i am so excited for this movie i cannot wait

Papa Hollis: “And this might be so shoking to you, but murderous vampire wasn’t exactly what I had in mind!”

This. Never. Gets. Old. 

Happy Carmilla Is Out in 15 Days Day!! ;) Happy Coming Out Day*!!

*and remember, coming out is not and never will be a requirement, an obligation or even a necessity. Not coming out does not mean not being out. Being closeted because you are not safe or not ready or not needing to be out doesn’t make you less queer and magical. Just because society is painfully patriarchal and heteronromative and wants to set rules and little boxes, doesn’t mean we should follow them. We’re here, we’re queer and we FUCKING ROCK!

Just the facts.
  • I am going to have Mexican food with @ropeandcoffee tonight. I’ll be eating my own taco(s) though.
  • I sure as hell wore my Cat/Skull T to work today. Pic to come later.
  • I will be departing the building at roughly 2:15 PM, not to return until 5/31 at 6:15 AM
  • I am SO excited for Wonder Woman next week. This is the movie of the summer season I have been looking forward to most, and I cannot wait until next Thursday.
  • 43 days until I get to squeeze the stuffing out of @vanpocalypse and 54 days until I make that 113 mile drive down to San Diego for ComicCon. Wooo!

Have a fun, and safe Memorial day weekend everyone.

I feel like I’ve been talking about DC a lot lately, but I’m not done yet. We have to give a lot of respect and praise to the people who act, produce, write, director, etc. these films. And here’s why:

Zack Synder: Whether you agree with the way he directs are not, this man has revitalized the DC franchise. He created the two films which are the highest grossing Superman films of all time and created a realistic depiction of superheroes in our world. He has suffered so much hate for giving fans entertaining and incredible movies. Hate on MOS and BvS all you want, but those movies are a thrill to watch.

David Ayer: His new movie has been out for only 2 days and hasn’t even technically come out yet and critics are shitting on this film. He is giving us a fun film (I haven’t seen it yet. This is based on friends) that is filled with diversity. So thank you David Ayer for giving us fucking realistic depictions of the real world that isn’t just filled with white main characters and a few POC sidekicks (Marvel). 

Patty Jenkins: In just a few short months, she is going to give us the first female led superhero film. A WOMAN IS DIRECTING THE FIRST FEMALE SUPERHERO LED MOVIE! She is telling us that this movie is for females, and I am excited to see Wonder Woman kick some motherfucking ass in her film. I know it’s going to be dark. ITS SET IN FUCKING WWI. If it’s not dark, that’s fucked.

James Wan: In 2018, he is going to give us an Aquaman movie. He is going to make “the lamest superhero ever” fucking legit. I cannot wait to see the direction that he takes this character. We had maybe 2 seconds of Aquaman in BvS but I AM SO PUMPED. 

Henry Cavill: For the third time a Brit has taken on the mantle of an “American” superhero. I had no idea Cavill was British until I saw him in the Tudors, so he’s a good actor. He is so protective of “Supes” that he defends him at every turn. Henry gave us a depiction of Superman we haven’t seen and played this NEW superhero exactly like that… that he had no idea how to use his powers because he didn’t. And the fact that he’s not America (to me) shows that Superman is the WORLD’S SUPERHERO.

Ben Affleck: For a long time, I thought he was a decent actor but I would never want him as a superhero. BvS totally changed my perspective. He gave us the dark, broken, and gritty Batman that we needed. He did such a good job that he is set to produce and direct a Batman film and executive produce the Justice League. 

Gal Gadot: An Israeli woman who served in their army is playing Wonder Woman. In the short time she was in BvS, I felt my faith and hope restored in all superhero movies. Her music is badass, Gal Gadot is a BAMF, and the Wonder Woman trailer has given me life.

Ray Fisher: This bubbly man is going to play Cyborg, my favorite fucking Teen Titan. I cannot wait to see him in the Justice League and I bet he gets his own movie… at least, I hope he does because Cyborg is fucking awesome. Fisher is a cutie pie and will bring life to such a fun, yet tortured character.

Jason Mamoa: MOTHER FUCKING AQUAMAN IS PLAYED BY A MOTHER FUCKING HAWAIIAN! How legit can you get? Aquaman is about to be the coolest superhero ever. 2017/2018 Halloween will be filled with little Aqumans. Not to mention that Jason brings a vibe to the Justice League that is so legit.

Ezra Miller: Can you say the Flash? The Flash (I’m going to shout this so it’s heard) IS BEING PLAYED BY AN OPENLY QUEER MAN! The tiny bit we got of him in the Justice League teaser trailer is not only adorable, but you can tell this film will have a lighter tone because of Miller’s portrayal of Flash.

Jared Leto: Say what you will about his method acting, his Joker looks terrfying in a way no other Joker has looked. He was so involved in his character, he only interacted with people on set that he would interact with on camera. Weird as that is, that is dedication.

Margot Robbie: This woman is such a BAMF, she did most of her own stunts. She’s playing an intelligent woman who is probably insane and overly sexualized but that doesn’t matter because she IS Harley Quinn.

Will Smith: The fact that one of my favorite actors is playing Deadshot is so cool. He is Deadshot. Will Smith is playing an iconic character and bringing a level of commitment to the role that I cannot wait to see on the big screen.

Viola Davis: The woman who put together the Suicide Squad is a BLACK WOMAN. If that doesn’t teach young black girls that they can do anything, I don’t know what will. Amanda Waller is a badass being played by a badass.

Jai Courtney: Boomerang looks so cool. I don’t really have much else to say about him, but I am excited to see him on the big screen too. Plus Jai is hilarious and a cutie pie.

Cara Delevinge: Who’s pumped for Enchantress? ME! I am so excited to see this character and I think Cara is going to do her justice.

Karen Fukuhara: OKAY! This little ray of sunshine is playing the coolest character to fucking exist. I love her. I will see more of her, and I want a solo movie with her.

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agaje: The last time Killer Croc was portrayed it was by Ron Perlman (who is a BAMF in his own right) but Killer Croc looks so cool! Not to mention that Agaje looks like an angel and his smile could brighten anyone’s day.

Jay Hernandez: EL DIABLO GIVES ME LIFE! Jay was my favorite character in Friday Night Lights and seeing him play one of my favorite villains is giving me such much life it’s scary. I love you Jay.

Joel Kinnamen: I don’t have lot to say about him, but he’s cute and looks like he’s enjoying his time.

Adam Beach: IT’S ADAM FUCKING BEACH! Need I say more?

Amy Adams: Anyone woman that can deliver the line: “I’m not a woman, I’m a journalist.” as flawlessly as Amy deserves our respect. She gives me so much life. Not to mention that she is absolutely starstuck by Cavill.

This group of people cares about each other so much that four members of the Justice League went to the Squad premier in London, Cavill surprised them all at ComicCon and got his shirt signed, they all seem like really good friends, all but 2 of the cast of Squad got matching tats, and they take everything in stride. Cavill and Affleck are so aware of the bromance between them, they know their couple name. Mamoa and Cavill hugged each other on the red carpet. They take countless amounts of bullshit and still keep on smiling and giving the fans what we want.

I want you to go back and look at this list of the 22 people I mentioned, 12 are white and the other 10 are people of color. Half the Justice League are POC (Marvel’s Avengers are all white). Seven of them are women, three of those women are POC (Marvel has two women, both white). The diversity in the three movies they have are incredible, and whatever you may say, DC is kicking ass.

Carmilla: “Welcome back, Creampuff!”

Holy Bloody Fucking Shit! I am so in love with the Carmilla Movie trailer right now, I hardly can articulate why: top of my head, the aforementioned quote -it’s so good to have you back too, loves!- Laura’s still vlogging, and celebrating vloggiversaries, Carmilla’s fringed vest, and her white shirt, and both tohgether, LaFontaine and Perry being chummy again, Mel being badass as Hell, fucking Ell (I called it, I called it, don’t wanna brag but I called it!), Kirsch freaking out (so sweet!) Carmilla kissing Laura, Mattie being back, Carmilla and Laura WALTZING -I missed this too, cupcake! …. In one word, and to quote Mel: “Dope!”

Excitement cannot beging to explain how I feel. I am genuinely happy. This trailer makes me happy, Carmilla makes me happy, this whole bunch of ridiculously talented people make me happy, and I cannot wait to be watching my favorite film of 2017 (I can already tell) in my favorite Cineplex in Toronto. 

i cannot WAIT to move into my house i am so excited… i’m gonna make my own garden and buy 3 million mugs and cheap kitchen appliances from goodwill and talk to olivia about fostering cats and have jesse over on long weekends to watch movies and help me clean and hold me and all the standard wife things :’-) 

Domhnall Gleeson is a gift. A ginger-haired, green-eyed gift.

It has been a long time since I swooned over someone to the point of stalking on the net every day (interviews, articles, more swooning) and watching (and rewatching) movies he’s starred in. (The last one was probably the Cumberbatch, some three Christmases ago. ‘Tis the season to be swoon-y.)

He’s not even conventionally handsome. I see him and I think of a Weasley right away (he played Bill, duh). Offscreen he often sports a long, unkempt head of hair and a grizzly, muzzled face of hair. He’s gangly, geeky and goofy.

He was under the radar in the movies I’ve seen before this unjust fixation, as I’ve somehow favored another person to bestow attention to – Andrew Garfield in Never Let Me Go, Matthew Macfadyen in Anna Karenina, Oscar Isaac in Ex Machina. It was Oscar that I was most keen on seeing in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but it was Domhnall who blew me away (and um, BB-8?!) I did not anticipate getting seduced by the Dark Side! *titters* His General Hux basically stole the show from Kylo Ren (I honestly zoned out on parts of that climactic *bridge* scene!) Maybe it was because he was rocking a sexy evil black wardrobe, or his fanatical, maniacal speech to the Stormtroopers in a “sideburn-twirling” accent (or maybe because he looked cleaner. Hahaha!) Whatever it was, he left a huge impression - I left the theater thinking to myself I’ve seen this guy before, and many times already! So, here we are.

I have hauled in a handful of Domhnall’s movies as my home for the holidays treat (About Time, Brooklyn, Unbroken, Black Mirror’s Be Right Back). I am watching them one by one. I cannot wait to see The Revenant next year, I bet it’s going to be rough and beautiful.

He’s got one hell of a year and I am certain he will have an even brighter career because of the tremendous work he has done and the exciting buzz he has received thus far. I like that he remains modest and charmingly self deprecating about fame, and reveres his rather accomplished dad. And if you ever do become interested in the man behind the movies, check out his interviews! He gives the most delightful ones… smart and wacky, the ‘snot shooting off your nose’-inducing funny types when he’s in the weather for it. He’s effortlessly effusive with his answers too (I think I’ve heard so much of his speaking voice that he can be the narrator of my thoughts.) He is also an aspiring writer and director and erstwhile musician (when he’s not acting). Oh, can you be any more perfect?

anonymous asked:

Aaaah I cannot wait for black panther the whole universe looks so amazing and rich and whatnot and I can't wait to see the kinda fic that comes out of this. Since I don't think (sadly) that Everett will meet Strange anytime soon (wwaaaah) I am totally already shipping him with T'challa (he's so hot too unf) and I guess they have a very strong friendship in the comics and Ross is kinda like his damsel in distress a lot of times lol. I need this movie now!!

Hahahahaha i love how excited you are!! I’m also super excited to watch it, i don’t follow Marvel too much to be honest, but i am particularly excited over black panther, not only because of martin but the movie itself looks SO GOOD, the trailer today made me even more needy for it hahaha i love the soundtrack so far too and the visuals and cinematography are going to kill it! and the costumes and makeup fucking wow!!! 

Laverne Cox will play Frank-N-Furter in Rocky Horror Picture Show TV remake
Consider us officially shivering with antici...pation.

The news is out: Laverne Cox has been cast as the iconic Dr. Frank-N-Furter in Fox’s special remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. 

Cox will have some big shoes to fill, since in our humble opinion, Frank-N-Furter is one of the greatest and strangest movie characters of all time, originally played in the 1975 film by Tim Curry. …

Cox tweeted about her excitement, saying, “I am so excited to be a part of #RockHorror legacy. #DontDreamItBeIt.” Cox is best known for her role as transgender inmate Sophia Burset on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, and even earned an Emmy nomination for her portrayal. She was also the first openly transgender actress to earn an Emmy nomination.



Short and sweet movie review: Star Trek: Beyond

A great, fun & proper celebration of the original series

Finally! Star Trek Beyond premiered just yesterday & I rushed straight to the cinema. Been waiting for that movie so long and I must say it did live up to the expectations, I am a happy trekkie, it was so. much. fun. It was exactly what a Star Trek movie is supposed to be. They definitely resurrected after Into Darkness, which I personally like, it has its moments, but I also know it is flawed. This, I can tell you, is pure Star Trek. Without cringy moments and without Kirk hitting on everything that moves and breathes. And a v important info: I am OBSESSED with their new Starfleet jackets. I honestly don’t think it’s even healthy to be that obsessed, but I live for it. Omg.

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The Curious Case of the Author Who Didn't Get Better On Time

So last month I wrote this post about how I’d had an operation and then got a post-surgical infection. I write now, over a month later–in sort of a similar state.

I am still sick. I’m not as sick as I was, but I am still sick. This sickness has gone through many phases now–the first month saw me popping in and out of hospitals a lot. Over the holidays, I was being treated by a specialist who gave me some strong meds and called me on Christmas Eve to tell me I might have Lupus. (I don’t have Lupus. But he called and told me that on Christmas Eve and we had to twiddle our thumbs until the new year to find that out.) We still don’t know what I have, but the likely culprit is a small pocket of infection hiding out in my body, or the infection/medication infecting/affecting a heart valve. 

Whatever the case, I am not on death’s door–I’m just still sick. I can walk short distances. Some days I can go a block or two, and some days I get winded just walking around the apartment. I’ve had a low fever since November, so I’m starting to consider it as a pet. I get some pretty bad muscle pain at points.  I have been able to get back to work a bit. I’m extremely behind, and I’m working at a lower capacity, but I do get things done!

I did go to Florida the other week as part of a long-scheduled vacation, which was supposed to be to somewhere else entirely. I wasn’t able to do that trip, but the doctors said it would be good if I went somewhere warm and got out of my house. (I basically haven’t been out of the house much since November 17th. I haven’t been to a movie, or a show, or a party. I have gone FULL HOMEBODY.) It was very exciting to be somewhere else! And not be freezing! I could walk a bit there. Mostly I sat outside and stared lovingly at the ocean.

Okay, but there are reasons I am telling you all of this, because why would you care?

The first reason is: I am not in physical shape to go on the book tour I was supposed to go on upon the release of The Shadow Cabinet. So that tour will be POSTPONED until I am physically able. I cannot WAIT to do this.

BUT! Just because I can’t travel doesn’t mean I won’t be doing things. I will be ONLINE. You may be hearing MUCH from me in the lead-up to the release on February 10th (US)/February 5th (UK).

But I have a few other things to mention. Because I have learned a few lessons in this experience.


1. Not all of the things need to get done, probably.

I am a big proponent of doing ALL THE THINGS!!!! I’m not super good at learning that I can’t do things, or maybe I should rest a bit and not overdo it. This is how you end up trying to do five loads of laundry and then you start crying in the laundry room because you have run out of energy and then you sit in a wheely laundry cart because you’re too tired to walk to the drier and then you just give up and decide you don’t need towels, anyway, and you sit on the floor of the elevator riding back upstairs. Sometimes? The laundry does not need doing, especially if you do not leave the house. You can wear anything in the house, including your Jedi bathrobe or the t-shirt you found half-under the bed, or you can fashion a cape out of the dog blanket from the sofa and sweep dramatically around the hallway. I showered every day. GOOD ENOUGH. And frankly, you don’t need to set the bar that high. It’ll be fine.

2. There is such a thing as too much television.

Sometimes you don’t have much choice in this matter. Like, when you can’t get off the sofa and you’re wearing your dog blanket cape and you’re generally wobbling like a lost Jello on a windy plain. This is when I discovered BBC Radio online and it has changed my life. You can listen to radio plays! Dramatized books! Comedy! Discussions! Music! 

3. Make a bundle of the PRECIOUS THINGS so you don’t have to keep getting up.

You’re going to want your phone and a charger and a book and a pen and a the TV remote and your water bottle and your headphones. Just carry everything in a bucket. If you don’t have a bucket, fill a towel or the corner of your Jedi robe or a t-shirt. 

4. Despite appearances, you will be able to return to the world.

After a week or two or three inside in the winter, you will begin to think you are the last remaining member of a lost civilization. You’re not.

5. *** email

Except the ones from your friends or your mom or anything that is really critical. But mostly you can **** email until such a time as you are ready to handle it. At which point, I advise you to just erase 75% of it at random.

6. Other people are awesome.

I have a new appreciation for people who live with long-term illness and pain. What I’ve gone through is a drop in the bucket. I have a job I can do from home, and insurance, and many people who have helped me when I couldn’t quite do the things I normally am able to do. My mom has talked to me every day. Oscar has been a champion–taking on all the tasks I couldn’t.

7. Hoard your miracle substance.

There is probably one, maybe two, substances that are keeping you going. Mine is ginger ale, which helps with some of the GI effects of the drugs. I buy ginger ale like I’m expecting a ginger ale shortage. All of it is mine. I tower it high. I will drink it. Ginger ale.

8. Meditation

I’ve been a regular mediator for five years, and it has a huge impact on my life. You can definitely do this while sick, and it can only help.

9. Spy on your neighbors

Might as well. I have notebooks full of their movements.

10. Say thank you.

Thanks everyone who has helped me. I love you.

If YOU have tips on how to stay at home and be sick, please TWEET them to me. I long to COMPILE this knowledge!

  • Me: Yeah! I am so excited! There is this massive movie premiere this weekend! I cannot wait! It is going to be such an incredible film!
  • Person: Oh you mean the new Star Wars film! I know I am so excited for it!
  • Me: Star Wars? I was talking about 1989 World Tour Live.

It’s been a while since I have edited with HTTYD, but it was fun to do. Anyway, I know I have been spamming my blog with so many HTTYD 2 posts, and I apologize for that. Honestly, I am super excited for the new movie and I cannot wait to watch it. Enjoy the video and make sure to like! :) 

thatkevinsmith: Today is Day 1 of 8 on the episode of @cwtheflash I’m directing. We shot a scene last week in pre-production but Ep 221 officially begins today… And I’m really nervous. I love this show so much and dread making an episode that blows. The good news is both the cast and the crew of this most excellent entertainment do this sort of thing every week and need no help from me to craft a compelling comic book come to life. I’m kinda just here to root them on and make the occasional suggestion. Many thanks to my new #Flash family for making me feel so welcomed, right down to the cartoon of me on the tech scout itinerary (pictured above). And huge hosannahs to ep 221 writer #ZackStentz who CRUSHED the script and gave me, the cast & the crew something wonderfully emotional to shoot this week. (Like me, Zack is normally a movie guy. Unlike me, Zack has written very successful movies - like X-MEN: FIRST CLASS and THOR.) As we get ready to roll, I’m scared to fuck up but thrilled to have the chance to do this at all… Which pretty much sums up how I feel about living life in general. #theflash #KevinSmith #runbarryrun #Vancouver #KevSmithsonian

I am so excited for this ep! I love that they had someone who wrote for Thor and X-men write this script! They gave it the A-list treatment. CANNOT WAIT.