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A Matter of Time

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Summary: (Soulmate Timer AU) Steve awoke with a start. A baseball game was playing softly on the radio. He sat up, incredibly disoriented. He looked to his right arm. 3 Years, 84 Days, 2 Hours, 0 Minutes, 5 Seconds. He’d woken up 70 years in the future. 

It was a surprise for Mr. and Mrs. Rogers, when on July 4, 1918, their son Steven was born with ‘95 Years, 14 days, 10 hours, 22 Minutes 35 seconds’ on his forearm. Steven Grant Rogers, sickly boy that he was, wouldn’t even meet his soulmate until well into old age.

Steve did his best to not let it bother him. Ever the optimist, he believed that it just meant that whoever he would meet in 75 years would be so special, they’d wait their whole lives to find one another.

Bucky had a different outlook. As one of the rare few without a timer, James Buchanan Barnes was basically the definition of ‘playboy.’ He saw it as 75 years for Steve to be with whoever the hell he wanted without having to settle down. The two friends weren’t really that alike when it came to matters of the heart.

Both philosophies faded into the background when they entered the war. Steve gave up the theories of finding love in favor of striving to survive. After the serum, Steve had more women (and some men) throwing themselves at him than he’d ever thought would.

The only person he even thought he might have a shot with was Peggy, but after Bucky fell he was far too consumed by his grief to do anything. As his timer slowly ticked downwards, he fought the good fight. His last hopes were winking out as he flew the plane into the ice.

Steve awoke with a start. A baseball game was playing softly on the radio. He sat up, incredibly disoriented. He looked to his right arm.

3 Years, 84 Days, 2 Hours, 0 Minutes, 5 Seconds. He’d woken up 70 years in the future.

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Behind The Story S2 | Pt. 17

Summary: The reader and Jensen fly together back to LA,

Author: sleepywinchester {prev; deanwinchester-af}

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared, Gen and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader (Nina Dobrev = Faceclaim)

Words: 1.3k+

Warnings: Angst.

Beta: @waywardlullabies


Note: Hope you guys like this one!!!

Title: For Our Daughter’s Sake


Instead of having your mother fly to San Diego with JJ, Jensen traveled back to Los Angeles with you. Having JJ around wasn’t the smartest idea with all the media that was in San Diego.

It felt weird being next to him for the short flight. There was so much history between the two of you, yet neither could form a non-awkward sentence.

“Do you think we can make this co-parenting work?” Jensen broke the silence.

You looked at him, “I mean… We have to. For JJ.”

Jensen’s eyes lit up at the sound of her name. “Yeah,” he smiled slightly. “I miss her.”

“She really misses you,” you said. “She always says da-da all around.”

He smiled, glad his daughter haven’t forget about him. You guys didn’t talked much the rest of the flight. Once in LA, you two drove straight back to your place.

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Yep, another picspam review. I mean, with this episode, how could I not? I was broken for a full two days, so of course it warrants me repeatedly smashing my face into the keyboard… which is pretty much what this entire post is. Face smashes and screencaps. (And boy howdy, do I mean screencaps. There’s a LOT. *rolls around in all of the caps*)

I actually did not have all that much time to get online yesterday, so this time around I don’t believe I’ll be unintentionally quoting any of you guys. \o/

First, I will share this… I get my legal digital copies from Google Play (I have Android everything, including a fucking television that’s running Android… of course I use Google Play and also ‘cuz fuck a whole lot iTunes). Someone at Google knows exactly what they’re doing because THIS is the picture they decided to use as the thumbnail of this episode. And I am DYING because this exact moment is when Cas says, “get out” and Sam is just staring like, “omg mental note do not fuck with Cas right now.”

Yah, that’s perfect. YOCKEY: I am Cas. Get the fuck out, you broke me. I am also Sam. I cannot believe you just did that jesus fuck.

(Side note: that picture is taken with my Android phone of my Android TV.)

That said.

Number of Obligatory Dean Wall Slams: TWOOOOO!!! Yockey, you speak to my heart.

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Austin Nights - Part 3

Pairing: Single!Jensen × Reader

Word Count: 3070

Summary: The reader lives in Austin and unknowingly runs into Jensen at a bonfire and sparks fly. Part 1 After abruptly leaving the party, the reader hopes to run into Jay again. Part 2

Warnings: Language, Implied Smut? (not sure if that’s a warning or not)

Obviously I intend no hate or ill wishes to him or his family. This is purely just for writing and wasting my time.

This is purely for a hobby and my enjoyment. Maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I am by no means a writer so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or grammatical/spelling errors.


Everyday had become an anticipated wait until your next ‘Skype Date’. They felt awkward at first, you weren’t really sure what to say, how long they should last, and an underlying desire just to touch him. But they soon became a familiar and comfortable part of your relationship. You built on depth and connection being denied the physical aspect. Part of you knew because of his status and profession, your relationship would not likely last long but you told yourself you were going to enjoy the ride while it lasted.

The hardest part was keeping it all from Angie. Jensen had discussed how he liked privacy and you agreed with his reasons. But if you told Angie, even though you loved her to death, it would only take one drunk night for her to start spreading it like wildfire.

Due to both your schedules and the time difference, dates would sometimes be at odd times or cut short if he was needed back to a scene or walk through. Tonight he seemed to be running late. You kept your laptop open and volume on high so you wouldn’t miss him. The rumbling in your stomach could not be patient any longer and you eventually found yourself with a bowl of ramen noodles as the familiar sound of Skype rang. You immediately answered despite the noodles hanging out of your mouth as you paused slurping. Jensen looked as perfect as ever wearing a backwards baseball cap. He immediately threw his body back in laughter as your image popped up on his side of the screen.

After a final slurp you defended your actions. “What? A girl’s gotta eat.” He continued laughing. “You are not my only priority believe it or not Jensen Ackles.”

“Ah, man. I wish I would have captured that.” He teased regretfully.

“Oh, don’t worry, I gotta better one for you.” You played back as you used chopsticks to dangle the noodles above your face, dramatically slurping them from above.

Jensen grinned from ear to ear at your antics. “You’re one of a kind, Y/N.” He continued to tease. “What is that anyways?” He asked more seriously.

“Um, Ramen,” You said as if it was obvious.

“Hmm, how did you make them?” He said trying to get a better view of the bowl.

“It’s like a .25 cent packet, you dork.” You laughed. “No culinary experience needed.”

“Are you short on money?” He asked concerned.

You rolled your eyes, hating when he brought finances up. “I am fine,” You assured. “Just trying to put some money aside, that’s all.”

Jay pondered trying to imagine what you would be saving for. “When are you someone to save money?”

“Not that it’s any of your information, but I do have a 401(k) and do know a thing or two about finances… why have you become so inquisitive?” You raised an eyebrow.

“Gotta make sure my girl is taken care of.” You blushed at his response. “So, what are you saving for?”

You pressed your lips together. “It’s a secret.” You smiled slyly.

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Our latest ‘FOCUS ON’ feature interview is with  Australian actor John Harlan Kim. Kim has journeyed from the familiar sights of Ramsay Street on Neighbours, to become a valued Librarian on the hit TNT show, The Librarians.

Hi John, how’s your visit home been?
Unreal! Always good to get home for the Summer and see all my mates and the family. Mom was stoked to have me back but now I’m pretty sure she’s getting over it and probably ready for me to head back to the States!

We’ve just seen the season 3 finale of The Librarians. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster. Your character Ezekiel has grown over the years, matured, what’s the journey been like over that time?
It’s weird. Here’s a character I never thought would grow. It was apparent that he suffered from some type of Peter Pan syndrome. But over the seasons we’ve seen more and more that it’s just a guard he has set up and I think people can relate to Ezekiel in that way, that having walls up is a normal human thing to do. He has the most to prove yet he acts like he doesn’t care but we’re seeing more and more that he truly does care, especially about his new family.

Can you relate to Ezekiel in any way?
I’ve grown up with the show myself so that’s probably one of the coolest parts, to not only see Ezekiel grow up and mature with each script but also needing to have to do that myself albeit on a less grander scale because obviously I’m not fighting dragons and minotaurs in my personal life. My problems are a little more realistic like trying to score a date or not over-cooking my eggs.

Has there been an episode that stood out as a favourite?
Point of Salvation. Hands down. The cast were so supportive that ep as was Jonathan Frakes and Jeremy Bernstein. They put me in an environment where I felt confident enough to make choices and take creative risks. I think it all came together really well in the end and I couldn’t be prouder.

Tell us about your relationship with the other Librarians.
Lindy [Booth] and Christian [Kane] set great examples for me, they’re always there for me (Lindy & Rebecca have even housed me at one stage) and they’re just good people to be around. And with Noah [Wyle], I couldn’t be more amped to work with. He’s phenomenal at what he does and I have a lot of respect for the way he handles the pressure whether as an actor, producer, director or writer. He’s awesome. I really couldn’t be in a better position with the cast I have.

And the dynamic between the Librarians and their Guardian, as well as Jenkins? It’s a great technique, incorporating different roles to cover a variety of plot lines.
Rebecca Romijn and John Larroquette make it way too easy to play! They’ve both had long and successful careers in the industry and it was easy to see why from the moment I got to Portland. I love working with them. It’s fun because you’re right, when we have such a wide variety of plot lines to cover splitting up the team becomes necessary to keep on top of it all. Every script I get, it’s exciting! One day I’ll be sitting on a magic council with Larroquette, the next I’ll be beating up zombies along with Romijn!

The episodes are always so unique and interesting, when you first read each script how do you feel? I’d imagine much like the audience, fascinated, but excited as your character experiences it.
One of my favorite parts about the whole thing is getting the next episode’s script. The writers on our show are top flight and they do a spectacular job in conveying their vision onto paper and keeping things fresh and interesting! Like I mentioned, you don’t know what you’ll be doing or where your character will get to travel to, all you know for sure is it won’t be boring!

There are some harder themes, for example in season 3 the team deals with the resolution of Cassandra’s tumour. In contrast, what was it like filming those scenes? As a viewer it was tense!
To an extent, it definitely felt like a shock to the system! Showing up that day was such a different type of shooting day for us. I wasn’t used to coming in and filming something so somber but being the incredible talent she is, Lindy absolutely killed it!

Were there any other scenes that presented a challenge in terms of emotional response? Like the finale?
Yeah I mean Flynn’s ultimate sacrifice was rough. And I had already read what was going to happen and I still got anxious watching it! That and Charlene’s goodbye. Jane Curtin’s a star, I loved having her around.

And what about training for the more physical combat roles, what was that like? Did you enjoy it?
Definitely. I got to live out a bit of a youth dream with that vampire ep. And to do it alongside Christian Kane who is well-versed in vampire combat himself. I mean, come on! How lucky am I!? Our stunt guys Tim Eulich and Buster Reeves were a dream to work with and they’re absolute legends as well.

Over the seasons, what’s one of your favourite moments working on the ‘The Librarians’ set?
My first day. Noah Wyle and the jewel theft scene. It still feels like a dream, such a surreal moment. I haven’t lost that feeling yet and I hope I never do. I never want to be jaded.

Do you have an idea as to what The Librarians will go through in the upcoming series? What would you like to see happen next, for all the librarians and specifically Ezekiel?
Zero idea. They’re good at keeping pretty secretive about all of that stuff. I’d love to see Ezekiel continue to evolve into the Librarian he’s going to be someday. He’s far from being fully-realized and has the most growing up to do so to see him take that next step would be awesome.

The Librarians has been renewed for a fourth season, what do you think makes the series so successful?
Our showrunners. John Rogers and now Dean Devlin. They’re the pulse of the show. I don’t really need to say anymore, they’re extraordinary at what they do and they’re two of the best men I’ll ever come across, by every measurement of the word.

Is there any other role you’d like to take on from a book or comic? Or another series you’d also like to be a part of?
Amadeus Cho. I’ve always wanted to be a humungous, green giant.

Did you always want to be an actor?
I decided at 15 I wanted to be an actor so I took a class, auditioned for my first gig and booked it. I then took that pay check from my first acting gig, coupled that with money saved from working at a charcoal chicken store and flew to New York in my school holidays. I knocked on the door to a film school building in Manhattan and told the concierge I wanted to be an actor and he told me to go find my parents. I think he thought I was lost.

On your down time what other things do you enjoy doing?
I love shooting hoops, hitting the water and playing video games. I picked up boxing a few months ago too but my heads so big, it makes it ridiculously hard to dodge punches.

How does working overseas compare to working here at home in Australia?
The biggest difference I’ve found is the pacing. I can’t speak for either industry as a whole but my experience on Neighbours was a much more fast-paced environment than something like The Librarians. It was actually a fantastic way to learn to nail your first few takes and within that, I found preparation was key so I make sure to show up to any set now with my lines absolutely ingrained into my brain so that the real fun can begin once you start shooting.

What advice do you have for actors, especially Australians wanting to make it in the industry and overseas?
Trust your choices. It’s so easy to second guess if you’re on the right path or not but just back yourself and everything else will fall into place.

And finally, what can we expect from you next?
I’m actually in the middle of editing my first project right now so I’m hoping to complete that before we start work on Season 4! Way too excited to see that finished and then to get to go back to work with Dean & the gang is going to be an absolute blast as always!

Thank you so much for your time John. We can’t wait to see you on screen in 2017!

khrfanatic  asked:

what do you think why Real!Ciel returned home? is he want to take the revenge on young master??... although I am excited with the revelations, it made me scared too for what comes next

Hmmm, if real Ciel /is/ the ultimate bizarre doll Undertaker was talking about in ch84, it means that he had a lot of ‘future episodes’, i.e. a very strong longing for future.

For example, these students from Weston were turned into BDs by Undertaker and they mumble stuff like

“Cricket game” and “Christmas break”, which means that they were thinking of those things in the moment when they died. So if what you thought of in the last moment of your life is what define your actions as a bizarre doll, I think there’s the chance that real Ciel thought of his bright future as the next “Earl Phantomhive”, i.e. the life he would have lived (had he been not killed by the cultists). Hence, he came back to the Phantomhive manor and claimed he is the real “Earl”.

↑↑ Okay, that’s the somewhat logical part of my answer and the following is just my wishful thinking lol ↓↓

Undertaker said more or less that “BDs don’t tell any lies” in this scene

so if we take real Ciel’s words in chapter 129

“You don’t have to worry anymore. I won’t ever leave your side.”

at face value, I think there’s a chance that he also came back for our Ciel’s sake. I really believe that the twins got along well and that real Ciel was protective of our Ciel (ch90), so maybe he thought of his little bother as well when he was killed.

Again, that’s just my wishful thinking, but at the moment there are so many mysteries and unanswered questions regarding real Ciel, bizarre dolls and Undertaker anyway, so I guess anyone is allowed to come up with a crack theory haha! (≧▽≦)

The Contest-Part 23

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only Red, AKA@oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino, Rory Montgomery (OC), PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

“Okay, if I tell you, you have to PROMISE not to get mad.  I took care of it.”  I told Jensen.

“I’m listening.”

“I confronted Rory about the crap he pulled at the party, and he said I was jealous and then he kissed me.  The yelling you heard was me telling him Jared was gonna kick his ass.” I looked at Jensen, trying to gauge his reaction.

“Jared can get in line,” Jensen said angrily, clenching his fists.

“See, this is why I didn’t want you two to know.  Hasn’t there been enough drama? I handled it!  Rory is a straight up douchebag, and I won’t have either of you getting in trouble because of him.  So can we just drop it, please?  You know Jared will want to beat the crap out of him.” I gave Jensen my best puppy dog eyes. Jared had rubbed off on me.

“FINE.” He snapped.  “But if he so much as looks at you funny, I’m kicking his sorry ass, no matter what you say, AND telling Jared.”

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4x04 Personal Highlights

So I know that there has been a lot of negativity surrounding this past episode, but I would like to point out that it was far from being all bad and I would say it was a hell of a lot better than episode four from LAST season (aka. my least favourite episode of this show, ever) there was actually some good shit buried in this episode that I would like to address.

Never too much positivity, right fam?

Okay, I’ll get to it.

1. “Bellamy should be back by now.”

I mean, it’s self-explanatory. Even the C/exa queen is writing us some Bellarke shit .. hmm, I wonder why? Maybe cause she has to? Maybe cause Bellarke is becoming canon? Huh, weird.

2. Monty being a total babe and trying to comfort Clarke

It only serves to make the absence of his name on The List that much more painful, but I love seeing Monty trying to cheer Clarke up. He’s such a beacon of light. @the-ships-to-rule-them-all and @abazethe100 talked on their podcast about how its not just Monty’s brain and skills that make him invaluable, but who he is at his core - a source of optimism and support. He holds people together. I thought it was worth mentioning because @theskyboxpodcast is always good, but I especially loved that bit.

3. Devon’s acting

The writers truly could not have picked a better actor to play Jasper. He kills it, over and over and over again. Devon is the perfect mix of humour and tragedy that makes Jasper so heartbreaking and unique. He brings life to this character in a way that few actors could. That scene in the rain perfectly demonstrates this.

(UNRELATED: I’d love to see how Jaha was managing out on that lake when he heard about the acid fog. The possibilities are never-endingly humourous.)

4. Kane calling out Octavia

This scene was soooo validating because its the first time that Octavia’s actions have TRULY been called out. And it wasn’t just a brief call-out, it was an entire lengthy scene dedicated to why Octavia’s actions are NOT being supported by the narrative and are NOT right or honourable. 

“A warrior knows when not to kill. Lincoln taught you that. You seem to have forgotten.”


And to those of you who were screaming about Octavia never dealing with the consequences of her actions after … what? 4x02? YOU COULDN’T WAIT TWO EPISODES??? WHY DO YOU JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS WHY DO YOU TORTURE YOURSELVES? Short rant concluded. This was a top-knotch scene. 


She is so gorgeous and her voice is so soothing. She makes every episode better just be existing.



7. Jackson being a total babe and helping out Raven this episode/showing compassion and concern

So I’ve seen people shipping it and I am … oddly, not opposed??? I mean, he’s sweet and that banter was nice and he’s a doctor which means he’s probs smart and also can help her out with her pain (kinda) and it will never happen but I CAN DREAM OKAY? 

Also, Jackson is Jackson’s only name. I’m sorry, I don’t make the rules. You will never hear me referring to Jackson by any other name. #dealwithit

8. “Save us all” sounds like “keep us all clean” in Trigadesleng because apparently Grounders know their priorities

I guess this explains why L.exa had that deep conditioned shit last season while Clarke was progressing through her slow but steady evolution into a dirty mop

9. “I’ve never met a line I wouldn’t cross.”

Richard you get the best lines. And you slay them every time.


I’M SO EXCITED. Lindsey and Richard are both a thrill to watch and they’re both so sassy and their history is just … WOW. They haven’t had many scenes together ever since that KILLER scene in the dropship where we learned Murphy’s backstory which is a total crime because THEIR CHEMISTRY SERIOUSLY FLIES THROUGH THE ROOF.

I do think Murphy was trying to get on Raven’s good side when he grabbed her and helped her to safety and it was definitely for his personal motives, but I do also believe that a large part of him wanted to do it as an attempt to make up for fucking up her life so bad as well. It’s such an interesting dynamic to watch.

Just want to clarify that I don’t ship it because … y’all he literally shot her and paralyzed her why do you do this?? But I definitely want to see more of them on my TV screen

11. Dad!Kane cupping his son’s face

Need I say more?

12. “Warriors don’t reveal their secrets.”


13. Ice Nation is SO much more interesting than Trikru


14. “Remember that time we welded your dad’s furniture to the ceiling? Now THAT was a prank.”



15. “You’re not God, Clarke. You don’t get to decide who lives and dies.”

Hmm … that’s an interesting line. Almost like it might be … I don’t know … A major theme of the show or something?

Also A++ delivery Devon. Kudos.

16. This show is SO GOOD with moral dilemmas

They truly do bring their A-Game every season. The List is just one example of these so-called moral dilemmas. There truly is no right choice. Clarke was pragmatic, everything she did made SENSE. But was it moral? Was it humane? That’s another story, and it’s one these writers are not afraid to tell.

17. Monty and Clarke’s interactions are all so on point

“You’re the one going too far and using the same old justification: it’s all for my people.”


Monty is spilling the tea this episode and while I understand Clarke’s mindset and sympathize with her for dealing with the pressure on her shoulders, everything that Monty said in this scene was absolutely 100% true, and it’s going to come into play in Clarke’s character arc this season, I am sure.

18. Raven’s struggle with her leg is so real

Kim perfectly captured the struggles that Raven has to deal with and how her leg, while limits her physical ability, certainly does not limit her determination, her skill, and her brain. 

19. “What if the fight is all we are? We torture, kill, betray. We pretend we’re more than that just to make ourselves feel better, but it’s a lie.”

I love this line so much. This episode encapsulates so many themes and big ideas of the show (and it grapples with morality in hugeeeee ways) and I’m loving it.

20. “You’re not a prisoner, Luna. You have a choice.”

Raven putting her gun down and saying this to Luna is SO important, especially when you think about how Clarke tried to force the flame on her in 3x14. Free will was a major theme last year and I’m glad to see it paying off now.

21. Jaha swooping in and stealing that crowd

Listen. I know that there are many conflicted opinions on Jaha and I know that lot of people hate him. But I have never been more intrigued. His story this season is sooo interesting. I have no idea what to expect from him. I feel as though he is so disconnected from the other characters at this point in the narrative that he’s a complete wild card. Do I trust him or not? Should I? What are his motives? What knowledge does he have that the other characters don’t?

He’s so fascinating to me in that he is completely unpredictable. His story this season could break off in just about any direction. 

This scene was really fun to watch. Clearly, Jaha’s years of being a Chancellor comes in handy with a crowd. He knows what to do, what to say, to sway them. It reminds me of Bellamy, in a way, actually. Say what you will about Jaha, but he has a way with words and he knows how to inspire people. I can’t wait to see how this goes. 

(I totally think that lottery is bullshit and I think that Jaha realizes this, but he’s manipulating the crowd. We’ll see how this blows up in our faces later.)

“The people need to feel like they have a say in their fate.”

Another interesting line that I enjoyed. Just wanted to point it out.

22. “It’s the only choice you gave yourself. If you think you have the best idea, you have to convince people, not lie to them. Or lock them up.”

So choices and free will and truth and morality are all big focusses of this episode. People seem to overlook how much great thematic stuff is in 4x04 but there’s a lot and it’s great.

23. Becca’s lab is bomb AF


25. “Take me home.” 


My Worlds recap

Here I was, on March 30th, in my hometown Riga with bus and ferry tickets and most importantly - tickets to Ladies practice and Short Dance in my pocket. I could not believe I was going to Worlds after many years of living and breathing figure skating. This was a dream of mine that I thought would never come to life. It felt so surreal I had to pinch myself a few times. 😅

When me and my mom made it to the arena at 8 AM on March 31st, it was so difficult to hold back tears ( i am literally tearing up as i’m writing this 😂). Watching figure skating has been one of the biggest parts of my life for five (!!!) years now and I don’t think I can put my feelings towards it in just some sentences. It is better than all the movies because it’s the real life - but with the spectrum of emotions I only get to see in the cinema. It doesn’t only show “the movie” (aka the performance) but also every behind the scenes action (like the emotions before and after the performance, the training process, the challenges along the way) which makes it so much more interesting. So when I walked in the arena it felt like a dream come true. They didn’t have doors heading to each sector, but a curtain instead (to not make a sound every time someone enters or exits) and because it was the practice time for Ladies the curtains weren’t closed but fully open instead. So even when I had just come in the arena, I could already see a glimpse of the ice rink which felt so surreal and that was the first time it hit me so hard that I was actually really here - at the World Championships.

It felt fantastic to see stars like Ashley Wagner, Kaetlyn Osmond, Gabrielle Daleman, Evgenia Medvedeva, Anna Pogorilaya and Carolina Kostner skate so close to me (we were seated really close to the ice), to see their determined faces and to live through their great performances. Incomparably mesmerizing.

Before the short dance there was some time to kill so we just walked around and enjoyed the atmosphere which is SO unique! There is this buzzing feeling which makes you feel warm and welcomed and everyone looks nervously excited. We walked through every booth/shop there was, I even got some beautiful postcards from John Wilson Blades booth (they were handing them out for free?! 😧) with Ashley, Patrick, the Shibs and Chock/Bates. There I met a lovely French fan and we had a brief talk about our journeys as fans and let me add that it feels so weird to actually talk with someone about figure skating after you’ve mostly only shared your opinions online and have never had a legit conversation live??! 😂

Then it was the time for the short dance (oh my, hearing the ISU fanfare live was hands down the best experience ever 😂😂😂) . I have been a massive ice dance fan since forever and I am a big supporter of Tessa&Scott. They are the main reason I was actually here - I can’t put into words what they’ve done to me in these past years - they have held me up every time I felt down in various ways - with their performances, life stories or just small interviews. I just wanted to give back to them a little with my heartfelt support. However, I joined the V/M fandom in 2012 when everyone was furious about D/W and their success (which would happen in 2013 and 2014) and I quickly learned to be as bitter as everyone else. It feels sad to look back now and think that we used so much time to just talk about Meryl and Charlie - more than about great things of Tessa and Scott. I only understood this after T&S took a break after 2014 and I just became this casual ice dance fan who wanted to see the best in everyone and was listening to everyone’s stories of ups and downs. It was the same fantastic atmosphere - just without all the rage. During this period of time I really fell in love with Kaitlyn&Andrew, Maia&Alex and Gabriella&Guillaume. When Tessa&Scott came back I couldn’t believe how great I felt during the season - it was now 100 times more exciting as I had so many couples I loved and supported throughout (…well, i did love t&s a little more than anyone else though 😆) . And you have NO idea how much I loved the theme of this years SD. SOOOO much spunk and sass! I hope you don’t mind me saying that pretty much all of these were the best short dances I have ever seen from the top teams.

First of all, let me say a word about the atmosphere live. It is absolutely incomparable to the TV. The audience noises are lowered for about ten thousand times and are almost inaudible in the TV which is the biggest change. The ovations are so impressive you can’t believe them at first. Second of all, the skating skills and the speed is insane live. And thirdly of all, the costumes look SO. MUCH. DIFFERENT. (they are much more sparkly and colorful 😍✨).

I was actually worried that I might not last for seven freaking groups but the time went so fast. I still can’t believe the zamboni breaks. I swear to god they didn’t last more than five minutes 😅 (I always get cranky during the resurfacing breaks when I watch TV - feels like hours). From the first four groups couples that stood out for me the most were Smart/Diaz, Kaliszek/Spodyriev and Lauriault/Le Gac - they all had great stage presence and superb feel to the music.

Then the fifth group came. All of a sudden Tessa and Scott were on the ice and I was like one of these crazy Bieber fans who can’t stop their tears. I tried my hardest to bring the tears back but I miserably failed (I had promised myself that I would act NORMALLY NOT START CRYING ON MY FIRST OPPORTUNITY I AM SO WEIRDED OUT OF THE SUDDEN EMOTIONS THAT CAME OUTSIDE IN THAT MOMENT - I am a very reserved person who always puts herself together 😂). Tessa’s costume is SO much more beautiful live. I wasn’t a fan of it when I first saw it but DAMN she looked hot. Also the golden sparkles around the cutouts on the pants are basically not seen at all in the usual professional pics but they were actually unbelievably shiny. And Scott just has this amazing aura around himself. He seemed to ooze confidence but also some sort of humbleness. And OMG - they’re fast. But the thing that struck me the most was the non-touching step sequence. They did it once in the warm up and I legit thought it was some “easy version of this sequence without the hard steps just to get warmed up” and you can’t imagine how surprised I was when they performed it in the actual dance. It WAS the sequence. I swear it looked like anyone could do it. So light and easy. Now THAT was the moment I understood how superior they actually are. Everybody else’s StSq looked, you know, like a StSq should look like - a hard element hard to execute (don’t get me wrong - they were mostly done beautifully but it was visible that this is a hard element - which it is 😆). After the warm up ended I was probably still in shock so I have no recollection of the first two pairs in that group. Sorry. 😁 Then they came up on ice for a short warm up again while the previous teams scores were announced. And this includes the moment I think nobody has caught on camera (I don’t think I have seen any pre-sd videos at all which is such a shame). They were just gliding on ice separately with Tessa slightly in front of Scott. Then they started to slow down because they were coming to Marie France. And while they’re slowing down, Scott skates right in front of me with the biggest grin ever and his lovey-dovey eyes focused on Tessa’s back slightly in front of him. And that is the moment I calm down. His eyes bring the sense to me that everything is going to be okay and he is confident about it (i swear to god he’s a magician or whatever but that look was SO calming and surreal). And Tessa just turns her head, looks at his face and literally rolls her eyes with a smile on her face (okay i might’ve imagined the eye rolling but you all know that face when tessa looks at scott and thinks ‘god you’re such an idiot i love you’) and then they’re already with Marie France with last words before performance. The actual performance was unreal. They did their beginning moves right in front of me and that was SO sharp. Also when they did these moves there were quite few “eeeaaaww” kind of shouts or whatever the Michael Jackson kind of short screams sound. That was superb and I’m so sad NONE of them are audible during the actual recording. It gave a great atmosphere. Scott did the kneeling thing right before the end of the first section right in front of me which left such an impact. SOO much control. The blues sequence was hella smooth (and twizzles were ok but i was so scared about them) BUT THE LIFT. THE STADIUM FREAKING ERUPTED DURING THE LIFT. I felt as if I had wings and had been accepted into paradise. And then it ended and I was on my feet and there was an ocean of tears (whoops😅). It was an experience I will never forget.

Then it was time for Group number 6. I have to be honest - I was a little disappointed with Stepanova/Bukin. I’ve been a huge fan of their SD but seeing it live was a little bit underwhelming. It’s the way of skating - they skate “small”. However I still loved the choreography and their chemistry is certainly the best in the younger ice dancers field. If they can improve their skating skills, I’m completely on board.

Piper and Paul were a huge surprise for me. Even when they were warming up with everyone else, you could feel their presence the most. And let me just say this - Canadian men are superior dancers. Scott, Paul and Andrew all felt a bit similar to me. They makes themselves look extremely confident (i mean their skating skills also are 😍) and they lead their ladies better than anyone else - it just feels extremely natural. So, back to Piper&Paul. This was a huge hit in the arena (and for me!). The feeling was great throughout the performance and I just want to say it one more time - the skating skills (piper has improved so much)!! the twizzles! they took my breath. I have to admit I didn’t think this dance would actually work for me but it did.

Another team which surprised me in a good way were Bobrova&Soloviev. As the season progressed, I always felt as this program was a little “pushed”. They tried to bring the sass, but instead it came off as a vulgarity. However the forms they create on ice are very clean and blade work is beautiful so I was actually scratching my head after watching these two because I’ve never really liked them but somehow they look better live (I just don’t understand why?)

I was also delighted by Anna&Luca’s performance. That dress looked even more beautiful live and they also made me like them more than on TV. They just draw you in and you can’t do anything about it. I just wish they would be more versatile (but i still love them!)

The seventh group started with the Shibs who I think had the very close second short dance choreography-and-idea-wise behind T&S. I’ve absolutely adored this dance all the times this season and this was no exception. That lift was badass and man, those twizzles… I didn’t think that was going to leave such a big impact on me. SO sharp in every movement. Alex just needs improve his facial expressions a bit and then they’d be even more perfect (also maia is a literal goddess).

I have to say my sentimental favorites of the night were Kaitlyn&Andrew. Their skating on TV looks a bit like Stepanova/Bukin’s so I was a little bit worried that it would fall flat. It was the DIRECT opposite. I think their skating skills were second only to VM that night because damn, they skated with so much speed. And their chemistry just went sky high. Also that lift made the arena erupt (again😂). It looked so much more powerful than on TV. The move where Andrew just rolls Kaitlyn on his back was hands down one of the coolest of the night. I was just so happy to see them perform the best they can after some disappointing starts. It was truly wonderful and after they finished I was standing and in tears again. I thought they were terribly underscored, but oh well, #twizzles. (they are both also incredibly hot 😏🔥)

Gabriella&Guillaume were also amazing live. I loved that they did the most program to the blues music which I truly respect because it is so much harder to keep an audience interested with blues than with hip hop. But the slow section was amazing - the attention to details and the blade work was soooo smooth. I’ve got to say although Guillaume’s skating skills and dance moves are through the roof fantastic, he doesn’t “lead” his partner that well - the Canadian guys do it so much better. I don’t think he has any rivals in the “best male ice dancer by himself” category, but he has a lot to learn to be the best in the “best male partner in ice dance” nomination - he isn’t the full package yet. However I’m a big fan of hard work and dedication (and I’m sad people only appreciate Guillaume’s because he is the more gifted one) so I’m a big fan of Gabi, her personality and facial expressions during the performance. She sells everything better than Guillaume but I don’t think she’s being recognized enough for that.

Madi&Zach also surprised me live by looking far more polished than on TV. The movements were sharp and they’ve got this weirdly different blade quality compared to others that I can’t explain (but i liked it). I certainly was a bit cringey about the music at the beginning of the season, but I’ve got to say that crowd really appreciated it and I was also on board. I smiled so hard when the scores came up because I absolutely love it when underdogs show everyone what they’re capable of.

Last up were Madi&Evan and this unfortunately turned out the same way I felt about Stepanova/Bukin. I had also been a big fan of this SD all season but their way of skating didn’t seem to impress me. I had also liked how Evan just tossed around Madi various times in the program but live it just seemed a little too much? BUT I totally respect that they have worked so much with their chemistry because it was nonexistent some years ago but now they just scream the word “FIIIIREEEEEE”. 😉

Afterwards there were about a hundred of people making a crowd close to the door which skaters entered to go to the draw for the FD. Well, I think it’s not a very good way to get a skaters autograph. They are very tired after the competition and it’s not even over - there’s still the FD so they got to keep focused. I think a moment between a skater and a fan should be much more personal than just blocking an entrance just to get your autograph. I don’t know, it just made me a little uncomfortable when everyone was waiting for them just to come like they’re some sort of zoo animals or whatever. I didn’t want any autographs or anything, it was just SO hard to get through the far-too-excited crowd (to the exit of the arena) I decided to wait until they go away. I didn’t even register that I was standing right after the entrance to the draw (where it wasn’t crowded at all, in fact I was like the only person there) and the wall was from glass so you could see the skaters after they entered the “closed zone”. And then I turned my head and saw FREAKING TESSA AND SCOTT in the closed zone. About a meter from me there was this crazy crowd waiting for skaters and turning their heads in the other direction while I was enjoying my view of Tessa and Scott having a conversation. 😄 They were kind of afar from me though and I was trying my best not to stare ('they are not animals and it is rude to do that’ I muttered to myself) - I don’t think they even saw me because they looked completely in ease as the glass wall separated them from everyone. Then they left further for the draw and I couldn’t see them anymore. Tessa&Scott were already in the closed zone because they skated early but the skaters from the last group still had to come. I’ve got to say it was a bit sad to see the guards having a hard time taking the skaters from the crowd to the closed zone. People went crazy every time someone came. But I, still not accompanied by anyone, just had the best view of my life of skaters like Maia&Alex, Kaitlyn&Andrew, Gabi (Guillaume didn’t show up because he was getting his hand stitched) , Piper&Paul, Madi&Evan and Madi&Zach after they had gone through the crowd. Madison Hubbell actually turned around to see the crowd once again, laughed, then turned in the other direction, saw me all by myself, smiled and waved at me! 😎😱 I was so surprised but also very thankful for such a nice gesture! (jeez, but I hope I didn’t look like those weird, creepy stalkers 😁). The crowd finally went away and I got to walk out normally.

My journey was over but the memories were never going to fade. It was an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world as it brought the whole spectrum of emotions to me. It was the best day of my life. I can never thank enough to my mom who came up with this idea and travelled with me. We had the most fantastic time ever. ❤️

(thanks for reading, this was suuuuper long 😂)

thehufflepuffprefect  asked:

Tell me about the closet scene in Hamlet and why it's so interesting!


(i’m so glad i already had most of the ideas here written down in the annotations of my hamlet edition)

the first reason why this scene is so fascinating is that hamlet and gertrude continually switch what pronouns they use to refer to each other. first, gertrude uses the familiar “thou” for hamlet, while hamlet uses the formal/polite “you” for her.

GERTRUDE: Hamlet, thou hast thy father much offended.
HAMLET: Mother, you have my father much offended.
GERTRUDE: Come, come, you answer with an idle tongue.

gertrude, confused, switches to the formal “you,” probably out of caution. they continue like this, the tension in the conversation rising, until gertrude cries, “What wilt thou do? thou wilt not murder me?” (i also love all the emotion in this scene—it’s very clear through the text, and very disturbing.)

hamlet kills polonius. gertrude stays with “thou”—either to chastise hamlet or attempt to regain the familiarity she’s lost, if that makes sense. it seems to be the former, what with gertrude’s later line “What have I done, that thou dar’st wag thy tongue / In noise so rude against me?”

it’s also interesting to note that hamlet’s attack on gertrude is, from the beginning, based in gender roles. for example, he cites modesty, virtue, and innocence—all of which are stereotypically feminine—as things which gertrude is lacking or that she lost when she married claudius.

anyway, hamlet has a lot of really nasty things to say to gertrude, but what interests me the most is his distinction between gertrude’s emotions and her reason. i’m not going to close read the entire thing, but i find these passages particularly interesting—think about reason vs. emotion, choice vs. compulsion, madness vs. sanity, etc:

You cannot call it love; for at your age
The hey-day in the blood is tame, it’s humble,
And waits upon the judgment: and what judgment
Would step from this to this? Sense, sure, you have,
Else could you not have motion; but sure, that sense
Is apoplex’d; for madness would not err,
Nor sense to ecstasy was ne'er so thrall’d
But it reserved some quantity of choice,
To serve in such a difference.

Proclaim no shame
When the compulsive ardor gives the charge,
Since frost itself as actively doth burn
And reason panders will.

in this monologue, hamlet also switches to “thou” for the first time in the scene, obviously to attack and belittle gertrude.

then gertrude says this,

O Hamlet, speak no more:
Thou turn'st mine eyes into my very soul;
And there I see such black and grained spots
As will not leave their tinct.

which almost seems like some sort of confession. it also looks like she believes hamlet’s words—believing that she’s done something wrong, whether that be marrying claudius or even, as mentioned earlier in the scene, helping to kill hamlet sr. (which is less likely textually, but an interesting direction to take a production…)

and then of course we have this passage,

Nay, but to live
In the rank sweat of an enseamed bed,
Stew’d in corruption, honeying and making love
Over the nasty sty—

which is just downright GROSS, with some very nasty imagery going on.

another quote i find interesting is gertrude’s “These words, like daggers, enter in mine ears,” which reminds me of Hamlet’s earlier line, “I will speak daggers to [Gertrude], but use none.”

but then everything changes when the ghost enters:

GHOST: Speak to her, Hamlet.
HAMLET: How is it with you, lady?
GERTRUDE: Alas, how is’t with you

here, both of them turn back to the formal/distant “you.” hamlet no longer has the upper hand—he’s afraid, and so is gertrude. there’s some interesting pronoun stuff here:

O gentle son,
Upon the heat and flame of thy distemper
Sprinkle cool patience. Whereon do you look?

AND THEN. hamlet has this absolutely fascinating line to the ghost:

Do not look upon me;
Lest with this piteous action you convert
My stern effects: then what I have to do
Will want true color; tears perchance for blood.

“what I have to do”—kill claudius? this almost seems like hamlet doesn’t want to kill him, but the ghost is making him do it. (i played off this theme in my screenplay, actually!)

after the ghost exits, gertrude, who couldn’t see the ghost, insists that hamlet’s mad. hamlet insists he isn’t. he then goes on to, again, urge gertrude not to sleep with claudius, and tell her to repent. lots of religious rhetoric here. but this time, hamlet isn’t attacking her, he’s pleading with her. gertrude also switches pronouns again to “thou,” while hamlet stays with the polite “you”:

GERTRUDE: O Hamlet, thou hast cleft my heart in twain.
HAMLET: O, throw away the worser part of it,
And live the purer with the other half.
Good night: but go not to mine uncle’s bed;
Assume a virtue, if you have it not.

it almost seems like hamlet is trying to save her or help her, since he doesn’t want her to go to hell. (“I must be cruel, only to be kind.”) there are some other interesting individual lines in this speech, but i won’t go into them.


GERTRUDE: What shall I do?
HAMLET: Not this, by no means, that I bid you do:
Let the bloat king tempt you again to bed;
Pinch wanton on your cheek; call you his mouse;
And let him, for a pair of reechy kisses,
Or paddling in your neck with his damn’d fingers,
Make you to ravel all this matter out,
That I essentially am not in madness,
But mad in craft.

the main point here is that hamlet is not mad, he’s just pretending and that under no circumstances should gertrude tell this to claudius. hamlet starts out by listing things that gertrude should Not Do—even if claudius kisses her and all that stuff, she should not tell him that hamlet’s faking his madness. hamlet then goes on a rant that’s sarcastic and kind of hard to understand, so i haven’t included it. basically it’s just adding to his above points.

gertrude responds:

Be thou assured, if words be made of breath,
And breath of life, I have no life to breathe
What thou hast said to me.

essentially an interesting way of saying “I swear I won’t tell him.”

her assurance here is REALLY IMPORTANT in the next scene, where this happens:

CLAUDIUS: What, Gertrude? How does Hamlet?
GERTRUDE: Mad as the sea and wind, when both contend
Which is the mightier.

GET THIS: gertrude keeps her word. she insists that hamlet is mad, even though she knows he isn’t. and this is important because it seems now that she’s more on hamlet’s side than claudius’.

then the scene goes in a different direction. (i swear i’m almost done)

HAMLET: I must to England; you know that?
GERTRUDE: Alack, I had forgot: ‘tis so concluded on.
There’s letters seal’d: and my two schoolfellows,
Whom I will trust as I will adders fang’d,
They bear the mandate; they must sweep my way,
And marshal me to knavery. Let it work;
For 'tis the sport to have the engineer
Hoist with his own petard: and ’t shall go hard
But I will delve one yard below their mines,
And blow them at the moon: O, 'tis most sweet,
When in one line two crafts directly meet.

this passage suggests that hamlet knows about claudius’ plot to have him killed in england. i especially like the “hoist with his own petard” line: the folger edition rephrases it as, “to have the maker of military devices blown up by his own explosives.” essentially, hamlet is already planning to turn the plot on claudius (the engineer) by having r&g killed. it’s also fascinating how excited he sounds about this: “tis the sport,” “tis most sweet.” and as for his “two crafts”—foiling claudius’ plot, and killing r&g? he sure sounds excited to kill r&g. it’s pretty awful.

it’s also interesting that this part comes right after the “don’t tell claudius i’m sane” part, since there seems to be no correlation. and why tell gertrude about his plot to kill r&g? my theory is that the two are in fact related—perhaps, if claudius thinks hamlet is insane, hamlet can go about his plotting business without suspicion.

WOW OKAY THAT WAS HELLA LONG but i hope it makes sense. i could probably unpack the scene even more, if i had the time and energy to do so. but i think this is just fine. if you read the whole thing, i’m impressed!!

Shay Cormac x Reader: The Irish Father

Originally posted by marishash

[Request for @brookie4cookiesThe reader ends up a widowed mother with her little girl to think of—running into Shay Cormac a few times through her living in the American Colonies with Shay becoming close to the reader and her daughter in the process.]

Your name: submit What is this?

Your child’s name: submit What is this?

Your husband’s name: submit What is this?

The night was cold, but you expected no less when it came to the weather of New York. Honestly, you wouldn’t be out in it much longer. You had everything you needed for dinner tonight, and now all that was left was to get home—back to the warmth of the fire and to the welcome embrace of your husband, H/N.


It was a voice as pure and innocent as heaven itself. Your little girl, only four-years-old, was hurrying to you with her favorite, handmade doll tucked away in her arm. Her small hand grabbing at your dress, she tugged upon it even if your gaze alone would tell her you were attentive to her needs. “What is it, C/N?” you asked, moving one free hand to the top of her head while the other kept the basket of food you needed for dinner.

Just as she was about to respond, the both of you were caught off guard by the sound of a man falling out of the nearby alleyway with another swooping down on top of him like a predator that had found its prey. Breaths caught, you instinctively outstretched your arm to keep your child safe from harm as you saw a hooded man hovering over the unsuspected stranger with a blade, which was jetting from under his wrist, engaged.

Seeing the blade shining in the light of the night made you feel weak in the knees at the thought that you and your poor innocent child were to see someone being murdered. However…your little girl’s scream pierced the night and caught the hooded man’s attention.

He looked to you then, but it was hard to see him clearly from under his disguise accompanied with the veil of night. His hand with the blade stalled as he obviously was startled by your presence alone and…your daughter (as he appeared to be gazing at her the most intently).

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anonymous asked:

If you directed/wrote K2, what would be in it?

MY GUY, thank you for this ask and I apologize because this is a mess but I had a lot of feelings, none of them even remotely promising I literally just dumped all my feelings into this, but here it is!!!!

  • So taking into account that most movies are like two hours long
  • roughly 1.5 hours of Harry and Eggsy crying and hugging and talking about their feelings
  • maybe 30-45 minutes of Merlin’s big gay fabulous wedding, ending with Eggsy drunk and singing a duet with Elton John on a piano
  • this would be my ideal and I guarantee it would flop at the box office and I would be visibly pushed out of Hollywood but fuck it, I would build a house out of the straight to DVD cases and I would live a happy fucking woman in it

Ok but here are some slightly better, but not by much, ideas,

  • When Harry and Eggsy reunite, I want them to be visibly moved. It doesn’t have to be sad and angsty. Let Eggsy be excited and relieved and happy Harry is alive. Let Harry apologize profusely for the words he said, tell Eggsy how proud he is, how good he had done
  • I want Eggsy to be clever and smart and loyal and good at his job, but I want him to keep his heart and be exhausted and bothered by a mission gone wrong and feeling like he has yet to earn his place
  • I want Harry to deal with doubt and PTSD regarding V-Day, I want him to be honest with Eggsy and how proud he is and not be ashamed to show it; and I want Eggsy to smile at Harry and not brush it off or make some fucking lame joke about it, I want him to say thanks, Harry, thanks for giving me this chance and believing in me
  • More of Eggsy being badass: give me a long ass car chase scene (booyoyyyyyyy, i am such trash for Eggsy being a cocky little shit while navigating the fucKINg streets of LONDON BACKWARDS WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT WHY DID NO ONE COMMENT ON THIS AT ALL DURING THE MOVIE), Eggsy using his gymnastic skills, maybe more hand to hand combat
  • Harry wouldn’t show up until maybe ¼ of the way through. Maybe fanfic spoiled me but I like this in between stage where Eggsy and co come to terms with Harry being gone
  • EGGSY LIVING IN HARRY’S HOUSE, opening scene: Eggsy going about his morning, getting on his suit, combing back his hair, staring in the mirror and he does the cheeky grin back at JB. Says something corny like “Feels like a good day to save the world, JB” but there needs to be a melancholy to it. Like he lingers in the door. Maybe Harry’s umbrella is there. Fingers tighten on the door before he closes it and walks down the mews ;________;
  • Maybe Harry doesn’t show up until the shop explodes? Not that he emerges from the rubble but he’s been incognito, maybe trying to uncover the extent of Kingsman being compromised, all across the world, and he HAS to go see if everyone’s okay
  • OH maybe Eggsy is in the hospital and Harry has the same “:O :|” face Eggsy had in the first one, low key this is all fanfic shit I want to see COME TO LIFE
  • I want that Statesmen to be fucking badass. I want them to gentleman. I want them with thick southern accents and calling everyone darling and wearing fucking three piece suits with pocket watches. They drink bourbon. They smash bottles over their enemies heads. They do bar brawls that put Harry to shame. Eggsy is instantly in love and thinks they are aces
  • I want Harry to be openly gay. Like, not in your face, but just states it and it’s there and everyone’s fine with. Badass spy who is unabashedly open about his sexuality. Wanna subvert shit, Vaughn? Do that. I know it’s pretty much certain Merlin is getting that but why stop at one? Eggsy is bisexual p.s. and Roxy is probably at least bi, if not a lesbian
  • So everyone is talking that Elton John is there for the gay wedding, but I honestly think that he’s doing the Saturday Night song, which is a fucking fantastic song, and yeah. That’s all I gotta say
  • Give me more Kingsman with lines and personalities and revealing how the whole thing works
  • Eggsy flies a plane because why not
  • More time with Harry and Eggsy hanging out in his house because I need it redo on the breakfast scene??? Vaughn???? VAUGHN
  • Eggsy being shown having a wonderful relationship with his mum, his friends and sister
  • Eggsy and Channing’s character better have time together because my basic bitch ass is shipping it already GIMME A NAME, I DECLARE MYSELF THE CAPTAIN OF THIS TINY SEA VESSEL
  • I’m hella excited for both Halle Berry and Julianne Moore because we get to see more women as spies and leaders, not damsels in distress and love interests
  • clash of English and American cultures, like it’s gonna be a fucking riot. Dumb sequence where they confuse their lingo, I don’t know what… like biscuits. Eggsy’s looking for cookies and asks for biscuits and the Statesman are like “for a snack??? Alright then” and like two hours later come out with fucking homemade biscuits and that delicious sausage gravy and Eggsy’s just like “what the fuck, mate I just wanted some fucking Jaffa cakes”
  • I feel like Chesters betrayal runs deeper than just killing Harry. He thought he was going to win, that Valentine’s plan was going to come to full fruition. What was he gonna do with the other Kingsman? What was he going to do with it when V-Day was over? What were his intentions? Someone out there was working with him and maybe they are coming back for vengeance or to complete their mission what’s this an actual plot idea??!! not just my dumpster ideas!!!
  • Drinking competition between Kingsman and Statesmen: who wins, bourbon or scotch? Answer, no one. Everyone gets absolutely fucked and Eggsy breaks a table by back flipping off of it and the Statesmen decide to take the Brits cow tipping and no one is functional the next morning. 
  • Harry is an insufferable shit and Merlin ages by decades in every scene
  • I couldn’t even begin to fathom what a plot would be to top what happened in Kingsman. That’s why I write drama and angst and slice of life, not missions and action and adventure. 
  • Give me more Ryan and Jamal. Like just let Eggsy get all happy and loose with his friends, forget his worries for a bit, just be himself again but he spends all his time gushing about his fit boss and Jamal and Ryan are just DONE
  • Just more of how Kingsman works. I want the inner workings, training recruits, maybe Eggsy and Roxy looking for their own, more of the manor–do they have a gym? A training course for stunt drivers? Who else works there? What do they do? What is their office Christmas party like? Do they tell tales of Merlin, the man with the magic eight ball head? Is it Harry who started the rumour?

In conclusion, don’t let me write movies. It would be an absolute disaster and there would be zero coherent plot. Just fandom pandering and dumb jokes, like shitposts come to life

Tokyo Ghoul and the Violent, Dominant, Woman: pt 1.

Awhile ago (maybe 2 months?) my partner brought up the idea that Ishida clearly has a fascination with women of a certain type (dominant, powerful, sadistic, abusive) and the complicated ways in which the men around them react to them. He sort of connected all the dots for me, and showed me the parallels between many of Ishida’s female characters, and it really blew my mind. I wasn’t sure if it was something that I wanted to write meta about but in light of the most recent chapter, especially in light of Eto’s nakedness, I kind of feel like writing about it again. My partner gave me permission to use his ideas in this meta, so a big thank you to him!

So, I’ve seen (and even reblogged) metas about how the female characters of Tokyo Ghoul are not fanservice-y or sexualized, and though I agree in part, I do think that (many) of the female characters in Tokyo Ghoul are explorations in the erotification of violence, female dominance, sadism, or some combination of the three. Some of the women fall loosely into this category, others are very obvious, but it’s one of the running themes throughout the entire series, both Tokyo Ghoul and (even more strongly) in :RE. Now, full disclosure…this isn’t a criticism. I’m fascinated with Ishida’s portrayal of women and how sharply it differs from expectation. Instead, I would prefer to characterize this as a series of observations from which certain assumptions can be reasonably made. But I’ll let you decide. 

I started writing this and it became SO LONG that I am breaking it down into parts. At this time, I plan at least 3 parts to this meta: The Sadists, The Fighters, and The Abusers. 

The Sadists

1. Rize

Why not start with lady who kicked it all off? The first time we see Rize, she’s very “covered,” dressed conservatively, very little skin showing, with long hair and glasses. She’s she picture of a stereotype of demure, passive femininity. 

Of course, her large breasts are still accentuated, but we’re essentially seeing her from the perspective of a young, hormonal boy who is completely infatuated with her. 

She’s Kaneki’s softnerd bookstore date nice girl fantasy, and he’s got the blush of puppy love. On their date, she lowers the neckline a little, but still dresses quite conservatively. That’s because, as we later find out, Rize needs to sell the image of herself as a young, soft, innocent girl. Someone that no one would ever need to feel vulnerable to. Someone that you would walk down a dark alley with…despite the fact that you don’t know them, that you’ve only just met them. 

Even after she bites him, she keeps it up for a few moments, laughing girlishly as she talks about her favorite scene in Black Goats Egg, where a man chases down another man and rips out his entrails. That’s when we see the first image of the manga that really mixes eroticism with violence…Rize licking her hand, shuddering in delight, gazing upon the terrified face of her prey.

She really gets off on the fact that Kaneki never considered her a threat, that he’s so terrified and so, so shocked. She bats him around like a cat with a mouse, putting a hole through his abdomen before cornering him. Kaneki is soft, weak…she makes a point of that as she closes in to make her kill. 

Then…she’s crushed. 

Looking back on her past, we see that Rize was undoubtedly a sadist, which is probably part of why Jason was so interested in her. She enjoyed playing with her prey, tricking them and then making them suffer before ultimately eating them. She liked this so much that she caused problems for all of the ghouls with her binge eating. However, too much of a good thing really can be enough, and six months before she met Kaneki, she was already bored.

The more we learn about Rize, the more we realize that she is truly the antithesis of the ultra-passive, ultra-feminine guise that she uses to entrap her victims. She’s learned to play the part of the fantasy-girl so well, but in reality she has no maternal instinct, no nesting instinct, no empathy, no warmth; she revels in the hedonism of eating young men with soft bodies, in the chase, in the thrill of torture, fear, and sadism. On top of that, she’s incredibly strong, one of the strongest ghouls we see in Tokyo Ghoul. And even with other ghouls, she can only keep her facade in place for so long. 

That mixture of the erotic and violent appears again and again with Rize, the juxtaposition of stereotypically feminine traits with decidedly unfeminine actions. For example, her shower scene in a tub full of blood and body parts from the men she’s killed…

The next time that we see Rize, she’s been completely incapacitated. It took all of those beams to stop her, and since then she’s become nothing more than a test subject, and a shell of her former self. Seeing the once-strong, sadistic, decidedly un-feminine ghoul reduced to a naked test subject in a large tube, forced to reproduce again and again (in a manner of speaking) shows the extent that she has been subjugated and tormented. Her resultant madness, which we see in the later chapter when Kaneki finally tries to speak with her, is understandable. The juxtaposition of violence and eroticism that characterized Rize’s life before her kidnapping is present in her living-death; she is still beautiful, but she’s been broken, used, her body violated, her person ignored, her strength reduced to nothing at all. There are many ways to interpret this turn of events. I’ll leave it up to you, dear reader, to draw your own conclusions. 

2. Eto

Unlike Rize, Eto’s sadism is not a purely hedonistic affair. While Rize seeks fun, excitement, pleasure, and food, Eto has bigger plans in mind. Eto reveals herself to others very purposefully, showing up either in a moment of peril or personal distress more often than not, and offering up her twisted version of reality to a person whois either questioning their own perceptions, or who could be influenced to question that quite quickly. She likes to present herself either as Takatsuki Sen, an objectively attractive, bubbly, feminine girl who, despite writing dark, delicate prose is accessible and kind with her fans, or as a small child wrapped in bandages. Both of these personas come across as completely unthreatening. 

In fact, with the exception of the events in Kanou’s underground lab where she pulls out Banjou’s ribs and moves so fast that she appears to be teleporting while manipulating Nashiro and Kurona, Eto is at her most terrifying when she is naked. 

Her nakedness is not sexualized, but it is, as with Rize, a juxtaposition of the erotic and violence. Nakedness is typically a state of extreme vulnerability, so much so that “nakedness” is often used metaphorically to describe a state of extreme vulnerability. It literally means to lack any sort of covering, yet, it is in a state of nakedness that Eto is most powerful. Eto is invulnerable, even in her nakedness, she is undefeated, impenetrable. She has no fear, because she is the top-tier predator. She can not be beaten, can not be defeated, can not even be harmed. Even when her kakuja is maimed by Arima, she’s utterly fine; she emerges naked, unhurt, and ready to carry on with her plan. The erotic image of her naked body is set against the backdrop of her monstrous kakuja, placed next to the image of her dying father, who lays prone before her. She is beautiful in this scene, she is terrifying. 

The purpose of Eto’s nakedness in the torture scene serves a similar purpose, though the connotation is different. The monstrous part of the picture is the image of her kagune burrowing into (or bursting forth from) Kanae’s back. Before a backdrop reminiscent of twisting snaked, she sits naked yet completely unexposed. Kanae, on the other hand, is utterly exposed. Despite his tattered clothing, it is Kanae who is laid bare before Eto. Again we have a sadistic, powerful, beautiful woman and the image of the men who are crushed beneath her strength. 

I believe that there will be much more to say on this subject in the future, but for now, I will leave Eto and move on to…

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Living A Normal Life (Part One)

Summary: You and Ian Somerhalder are a couple and are both part of The Vampire Diaries cast. This is a story of you and him wanting a normal life together, out of the camera’s eyes.

Pairings: Ian x Reader

Warnings: none

Word Count: 2045

Living A Normal Life: Part Two, End

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

You stood on the mark where you were supposed to be, in the living room, and when Jeffrey, the episode’s direction said action, you went into motion.

Scene in Flashback

-1928 New York-

A few weeks upon meeting each other and (y/c/n) letting Damon stay in her mansion,(y/c/n) was the girl to bring boys home rather than Damon bringing girls home because he wants to prove to her he’s changed from being the playboy that he was. “Really, (y/c/n/n)? There you are, bring a different boys to bed every night while I’m being the nice guy!” He said, getting tired of her actions.

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❤️ Welcome Home ❤️

Title: Welcome Home

Genre/Rating: Fluff/Mild Angst - T/M (mentions of premature birth, non-explicit sexual content, innuendo)

Summary: Daddy Tom, Celine, Harry and Daisy from “Fireworks” - Tom comes home with a suprise for the children that causes some tension.

Author’s Notes:  This is a little long, almost 4k.  Inspired by a conversation with @coalea and @i-wanna-be-toms-body-pillow <3 Not beta’d, all mistakes are mine.  Thank you for reading/liking/reblogging/commenting.


The purring ball of fur was tucked snugly in his jacket as he made his way up the few steps to the front door. He’d always loved coming home after being away for so long, but it had become even sweeter now that there were smiling faces awaiting him. The habit of bringing a small surprise for Celine had begun in their first year of marriage and he’d continued it when Harry arrived. His son would normally thank him with a hug and a concise, but heartfelt, “Thank you, Papa” and then promptly retreat to his room to examine the treat with his usual quiet care.

Then there was Daisy. She had squealed with delight upon seeing his face months before she had the capability of being aware of what a “surprise” was, her rosy baby cheeks flushed and ripe for kisses. Her little hands would reach for him and he wouldn’t be able to put her down for hours without instant crocodile tears. Her pleasure at these reunions was only increased when her knowledge of the surprises formed. The items he chose were often picked up wherever he had been working, but he also would frequently grab things on impulse. 

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Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (2015) Review: Has Spoilers

The AssClass fandom is really busy these days. We have an ongoing manga with interesting plot twists every single chapter, the 1st season of the anime has ended, and then now we have the first live-action film.

At least for me, this review was interesting to write. Perhaps less exciting (both to read and write) than the Kamisama no iu Toori review, but I had a tougher time doing this. 

There are spoilers. Be warned. :)

Plot and Directing

The plot was average, nothing too stellar. One thing I liked was that the jokes and comedic moments were well-timed and they were spread evenly across the duration of the film. The production team gave many nods to the source material, such as combining the mission of peeping at Korosensei and the class guys’ tank project. We had some of the guys sneaking towards the girls’ bathroom to check on their ‘development’, but it was doubly hilarious to see them snooping around with acrobatics and treating the whole thing extremely seriously like some top-secret spy mission. The 'looser’ guys were all part of the mission…and then we have Nagisa, who was made to join. xD The best part came when the girls were chasing Korosensei and the boys scrambled madly to leave when they heard footsteps, only to have Nakamura arrive on the scene mid-chase and see Nagisa alone outside the girls’ bathroom. And Nagisa proceeded to act like a girl and furiously claim that he was Kayano (*W*) while trying to hide himself. Another great scene was the Karma and takoyaki scene, which will be further mentioned later.  

It was unfortunate, however, that the film fell victim to Adaptational Distillation. Many things were either adapted out or slightly changed, which would have actually been fair if not for the fact that it compromised the plot and the pacing quite a bit. Things felt as if they were only lightly scraping the top of the pudding and it lacked a certain sense of depth and sincerity to it, resulting in me not being able to connect as deeply with the film as I liked. The class also had a lot of characters and there was a time limit, so the lack of development and focus on certain characters was a given. Certainly, there were particular adjustments that were justified, such as having Karma ace his tests, since the first test was adapted out and him aceing would have ensured that Karma received enough focus as the second male lead. However, I wished that they could have kept the original idea of getting a vacation on an island. Having the attempt in the schoolyard just somehow made it feel very scaled down. (And for Ikemen fans: Isogai the class rep took a backseat, which was really a pity, since the original character is one of the key members of 3-E outside the main trio. He had an even smaller part than Terasaka’s gang. But then the actor was quite adorable looking hahah I wanted to squish his cheeks. But I digress.) Takaoka’s revenge also felt quite forced, since it was the section of the film that was subjected to the greatest degree of Adaptational Distillation. There was no infiltration attempt, and no battle against the three pro-assassins. Fuwa didn’t get to show her deductive skills. Hayami and Chiba were given passing mention in the first half of the film when Karasuma was mentioning students with potential, but that was it. There was no gunfight, which could have been used to create tension in the story and let Hayami and Chiba grow emotionally (since they had just missed killing Korosensei). Nagisa didn’t crossdress to emphasise the fact that he had androgynous looks (Yamada has crossdressed before btw); Yada didn’t get to put Bitch-sensei’s lessons in use. Karma did not get to fight with Old Man Nu and display his fighting prowess either. There were a lot of missed opportunities for potential character development, and most of Class 3-E was relegated to background scenery, which was a pity, since some of the students had quite decent acting skills. The suspense of having to fight a unknown enemy was the highlight of the Summer Vacation Arc. Instead, we had Karma and Nagisa climb up a electricity cable tower (what do y'all call that? there aren’t any where i live so…) and fighting Itona. Why up the tower? The logic behind this escapes me. Wouldn’t that have been more dangerous than staying on ground and trying outwit Itona? Which couldn’t have been too hard, seeing that Karma and Nagisa are intelligent people. The way Itona was defeated was also too much of an easy resolution. Director-san, are you meaning to tell me that you had two middle-schoolers climb up a tower, and an electricity cable tower without any safety equipment no less, just to let rain fall sooner onto Itona? I am beginning to wonder if one of the requirements to watch this plot is to have the IQ of a preschool kid. The Takaoka vs Nagisa confrontation fell rather flat too. Yes, there was no Lovro in the filmverse, but the film could have had Nagisa successfully 'assassinate’ Takaoka on his own and thereby highlight that he possessed the overwhelming talent which it had been so diligently foreshadowing all this while. In this aspect, I think some of the manga fans might be disappointed.

[this can also be put under Effects:]

I have a bone to pick with the usage (or rather, the overusage) of certain effects too. When used appropriately during dramatic moments, #Dramatic Slow-mo heightens the tension present on screen. However, the film had multiple #Dramatic Slow-mo scenes within a relatively short period of time, and each subsequent #Dramatic Slow-mo decreased in effectiveness as the audience can’t help but go: 'Yet another one?’ And if one ever uses #Dramatic Slow-mo, be sure to offer a follow-up/resolution to the tension. You can’t build up the anticipation with the foreshadowing of Nagisa’s hidden talents, and have his greatest display of that talent to be the ability to take insults and act to drag time out for the class! Where is the 2nd assassination attempt on Takaoka? This brings me to the topic of the supposed climax. A climax is one which surpasses all the rest of the scenes; the highest point in the story. The directing disappointed me in this aspect as the plot seemed rushed toward the end, and a golden opportunity to create a second high slipped away right in front of the audience’s very eyes. My anticipation kinda fell flat as the supposed climax was of a lower energy than even the normal scenes. Putting it bluntly, it was anti-climatic. Yes, Kayano was being hung over cement with the threat of death and half of Class 3-E was down with a virus, but it all somehow felt lame after all the fights and assassination attempts peppered throughout the film. Takaoka went down wayyyyy too easily. (Blame also falls on Adaptational Distillation.) Granted, there is a dilemma between choosing the quality and flow of the story and the time limit for the film given to you, though I half-wished that they could have transplanted some of the excessive time from The Hobbit into here.

Cinematography and Visual Effects

Since the story had an octopus teacher as one of its main characters, CG played an important role in the film. I was initially worried about the CG for Korosensei, but it seemed my fears were unfounded as he was superbly done. A lot of attention was paid to detail and to make him seem as real as he could possibly be. When Korosensei was talking with Karasuma, they made him seem as if he was really physically behind the slightly grimy glass windows. Another scene I liked was when Korosensei was moving around the class, and his reflection was seen in the glass window, with the correct sense of distance and proportion displayed. This goes up and beyond the level of detail available even in mangas and animes, and I must say that the effects team really did a good job.

The cinematography for this film was rather interesting. One could tell that the people in charge of lighting and colours (what are they called lol) and the cinematographer had coordinated to tell the story by varying the atmosphere with different colours in various shades of vibrancy and intensity. But when it came to interesting cinematography and presenting methods, the scene with Karma and the takoyakis took the cake. Instead of just merely choosing to present it in a normal method, the team chose to do it in a manga-ish format, with panels on the screen separated by the famous white manga borders that moved along with the action. It added dynamism and liveliness to the scenes and emphasised the characters’ reactions further, allowing the reactions of various groups of people to be shown across the screen simultaneously. This helped to greatly propel the comedy factor in the film too, and was probably my favourite scene in the film. One seriously needs to watch this scene to fully appreciate its awesomeness. (on a sidenote: Karma and the takoyakis….sounds like a good band name HAHAH)


Ninomiya’s voice acting was unexpectedly good. I admit I was worried since Fukuyama Jun had done such a great job in the anime and Nino wasn’t a pro voice actor, but the moment I saw the trailer, I was utterly convinced about Nino’s skills. Since they were two different people, it was obvious that they would sound different. But what was most important was that the feelings and emotions of the character are transmitted across to the audience, and I believe that Nino did a pretty good job on that. His 'Nurufufufu’ was especially similar to Fukuyama’s original and it had me wondering initially whether they had Fukuyama reprise the role in the film. On the other hand, I still believe that Nino has some room for further improvement, since there were some instances where his voice lost the 'Korosensei spark’ and was a bit weak in expression. I know that he can be even better than what he had shown us, as evidenced by his Korosensei laugh; he just needs to work on it a bit more. Either way, I cannot wait to hear him again in the sequel , where I believe his skills will be even more matured than before.

Yamada as Nagisa was convincing. I agreed with him when he thought he would be getting the role of Karma instead since he had a colder characters from previous projects and his image is also the cool type. But perhaps getting a character as Nagisa would do well to help him expand and increase his versatility as an actor, since he has been doing TV for quite long and he didn’t really had many characters with similar dispositions as Nagisa. I liked how he showed that Nagisa was physically weak, and yet when he was required to reveal his 'bloodlust’, he can instantly switch to a cold and eerie smile reminescent of  Zekki from the tv series Hell Teacher Nube. Granted, there were certain expressions that still looked somewhat forced, but what probably affected the way Nagisa was shown in the movie was more due to the directing and the plot than Yamada. He still has potential for growth in him and I certainly look forward to seeing an even more strongly-acted Nagisa in the sequel.

I confess I watched the film for a couple of reasons, with one of the major ones being Karma and Suda. I wasn’t disappointed. Suda might tend to look a bit paler and less cute-sy compared to his Kamen Rider days (his facial features were more softer and rounded then), and some might have doubts about him playing the exceedingly attractive Karma, but the charm of Suda lies not only in photos (he modelled for JUNON); it reveals itself in even greater force in live-action. Suda portrayed Karma’s relaxed and carefree personality all the way down to the way he stood. Even when he was merely in the background and slightly blurred, he continued to build his character with little actions such as casually leaning against a wall, tilting his head slightly and so on. I was also really captivated by the way he used his eyes during his character building, with each look that he gives with his eyes hinting and building Karma’s backstory. Suda truly transformed into Karma and one becomes increasingly convinced of this as the film goes on as he continues to reveal more and more of his acting chops with each subsequent scene. It was a pity that he didn’t get any tougher scenes than what he is capable of since I would love to see Suda pushed even further than he was in the film. But given this is a story abt middle school students and that Matsui Yuusei’s idea of 'dark’ isn’t too extreme since it’s a shounen manga, I suppose it’s reasonable. Suda’s comedic timing is also as impeccable as ever. In the manga and anime, Karma’s attempts to ruin Korosensei’s day were funny enough, but Suda and his reaction shots upped the humour factor. He had everyone in the cinema hall roaring in laughter when he was dressed up in a frilly apron and had his nails painted by Korosensei.

Another actor (or in this case, actress) worth commenting was Kang Ji Young as Bitch-sensei. Since this is a live-action, Bitch-sensei was appropriately less 'well-endowed’, but Kang’s portrayal of her personality and mannerisms were so reminiscent of the original (how do you say 非常还原 in English lol) that Bitch-sensei seemed to have walked straight out of the manga. Bitch-sensei might appear like an easy and simple character who is always the butt of the class jokes, but one often forgets her history and the experiences that shaped her to be who she is. Kang effortlessly did this and more, making this character hers and switching between seductive, fiery, funny while still giving of the aura that her Bitch-sensei was a pro assassin who exudes danger with every move. #FemmeFatale


I had always liked Sato Naoki’s work, and he had a few good pieces that I enjoyed a lot in the AssClass anime. I didn’t know he was also in charge of the music for the live-action, but I was wondering throughout why it felt so like Sato’s work, until I saw his name in the credits. His compositions had this certain grand feel to them that was extremely suited for the scale present only in films, and his choice of instruments helped to build up the atmosphere. As always, Sato’s strength comes fully to the surface especially during emotional and majestic scenes.


Come for the plot, stay for the actors and effects. 'Nuff said. :P I recommend that you first watch the movie, then the anime, and read the manga last for optimum experience.

Fangirl section (ignore if you don’t like Karmana)

KARMA AND OKUDA (and Takebayashi) WORKING ON MATH TOGETHER AS REVISION. (that was the only obvious Karmanami interaction iirc. might be wrong tho.) ASDFGHJKL. Forgive my shipper heart.

Hannibal Set Experience

Well, I’m still in shock about the wonderful experience I had last night staking out the Hannibal set in Toronto! 

I had heard from a friend on facebook that they would be filming outdoor location scenes for Hannibal on March 28th between 7pm and 5am at 50 Lowther Ave. So, Katie and I decided to check it out in hopes of catching a glimpse of Mads or Hugh. We had no idea what kind of shots they would be filming, if the actors would even be involved, so imagine our delight when we showed up shortly after 7 to Hannibal’s House!!!!

Yeah, we were over the moon. They were setting up for the better part of 3 hours while darkness fell, so we walked around the neighborhood, scoped out the trailers, and warmed up in a nearby pub. When we returned to the set around 10 things were starting to happen, and a small group of fans had collected on the sidewalk across the street from the house.

More SEMI-SPOILER-Y fun under the cut!

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Two in One

(does not belong to me! Credits go the rightful owner(s))

Fandom: Avengers

Pairing: Steve/reader

Word count: 1.880

Request by Anon: HI! I love your stories!! Can I request a steve x reader where reader is a part of the team and they have a day when they are just hanging around, and they decide to do the cherry stem knot thing to see who the best kisser is, and no one expects steve to win b/c he’s a lil old man but he’s actually the best.

A/N: Hey anon! here is the story. They just seem to get longer and longer >.< Thanks for the prompt, I loved it! I really hope you like this one shit ^~^. Please let me know your opinion okay :)?

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anonymous asked:

what is your number one fave mericcup fanfiction ever (that you would recommend)???

I really have no number one favorite fanfic, but I do have a lot of Mericcup fanfics that I simply adore <33 The list below is in no particular order but categorized. These are just some of what I have read. I can’t find the others.

Conventional/Traditional AU

Vegvisir by riverbard

Status: incomplete/on-going
Chapters: 11 so far
Summary: On her way to a peace treaty in the Orkney Isles Merida and her father are attacked at sea. When she comes to she finds herself surrounded by Vikings. With no knowledge of her Father’s fate she must find her way home. Along the way she must work together with the Viking Hiccup to find a way to change the fate of his village, as well as her homelands.

Homeland by BraveTangledDragon

Status: incomplete/on-going
Chapters: 11 so far
Summary: Vikings have invaded Scotland, with Alvin and his army seizing DunBroch castle in a night raid. Princess Merida and her mother are taken as prisoners across Scotland and end up on a ship bound for Outcast Island, on which they are later rescued by an unlikely pair. These events having caught the attention of the gods in Asgard, Merida’s tragic fate and noble cause to return to the highlands risks dividing the divinities amongst themselves, posing a threat to the peace both on Midgard and Asgard. 

 All the while, Malcolm MacGuffin fights back courageously to reclaim their homeland and find the whereabouts of his beloved princess. Now stranded away from home with her rescuers, will Merida be able to overcome her loses? Can she open up to love and friendship again? Will she be forever exiled from her native highlands?

Crossing The Horizon by Thermit

Status: incomplete/on-going
Chapters: 15 so far
Summary: They were pieces on different gaming boards-a queen who refused to play and a knight who played by his own rules. But, succession is never easy, especially when allies are more dangerous than enemies and enemies gather like crows. More than dragons or steel, Merida asks a dangerous request: Hiccup, tell me about the legend in your tribe of the boy and the dragon with one tailfin.

Liminality by Thermit

Status: Incomplete/on-going
Chapters: 14 so far
Summary: "You—!“ she snarled, turning so quickly Hiccup didn’t have a chance to jerk his head back. In one abrupt motion, they were so close their lips would have touched… if not for the helmet that covered his face. Short little drabbles where a Viking and a Princess dance around the venn diagram of friendship and admiration and that little (deep) space in between.

My Heart’s A Battle Ground by AugustRaes

Status: Complete (?)
Chapters: 2
Summary: "It broke his heart to see someone so strong and fiery suddenly become so weak and dependent as she crumbled forward, her forehead pressed to Toothless’ neck. He paused for a brief moment to touch her freckled cheek before the sound of battle cries brought him back to earth and the dangerous situation they were in.” A Merida/Hiccup fic.

Of Bows And Dragons by RedhoodandtheOutlaws

Status: Incomplete
Chapters: 13 so far
Summary: With Berk Dying and becoming uninhabitable Hiccup is sent to find a new land. Soon he winds up on a strange island that the locals call Scotland. Then he finds a beautiful red head injured in the forest. What else could go wrong for Hiccup and Toothless? What happens when the royal family is being forced to make Merida marry?

Until The End by Petalouda85

Status: Complete
Chapters: 45
Summary: When he was 14, his home and his family was destroyed and he was forced to live in the land of his enemies, hiding his past and who he really is. At 25, he was summoned to the heart of the lion’s den to work for the King. When he meets the Princess, his life will never be the same.
Note: Rated M after chapter 28

After The End by Petalouda85

Status: Complete
Chapters: 4
Summary: Alternate ending to Until The End

Through The Storm We Reach The Shore by LJ9

Status: Complete
Chapters: 13
Summary: A few years have passed, and this time Merida’s the one who’s requested a gathering. Maybe with a wider guest list she’ll have a better chance of finding a husband.

Something Different by DawnDestination

Status: Incomplete/on-going
Chapters: 13 so far
Summary: Merida looked at the enemy she was meant to despise. Hiccup looked at the daughter of the man who killed his mother. It seemed the war between the two clans were meant to be ceaseless. No one could change that. They were meant to be enemies. They were meant to hate each other. But for these two heirs, one look, and they both knew they were meant for something different.

The Rider Of Dunbroch by Techhead832

Status: Incomplete/on-going
Chapters: 19 so far
Summary: Hiccup has lost everything. Berk was destroyed, the land burned and barren. As the lone human survivor of the tribe he traveled aimlessly, until news from DunBroch. They are under attack by dragons. Feelings of sympathy drove him there and there he will meet the princess. Together they may find a way to save her people and maybe even fall in love.

Falling Slowly by bleedingmaroon

Status: Incomplete/on-going
Chapters: 6 so far
Summary: “Marry me Hiccup.” “W-what?” “ Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, will you marry me?” Merida only has a few months left to find a husband by herself or the games for her hand will start all over again. So, what does a girl with a single guy best friend supposed to do? Of course, cross her fingers behind her back as she ask him to spend the rest of his life with her. Sounds easy, right?

Reunions by FEuJenny

Status: Incomplete/on-going
Chapters: 1 so far
Summary: A new danger threatens the Highlands and King Fergus needs the help of the Dragon Riders to get ready to face the new enemy. Merida will finally see Hiccup once again, but many years have passed from their last meeting and many things have changed since then…

The Viking And The Princess by RayRayofCali

Status: Incomplete/on-going
Chapters: 10 so far
Summary: When Merida decides to marry one of the suitors, the Queen made a piece treaty with the Vikings of Berk. Now Hiccup is in the running for Merida’s hand in marriage. But will the rest of the clans accept the Vikings and will they let Merida and Hiccup be together?

Urging Merger by fevil-devil

Status: Incomplete/on-going
Chapters: 8 so far
Summary: A marriage that claims to be un-arranged might ensue, though if it were by the choices of the arranged, they would have nothing to do with one another.

Other AUs

I’d Build You A World by LJ9

Status: Complete
Chapters: 10
AU: Modern
Summary: The DunBrochs host a Highland games at the castle every summer, and Stoick drags Hiccup down for a visit.

Paper Swans by bleedingmaroon

Status: incomplete/on-going
Chapters: 6 so far
AU: Prince Hiccup and Non-royalty Merida
Summary: “Merida DunBroch!” the king announced as he read my name on the parchment he’s holding. Everybody looks around searching for me: some with excitement and some with envy. I’m sure everyone is expecting me to shout out from joy and make a scene, but here I am frozen on my spot and thinking of a way to escape this madness. I never plan to marry anyone, especially the prince.

Damned Blue Eyes by bleedingmaroon

Status: Complete
Chapters: 1
AU: Modern AU
Summary: After years of doubting she can love and beloved by anyone, Merida find herself happily in love with Hiccup. Everything was perfect, but when she learned that she only reminded him of a certain blonde with the same blue eyes as her. She can only close her eyes and run away while her tears fall and her heart break apart. One-Shot.

Archer And Nightfury: Merida Meets Pixie by cjupsher

Status: incomplete/on-going
Chapters: 5 so far
AU: Superhero AU
Summary: Merida begins to feel like she has competition when a certain supergenius tinker from Never City shows up in Berk to help Hiccup with a personal project. The two geniuses seem alike in almost everyway, making Merida feel like she has to fight for what is hers.

The Lassie In The Cove by Jloves-pp

Status: incomplete/on-going
Chapters: 4 so far
AU: Selkie AU
Summary: when Hiccup went to the cove one day. he never thought he meet someone that will change he’s life forever.

Troublesome Love by licilovesanime

Status: incomplete/on-going
Chapters: 3 so far
AU: Modern AU
Summary: It wasn’t her fault that she had liked him since elementary and it wasn’t like she didn’t try to get over him after he had gotten himself a girlfriend. She even went to the extent to avoid him, but having some of the same classes didn’t help and not only that two of her best friends were friends with him. Merida just wanted to get out of this troublesome love.

The Rumors Of My Promiscuity by RayRayofCali

Status: incomplete/on-going
Chapters: 2 so far
AU: Modern AU
Summary: Merida DunBroch has been pretty normal up until a weekend with an imaginary guy. But it really all started with the lie she told Rapunzel and how Elsa overheard and the whole school had brandished her a whore. And what’s this? Merida is now a prostitute in High School? What else to do but tell the story in a video blog? Easy A centered.

Personal Training by DinoRhino

Status: incomplete/on-going
Chapters: 1 so far
AU: Modern AU
Summary: Astrid is the new girl at school-pretty, smart, popular, and in a relationship with the notorious school jock Flynn Rider. Hiccup has never made it to the toilet without having his head stuck down it too. Fed up of the bullying, and completely in love with Astrid, Hiccup decides it’s time to take action. In short, he hires a personal trainer. Her name? Merida.

Pale Pink Pretty Dress by bleedingmaroon

Status: complete
Chapters: 1
AU: Modern AU
Summary: "I never thought I’ll see myself doing this… on my own consent,“ Merida muttered to herself as she tugged softly at the white ribbon holding her hair away from her face. A short one-shot where Merida is infected with a ‘disease’ all women are familiar with.