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The need to find more Sanders Sides blogs is very high. I especially like anything related to Patton, but honestly, I adore them all and would love to read more ideas/metas/speculations/fanfics as well as look at art on it!

So anyone whose a Sanders Sides blog or has a sideblog for this lovely fandom, hit this post with a like/reblog! (though I may just go on a random follow spree anyway XD; )


The Summer of ‘73

Hangin’ out

Down the street…

The same ‘ol thing

We did last week…

The last throes of summer grip the air in the little sleepy suburb of Wisconsin. The day life is drab, the parents–overbearing. But four teens are able to find solace within the brick walls of their buddy’s basement. And the teenage night life of Wisconsin is far more lively than their parents would ever remember…


Eliot Waugh in the new Season 2 trailer

BTS reaction: Them being vampire hunter that have to kill you (pure blood).

A/N: I am working on all the requests you guys. Thank you for sending in all your great ideas and sorry for any mistakes made.

Requested by:  Anonymous 

Request: “ I love ur blog soooooo much!! Especially when u do fantasy and au stuff. I get so excited when u do those things. I just FREAKIN love ur work!! 😍😍😍 So I was wondering, can u do a bts reaction to their gf back hugging them BECUZ they r vampire hunter, n the gf is a royal blood vampire. The BTS member was given a mission to kill their gf but instead they couldn’t do it n left their gf, but she ran n back hugged them n said u can kill me becuz going back empty handed will get u killed. Thx! 😘😘 


  He will try his best to make you change your mind and leave.Jin will explain how he will find another way and not get killed, even if his heart wishes to stay with you.He will lie and make you leave, in the end he will chose to die for you.In the future you might receive a letter he wrote before he got killed.

  “Y/N, I never wanted to lie to you, but this was the only way I could keep you safe.I want you to live, for both of us.I might not be there where you can touch me, but I will always be next to you and protect you.I love you more than I value my life.

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Min Yoongi/Suga:

 Yoongi would never let you give your life for him nor take it himself.As you are back hugging him, he will close his eyes. “You know I love you very much and would do anything for you.” he will take a deep breath whispering “Sorry.” and with a trembling hand hit you as careful as he can.As you fall back unconscious, Yoongi will catch you and leave you somewhere safe, where he knows no one will find you.He will go back and gladly give his life for you. The only thing left will be a kiss on your forehead, still warm and filled with love. 

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Jung Hoseok/J-hope:

 Hobi loves you too much, his love is the most purest thing in this world.No matter what you say he would never even think of doing it.He would try and think of something to keep you as far away from the other hunters as possible.”Wait here, I have an idea.”he would tell you and walk off, leaving a trail of tears with a serious face.You will wait and wait, until you painfully realize what he had done ,as the smell of his blood dances around the forest.

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Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster:

Namjoon as a very knowledgeable hunter will use the vampire dust and lock you inside a barrier.As you hit the walls and try to reach out to him, he will place his forehead onto it. “I would never let you give your life for me princess.This barrier will disappear after 3 hours.It’s hidden so no other hunter will be able to find you.” he will step back slowly and walk away with a smile only for you.

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Park Jimin:

 Jimin will be the sweet heart that will pull you into his embrace and kiss you, knowing that it would be the last time.You won’t know that he laced a certain drug that makes vampires fall asleep onto his lips. Everything will become blurry and the last thing you see will be a sad smile. “I won’t be able to kiss you again angel.

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Kim Taehyung/V:

  Your powers protect you from any sudden harm, knowing that he will smile and push you off the cliff that was behind him.From the shock your powers will warp you in energy and gently place you down unconscious and peaceful. He will make sure you are ok and create a barrier to hide you from other hunters, as he makes his way towards the end. “At least I was able to protect you.

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  He knew that the other hunters will know that someone has died the moment his blade touches blood.When you close your eyes ready to be stabbed you will hear his voice for the last time. “I hope you know that I love you Y/N.” the sound of motion and a falling body will make you open your eyes and find the truth. “I would never think of…harming…you….

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Hey your art is amazing and your animations are super nice and just holy shit dude you're talented ;A; (Also I'm so happy to see more art of my boy Niles omfg, I love him)


also yeah im so happy to see so many people love niles ;3c

I love this  ma n  so m uch  :’3c

Yay! A new project!

See the first page!

Now that our son has returned to the show, we probably have to prepare ourselves for angst and hurt Derek, so I thought some soft and nerdy Derek is just the right thing to heal the wounds that Jeff Davis might rip in our Sterek-hearts

The first tea is already a work in progress, stay tuned and tell me if this is a stupid or cool idea

I’ll be posting under the tag #teatimewithderek


Hey guys, here I am again! If you don’t know, this post is inspired by this post from Iza ♥ (I already made two posts like this one and u can check them HERE).

Technically this can’t be “my trip” but I live in the metropolitan area of Curitiba, so consider it as a trip hahaha. 

Let’s start, when I knew that Final 6 would be here I was very excited (of course), but when they left the ticket prices I was like WHAT??? For u have an idea, in Rio I paid 3 times less than here, anyway. I bought tickets only for the final (08.07.17) because it was the only day that I had no commitment in the games schedule.

On thursday (06.07), my friend sent me a message saying that his father had gotten tickets for the games and I went to Brazil vs Russia. It was so nice to be back, the energy is always amazing!

On saturday (08.07), I went to the hotel at 2pm, and there I met a friend who came from another city to watch the games. We were waiting for Lucarelli to bring her ticket. While we were outside chatting, we saw a movement on the side of the hotel and when we got there (YEAH), Petrić and Ngapeth were talking. My purse fell in this moment, so I was awkward in this picture hahaha

He is so cuuuute, really. He said thanks when we take this photo ♥ Maja, your boys are amazing, be more proud! 

Now with the MVP. He is super sweet and said “tchau” (bye in portuguese) for me hahaha

After 15 minutes, Lucarelli came to deliver the ticket to my friend. He was very polite, and greeted me with a kiss on the cheek (♥), and then I asked to take a photo:

After that, my friend and I went to the hotel where she stayed to charge her phone. A few minutes later we came back, and Kliuka was leaving.

He was very very VERY nice and cute. He surprised me (:

I saw Okolić inside the hotel but he didn’t leave ):

I met Simon, who came to watch the games too. 

There were people asking for a photo speaking in english and he said "guys, I speak portuguese a little bit” hahahaha. 

At 5:30pm the buses arrived

The first to leave were the americans and unfortunately I couldn’t talk to Christenson and Jaeschke, they got on the bus very fast ):

But I’ve seen them all (it’s already been worth it). I asked to take a picture with Erik Shoji

He is the cuteness in person, I can’t  ♥

They left very quickly so it was hard to talk to them. When Sander left, I almost jumped to get a picture and I did it hehehe

He is SO cute and friendly, really. And what about the eyelashes? I can’t.

After that the canadian team left but unfortunately I couldn’t get a photo with any of them. I called Perrin but he didn’t hear me ):

Now some photos of the games, unfortunately my team did not win but it was a volleyball show and I’m very happy to have witnessed it one more time. I sincerely think that I give luck to France, the first time they were champions I was in Rio, and now here hahahaha

I hope you like this post, and I really hope someday we can watch a game together! Thanks for reading! Love you all

I’d like to think this is John around the age he left NASA and IR was formed; there are lots of big dreams in that little ginger head


INTRO [this is a repost v sorry my first try messed up]

hi, my name is cynthia! i’m hoping this blog will help me become a better/ more motivated student

(i’m starting this blog with my lovely friend @blossompctal, please check her out she’s an angel!)

i’m currently a sophomore in high school but i have no idea what i want to do in life (oops) (i don’t want to make this too lengthy but u can read a lil more about me here)

some of my favorite people: @studypetals @studyign @milkystudies @mochi-studies @emmastudies @productiveflower @milkteastudies @stu-udy @studywithinspo @tbhstudying @studyologist @studypunked

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that’s about it, thank u for reading! i am so excited to be here!!

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i wanna know more about ryker :0

RYKER HUH well he’s still a bit of a wip but i’ll tell you what i got so far

I think he’s probably pretty cool, unfazed by most, often suave but also somewhat haughty. He has been known to lose his cool, though its less becoming angry or experiencing negative emotions and more becoming waywardly excitable and wanton.

I like the idea of him being a witches familiar, for his feral form. Haven’t got a witch for him to be familiar to yet or figured out much more other than that though

I want him to have an anthro version as well OFC u all know who i am. I’m thinking he’s probably like…~just a normal goth dog boy~ before he somehow acquires some magic? I’m thinking either he becomes affiliated with a witch or something to match the idea for his feral form ooor like he finds a cursed item or something pbb anyways the idea is over time his physical form is affected by the sudden influx of magic and first he gains his orange eyes n starry fur n such but overtime becomes more of a burtonesque monstrosity lol maybe incorporate some idea from this old concept i never used(below). n then over time maybe he learns to control it n revert back to a more normal form idk im still figuring him out but there u go thats all for now!

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aa i can't wait to see your ragnarok fic recs!!! (and the fic that u will inevitably end up writing for it obviously)

I think I’m going to give it a week or two so the US fic writers can get their two cents in but I am excited too! I already have a few marked down that I read today and enjoyed [rubs hands together]

also I’m simultaneously like. shaking my fist at everything I want to write (on top of everything I’m already doing, jesus christ) but on the other hand there are at least three ideas that I’m really attached to and I can smell turning into long fic and on the one hand, oh fuck, and on the other hand, they seem like they’ll be fun?)

also I want to see if I can finish the RTC fic by the end of the year so I can also get in my planned want-to-do new year’s fic




august cant get here fast enough

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aymmi did u..... read the new chapter of trust fall because...... My Heart (also Thamks for getting me obsessed w that fic im reading it all over again) ((ALSO also did u see that the give your back to me zine came out today........))

you have no idea how fucking FAST i went to check the chapter hoyl shit im crying………… so much… thats my fav tfc fic ever 

and Shit i am excited,,, 

His wife/girlfriend is/was pregnant (BLOCK B)

Zico: -no one knew you were pregnant and no one knew why he seemingly dropped off the Earth for a few months until you were ok to take care of your daughter without him there the whole time. So when it came to interview time he had to talk about what happened all together- “my girlfriend was pregnant, we kinda have a child now. Little girl actually. I wanted to take care of my girls before I came back into the music industry. First day I left Y/N alone this long and I kinda want to go back home”

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Jaehyo: -he talk to the hairdressers who had children. Asking them for advice on how to be a good parent. He had 3 months to take as many notes as he could about infants and the final stages of pregnancy before your baby would be born. Or simply just talking about how you were doing- “she’s getting so big and she’s getting restless wanting the baby out. But I don’t know if it’s for wanting to hold our baby or it’s she just doesn’t want to be pregnant anymore. It’s cute to listen to her complain”

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P.O: -He saw your baby as the perfect little thing which was the first step in your new marriage. Amazingly it wasn’t your first child together it’s number 2 and you two were barely in your early 20′s. His goal was to embarrass you but at the same time be cute- “you know babies are the best part of sex. I mean you know the chance grow the little Pyo family even more makes it all seem more exciting, yes?”

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B-Bomb: -your son was nearly a year and a half which was a lot of trouble for you two because he started crawling and walking everywhere. And recently you said you were pregnant once more. He took your son with him to an interview and sat him down on the floor which was a mistake seeing as how he was breaking things on set- “I have a lot on my plate music and family are hard to juggle but- child what are you doing over there? Behave yourself. Wait til we get home and destroy stuff”

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Taeil: -there was a joke that he didn’t know what a condom was. 3 kids and you were pregnant again not even out of your 20′s yet. You two were compared to rabbits because how often you two were going at it. He hung his head in shame when the boys started teasing him about it once more- “I know what a condom is. I just don’t like them and neither does Y/N. We’re going to have yet another beautiful niece or nephew for you guys why are you complaining”

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U-Kwon: -new parenting was hard on every parent and since you were new parents it was very confusing to have any idea what you were doing. After months of preparation for your bundle of joy, you two finally sat down and talked about your new life ahead of you in a month or so.- “I mean yeah. I am very excited for this babe but at the same time I’m terrified I won’t be a good daddy to our baby. You know what I mean?”

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Kyung: -he recently posted the first picture of your child you wanted the world to see. She was a preemie so she was much smaller than normal babies but she was a strong little thing. You got to take her home last month and only posted the photo yesterday so the question was if there was a reason there was only just one of her photos out there- “we have many of her but we want to keep them personal as much as we can. Plus what’s better than a little teasing? Once she’s bigger I promise I’ll be showing her off”

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