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Not Like This (Part 1)

Part 2: Here
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Star Trek AOS (Soulmate AU)
Pairing: Reader x Bones
Word Count: 1,873
A prompt from @bkwrm523​ a while back: “ So, academy era.  Soulmate Au where you can hear each other’s thoughts.  You and Leonard kinda chat sometimes, but haven’t met yet.  Leonard’s figured out that you’re both at the academy.  In the middle of one of his classes, he realizes from your thoughts that you were just in some sorta shuttle accident and badly hurt.  He leaves class immediately, gets you to tell him WHERE you are so he can call help.  Then, while rushing over, he coaches you through patching yourself up while waiting for help to arrive, all through thoughts.” 
Warnings: Nothing much for this chapter, just scary scenes and a bit of blood
Tag list: @outside-the-government @feelmyroarrrr
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@bkwrm523  @yourtropegirl @littlecarowrites @auduna-druitt @mccoymostly @nymphadora-blurryface 
Author’s note:  This was turning into a really long one shot so I’ve decided to break it up into three (potentially four) parts.  I hope you like it!

               It happened on your first day at the Academy.  As though the enormity of starting your new life as a cadet wasn’t exciting enough, it was also the day you’d first sensed the thoughts of your soulmate.  You’d heard the stories of the few in your hometown who were fortunate enough to have been born within telepathic range of their soulmates, but you’d never expected that you’d be one of the lucky ones.  You’d dreamed of all the things that Starfleet Academy would bring you as you traveled south from your home, but you’d never imagined or really, even considered, that there was a chance of finding your soulmate.

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My Type of Guy - Stiles Stilinski Imagine [Smut]

Author: dylanowhy

Summary: Scott McCall invites you to the schools senior prom, as friends of course, but there is this certain dark haired boy who has been pushing your buttons lately. Who would have thought that later on he’d be pushing you into a pile of gym mats.

Pairings: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Warnings: Language. Smut. Unprotected Sex.

Word Count: 2957

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Some said he had dark hair, perfect to match his light-hearted eyes. However, you had never seen him up close before, always admiring him from a distance. You had known about Stile for years, ever since 5th grade when all he ever did was talk about baseball and Lydia Martin, but you’ve never approached him, always too afraid to speak, thinking that you would make a fool of yourself. Most people looked over the mole blessed boy, and you never quite understood how. There was so much more to him than anyone gave him credit for. The loud whistle sounding from Coach is what snapped you back to reality, bringing your attention back to the point, his hair. From the distance you sat it seemed light, a deep honey brown color that shined in the sunlight, complementing his soft pale skin that was being slightly washed out by the deep red covering his body. He was doing some type of dance, it almost made you snort, apparently he made a shot, something that was rare coming from him. It’s not like he was a bad lacrosse player, he was just never given the chance to show what he was really made of.

“What do you think Scott is going to do since Kira is not here anymore?” One of the many gossiping girls of Beacon Hills asked another, watching as Scott and Stiles high fived each other, bright smiles on their faces. “I am hoping he is open for trying new things, being with different people.” The other replied, it made you roll your eyes. You weren’t sure what happened to Kira, no one really was. Her father had given light detail and acted like it was no big deal his daughter went off in the middle of the school year, it had always made you curious, but you never were one to push any buttons. You actually cringed when you thought about what the girls across from you were talking about. There was a dance coming up at the end of the week, something about being seniors and how it was important to have one last dance. It was also known as prom, but you didn’t like to use the term. The theme was masquerade, and almost everyone had a date. Of course, you did not fall in the line of people who were going with a significant other, but that didn’t bother you. You had better things to do then to dance in a pool of sweat with some guy who only asked you because he wants to get lucky. No, you did not need to go to —.

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The Topmodel AU I hadn’t realised I need

Kicking this AU Weekend (more infos here) off early because I’ll go on a trip later today and won’t be back until Saturday evening, so most of my posts will have to wait until Sunday&Monday (yes, I’m counting Easter Monday as part of the weekend, sue me). So let’s just talk about my Topmodel!AU headcanon for a sec, shall we? 

Not gonna lie, I came up with this ten minutes ago, so expect lots of incoherent rambling.

Alright, so. Tony is nineteen, just finished his master degree and determined to piss his father off as much as possible–a dangerous combination that ends with him signing up for the next topmodel casting instead of starting to work for SI like Howard wants. He didn’t really expect to make it through, he’s too short to be a model, damn it, and he really doesn’t appreciate Rhodey howling with laughter. But his father’s expression when he learns of it is so worth it.

And well, Tony is good with cameras, alright? He’s confident, knows how to put on a show, and suddenly those abilities aren’t just a necessity, they’re actually really helpful. He moves into a house with the other models (though having to give up his phone and being cut off from the internet is hell, seriously, how do regular people survive this?). 

He makes friends with some of the other models, a pretty redhead named Pepper who walks in heels like she was born to be on the catwalk, the sharp-tongued Maria who doesn’t appear to be interested by anything–she doesn’t even blink when they get to shoot a short clip with famous actor Steve Rogers, Tony is convinced she’s secretly a cyborg–and Clint who, by virtue of being the only boy, immediately becomes Tony’s new best friend.

The judges can be harsh in their critic, but their trainer Bruce is an absolute sweetheart. Also the first time Natasha Romanov compliments Tony on the expressiveness in his photo shot is a world-altering experience. 

Sometimes being locked into a house with so many people can be a bit much though. That’s when Tony sneaks into the kitchen at two AM, just to get some time for himself. Which is how he meets Bucky. Well, he doesn’t meet him that way, Bucky is a camera man on the crew after all, and he’s always around. But sharing a sandwich in the middle of the night is a different kind of knowing, okay?

There’s also the fact that Tony may or may not have a tiny little crush on the guy–Bucky is attractive and witty and has this super secret ability of stalking them all day with a camera and not making it weird, and also his abs, really, Tony’s never had a chance. So. There may be a bit of flirting involved in their midnight meets.

Which is not a problem, Tony flirts with everyone, it’s his thing. His bisexuality isn’t a secret either, in fact the fans are shipping ‘Clony’ very insistently. And though that’s just a terrible ship name–Tony tells the interviewer as much–he and Clint do like to play it up a little, just for fun. The problem is, Bucky isn’t shy about flirting back, and as it turns out, that’s something Tony’s brilliant brain can’t handle. 

What also turns into a bit of a problem is that Tony isn’t exactly subtle, no matter how hard he tries to hide his crush. There’s a lot of blushing and stuttering involved for one, and that’s just plain awkward. Tony doesn’t blush, alright, especially not when someone calls him cute. He’s not cute. He’s hot. He’s handsome. But not cute. And the way Bucky smiles and nods at him indulgently isn’t fair at all.

Then, there’s the week eight incident. The sexy shoot. Yeah. Let’s just not talk about that. [Everyone is talking about it. Clint and Pepper refuse to shut up about it. And Tony knows he did well, that his photo was the best of that week, but it’s still embarrassing because he knows he was throwing that smoldering look straight at Bucky–and who had placed him behind their photographer, damn it–and it’s just weird.]

Maria leaves them at the end of week nine and Tony resolutely refuses to cry. It’s part of the show, he’s known that from the start, and it’s not like he’ll never see her again. Which is what he very insistently tells Bucky who just as insistently convinces Tony to drink the hot comfort chocolate he’s smuggled in from Starbucks.

“I can’t do this,” Tony tells him, stares sadly into his half-empty cup. “I’m not supposed to be a model, I can’t be a model, what am I even doing here?”

“Tony,“ Bucky interrupts the beginnings of his panic attack, voice serious. “I’ve seen you out there, you love being a model. You love being on that stage, you own it. Look, take it from someone who’s been filming at this show for three seasons, you’ve got talent. You’re improving every week. And it’s true that that’s not the only thing it takes, model business is tough. Not everyone can handle that, but I don’t have any doubts that you could.”

“You think so?” Tony asks and hates how hopeful he sounds. Because this was supposed to be joke, a way to annoy his father, he wasn’t supposed to care about this.

“I do,” Bucky nods, then smirks. “You’ve got the ‘bitch please’ attitude down already too.” To which Tony sniffs derisively. Somehow the night ends with both of them laughing, and when Tony returns to his room, Clint sends him a knowing look.


“You know what.”

“No I don’t.”

“Yes you really do.”

“Fuck you.”

“Love you too.”

“You’re in love with him, aren’t you?” Rhodey asks two minutes after his arrival. Tony is too overwhelmed by his surprise visit to even bother denying it. 

“Oh, Tony,” Rhodey sighs, pulls him into a hug, and Tony melts. He’s missed this, missed it so much. Clint is a great guy, but he refuses to cuddle Tony the way Rhodey does. To be fair, nobody cuddles Tony like Rhodey does but that shouldn’t stop his friends from trying. “Now, tell me about that almost-porno-photo shooting I keep hearing so much about.”

Tony squeaks in mortification.

Clint leaves them at the end of that week, and this time Tony does cry. He’d deny it but the bastard took pictures. Actually, who are we kidding, he still denies it.

Paradoxically, with the house becoming more and more empty, Tony ends up spending more and more time with Bucky. It felt crowded and overwhelming in the beginning, but now the silence is bothering him. He’s already dreading going back to his tiny little flat or worse, his parents’ mansion.

By now Tony’s crush on Bucky is common knowledge, basically. Pepper keeps making not at all subtle comments, the rest of the filming crew constantly hang around in hopes of catching the first kiss, there are jokes and knowing smirks–and Tony is getting sick of it all.

He gets it, alright? Bucky has shown no interest in him–isn’t even allowed to have interest in him–and really the man can’t be that obvious. Clearly is kindly sparing Tony the embarrassment of being rejected in front of an audience. Tony appreciates that. And he’s trying hard not to make things awkward, but he can’t help his feelings, so if everyone else could just cut it out, he’d really appreciate it.

In the end, Tony makes it into the top five. He’s got talent, Natasha and Fury of all people assure him off that, but he’s also had a bad week and his picture just wasn’t as good as those of the other participants. So, Tony packs his bags, says goodbye to everyone, resists the urge to kiss Bucky just for the fuck of it, and flies back home. He doesn’t cry. He’s too numb.

Not until he’s in the privacy of his own home at least, where the stress, the excitement, the weight of those last few incredible weeks finally catches up with him. It seems like such a waste suddenly, such an embarrassment, and god, he’s a failure, he’s never going to leave his apartment ever again.

He does. Rhodey makes sure of it. Makes sure to remind him that this is not in fact the end of the world because Rhodey is sadly a very rational person who’s far too used to Tony’s dramatics.

“You’re not gonna give up on something you want, Tony,” Rhodey tells him one night. “It’s not your style.”

He turns out to be right.

Tony doesn’t want to work for SI, not right now at least. Because he genuinely liked modelling, and he doesn’t- he wants to give this a shot. He’s young, he’s got lots of time to argue with boring, old board members later. He starts looking for shootings instead, takes a job here and there. Looks up a couple of offers he gets because of his surprising popularity on the show too. (He honestly didn’t expect so many people to follow him on Instagram, what the hell?)

By the time the live finals roll around, Tony is excited again. Excited to see the other models one last time, excited to walk on that stage one last time, just excited. There are a lot of hugs and tears at their reunion, lots of things to catch up on.

When Tony walks down the catwalk on the night of the finals, with all the other models who’ve been part of the show, he wears a beautiful, glittering, evening gown, murderously high heels and the worlds most brilliant smile–because Tony Stark never does things half-way. (Tony Stark never passes up an opportunity to give Howard an aneurysm.)

He asks Bucky out that night. Bucky gapes at him, blurts out, “Don’t you already have a boyfriend? That Rhodey guy?”, causes everyone in their vincity to groan in annoyance and disbelief.

“Seriously?” Pepper glares–and wow, that’s a terrifying sight. “I’ve watched the two of you pining after each other for three months, if you don’t kiss and make up right now I’m gonna stab you with my heels!”

And that is the story of how Clint got to twitter a picture of Tony’s and Bucky’s first kiss, hashtagged #IdbeheartbrokenifIdidntshipit #Sorryclonyfans. 

I Never Planned on You - Pietro Maximoff x Stark!(f)Reader

Words: 2569 (What the fuck this never happens)
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Stark!(f)Reader
Featuring: Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, a few random characters
Warnings: swearing, yelling, cheesey
Requested by anon
Can you please do one with Pietro to I Never Planned on You from Newsies? Thank you!
Authors Note: You guys have no idea how excited I was to do this and I’ve been working on it for so long i hope it makes up for the lack of imagines from the past week. very much so based off the newsies show. even parts that weren’t in the song. i was excited.

Also, little summary: you are Y/N Stark but use a different last name while working. You own your own magazine company and you and your assistant, Jeremy, are headed to New York for a few different reasons. A speedy silver-haired boy sees you, and who knows what happens from there?

Read on Ao3 if you please

Pietro Maserlist. Masterlist.

You liked to keep it a secret that you are a Stark. Tony, as the older sibling, would carry on the Stark name to make something of himself and honor your parents. But as the second born and younger sibling, you had more freedom. You did not want to be bound to the Stark name and seen as “Tony Stark’s sister” or “another Stark” because that isn’t who you are. You knew you were one-hundred-percent capable of making it on your own, hence why you used a different last name when working.

It wasn’t important that you were a Stark. It was nice not to get compared to Tony as being merely the younger sibling, and you had more recognition than you would have had if you kept the Stark name. But that didn’t change the love you had for your brother, as you and him at least text every day.

It was funny when they did compare you, though. Your company did not have the size the Stark did, but it was getting there.

“Jeremy,” You called out to your assistant, and he walked quickly inside your office.

“Yes?” He asked as he stood at your door.

“When do we leave for my jet?” You asked. Your name may not be as big as the Stark name, but the Stark name is a really big thing; so you were a decent size. And to many surprises, you are able to have your own plane.

“About two hours, Miss (Y/N),” Jeremy smiled after looking at his schedule.

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i’m weak for rafa and i know you thirsty mofos are too.  i’m also so excited to write this and did a lot of (probably mostly unnecessary) research for this, but i’m no ballet expert, so please don’t be afraid to tell me i’m wrong about something.

title: you’re hot in a world that’s cold, pt. 1 (entrée)
fandom: hamilcast(???), basically lmao
pairing: rafael casal x reader
rating: t for swearing
word count: 3433
tagged: @tailored-shirt-tails

After a bad knee injury and surgery, you’ve been forced to take a break from ballet.  You decide to take some classes at NYU Tisch in the meanwhile, where Rafael Casal is guest teaching, and the two of you tiptoe the blurred student-teacher boundary.

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anonymous asked:

lately i've found myself actively disliking wearing cosplay. i still enjoy making costumes and talking shop with other cosplayers, but the joy i used to feel while wearing what i've made has died a lot. have you ladies ever gone through this? is there a way to get that feeling back?

Absolutely. This was me to a T for a solid two or so years, from Madoka all the way to Fire Emblem just last year, which was weird considering I used to jump at literally any excuse to get in costume. Getting out of it is really about getting to the bottom of why you started to feel that way, though, and what your priorities are. For me, it was three things –– being so tired of a project that by time I finished it I loathed the idea of putting it on, starting to feel my age in costumes designed for characters in their early teens, and feeling tired of conventions in general. Here’s how I got it back: 

I decided to stop taking on projects I wasn’t really passionate about. After Overwatch and Inuyasha (which we committed to last year) we have no plans for big groups where everyone picks a character regardless of interest level. Since I do the bulk of the planning and sewing for our groups, I felt I had to lessen the load on myself in order to enjoy making costumes for myself again, so going forward we’re going to be structuring groups a little differently. A big part of this is not investing hundreds of hours into costumes I don’t care for, as it takes time away from the things I actually do want to make AND wear. I feel like there’s a huge pressure in the community to constantly have new finished costumes and that’s way too stressful and takes away my enjoyment of the craft when everything is about rapid turnover.

I confronted the fact that I am not a teenager anymore. I’m not youthful person and I have never looked young for my age, so it stands to reason that I didn’t feel convincing dressed as a fourteen year old. I took the “anyone can cosplay anything” philosophy too far and pushed myself out of my comfort zone when I really didn’t need to, and it had the adverse effect of making me feel like Sakaki in the swamp instead of feeling cute. As a result, I don’t do schoolgirls and idols and magical girls so much anymore. Now, I’m working on embracing cosplaying older or more mature-looking characters that I used to really want to do when I was younger. The new motto, spiritually jacked from Ratatouille: anyone can cosplay anything, but it doesn’t mean everyone will feel great in anything.

As for conventions: this took some finagling. One, it took starting to go to conventions outside of our usual haunts. After 10+ years, Anime North and FanExpo feel tired. Absolutely EXHAUSTING. It’s the same thing every year, and the conventions have stagnated so much that I feel like just about everyone goes out of habit rather than any real excitement or joy for it. I mean, if we’re going exclusively for a reason to dress up, why not go shooting for a weekend with friends or something? So we branched out and started going to American cons. It’s been phenomenal, honestly, and going to cons outside our area has made me relish conventions like new again. Going to Katsucon was the most fun I’ve had at a convention since my very first one, honestly! And a part of that is part two: meeting new people. I’ve been a hermit for yeaaaaars in the cosplay community, seldom venturing outside this tumblr and whatnot, but this past year I’ve started making a lot of close friends through social media and it really hypes me up to wear costumes and go to conventions again, as I’m sharing it with new friends whose vibrancy, passion and excitement is infectious. (Shout out here to Krista, Christen, Max, Bono, Tori, Mia, Tracey and the many others too numerous to name but all equally loved who have given me reason to love this hobby again in the past year!)

Anyway: I care again. I haven’t felt so excited for my upcoming costumes (Mercy, Luna and InuYasha!) in a decade.

- Jenn

If it’s a costume I don’t feel very good enough, yeah, I’ll be meh about it, but I try to find costumes I’m super passionate about because it makes all the difference! Like, I felt OK in Sailor Mars, but she wasn’t my favourite scout, so it was natural to not feel as passionate about it. But I feel amazing in Sumia because I feel I can portray her very well, so I find something I’ll feel so good in, and I had a hand in. I like projects that are my niche and that I’ll look so good in!

For me it was also the reverse for a long time –– I didn’t like making them because I was scared of learning to sew but I liked to wear them. Now that I’m learning to sew I’m a lot more excited because I feel that much more connected to it.

- Emmy

If you enjoy making costumes but just don’t want to wear them, you can take a break. Make costumes for other people for a while, or work on real clothes or something different from what you’re burned out on. That’s what I did when I felt it; I said whatever, I’ll just sew other stuff. The best thing you can do is try something else for a while until you find a project that motivates you again.

- Christine

The ladies have pretty much said everything that could be said perfectly, but here are some of my experiences. I’ve had a very brief stint with cosplay compared to others, but the ups and downs have not eluded me. While I had always wanted to cosplay, I guess I never wanted to do it alone. I was always timid to go to cons by myself and never felt strong enough to venture into making costumes on my own. Meeting my friend Erin changed that completely because I met somebody who wanted to be a part of it with me. Suddenly it was this wave of going hard on making things I never thought I would make even though I can look back on it now and see how terribly I made things hahaha. I started with my Cass Cain Batgirl and Chell from Portal. Two crazy starts for me personally as I had never sewed, worked with acrylic, vinyl, fibreglass and bondo. Making them felt invigorating! However, over time, my living and financial situations didn’t really allow for me to have creative space (4-6 adults in an apartment, yikes!). I also went hard into my work so my passions kind of fell to the wayside. Erin moved away to a different continent for a couple of years, but she’s back now woo! I didn’t have many other friends I felt close enough to and as Jenn previously said, Fan Expo and Anime North don’t inspire much creativity or a fresh, exciting environment so even if I went with other friends, it was just going through the motions. I wasn’t inspired to attempt to learn more. I didn’t feel like any characters really connected with me and the ones that did, like Shepard from Mass Effect, I was too scared to attempt alone. Little by little, I fell out of it. I didn’t want solo projects, I wanted to be a part of something.

Joining the Dangerous Ladies has completely rejuvinated my love for it. The first group project I joined was for Sailor Moon, how could I not be excited to do one of my first loves? Lucina has given me life, I could do version after version of her and wear her for years, I absolutely adore her. The thought of being Ana from Overwatch and doing an Inuyasha cosplay (Sango) excites me to no end. I’m more brave and have more opportunities and motivation to learn more. I’ve already learned so much in the few years being with them and WANT to learn more! The passion is back. My love for gaming and anime feels alive again in a way I can visually express it. The new cons we’ve ventured to have been phenomenal and the people we have met have been such an inspiration and so much damn fun to be around. Finding the right people to be around, work, and travel with has been so important for me to find my love for cosplay again and I am so happy that I found it.

All this rambling comes to this: Find out what the source of your distaste for it is. What drove you to love cosplaying in the first place? Find that drive and source of inspiration and love. Search for new ventures that will motivate you to try out new things! All the best!

- Shazz

Bellamy Blake Imagine: Finding Home


Summary: Octavia finally persuades reader to go with her to Arkadia to see her brother Lincoln. But since Skypeople are on odds with grounders for betraying them during Mount Weather war they decide to sneak in and Octavia gives reader some clothes so she can look like a skyperson. In the camp Octavia leaves her for a while and reader meets Bellamy, then she finally meets Lincoln and he, with Bellamy’s help convinces her to stay in the Arkadia.

Word Count: 2301

Originally posted by clarkesbi-ellarke

“Octavia, I can’t go there,” I protested as she tried to convince me to go to Arkadia for like a thousandth time so I could finally see my brother Lincoln whom I hadn’t seen since the Mount Weather incident.

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Imagine you and Chris telling your families you’re having another baby.

A/N: Hello, my darlings. Since the only request I’ve received since I posted the update was about the series, I’ve decided to close my inbox and get back on the mini-series bandwagon. My holiday is nearing and I want to leave y'all on a good note, so I’m bringing back the domestic fluff pieces. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy writing them. I’m titling this one ‘Charlotte Rose’ for a reason, you’ll find out later in the series. Anyway, enjoy Part 1. Read previous parts here: ('Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts’, 'Baby Fever’, 'Memory Lane’, and 'Little Ones’ - Masterlist.) Lots of love. X

You and Chris laughed and held the phone away from your ears as Lisa cheered excitedly at your news of her having another grandchild. You’d called her first because you weren’t going to see her until Christmas, whereas you were stopping by your parents’ place later to drop Jack off so you and Chris could finish your Christmas shopping; it was a little hard to shop for Jack’s presents with him around. You and Chris shared a smile after looking over at your son, who was adorably coloring on the dining table. You still couldn’t believe that this time next year he’d have a little sister or brother with him. God, you were praying for a girl; you definitely didn’t want to have a third to pacify the men in your household.

“Ma,” Chris chuckled into the phone as he wrapped an arm around you, grinning as happily as his mom probably was. You kissed his jawline, smiling, because you were happy your husband was happy; he deserved all the happiness in the world. “I know you’re very excited, but you’re kind of hurting our eardrums.”

“I’m sorry, I’m just so happy for the both of you.” You could both hear the smile in Lisa’s voice which made the smiles you had on your faces grow even wider. “When Scott told me that the two of you were trying for another baby, I thought he was just messing with me-”

“Wait, what?” You interrupted her, chuckling. “Scott told you we were trying for another baby?” You asked her then turned to look at Chris; you tried not to laugh when he rolled his eyes. “Yeah, well- Scott was not messing with you,” you lied because you couldn’t tell her that it was a happy accident. “We just thought we’d kept it a secret until we got some results.”

“Oh darling, I’m so happy right now,” she told you and you smiled when Chris kissed your hair. “I bet everyone else will be thrilled too when they hear about it. Thank you for calling, I don’t think I could’ve waited until Christmas to find out. Best early Christmas present ever,” she commented.

“Hey, that’s what I said,” Chris pointed out and chuckled when the both of you laughed. “Okay, Ma. We’ll see you on Christmas Day.” Lisa noised confirmation. “Love you,” you both said simultaneously then hung up after hearing her reciprocate that love. “Nice to know she’s as excited as us.”

“I don’t think anyone could be more excited than you, sweetheart,” you cupped his chin in your hands and drew him down to meet your lips for a sweet kiss. He chuckled and wrapped his arms around you, hugging you tightly. “Yup,” you chuckled softly as you hugged him back, running your hands up and down his back. “No one’s more excited than you.”

“I love you, sweetheart,” Chris told you as he pulled away.

“I know, baby,” you smiled, brushing his bearded cheek with your thumb.

“I don’t think you do,” he shook his head, smiling. “I love you,” he repeated and you chuckled. “Like I am head-over-heels, you’ve-ruined-me-for-other-women, I’ll-never-love-again-if-you-leave-me in-love with you.” You laughed and pecked his smiling lips before walking over to Jack. “I’m serious, Y/N,” he called after you and you nodded in acknowledgment, chuckling.

“C'mon, buddy,” you held out your hand for Jack to take; he looked up at you, eyes curious. “You gotta change out of your pajamas before you can go to Grandma and Granddad’s. C'mon,” you urged when he pouted. He lowered his crayon and carefully climbed off the chair, taking the hand you were holding out. “You can wear your new blue sweater.”

“Oh yay!” He jumped up and down excitedly; you and Chris laughed softly. “I like that sweater, it’s so soft and fluffy and blue!” He took the reins and pulled you along as you both headed upstairs to get him changed; Dodger followed behind as he’d grown very attached to Jack.

Chris remained downstairs, packing Jack’s things up so he could take it with him to your parents’ place. He smiled when he saw what Jack was drawing and coloring; a family portrait much like the one he drew a while ago, but this time, there was an additional body. He felt his stomach flutter with excitement at the thought of another child in his life. His life was complete when you walked into it, there was no doubt about that. But with each passing year- with each milestone the two of you saw and accomplished together- it became more wholesome. He packed Jack’s things into his Mickey Mouse backpack then headed upstairs to get changed himself. 

• • • • • • • • 

“You’re pregnant!” Your mom squealed as she threw her arms around you and Chris; it was hard because she was very short compared to you and your husband. “That’s amazing! Oh my God, talk about an amazing early Christmas present.” You and Chris shared a smile and chuckled softly under your breaths. “I’m so happy right now, congratulations!”

“I’m going to have a sister!” Jack called from the living room where he was sitting and having your mom’s famous peanut shortbread while watching a Christmas classic, 'Elf’. You all turned away from Jack to meet each others’ gazes; your parents’ eyes widened with excitement, asking a wordless question “you’re having a girl?”

“We don’t know yet,” you shook your head, smiling.

“But we’re really hoping it’s a girl,” Chris nodded, smiling.

“It’s easier to have a girl than it is to have a boy,” your mom told the two of you.

“Yeah,” your dad nodded in agreement. “We wanted another boy after your brother, but we got you instead.” He joked and you scoffed, whereas Chris and your mom laughed. “I’m kidding, sweetheart. You know you’re my favorite daughter.”

“I’m your only daughter,” you countered with an eye roll.

“For a reason,” he booped your nose and you chuckled. “I knew no child would surpass my precious girl so we stopped trying after you. Take the compliment, kid.” You rolled your eyes again, but with a smile this time around.

“Whatever the reason may be,” Chris began as he wrapped an arm around you. “I’m just glad you brought her into this world 'cause I don’t know where I’d be without her.” You smiled at him and he smiled back. “All’s well that ends well, right?”

“Right,” you smiled and kissed him. 

• • • • • • • • 

“Ugh,” you groaned as Chris passed you your hot chocolate. “This means I’m back on the no caffeine wagon.” He chuckled and wrapped an arm around you, sipping his double shot latte. “How am I going to get any writing done without coffee?” You took a sip, smiling when the hot liquid warmed your belly.

“How does anyone get anything done without coffee?” He quizzed you rhetorically, like you’d with him. “You sleep, sweetheart,” he answered and you chuckled. “I’m not going anywhere this time, I’m going to go through this entire pregnancy with you. I’ll look after Jack, make sure you have all the rest you need so you can work. Though I’d appreciate it if you don’t stress too much, I don’t want any harm to come to you or the baby.”

“Of course not,” you smiled and placed a hand over your belly. He smiled at you then turned to look at the window displays of the shops you were walking past. “It’s weird, Chris,” you began and he turned back to you; your hand was still over your belly. “I’m actually really excited about having another child.”

“How is that weird?” He chuckled. “You’ve clearly always wanted kids of your own, I saw it when you held Jack for the first time.” You felt yourself smile at the memory of holding your son for the first time. “Like Luca said, your job as a waitress ruined your for other children. I mean- if I had to wait on bratty children all day, I wouldn’t want kids either.”

“Maybe,” you shrugged. “I don’t know, I feel like it’s because of you that I want children.” You told him and kissed his jawline when he smiled. “Honestly, without you being you- having children wouldn’t even cross my mind. I’d be perfectly contented working and traveling and just hanging out with my brothers’ kids.”

“And without you, I wouldn’t want kids either.” He admitted and you shot him a 'yeah, right’ look. “I’m serious,” he chuckled, tightening his hold on you. “I can’t imagine having to do all this with someone else, there is no one I’d rather do this whole parenting thing with.”

“The feeling’s mutual, Evans,” you told him and planted another tender kiss on his jawline.

Chris smiled because he loved it when you did that; it was a simple but incredibly affectionate act, one he would never get sick of. You were just someone he would never get sick of, and he was so glad he met you and you agreed to marry him.

“Oh my God!” You gasped and pulled away from him, rushing towards the window display that had the cutest penguin light fixture. “Chris,” you said in a 'we-have-to-get-it’ tone as you looked back at him, pointing at it.

“Whatever you want, sweetheart,” he nodded as he walked over to join you, taking your hand in his. “You’ve already given me everything I want,” he smiled as he drew your hand to his lips. “The least I can do is get you this adorable penguin.”

“I love you so much,” you chuckled.

“I know,” he smiled, squeezing your hand.

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Part 2 will be here soon. 😊

You're my home

Originally posted by supernatxralgifs

Warnings: Reader is a single mom. (very young single mom). Fluff.

Notes: And here i am with another fluff Jensen x Reader, sorry, that’s my thing. I inspired myself on the story of Savannah and Everleigh Soutas, and in the lovely couple, Savannah and Cole LaBrant, because they are amazingggg!!!!! I hope you like this! (Thinking about opening my requests soon!!!). Special thank you @realdiepie and @bleu-dans-la-nuit

“Are you ready sweetie?” You asked your daughter who was putting one of her stuffed toys in your bag.

“Yeah.” She answered with her cute little voice. She was only three years old, and you already didn’t want her to grow up anymore. “Mommy let’s go!” She said excited making you laugh. 

“Okay, let’s go.” You said locking your house, opening the car and putting her in the baby seat. Since the start of the Supernatural series, you had been a huge fan. You loved the characters, you loved the cast and you loved the show. And now, a convention in your city was finally happening. And since Lottie, your little girl, loved the series too - the episodes you allowed her to see at least -, she was going with you. And it wasn’t like you had anyone to watch her for you if you went alone…

“Are we here?” She asked looking through the window and you smiled, sighing.  

“Yes, Lottie, we’re here.” You said excitedly taking her out of the car. You couldn’t believe this was going to happen! Everything was so surreal. You entered the hotel where the convention was happening and immediately saw a bunch of fans, mostly teenagers, wearing Supernatural shirts, taking pictures and cosplaying. You put a white shirt in Lottie that said “Protected by Sam and Dean", with purple and blue dotted pants; and you worr a black shirt that said  “The hell protected by Sam and Dean. I got this shit" and jeans. 

Because Lottie was young, you didn’t pay for anything else but the Photo Op with Jared and Jensen. She wouldn’t stand being in the hotel with noisy fans all day. 

“Oh my god, aren’t you the cutest thing ever?” A redhead girl with glasses in line in front of you said when she looked to your daughter and you laughed. 

“Hey honey.” 

“Hello.” Lottie said a little embarrassed. “I like your hair, it’s like mine!” She continued, talking about her strawberry-blonde hair, and the woman laughed looking at you. 

“She’s shy just during the first few seconds, then, she’s a talker.” You explained and your daughter looked at you with a smile and gave a small laugh.

“Thank you! I like yours too! What’s your name?” She asked.

“Lottie! What’s yours?” Lottie answered holding your hand.

“Amy. Do you like Supernatural?” 

“Yeah!” Your daughter answered excitedly and you smiled. You had raised her well. “I looove Dean, but momma said that his real name is Jense.” You and Lottie started to talk to the woman, and for the first time in a long time, you felt like you had a friend. You were only 19 when you got pregnant and your family… well, your family wasn’t exactly supportive. You had to move from your city, and your friends - at least the ones that remained - stayed there. And now between watching Lottie, writing and working in the restaurant, you didn’t have time to make friends.

“Mommy….” Lottie said sleepily, resting her head on your shoulder. 

“I know, I know.” You answered kissing her forehead. You had been in the line for a few hours now, and this was pretty hard when you had a little daughter. First she was running around and talking to everyone, but now she was starting to get sleepy and it hurt your heart that you just couldn’t go home and put her to sleep. Amy was next, so you were almost getting in. 

“Okay, here I go, wish me luck! And please (Y/N), call me, let’s go grab a drink sometime.” She said and you smiled giving her a clumsy hug.

“We sure will, have fun!” You said excited referring to the photo OP and she smiled.

“Bye Lottie, it was so good to meet you!” She said and Lottie waved saying a cute “Bye”. 

“Are you excited? We are next!” You said trying to cheer her up.

“I am momma, but I’m tired.” She said and you gave her a small smile. This broke your heart in pieces. Cliff was there, and you and Amy talked to him a little.

“Is she okay?” He asked when he came back from the room where the pictures were being taken. Lottie started to groan and you felt tears in your shirt. Oh no…

“She’s tired.” You said rubbing her back and her cries started to get loud.

“Oh” He said putting his hand on her back to help to calm her down. “You are almost going in okay?”

“Yeah, thank you.” You said with a soft smile and he smiled. He was a sweet guy and it was so nice to meet him. Lottie started to cry louder and rub her eyes, and sadly you couldn’t do anything about it.

“Lottie we gonna see Dean and Sam, you love them!” You said to her but she didn’t stop crying. 

“Hey, hey, hey, what’s going on here?” You heard a very familiar voice in front of you.

Holy crap.

You slowly looked up to the person who had just talked and gasped in shock. It’s was Jensen fucking Ackles in flesh. He was incredibly handsome, nothing compared to what we saw on the series. He was tall, had the most beautiful green eyes you ever seen in your life (after your daughter’s, of course… she was your daughter after all) and boy did he smell good. 

Jensen stopped when he got out of the room and saw you. He was paralyzed. He never though this could happen just from seeing someone, but you were beautiful, and immediately caught his attention. 

But the little girl’s cry woke him up, making him look at her and his face turned to a hurt face. He hated hearing kids cry, it was the worst sound in the entire world in his opinion. Not because it was annoying or anything like that, but because his heart turned into dust when he heard it, it was like something was hurting him.

“Hey sweetheart.” He said getting close to you, making your heart speed up. You couldn’t open your mouth to even say “Hi”. “What’s the matter?” He asked to Lottie putting his hand in her back and like a miracle, she stopped crying to look at him, still rubbing her eyes. 

“Are you… Jense?” She asked confused, altering her look between you and him. He smiled, and when he looked at you, you felt your legs shake. 

“Yeah I am princess.” He said sweetly holding her hand. “And what’s your name?”

“Lottie…” She answered softly.

“Well Lottie, can you tell me why you were crying?” You didn’t think he could get any cuter, then he turned to you and said: “Can I pick her up?” You nodded, unable to say anything, and when he extended his arms to her, she immediately went to him.

“C'mon inside.” He said to you with a smile, nodding his head towards the door and you two entered.

“I want to sleep.” Lottie answered with a pout making you two laugh. You didn’t see Jared anywhere.

“You want to sleep? Okay, I know a quiet room for you to sleep after this.” He said with a big smile and you frowned. “And tell me, Lottie, what’s your gorgeous mom’s name?” He asked to her while looking at you, and you felt your checks burn.

“Hm…” She started thinking about it and you laughed. “Mommy” She answered and he laughed loudly, you too.

“(Y/N). Big fan.” You said and he smiled, giving you a clumsy hug with the arm he wasn’t holding your daughter and making you shiver.

“Pleasure to met you (Y/N).” Jensen said looking straight into your eyes and you smiled. “Jared just went to the bathroom, he will be back in a second for us to take the picture.”

“It’s alright” You said. Jensen’s eyes locked with yours and if it wasn’t for Lottie, he had a feeling that you would be looking at each other for some time. 

“I looove Dean, he’s so cute.” She said and Jensen looked at her in awe.

“He is? He thinks you’re a pretty little girl too.” He said before coming to look back to you. “She’s pretty smart for a… I’m guessing four?”

“She’s three.” You said feeling proud of your daughter. 

“Wow, just three. Most of the young girls can’t tell the difference between me and Dean.” He explained looking surprised at her, and even though she wasn’t paying attention to the conversation, she gave a little laugh circling her small arms around Jensen’s neck. 

“I don’t know why, but she’s just learned your…”

“SAM!” She screamed looking behind Jensen to where Jared appeared. You looked at him, and couldn’t help but smile. He was so handsome too. You just couldn’t believe you were face to face with them. 

“… Name.” You finished after Lottie’s interruption and Jensen laughed.

“Hello there honey!” Jared said with a big smile when he saw her. “Hello there sweetheart!” This time, the hello was for you, and your smile grew even more when he wrapped his arms around you, giving you a strong hug. He smelled pretty nice too. “You okay?” He asked looking straight into your eyes too.

“Yeah…” You said with a sigh of adoration and he smiled kissing your forehead.  

“Great.” Jared said. “Now, you!” He said pointing at your daughter. “I want a hug too!” He said and she smiled going to his arms. 

“Your daughter is simply adorable.” Jensen said appearing by your side when Jared started to talk with Lottie. 

“Thank you.” You said happily. “You know, sometimes I think that I wouldn’t have found strength to raise her alone if it wasn’t for you guys, you know, the campaigns and all the love.” You said referring to the Always Keep Fighting campaign, and Jensen’s face turned serious, looking straight at you. You gasped in surprise when he just drew you into a strong hug. 

“I’m glad you did.” He said still hugging you. “The guy who left you was a douche, you are so beautiful and amazing, he doesn’t know what he is missing.” He said making tears come up in your eyes. It was the most beautiful thing someone could’ve say to you. 

“What do you think about taking that picture?” Jared asked excited, and you shook your head trying to prevent the tears from falling before agreeing. You stayed in the middle of them, Jared’s arm that wasn’t holding Lottie circling your waist and Jensen’s arm in your shoulders. You smiled and you heard Chris snapping two pictures. Lucky you.

“Thank you.” You said first to Chris, who smiled to you. “Thank you guys, you have no idea how much this means to me and to Lottie. We really appreciate it.” You said turning to them, and they smiled. 

“Thank you.” Lottie said quietly and they both looked at her in ‘awe’. “I love you guys. This much!” She said opening her arms and you laughed.

“We love you too.” Jensen said and opened his arms. “This much!” She laughed and Jared put her in the ground after he kissed her forehead. Jensen bent down to give her a hug while Jared hugged you whispering “thank you, I love you” in your ear.

Jensen stood up, and hugged you strong, kissing your cheek, taking more time than necessary. Not that you were complaining. 

“So Cliff is gonna take you to a quiet cast room for Lottie to sleep a little bit until the panels start. Are you going to see ours?” Jensen asked and your eyes widened.

“Oh… I didn’t pay for anything else other than the OP, I didn’t think Lottie would be able to stand it.” You explained surprised, and he and Jared exchanged looks.

“You want to see our panel?” Jared asked while Lottie held your hand. “Cause we can arrange that." 

"If you think Lottie can handle it after getting some sleep, you can stay.” Jensen said, hoping that you would. Why the hell was he so intrigued about you?

“Oh my god guys, really?” You said surprised feeling your heart beat faster. “You can do that for me?" 

"Yeah, definitely!” Jared said smiling and you smiled too.

“Well… What do you think Lottie?” You asked looking down at her, and she smiled excitedly.

“Yes!” She said happily and you looked back to them with a smile.

“I guess we will stay then!” You said happily and both of them smiled, feeling satisfied with your answer. Especially Jensen…

Part 2

Good Morning Baltimore

Hamwriters’ Write-a-thon: Worldwide Day (4)

Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

Word Count: 1099

Trigger Warnings: None

A/N: This is a fic based on where I’m from, Baltimore, Maryland. (Yes, the title is a Hairspray reference.) I was so excited to right this because whenever my city is in the news, it’s never for anything good, but it’s not all that bad here. We have bad places inside the city, just like everyone else, but I wanted to bring to light the good places. I hope you enjoy this!

Originally posted by patgavin

“C’mon Lin! Get excited!”

“I’ve been driving for three hours straight, Y/N; this is as excited as I’m gonna be.”

“I told you to switch with me.”

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take my hand

request from @boymeetsfiction : A cute lil request where Tae and reader go to an ice rink? Love you~~ heheehehehehe

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

[Taehyung x Reader]

Genre: Fluff, a little Angsty

Words: 3593

—> You lean against the gate and watch him skate for a moment, smiling a bit at how much fun he seems to be having. He’s laughing and spinning in circles, looking absolutely carefree. 

A/N: Thank you Tamara for sending this request in! And I hope you all enjoy this xoxo

First dates were always nerve wracking, but this one made you feel especially anxious.  

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To the Four of Us (EPILOGUE)

Words: 2,569

Author’s note: It took me weeks (months?) to get this right. I got so attached to my TTFOU characters that I had to make sure they had the right sendoff. I ended up loving this story. I loved writing it, I loved reading your comments (don’t think for a second that I didn’t read EVERY SINGLE ONE of them. I did. And they ALL made me smile), and I love that you guys loved it so much. Seriously I can’t thank you all enough for letting me share this with you and for supporting me. I don’t wanna get long and sappy so I’ll leave it here. Also, I’m sorry for the wait, but I really hope you enjoy it now that it’s here!

Tags: @heythereitsloey @anitheunicorn @newyorkyoucanbeanew @lafbagxette @justafangirlwithanavy @iamgrayfox @ordinaryornate @schuylerjoon @georgewashingsin @trashyperson101 @crazydragon15 @but-if-you-had-to-choose @geespilots @marvelous-hamilfan @mynameisalexanderhammyham @panda-powers@lafeyettegunsandships @schokoobananaa @aphboi @hell-yes-puns-and-ships @aham-threw-his-shot-away @hesitantcat @nonstopspook@hamrevolution @alexander-did-you-know @spitaverse-burr@angelizaandpeggy @isis278 @idk-destiel @engulfedinstars@hamiltrashuniverse @ahrupe @just-me-an-asshole @readfizz@skeletonmelodies @gum-and-chips @iminwaytoomanyfandoms@hadleyelizabethuley @fictionalboyfriends @ridiculousn3ssfangirl@pleuxvoir @liallow @kanadianwithashippingproblem @bucket-of-kittens @welcometohamilton @forth-schuyler-sister @fanwaffles@ariadne1004 @inspacewmorty @marshmallow-satan @anbu1997@sinmineral @esmeraldablazingsky @fictonalboyfriends @i-am-forever–bored @imdiggingdaveed @skittle-geek

Now, without further adieu, the TTFOU epilogue!!

There’s comfort in familiarity. That was why when they turned onto the familiar street with the familiar lampposts and the familiar trees John literally squealed with delight despite the snow which fell softly onto the windshield.

Alexander raised an eyebrow at his husband. Normally in the presence of snow, John would be at least a little grumpy.

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|| loving normal ||

{summary: an au where celebrities and normals are separated.}

disclaimer: this is a work of fiction and is not meant to represent the celebrity’s actual life/lifestyle.

warnings: mentions of drug use, attempts at rape

**do not plagiarize/repost this story**


Harrison Osterfield made it his personal mission to be a celebrity.

Why, you ask?

It was solely because of this system that was implemented in his world.

Celebrities were basically treated like real life gods and goddesses where their sole purpose was to make the whole world adore them with their talents.

They were allowed to bask in their fan base and make all of their fans weak in the knees at the mere sight of them.

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Fan sign | One Shot.

pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader
words: 2125 words
genre: fluff
a/n: just some harmless fluff. will be putting out another oneshot this week! then working on sunflowers again!

you have no idea how you let her convince you to go to this fan sign but here you were and all you could think about was how you possibly made the guy you liked mad at you for being there.

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Title: The New Candidate (Part 1.) 

Character(s): Patrick Sullivan and Ashley Wright (original female character)
Summary: Ashley Wright is a new candidate assigned to a Firehouse where she meets a certain firefighter who gives her a hard time. Being a female firefighter and a new candidate, Ashley deals with the adversities with her new career.  
Word Count: 1,254
Author’s Note: I have been itching to write this. I know I said I wasn’t going to write this until I was done with my previous stories, but I couldn’t wait. I needed this idea to come to life. Also, thanks to @magikat409 for allowing me to use her name! I watch a lot of Chicago Fire, so you may see many references from that TV show. (ie. the firehouse and the truck number lol.) Enjoy! 

(GIF Source: @mypapawinchester)

Ashley had just been assigned to a Firehouse in New York after passing the needed requirements to become a firefighter. Her friends and family all told her that it was impossible for a woman to get a job in this field of work, but she wanted to prove them wrong.

She had always wanted to help and save people. She could have become a police officer, a doctor, but something about running in a burning building interested her. She did like to live life on the edge.

Ashley was at the top of her class in the Fire Academy. She passed the written test with a perfect score and the physical ability test was an easy pass. She had always been so athletic.

When she received the letter in the mail for her placement at a Firehouse, she was beyond excited. She could barely sleep the night before her first shift.

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DWTS24 Cast Announcement and why Simone Biles won’t win.

Do you feel it? The anticipation, the desire, the lust for shirtless foreign men mixed with the scent of sweat dripping on hardwood?



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Stars in the Night: Chapter 8

WOOO ANGST. It’s like an episode of Young and Hungry where Gaby and Josh never freaking end up together jesus christ don’t get me started. I promise things will stop getting whiny soon hehe. It’s a necessary evil. Gotta show Stella’s struggle my friends. 

Anyway, I promise things will pick up in the next chapter. You wanna know why? Ehehe. We’re time skipping to Altissia, bitches. Prepare for things to happen. Get excited because I AM SO EXCITED MMMNFJDFKJFJ. 

But FYI, the story really begins in Altissia. I’m not ending Stars in the Night during the 10 years of darkness. Nope! Stella and Noctis shall see the final battle together. I won’t spoil anything else… though… you probably already know what happens. 

Please enjoy and remember feedback is always appreciated!!!

Word count: 1,507

Previous Chapter | Next Chapter

Stella reluctantly decided to accepted Iris’s offer to room with her. Not only did she want Ignis to sleep on a proper bed for a change, but she wanted to distance herself from the group. They had been on the road together for weeks. She needed some space from the four men. Not only that, but the secret of the marking on her right hand only made their time together more complicated.

When she revealed the carbuncle shaped marking on her right hand to Prompto, it felt as if a small weight lifted from her tiny shoulders. It was nice to discuss the matter out loud, rather than bottling up all her conflicting feelings.

Though, that small relief was short lived.

Iris was sound asleep in the double bed that laid beside Stella’s. Luckily, when Stella returned to the Leville for the night, the fifteen year old was already in a sound slumber. 

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200 Followers: Follow Forever

It happened. I don’t know how but it happened and I can’t quite believe it. The fact that there are 200 people who have taken interest in Steven and his adventures means so much to me, especially in such a short time (2 months).

I want to thank each and every person who has ever interacted with my blog in any way, whether that’s through RP threads and talking OOC or simple as liking my posts.

If I could tag every single one of you in this post I would, however, that would take a very long time and make this post even longer than it’s already going to be. But I do want to do something to thank you all, so any ideas for a fun event or something to do in thanks would be super appreciated. Like maybe an open request art live stream? Or a Watch2Gether of Pokemon Live? Anyway, I digress, time to get sappy and thank a bunch of you! even though I don’t think I can quite express exactly how grateful I am and how I feel in words

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i’m yours, you’re mine

hello!! i love markhyuck with my whole heart, so here is this little fic based off of @leeminhyung’s markhyuck headcanons!! please go and check out this post as well as their account!! anyways, i hope you all enjoy :)))

words: 4955
rating: this is one of the softest things i’ve ever written so

also, i posted this on my ao3 account!!

“mark, teach me to play guitar.” donghyuck said out of the blue. he was sitting on the floor against mark’s chair, fiddling with the strings on his sweatshirt, not bothering to look above him at mark. mark was in the studio late at night yet again, a bit past twelve. donghyuck always whines about being there so late at night, but he would do just about anything for mark so he doesn’t actually mind (he doesn’t voice that though).

mark looked down at him, and donghyuck looked up, blinking. mark blinked back. “uh, now?”

“no, you’re working. i mean just, like, later.” donghyuck said. he yawned and let his head fall back against mark’s leg. he changed the topic. “i’m tired.”

mark gave him a small smile, running a hand through donghyuck’s hair. he hummed at the contact. “i’m sorry hyuck, but i’ll just be a little longer. you can go if you’d like.”

“no, i’ll stay with you.” donghyuck whispered, beginning to doze off.

mark felt a wave of fondness wash over him for the younger, resulting in him not being able to wipe the stupid (lovesick) grin off his face. if he didn’t finish soon, he’d have to carry donghyuck to bed, if he wasn’t asleep already. he’d probably end up carrying him anyways.

about ten minutes later, mark was starting to get a little frustrated, so he decided to call it quits. he stretched his arms above his head and yawned, glancing down at donghyuck, who was fast asleep with his head on his lap. light, quiet snores fell past his lips as he laid there. mark felt bad that he had to disturb him.

“hey,” he cooed softly. “donghyuck, i’m done.”

donghyuck stirred, sitting up. he squinted at mark and then resumed to sit there with his eyes closed. even with the somewhat-dimmed lights it’s still a bit bright for just waking up.

“i’m assuming you want me to carry you,” mark said.

donghyuck nodded. mark snickered.

he lazily jumped onto mark’s back, and shut off the lights as mark asked him to, since only one of them had free hands. when they got to the dorms, mark finally realized how tired he was.

“do you want to sleep in my bed?” mark yawned. donghyuck replied with a really quiet yes.

mark set him down on the edge of his bed and walked off to quickly brush his teeth and change into more comfortable clothes before going to sleep. he could hear donghyuck burying himself in the covers from the bathroom.

after mark had jumped into bed and got comfortable, he turned to face donghyuck. his eyes were lidded with exhaustion, and he shut them as he scooted closer to mark. mark kissed his forehead.

“goodnight, hyuck.”


halfway through the night, donghyuck woke up to one of mark’s sleep talking episodes. he only mumbled a few words when he talked in his sleep.

“hyung,” a pause. then he giggled.

donghyuck suppressed his laughter and continued listening.

“foreign… swaggers.”

donghyuck almost failed to hide his laughter that time, and after hearing that he wasn’t going to continue, he opted going back to sleep. he buried his face in the crook of mark’s neck and dozed off again.


four hours later, mark woke up first. some of the guys that are awake are already making a ruckus in front of the tv, arguing at a volume he thinks was rather loud for ten am. mark glanced at donghyuck, who was pressed against him. one of his hands was holding onto mark’s t-shirt, the other was near his face. he stared at donghyuck for awhile before deciding to wake him up.

mark reached his arms out and yanked him closer his body, beginning to litter kisses all over his face. he counted fourteen before donghyuck let out a little squeal and started squirming.

“time to get up, sleeping beauty!” mark hummed, laughing as he was pushed away. donghyuck hid his face in his hands sheepishly. when he moved them away again, mark kissed his forehead one last time before standing up to go look in the mirror.

“good morning to you too, mark.” donghyuck let out a happy sigh. he stretched his arms over his head. “oh, you talked again last night.”

mark whipped his head around to look at donghyuck, who was laughing.

“what’d i say?”

“i remember that you said ‘hyung’ and then started giggling at absolutely nothing. there was something else too,” donghyuck thought for a second. then his face lit up. “ah! you also said 'foreign swaggers’. i don’t think there was anything else. i fell asleep after that.”

“i’m pretty sure i only sleep talk when i’m with you.” mark laughs.

when the two of them emerged from their room, everyone was already awake, except for chenle and jisung.

“good morning kiddos!” yuta sing-songed, which earned him a glare from both mark and donghyuck. they both joined in with the light conversation in the kitchen, with the sound of renjun and sicheng yelling at each other in chinese in the background. probably because they were playing some game.

“hey could you guys go wake up chenle and jisung?” taeil asked later. the two of them nodded.

“hey, i’ve got an idea. since their rooms are near each other let’s stand in the hallway and make a lot of noise.” donghyuck said mischievously.

mark was about to dismiss the idea, but donghyuck looked excited, so what the hell. “if we get yelled at it is your fault though.”

“okay. on the count of three, open the door and start yelling. i’ll get chenle, you get jisung.” donghyuck sniggered. mark nodded. “one, two, three!”

the two of them flung jisung and chenle’s doors open and started clapping and yelling for them to get up. jisung’s eyes flew open and he sat up, but when he realized what going on, he threw his pillow at mark and fell back onto his back. chenle woke with a start and he groaned when he saw donghyuck clapping and laughing like a seal.

when donghyuck and mark returned with two sleepy kids following behind them, taeil looked at them with mock disappointment. he looked slightly amused. “i’m never letting you guys do that again.”


today was a scheduled free day for them, and mark had the brilliant idea of staying in and teaching donghyuck how to play guitar.

“you said you wanted to learn right? how about now?” mark suggested.

fifteen minutes later, they’re back in their room and donghyuck is sitting on his bed with the guitar in his lap. mark is guiding his fingers along the fingerboard, a determined look on his face. donghyuck was getting a little frustrated. and his fingers hurt.

“this is hard. and it hurts” donghyuck whined. mark grabbed his hand and pressed tiny kisses to the pads of his fingers. donghyuck flushed. “yuck, loser. you’re so sappy.”

mark laughed, and donghyuck continued. “can i just like, watch you play?”

“aw, giving up already?” mark teased. donghyuck pouted. “i’m kidding dummy, what do you want me to play?”


mark seemed to already know what he was going to say, so he started strumming the first few chords to love yourself by justin bieber. donghyuck smiled widely, and began to sing along. his heart was pounding in his chest, and he could hear it in his ears. he would never be able to admit how whipped he was for mark out loud, and this was just one of the many things that he loves about the older.

at the end of the chorus, they both stopped and grinned at each other. “amazing, as usual.” mark said. donghyuck flushed again.

mark started strumming again and donghyuck watched his fingers glide across the strings, and he watched the focused expression on mark’s face, feeling himself falling in love with mark all over again. he doesn’t know what to do with his feelings, and honestly neither does mark, but they’re rolling along with it; they’re doing great still, after all. plus, donghyuck will never admit how much he loves the little things mark does to him or for him. it makes him feel like melting into a puddle of goo.

“oh wait! hyuck, could you get my notepad, please?” mark sounded excited. he put his guitar next to him.

“did you think of some lyrics?” donghyuck asked, already reaching into the drawer for the notepad and pen. he grabbed a pencil for him too.


donghyuck moved over to sit next to him rather than across from him, to see what he was up to. he didn’t dare to interrupt his thoughts while he was writing lyrics. when he kept going, that’s when donghyuck started to get really excited. it’s not often that mark can do this.

of course, donghyuck won’t know that he was what inspired mark. he won’t know that he’s his muse.

donghyuck leaned his head on mark’s shoulder and watched as his pencil moved, stopped, and started moving again. mark hummed quietly ever so often, and donghyuck enjoyed listening to it.

“what do you think, hyuck? i’m assuming you already read them all.”

“yeah i did. i like it! it’s so cutesy, where did that come from?” donghyuck teased.

“i don’t know, you tell me.” heat rose to his cheeks.


when the two of them and the rest of nct dream were preparing for their debut with chewing gum, it was quite a stressful time. mark wasn’t getting the hang of the hoverboard as quickly as he had liked, and neither was donghyuck. the seven of them had lost count of all the bruises they had acquired, and it was stressing all of them out. but they were excited. that’s what kept them all going.

but mark still needed a breather. there was a lot running through his head. donghyuck, mostly.

donghyuck has been distracting him a lot lately, he noticed. he already knew he had a little crush on the younger, but he found that he had been looking for him and reaching out for him more. he noticed that his heart would beat faster whenever he’d watch him dance, or even just when his skin shone with sweat. mark always knew donghyuck was cute and that he was definitely attractive, but now he just couldn’t keep his eyes off of him.

he also had that same thought that he pushed to the back of his head every time it surfaced; every time donghyuck was so himself, beautiful yet crazy:

'maybe you love him.’

so basically mark just needed to breathe. he was freaking out, but he also needed donghyuck. so here he was, pulling him to the roof, where they sat and talked for who knows how long. they talked about anything and everything.

“any new bruises?” mark joked sarcastically.

“no actually. thank god. but the bruises on my knees still hurt really bad.” he said. he looked at the dark marks on both of his knees. mark frowned. “i just need to learn how to stay balanced.”

they also slipped into comfortable silences every once in awhile.

in one of those silences, however, mark became certain of the growing love he had for him. and he got the response he has been subconsciously hoping for this whole time.

the sun had set forever ago, so the moonlight was shining down on the two of them. mark of course has been sneaking glances for weeks, or even months, but this one was different. it tops every other time he’s looked at donghyuck. the moonlight on his skin was almost indescribable; if he had to describe it, the only thing he could say was that he looked purely ethereal. and that he definitely loved him.

donghyuck turned his head, eyes meeting mark’s, which were quite close to literally sparkling in the moonlight.

it’s like the message was spread quietly between them. that’s how they both knew. they didn’t even have to say the words to know how much they cared for each other.

a few minutes later, donghyuck caught mark smiling to himself. “what’s on your mind?”

mark looked him in the eyes and said, “i don’t know, you tell me.”


during limitless promotions, there was that one time it was snowing. donghyuck remembered how happy mark was seeing snow, since it reminded him of home. mark kept looking out the window.

“hey mark,” donghyuck said. he had an idea.

“hm?” mark peeled his gaze from what was outside the window to donghyuck, who had a lightbulb going off in his head. mark could tell, and he grinned. “what are you planning?”

“what tells you i’m planning something?” donghyuck looked offended. or he was at least trying to look offended.

“oh, shut up. i know you. i know that face.” mark pointed out.

“well dang, you got me. way to go.” he playfully rolled his eyes. “but anyways, my idea was going to run around in the snow! just you and i. i know you love and miss the snow and i want to make you happy.”

mark blinked at him in awe. “dude. i love you, for real. that’d be amazing.”

donghyuck’s chest ached at those words. he smiled that smile that he tended to only show around mark. he winked playfully at mark despite his pounding heart. “i love you too, markie!”

mark flushed, but played along. “i was going to hug you, but i suddenly don’t know a donghyuck!”

mark acted like he was walking away, but donghyuck chased after him. he dramatically threw his arms around mark from behind him. “noooo, mark c'mon let’s go play in the snow.”

mark lee was definitely whipped as hell.

so now here they were, bundled up in the biggest coats they had, hand in hand as they walked around in the snow.

but just like the idiots they were, they forgot gloves.

also, donghyuck’s face was really pink from the cold and mark was literally dying inside because he was so cute. he looked like a damn marshmallow in that giant coat as well. and to top it all off he had a scarf wrapped around his neck that covered half of his face, protecting it from the cold wind.

“i literally can’t feel my hands.” donghyuck complained, looking down at the hand that wasn’t currently intertwined with mark’s. he opened and closed that hand a few times. “yeah. i can barely feel them.”

mark wordlessly tugged donghyuck closer to him and put both of their hands in his coat pocket. that scored mark a startled giggle from donghyuck.

“hyuck, oh my god. was that a giggle i just heard?” mark asked, unable to stop the smile from growing on his face. he felt like he was literally overflowing with fondness.

“pfft, what are you talking about?” donghyuck denied.

“don’t lie to me, that was adorable.”

mark could tell that he was pouting even with that huge scarf covering his face. mark decided to mess with him some more.

“wait hyuck, your scarf is falling off. here, let me fix it for you.”

donghyuck turned to face mark, and mark swiftly pulled down the scarf and pressed a warm kiss to donghyuck’s chapped lips before putting it back in place. his proud smile grew when he saw donghyuck’s wide eyes staring right into his own. he used his free hand as he could to cover his embarrassed face, and mark laughed. he squeezed his hand in his pocket reassuringly.

“remind me what we’re doing out here again? what’s fun about going out in the snow and not having a snowball fight?” donghyuck said after he recovered.

“is that a challenge, donghyuck?”

“you bet.”

fifteen minutes later, both of them regret their decisions. if they couldn’t feel their hands before, then that was nothing compared to now.

“okay. so i think i won fair and square.” donghyuck said. he was lying and they both know it.

“you wish.” mark scoffed. “here, come here. i need to warm my hands up.”

donghyuck happily obliged.

“hyuck, your cheeks are literally so pink. i want to see if they’re warm.” mark laughed. he put both of his hands against donghyuck’s face, and yes, his face was definitely warm. but that meant his hands were cold, so donghyuck screamed and jumped away.

“your hands are so cold!”

“i doubt yours are any better. here, do it to me.”

he did as he was told. mark flinched at the contact.

“oh jeez,” he said. and he got another idea. “wait hyuck, there’s some snow in your hair. let me get it for you.”

donghyuck squealed. “no! you’re lying! i know what you’re going to -”

mark kissed one of donghyuck’s pink cheeks before he could finish his protest. donghyuck was pouting again.

“you’re so embarrassing,” he tried to hide his smile.

“lee donghyuck? embarrassed?” mark dramatically gasped. “what did you do with the donghyuck i love?”

“if you keep talking like that, you’re going to kill this donghyuck too.” he lightly punched mark’s shoulder.

neither of them have felt that happy and carefree in a very long time. and all they were doing was goofing around.


back at the dorm, they were greeted by taeil and taeyong with disapproved faces.

“what if you guys get the flu or something?” taeyong asked. “you guys are crazy.”

“relax hyung, that’s not going to happen.” donghyuck reassured. but mark just so happened to pick that exact time to sneeze. donghyuck sighed.

“okay, maybe he has a cold.”

taeil sighed. “both of you go get into warmer, dryer clothes.”

mark sneezed again when they were on their way to their room. donghyuck frowned. “mark? do you feel okay?”

“yeah. i still honestly think its from just being cold. not having a cold. just give it a few minutes. i’ll be fine.” mark smiled, sniffling still.

“whatever you say,” donghyuck still didn’t fully believe him, but he combed his fingers through mark’s snow-dampened hair and kissed his forehead before going to get the both of them clothes to change into.

he threw a sweatshirt and a pair of sweatpants at mark from his drawer, and he grabbed something similar for himself. after around ten minutes, he was a lot warmer; but mark didn’t seem much warmer, even with the dry clothes on.

donghyuck bit his lip to keep himself from getting overly frustrated with himself for staying outside for so long, and for letting mark get sick. he honestly felt like yelling, but that would do nothing for the situation so he kept it to himself. he glanced at mark.

“okay.” mark said. “i feel better.”

donghyuck let out a sigh of relief he didn’t know he was holding. he doesn’t know if he believe him. “are you sure?”

“yes.” he replied.

“okay, good.” donghyuck replied. “do you want to go buy some instant ramen for us and the guys?”

mark laughed and nodded. “should we bring some more people with us?”

“nah, i think we can fend for ourselves.”

“whatever you say,” mark sniggered.

“oh! mark, you should wear a mask. just in case,” donghyuck said, running into their room and returning with a plain black mask for mark. he put it on for him.

“to the store!” donghyuck yelled. mark panicked and told him to quiet down.


one of the first times donghyuck got hurt was overwhelming for mark. it was during the time they were preparing for another nct dream comeback, with my first and last.

when they were learning the dance, donghyuck did not land the trick correctly and he ended up hitting his head on the floor; as well as both of his knees.

of course everyone freaked out, especially mark. he had tears in his eyes when he saw him laying on the floor in pain, and they threatened to spill over when the staff called off the rest of their rehearsal. it was only when the two of them were back in their room with a few ice packs that those tears fell freely, making donghyuck panic.

“no no no, mark. please don’t cry. i’m fine, i promise.” donghyuck said, worry thick in his voice. he reached out for mark, who came closer. “you don’t have to waste your tears on me.”

“but now,” he sniffled. “now you have to wait a while to get better since you hit your head,”

“mark, come here.” donghyuck said softly. mark sat down next to him. “give me a hug, and if you need to cry more for other things, you can go ahead.”

“i’m mostly worried about you though.” he muttered, his arms wrapped tightly around donghyuck. he still let more of his tears run free.

“hey mark,”


“i love you.”

mark’s breathing stuttered, but he let out a content sigh. “i love you too.”

they ended up spending the rest of that night with random visits from the members, all asking donghyuck the same questions. he assured all of them that he was fine, and he truly was, besides the physical evidence of what happened.

mark and donghyuck also had one of their much needed deep conversation, telling each other the things that have been plaguing their minds and their worries. they talked of their families, and got a bit emotional, but the two of them both felt a lot lighter afterwards.

they slipped into a comfortable silence, the two of them sitting side by side and enjoying each other’s presence. mark slung his arm over the younger’s shoulders and donghyuck let his head fall onto his shoulder. mark pulled him closer.

mark fiddled with donghyuck’s freehand with his own and sang quietly to himself, surprising donghyuck. it wasn’t often that anyone would actually hear mark sing, since he didn’t really like his voice all that much (which donghyuck thought was absurd, because everything mark did was amazing). it made him smile, so he joined in with mark.

the two of them loved these moments, when their voices would just fit together. this was another one of the things that mark really only showed around donghyuck. he wasn’t very confident with his singing voice, but when he was around donghyuck he felt better; more comfortable. donghyuck knew that, and it made his stomach feel all funny because he honestly loves mark a whole lot.

“hey, mark.”

mark looked at him.

“you sing really well,” donghyuck smiled at him.

mark smiled sheepishly and looked away. “c'mon stop. you know you sing better than i do.”

“but i’m not talking about me,” donghyuck drew out, poking his chest. “i’m talking about you, the multi-talented mark lee.”

“hyuck, stop it. you’re so embarrassing.” mark covered his face with his free hand.

“good.” donghyuck grinned.


how donghyuck felt about going to school was just how any other student felt about going. he’d really rather not. but having mark by his side made it a lot more tolerable.

the two of them were never really apart, and the entire school knew that. they would arrive together, leave together, eat together, and of course they debuted together. but that’s beside the point.

other than the fact that the two of them were idols, they were both already good looking. but no one messed with the two of them. everyone who could see way they looked at each other knew to leave them alone. no one questioned it either.

like any other day at school, the two of them would sneak glances at each other. just like they always had.

mark would laugh at the really stupid jokes jeno told, and donghyuck’s chest would ache and his heart would stutter. you’d have to be blind to not notice the way donghyuck looks at mark (their members would see this every once in a while. and when they teased him for it, he always tried to deny it).

mark on the other hand is just constantly overwhelmed with donghyuck’s presence. it’s not a bad thing though; it’s just that whenever he’s around him, everything seems brighter and it get’s hard for mark to breathe because, wow. there’s no way a person could be as perfect as donghyuck is in mark’s eyes.

so that brings them to where they currently are, sitting in a practice room by themselves. mark is humming and sitting against the wall, donghyuck is laying with his head in mark’s lap. he was twirling donghyuck’s hair in between his fingers, his bottom lip pulled between his teeth as he stared off into space. donghyuck knew he was thinking about something important, but he didn’t want to ask. it was one of those habits of mark’s that he found stupidly endearing.

kind of how when he gets nervous or embarrassed he’ll laugh and sometimes cover his face. or the little crease he gets in his forehead when he concentrates. the way he tries to keep his eyes open when he’s obviously beyond exhausted.

donghyuck found more reasons to love mark every single day.

“your hair is really soft hyuck,” mark said. he noticed donghyuck just staring up at him. mark laughed. “what’re you thinking? you have that look on your face when you think.”

“do you want an honest answer?”

“uh, duh.”



it’s past two am when the thunder startles donghyuck awake. he stares at the ceiling of the dark room for a little bit, wondering if sleep would welcome him again. the next crash of thunder gives him his answer as he startles, heaving a sigh. he hates that he had to wake up to this storm, of all things. now it’s late, or early, or whatever, and he’s anxious and definitely on edge. the rain is just too loud, the lighting is too bright, and not to mention the thunder. it was too much noise and it freaks him out. all he wants is to sleep.

donghyuck didn’t even think as he swiftly moved from his bed to mark’s, throwing the blankets up and over him and curling into mark.

mark stirred, and opened his eyes. he turned over to see donghyuck, heard a boom of thunder, and that told him exactly what was going on. he took donghyuck in his arms and pressed a long kiss to his forehead.

“you okay hyuck?” mark asked, voice quiet and groggy from sleep.

“i am now.” he whispered back, pressing his forehead to marks chest. “go back to sleep, mark. i’m sorry i woke you. i love you.”

despite being half awake, the things donghyuck says never fails to make him feel all warm and mushy inside. “no worries. i love you too, hyuck. sleep well.”


the next morning, donghyuck was the first to wake up. his head was tucked under mark’s chin, almost the same way that they fell asleep after donghyuck climbed into his bed.

he moved his head so he could look at mark’s face. he looked peaceful.

too bad donghyuck is going to scare the shit out of him.

“HEY MARK LEE!!” donghyuck yelled as close as he could to his ear.

mark startles away and flops onto the floor, leaving donghyuck laughing. when mark gets off the floor, donghyuck is still laughing, a hand over his stomach.

mark takes this as his cue to cuss him out, making sure to include the words in both korean and english.

“okay listen honey, i may not know english, but i know what bitch means so i’m going fight you,” donghyuck picks up the nearest pillow and threatens to smack mark with it.

mark visibly fought off a laugh. “oh? bring it, ugly.”

donghyuck feigned an offended and hurt look. “excuse me, but you’re the ugly one here.”

“hyuckie, you should get better insults,”

“says you! you started this fight, loser.”

“fight me, i dare you.”

jaehyun rolled his eyes as he heard the two “fight” just like they do every damn day when they’re not being sappy little shits. it was endearing, and neither he nor the rest of the guys could disagree.

meanwhile, instead of fighting, donghyuck had tackled mark onto the bed and kissed him sloppily as a way of getting back. donghyuck had pulled away with a smirk.

“what-” mark interjected.

donghyuck silenced him with another short kiss before getting up and walking out of the room. mark was stunned, donghyuck was smug.


that evening, after a long day of walking around seoul, donghyuck had sleepily flopped onto the couch and pulled out his phone. mark went off to go take a shower.

donghyuck watched a bunch of random videos on his phone as he waited for mark to get out of the shower. as the seconds ticked by, it grew harder and harder for him to make out what was happening on the screen, his eyes heavy with exhaustion. he yawned, his eyes watering. before he could stop himself, his eyes slipped shut and he dozed off with his phone in his hand.

when mark got out of the bathroom, towel over his hair and toothbrush dangling from his mouth, he was going to tell donghyuck that he was done so he could get in. but when he found him asleep on the couch, he had half expected that to happen. mark smiled smittenly, and finished what he was doing before crouching at donghyuck’s side. he turned off the his phone, and shoved it in his pocket, preparing to carry donghyuck to their room.

mark lifted him up, he stirred a bit, curling into him. he chuckled. when he set donghyuck down on his bed, he grabbed mark’s wrist drowsily.

“stay?” he asked. mark couldn’t find it in himself to refuse.

Hands | Jungkook

Scenario: You’re afraid that you’ll lose me in big crowds so you always hold my hand but now you just hold my hand when there’s only five people around and I’m getting very suspicious
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 5,459


Korean night markets have always been one of your favorite traditions to attend whenever it’s around your city for a weekend and you have the luxury of having a free moment during said weekend to indulge in bright lights, cheap merchandise, and some of the best food you’ve ever tasted.

You vaguely remember being eleven, when you were first introduced to the view of a night market; how your family enjoyed them more than regular dinner cuisines and how the night was always plagued with the bustling noise of people and the sweet smell of food across a wide array of Asian cultures.

Ever since that first day, ever since your first steps down the street for your very first market, the idea of these have become a tradition to your family. As often as you all could, your family would attend and bask in the glory of the lights and the sights and the smells. It’s always been one of your favorite things to do.

Your excitement for the night markets as a whole could probably serve as the best explanation as to why you are just so ecstatic to attend this year’s festival with your friends from college. The group mainly consists of your roommate: Karly, amongst some others you shared classes with. However, you are all going to be joined by some of the guys from a university across the city, given that Karly’s boyfriend attends said school.

“Are you guys excited?” Karly inquires enthusiastically as the group makes their way out of the apartment, readily dressed for the event. “Jimin’s bringing along some friends, just so you know.” She turns to gives you all a suggestive eyebrow waggle. “Maybe you guys will think one of them is cute.”

“Nope,” Amber rejects, holding her hand up into the air. “I’m taken.”

Karly rolls her eyes good-naturedly. “I know that. But maybe someone else would be interested in that information…” She gives one particular friend a knowing side glance.

You make a face. “I am not that desperate to latch onto one of Jimin’s idiot friends!”

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