight chill in the air stirred you from your sleep.

“Guys leave them alone.” You heard a voice you think belonged to Tris call out.

“Oh hell no, i want a picture of this.” Snickered someone who you knew with out a doubt was Zeke. More laughing filled the room and you heard the snap of a camera go off. That’s when you felt someone laying next to you stir awake.

You opened your eyes slightly and caught sight of all your friends pilled in the room you where sleeping in laughing.

The person next to you, better yet behind you was obviously awake now. You where confused at first until you heard Eric start talking behind you. The events of last night played back in your head and you felt beyond embarrassed.

“Get the fuck out!” You heard Eric yell soon followed by the sound of him throwing something, hopefully a pillow, in the direction of your friends. More laughing filled the room as everyone filed out and the sound of the camera go of again a few more times.
After everyone had exited you just kind of laid there for a second before bursting out with laughter.

“What’s so funny?” Eric gripped but you could hear the amusement in voice. You where most defiantly going to have to do some explaining.

“Nothing…What did you throw?” You asked still snickering.

“A pillow.”

“Did you hit anyone?”

“I don’t know i didn’t look.” For some reason his response earned more laughter from you and he also started chuckling.

It was only then did you notice that it was no longer just one on his arms wrapped around your waist but he also had a leg thrown over you and entangled with your own limbs. The other arm that wasn’t wrapped around you, was underneath you head like a pillow.

You where comfortable and didn’t feel like moving but you shifted in your spot and turned to face him. You where surprisingly close to him but for some reason the close proximity didn’t bother you. He had his eyes closed but you knew better than to think he had fallen back asleep.He had to adjust his position slightly when you moved but he didn’t bother moving over any so you where still pressed against him.

“What happened to the no cuddling thing?” You said smugly.

“I got comfortable.” Was all he had to say. You rolled your eyes at him ever though he couldn’t see you.

He opened his eyes and looked at you with a piercing gaze. You had a staring contest with him for a few minutes before turning away to get out of the bed. He stopped you before you could slip out and, moving surprisingly fast, he shifted and threw a leg over you, moving so that he was straddling you.

He placed his hands on either side of your head and looked down at you
“What are you doing?” You said feeling breathless. He bent down so that his nose was practically touching yours.

“I don’t know just go with it.” Was all he said. Before you could respond he pressed his lips to yours.

The kiss started out surprisingly sweet at first but after a little bit you both got more aggressive and It grew more passionate. He placed both hands on your waits and you began clawing your nails down his back earning a moan from him. Before it could get any more heated you heard the door to the bedroom open.

“Guys we are leaving soon, so get- oh my god.” You peaked over Eric’s shoulder to see Four standing in the door way looking anywhere but at the two of you. A blush began to take over your cheeks and given your position there was no denying what the two of you where doing.

“Just-… Were leaving in ten minutes.”  Was all he said before exiting the room.

It was Eric’s turn to laugh now. He buried his face into the side of your neck and kept laughing.

“It’s not funny!” You shouted still embarrassed.

“Yes it is..” Eric commented still chuckling.

“You know.. There’s a lot we can do in ten minutes..” He said after composing himself and moving back to kiss you.

“Oh yeah..?”

“Mmmhhhm” He kissed your collarbone waiting for a response.

“Well i guess your just going to have to show me..” You whispered back, smirking up at him.

“With pleasure.” Was all he said before returning to your lips.

An hour later everyone had made it safely onto the train and you stood by a window watching the sun rise. You felt some one walk up behind you and you didn’t have turn to know it was Eric. You felt him lean in and his lips just barely brushed the shell of your ear.

“Don’t you think for a second that your still not in a shit ton of trouble when we get back princess.” He whispered huskily.

You turned around and smirked looking up at him slightly.

“Oh i was counting on it..” You whispered biting your lip before brushing past him.

Princess… you where starting to think that you just might be able to get used to that nickname.

hiiii, here are a bunch of fics I’ve enjoyed and loved reading throughout the month of november. I recommend that you read these great fics in december, if you haven’t already!! there’s GREAT fics in here… some really seasonal stuff and even MY OWN FIC! please check them out!!

(all fics with a star are my favorites and if there are two stars then it was a favorite favorite)

1. Loving with a Little Twist (29k)**

“What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know Niall! I just promised my mother I’m bringing my boyfriend - a boyfriend I don’t have - to Thanksgiving dinner. What should I do? I can’t call back and be like, ‘Oh yeah mom, that boyfriend I said that I have, I don’t actually have. Sorry to disappoint you.’ My life is ruined.” Harry returns to suffocating himself with the pillow.

Niall laughs and Harry growls at his best friend’s unwarranted happiness in this life-ending situation. Harry is fucked. Fuck. He needs a boyfriend. Fuck.

(a thanksgiving fake/pretend relationship au, written by me!!)

2. When the Stars Come Out (30k)*

Louis was about to reassure Harry further when Gemma bounded back over to him, slipping a hand around Louis’ waist. Harry’s eyes followed the movement. And then that lip gnaw again. Christ. How was he supposed to survive this weekend?

He turned his attention to Gemma as her palm came to rest right above his heart. Laying it on a bit thick, dear. Or at least that’s what he hoped he’d conveyed with the simple tilt of an eyebrow.

In response, she went up on tiptoes and laid a noisy kiss on the hollow beneath his cheekbone. Louis didn’t take his eyes off Harry, who watched the scene play out with a blank expression. Once Gemma dropped back to the ground, Harry shifted away from them, his gaze dropping to his feet.

[Or the one where Louis pretends to be Gemma’s boyfriend for her horrid cousin’s wedding but fate is a nasty jerk and throws Harry in his way.]

3. Both Showing Hearts (113k)**

Louis Tomlinson is, in fact, not straight.

Harry Styles isn’t sure what he is.

Together, they figure it out, and maybe fall in love along the way.

Or, the Uni AU where Louis helps Harry figure out his sexuality, Niall crashes a bachelorette party, Liam works in a printing centre, and Zayn happens to need lots of printing done.

Keep reading

Freshman year: Premed experiences and tips

Freshman Year as a premed is scary. Am I good enough? Am I smart enough? Can I keep up with the other premeds?

You feel as if your decision to pursue being a physician is all reliant on your first year of college.

Breath. The only thing you can prepare yourself for on being a “newbie” on campus is to choose your classes.

Classes: at this time it is recommended that Biology and Chemistry be taken together (though everyone is different and there is no perfect way to have classes to get into medical school… this is under your discretion, this is only what I did AS A BIOLOGY MAJOR).


I believe the best thing you could do in these classes is… DO THE VERY BEST YOU CAN. IMPRESS YOUR PROFESSORS. GET AN A+ IF YOU CAN ON EVERY EXAM. HOWEVER, do not kill yourself… make sure there is balance in your life, but do the very best you can. Why?

This is the time where professors are just getting to know who you are. If you impress them as a freshmen, ideally they will invest more time into seeing that you succeed.

I go to a private college in California. SO, getting to know your professors at my school is much easier than a public university I would say, HOWEVER, it still can be done.

SIT IN THE FRONT OF THE CLASS. Do not be afraid to stand out. This is college, this is your career ahead of you.

When the professor asks a question intended for the students to answer and you know the answer, ANSWER IT. ANSWER AS MANY AS POSSIBLE.

Professors seek premed students to guide that are striving to succeed and have an unquenchable thirst for learning. STAND OUT. I would even introduce yourself to the professor one way or another if you have to. YOU WANT THEM TO KNOW YOU. Why?

After trying my hardest in these classes, my professors sought me out and are now offering me teaching opportunities in the future, as well as recommending me to other professors for research. I am researching right now because of a close relationship I have with one of my professors. I impressed him with my drive in his class as a new premed and he is now offering me opportunities I would not have been able to find on my own.

Whatever effort you put it, it will pay off.


Make sure that the amount of units you are taking are enough to challenge you, but also enough for you to be able to transition to the new challenges you will face in college.

Transitioning into college life can be easy and/or difficult for students. This is the time where you learn how disciplined you are. Friends or Studying? Ect… Give yourself leeway if this may be a problem for you, like taking 15 units instead of all 18 for at least your first semester of freshman year. The worst thing you could do to yourself is disappoint yourself with how you preformed and give up on your dream to be a doctor.

Remember, we are only human.


It is important to medical schools that your GPA is high in college for a variety of reasons, but they are searching for medical school candidates that they know will succeed in their vigorous programs. They are investing in you to succeed.

Thus, get as high of a GPA as you can. Not only this, but freshman year will be one of your easier years and maybe even your EASIEST YEAR. Get A’s in your easy classes, so that when you enter upper level classes that you cannot get A’s in no matter how hard you try, you can feel at ease knowing that you tried your hardest and have a “safety net.



You will find many premeds in beginning biology and chemistry classes this year. Get to know them? Maybe they have information you do not know and vice versa. PREMEDS MUST STICK TOGETHER (to the best of their abilities).

It is nice to be able to discuss courses and maybe even study together if you are compatible with them. Either way, it is nice to feel like you are not the only one struggling at times. Yes, there are other people that have felt the pressure you are feeling and they have survived. You will live past this year.

Another way of doing this is joining biology, chemistry, and/or premed clubs! This way you can also meet juniors and seniors that are premed and you can ask them about their premed journey/receive quality tips on courses, which professors are the best, and even ways to study.

I know a senior who was accepted by a medical school in Wisconsin through premed club and now I can ask him questions to see how he got accepted or what he felt was most crucial to his application (what made him stand out the most).


You can also do this on your own and check with your adviser (this is what I did). There are plenty of templates online/ you can make your own via Microsoft word. This will help you in the long run.

Yes, it will change so do not spend endless hours on it like I did. The availability of courses (EVEN AT A PRIVATE SCHOOL) can be tricky to fit into one schedule. At the very least, map out what major requirements you will be taking every year to meet that major (same with minors and concentrations). Then, you can fill in GE’s but be prepared for THOSE to potentially change.

Have fun with it. It should be exciting to see all the courses you could discover and take. It also takes pressure off of making a brand new schedule in such a short amount of time during the school year, while still taking classes. It will already be set for you via your four year plan and you make changes as you go.


I will be making another post on how to take different types of notes depending on the class, but for the sake of this post, take great notes because of the MCAT.

You will most likely need the notes you took in Biology, Chemistry, etc… when you begin studying for the MCAT so make sure they are organized and stay organized. I organized mine in binders, since much of my notes were PowerPoints from my professor and typed notes/handwritten notes I made.  

Also, I am keeping my textbooks that have information that will be on the MCAT, but selling the others if necessary.


This year will go by so fast that you will feel like you just graduated high school yesterday, but now you are a sophomore in college.

A way to stay balanced is to avoid procrastination. How? This will be another post, but doing this will avoid stress. Stress can affect your health negatively if it is constant so make sure you do whatever you need to in order to avoid unnecessary stress on your assignments.

Lastly, take time for yourself, family, and friends. Seems simple, but it is not. You can lose yourself in the books for classes, but take the time (even if you need to schedule it) to be with the people you love.

Medical schools like seeing that you can handle the school work in college, while finding time to do other things outside of medicine or school. Whether it is playing a sport, painting, or going to the movies with your family. Find a way to de-stress.

KNOW THAT COLLEGE IS ONLY ABOUT 8 MONTHS OF THE YEAR. THE OTHER FOUR ARE SUMMER. Yeah you may have to work… but it is not the same as studying (unless you take summer courses, DUH).

MY POINT BEING, BUST YOUR BUTT FOR 4 MONTHS AT A TIME (SEMESTER SCHEDULES). It makes it seem much less intimidating than thinking of it as a year (helps you not to mentally burn out). You take different classes each semester, so realistically it is only four months at a time. BUST YOUR BUTT, SO THAT YOU CAN RELAX IN SUCCESS THAT WINTER BREAK OR SUMMER.

Find your inspiration TO DO YOUR BEST and go with it.


You are a freshman with little to no expectations by others but much from yourself. Understand this next year will be a learning experience and pose odd problems, but you can do it. You will survive it and most will survive it with flying colors. Do not forget to have fun and learn to love your school (you will be there for the next 3 years of your life, most likely).

These are tips that I would have told myself before my freshman year, but if you decide to use them, I am not responsible for the consequences that follow. I can only see positive consequences coming from them, but life is crazy so I thought I would say this just in case. I hope it helped/poses a realistic view of your freshman year. Again, use my advice under your discretion.


The Year of Remus Lupin (Part 1) | Remus Lupin Imagine

Originally posted by welcomethenewage

Fifth year is the year that your world gets turned, even more-so, upside down. Luckily, it’s for the better.

Fifth year is the year that you succeeded and really found yourself and accepted your flaws.

Fifth year is the year that one person would change your life for good.

Fifth year is the year of Remus Lupin.


You are a half-blood witch with a rather strange blood abnormality; you’re half mermaid.

Your mother is a mermaid and your father is a pureblood wizard. They met while your father was traveling along the British coast. They fell in love and got married. They moved into a small house on a lake. And next thing they knew, you were born.

You weren’t like the merpeople found in Black Lake, not very human-like. You were more like the classic mermaids you see in movies, half-human, half-fish. The thing most people don’t know about being a merperson, is that you aren’t stuck as a merperson and forced to live in the water for life, you have the opportunity to go on land and transform your tail in for legs every Full Moon. But if you go into the water on the Full Moon and remain in the water until sunrise, you will be stuck with a tail until the next Full Moon, same thing happens if you go on land with your legs. However, being half mermaid, the same rules apply, but you experience transformations twice a month, on the Full Moon and on the New Moon. But with the New Moon, the rules for the Full Moon don’t apply. So, you just go into the water, if you’re human, and your tail forms, but when you leave the water and dry off, it turns back into your legs.

So, being a mermaid, even just half, you have a strange affliction for water. You love swimming and just being immersed in water, you always have even since you were a small child.

You experienced your first transformation on your twelfth birthday, regardless of it being a Full or a New Moon. Your mother was in the water with you the whole time; meanwhile, your father was watching from the shore as giddy as can be. The pain you felt as your legs fuse together into a tail, was indescribable and excruciating. Truthfully, the pain hasn’t gotten better with time. Your legs, once fused, became a beautiful tail with vibrant lilac scales. You wore your bikini top so you wouldn’t be topless, as most mermaids are. But you had never felt as free as you did the night of your first transformation.


Now here we are, the beginning of Fifth year, you’re sat on the train in a compartment with your best friend, Lily Evans, and the rest of your friends, Marlene McKinnon, Alice, and Dorcas Meadowes. Out of this group of girls, only Lily knew about your “Scaly Situation.” Typically, she would accompany you to Black Lake on the nights of your transformation. You’d swim around the edge of the lake while Lily told you about her hatred for James Potter or would go over spells and charms with you.

You excused yourself from the compartment to go find the sweets trolley, and were walking along the train corridor when all of a sudden you heard what sounded like an explosion coming from the compartment you were currently passing.

Curiosity would be your downfall one day, because next thing you know you’re throwing the door of the compartment which had just “exploded” and found yourself face-to-faces with the infamous Marauders.

Their heads snapped to the sudden opening of the compartment door. Looking at you with wide eyes, they all had a shocked expression on their faces. After a spilt second, Sirius’ face morphed from shocked into a slight smirk, James’ facial expression became excited because his childhood friend was standing in the doorway, Remus had a guilty/embarrassed look on his face, meanwhile, Peter’s face was covered in soot.

You took in the scene in front of you: four boys, one covered in soot, two of them holding their wands towards Peter, and the last one looking like he’d rather be anywhere but there.

Thousands of questions flooded your mind, but you figured you’d be better off not knowing. So, you smiled and greeted the boys, “Hello guys! How were your summers?” You shut the compartment door and sat next to James. He pulled you into a side hug.

“Hey Bug, summer was pretty lame. Didn’t do much, just hung out with these three. How was your summer?” You laughed as James referred to you by your childhood nickname, Bug, which he gave you when you guys were six because he dared you to eat a bug and you did it.

“Hahaha. I traveled with my mom and dad this summer. We went to America; it was so cool! The muggles there are so strange!”

They asked you more about your trip and you gladly told them all about it. You told all sorts of stories of what strange things had happened in America and how different American wizards and witches are from the ones in the U.K. They all laughed at your poor attempt of an American accent and were surprised by how even more oblivious American muggles are of the wizarding world than the muggles here.

Little did you know, Remus was intently watching how you talked with your hands and would stumble over your words because you’re so excited and how your eyes lit up as you talked. Remus has been crushing on you since the end of third year when you argued with your charms teacher over the uses of some charms and why you couldn’t use some charms that older students were learning in class because you’re only a third year. Remus thought you were the prettiest girl in all of Hogwarts and he admired your bravery when it comes to standing up for yourself and your friends to your peers, even older students, and teachers when they crossed a line. Remus would also never tell you that he liked you and like spending time with you because of his lycanthropy. He is afraid of the potential rejection and discrimination he could face if he were to tell you or you were to find out about his “furry little problem” as James liked to call it.

James had told him that you wouldn’t discriminate or hate him because of this curse. James knew about your “Scaly Situation” because your mom had told him to watch out for you and make sure you weren’t staying away from the water too long, if you went too long without getting in the water, whether you’re transforming or not, you get sick. You didn’t know that James knew this, but he wasn’t doing to pressure you into telling him; he’d wait for you to come to him and you, eventually, would later this year.


After the Sorting Hat Ceremony and Welcome Back Feast, you found yourself in Dumbledore’s’ office with Professor McGonagall and Filch. You’ve had this same meeting every year since your transformation. Dumbledore gave you permission to be out after curfew so you could go to the Black Lake whenever you pleased, much to Filch’s chagrin. You also had permission to bring people with you when you went to Black Lake. Filch always loses it at this point. Students out of bed after curfew? Merlin, who would allow such a thing?!

After your mermaid meeting with Dumbledore, McGonagall would walk you back to the Gryffindor common room. You and Minnie, as you called her, she never said to stop calling her that when it was just you two, instead she gives you a look every time you call her Minnie, the two of you were rather close. You would frequently find yourself for tea in her office during your free period or after a long, stressful day. Before you told Lily you are half-mermaid, Minnie would accompany you to the lake, so after your transformations you always, even now after she stopped going with you, go to her office for tea. She evens have the exact brand and type of tea you prefer in a special cupboard that she also keeps your favorite mug in.

During the walk to the common room, the two of you talked about your summers. You told her you traveled with your mother and father and she started going on about how your father was one of the best transfiguration students she’s ever had. You talked about what you would be learning this year in transfiguration, your favorite class, she gladly told you what you would be doing because you’re one of her favorite students, though she’d never admit it out loud, and you’re her best student, even as a fifth year you’re better than her seventh years and even better than Lily Evans, who was notorious for having top marks in almost every class.

Once you arrived at the common room, you found the Marauders sitting with Lily and Marlene. You made your way over and quietly sat in the only spot left on one of the couches, next to Remus. You and Remus smiled at one another as you got comfortable on the red couch.

After a minute or two of listening to the conversation, and being totally lost, you leaned towards Remus and whispered, “What exactly are they talking about? I am so confused.”

He chuckled and whispered back, “It started off with James asking Lily out and her saying no. Then, Sirius and Marlene started flirting. James, Sirius, Peter, and Marlene got into the topic of which classes they think are going to suck. James said something which Lily got mad at, so they bickered for a bit. Now, I honestly don’t know what they’re talking about. I zoned out after a while.”

You nodded and chuckled at his response. So, the two of you just sat there in silence listening to whatever the five students were talking about in front of you two. Not an awkward silence, but a comfortable silence, one that you very much enjoyed.


The next morning, you woke up slightly earlier than usual because Lily was so excited for the first day of classes. You slowly made your way into the bathroom to shower and get ready for the day. You threw on your Gryffindor uniform, spent about five minutes fumbling with your tie, put on a pair of thigh-high white socks and little black booties before starting on your makeup. Just because you’re required to wear a uniform didn’t mean you were going to look good as hell.

You have the obsession with makeup, you are constantly raving about how much you love muggles for coming up with makeup and such good quality makeup too. Your makeup collection is rather extensive, and are constantly adding to it. Your parents often owl new makeup palettes and products that come out because they know how much you love it. You do just a classic cat-eye liner with a dark brown crease and a light, shimmery lid, mascara, eyebrows, and face makeup (foundation, powder, blush, and this amazing new thing called bronzer). You use a spell to quickly tame your Y/H/C hair and grab your books and run down the stairs with your friends.

Once in the Great Hall, you indulge yourself in some French toast and apple juice, while McGonagall begins handing out Gryffindor time-tables. The Marauders all but waltz into the Great Hall late, as per usual, and decide to sit next you and Lily, who is across from you. Remus sits next to you, James next to Lily, Sirius on the other side of you, and Peter next to James, because Marlene was next to Lily. Lily turns down James before he can even form the pickup line he was going to use to ask her out. He sighs, “Lily, one day you’re going to regret turning me down all these years once you realize how perfect we are together.” Lily gives him a look of disgust and an eye roll before turning back to her breakfast.

McGonagall finally reaches us and hands us our respective schedules. You look at yours and see on Monday, you have History of Magic- 9-10:30, Herbology- 10:30-12, Lunch, Double Potions- 1-3, and DADA- 3-4. On Tuesday, you have Free Period- 9-10, Double Charms- 11-12, Lunch, Double Transfiguration- 1-3, and Ancient Runes- 3-4. On Wednesday, you have Ancient Runes- 9-10, Transfiguration- 10-11, Herbology- 11-12, Lunch, Free Period- 1-2, Divination- 2-3, Potions- 3-4, and at Midnight you have Astronomy. On Thursday, you have Charms- 9-10, Muggle Studies- 10-11, Potions- 11-12, Lunch, Double DADA- 1-3, and Free Period. Finally, on Friday, you have Transfiguration- 9-10, Muggle Studies- 10-11, Ancient Runes- 11-12, Lunch, Divination- 1-2, Charms- 2-3, and DADA- 3-4.

You all compare schedules and all have the same classes, minus the electives. Though, you did have Ancient Runes with Sirius and Remus, and you had Divination with Lily, Marlene, and Peter. You also had Muggle Studies with James, Remus, Dorcas, and Lily. Sadly, you all had Double Potions with Slytherin, which neither house was happy about. You all finished breakfast and made your way to History of Magic with Professor Binns, who just happened to be the most boring professor ever, in your opinion. You made it to class after a long journey, mostly because you had to keep stopping to prevent Sirius from punching first years who were getting in the way and stepping on his shoes. You sat with Lily at the table behind Marlene and Dorcas and in front of Remus and Peter. You and Lily sat together in every class expect Potions, because neither of you were very good at Potions and Astronomy where you sat by Sirius because he knows everything about Astronomy.

History of Magic was boring as always and felt like it was going on forever. Eventually, you started passing notes with Remus and played this muggle game called M.A.S.H with Lily. You and Remus mostly talked about any good books either of you had read and what you both did this past summer.

You happened to accidentally laugh out loud, right as the class got quiet, causing Professor Binns to turn his attention away from the Giant Wars he was droning on about to you. He floated over to your seat, “Miss. Y/L/N, what is so funny about the giant wars?”

You blushed and stuttered out a response, “Uh, nothing, uh, Professor Binns, Sir. Sorry.”

“What is that you’re, poorly, covering with your arms, Miss. Y/L/N?”

Your eyes widen immensely, you frantically looked around, locking eyes with Remus, before looking back to the ghost form of your professor. “Uh, a note, professor.” You looked down at your desk, embarrassed.

“Miss. Y/L/N, I would not expect you, of all people, to be passing notes in class on the first day. I’m very disappointed. Detention, this evening at seven o’clock.”

You’ve had detention before, but never on the first day. You were also mortified, being called out like that when everybody knows that you’re one of the top students of your year. “Yes, Professor.” You mumbled not making eye contact.

Professor Binns turned to continue his lecture when a familiar voice spoke up, “Professor, I gave that note to Y/N, sir. She isn’t the only to blame.”

The whole class turned to the source of the voice, Remus Lupin. You looked at him shocked that he was throwing himself under the bus, as the muggles say, for you. You two locked eyes and you mouthed to him asking what he was doing, he just dismissed what you just asked him. Professor Binns looked as Remus, a little thrown off guard, and shook his head in disappointment.

“Well, I guess detention for you too, Mr. Lupin. I’m very disappointed in you, being a prefect and all.”

Class continued on without a hitch, it finally ended and Professor Binns told you and Remus that you would report to Filch this evening at seven o’clock. You ran after Remus on your way to Herbology with Professor Sprout. You pulled Remus off to the side, and he told the rest of the Marauders to go on without him, and he turned to you.

“What’s up, Y/N?”

You were baffled, how could he be so calm about this? He just got a detention for you, and he’s a prefect, and it’s the first day of classes! “’What’s up, Y/N?’ Really? That’s all you have to say? Remus, why did you do that? You didn’t have to get a detention for me.” You rested your hand on his bicep, looking at him in the eye.

“Well, I was the one who started passing notes with you. I couldn’t let you just take all the blame. I’d feel horrible. It’s really no big deal, Y/N.” He just shrugged.

After that he just dropped the topic and the two of you just walked to Herbology together. You both got there a little late because Remus stopped to help a first year find the charms classroom, so the two of you had to be partners.


You were now into the last half of the school year, and you were overjoyed. Being half-mermaid, the winter months were the worst for transformations, mostly because the water is cold, which doesn’t bother you that much, but it’s still annoying, but the cold winter air was the worst. Lily didn’t join you as much in the winter because of the cold, which you understood, but it made for your transformations to be rather lonely.

One night, you were heading back in from Black Lake when you heard talking coming from over by the Whomping Willow. You pressed yourself against a tree, straining to hear whoever was outside on a chilly, spring night. You could see two figures by the Whomping Willow in the light of the Full Moon, you could make them out as James Potter and Peter Pettigrew. You were confused as to why James and Peter would be out this late, especially without the other two Marauders. You heard James speaking frantically to Peter about something.

“We need to keep Moony away from Black Lake tonight.”

“Why? You always tell us to keep him away from Black Lake, and we do, but why are you freaking out so much tonight?”

James stuttered, trying to word his response correctly, “Uh, I saw Y/N sitting by the water and she’s one of my closest friends, I can’t let anything happen to her.”

As Peter went to reply, you saw Sirius holding Remus up away from the Whomping Willow. Remus looked really cut up and badly injured. You couldn’t help but gasp out of concern, which caused Sirius to snap his head in your direction. He whispered something to James, who looked to your hiding spot and took off towards you. As James approached you, you saw Remus collapse to the ground bringing Sirius down with him, causing you to step out from behind the tree.

James looked back towards his friends and back to you, “Bug… you shouldn’t be out here this late. Let me take you back to the common room…” Obviously trying to steer you away from what was going on behind him.

You ignored him and pushed past him running toward Remus. You were extremely concerned, the two of you had grown quite close this year since your detention on the first day. Remus’ gaze met your briefly, as he weakly moved onto his hands and knees. “REMUS!” You fell onto your knees with a thud, wet hair smacking you in the face. You pushed your hair out of your face and took his face in your hands.

“Oh, Remus. Are you okay? What happened?” You didn’t give him a chance to respond as you frantically looked at the three boys watching the two of you, “What happened? Who did this to him? Why were you guys out so late, especially tonight?! We need to get him to Madame Pomfrey! Oh my Merlin, he’s bleeding!”

After your outburst, Sirius pulled himself together and took Remus’ weight and helped him stand up, you helped him up. James took Remus’ right arm and threw it over his shoulder and the two boys helped walk/carry their injured friend to the hospital wing. Peter followed along behind the three boys quietly.

You were walking next to James, who was uncharacteristically quiet, biting your nails, a nervous habit of yours. The five of you made it to the hospital wing and Madame Pomfrey wasn’t surprised to see the boys, but was rather surprised to find you with them. She had treated you on a few occasions when you cut your arms while swimming and has given you some medications to help with the pain of the transformation. The four of you let Madame Pomfrey work on Remus while you all watched. After a few minutes, you could tell the boys were silently communicating with one another, your suspicions were proven correct when Sirius nodded his head in your direction and James came over and dragged you out into the hall.

He looked confused on what he wanted to say, or rather what he could say without saying too much. He sighed and rubbed his temples, “Y/N, I know.” Your eyes widened and met his bespectacled ones. You stuttered trying to answer, “W-w-what do you m-mean?”

He sighed again, “Y/N, I know you’re a half-blood, and half-mermaid. Your mother told me after your twelfth birthday. She told me to watch out for you and to make sure you weren’t staying out of the water too long. I didn’t tell you I knew sooner because I was hoping you’d tell me yourself. But I know you normally aren’t out that late during your transformations, so why were you out so late tonight?”

You were shocked he knew this, but you weren’t shocked that your mother had told him. She always wanted what’s best for you, she worries about your transformations because she knows how painful they are and she wishes she could be there with you. You sighed, “James, I was going to tell you. I really was. I just was swimming and I lost track of time. You can’t tell the other Marauders! Or anyone for that matter. But the real question is why were you all out of bed? And what happened to Remus and why did you need to keep him away from me?”

He gave you a sad look and put a hand on your shoulder, “Sorry, Bug, I can’t tell you. It’s complicated. But, I won’t tell the other boys about your secret. You have my word.”

You went to reply saying that wasn’t good enough when Professor McGonagall came down the hall. “Miss. Y/L/N, I was beginning to worry when you didn’t show up for tea. Is everything alright? Please, come with me. I’ll walk you back to the common room, we can have tea tomorrow. Mr. Potter, I believe you know where you need to be.” She said while putting an arm around you and giving James a pointed look.

He nodded and went back into the hospital wing and you and McGonagall began walking back towards the common room.

You got into bed that night with your mind racing of scenarios of what could’ve happened the sandy haired boy you cared for. Knowing that he got hurt so badly made you feel ill, he meant so much to you and you hated to see him hurting. You groaned and put a pillow over your face as you tried to push images of you sitting by Remus’ hospital bed holding his hand while brushing his hair out of his face and other sweet tender moments that would never happen between the two of you out of your head. You couldn’t help but like the mysterious boy, not only as a friend, but romantically as well. Unfortunately for you, he’d never feel the same. Or so you thought.

Meanwhile, Remus was in the hospital wing freaking out to his friends about the events that had occurred earlier in the night. You came way to close to knowing his monstrous secret, he couldn’t bare it if you had gotten hurt because of him. James assured him it wouldn’t happen again, when Peter decided to speak up, “James, why was Y/N’s hair wet?” James panicked and came up with the lame excuse that you had fallen into the Black Lake, which is true since you were in the lake, you just didn’t fall in. The other boys dismissed it, except Sirius, who didn’t quite believe his best mate and made it his mission to find out why you were really out by the lake that night.


The next week or so Remus avoided you like the plague; meanwhile, Sirius was all for becoming your new best friend. Every chance he got, he was walking with you in the halls, sitting by you in classes and meals, he even followed you into the library. One day were walking down the halls, when you pushed Sirius into a deserted classroom.

“Sirius, why do you have the overwhelming urge to follow me around like a lost puppy?”

“There’s something about you. Something you’re hiding from us, except James, he knows but he won’t tell us. So, until you tell me what it is, I’m going to stick to you like, what’s that muggle thing called, oh, glue.” He said with a devilish smirk, you knew there was no way to get rid of him, until he found what he was looking for and he had been rather annoying lately. You saw no other way out of this, you told him the truth. Sadly, when you told him, he couldn’t stop making fish and aquatic related puns. He was even more annoying than before, but he was also fascinated by you. He swore he wouldn’t tell, on the condition that he could come with you on the New Moon to watch your transformation. You agreed, saying he could bring James with him.

The two of you left the empty classroom with Sirius’ arm draped around your shoulder, making more puns. Little did the two of you know that a certain werewolf had seen the two of you and automatically assumed the worst. His best mate and the girl he fancied. Together. In an empty classroom. He was heartbroken, and to say the least, he was seeing red. Fury.


The week of the New Moon you were feeling worse than normal. You normally get into the water once between the Full Moon and the New Moon, but this time around you never made it out to the lake. You were drowning, no pun intended, in homework and you were trying, desperately, to get Remus to talk to you.

Finally, you had managed to catch Remus alone in the common room, you cornered him with hopes of him talking to you. “Remus, please talk to me. What did I do wrong? You’ve been avoiding me for two weeks!”

He glared at you and rolled his eyes, trying to get back to the Herbology essay he was writing. You kept pleading for him to talk to you, when he finally snapped. “Y/N. Shut up. For the love of Merlin, just shut up. I have nothing to say to you except for the fact that I can’t believe that you would sleep with Sirius. He’s my best mate! I thought you were different. But, I obviously was wrong, you’re just like every other girl in this bloody school, easy and just looking for a quick shag. You disgust me. Don’t talk to me.” With that he glared at you, neither of you noticing the other three Marauders and Lily and Marlene standing in the entrance of the common room.

That was until Sirius spoke up, “Woah, Moony, you’ve got this all wrong…”

Remus then snapped at Sirius, “Oi, shut up, Padfoot. Of course you’d jump to her defense, you’re fucking her for crying out loud. I’m surprised though, I thought even you had standards.”

Next thing you knew, your feet were carrying you out of the common room and out towards the lake. You couldn’t see through your tears, but you had taken the route hundreds of time before, so you found yourself at the edge of the lake in no time. You collapsed onto your knees, burying your face into your hands. How could Remus say such a thing? Is that really how he thought of you? You sat at the edge of the lake crying for what felt like ages.

Back in the common room, James had dragged Remus upstairs by his collar and proceeded to scream at him for being so rude to you. While James was yelling at Remus, he may have accidentally told Remus your dirty little secret. Remus was shocked to hear your secret and to finally figure out what had actually happened between you and Sirius that day he saw the two of you leaving the empty classroom. He felt like such a jerk. He had never been so angry with himself before. He just wanted to hold you in his arms and apologize profusely. He asked James where he could find you, and James told him that he better be going to apologize or else he’d regret it, then proceeded to tell him where you were.


You heard footsteps approaching, you sniffled, “James, go away. I want to be alone right now.” You were expecting James to ignore you and sit next to you and wrap an arm around you and reminisce your childhood adventures together, knowing that it would bring a smile to your face.

What you weren’t expecting was the response you got. “Y/N…” You froze at the sound of his voice, but you didn’t turn to face him. He sat next to you and stared out at the dark water, “I-uh-I’m a… a werewolf.” You snapped your head toward the lanky, sandy haired boy next to you. He didn’t let you respond as he rambled on, “I know you probably hate me for what I said earlier. I just saw you and Sirius leave that classroom one day and I assumed the worst. I’m sorry. You don’t disgust me, actually, quite the opposite. You make my heart race and you are so intoxicatingly beautiful. I-I’ve liked you since the end of third year. You are so smart and funny and gorgeous and kind and you deserve the best and… and how could you ever like a monster like me? James told me you’re half-mermaid, and don’t be mad at him it just slipped out. I’m sorry if I ruined our friendship. I understand if you hate me. I also understand if you don’t want to be my friend anymore because I’m a monster.” Remus started to get up and leave, but you grabbed his hand pulling him back down towards you, signaling him to stay.

You looked at him and traced your fingers over the scar that ran along his face. You cupped his face in your hands, making him look at you, “Remus, you aren’t a monster. You’re a beautiful human being with a beautiful soul, who just happens to jump to conclusions sometimes. You didn’t ruin our friendship, but what you did say tonight hurt, it really did. But you are right about one thing. I don’t want to be your friend anymore.”

Remus could’ve sworn he felt his heart break. He just opened up to you and you don’t want to be his friend anymore. Merlin, could things get any worse? “I don’t want to be your friend anymore, because I want to be more than that. I’ve liked you for quite some time now. And I’d always figured I’d never find somebody who’d accept me for me and live in secret my whole life. But, then I met you and I had hope I’d end up with somebody like you, smart, charming, understanding, accepting, hot, and perfect…”

You never quite finished what you were saying because Remus kissed you with such passion that you forgot what you had been trying to say in the first place. You kissed him back, trying to pour all of your emotions into the kiss. This kiss was on its way to becoming more heated when you heard a squeal from behind the two of you.

You pulled apart and turned towards the noise to be met with the smiling faces of the rest of the Marauders and Lily and Marlene. Sirius spoke first, “OH, hey guys. We didn’t even see you here!”

You hid your face in Remus’ chest and groaned, while Remus replied to his long haired friend. “Oi! Shut up Padfoot. Can you give us a minute?”

Your friends walked back towards the castle, but not before James could call out to you, “Hey, Bug. I don’t need to be an uncle anytime soon, so be sure he wraps it up!!” You were sure your cheeks were as red as they possibly could be from your best friends’ statement. Everybody laughed at James’ comment, except for you and Remus, who was equally as embarrassed.

Once your friends were finally gone, and out of earshot, according to Remus and his heightened senses, Remus tucked a strand of hair behind your ear and looked into your eyes. He kept opening his mouth and shutting it, struggling to find the right words to say. “Y/N, uh, I, erm, was wondering… No, uh, would… no that’s not it… Ugh, Go out with me?” Was what he ended up saying, and you couldn’t help but smile at how adorable he was when he was flustered. You pulled him in for a sweet kiss, and you mumbled against his lips, “Does this answer your question?”

He chuckled quietly, before responding, “I don’t know. I couldn’t tell, try again and maybe I’ll be able to figure out your answer.” He pulled you back in for another kiss.


You pulled away from each other again and at the same time yelled, “SHUT UP PADFOOT!”

You looked at Remus as he was laughing at his friend, and you knew that everything would turn out just fine.


A/N: Hey guys! So I’m definitely doing a part two to this. I’ve already decided. But, I hope you guys like it! I’ve been working really hard on it. I’m going to be posting a prompt list soon. I also have started working on another Sirius Black Imagine! Get excited. Give me some feedback, and feel free to request anything, I do other fandoms as well, not just Harry Potter! Also, I know I didn’t include much about her being a mermaid, but in part two I will go more in depth! And yes, I did actually make the OC’s timetable. It took forever. 

- Allie

Our Boys Pt. 2 (Washington x Reader x Smol!Hamilsquad)


“Can you please do a part two to the GwashxReader with the smol hamilsquad?

“I need a part 2 of the GwashxReader with the smol hamilsquad, & please let it be happy.”

285: “There’s something *we* need to tell you.”
67: “How could anyone be that cruel?”
201: “Is that what I think it is?”

Words: 7,014

A/N: (Okay, I’m gonna apologize in advance. Some people might hate me for what this part will lead up to, but I was really planning on putting this little twist into the plot of the first part-
But… I hope that you guys enjoy part two of Our Boys!)

“Alright boys. Time to head to bed.” (Name) spoke as she stood from the couch. She heard a chorus of protests from her four sons.

“But Mooom…” Alexander groaned.

“Don’t ‘but mooom’ me, Alex. You boys start school again in a month, and with your sleep schedules being as bad as they are, you need to get them back on track.”

Maman, do we really have to?” Lafayette asked, running a hand through his wild head of hair.

“Your mother’s right, boys.” George spoke as he stood, stretching his back. “No complaints.”

John looked up at his father. “But Dad-”

“Don’t make me say ‘march’ boys.” George warned.

Hercules let out a sigh of defeat. “C’ome on, guys. We know they’re right.” He stood from the couch, letting out a yawn. “Night Mom. Night Dad.” He spoke as he began to walk out of the living room.

The other boys followed in suit, bidding their parents goodnight as they past.

“Good night, sons.” George spoke, chuckling with Alexander waved tiredly in response.

(Name) leaned against her husband, smiling up at him. “Can you believe it’s almost been a year and a half since they came?”

George shook his head, wrapping an arm around (Name)’s waist. “I really can’t… It feels like they’ve been here forever.”

“I know… I love it.” (Name) laughed as she and George began to walk to their room for bed. “You know, George. Is there anything you want this year?”

The veteran chuckled, shaking his head as be pulled some sweats from his drawer. “(Name)…”

“George. It’s our 25th anniversary. I want to get you something.” The wife gently protested, going over and cupping his cheeks.

“(Name). Love.” George wrapped his arms around his wife’s waist. “You’ve given this old general all he could ever want. A wonderful home, a beautiful wife to come home to, and four great kids that we get to look after. What more do I need when I already have the perfect family?”

The wife looked at her husband with uncertainty, but sighed softly. “Fine, I won’t get you anything.”

“Good.” George agreed. “Then I’m all too happy to throw a grilling party in the backyard and invite the neighbors.” He spoke before pressing a kiss to her lips to seal the deal.

“Hey! Not fair!” (Name) laughed as she pulled away.

“It’s completely fair. I’m not giving you anything, we’re giving to our kids and our neighbors.” George refuted with a grin, going to the couple’s bathroom. “It’s a win-win for everyone.”

(Name) let out a chuckle, shaking her head. “George Washington, you are unbelievable.”

“And yet, you love me, (Name) Washington.” George answered as he came back into the room, changed into one of his old t-shirts and sweats, wrapping his arms around his wife’s waist.

“That, I certainly do.” She replied.

“Guys! Guys we gotta do something!” John exclaimed quietly as he ran back to his room from the bathroom.

“Dude, what?” Alexander groaned. “Some of us are trying to get to sleep.”

Mon frère, what has you so excited?” Lafayette yawned.

John grinned at his brothers. “Guys, Ma and Pa. Their anniversary is coming up. Their 25th anniversary.”

“Twenty-five years?” Hercules breathed. “Wow…”

“Okay. We gotta do something.” Alexander spoke, now fully awake.

Oui.” Lafayette agreed. “Question is, what.”

“No time like the present to spitball ideas.” John spoke as he climbed up onto his bunk. “Alex, take notes.”

“Dude, it’s like midnight-”


“(Name)! George!”

The couple turned from the grill to see Hercules leading Philip Schuyler and his three daughters into the spacious backyard. George chuckled and put down the burger patties and hot dogs to go meet his friend. (Name) followed closely behind him.

“Philip, I’m glad you and the girls could make it.” George spoke.

“Hey, today’s a special day for you two. You should spend it with people who care about you.” Philip chuckled, smiling at the couple.

(Name) smiled at Philip before turning to the three girls. “And how are you girls doing today?”

“We’re well, thank you!” Angelica answered.

“Congratulations, Mrs. Washington.” Eliza piped, smiling up at her French teacher.

“Yeah! Congrats!” Peggy agreed with a jump of excitement.

The woman smiled at the three girls, giving them each a hug before they went off to meet Alexander and John who were setting picnic tables.

Philip chuckled softly as he watched his daughters run off. “So, did you just invite us or is anyone else coming to join us?” He asked the Washingtons.

“Aaron Jr is coming.” (Name) answered. “His parents are away on business, but we figured this would be a nice way for him to have some company.”

The father of three nodded in understanding. “Yes, and considering how busy the Burrs can be, I suppose that’s just likely to happen. I am impressed to know that he’s so self-sufficient already.”

“Well, you don’t need us to tell you how fast they grow up.” (Name) said with a chuckle.

“Don’t I know it.” Philip sighed, shaking his head.

“Thank you so much for the food, Mr. Washington. It was really good.” Aaron spoke as he wiped his mouth with his napkin.

“Mr. Washington’s grilling is more than good!” Angelica grinned. “It’s amazing!”

George chuckled, smiling at the kids. “Thank you. I’m glad you all enjoy my grilling.”

“No one get up! We’ll get dishes!” Alexander spoke quickly as he and his brothers stood up. (Name) was about to stand as well, but Hercules stopped her.

“Let us, Mom. We got this.” He said with a grin, gathering plates.

“We’ll be right back.” Lafayette promised as he led the way back inside.

“George… Did you plan something?” (Name) asked her husband, quirking a brow.

The husband shook his head. “You knew what I was planning… I have nothing to do with this.”

“Sons. What are you gonna do with them?” Philip asked with a chuckle as Peggy scooted closer to his side.

“Nothing but be thankful.” (Name) answered, putting a hand over George’s and giving it a light squeeze. “Those boys… They’re probably the best thing that’s happened to us.”

“Agreed.” George murmured, pressing a kiss to (Name)’s head.

“I remember the day they arrived.” Philip hummed, resting a chin on his hand. “(Name), you were glowing brighter than the sun you were so happy.”

(Name) chuckled softly at the memory. “I remember that day… God we were so nervous they wouldn’t like us.”

“It certainly didn’t show.” Philip assured.

“Mrs. Washington did look kind of out of it when the boys first came to school.” Eliza piped, playing with her long dark hair.

“And boy was Mr. Washington angry when John and Lee got into it.” Aaron added.

The couple remembered each instant the kids brought up about the boys. Their first day at the school, the first family vacation, and even the first family argument. While there were some unpleasant memories mixed in with the unforgettable ones, (Name) and George wouldn’t trade any of them away,

Everyone’s attention was drawn away from  their conversations when the four brothers soon returned outside. John was carrying clean plates, Alexander was behind him carrying utensils, Hercules casually walked out while hiding something behind his back, and Lafayette had yet to reappear.

“Boys… What is this?” George asked John as he placed a plate in front of his foster father.

“Don’t you worry, Dad. You’ll see.” Alexander promised as he distributed forks.

The two parents looked at each other in confusion, curious as to what their sons were planing. When the back door opened, both (Name) and George were surprised to see Lafayette walking out with a cake on a platter.

“What in the world?” (Name) nearly laughed as her French son placed the homemade cake down on the picnic table. “Oh Laf, you didn’t have to do this.”

“We wanted to, Maman, besides, you haven’t even seen the gift.” He said with a grin, stepping to stand next to his brothers.

George quirked a brow at the four boys. “Gift?”

“Yeah.” John responded, stepping forward and handing an envelope to (Name). “Read this out loud.”

(Name) quirked a brow at John’s request, but opened the envelope. She recognized the sketch on the card as one of John’s works, and smiled at Alexander’s fancy writing. Clearing her throat, she began to read aloud.

“ ‘Dear Mom, Ma, Maman, and Dad, Pa, Papa,’ ” She read, chuckling softly as she looked up at her son’s who were smiling proudly. “ ‘Today, twenty five years ago, you two became the best partners anyone could ever ask for… You also became husband and wife.’ ” (Name) heard George chuckle next to her, then smiled as she felt a kiss being pressed to her head.

“Keep going.” Alexander urged gently.

(Name) smiled at her son and nodded. “ ‘In those twenty five years, you two have been through thick and thin, sickness and health, and a lot of other stuff that you went through before we got here.’ ” She paused, laughing. “Descriptive, Alexander.”


“Okay, okay.” (Name) replied. “ ‘About a year and a half ago, you gave the four of us a home, a home that we didn’t believe would be permanent… But we were so glad to be proven wrong. Letting us borrow your books, letting us cook with you, letting us live with you, you taking care of us, you both were the parents that we hoped for and waited so long to meet.’ ” The wife felt tears prick at her eyes as she read on.

“(Name)…” George soothed, rubbing his wife’s arm.

The foster mother chuckled, nodding to her husband that she was okay. “ ‘Which is why, on this special day, we want to give you both a gift that would mean the world to the four of us… Hercules give Dad the thing.’ What?” (Name) looked up at the four brothers who were nudging the eldest forward

Hercules made his way over to George and brought a manilla folder that had a white note taped to the front out from behind his back. Hercules gave his foster father a genuine smile as he gave the veteran the folder and stepped back to join his brothers.

George watched the boys for a moment to read the note. “ ‘Dad, if you’re reading this, you’ve gotten the thing. Anyway. We all would like to formally announce that Alexander Hamilton, John Laurens, Gilbert du Motier Marquis de Lafayette, and Hercules Mulligan… No longer wish to be your foster sons. Open the folder to find out why.’ ” George’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion, glancing at his wife who looked just as confused. “Boys…”

“Just open the folder!” John exclaimed, practically shaking with excitement.

Doing as his son asked, George opened the folder and pulled out its contents. His eyes scanned the white papers before they widened considerably. He quickly passed the papers to (Name), reading them over again with her.

“Mom, Dad, there’s something we need to tell you… And we hope this gets the point across.” Hercules spoke.

“What does it say?” Angelica inquired.

“Yeah! What?” Peggy mimicked.

(Name) swallowed the lump forming in her throat as tears welled in her eyes. “You boys… Want us to adopt you?” She asked softly.

Alexander nodded. “You’ve both been the best family any of us could ever ask for.”

“You’ve been patient, kind, and all around great parents.” John added.

Lafayette rubbed the back of his neck nervously. “We never really expected to find a home here with you two… But now we’re so thankful that we did.”

“We decided that all four of us want this. We want to be a real family with you two… All you have to do is sign the paperwork, if you want us, of course…” Hercules finished, his hands shoved in his pockets.

(Name) stared at her foster sons, completely shell shocked. She stood from her seat, putting down the adoption forms and walking over to the boys.

Alexander’s brows furrowed in worry when he noticed (Name)’s watery gaze. “Mom…?”

“Are you okay?” John asked, joining Alexander.

The woman let out a watery laugh as she brought all four boys into a tight embrace.

Maman?” Lafayette looked worriedly at (Name), almost frightened when he saw tears flowing from her eyes.

“George!” (Name) nearly sobbed, making the four brother’s and her husband jump at her raised voice. “Get your butt over here and help me hug our sons!”

The boys visibly relaxed at (Name)’s response, Lafayette even shed a couple tears of his own as he hugged (Name) in return. Moments later, George joined the large family hug, pressing a kiss to (Name)’s head.

“So… Is that a yes?” Alexander asked, grinning uncertainly at his foster parents.

(Name) let out a laugh, pressing a kiss to the boy’s forehead. “Of course it’s a yes.”

“Well then, now that that’s all settled. Why don’t we all dig into this cake?” Philip said with a grin, standing from his seat.

Eliza groaned, hitting the palm of her hand to her forehead. “Dad. Way to ruin the moment.”

Months had gone by, the adoption had gone through, and it was official. The boys were officially Washingtons. The family of six couldn’t be happier.

Soon, life fell back into it’s steady pace. They followed their daily routine as usual. School, home, family outings, family movie nights, and repeat. (Name) and George received congratulations from friends, as did the boys in their classes.

Upon returning home from school one day, however, the family was met with an unpleasant sight from next door.

(Name) pulled into the driveway of her home, and George quickly got out of the van to meet with the two police officers who stood at the Burr’s front door. (Name) followed close behind her husband, telling their sons to stay in the car.

“Excuse me, can I ask what’s going on here?” George asked one of the officers as he approached.

The elder of the two police officers, a man, turned to see George approaching, (Name) following close behind him. “Can I ask what your relationship to the people who live in this house are, sir?”

“We’re the Burr’s neighbors, the Washingtons.” George answered, his brows furrowing. He turned to (Name), who matched his look of worry. “What’s this about? Did something happen?”

The younger of the two, a young woman let out a tired sigh. “We’re here to see if anyone was home… We’re sorry to inform you, but Aaron Burr Sr and his wife were involved in a fatal car accident on the highway today.” She explained, her expression grave and sad.

“No… What about Aaron Jr? The Burr’s son?” (Name) asked quickly, gripping onto her husband’s arm.

“He wasn’t anywhere to be found… We assumed he was still at school.” The female officer explained. She muttered under her breath. “God, that poor kid… He’s an orphan and he doesn’t even know it…”

(Name)’s brows furrowed, looking back at the van where her sons were watching the scene. “John! Did you see Aaron before we left?” She called to him.

“Uh… Yeah. He said he was going to the library to do homework while he waited for his parents.” John called back. “Mom? Is everything okay?

(Name) turned back to her husband and the officers. “We’ve known the Burrs since they moved in, we knew Aaron Jr since he was a baby… What’s going to happen to him?”

“Does he have any other living relatives?” Asked the elder of the two officers.

George shook his head. “The only family we knew were the parents. He did have a grandfather, but he died quite some time ago.”

“Since there isn’t any other living family… He’ll go into foster care, correct?” (Name) asked.

“Correct… You seem to know a lot about this kind of thing, Mrs. Washington… Would you two happen to be foster parents?” Asked the female officer, glancing over at the four boys that waited for their parents.

“We’re registered, but those are our sons. We adopted them.” George answered, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Would you two be willing to take in Aaron?” Asked the elder officer. “I know it seems sudden, but the boy needs to be kept somewhere safe where we can easily contact him.”

“Of course… We’ve known the Burrs for a long time. Aaron’s friends with all of our sons, he’s basically family already.” (Name) spoke, wiping the tears away from her eyes.

“Thank you.” The female officer spoke, giving (Name) a sympathetic smile. “Mr. Washington, do you think you could lead us to the school where Aaron is? We’re going to have to pick him up, and it might make things easier if we’re with someone he knows.”

George nodded in understanding. “Of course.” He looked at (Name), quickly pressing a kiss to her forehead. “I’ll be home soon… Tell the boys what’s going on. They’ll be able to relate to what Burr’s going through.”

“I will… Drive safe.” (Name) murmured in response, walking with her husband back to the van.

“What’s going on? Why were their cops at the Burr house?” Hercules asked his parents as George started up the van.

“You guys listen to your mother. I’ll be back soon.” George promised as he drove off, the police car followed behind in suit.

(Name) watched her husband drive off, trying to control her raging emotions. Aaron… He was so young to go through something like that… But then again, so were her own sons.


The mother jumped at the sudden call, looking down to see Alexander holding her hands, John standing at his side, Lafayette opposite him, and Hercules standing next to her.

“What happened?” Alexander asked, his brows furrowed in concern and worry. “Why did Dad just drive off with those police?”

(Name) let out a quiet sigh, squeezing Alexander’s hands with her own. “I’ll explain everything, boys… But let’s get inside.”

“Will this suit you for now, Aaron?” (Name) asked as she smoothed down the sheet on the couch, placing the blanket next to the pillow she had already placed down.

The boy nodded silently, sniffling slightly and rubbing his red eyes. “I-I’m sorry for all the trouble, Mrs. Washington… I could just stay in my own house to save you from the inconvenience.”

“Aaron, it’s not an inconvenience at all.” (Name) insisted, moving to stand next to Aaron. “George and I have known you since you were a baby. We were always happy to help your family… And we want to help now.”

The boy gave a silent nod, going to sit on the couch. After George had brought Aaon home, he helped the boy get some of the essentials from his house. All Aaron took was a change of clothes, and his toothbrush and toothpaste. His reasoning for packing so light: “I don’t want to overstay my welcome… It’s not my place to.”

(Name) watched Aaron for a moment, going over and sitting next to the boy on the plush couch. “Aaron… You know you can talk to any of us about this.” She said, placing a gentle hand on his shoulder.

He nodded slowly, but didn’t speak.

“… The guys will be glad to talk with you about what happened… They know what you’re going through.”

“Mrs. Washington?”

(Name) raised a brow. “Yes?”

“How could anyone be that cruel?” Aaron murmured, his gaze focused on the ground.

“I’m sorry?”

“The officers said it was a hit and run, that when they hit my parents they were run off the road… The driver who hit my parents just drove on by like nothing had happened. How could they just not care that they could’ve just ended someone’s life? Two lives? Maybe a whole car for God’s sake!”

(Name) saw angry tears slip down Aaron’s cheeks. She wrapped her arms around the boy, pulling him close. “I don’t know… But Aaron, I promise you… The police will find the person who did this. They’re going to pay for what happened.”

Aaron didn’t respond, he just gripped onto (Name)’s arm tightly as he grit his teeth to keep his sobs from escaping him. She could feel his shoulders shake as he cried, but she simply rubbed his back in hopes to soothe the boy.

After what could have been an hour, (Name) noticed Aaron’s breathing had evened out to a slow and steady pace. Carefully moving off the couch, she placed the blanket over the boy and left the room, rubbing her forehead as she walked down the hall.


(Name) turned to see that her sons were still awake. Lafayette was sitting on the floor reading, Alexander was on his bed writing something down, John was leaning against Alexander as he sketched something, and Hercules was stretched out in his bed reading a magazine.

“Hey,” (Name) said with a weary smile, leaning against the door frame. “I figured you boys would probably be asleep by now.”

“Kinda hard to sleep when you know one of your friends lost his parents.” John spoke, putting down his sketch pad.

“How’s Aaron doing?” Hercules asked, sitting up.

(Name) sighed, shaking her head. “He’s angry, sad, confused… All that you would expect.” She spoke.

“I know how that feels.” Alexander muttered, putting down his pencil.

The mother sent Alexander a sympathetic smile, looking over all of her sons. “… Can you boys look out for Aaron? I know it’s a lot to ask, but he could really use support from people who know what he’s going through.”

“Of course.” Lafayette spoke.

“Aaron’s our friend… Heck, he might as well be another brother considering how much time we spend with him.” John agreed.

“We promise, Mom. We’ll help him out.” Hercules affirmed.

(Name) smiled at her boys, nodding. “Thank you.” She said, walking into the room and giving each of her sons a kiss on the forehead. “Goodnight, boys.”



Bonne nuit.”


(Name) smiled at her sons, leaving their room to join her husband. It wasn’t surprising to see George was reading one of his wife’s many books. She sighed, sitting down on the bed and catching her husband’s attention.

“How’s Aaron?”

“Asleep… George, the poor kid cried himself to sleep.” She answered sadly, feeling George wrap an arm around her waist and pulling her closer to him.

“I’m sorry, love… That couldn’t have been easy.” George murmured as he pressed a kiss to his wife’s head.

“It wasn’t.” (Name) answered, leaning against her husband’s shoulder. “George… What if we just saved Aaron from going through the process of being put into the system?”

“What do you mean by that?” Inquired the veteran as he closed his book.

“I mean,” She turned to face her husband. “What if we just get the adoption papers ready? I mean, we’ll give him time to grieve, and maybe after the funeral we can ask how he would feel about being a part of our family.” She explained.

George quirked a brow at his wife, chuckling softly as he pressed a kiss to her forehead. “(Name), you are a saint… But we’ll have to see what Aaron thinks about this plan. In the end, it’s all up to him what he wants to do.”

(Name) nodded, smiling up at her husband. “I talked with the boys. They said they would help look out for Aaron.”

“Good… Alexander will probably be able to relate most, but having the four of them there to help Aaron through this will be good for them.” George spoke, gently taking (Name)’s hand into his. “We’ll help him get through this, (Name)… Aaron and Esther would want that.”

The wife gave her husband a sad smile, nodding in agreement. “I know.” She murmured quietly, bringing her husband’s hand to her lips and kissing his wedding ring. “I love you, George.”

“I love you too.”

“You want to what?”

(Name) and George sat at the dining room table across from Aaron, the white adoption form sitting in front of the boy.

The funeral was earlier that day. Many friends came to offer their condolences, Aaron was quiet throughout the entire service, aside from thanking Philip Schuyler for paying for the whole ordeal. Upon returning from the cemetery, the Washingtons had sent their sons to the Schuyler residence so they could speak with Aaron privately.

“We want to offer you a place here, Aaron. As a family.” (Name) explained.

“Mrs. Washington, I really don’t want to burden you and your husband more than I have already.” Aaron spoke quickly.

“It isn’t a burden if we’re asking, Aaron.” George explained carefully.

The boy shook his head. “I can’t accept. Mr. Schuyler already paid for the funeral service, I can’t impose-”

“You aren’t imposing.” (Name) said, almost sternly. “Aaron, you never imposed on us whenever you were younger. We were all too happy to help out your parents when they needed someone to watch you.”

“You shouldn’t feel obligated to look after someone else’s kid.” Aaron muttered.

(Name) opened her mouth to respond, but George squeezed her hand and stopped her. She looked over at her husband, but let out a sigh. “Aaron… Think about it, please.” She said to the boy, sending a smile his way.

Aaron nodded slowly, standing from the table and taking the adoption form with him as he left to return to the living room.

The woman sighed, dropping her head. “If that boy inherited something from his father, it was certainly his stubbornness. And I say that in complete admiration.”

“And his mother’s genius mind.” George agreed, rubbing his wife’s back. “Don’t worry… We said we would give him time. We’re going to give him time.”

(Name) nodded. “Well, the boys should be back from the Schuyler’s soon. I can get started on dinner if you do laundry.”

George pressed a kiss to his wife’s head. “I think I can do that. Have John and Herc been keeping up with it?”

“From the last time I saw. They might not have emptied the dryer though.” (Name) answered as she stood and walked to the kitchen.

The veteran nodded in understanding as he stood. “Alright. Call me if you need something.”

“I’ll be sure to.” (Name) answered, leaning back and pressing a kiss to her husband’s cheek. “Love you.”

“Love you back.” He replied before walking away from his wife.

With that, (Name) began to fix something that she knew would brighten everyone’s moods. Her famous spaghetti. The boys always enjoyed it, George could live off it as he had claimed, so she had hoped that Aaron would enjoy it.

As she cooked, (Name) heard the door open, signaling that the boys were back from visiting the Schuyler’s. She could vaguely hear their conversations, but she kept her attention to cooking the ground beef. She moved to pull a flat strainer and a bowl to train the grease from the beef. Carefully she began to pour the boiling grease into the bowl.

“Is that what I think it is? That they’re fulfilling some stupid obligation?”

Alexander? (Name)’s brows furrowed in confusion, was it her or did Alexander sound irritated?

“They’re taking care of you because they want to. They see you as family for God’s sake, so do we!”

John? For what reason did he have to raise his voice?

Mon ami, excuse me while I say this, but vous êtes un imbécile.

Lafayette too? Something had to have set off the sweet French kid to get him to call someone a fool.

There was quite for a moment before (Name) heard an explosive yell.

“How much of an inconsiderate jackass are you!?” Hercules bellowed.

The yell caused (Name)’s grip to slip and some of the hot grease she was pouring to splash onto her hand and arm. The woman let out a curse as she put the skillet down on the stove. She heard yelling continue and tried to move as quickly as she could, but her husband’s voice was quick to silence the arguing.

“What is the meaning of this!?” George questioned sternly, the volume of his voice louder than usual.

(Name) moved to stand next to her husband, seeing that Hercules was standing over Aaron, the oldest of her sons looking rather angry.

“What happened?” (Name) asked, shaking her burned hand to get rid of the sting.

“Burr doesn’t realizing how good he’s had it until now.” Hercules answered, his hands clenched into fists.

Aaron glared at the older teen. “You know what Mulligan?”

“No! Obviously I don’t!” Hercules yelled. His voice caused Aaron to flinch, and tempted George to step in and intervene, but (Name) stopped her husband. “I didn’t get to grow up in a nice house with my parents for most of my childhood! I didn’t get to enjoy a home cooked meal every single day!” Hercules ranted, moving forward to grab Aaron, but was held back by his brothers.

“Herc! Chill!” John exclaimed.

However, Hercules continued. “We didn’t get holidays, we didn’t get nice rooms to sleep in, sometimes we didn’t even get enough for all of us to eat!”

(Name) listened to Hercules rant on, feeling her chest tighten as he listed off how bad he and his brothers had it. She knew that there were some foster families that just had no business being in the system, and the mere thought of her boys living in those conditions scared the life out of her.

“So yeah, getting through loss is rough, we all know that, but you are outright getting an offer to stay with probably one of the best families there is!” He paused, exhaling before speaking at a normal volume. “But don’t throw away your shot at being happy with a great family who already sees who as a member of it.”

(Name) could tell that Hercules was calming down, so she moved to stand next to her oldest son, putting a hand on his shoulder. “Hercules… Come help me in the kitchen.” She told him softly before leading him away from the younger boys.

Upon passing George, (Name) gave her husband a patient smile, giving his hand a squeeze before heading into the kitchen with Hercules.

“Now, you wanna tell me what that was about?” (Name) asked as she turned on the cold water to cool down her burn.

Hercules huffed, rubbing the back of his neck. “Aaron… We came in from visiting the girls and he asked if we thought you and Dad offered to adopt him because you thought you had to. Like it was your ‘obligatory duty to his parents’ or something.”

“And?” (Name) questioned, looking over her shoulder.

“We… Might have gotten a little angry.” Hercules answered.

“I could tell, seeing as it takes a lot to make Laf call someone a fool.” (Name) chuckled, turning off the water and turning to Hercules. She could tell that he was starting to feel guilty about yelling at Aaron.

“I’m sorry I kinda of lost it like that, Mom.” He muttered, rubbing the back of his neck.

(Name) walked over and stood next to her son, leaning against the counter with him. “I would have expected the loosing of the temper being John… But I can understand why you blew up like that.”

“He just doesn’t get how good he has it, Mom. We waited years, years to find you and Dad, and he’s getting an offer just like that so he doesn’t even have to go through the system.” Hercules let out a dry laugh. “And he just thinks it’s some obligation you and Dad are trying to fill.”

The woman sighed, nodding in agreement. “I know… I wish he could see differently. Aaron, the girls, your father and I have known them all since they were born, and we were more than happy to take care of them whenever their parents needed us too… Now that Aaron’s parents are gone, George and I want to ensure he’s taken care of, and that he’ll be happy.” She moved an arm and wrapped it around Hercules’ broad shoulders. “That sound familiar to you?”

She heard Hercules huff a laugh. “Yeah… I’m sorry, Mom.”

“I know.” She replied, giving her son’s shoulder a squeeze. “You will have to apologize to Aaron before dinner.”

He nodded. “Yeah… Figured.”

(Name) gave her son a smile. “Well, now that you’re here and seeing that your yelling managed to get me to burn my hand, you’re gonna help me finish dinner.”

“You sure you don’t want Laf to help with that?” He asked.

“Hercules, you’re a sophomore, you need to know how to make spaghetti.” (Name) laughed as she led her son to the stove.

“Um… Mrs. Washington? Hercules?”

The two turned from the stove to see Aaron standing in the doorway with George standing behind him.

“Everything okay?” (Name) asked as she turned to face the two.

Aaron met the woman’s gaze and began speaking. “I want to apologize for what I said… I really am lucky to have people so ready to take me in… So, if the offer is still on the table, I would like to take you up on it.” He looked over at Hercules, then averted his gaze. “If you’ll accept me…”

(Name) looked over at Hercules, looking baffled at the question. She gently nudged her son forward with her arm, smiling as he went forward to speak.

“There wasn’t ever going to be the question if we were gonna accept you or not. It depended on when you were gonna accept.” Hercules spoke, offering a small smile to the younger teen. “I’m sorry too, I shouldn’t have blown up like that.”

“You had reason to.” Aaron replied. “But, it’s okay.” He held a hand out to Hercules, returning the smile. “Shall we put this behind us?”

“Put what behind us?” Hercules inquired with a grin playing his lips as he shook Aaron’s outstretched hand.

(Name) smiled as she watched the scene unfold in front of her, moving to look at her husband who stepped around the boys. George walked over to his wife, wrapping an arm around her waist and pressing a kiss to her forehead. “So, shall I give Nicole a call?”

“After dinner. We’re also gonna have to think about renovating that spare room next to my office.” (Name) said, smiling up at her husband.


Ma famille! Dinner’s ready!”

(Name) looked up from grading French exams and let out a sigh of relief. She stood from her chair, chuckling softly at the sound of running feet rushing to the kitchen and a chorus of exclamations from the dining room. She heard a sigh, looking over at Aaron who was returning a couple of her books.

“Honestly, they act like they’ll never eat again.” He muttered, looking over at (Name). “But seeing as it’s Lafayette’s cooking, I can understand the excitement.”

“You and the rest of the family.” (Name) spoke, putting a hand on Aaron’s shoulder to walk with him into the hall. “You’ve gotten taller… Christ, I’m gonna be the shortest person in the house soon.”

“Not entirely. John and Alexander are still your height.” Aaron answered, a small smile playing his lips

The woman let out a laugh. “Don’t say that to their faces.”

It was still hard to believe that her boys were all growing up. Hercules was a senior and waiting to hear back from colleges, John and Aaron were sophomores, Lafayette and Alexander had even managed to get their grades high enough and show enough promise to skip a grade and move up with John and Aaron into the sophomore class.

Upon entering the dining room, Lafayette stood leaning against the counter while John and Alexander moved quickly past each other with plates and utensils. (Name) chuckled at her boys, remembering that they were still like the boys that had first moved in with her and her husband. Except now, Lafayette’s face had begun to grow scruff that he kept trimmed, his wild head of hair usually kept back in a ponytail. John’s hair had also grown out, and he tended to keep it out of his face by tying it up in a ponytail, Alexander was the same way as his black hair grew out to his shoulders.

She certainly was glad that the school didn’t have strict rules for the high school students when it came to appearances.

“You wouldn’t be rushing if someone had put down what they were doing to help me.” Lafayette sighed, watching as John and Alexander set seven places.

“I was writing a paper!”

“I was organizing a portfolio!”

(Name) chuckled at her sons, looking into the living room. “Is your father still outside?” She called to the teens.

Oui, Hercules just went to get him.” Lafayette answered.

(Name) sighed. “I swear if he gets himself sick…”

The front door opened and the father of the house came inside with the eldest son, both bundled up with thick jackets.

“Driveway isn’t going to clear itself, love.” George told (Name) as he unzipped his coat and took it off. “Besides, someone had to get the mail.”

(Name)’s expression changed to one of surprise. “Did it come?”

Hercules smiled nervously, holding an envelope. “Right here… Columbia University.”

“Hurry up and open the thing!” Alexander exclaimed, grinning at his older brother.

Hercules nodded, turning the envelope in his hands and tearing it open. He pulled out the letter, inhaling sharply as he unfolded the paper. The rest of the family waited in the strained silence, all hoping for the best.

“… Well?” John asked.

Hercules’ eyes flicked from the letter to his family, his nervous smile melting away into an excited grin. “I got in.”

And thus the cheering and celebrating insued. (Name) and George gave their son a hug of congratulations. Hercules took the congratulatory high-fives, fits bumps, and noogies from all of his brothers, which (Name) was glad to see now included Aaron.

“Alright, this calls for a picture.” (Name) spoke as she went to her office to get her phone.

“Aw Mom, really?” Hercules groaned, a smile still brightening his face.

“Yes really!” She called back, grabbing the device and returning to the kitchen.

George chuckled, corralling all the boys in front. “Indulge her, boys.”

(Name) smiled at the screen, watching as Lafayette and Alex stood on Hercules’ left, while John and Aaron were on his right. She took the picture, looking over her shoulder at George who watched. She pressed a kiss to her husband’s cheek before setting her phone down. “Alright. Laf, you and I serve. The rest of you guys take your seats.”

Walking over to join Lafaytte, (Name) sighed to see that her growing Frenchman was just a few inches over her. “You boys are growing up.” She muttered with a smile on her face.

“And we’ve had the best parents to help us do that, Maman.” Lafayette chuckled, picking up the platter of Sole Meunière and pressing a kiss to his mother’s temple. (Name) followed in suit with the rest of the meal, helping dish out and serve the rest of her family.

Once everyone was served, (Name) took her regular seat at the table. Looking to her right, she smiled at her oldest son who sat next to her. “I’m really proud of you, Hercules.” She told her oldest son, moving a hand to his shoulder and giving it a squeeze.

“Thanks, Mom… I owe this to you and Dad… And the guys of course.” He laughed, nudging Alexander next to him.

“Well, you did need someone to tell you to quit looking at girls and start looking at colleges.” Alexander said matter-of-factly as he sipped at his drink.

(Name) chuckled. She looked over at John who suddenly stood, holding his cup.

“Alright, alright. I say that we raise a glass.” He said with a grin, despite his brothers groaning.

“John, oh my God.” Alexander laughed.

Mon frère, tais-toi.” Lafayette advised from next to John, a grin present on his face..

“The food is on the table, can we just eat it?” Aaron agreed, shaking his head as quiet laughter bubbled from him.

John mocked hurt by putting a hand to his chest. “I am utterly shocked that my fellow brothers are refusing to raise a glass to our oldest brother.”

“John…” Hercules couldn’t help but laugh as he hid his face in his hand.

(Name) couldn’t help the laugh that fell from her lips. “Let’s just go ahead.” She spoke, picking up her own glass. “It isn’t everyday that a young man gets accepted to the University of Columbia.”

“Agreed.” George spoke from the other side of the table as he picked up his cup. The boys followed in suit.

John cleared his throat. “To Hercules, he’s made a lot a choices, some haven’t been the best,”

“Hey.” Hercules warned.

“But he’s taking a big step that soon enough we’re gonna be taking as well. So, to us, to family, and to the future!” John cheered.

“Here here.” (Name) affirmed, smiling as she raised her glass, the rest of the family following in suit.

Dinner went on as usual. (Name) and George told the boys to go to the living room to pick a movie for a celebratory movie night while the parents cleaned up. With little to no protests, the teens left for the living room, leaving the husband and wife to gather dishes.

As George picked up his glass and plate, (Name) nudge his side to get his attention. “To our boys,” She spoke, raising the remainder of her drink. “And to the hopes that their futures become all that they want to be.”

George chuckled at his wife, gently clinking his glass with hers. “To that and more so.” He agreed, leaning forward and pressing his lips to (Name)’s. As he pulled away, he smiled at her. “I love you, and our sons.”

“I love you too.” (Name) answered, putting her dishes in the sink and listening to the movie debate in the living room. “And I love them… All of our boys.”