// SNOTGIRL 

                                                //September 2017!


Guess who finally bought their KIllian makeup!
This mother ducker!~


Hopefully i’ll have the costume done in the next couple of months~ :3
Then all I’ll need is to find a Carey, or N03ll3, or both, … or  a duck.
….I wonder if you can have duck’s on the moon?

THE PROTOTYPE CHARM FOR THE @home-sidlinkzine CAME!!!!!

—– the charms WILL be available to purchase separate from zine. :D

You can follow me or @home-sidlinkzine to keep up to date on when they will be available for purchase in the zine shop. I Will also be setting up a pre-sale for the charm within the next week or 2.

If you have any other questions free to send me an ask or a message.