i am so excited to get this magazine!!


  • Yuuri is a journalist major who wants to be a fashion journalist more than anything in the world
  • He looks up to Victor Nikiforov, editor of History Maker Magazine, a very very famous and prestigious company with millions of subscribers
  • Unexpectedly, he gets a job as Victor’s secretary, he’s super excited but he discovers that Victor ROASTS people when he doesn’t like their ideas
  • (and by roast i don’t mean he yells at them, i mean he smiles and tells them politely that it’s terrible and everyone is like??? is he nice??? is he evil??? omg i am horrified of him)
  • (He has a soft spot for his poodle, though, so after destroying several people’s hopes and dreams and telling them to come up with something else he’s like ‘MAKKACHIN!’ and happily jumps away to pet his dog)
  • Yurio is Victor’s little brother who he has a soft spot for and who loiters around the building and gives Yuuri a hard time by throwing spitballs at him
  • Anyway, Victor sees Yuuri as his new secretary and thinks he’s super cute but he has no idea how to express it so he tries to give him really hard jobs and Yuuri is like oh my god what the heck I am overwhelmed
  • He also gives him a lot of opportunities, though, and Yuuri does his best with them and keeps succeeding and Victor is internally super proud but externally like ‘hmm keep going. here’s another assignment.’
  • (But Victor keeps selecting him to go on different trips w/ him and Yuuri is like ???????? ok why am i getting all this special attention this is hype)
  • Somehow Victor works out how to express his feelings and tells Yuuri and they fall in love happily ever after
Scars | M.C

This is a soulmate!michael inspired by the fact I have the same scar as Michael and people have joked he could be my soulmate because of it lmao. I wish. But it sparked the idea of a storyline.

“According to conspiracy theories, everyone has a soulmate. It sounds crazy, but the way you can tell is that they have a scar that matches exactly to the other person. There have been many people who have come forward to back up this theory, where they have met said soulmate and had the exact same scar. When it comes to their relationships, they claim to have felt like they were two pieces of a puzzle that fitted together perfectly When the two people come into contact for the first time, their scars begin to give off a stinging sensation, so it’s almost certain you’ll be aware of who your soulmate is if you get close enough.” 

You were up at a crazy hour, sat with your best friend as you watched another one of Shane Dawson’s conspiracy videos. Your best friend was hooked. You, on the other hand, found it interesting and entertaining, but didn’t catch onto believing so easily. 

“Imagine the moment, though, where you see someone with your scar. It must be life changing,” your best friend gushed.

You chuckled as you watched her become so infatuated with yet another conspiracy theory.

“Yeah, but what if your scar was on your butt or something?” 

“Don’t ruin the moment, Y/N. And anyway, we already know your soulmate has a forehead scar. Look at the beaut that you have!” she gestured to the marking on your head, your eyes crossed as you tried to look at it, but had no luck. 

“It’s a lovely story, but I don’t buy it.”

Y/F/N rolled her eyes. 

“You’re such a spoilt sport.” 

“I am indeed,” you yawned. “Now come on, we need to get to sleep.”

 “Oh right! Tomorrow is the day you get to interview the baes!” She began to get excited. 

You were a young journalist for a pop culture magazine and you were currently in a fancy London hotel that your work had paid for ready for you to be able to meet the pop rock band known as 5 Seconds of Summer at their O2 Arena show the next day. Your best friend was so excited, she doubted she’d have any sleep, but while you were almost doubled over with butterflies in your stomach, the exhausting journey had taken it out of you, so you were so ready to hit the hay. 

Dawn soon arrived and you were in your Über heading to the world famous venue. You kept going through your questions that were saved on your phone while your friend was singing along to the radio. You had convinced your boss to let her be your assistant since you didn’t have a camera man and she so happened to be quite the handy gal when it came to filming - she had taken some incredible concert footage in the past and had dabbled with a video camera from time to time, so she was perfect. And it’s not like she’d let you live it down if she couldn’t come with. 

You waited by the box office before someone from management came out to meet you with your passes which allowed you to access all areas, which was vital for your backstage interview. You were due to meet with the band for a morning interview in their dressing room before returning later that night with press tickets for the show to cover live on social media as well as give a review of what is said to be their biggest show of the UK leg of the tour. 

As you followed a member of management to backstage, you couldn’t help but feel a stinging sensation on your forehead. 

“Did I bump my head last night?” you asked your best friend. 

“Not that I remember - why?” 

“My forehead is stinging.” 

Y/F/N stopped in her tracks. 

“You have a scar there…” 


“Your soulmate is close by,” she whispered with excitement. 

You rolled your eyes at her insane suggestion. You probably did something in your sleep and fail to remember. 

The boys were fooling around in their dressing room, as per usual. Calum and Luke were playing FIFA as Ashton made himself a cup of coffee to ensure he was awake and alert ready for the day ahead. Michael,on the other hand, kept staring into the mirror as he rubbed against his forehead. 

“What’s up, Mike?” Ashton asked as he stirred his hot beverage before taking a sip. 

“My forehead stings a lot…” the guitarist moaned, trying to see if a blemish was growing. Nothing but his old scar sat in the place of pain. 

“You probably hit your head on the bunk again, you dope,” Ashton chuckled before taking a seat. 

A member of management knocked on the door to address the boys of your arrival. The four finished up what they were doing before each in turn stood up and shook your hand to introduce themselves, as if you hadn’t a clue who the hell they were. 

“Great to meet you,” Calum smiled as he was the last to greet you. 

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, too, you smiled. This is my assistant, Y/F/N.” 

The guys then took it in turns to greet your best friend, who was trying very hard to keep her cool and managed to fool them into thinking this was no big deal. 

As equipment was set up and you ran through the plan of the interview structure with the guys, Michael kept placing a hand to his forehead. You were doing the same, but managed to make it look as though you were playing with your hair. 

“Michael, stop doing that,” Luke rolled his eyes as he scolded the bleached blonde for fidgeting. 

“Sorry, my forehead is stinging, I don’t know why.” 

That’s when it clicked. You turned to your best friend whose expression was brighter than New York City at late night. 

“You know,” she began. “There’s this conspiracy that everyone has a scar to match their soulmate’s. If it stings, it means you’re near by.” 

You shot her a glare as she flashed you a cheeky grin.

“Interesting,” Ashton commented as he took in the concept. 

Calum began to Google it on his phone before studying a web page he had pulled up before his gaze flicked between the device and Michael’s bizzare behaviour. 

The interview began and there were literally no faults at all. All except you kept playing with your hair quite a bit, to cover up the fact that your forehead was very much causing an irritant. 

“Okay, I just need to switch memory cards,” your friend called out before stopping the recording. 

You began to chat with Luke as Calum nudged Ashton to point out your odd behaviour and how it matched the kind of actions Michael has been displaying all morning. The bandmates gave each other a knowing look. 

“Hey, Y/N, we’re heading to the cafeteria for lunch after this, would you care to join us? It’s on us,” Ashton suggested. 

You smiled and thanked him for such a generous offer. You decided to skip breakfast at the hotel and stick to an energy bar so your nerves didn’t cause a colourful upchuck before the interview. 

As you wandered the hallways to the canteen, you picked out what you wanted for lunch before taking a seat. Y/F/N had excused herself to the bathroom and the guys had a brief meeting before lunch. 

Michael wandered down the hallway and was about to enter the eatery when Ashton and Calum pulled him aside. 

“So, we’ve found the answer to your forehead situation,” Calum grinned. 


“You’re near your soulmate!” Ashton rushed out in excitement. 

“You’re not serious?” Michael scoffed. 


Calum passed his phone to him which had the webpage with information about soulmates, all summing up the symptoms Michael was baring. 

“Alright, but that doesn’t mean we’ll meet each other or know who one another is.” 

“Wrong,” Ashton sang before gesturing for Michael to follow him in peaking around the corner. 

There you sat clutching your head before pushing your hair back and revealing the exact scar that matched the one to Michael. 

“She’s the one.”

Part Two coming soon but only if you request it! I really hope you like it. If you don’t, I may just abandon it, lol.  


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The first IG story posted by Gareth was for Elle. The editor had a photo with SC. Hopefully we get SC in fluffy beds like the one with Sam. So... they hang out with shipper Elle editor?! 😆

I am so blonde tonight! This took forever for me to figure out what you were talking about 😂  

That makes sense since Cait was very fashionable. The video I found of Sam on the bed was posted by a set dresser and had Elle tagged as well. Excited that it’s a joint photoshoot for a magazine. Maybe a cover too! 🤞

FINALLY!!! Yuri!!! on ICE special in Animestyle confirmed!!

Yuichiro Oguro, otherwise known as @animesama, has finally announced what I’ve been hanging out for since October last year.

We are getting an Animestyle special on the ANIMATION in Yuri!!! on ICE!

Nothing can convey just how excited I am about this! I bought my first Animestyles back in 2015, when they covered SHIROBAKO and Sound! Euphonium. And though I’ve never found the time to read all of the articles, the ones I did get to were so informative that I’ve been slowly building up my collection ever since.

These magazines are filled with Oguro’s interviews with key staff like directors, screenwriters and animators. They are so long that they take me hours to read – and days to translate! – they’re so mentally draining that I often feel like quitting as I’m working on them!

But I don’t care. Even if it kills me, this Yuri!!! on ICE special WILL be translated in full, no matter how long it takes. My copy will be coming in May with the guidebook, and I simply cannot wait!!


I am so late in getting this up. For those of you that know me, you know I am a shoe buyer for Dillard’s. I was at market this past week and it was really hard to find the time to blog.

Having said that, I am so excited to be back and sharing again. In this look, I am testing out the Victorian trend that was so popular last Spring. I don’t like to think trends as finite. If you like a concept or style, WEAR it. Never let a magazine dictate your style.

Here, I paired a Victorian ruffle-neck dress with a small beaded clutch. I wanted this outfit to stay refined and sophisticated. I liked adding the richness of velvet without being overwhelmed by it, so I opted to include that fabric in my footwear. A hand full of rings including a cameo as the focus finished the ensemble.

Alex Karev Imagine

Alex Karev Imagine
1199 Words
Suggestions: Alex and the Reader are friends with benefits, who both want something more. She gets into the plane crash and Alex confesses to her when he sees her in the hospital.
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You rolled your eyes, leaning on your hand as you flipped through a magazine. It was exciting, yet boring, to be a 5th Year Resident. It felt awkward too. Your best friend, who just happens to be your go-to sex buddy, is one too, so sometimes, you’ll both be caught in the O.R., since you both want to get into the same specialty. God, you didn’t know what to feel around him except for love really. You wanted more, but hey, he probably just wants the sex.

“(Y/n), are you on your break,” Arizona walked over to you.

“Yeah, I am, but if you need something, I’m all ears,” You looked up at her.

“You’re going on the trip to Boise for the patient, right?”

“Yes, I am. Why?”

“I’m coming along too.”

“Does Alex know?”

His name rolled of your tongue perfectly. It was like you said his name all the time, every day, in the same tone.

“He’s… not going. He’s going to Hopkins.”

You felt your heart drop. Your blank expression almost made you look like you saw a ghost. You nodded.

“Okay, He didn’t tell me that.”

“Are you going to Hopkins too?”


“Why not? It has the best Peds Program in the country.”

“It’s not really for me. I’m staying.”

“Good, good, we need more great Peds surgeons.”

You nodded again, looking back down at your magazine. You checked the time on your phone. You stood.

“Ah, sorry, I have that surgery in 20 minutes. I’ll be heading down to the O.R.”

You took your magazine and walked down there.


You turned your head to see Alex jog up to you.

“Do you have a second,” He asked you.

“No, sorry, I have surgery… now in 17 minutes. I gotta go.”

You turned your head and walked up to the elevators, then stepped in.

“Good luck at Hopkins,” You called to him as the elevators closed.

You pull out your scrub cap from your pocket and put it on, after braiding your hair of course. The elevator doors open to see a tired Alex leaning against the wall. You stepped out.

“What the hell? Did you just run a few floors,” You asked him.


“Why?! Jesus, if you wanted to talk, just meet me outside of the O.R. when I’m finished.”


“Alex, I appreciate you not telling me about Hopkins, I really do. I mean, you took the opportunity. Now, here you are, going to be gone… So… No need to tell me anything else. I’m good. It’s your choice.”

You shrugged, heading into the scrubbing room.

After surgery, Alex met up with you again, this time it wasn’t about Hopkins.

“We seriously need to talk (Y/n).”

“I have a plane to catch with Dr. Robbins and the others. Why don’t you say what’s on your mind now?”

He opened his mouth, but then closed it. You grabbed your suitcase from the Resident changing rooms and looked at him.

“Good Luck in Boise.”

You nodded your head.


Your heart dropped again. You thought he was going to say something different.

You sat next to Arizona on the plane, frowning as you stared out the window.

“So, how are you and Alex,” She started to ask you.

You shrugged.

“I don’t know. Friends with benefits already, but I want something more. I thought he was going to tell me something more, but he just said ‘Good Luck in Boise’. Who the hell says that,” You muttered.

“Maybe he cares.”

You felt back of the plane jerk back and look.

“Oh crap,” You whispered, seeing it completely gone.

You were ripped out of your seat and shut your eyes, not feeling the rest.

You woke up to see the sun shining on your face. You sat up, your head pounding. You rubbed your face, only to feel something wet. You opened your eyes and screamed at the top of your lungs. Your left hand was fractured in many different places, and it was bloody too.

“Oh god, goddamnit,” You breathed.

You looked around, seeing metal scattered around you. You tore of part of your pants leg and wrapped it around your hand to keep it from getting infected. You got up, wobbling a bit.

“Hello,” You called.

You didn’t get a response. You started going in a direction, not looking back. You placed your right hand on a tree to balance yourself. Your breathing was heavy, which wasn’t really normal. You pulled up your shirt to look and saw your hip was bloody too.

“Great, just my luck.”

You continued walking, just until you heard a scream, and then a ‘shut up’ followed it. You followed the voice, seeing part of the plane. You collapsed next to it, only struggling to get up.

“HELLO,” You yelled again.

“(Y/N),” A panicked voice asked.

“I’m here!”

You got up again, tripping over a log and landing on the ground. You groaned, turning over on your back.

“Where is everybody,” You asked.

Cristina ran over and helped you sit up.

“Uh… Lexie’s dead.”

You blinked twice.

“No,” You whispered.

“Mark’s next to her body, and Meredith’s looking for Derek.”

You nodded, looking down.

“Are you okay?”

“My hand’s broken.”

You held up your wrapped-up hand in front of her.

“Dr. Robbins?!”

“I’m here! I’m here.”

You nodded.

Late at night, everyone’s condition started to worsen. Derek’s hand was broken. Mark’s breathing was getting worse. Arizona’s leg was more infected than ever. It was cold too. You leaned against a rock next to the fire. You breathed heavily, shutting your eyes. The cold was getting to you.

After a week of starving in the wilderness, you woke up in a hospital. You sat up a bit, wincing in pain. You checked your hand and saw it was completely wrapped up. You saw Meredith walking through the hall.


She jumped up and looked at you.


“Where are we?”

“A hospital. Why?”

“Where is everyone?”

“That’s what I’m trying to find out.”


You nodded.

“Have you seen Derek?”



She walked off with her IV. You sat there before hearing a rush of footsteps run in. You turned, only to get hugged tightly. You blinked twice.

“Oh, thank god.”

You softened.

“Alex,” You whispered, placing your head on his shoulder.

He held your head in his hands and kissed you repeatedly. You scrunched up your face a bit. He planted a kiss on your lips.

“You okay,” You whimpered, placing your good hand on his back.

“My heart almost stopped. I thought something happened to you and I wasn’t prepared to face it. Then I saw Mer and she told me you were fine, just a scarred hip and a broken hand.”

You nodded. He kissed your cheek.

“Yeah, I broke my hand.”

“You’re okay. You’re okay. Oh god, you’re okay,” He whispered.

“Are you okay?”

He nodded.

“I love you. I love you, and I wouldn’t know what to do without you. I want to hold you so you won’t get hurt or leave my side. Promise me you won’t leave my side.”

You smiled.

“I love you too, and I promise.”

small rant fam

Sorry if this offends you.

OKAY SO, we know Soshitsu, the fourth OVA of tri. comes out next month, alrighty? That’s cool, I am excited, I’m sure you’re lowkey excited as well. I just have a small tiny issue. You see, every OVA we’ve gotten different protagonists; in the first one we got Taichi and Yamato.

In the second one we got Mimi and good old Jou.

In the third one it was Koushiro and Takeru’s time to shine.

In all of these films we got different posters and promotionals with the protagonists of each OVA, which was pretty awesome, we got some really cool stuff. Meiko was in some of them but you know where I’m heading to, I hope.

Flash forward to the fourth OVA, where SORA, Taichi and Yamato are going to be protagonists, but mainly SORA, okay? Do we all agree here?

AND I WAS SUPER EXCITED BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW HOW MUCH OF TAIORATO TRASH I AM!!! I was super excited because I thought we were gonna get so many Taiorato posters and promotionals and Taiorato was gonna be in the front page of every Animedia and Otomedia issue and I was gonna be LIVING.

Well, we’re almost one month away from the movie`s release and guess what? Zero. Not a single new Taiorato promotional we’ve gotten since the movie poster, instead we got more Taiyama. 

WHY MUST IT ALWAYS BE TAIYAMA. We’ve gotten Taiyama with every single OVA, and I understand, they’re the real Digimon protagonists and that’s what really sells merchandise and magazines. I GET IT. But this was supposed to be a Taiorato film damn it. Would it really kill it off if you could draw Sora in the middle or the corner?

I’m just so disappointed, I wanted to see Sora shine, not only in the film but in all the extra material as well. Everyone’s gotten their time, why must Sora get overshadowed by Taichi and Yamato?? 

It makes me sad and just so agsafguekfs. But anyway, I hope she gets to shine in the movie at least, if not I’ll have to go and burn something up.

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5 Things (5/30/17)

1. I’m in Cinque Terre right now. Kelly is off on a hike and I’m laying low in our little B&B, reading, and wondering if I’ll even leave the room today. We’ve been traveling all over this country since May 19th, nearly non-stop. I’m exhausted. I’m in love with this area, much more than Rome and La Val, but only slightly more than Florence. I don’t know whether I want to walk to the top of a hill and revisit the cemetery, walk to the beach and sit in front of the water for the rest of the day, or stay right where I am, reading, listening to birdsong. None of these are bad choices. These are all privileged choices. And I kind of wish I could forget that, just for a moment.

I had a small crying fit on our third night in Italy. Right after dinner, we returned to our room and I started weeping almost immediately. Here’s something you should know: I am not great at taking vacations. Not real ones anyway. In fact, most of what I have traditionally called “vacations” are actually dutiful trips back home to Indiana in which I am pulled in a million different directions to visit a million different friends and family members, and inevitably end up disappointing a third of them with my lack of time to come through or my lack of mental presence when I do. Even vacations with Kel’s family, while amazing and usually unlike anything I’ve ever done with my own family, can be emotionally exhausting for someone like me. Someone who likes quiet, and long lazy afternoons. However, what those “vacations” provided me in spades were new experiences and distraction. This is why my current vacation made me cry. I’ve taken a real break. I’m really only doing what I want to do, and I’m doing it with my favorite person. But there is no consistent distraction. I am forced to feel, without having to wear the mask of self-containment or confidence. I get the long and lazy afternoons I wanted, and my mind fills them with all the thoughts, fears, and insecurities I’ve been distracting myself from for months. Maybe years. Go figure.

2. Kelly proposed the weekend before we left. I said yes, of course. He’d planned on proposing the day before the trip, but the combination of his own excitement and my over dinner confession that at times I don’t feel like I’m the kind of person who gets to be loved unconditionally, not for very long anyway, inspired him to ask me to marry him that same night. We’d talked about getting married before. I knew it was coming soon. Kelly is really bad at not being obvious about having a happy secret. I thought he might do it while we were in Italy. I was excited. Even if I couldn’t convince myself that I, as I am, could be loved unconditionally, I was certain I’d let him try. I’ve been certain about that for a long time. Because he already knew I’d want to pick my own engagement ring, he bought us matching Avengers novelty rings with green gamma ray insignia. We’re both huge fans of Marvel, and particularly The Hulk. It was perfect. He’s amazing.

I never thought I’d be significantly excited to be engaged. It just seemed like a small and barely necessary step to doing the real work of being married and building a life with someone. I am startled by my excitement. I am shocked by my desire to have a wedding day, even if I still want it to be one that looks like us, without too much fanfare or traditional happenings. I’ve been poring over four issues of the wedding magazine Catalyst, a gift from our family-friends Angel & Shira, and soaking up every idea that looks like something we would do if we were just throwing a party without the added pressure of an impending marriage. It’s the only magazine I’ve found that seems relevant to me, and my style. I can’t believe I’m reading wedding magazine that applies to my life. I can’t believe that thinking about my wedding day makes me smile so hard it becomes hard for me to stop. I can’t believe that my father will see me get married and my grandmother won’t. But Kelly is a constant. He is my constant. I am so excited–and so ready–to marry him.

3. This is my first time writing anything since we’ve been on this trip. I needed the break. And now, my head is spinning with ideas about what I want to do next. In my book, in my screenplay, for my job…there is so much I have to look forward to when I get back. And I am looking forward to it all.

4. My doctor is encouraging me to try a very specific diet to combat the symptoms of my PCOS. Part of me is willing to try anything. The other part of me is skeptical. Very skeptical. One of signs of the diet working would be me losing weight. A lot of weight. I’ve struggled with my weight most of my life due to callous commentary from people who loved me and just the general poison of societal standards of beauty. Typical stuff. But I’m feeling good about the way my body looks most of the time now. I don’t want to go back to judging myself harshly over the number on the scale. I just don’t need that shit. I also don’t want to be unhealthy. I’m going to try the diet. I might lose weight. And I’m going to cross my fingers that no one assumes I’m doing it for the wedding. Because I’m not, and I wouldn’t.

Seriously. If I lose a bunch of weight before this wedding, know that it had nothing to do with wanting to a look thinner on a “special day” and it had everything to do with my blood sugar, and reproductive health. I don’t know why it bothers me so much, the idea that someone might assume I lost weight to fit into a wedding dress or look good in pictures, but it does. That’s probably silly. But like…is it? I’ve watched friends over the past few years lose weight for a myriad of reasons, mostly health related. They’re sick and their bodies are suffering and the world is telling them how amazing they look, and it turns my stomach. I remember losing weight because I was depressed and once because I was so poor I was eating a half a sandwich twice a day with bread and meat I stole from my roommates and hoped they wouldn’t notice, even though they would have given them to me without hesitation. They were good guys. But I was embarrassed. Everyone was commenting on how good I looked, and I was eating so little I couldn’t even make a bowel movement every day.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I want to be healthy, but I don’t want to fear my fat the way the rest of the world seems to. I don’t want to think it’s good or normal to want to be thin at all costs, especially when the cost is your mental or physical health. I don’t want to think that wearing a bikini, even if I’m self-conscious about it, is brave. Maybe it is, but it shouldn’t be. It should just be a thing I wore. And feeling comfortable in my body shouldn’t have to be such a struggle because it’s hard to find clothes that fit me correctly. And I’m a size 16! Imagine what it’s like for a woman who is a size 20 or 28 or larger? I would like to be able to just be in my body without fearing how the world will react to my size. That is wishful thinking, I know. But I still wish.

5. We both cried when he proposed. He started, and I soon followed. This is the first time I’ve been in a relationship where I am not the emotional lead. Kelly grew up in a home of emotional safety. He could talk to his parents about anything, and often did. When he was being bullied at school, when he was falling in love, when he was angry with them, when he was excited about something new he’d learned, when he was afraid…everything. It is not that he hasn’t known emotional pain. He certainly has. But he has always had this emotional safety net in them, this freedom to be exactly as he is, and express exactly how he feels.
In my home, there was no such freedom. I am still sitting in therapy once a week unraveling all the ways my current emotional obstacles sprouted from a childhood where my mother’s anger ruled her household and my heart.

While we were staying in a hotel in the Dolomite mountains, Kelly asked me what I’d like to do, what did I find fun on vacation? And I told him I didn’t really know. I didn’t grow up in a house where I was asked what would be fun for me or what would I enjoy doing. Sometimes fun things happened, sometimes we went to fun places, and whether I liked it or not was irrelevant. I had to appreciate it. And so, I’ve grown into an adult who knows how to appreciate most things, and few ideas what she would do to have fun intentionally. For many years, this felt like a superpower. Did I want to go to this movie or that one? Didn’t matter. I could appreciate both. Did I want to eat here or there? Read this book or that book? Go to this bar or that one? It rarely mattered. I was, and still can be, ambivalent to the point of invisibility. Now, when I don’t like something, I say so. And when I really really do, I really say so. But those strong opinions are far and few between. I am playing catch up. There’s still so much I don’t know about what I want.

Several years ago, when Kelly flew from Seattle to Indianapolis, showed up on my doorstep and kissed me, I didn’t know what I wanted. A few days later, when he told me he loved me in front of my favorite tree, and had for a long time, I didn’t know what I wanted. Each time, his certainty made me feel safe enough to try to figure out what I wanted. That’s something he’s always given me: room to figure out how I feel. For him, this is second nature. He has always been given room to figure out how he feels. This was his parent’s gift to him, this soft place to land. Today, he gives me the same gift. He encourages me to continue to appreciate everything, but know what I prefer, and go after it as wildly as I wish. My love for Kelly has never been about how he keeps me close, as much as it has been about how he encourages me to fly out and away in the direction of my heart’s deepest desires. Especially the ones I learned to bury in my childhood. Especially the ones that scare me. I can not explain to you how good it feels to want what I want, to know what I want, and to finally have a home that is also a soft place to land.

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new season of gintama in fall 2017! it's not the ss arc so it's likely going to cover the comedy arcs! so excited omg!!! i've been waiting for the idol arc to be animated since i read it!!!



Fanfiction Masterpost

I have decided to create this post because I have noticed that some people will only find one part to my multipart fics and I want to give them a chance to read the other parts to the fic. This also helps me keep up with what I have written so far in one post. I will also finally upload all of them to my fanfiction.net account soon. I will be finished with school on Tuesday and I am excited to get more time to write and finally pursue a long term idea that has been on my mind along with more one shots, but until then, here is everything I have written so far!!

Turnadette Series 6 Speclation Fics: (All AU now lol) I wrote all of these the week before the episode would come out based on summaries, pictures and magazine articles of what I think might happen

The Sweetest Gift (6x01) 

A Growing Secret (6x02)

A New Patient (6x03) 

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Roses and Wishes: Patrick and Shelagh share their first Valentine’s Day together just weeks before their wedding 

Tablecloths and Temptations: Series 2 AU where Dr. Turner and Sister Bernadette find themselves locked in a closet together 

An Unexpected Reunion:  Trixie visits Shelagh in the hospital during her stay in 6x04 

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I am so excited to get two 72 page magazines all from Taylor. That way, the media cant misconstrue her words and make clickbait headlines and use her for views. Taylor is so burnt out from the hundreds of interviews she’s had to do. I think she is making such an incredible choice by not doing any media this era, she’s making it solely about the fans and the music.

The Director- Chris Evans One Shot

Pairing: Chris Evans X Reader

Prompt: You are a best-selling author and Chris wants to direct the film adaptation of your book.

Word Count: 1690

A/N: I know this is similar to my other Chris one shot “Never Been Kissed”, but I really liked this idea. I wrote all of this is about a hour, so I’m sorry if it is terrible.


Heels clicked outside of your office, signaling you that someone was on an urgent mission. You glanced up from the paper in front of you to see your assistant gently closing your glass door behind her. You raised your eyebrows at her as she came to a halt in front of your desk.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” You asked as she stayed quiet for a moment-attempting to compose herself after basically running down the halls in her high shoes.

“Oh, yes. I’m sorry to interrupt, but a man has requested to meet with you tomorrow. He says he is a director and wishes to adapt your book into a movie.” She explained, moving a loose piece of hair out of her face and behind her ear.

“Thank you for informing me, but please tell him I am not interested. I do not want my work to become a film-or at least not at this time.” You stated and she nodded.

“Yes, ma'am.” She replied.

“Call me, Y/N, please.” You said.

“Right. Yes, Y/N.” She smiled shyly at you, which you returned with a warm grin she scurried out of the small office and headed back down the long hallway to her desk.

You worked as a magazine editor in Los Angeles and as an author. About a year ago, you published your first book. It became was added to the list of The New York Times’ Best-Sellers. You had received numerous contract opportunities to develop your book into a movie; but you declined each of them. None of them offered what you wanted-a say in the production. If you were going to change your book into a movie, you were going to have a say in its screenplay and development.

The day went on as normal as usual. Nothing excited ever happened and it did not help that you so desperately wanted to write a sequel to your story, but could not find the time to do so. You were busy helping your co-workers with their articles, doing press here and there for the book, and writing your own editorials. You had no time to write freely.

The clock struck three and there was a buzz from your office phone. You answered it, knowing it would be your assistant. She was brand new to the system and very starry-eyed. She wanted to be a writer-you could see the ambitious spark in her eyes. She was bright, but allowed the nerves to overcome her. You saw a lot of yourself in her; therefore, you never attempted to harm her with meaningless coffee runs and what-nots.

“Hello, Y/N. I’m so sorry to interrupt you again. The director is here and he is very persistent about seeing you.” She explained in a shaky voice. You sighed quietly, hoping not to frighten her with your distress.

“Did you inform him I am not meeting with anyone about a movie adaptation?” You questioned.

“Yes. I’m afraid he will not go away. Would you like me to call security?” She asked.

“No, that will not be necessary. I will come down there as soon as I can. Thank you for notifying me.” You replied.

“You’re welcome.” She said and you hung up the phone. You stood up and straightened out your pantsuit. You had a plan-go down there, tell the man to his face that you will not accept the offer, and call security if he tries anything. You exited your office and stalked down the hall to the lobby.

You turned the corner and were met with your assistant, typing away at her computer. There was a man wearing a gray baseball cap and casual clothing sitting in one of the hard lobby chairs. Your assistant and the mysterious director both looked at you upon hearing your shoes snap against the pristine, white tile.

“You must be Ms. Y/L/N.” The man stood up and made his way over to you. He held out his hand to you as he approached. As he stood in front of you, you recognized which director he was. He had only directed one film, but that didn’t stop you from remembering his face.

“And you must be the man who does not know what ‘no’ means.” You replied, shaking his outstretched hand.

“Look, I just want to talk. I read your book and I love-” Chris Evans began to say as you dropped his hand.

“How many siblings does the main character have?” You cut him off with a question. He scrunched his eyebrows together in confusion and you simply raised yours, awaiting his response.

“I don’t think you specified exactly how many, but Chloe did have a cousin named Marcus. He was the one that taught her the constellations.” He replied. You turned to your assistant, who looked pretty impressed by the actor and director.

“It appears that I now have a meeting to attend to. Mr. Evans, if you will follow me.” You said, rotating on your heel to walk back to your office. You heard Chris scuttle along after you.

“Does this mean I can film it?” He asked, entering your office space.

“This means you get a chance.” You sat behind your desk and he sat across from you, “I was surprised by you. The other directors I have met with have fed me the same line of 'I read the book and it was my favorite’. They couldn’t answer any question that you could not read the answer to on the back cover, but you-you could. Pitch me your deal and I will tell you if I agree or not, after some consideration of course.”

“Well, there’s not much to pitch. I’m not a big-time Hollywood director. The film will be an independent one, if I were to actually direct it. I would leave the screenplay up to you, if you want. You could have the final say in the actors and actresses we use-as well as a final say in the whole production. You could also be on set, if you would like to see how everything is running.” He explained.

“Are you serious?” You asked in confusion, “You would allow me to hold that power? I could control the writing portion and what goes into it?”

“It is your story, isn’t it? It would be wrong if I changed it from what you pictured it as while you wrote it.” Chris said, “Am I also the first to consider your interests in this project?”

“Yes.” You nodded. “I do appreciate the control I would hold if I was to accept this offer; however, I will need to discuss this all with my agent before I can make any official decisions.”

“That is perfectly okay with me. I just really enjoyed the story and I want to see it transform onto the big screen, whether or not I direct it.” He explained.

“I will consider it. I will have my assistant contact you with any information.” You pulled out a sticky note from your drawer and wrote on it, “Excuse the sticky note, I do not have business cards. You can use this to contact me directly; but, please, only if absolutely necessary-at least until I give you an answer.” You handed him the small piece of paper.

“Thank you for your time.” Chris smiled at you, standing up. You stood up as well and met him at your door.

“Thank you for considering my interests.” You shook his hand with a kind smile. He left your office and you returned to your seat.

A complete twenty seconds later, you cell-phone lit up, alarming you that an unknown caller was trying to reach you. Chris’ smiling face flashed across your mind as you reached to answer it.

“Hello?” You said.

“Hi, Y/N. It’s Chris.” He replied, causing you to laugh lightly, “I know you are probably busy, but would you like to get coffee tomorrow? Outside of work.”

“That sounds lovely.”


*Eight Months Later*

“Cut!” Chris yelled in his 'director’ voice. A frown was displayed on his face as he looked at the male lead for the movie, “Five minute break, everyone. What the hell was that? This part is one of the most important scenes in the whole book and you can’t even get your lines right! Get it together, Sebastian!”

“Chris.” You scolded, turning his attention away from his friend to you.

“Yes, dear?” He asked.

“Stop being the mean director. Please.” You replied. Sebastian came over to you two and sat in his own chair, “You did great, Sebastian. You make a great Louis.”

“Tell that to your boyfriend.” Sebastian laughed.

“Hey! I could fire you.” Chris threatened, making you and Sebastian roll your eyes at him.

“You are never going to direct another one of my books again.” You stated, teasingly “The next one is going to be Clint Eastwood.”

“Why didn’t you offer this role to Scott Eastwood?” Sebastian asked.

“Louis has dark hair and blue eyes. He looks more like you than Scott.” You replied.

“How is the sequel coming by the way?” He asked, casually-the two of you ignoring Chris as he mumbled stuff about directing and filming.

“It is almost completed. I just need to send it into my editor after I finish the last chapter.” You explained.

“Well, I’m excited to read another one of your works.” He stated.

“You can do that by reading my magazine.” You laughed.

“Sebastian, go get ready to reshoot your scene. And remember your lines!” Chris said, pulling him out of the chair. Sebastian pouted like a child, but went off to rehearse before they filmed again.

“I am glad you were so persistent on directing this.” You informed Chris.

“I saw a book with the face of cute girl as the author and I just couldn’t resist.” He replied, leaning down to kiss you.

“I hope you do not do that to every book you read.”

“Only the best ones.” He smiled.


Title: Thirty Seconds to happiness

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader, Jared Leto x Reader

Warnings: Married Jensen (I guess, no disrespect intended!)

Imagine: Imagine leaving Supernatural because you fell in love with your co-star Jensen and couldn’t be together. Years later you meet again and it is obvious how he has always had strong feelings for you. Only this is you now are no longer single either.

The man that laid next to you was sleeping soundly, his bare chest moving up and down as he breathed in and out softly. He was so peaceful and at moments like this the only thing you wanted to do was stare at him. It looked like no worry bothered him and you wanted to cherish moments like this… especially when you knew you were the reason behind all said worries.

You hated doing this to him, you hated being the reason that those beautiful eyes were clouded at moments and that warm smile wasn’t as bright as it used to be. At least when you first met him. You didn’t want this to happen to him, not him of all people. Not to the man that brought so much happiness to others, you didn’t him to suffer this fate. But you couldn’t do otherwise.

You turned slowly but surely, careful not to wake him up in fear of losing this rare moment. You smiled softly, feeling your heart swell inside your chest as you watched him smile in his sleep. Maybe the bliss of the aftermath of such a night still had him forgetting everything. Everything that had him worrying at day. Some part you felt your heart soar inside your chest. You tried to show him the best you could how you felt about him and were glad that deep down he at least understood it.

You moved closer to him, moving your hand up to cup his cheek as his lips were half open. You smiled lovingly at him and felt the butterflies go crazy in your stomach when you heard him mumbled your name in his sleep. You ran your hand down to his chest and let it ret on his heart, the skin to skin contact making you feel every heartbeat. You let out a content sigh when memories of only a few hours ago started rushing. You bit your lips and shuffled, shifting your legs as you remember all the words he whispered when he kissed you, when he touched you and when he made love to you. Every time felt like the first one no matter how hard it was to believe.

You wanted to be guilty, you wanted to feel guilty so bad. In that way maybe you would pull away and maybe, just maybe, you would stop this. You would stop feeling about him this way and maybe, just maybe, change everything. Maybe, just maybe, you would stop hurting this man and finally give him the happiness he so deserved. Maybe you could stop being so selfish and hurt him during the day only to try to lessen the pain with kisses.

He never said it out loud but those, they spoke a thousand words to you.  Those eyes that were now staring at you, sleep still lacing them but a lazy smile forming on his lips.

“Hey” he said in a rough voice and you smiled sheepishly at him.

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This is my take on Modest Fashion, while wearing a hijab (veil). Modest Fashion isn’t boring or dull, to me it’s a form of self expression through different styles. The fashion industry doesn’t really do much to represent us, so here I am repping my style!

I can’t wait for the day that a veiled woman is on the front page of a magazine like @vogue (I get excited just thinking about it!).

Also, you can find more of me on my instagram page @feeeeya and I hope you enjoy this post, took a bit of effort.

mayuluh  asked:

Hi again! So, what's your design process when you make your own graphic self-projects? (I'm having a hard time making/starting my own)

Heya! Good question! This is gonna get loooooong lol

For designing my own projects, there are a few things I have to consider before even STARTING the project:

  1. What exactly am I trying to do?
    Like for real, what am I doing exactly? Did I just yell out “MAGAZINE” or “I WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD”? C’mon Allyson, get specific!
  2. How badly do I want/need this project?
    Is this worth my time? Or am I just excited I have a free day today? If it will benefit my portfolio or be super fun, heck yeah I’ll do it!
  3. How much time do I have?
    Are exams coming up in two weeks? I really need to pass classes so this can wait, my exams won’t. If I really like the idea I’ll put it to the side on a sticky note for later to delve when I have time. Is it summer vacation? I can probably do it!
  4. How much time (approximately) will this project take?
    It’s SUMMER VACATION, but is this a project I can get done pretty quick during summer, or is it a year-long journey I may not be able to handle? whoops.

Once I’ve kind of nailed down if I’m even going to do it and the stars have aligned, then I get into the nitty gritty details and process of the actual project.

  1. Initial ideas
    Whenever I get excited about a new project I get all of these ideas just COMING AT ME like crazy. I write all of them down and sketch out whatever is in my mind. These are usually super rough on random papers I find in random notebooks that I keep for moments like this. I list out literally everything that I’m thinking and I try to categorize them and rip them out of notebooks and paper clip together (or at least I try to or I lose them in a notebook).
  2. Define the project
    So I basically get what I’m doing, but why am I doing this? What’s my cause or motivation? What am I trying to accomplish? This is when I cross off things from my initial brainstorming session of random papers and really try to narrow down what I want… but not too far. Just crossing off what doesn’t align with what I want to do with the project.
  3. Gather materials
    This includes inspiration pieces for what I’m trying to do and research for the project. Doing a magazine? What’s usually in a magazine? Table of contents, covers, and so on. Okay, how are they usually designed? What are some cool things I’ve seen in magazines? Google and design archives are great!
  4. Finalize content and scope
    It’s time to lay down the law. What in the WORLD am I DOING? I’ve done brainstorming, I know what I want out of the project, and I know what it’s supposed to look like, so now I can really start to lay out what I want. I nail down the details so I know what I’m designing for and what I want in this project. Sometimes I even get inspired to write more things in my brainstorming sheets after the research. (lists galore everywhere)
  5. Wow, we’re ACTUALLY going to design now! (concepts)
    I know I’m the worst and I take way too long to actually get to designing something, but now that I actually know what I’m doing I can sketch designs, maybe try out a few design ideas, and figure things out. I usually just get out a bunch of paper and sketch until I feel comfortable with something, then I do a few more based off of the one I’d be comfortable moving forward with and see if I can push it further to something great instead of just “comfortable”.
    # of sketches = As many as I need until I find something I like + 1 or more brand new concept(s) slightly off of that + 2-3 variations from each concept to see if I can push it.
    I don’t like to settle on the first idea, but if it’s actually good I just see if I can push it just a little bit more to make it GREAT.
  6. Going digital!
    Once I’ve found a design concept that works, I jump into the computer and get to work! I usually test out and find the style that I want with some little graphics or dummy text. Once I find what I like style-wise for the thumbnail/concept I chose I keep designing! My usual process for designing digitals goes like this:
    1. Make something
    2. Look at it and see if I like it
    3. Get feedback
    4. Apply feedback I actually agree with
    5. Go back to step 2 and repeat until I’m happy with outcome
  7. Production and Posting ( bonus / optional )
    I love to post projects and to share, so it’s always important for me to produce it and share it if I can. I’ll also put it in my portfolio if I like it enough! :)

Hope this helped or was insightful! This was a really good question!! <3 Thanks for asking!

Everyone can still ask me anything! I’m pretty free today!


Dearest TVD Family,

I’ve just spent the most beautiful weekend on Lake Lanier in Georgia with my own TVD Family, the cast and crew of The Vampire Diaries. I want to be the first to tell you that it wasn’t just a holiday celebration, it was a goodbye party. I always knew I wanted Elena’s story to be a six season adventure, and within those six years I got the journey of a lifetime. I was a human, a vampire, a doppelganger, a crazy immortal, a doppelganger pretending to be human, a human pretending to be a doppelganger. I got kidnapped, killed, resurrected, tortured, cursed, body-snatched, was dead and undead, and there’s still so much more to come before the season finale in May. Elena fell in love not once, but twice, with two epic soulmates, and I myself made some of the best friends I’ll ever know and built an extended family I will love forever.

There’s more to come before we wrap this up, and I promise you’ll get to hear all about my experiences over the next month as we approach the season finale (I have given an exclusive interview for the June issue of SELF Magazine that I am excited for you to see!), but until then I invite you to hop on the roller coaster ride that is Elena Gilbert’s life and join me as I celebrate her and prepare to say goodbye to her – and to my work family – as I move on to the next chapter of my life. I want to share this goodbye with all of you (this weekend’s pictures were just the beginning). You, the wonderful fandom who gave more love, support and passion than anyone could have ever imagined seven years ago, when a young Degrassi girl from Canada showed up in LA to audition for ‘that Twilight TV show.’ ;-) I love you all.  Fasten your seatbelts. If you think you know what’s coming, you don’t.

Love, Nina

Lay the Seat Back, Lock the Doors - Luke
  A/N: Heyy, so I started writing this one and decided to finish it ‘cause I really liked the concept. I was inspired by a song like I so often am, so I guess this is the first in a series of one-shots inspired by songs. Hope you loveee itxoxo,Carmen   Song: Noel- All Time Low   Requested: Nope   “Your lips are a hot flame baby,and our chemistry is kerosene.Take it off, take it all offmaybe we can get down and burn up in the heat.”     ————————————————————————      I was really excited to go to this party tonight. Being in the limelight as the opening act for 5 Seconds of Summer, it was usually a magazine event or a performance after-party when we went out. I was really happy that we were finally going to a normal house party up in the hills, the kind I used to go to all the time before my life started going a million miles a minute.    I was wearing a deep purple tube top and a black mini skirt with little black boots, and I looked great. The guys all wore their usual rock n’ roll attire, and my sisters, who decided to come with us, looked hot as hell.  We decided to employ the guys’ driver to take us so we could all drink, and I secretly loved the very spacious blackout Escalade. We pulled up to the party and everyone piled out, Luke offering his hand to help me and my sisters down.  “Thanks, Luke.” I winked at him and he smiled mischievously at me. God, he drove me crazy.  Luke and I had been flirting non-stop since we started the tour, it was like we have this fire between us and we couldn’t help but being drawn to each other. We tried keeping our desires at bay for the sake of our bands and the tour in general, but something about tonight told me all of that would be thrown out the window.    The house was big, with people spilling out onto the long front porch and lawn. Some were drunk, some were high, some were on other shit, and some had done a little of all three. I felt the few shots I’d taken at the guys’ hotel surge through my veins. Finally, this was my scene.   About an hour later, everyone was pretty god damn drunk. My sisters and I were laughing and dancing by the DJ booth, and I was grinding on Diana as “We Run LA” by Ya Boy blasted through the speakers and the rented lights flashed around us.    Suddenly but slowly, I felt strong, familiar hands pull me away and wrap around my waist. I leaned into the broad figure behind me and breathed in the familiar scent.    I giggled and began grinding against Luke as he held me to him.  “Heyy, what’s up?” I giggled again, slightly slurring my words, and I felt him chuckle against me.  “I’m gooood, I’m better now that I found you though.” He slurred back to me. I smiled mischievously as the music pulsed around the room.  We were interrupted by my squealing sisters.  “Y/N! Let’s go with Mikey and Calli to take shots in the kitchen!” My sister Jenna was about four shots away from having to be carried back to the car, but I laughed and said fuck it, grabbing Luke’s hand and following her.    The kitchen was nice and pretty big, and I could see the boys and a few other people had a whole set up to do shots on the black marble island.  There were chasers, limes, salt, sugar, and every kind of tequila, vodka, whiskey and gin you could imagine.  Once we all took a shot of jack together as a group, I turned around to Luke who hadn’t taken his hand from my waist.    “Sit down.” I winked at him, pushing him down onto one of the leather bar stools. I was almost eye level with him, but not quite. He was so fucking tall. I saw Michael raise his eyebrow in amusement from the other side of the island. “Okay, now stay stillll.” I slurred. Luke chuckled and took his lip ring into his mouth, eyeing me in amusement.  I took a juicy lime slice and tilted his neck to the side with my fingers, gliding and squeezing the lime along his neck. He continued to eye me and bite on his lip, his fingers becoming fidgety despite his intoxicated state.    “Open.” I commanded him seductively, putting the lime in his mouth. I took the shot of golden agave tequila I was holding and knocked it back like a pro, immediately putting the glass down and putting my hands on Luke’s shoulders.  I licked a long, flat stripe up the side of his neck, collected the lime juice and kissing him under his ear. I felt him shiver and suck in a breathe.   “God damn..” He whispered. I giggled and turned back to the counter.  “Your turn!” I said to him, helping stand up. He was smiling his goofy smirk as I climbed on the island and laid down with my top pulled up, exposing my flat stomach.  Calum whistled at me.  “Are you telling me we’re doing body shots now?!” He asked excitedly.  I laughed at his reaction.  “No, idiot, I’m SHOWING you. Care to do the honors?” I nodded my head back at the bottles of liquor. He motioned to Luke.  “You heard the lady, pick your poison mate."    Luke laughed and my sister and I giggled as our group watched him. Finally, he reached for his pick: Jack Daniel’s Silver Select.    "Hell yeah, atta boy!” Michael shouted, clapping his hands at the strong liquor Luke had chosen.  “Okay okay mate I’M the one who gets to pour it.” Calum slurred jokingly and took the luxurious bottle from Luke’s grasp, leaning over me and taking a shot glass. He smirked at me as he poured the shot of golden liquid.  About an hour and a few more shots later, I was even more tipsy than I had been and couldn’t shake the feeling of Luke’s smooth tongue as he licked lime juice off my stomach.  I looked over from laughing with my sisters and Ashton and noticed Luke leaning against the wall, staring at me with a drink in his hand. Fuck.   I walked over to him and stood on my tip toes to whisper in his ear.  

“Hey, follow me.” my voice was dripping with mischief and seduction and he smirked at me when I took his hand in mine.

We slipped past all our drunken friends and out into the cool night air. A few people still lingered around the side of the house and the porch, and we looked around quickly before I pulled Luke around the corner and to the car.

I popped the door and crawled into the backseat, but Luke hesitated, biting his lip, like he was having a moral battle with himself.

“C’mon, Luke.” I whispered excitedly. He seemed to shake off his thoughts and crawled into the car, closing the door and getting in the back with me. Thank god Escalades were big.

The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife as we stared at each other, both of us with smirks on our faces and Luke biting his lip ring.

I touched his thigh, and suddenly his lips were on mine. He pulled me into his lap and I knocked his backwards cap off, straddling him and reveling in his soft golden hair between my fingers. He gripped my waist and pushed my hips down onto his crotch, both of us moaning as we made out urgently.

Then, out of nowhere, he pulled away. He scanned my eyes frantically and pawed at the dip of my tiny waist, both of us panting hard.

“This….this could fuck a lot of stuff up.” He said, more like he was talking to himself more than me.

“Cal and Mike both like you….our managers would kill us….we can’t…fuck.” His train of thought was interrupted by my top riding up a little and the feeling of his fingers on my bare skin.

I caressed his neck in my hands.

“I’m good at keeping secrets, are you?”

He thought for a split second, then his eyes clouded and darkened with lust.

“Fuck it, I’ve wanted this for so long.”

He kissed me hard and passionately again, leaning me back on the seat so he was on top of me and my legs were wrapped around his toned torso. I whimpered as he lowered his head to my neck, leaving hot, wet kisses on the soft skin. I felt him begin to suck hickies in the spots he had kissed and I moaned and pawed at his soft hair.

I unzipped his black hoodie and practically tore it off his shoulders, and he followed my lead by ripping off his Blink t-shirt and tossing it aside.

“Jesus Christ..” I whispered, running my hands down the hot skin of his abs. He smirked at me and gripped my mini skirt at the hips, tugging it down and pulling me closer to him in the process.

Soon, all our clothes were completely forgotten about, and we were both moaning loudly as he circled my throbbing core with his long index finger, and I was shaking with anticipation.

“Fuck, please, Luke.” I whimpered into his shoulder over the sound of his swollen lips sucking the skin under my ear. With one last swirl he pushed him finger in, pumping it in and out so fast I thought I was going to pass out from pleasure. He pushed my left leg farther apart from my right one so he could go deeper, and his other hand tweaked and pulled at my nipple as i clung onto him with my nails in his back.

“Please, Luke, I fucking need you.” I whispered-whined to him.

“Mm, okay, baby.” He cooed in my ear. He grasped his impressive length and pumped it a few times, teasing me with the bright red tip.

“Wait, fuck, fuck, we need a condom.” He panted into my shoulder, I could tell he was in pain from how hard he was and how bad he wanted me.

“No we don’t Luke, I’m on the pill, we’re good babe.” I assured him. He let out sigh of relief and pushed into me.

It was a deliciously tight fit, and I arched my back and cried out as he pounded into me, holding me close to him and digging his fingers into my ass. His moans were music to my ears, and I raked my nails down his back so hard he’d probably have long, deep, red cuts in the morning.

“Oh my fucking god, fuck…” Luke growled into my ear, thrusting into me hard and deep like he was overwhelmed with the pleasure. I looked at his gorgeous face, his eyes were squeezed shut and his teeth were clenched tight. I almost came just looking at him.

“Oh Luke…I’m gonna come, fuck, you’re so big…” I squealed, and he took the back of my neck and steadied my face so I was looking at him.

“Look at me, I’m close too. I want you to look at me.” He said intensely.

The look in his eyes was urgent and wild, and I held his gaze as he lifted one of my legs onto his shoulder and fucked me faster. I was practically screaming his name at this point, and I felt myself clenching around his cock as my high came racing up to me. I dug my nails into his ass to get him deeper as I came around him, my whole body pulsing. He yelled my name and a few curses and pulled me tight against him as I felt him twitch and spill inside me, slowing his pumps as he dragged out our orgasms as much as he could.

When we were both down from our highs, he pulled me up to straddle him and scooted around to lean back against the seat. We were breathing hard and I collapsed against him and panted lightly into his neck as he drew light circles into my back. We laid like that for a few moments in the now-hot car until our phones started blowing up from the car floor where they had fallen.

I leaned back a little to look at who was trying to reach us, sucking in a breathe when I saw we both had over a dozen missed calls from our friends. Calls we obviously hadn’t heard over our heavy breathing and moaning.

“Shit..” I leaned forward again and giggled into his neck. He chuckled with me and ran his hand through my hair, speaking softly into the side of my neck.

“It was so worth it.”
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Just A Reminder


The fact that you’re half-Mexican and the star of your own hit show on MTV, is obviously a big source of pride for the Latino community. Do you feel like you’re representing for Latinos in Hollywood?

I definitely do. Especially with all of the attention I’m getting from Latino magazines. I also just got nominated for an Imagen Award {which aims to recognize and reward positive portrayals of Latinos in all forms of media} which I’m super stoked for! I can’t even tell you how excited I am about that. Oscar Nunez from “The Office” is going to be there and I love that show, so I’m really excited to see him. So yeah, I completely embrace the fact that I’m Latino and the lead of a show. If anything, I hope it shows that, well, don’t be discouraged if you’re ethnic {Laughs}.

In your career, you’ve played characters from a wide range of backgrounds. Do you like the fact that you’re not typecast?

I love it! I mean, people  don’t know what race I am. They never know if I’m Hawaiian or Italian or Mexican or Spanish or White. I could play Jewish, I could play anything. I used to get typecast when I was younger…

Your character Scott McCall is an all-American guy. He’s not Latino, right?

Well, his mom has got a dark complexion, so I think he’s half-Latino. It never comes up in the show, but I’m pretty sure that he is Latino. I mean, look at the guy! He looks Latino, a little bit.