i am so excited to conquer this

the houses as studyblr aesthetics


  • being brave enough to do math in pen, leather-bound bullet journals, looseleaf papers spilling over your desk, studying with your dog curled up next to you, seven-hour breaks, keeping a candle on your desk, logging memories in your bullet journal, coffee stains on homework, annotating a rented textbook, a warm study nook made of blankets and pillows, studying to overcome


  • romanticizing self-care, refusing to take the easy way and read the sparknotes, keeping hydrated, “i have extra binder paper if you need it”, taping positivities on your wall, study picnics, volunteering, bright binders, a study space illuminated by morning light, keeping three pots of flowers on your desk, studying to contribute


  • finding doodles in secondhand textbooks, researching the origin of a word you don’t recognize, pens in mason jars, walls crowded by sticky-notes, the inspiration of a blank notebook, finding your favorite library seat available, being excited about your essay prompt, scrawling notes in the margins, being so utterly engaged in one subject you forget you have a lab due tomorrow, studying to learn


  • quotes about conquering the world and achieving goals, finding the perfect black pen, the feeling of checking off boxes on to-do lists, friendly grade competition, compiling resource masterposts, being genuinely excited to get your score back on a test, getting the perfect calligraphy line, studying to succeed

A/N: Part II of this Imagine. I also put a request from @dreamwalker08 in there. It just worked together perfectly. Enjoy!

Words: 1958
Warnings: violence, smut (on the battlefield)

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Day #29

Hey peeps!
It is with much relief that I say I am FINALLY getting over kidney stones 2017. Just when I thought I was better, nope! More stones and 2 surgeries later, here we are! But all is better now. I had my second stint removed yesterday morning and I feel SO much better this morning. I got THE BEST sleep last night, first time in a month! All of this struck right at the beginning of my HRT journey which was really unfortunate, but IT DID NOT CONQUER ME! I stuck with my hormones even through all of the other medication once I got the green light from my doctor. Today is 29 solid consecutive days on HRT and it is definitely showing in my opinion. A picture only says so much, but my skin is getting so soft, it is really nice and makes me smile. It has been difficult separating my emotions because some things I was experiencing were because of the kidney stones or medications they had me on. So, I am excited to really tune into my mental state as I begin finishing my antibiotics and eventually get back to just taking my hormones. I did have a bit of an emotional spell right before Mothers day, but that very well might not have been hormones. I had a lot of stress going on unrelated to why I felt like I was having such intense emotions. Like I said, I am glad to be getting back to just my hormones.

Also, I know it is not Tuesday.
But honestly, whatever. 
This shirt is comfy.


American Gods 1x08: Do You Believe?

I feel like we only just began this magical journey together, but here we are at the end of season one of American Gods! You can go ahead and cancel that Starz subscription now, I’ll wait here.

This final episode told the stories of two goddesses and how they have learned to adapt in America. And as much as I am enjoying  Laura Moon, there haven’t really been any other female characters with meaningful emotional arcs. Similarly the gods we have gotten to know (with the exception of Bilquis) have been overwhelmingly male. So I was v pleased to see that this episode attempted to delve into the power wielded by female icons (ya know just the small stuff like life and creation) and the often violently adverse social (and male) reactions to women who wield that power, as well as their continued attempts to control that power for themselves. 

Like the previous episode about Mad Sweeney, the finale also boasted a more “integrated” Coming to America story where instead of having a vignette separate from the main storyline, the Coming to America tale oozed over to mingle with the main proceedings. Instead of Ibis and his big book o'stories, this week featured a welcome return from Mr. Nancy who took over the storytelling duties. This also marks the first time we have seen Mr. Nancy in the modern world where he a) looks as fly as ever b) is clearly an ally of Mr. Wednesday and c) tailoring bespoke suits for Wednesday and Shadow. (PS Ricky Whittle is a man who can wear. a. suit. and it drove me crazy how wrinkled his jacket was all episode! Could no one have steamed that for him? Sorry. But also, infuriating.) But with a captive, bathrobed audience, Nancy proceeds to weave the story of Bilquis.

After seeing the modern “down on her luck” Bilquis it was pretty fucking fabulous to see her in her hey day bedecked in the golden jewelry she longed for in the museum. This is also a good place to shout out Yetide Badaki, a relative newcomer who has found her breakout on this series. Bilquis is a tricky role, she rarely speaks, doesn’t get to play off any of the other heavy hitters in the cast, and often has to act scenes of intense emotional (and physical) vulnerability. She doesn’t get to bounce off Ian McShane, or deliver sweeping monologues. Most of her acting is done through physicality or her impervious gaze. So major worship to Yetide who made this character feel like, well, a goddess. No matter how much she is (or isn’t) wearing it is impossible to look away from Bilquis’ eyes and her unyielding stare that reveals as deep an inner life as any dialogue. This is unique and exceptional acting, and in a show with such a range and breadth of performances, Yetide stands tall. Also I’m sure that role was absolutely batshit to cast, so claps for casting as well. #NeverForgetCasting.

So we finally get to see Bilquis as a Golden Queen, loved, worshipped and equal to any (male) challenger who comes her way. Times change, but passion is immutable and Bilquis continues her reign on the disco dance floors of Tehran in the 1970s. By the way Disco Queen Bilquis was everrryyttthinnng. Everything. But after the Iranian Revolution in 1979, Bilquis is forced to travel as a refugee to Hollywood, California just in time for the AIDs crisis of the 1980s. The loss of worship after these two events leads to Bilquis’ decline and she finds herself wandering the streets of LA. Bilquis is stripped of her power because nothing is scarier to an American (white) culture than a confident black woman fully in control of her sexuality and power.  But when all seems lost, Tech Boy rolls up on Bilquis, Tinder in hand, and shows her how to use technology to get her groove back. Now, however, it seems that Bilquis is under Tech Boy’s thumb, but is she really just a tool for the New Gods, or is this just another misguided King that thinks he can conquer her? Hopefully Bilquis is a character we will get even more of in season two, the entirety of her material from the book has already been exhausted so I am excited for a fresh Bilquis story, especially with such a capable actress at the helm.

So with their new (wrinkly) suits Shadow and Wednesday make a pit stop on their way to Wisconsin in Kentucky. At a palatial estate, during a full swinging Easter Sunday party, we meet Easter herself (human carbonation Kristin Chenowith). Easter (or Ostara) is an old pagan goddess of Spring who has had the good fortune of having her namesake tied to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Even though the masses might not know who she is, her name is widely celebrated (both secularly and liturgically) every year. Like Bilquis she has found a way to adapt and thrive, even if it may not be in the way she is accustomed or would prefer.

In attendance at Easter’s fabulously over-the-top Easter blowout is almost every Jesus! Literally 14 unique Jesus. JC doesn’t appear in the novel (well he does sort of) but it is impossible to deny his influence in modern (esp American) religion and so it makes sense for the show to utilize him more frequently, or 14 of him. Unlike the other gods on the show, Jesus is pretty chill and doesn’t seem to have any hidden agendas besides spreading the JC love. He’s sweetly benevolent and gets drunk and drops things in the pool. Classic Jesus.

Wednesday has come to Easter’s party to enlist her help in the war between old and new gods, and hopes she will starve the people into praying for mercy (the goddess of Spring giveth but she can also taketh). He brazenly lies to her about the death of Vulcan, and promises her worship of her own in exchange for her alliance. 

Also crashing are Laura and Sweeney (who I have started to develop weird feelings for after last episode? Ugh I know, I know, I hate it too) who hope that Easter will bring Laura back to life. However no luck for Laura as she has been killed by the will of a god (Wednesday), and that kind of miracle is above Easter’s pay grade. So we leave Laura worse for wear, and more than a little maggoty, but she has finally been reunited with Shadow at least.

Also rolling up on what is fast becoming the party of the year is the entire contingent of new gods: Media (as Judy Garland in Easter Parade obvi), Tech Boy and Mr. World, reminding Easter she is in their debt for popularizing the Easter holiday in (you guessed it) Media. As all of our characters converge Mr Wednesday reveals himself to Shadow to be none other than the All Father Odin of Norse mythology (all around viking god and papa of Thor and Loki). Odin/Wednesday does some good old fashioned lightening smiting, which rallies Easter to his cause, and she proceeds to render Kentucky into a barren wasteland (chalking up a temporary win for the OGs.) After witnessing stepping Fred Astaire henchman, a baker’s dozen Jesus’, and a woman made up of flower petals, Shadow finally submits that he believes. In everything.  

The season ends with a procession of various transports journeying to the House on the Rock in Wisconsin, which was the ultimate destination for all of our road trippers this season and honestly where I thought the season would break but I guess they ran out of episodes..

So now that the dust has cleared, what happened this season?

Shadow Moon lost everything, got picked up by an old god on a serious recruiting mission, went on a road trip and learned to believe.

We met a whole bushel of old gods: Mr. Wednesday/Odin, Czernebog, the Zoryas, Anubis/Mr. Jacquel, Ibis/Thoth, Mr. Nancy/Anansi, Bilquis, Vulcan, Easter, and Jesus.

We also met a few new gods: Media, Technical Boy and Mr. World.

Also some mystical creatures: Zombie!Laura, Mad Sweeney, the Djinn and the White Buffalo.

And a couple plain old humans in over their heads: Salim and Audrey.

In conclusion:

American Gods was a breath of fresh air in the jungle of peak TV. It was bold, crazy and naked. It was brazen, unapologetic, and borderline nonsensical. It managed to exceed the promise of its original material and was a frighteningly timely allegory. It had a festival of unique characters backed up by some of the best actors in television. Also it looked gorgeous. While this first season sometimes struggled with pacing and the rate of exposition, there were moments and episodes that were unlike anything else currently on TV.  I was a particular fan of the Coming to American openers across the board, as well as both Laura Moon episodes. So did American Gods make you a believer? Who is your favorite scheming deity? Love it or hate it, you can’t say that this wasn’t a wild ride.


PS. Disco Queen Bilquis forever




Mazu [媽祖], also spelt Matsu and Ma-tsu, is the Chinese goddess of the sea who is said to protect fishermen and sailors.

Over 1,000 years ago, a beautiful young girl by the name of Mazu (original name was Lin Mo) was born at the Xianliang Port of Meizhou Bay in Putian, East China’s Fujian Province. Clever, brave and kindhearted, Mazu could forecast the weather and offered medical services to fellow islanders. With her innate weather-forecasting ability, Mazu saved the lives of many fishermen from the menacing typhoons.

Since Mazu encouraged the people to conquer nature and defeat evil, she was much loved and esteemed by the locals. Touched by her kindness and good deeds, the townspeople greatly respected her and eventually deified her as the daughter of the dragon, the Goddess of the Sea and the Holy Mother who could bring them blessings. Unfortunately, Mazu died at the young age of 28. As legend goes, Mazu ascended to heaven and became immortal at Meizhou Bay, located opposite to Xianliang Port.

Moving Part Two- Leon Draisaitl (by anon)

Originally posted by intermissionpenguins

Ok so I’m really sorry!!! I lost track of time by doing homework!!! But here’s part two!!! And I might finally get something finished tonight! (I really hate not being in a routine!) But anyway enjoy!!! Imma go finish homework then try and write!!!

Warning: None!


“What’s pretty girl like you doing alone at bar?” asked a voice colored with alcohol.

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Day 18… so on fleek!

Tiger blood, positivity, & action oriented are the best ways to describe how I am feeling. I wish the world would give whole 30 a try so they could even begin to slightly understand the effects of the poison food we put in our bodies day in and day out. It’s a strange place to be in right now because I feel like I can be very open with my whole30 tribe, yet I am protective with who else I speak to about the radical changes that I’m experiencing on whole30; for I know the judgement that will ensue simply because others won’t understand, think I am crazy, or in turn feel poorly about themselves (this is the last thing I want to do to someone).

Anywho, my energy levels are at an all time high, I find it difficult to sit down without accomplishing something. Prior to whole30 I would get home, cook dinner with wine in hand, and sink into the couch. Nowadays, I conquer the world and YOU CAN TOO!!

So with all of my energy and motivation, I took a step I’ve been dying to take for a REALLY long time! I signed up with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I am going to be a Certified Nutritional Holistic Health Coach, YAY! I couldn’t be more excited to begin transforming myself in order to start helping others be the best version of themselves.

Taking the plunge back into school has been a long time goal and I believe that NOW is my time. A little over 5 years ago, I found myself in a dark place. Fresh out of graduate school, 40 pounds heavier, low self-esteem, depressed, and a life full of toxic unfulfilling relationships. I avoided the scale and just started to settle into “well if I just stay this weight for the rest of my life, I’ll be fine”. I avoided mirrors, deleted “fat” pictures off Facebook, and simply tried to pretend it wasn’t happening. I didn’t workout because when I tried it was beyond discouraging, what do you mean my ex-cheerleader, gymnast, & softball player self couldn’t barely run more than 1 block without dying! I was so unhappy, with no will to change. I figured I was so far gone that it was beyond repair.

I’ll never forget the moment of clarity, I looked at myself in the mirror in the tj maxx dressing room, as the clothes I was trying on didn’t fit and I thought who is this girl and how did it happen. I began to cry happy tears, in a sense, as this was my moment of awareness and change. Mind, body, and soul nutrition became my priority and I was going to get my life back!!! I started eating a 90% raw until dinner diet 5 days a week, only associating with a positive peer circle (these are some of my favorite people in the world now), started practicing yoga, & and pushing myself to workout no matter how difficult it was. I’ve spent the last 5 years of my life educating myself on wellness, experimenting with food and fitness, sharing my knowledge with friends and family, and offering advice to anyone who will listen. I feel incredibly empowered when I help others with their wellness as I remember how I felt 5 years ago to how I feel today! I have so much more to learn and give, and I can’t wait for my new journey to begin! Plus, how serendipitous, after making my school registration official, I pull up to my first meeting of the day, look up, & see this sign….

xxoo – Amy

Weee….how exciting!!! Final Sunday night/ Monday morning without Thrones, for soon, it will be back for the next seven or so weeks. Can’t freaking wait. Like finallyyyyy…. this uber loooong one year plus of waiting and waiting and waiting…..

I am so ready for the Targaryens to come back, kick ass and conquer. Both Targaryens. And they gonna look so good doing it together….

Also I can’t wait to post actual S7 pics of them together. Like seriously…. I’m thirsty as Hell!!

anonymous asked:

Hey sorry but what war fic are you talking about?





God this is amazing, it’s so tough for me to get across how violent and quick this entire scene is, it doesn’t remind me at all of the other sword pullings, there’s no speech and there’s none of the sexually loaded feel of the other ones–it’s just anger and violence coming off Wakaba, and her world darkens and in a flash she removes his soul sword, and he retreats from her, TERRIFIED, Wakaba is a brilliant Greek goddess of rage right now, shining at her peak. 

This is so great for a character like Wakaba, who is so associated with goodness and light, to see that full darkness in her come out, to see that she is tired of being used and ignored and taken advantage of, and finally Wakaba is going to take, she is going to conquer and possess and USE, and UGH I am so excited for her right now YOU GO BABY YOU STAB UTENA AND GET THEM ALL

Health update:

Since dedicating myself to the gym 2 months ago I’ve noticed so many positive changes!

My mood is up more; I still have mental days that are quite difficult (more often than not) but I am better able to push through.

My muscles are growing! 😈 I see growth all over and I am SO excited!

My gym mentality follows me long after I leave the gym. I feel like I can conquer the world sometimes!

My head is clearer

My monthly cramps are almost nonexistent

Things are good! Stick with it even when it’s challenging!

#DailySketch Gert and her go to HEAD IN THE BOX joke. 

Today is FOC (Final Order Cutoff) on I HATE FAIRYLAND issue 5. Run tell your retailer you want a copy! This wraps up the first arc of my first creator owned book. I know it probably seems like i’m celebrating every benchmark this book… because I am. haha. I can’t help it. It’s exciting to be coming to work everyday and making up my own stories and sharing them with everyone. 

The thing is, when launching a creator owned book, there’s no certainty. So you are going with an untested and throwing it out in the world and hope they don’t reject it. So when that issue hits and it’s embraced, you feel like you’ve conquered a pretty big challenge. Until you realize you have to do it again on issue two, you know, to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. Then three, and so on. Making to the end of my first story in Fairyland is a really big deal for me and so I celebrate with all of you. 

And now we’re moving onto issue 6, kicking off the next arc and I’m so excited. Jason Howard described the difference between my first arc and the rest of the series as “It’s like you made a movie and now you’re going to follow it up with the tv series.” He hit that nail right on the head. Now that we know the book has a foundation in story and in audience, it’s time to really explore the depths of Fairyland. Seriously, it’s going to be so much fun. I hope you all stick around for years to come. 

[STARCAST] wow~ its summer! BTS’s early summer vacation in Kota Kinabalu!

In last May, BTS went to Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Malaysia for their photo shoot. With such vacation like schedule but not, BTS got very excited and put on a great smile! BTS in Kota Kinabalu, the time where they could refresh their mind and body which were very down with the group’s packed schedule where the boy group had to carry out so many things in a short period of time including completing album and holding a concert tour! We are revealing first to STARCAST families! So let’s hurry and go~

[welcome, is this your first time in summer country? ] 

JIMIN looks great together with the green trees

BTS’s crossbeam of dance line J-HOPE and JIMIN

The first shooting which took place in the swimming pool located in the resort! The boys were stamping their feet rapidly in excitement of wanting to get into the swimming pool by standing around the green sea and the hot sun, and Humid atmosphere~3 yet the boys were in a very good mood so the shooting held in a fun and cheerful atmosphere and ended very fast. In Particular, SUGA who is in charge of being (No) Energy took a lot of best cuts as showing off a great energy as he slept for 48hours!

I want to bite you..  

We like to build a beautiful house somewhere in that

Green Kota Kinabalu Island~  

The happy SUGA in Kota Kinabalu

The guy who is going to become a king of pirate, RAP MONSTER

Get, Set, Ready….Go swimming!

[The fun feet paddling time in the swimming pool!]

The first song that came into their mind as soon as they got into the pool~

Touch My body~

(Jaws BGM) we took an aim for the target, let’s go…!

Successful attack

I am!! Your!! Hope!!! 

I am JUNG KOOK/19 years old, the golden youngest member

It has not been so long since he displayed his great excitement that was hidden under his mind

RAP MONSTER/22-years-old, king of destruction

Getting into the rhythm - ☆

The swimming pool is not good enough to make us want to swim ……

The boys born in 1995 ran to the sea!

The - youth - ♡ 

The memorial family shot at Kota Kinabalu -!?

[Conquered the banana boat ^^]

J-HOPE: (he is very worried…) (J-HOPE’s sullen face…)

The next day, BTS had time to play ocean leisure at a Manukan Island. We are about to show a little of the boys on the banana boat! BTS got a mission to complete before they got on the banana boat. The mission was……

Mission: If they fall into water, find J-HOPE first.

They promised not to let go of J-HOPE’s hand, who is very afraid of water for getting on the boat together after soothing him everything will be okay. The guys’ great friendship that even touches our mind! ☆  

We are completely ready to go!

Wow this is so much fun!!~

In the far end of green sea BTS are surging…~


Finding j-hope…

It was great. (Happy ending)

[Various-different looks of photo shooting]

JIMIN is letting go of the bottle with his wishes in -☆

BTS’s two top model line-!

If you like to memorize this moment take picture like J-HOPE (Say cheese^▽^)

The end of individual cut! (HAPPINESS!)

I never going to give up on these Polaroid

My legs are pretty…what?!

We hope that you had some time to refresh your mind like having vacation even for a little while as looking at BTS who had lots of fun time in Kota Kinabalu, and the more detailed contents would be included in BTS’s 2015 summer package! Have a cool and fun summer vacation!


[ BONUS CUT : BTS’s living point ] 

Living point #1. You can see SUGA’s inner structure of mouth when SUGA is in a super happy mode!

Living point #2. You have to put on a proper amount of sun cream before you go under the strong sunshine. (Then you would get ‘less’ tanned. Ex.V..)

Living poing#3. Take of your outer if you get hot

Living point #4. If three people put arms around one another’s shoulder you will never get hot (?)

Living point #5. If you walk sand beach with your bare feet your feet get really hot.

wait a second, if you like to see these pretty summer boys in the original photo shoot?
We are revealing everything the original version on STARCAST Facebook in just one hour! Army hold on just a little more~♥

cr: star cast

Christmas In Terrasen: A Throne of Glass Series Holiday Short Story (Part 3)

It is with both a happy and grieving heart that I post this, the last part of my Christmas In Terrasen short story. Today is the last day of the year 2015 and what a rollercoaster it’s been. This will be my last post for 2015 and I hope I have done these characters justice in attempting to convey what Sarah J. Maas would have them handle these types of situations.

If nothing else, I wish everyone the utmost happiness in 2016. And cheers to another year of writing and reading! I’m excited to see what the new year has in store for each of us.

I’d like to say thank you to all of you who have read and enjoyed my stories and have told me so. Your kind words mean more to me than you’ll ever know and I hope you stick with me and continue to read them.

So finally, may I present: Christmas In Terrasen Part 3. I hope you enjoy it:)


Links to Parts 1 and 2 Here:




Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, the Queen of the lands of Terrasen and Doranelle, the Heir of Fire, was currently sitting in her study. She was surrounded by nothing other than the thousands upon thousands of books and deafening roar of silence.

She was sat at her grandiose piano, a present Rowan had given her a few years back. Her thumb absently rubbed across the ring that tied her to him. Her eyes, long since run out of tears, were turned to the window, watching snowflakes fall and gather on the lawn outside. 

Aelin takes in a deep, shuddering breath to steady herself. 

She knew, given Rowan’s past, that his reaction to the news of her having his child would strike a chord. How could it not when his first mate had been murdered while pregnant. And Rowan blamed himself. His own foolish disregard for Lyria as he strived to win Maeve’s favor once more.

Rowan just needed time to process all of this. She shouldn’t have blurt it out at a Christmas dinner. She should have told him privately. This is her fault. All her fault. 

Aelin closes her eyes to fight back more tears. 

No. This is not her fault. It takes two to tango. You don’t make a baby by yourself and Rowan’s as much to blame as she is. 

When she found out, she couldn’t really believe it. She had waited another month before she was sure. She hadn’t expected to feel this way, but Aelin had been happy once it was confirmed. Still, beneath that happiness was a worry and fear that threatened to overtake her. 

Aelin hadn’t been raised or grown up in the most…ideal way. Half of her life had been spent working for none other than Arobynn Hamel, The King of Assassins, in Rifthold. She had spent years killing in his name, wreaking havoc while also living a life of luxury while under his command. After Sam Cortland’s death, Aelin–at the time known as Celaena– was sent to the Salt Mines of Endovier where she endured being whipped and beaten everyday for a year until she was chosen by Dorian, who was at the time still the Crown Prince, to compete in a competition for the King of Adarlan. 

How in the hell am I going to do this?

She didn’t know. She didn’t know anything.

And that, more than anything, was what frightened her.


For moments after Rowan and Aelin leave, the dining table is completely silent. Everyone is wide-eyed and still struck with surprise at the bomb Aelin had dropped just a few minutes ago.

“I’m going to go check on-” 

Chaol interrupted whomever was speaking by abruptly standing up and shaking his head. “No. I’ll go.” Without another word, he leaves the dining room in a haste.

It’s only when he leaves that he hears Aedion mutter something. Chaol is so focused, however, that he doesn’t catch what he says. 


Aelin hears footsteps, but doesn’t bother turning around. 

A few seconds pass, and the form of a man comes into her line of sight. She can tell immediately that it’s not Rowan and feels both relief and disappointment. 

Chaol sits beside her, saying nothing for a while. And then,

“You remember the first time we met, Aelin?” It was a rhetorical question, she knew. “I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.” He shook his head at the memory.

“You were dirty and filthy…I suppose if you could have looked at my heart back then it would have looked much the same. But your eyes. They were filled with all things defiant. At the time it angered me. Eventually, though, it intrigued me. You intrigued me.”

He turns towards her now, and although her eyes continue to stare out the window, she can feel his eyes on her.

“Every day since I’ve known you you have proven to be the strongest person. You’ve conquered and been through so much. You will make it through this, too.” Chaol took her hands in his. She finally turned her eyes to him. 

“I, for one, am quite excited at your news. I have the utmost faith that both you and Rowan will make wonderful parents.” Aelin’s eyes filled with tears. 

Finally, she speaks. “I’m scared, Chaol,” she confesses. 

“As you should be. Parenthood isn’t something to be taken lightly. In just a few short months, the two of you will be responsible for caring for a life.”

She laughed weakly. “If this is a pep talk, it’s not making me feel much better at the moment.”

Chaol smiled sympathetically. “I know what’s really bothering you, Aelin, and that’s Rowan’s reaction.”

She paused and then hesitantly whispered, “I just wanted him to be happy when I told him.”

“I don’t think Rowan was unhappy so much as surprised. You know better than I do about his past. I’m sure his reaction was a result of some deep psychological traumatic event.”

Aelin isn’t sure how to respond, so she stays quiet. 

Chaol raised her hands to his lips. “Everything will be okay. I know it will.” She offered up a small smile.

“Thank you.”

Chaol and Aelin had not always been this close. Their relationship was a series of ups and downs. Right now, the fact that Chaol came to her and knew just what to say touches something deep inside her. 

No more words pass between the former Captain of the Guard and the former Notorious Assassin. Chaol wrapped an arm around her and pulled her into his side. A few years back, Aelin may have punched him and cursed his name to the pits. 

But now, she leans closer into his side and thanks the gods for him.


“You need to get your shit together.”

Lysandra is stood, hands crossed over her chest with an unreadable expression in her eyes. Her posture, however, is easy to read. And judging by it, she is certainly not happy.

It took Rowan a good three minutes for him to calm down long enough for her to help him over to a chair to sit. At first, she was sympathetic. 

Now, she’s just pissed.

“You don’t know shit about me, Lys.” She shrugged, not arguing.

“Maybe,” she answered. “But I do know Aelin. And I know exactly what’s running through her mind every second you’re sitting here on your ass.” 

The look on his face told her that he knew she was right. Lysandra took a chair and sits in front of him. She leans back comfortably, making unwavering eye contact.

“I may not know the details, but I know you’ve been through some pretty rough crap.” She sighed, eyes softening the slightest bit. “But what you need to remember is that so has Aelin.”

“I know that she-”

“Will you shut your mouth for five seconds and let me talk?” Rowan closed his mouth, but glares at her. Lysandra’s gaze doesn’t waver. “Thanks. Just in case you need some reminding, the woman you just let go is Aelin Ashryver Galathynius. Queen of both Terrasen and Doranelle. Your wife. Your carranam. And more recently, the mother of your child.”

Rowan closed his eyes as if to shut out the words. 

“And she loves you like hell. Gods know I don’t understand why, but she does. And you’re more stupid than the left cheek of a donkey’s ass if you don’t get up and go to her.”   When he doesn’t respond, she goes on. “You wanna know what Aelin’s thinking right now?”

“I have a feeling you’re going to tell me either way.”

“She’s probably thinking something along the lines of ‘This is all my fault’ because she sometimes has the tendency to be a self-sacrificial bad-ass bitch. She’s probably scared, although she won’t admit it. You know better than I do that she didn’t grow up with a rainbows and butterflies childhood. She’s probably thinking, ‘How will I raise a child when I have no clue how to?’ And the scariest thought of all is, ‘What if Rowan doesn’t want to stay with me because of this child? What if he leaves, unable to handle all the bad memories you’d relive when looking at your little son or daughter?’ . She’s afraid of losing you, Rowan.”

His jaw tightened. “I would never do that. I could never leave her.” 

“Good,” Lysandra retorts. “Because if you did I’d kick your sorry ass all the way back to Doranelle.” She paused. “Go to her, Rowan. She needs you. Don’t let all of those dangerous thoughts begin to take root and grow in her mind. If they do, it’ll be a very long process killing them.” 

Rowan offered up a small smile. “You may be more of a pain in the ass than she is, but Aelin is lucky to have you, Lysandra.”

She shrugged nonchalantly, but a smile tugged at the corners of her lips. “Just get out of here you lazy bastard.”

Rowan rises. He placed a swift, unexpected kiss to Lysandra’s forehead as a thank you and then leaves.

She sits there in silence, a bitter sadness slowly creeping over her. She was happy for her best friend, truly she is. But…

When will I ever find someone who loves me?

For years, Lysandra’s body was used to please men. They did not love her, although sometimes she would let her mind wander and imagine what it would be like if one of them, just one, saw her for more than just a gorgeous woman to sleep with for a night at an exorbitant price. 

Tears began to gather like an army in her eyes, and although she tried to keep them in check, she could not contain the ever present loneliness that hovered over her like a grim reaper and the tears spill over, racing angrily down her cheeks and dripping off her chin.

She was so enveloped in her own feelings that she doesn’t hear the sound of boots entering the room. 

Boots that belonged to a man who maybe, just maybe, could be the antidote to the poisonous thoughts festering in her mind.


She was right. Gods, he would admit that Lysandra had been right. How could he be so foolish? This situation was wholly different from when Lyria had been pregnant. Rowan would not leave Aelin. Could not leave her. Just the thought brought an unbearable aching to his chest.

So he raced, looking in each room until he could find her. He searched everywhere, and when he stopped and asked Dorian if he had seen where she went, he said he had no clue. 

Rowan would not give up. He had searched nearly everywhere. Just when he thought all hope was lost, he heard something. A piano, he realized after a few seconds. Someone was playing it. 

The closer he got to the sound, the more he recognized where he had heard the woefully beautiful song. It was the piece Aelin had played for him years ago in that abandoned theater. The piece that brought tears to her eyes every time she played it.

When he finally gets to the source of the music, he recognizes it to be coming from Aelin’s personal library. Of course. How did he not think to go there first? 

Taking a deep breath, Rowan steps into the room.

And nearly falls apart at the scene before him.


Chaol left some time ago, leaving Aelin to her own devices. She had to admit that him being there for her had left her feeling a little better. However, not even he could stop the feelings of anguish in her heart.

For a few moments after he had left, she just sat there, feeling everything and nothing at the same time. But eventually, the beautiful instrument in front of her seemed to be calling her, pleading with her to play it. To let out any feelings that she could and could not describe and put into words.

For a while, she resisted. But when she could resist no longer, she caressed the black and white keys of the piano like an old lover and began to play. 

At first, it started out slow and tame, and then the music overtook her and she let the music convey everything. Before she realized it, she was playing that one piece she had tried to teach Rowan all those years ago, but after a few hours he had decided that he simply did not have the talent for it and would much rather watch her play. 

The music overwhelmed her, wrapped around her like the arms of a lover, promising to protect her. It filled her to her all the way to soul. At once she does not feel as if she is in her body, she is the music and the music is her. They are one whole thing, one whole being.

She’s so entrapped by it that she does not hear nor sense Rowan stepping into the room.


She is so wholly ensnared by her playing that she does not notice him standing there for the entirety of the song. It is only when she is finished, tears flowing down her face in a steady stream that she gives any indication of being aware of his presence.

It is slight, but her ears twitch in his direction. She knows he’s here.

Suddenly, Rowan is overcome with a tsunami of emotions. Tears threatened to spill. He couldn’t think clearly with how much he needed her to be close to him in that moment.

He walked over to her, taking a seat next to her on the piano stool. Her eyes were closed, tears still running steady down her cheeks. 

Tentatively, one of his hands captured hers, the other resting lightly on her left cheek. His thumb wiped away her tears, rubbing back and forth across the smooth, damp skin. 

Finally, he whispered, “Aelin.” Her eyes opened as if on command. If Rowan was not sitting down, he’d be on his knees right now at the sight of her eyes. She’s been crying, and judging by the redness in them, she’s been crying a lot.

Because of him.

He swallowed, a lump forming in his throat. 

“I’m so sorry,” he whispered. “I shouldn’t have left like that. I’m sorry.” Her bottom lip quivered. “Forgive me.” He kisses her forehead, her cheeks, her hands, each of her fingers, every inch of skin exposed to him. 

He’s crying now, tears slowly pooling in his eyes and then racing down his cheeks. “Forgive me,” he kept repeating, his voice heavy with emotion. 

Rowan gently rested his brow against hers. A moment passed, and then he felt her lean into him.

“Aelin,” he breathed once she was trapped in his arms. He kissed the top of her head before meeting her eyes. It was there that his eyes conveyed every feeling he couldn’t seem to put into words. How much he truly was sorry for how he’d hurt her. For being the cause of her tears.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. I should have told you as soon as I suspected that I was pregnant.” Rowan shook his head at her words. 

“I admit it would have been nice if you’d told me before, but that’s still no reason for me to have reacted the way that I did.”

“It’s okay, Rowan. I understand.”

“No, it’s not. I will not continue to allow my past to dictate my future. As much as I wish it weren’t true, Lyria is dead. And she has been for a long, long time.” His voice cracks mid sentence. “Things are different now. I’m just as scared as you are about raising a child. But the more I think about it, the more…excited I get. This is a new chapter for the both of us, Fireheart. And I’m ready to begin it with you.” 

She says quietly, “You mean that?” He nodded. Again, he honed his hearing to Aelin’s stomach. And again,he heard a strong but quiet thump thump, thump thump, thump thump. The sound of their child’s heart beating.

“Any ideas on what you think the gender is?” She smiled slightly at him before answering.

“I want it to be a boy.” 

Rowan’s smile is dazzling as he says, “I think it’s a girl.”

“Oh really?” Aelin chuckled. “And what makes you think that?” He shrugged, resting his hand over her stomach. 

“I can sense you in her. That unwavering strength. Snappy retorts and bravery. The fire that stirs deep within you. ” Aelin finally smiled, a grin that snatched the breath right out of his lungs. “She’s going to be just like her mother. Gods, help me.”

“I think we’ll need the god’s help regardless of if it’s a boy or a girl. Either one is sure to be a handful.”

He looked her in the eyes, his voice strong and steady as he said, “I really am sorry, Aelin. And I love you. I don’t want you to ever think otherwise.” She rested her hand on top of his. 

“I love you.” Aelin leaned up and pressed her lips to his in a hungry kiss. 

It was true that the both of them had endured a lot, both while separate and together. Raising a child, they knew, would be no easy task. But as Rowan said, it was a new chapter of their lives. 

And they’d live it together.


In the days that followed, all of Rowan and Aelin’s family and friends began to leave, journeying back to their own countries and homes and promising to come visit them again soon. Hopefully before the baby arrived. 

Dorian looked upon his friends, eyes shining with happiness for the two of them. “Thank you, again for inviting me. It was good to see you both again.”

“You know you’re always welcome here, Dorian.” He smiled.

“And the same goes for Adarlan. You two should come visit soon.” 

Aelin enveloped him in a hug. “We will. I promise.” 

Dorian kissed her on the cheek in farewell. “Take care, Aelin.” Rowan claps him on the back and the two men firmly shake hands. And then Dorian is in his carriage and on his way back to Adarlan.

Goodbyes go very much in the same fashion for the rest of their friends. Nesryn and Chaol too promise to visit again. And a few tears are shed when Lysandra bids them both farewell. 

There is a new kind of understanding and appreciation between she and Rowan now. Something that has brought them closer. He considers her a closer companion, a loyal friend to both him and Aelin. 

“Uncle Ro!” Rowan’s niece, Imara, comes barreling toward him. She leaps into his arms, throwing her tiny arms around his neck. “I’m going to miss you, Uncle Ro.”

“I’m going to miss you too, Mare. Promise me you’ll be good until I see you again?”

She pulls back, a mischievous glint in her eyes. “If I do, can I stay with you and Aunt Aelin in the spring?”

“As long as it’s okay with your mother you can come and stay whenever you want.” He smiles at her, kissing her rosy little cheeks before setting her down. Imara runs to Aelin, who scoops her up into her arms, whispering things in her ear that makes her nod feverishly. 

“Pinkie promise?” Imara sticks out her pinkie. Aelin smiles, wrapping her own around the little girl’s. 

“Pinkie promise.”

It takes a good fifteen minutes to say goodbye to all of Rowan’s family. They bid them both good luck and congratulations on the baby news. 

The Queen of Terrasen and the King of Doranelle stand side by side. His arm is wrapped around her middle, clutching her close to him. They watch in silence as the last of the carriages leaves the Terrasen gates. 

Rowan bent down, his lips to her ear. She can feel his smile as he says, “You know what they say about when a woman gets pregnant.”

“I’m afraid not.”

“They say that there’s something that causes them to be even more irresistible.”

Aelin smiled. “And you bring this up because…”

“Just because you’re pregnant now doesn’t mean that I’ll be able to keep my hands off you.”

 Her grin widens. “So you’re saying you’ll still want me even once you cannot tell the difference between me and a walrus?” Rowan presses a tender kiss beneath her ear. 

Especially then.” She laughed.

With one last glance, the two head back inside and up the stairs to their cozy bedroom. 

The door barely closes before Aelin’s lips attach themselves to Rowan’s. 

All was well. 


“You haven’t noticed it yet?”
He looked her straight in the eyes, which made her realize that she had avoided them so far.
“The one who is best suited to become a vampire is so because he was not ready to conquer his human life. Goodbye. See you at dinner. ”
And he left her alone in this empty house, where she was to build her new life as the door closed behind her old existence forever.
—  I just wrote this and am super excited and everyone should read it 

June, 13th 2015 - June, 13th 2016  Happy 1st wedding anniversary Carl Philip & Sofia! 

 “Dearest Sofia, today is the beginning of a new chapter in my life. In your life. In our lives. I don’t know what we will face in the future, but I know that with your love, I can take on any challenge. Your intellect, commitment and courage are inspiring. I am proud to say that you are my role model. Sofia, I am excited by the thought of doing so much alongside you. I have got a lot left to learn in life, and a lot left to do. It is a long road, and I am immensely looking forward to travelling it with you. But I’ve already learnt the most important thing I need to know, and that is: love conquers all. Sofia, you are the best. I love you.” - Prince Carl Philip in his wedding speech. // Source: Kungahuset, Video: SVT

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boys reaction to seeing their gf wearing their jersey or what ever clothing times the boys seem to think hot

Shall we go with jerseys then?


HANAMIYA: “Did I give you permission to mess with my things?” he asks threateningly, eyeing you from top to bottom with a degree of intensity he made sure you could clearly discern. He is deliberately slow at nearing you, like a proper predator, and finally places his hands on your revealed thighs, squeezing intensely. “You asked for it,” he begins and slowly moves his hands in circular motions towards your hips and upwards, gradually removing the jersey from your torso. He places a lustful kiss on your neck and whispers, “I shall give it to you…”

HARA: His bubble popping was so much of a habit anymore, that you couldn’t even tell whether it was meant to indicate disappointment or enthusiasm. “I thought… this would excite you…” you try to explain, smiling nervously and twisting around once to prove a point. Instead of giving a straight answer, Hara abruptly sits up and moves to you, titling his head in bewilderment. “If I knew you’d look so damn hot in these, I would only dress you in jerseys. I am so turned on I could die!” he cackles and latches his lips possessively onto yours.

FURUHASHI: He blinks twice, studying your unique appearance thoroughly. “They say a man’s shirt on a woman’s body is a flag on a conquered fortress.” He starts nonchalantly, leaving you in utter puzzlement. “This is a jersey, though,” he mumbles mostly to himself and then brings his eyes to directly stare at yours. “So, I presume, you don’t mind us repeating the conquering process tonight and mend things to suit our taste, do you? I have a very growing problem you need to take care of.”

SETO: He arches his eyebrows and grins impishly at the sight. “What’s the occasion? Are we celebrating anything?” He asks teasingly and you just shrug in return. “Nothing… If we did celebrate you’d also get a present wrapped from me, right?” you wink playfully and pull at the jersey to hide half of your face under it. “It smells like Kentaro!” you exclaim, giggling. His grin only widens. “Can’t you see? My present is right here,” he states confidently and lifts his hands to beckon you closer. The moment you approach, he draws you in and crushes you against his chest.

YAMAZAKI: He is obviously staring, completely dumbfounded, at your much too revealing outfit. “That’s…. mine!?” It was half a statement, half a question and much too easy to answer. The big number 8 was printed on the jersey, an unmistakable sign that this indeed belonged to Yamazaki. You grinned teasingly at him. Unable to utter a straight, comprehensible answer, he pulls you onto his lap and starts to place passionate kisses at your bared arms and jaw. “Damn! Why are you doing this to me? I want you to have it on, but I also want you damn out of this thing so badly right now!”

not easily conquered 3 teaser analysis

ok so talking about the poster thing that drop-deaddream​ posted, genevieve laughingcrying​ and i immediately did some analysis on the pics used and here is what we found if ur obsessed and curious like we were 

the first picture (’not’) is part of the painting Dante and Virgil in Hell by William-Adolphe Bouguereau 

the description from the musee d’orsay is: “This painting was inspired by a short scene from the Inferno, set in the eighth circle of Hell (the circle for falsifiers and counterfeiters), where Dante, accompanied by Virgil, watches a fight between two damned souls: Capocchio, a heretic and alchemist is attacked and bitten on the neck by Gianni Schicchi who had usurped the identity of a dead man in order to fraudulently claim his inheritance.” 

NOTE: “who had usurped the identity of a dead man”………. 

the second pic is from the sculpture “nike of samothrace” 

ps why is there a line thru the word easily????????? 

the third pic (‘conquered’) is Oleanders by van gogh 

here is what the met has to say ab this painting: ‘For Van Gogh, oleanders were joyous, life-affirming flowers that bloomed “inexhaustibly” and were always “putting out strong new shoots.” In this painting of August 1888 the flowers fill a majolica jug that the artist used for other still lifes made in Arles. They are symbolically juxtaposed with Émile Zola’s La joie de vivre, a novel that Van Gogh had placed in contrast to an open Bible in a Nuenen still life of 1885.’

and then the last pic is chris looking sad and beautiful 

SO here are some things to think about for the fic i guess??? what does it mean???????? basically i am very excited