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Ok IMAGINE two pirate captains of two different ships and crews, that have a sort of rivalry/relationship going on through the seas. They only meet once every few months, whenever they accidentally end un in the same dock or if they start chasing the same treasure or bounty. So they have this game going on, that they attemp to capture each other when they meet, and the captive one has to be prisoner on the winner's ship until it returns to land, then he is set free and the game starts again (p1)

Anonymous said: (P2) and being prisoner on a pirate ship incudes being tortured for information about more treasures, and being tortured for the entertainment of the captain and/or crew. Of course they don’t really wish to hurt each other, it’s all just an excuse to keep the other as a tickle slave for a few weeks and see who can come out with more original and cruel and wonderful ways to make the other one cry. All with a lot of looooooove~

omfg pls i am… such a fan of this…………..  

pirate captain lovers who just wanna tickle the shit out of each other :’) and it’s kind of a role play thing for them, but it’s mostly just a fun thing for both of them. and one of them is more of a lee than a ler so sometimes they purposely let themselves lose or get caught because they wanna be a tickle slave 8)

omfg all im imagining is the lee one getting caught and they’re so excited because they’ve been thirsty for tickles for mONTHS but then the other captain ties them up and instead of reking them like they want, the captain just tickles them consistently but gently with feathers for like. Hours. and it’s torture but it’s also not enough and the lee captain is giggling but whining for more but the other captain just. uses feathers and rly gentle touches for the entire time they’re captured

and so then the next time the ler captain gets captured, oh man the lee one takes the Utmost of revenge on them for being such a shit earlier ahhhghhghg

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yo when u said ushiwaka wanting to use oikawa as the headpiece thing for his ship... how exactly does he want to do that?? tie the poor guy on his ship??? make an artwork out of wood from oikawa and use that??? im kidda confused sorry but i love the fuck out of this au

I…honestly have no clue. I was trying to think of a way to work in the classic Ushi “you should have come to Shiratorizawa” thing, but obviously a mermaid can’t join the crew of a pirate ship. How would that even work? The closest I could get was the figurehead because they’re often mermaids, right? And Oikawa is offensively pretty. So…any way Ushi can? 

Perhaps there is some pixie magic that would transform Oikawa into wood so he could be fixed to the ship, or become part of it? 




[runs around in circles] 


Officially made a start on the second part of After Us today!  Finished one shot which involved a lot of looped components and me successfully drawing part of a pirate ship.  where making this hapen

Here, have this handsome bastard.

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Heyyy!!! So I just came back from watching DMTNT and I OMFG it is perfect! If you have seen it where do you think it is going to go from here? WIll there be a pirates 6 and will Johnny Depp be in it. Cause I need him to be I MEAN COME ON!!!!

Heyyy! I haven’t seen it yet! I will watch it tonight and I’m so excited!!!!!! I’m glad you liked. But I do hope they make pirates 6, because I love this franchise ❤️ And I am pretty sure they wouldn’t make a pirates movie without johnny.

The Batman series that isn’t killing itself any time soon!

Batman Vol 2: I Am Suicide - Review

Didn’t exactly take me long to get through the next Batman novel, after the last one, I was eager to read on. I had originally decided to read the Batman novels before the Detective Comics ones because apparently those focus on a new Bat-team, which naturally got me excited, but I have to say, these comics have not been disappointing!

This graphic novel tells the story of Batman deciding the only way to cure Gotham Girl is to steal Psycho Pirate back from Bane, so he forms a team, including Ventriloquist, Bronze Tiger, Punch and Judy and Catwoman, to help him get what he needs. The twists and turns are well done, including a betrayal (maybe) from Catwoman. The last two issues focus on Bruce and Selina’s relationship, and throughout the entire novel, there are little excerpts of letters they may have written to each other.

I have to say, ‘I Am Suicide’ was actually a lot more exciting to read than ‘I Am Gotham’, and it was nice to see lesser known characters feature in the novel. Bane’s whole private country was pretty intriguing, and the fact that he’s currently without Venom made him an altogether different character to read, which was good.

The artwork was better than the last novel, and I could see some of Mikel Janin’s work. I had enjoyed his stuff from the Grayson novels and seeing him progress to bigger and better things is great! Overall, I really enjoyed reading the Batman novels and hope that Detective Comics is just as good!

Favourite Panel:


You’ll like this if:

1) You love a good love story

2) You’re a fan of secretive states

3) You like seeing lesser known characters in the action

My overall rating:



So excited, found Russian soft subs to go with my raws!

I am currently reading the novel this is based on and can’t wait to see an adaptation because I am kinda in love. 

I mean! She’s a novice nun! He’s a non-novice pirate! She’s in love with his aristocratic, pampered, legitimate half-brother! And has chosen to become a nun because she can’t bear watch the half-brother marry her problematic sister! Said sister is not blind or asexual so instead of reciprocating aristo’s love, she’s secretly banging sexy pirate in caves or w/e! Heroine decides to protect her crush by somehow marrying the pirate dude to distract (not sure, haven’t gotten there yet, but it’s the most insane plan ever!) Of course they fall in love! There are also family vendettas! (Like the fact that he was brought up in awful conditions and is kinda effed up because of it and resents his father’s family for not taking care of him! etc! exclamation point exclamation point!!!!!)

This is gonna be fun! Though I confess I feel kinda bad for the slutty sister. If this was the modern world, she’d be that society girl sleeping her way through a biker bar and then getting it out of her system and marrying Worthington Worthington III and it would be NBD.




No but. But. Hnnng. Tsubasa stop being so perfect. It’s not fair to the rest of the manga. I am ruined for life. 




And then of course Kurogane, who could wear pretty much anything at all and I would be starstruck. Because Kurogane. 

Oh, yes, Syaoran. I’m sure you look very dapper too. Don’t you worry about it. 

The Lost Boy

Growing up every child has an outlet. A way to let their minds run wild.Their dreams explode into reality. A way to conquer their fears of the evil monster under their bed…By transforming into a cowboy with alien powers. Everyone close to me knows how much my life revolves around my imagination.

When I was nine I fell in love with my 1st edition hard cover copy of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. A gift from my grandfather who always believed in “never growing up.” It wasn’t the best copy of the book. The spine was cracked and the pages yellow with water stains, but it was mine. My escape into a world that I felt I was already living in. See for me Peter Pan was a lot like my grandpa. Or my grandpa was a lot like Pan. I’ve never felt more alive than the days I spent with him searching the beach for buried treasure, Surfing the oceans of killer robot sharks and pirates in submarines.


When my life at home consumed my youth and spit it back out at me so abruptly…

I turned to Pan.

My Papu

My Pono.

Pan the Man.

Life with him was always an adventure. My heart…full of hope and joy.It is like some people in this world forget why youth is such a blessing.Most of the time we grow old and find ourselves grunting the same phrase we hate to hear as a child…

“The youth is wasted on the young”

Sometimes we allow things in life to erase why life is so good to begin with. As kids we use so much of our minds to create these worlds that are just amazing.

The outlet…

We grow older and can barely remember them but when we do… all it remains is….A distant memory because we can never find our way back to our happy thoughts. We forget to fly.

When I lost my grandfather I stopped believing. According to him… according to J.M. Barrie…The day my grandfather left this world so did all of the fairies I no longer cared for. When you don’t believe in fairies they die. Your imagination fades and you can no longer soar. I forgot how to fly. For a while I grew up and no I didn’t remain in my happy place. Growing up in my happy place meant you turned into a pirate but you still belonged to this magical world.

If you haven’t guessed by now ….

My happy place was Neverland. I was overwhelmed with this world and honestly believed in it.

It was my escape.

It was my everything.

It was my happy place that held all of my secrets and happy thoughts. It held my life in its colorful palms and gripped it for I never thought I’d lose it. Then I did.

Like I said… we all grow up. I lost my ability to believe in happiness. To truly love something as much as I loved escaping to Neverland with my very own Pan. I became an adult in the real world and all of these things were just memories to me. Memories I could not get back to even when I tried to believe. Days when I desperately want to be someplace else. Days when I needed to be with him. I was truly a lost boy in my worst nightmare of a place called New Jersey. Facing the oh so evil villain by the name of LIFE.

They say once you decide to grow up you can never find your way back.




But I did.

Growing up doesn’t mean we lose what we loved as children. It just means we get to manipulate life with our wisdom and imagination. Wisdom is a gift we develop when we allow ourselves to grow.

I was lost and I will forever be a lost boy but I am back in my world. I found Neverland. I found a way back into my special place because my special place is where I am most content. I found Neverland in New York City on a rainy night.

She is as beautiful as I remember. The moment I got a glimpse into the eyes of my world I made my move. I made it mine. The colors, the smells, the thrill. It is a new adventure everyday as I learn how to be happy again. I find myself doing more of the things I love and what truly makes me happy.

Sometimes … sometimes.. I start to feel like I will fly. My fairies are blossoming again. The pirates are prepping for the biggest battle of all time. My lost boys are back and ready for games. Most of all Pan is back and he looks a lot like someone I know.

A lot like …. Me.

I grew into my hero and it took me finding my happy place to realize who I am. Neverland does that for me. It opens my eyes to so many amazing things. So I will take this moment to thank you Neverland.

Thank you for showing me what it is like to feel young…wild…and free. Thank you for defrosting my heart and allowing me to truly feel love. The ways I felt love as a child. You know when you love without fear. We grow up and only love with some of our hearts because we live in fear. Fear of it being broken.

But I am a true lost boy. I am Pan.

Pan fears no one. Pan fears nothing. So take it. My entire heart is yours and it is bursting with the light of wonders for you. You are my escape. You are my happy place. You are my shadow that I will most certainly cry for if I ever lose you. You compliment me in ways I could never appreciate fully because there aren’t enough words in the world to describe how thankful I am. I am excited that I get to see my pirates in submarines again when I swim.

I found Neverland and I am never going to forget.

You are my eternal childhood, immortality and escapism. I will never say good bye to you no matter where I go because…Goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.

The one quote that stuck with me in the words of J.M. Barrie

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.”

I no longer doubt.


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PLEASE tell me that picture will take place at the ball and not another Regina flashback!!!!! Ugh. Sorry, that was one of the first thoughts that popped into my head. I'm confused by this picture. They look intense. And their faces are super close.

My money is the ball. Cause look at it, she’s not young Regina or the Evil Queen, that is totes Camelot Regina. Plus the knights and what not on the tapestry. 

Which makes me so happy!!!!

Not ‘cause I care about Regina at a ball.

But because there’s a ball at all!




When that first pic of Lana with the dance instructors came out I wanted it to be for a Welcome to Camelot Ball so bad I could taste it. And then when the fan photo came out with Colin through the gate at the studio, where you could kinda see that Killian was back in his old pirate-y style outfit with what appeared to be a new purple vest and people were speculating that meant he was royal, AND I WAS SO FLIPPING EXCITED. And Shelley, was like, “Liza, I don’t think it’s purple and if it is, it might not necessarily mean he’s a royal” and I was like, “I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE PURPLE OR THE ROYAL I JUST CARE THAT HE MIGHT HAVE NEW CLOTHES! NEW CLOTHES IN WHICH TO GO TO A BALL!!!!!!!!”  And then the teaser article came out confirming the ball and I fell over exhausted from fangurling.  

But just picture it. 

Killian and Emma at a BALL.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know we’ve seen them at a ball before. Because WE’RE THAT SPOILED (how many ships can say their OTP has been to a royal ball??)


I think I need to lie down. 

After I twirl a bit.

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In the list of watchable Chris Evans movies, please watch Snowpiercer! It is so so good on so many levels. The acting especially was amazing by everyone and the story is phenomenal as well.

Oh, I assure you, I am waiting with GREAT ANTICIPATION for Snowpiercer. I have been waiting with great anticipation for Snowpiercer for LO THESE MANY MONTHS and I am SO FUCKING EXCITED that it is finally coming out in a few weeks.

FOR AMERICANS WHO DO NOT KNOW THE SAGA OF SNOWPIERCER, LET ME GIVE YOU SOME BACKSTORY. First of all I should say that I basically never pirate movies; as someone who has A LOT of knowledge about/connections to the industry I just… don’t do it. It is so fucking hard for movies to get made, particularly movies like this, and the more people don’t pay for them the harder it is. I know I sound preachy and it’s because I’m being preachy but like. That’s the reality of it. I know it’s hard but it’s something I consider pretty important.

HOWEVER, even if you (meaning the general you, I’m not at all going after you in particular! I know like 8,000 people who have already watched this movie, and for all I know you are French or w/e, I DO NOT JUDGE) just read that paragraph and were like, wow she’s an asshole and I’m not listening to anything else she says, I WOULD ENCOURAGE YOU TO READ JUST A LITTLE BIT FURTHER, BECAUSE SNOWPIERCER IS A PARTICULARLY WEIRD SITUATION. What basically happened was that Harvey Weinstein, who is an incredible dick, bought the US rights to the film, but then before distributing it wanted to a) cut like 20 minutes and b) add a voiceover, all so the dumb plebes in middle America could understand it. Because obviously they would not have been able to otherwise.

Shockingly, the director, Bong Joon-ho, was like, fuck you, no, and so began a legal battle that lasted A TRULY INTERMINABLE PERIOD OF TIME, and ultimately resulted in a compromise, this being that a) the original cut of the movie would be released (thank god), but that b) it would be released on a limited number of screens, like a little indie film (which of course it is, in a sense), to see how it performs, instead of opening it wide with a huge marketing push. Basically Harvey is screwing it over out of pique. Because he’s an asshole. And the real crux of this is that most of the people who would be there on opening day to buy tickets have… already seen the movie online, because it’s been out elsewhere for A ZILLION YEARS. Because Harvey is an asshole. So basically if the movie doesn’t do well, it will be as a result of his own actions, but he will be able to point at the box office results and say, I told you so.

ALL OF WHICH IS TO SAY: EVERYBODY NEEDS TO GO SEE SNOWPIERCER ON THE WEEKEND THAT IT COMES OUT. IF YOU DOWNLOADED IT AND LIKED IT, GO SEE IT IN THE THEATER. IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT YET, GO SEE IT IN THE THEATER. CHRIS EVANS WILL BE GIVING GOOD FACE, AND THERE ARE A BUNCH OF OTHER GOOD ACTORS LIKE JAMIE BELL AND TILDA SWINTON AND OCTAVIA SPENCER, and literally the whole rest of the world has already seen this movie and assures us that it is great. So. INVEST YOUR MONEY. PROVE HARVEY WEINSTEIN WRONG. He needs to be proven wrong, because he is a nightmare human being, and also because the film doesn’t deserve what’s happened to it, and also because Chris Evans really ought to have had a respectable movie from a Serious Director come out like a year ago to feel good about, and that didn’t happen. SO MANY REASONS TO GIVE THIS MOVIE YOUR HARD-EARNED CASH. VOTE WITH YOUR MONEY. CAPITALISM. WOO. THIS HAS BEEN A PSA.

Pirate! Book! Announcement!

FROST LIKE NIGHT is out. The SNOW LIKE ASHES trilogy is done.

How did this happen. How. HOW.

*sigh* I guess it was inevitable. Meira’s story needed to come to a close. Threads needed to be tied up. Kisses needed to be given (Chapter 21. You’re welcome).

But for all you who, like me, feel sort of lost now, I HAVE NEWS AND UPDATES OF THE BOOKISH SORT:

You might remember an announcement awhile back wherein I divulged some teasers about my next series. It is still without a title, but I call it either Stream Raiders or just plain Pirate Book (neither of those are “official”—though I continue to rally for Harper to just stick with Pirate Book because it’s perfect, like you go into a bookstore all “I’m in the mood for a pirate book” and the bookstore staff can be all BOOM HERE DONE).

The news at the time was that Book 1 would be out Fall 2017—buuuuuuut…


About that.

The pub date has been moved to Spring 2018. BUT lemme ‘splain:

I’ve known from the beginning of writing this series that it would be far, far different from SNOW LIKE ASHES. It deals with themes that require a certain level of focus that SLA, blissfully, never required, as SLA was more of a traditional fantasy in its structural set up, with battles and kingdoms and very clearly defined good-vs-evil lines (aside from the magic system which got way more complicated than I’d ever intended … grr, those conduits). But with Pirate Book, everything is a little more … gray? I can’t even think of a good way to describe it, other than that, for the past couple of months, I’ve referred to it as my “ambitious book.”

I even posted a pic on Twitter of the books I’ve used as research for this series. Note—that is, in fact, only some of the research I’ve done, er, continue to do. There’s a whole slew of online articles I have stashed on my computer that would’ve been just insane to print out.

So I always suspected it’d take me a bit longer to nail down this book. And it has. My editor and I have spent the past couple months going over, in detail, which themes should be dealt with where, and what the book is really about at its heart, and how best to form that heart into the book I have in my head. And while this book doesn’t have the same sort of Deep Long Destiny Connection that SNOW LIKE ASHES had (since, ya know, I started writing SLA when I was a wee preteen authorling), it is still very, very important to me, because I feel like Pirate Book is, or will be, a culmination of things I both love and admire like crazy, and I want to do all those things justice. I want to do the themes justice. I want to give you guys the gleaming, shining version of the story I have in my head, not just some patched-together mess I scrambled to finish because DEADLINE.

So, there will be no new books from me in 2017. But! There will still be ARCs of Pirate Book! And a cover! And more definitive news about the plot/characters/world! And a super awesome way to join the Pirate Book fandom that I am really excited to share with you! So all will not be silent on the Sara Raasch front, and I will still be here to fangirl/squeal/fawn over you all as the year progresses.

For now, keep letting me know what you think of FROST LIKE NIGHT (if, ya know, you’re coherent enough to do so, cuz it seems I may have broken a few of you) and keep an eye on my Pirate Book Pinterest Board, which will give you maddeningly cryptic insights into what exactly is going on with this wild hot crazy tangle of pirates and inquisitions and gang wars and magic plants and kissing

All the kissing.