i am so excite!!!!!!

i just submitted my final piece to the @supernaturalartbook!! it’s done, i’m happy with it, and i can honestly say that i’ve never done anything like this before. here’s the last sneak peek ;)

i am so honored to have been a part of this amazing project. as of now, we’ve raised so much money for charity. SO MUCH, YOU GUYS. thank you to every other artist participating and to the glorious S3 for organizing and reaching out to me - without you all, there’d be no book <3

i can’t wait to get my copy!!!!

nicole submitted:

Hello minty! Hi nacho it’s me kitten!anon here to submit you this…. I’ve planned to go as your Chara because… why not? This May at  Bon Odori… also one more thing….. how long is the knife that Chara weilds?

This looks so cute! I am so so so excited to see your cosplay come this May. Be sure to share it! Chara’s knife is 12 inches long: the hilt is 5 inches and the blade is 7 inches. I actually have a perfectly safe fake version of it (perfect for cosplay!) that I got on ebay! You’ll have to paint it to make it look less like a toy knife.


Part One is finally over!

Now I can actually start the dang plot-

Kah doesn’t want to admit she likes the piggyback ride~
They all know she does tho~

Part One: Beginnings
<Pages 38 - 40>

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like i guess my point is if you don’t like steven universe.. yeah cool whatever, make your crit blog you do you it’s a website and it’s a cartoon after all, but just this flippant way people go from “well i think it’s shit” to “well i think it’s shit and nothing special” is pretty absurd to me, like you got people demonizing SU and then saying you should actually watch (some other cartoon that doesn’t have any fat characters, any non-white writers or voice actors, any trans people working on it) just… Chill out! What SU has done is crazy and I am so excited to see what the future holds for the shows that come after it, just as Adventure Time/etc paved the way for SU 


GUYSSS I’m so happy!!! Last night I was chilling in my room and my roommate left for a few min which was whatever I was just chillin with her boyfriend. So I went to go throw out his empty pizza box and he was like “No! Don’t leave. We need to do something really quickly while Darcy’s gone. Come here.” And was just generally doing a terrible job of subtly keeping me in the room when all of a sudden I hear “I’m a Believer” playing in the hallway. So I run to the door bc I LOVE THE SHREK SOUNDTRACK and want to see who is gracing us with such a sound. So I open the door to none other than my best friend!!! He & my roommate planned for him to come surprise me at school!!!! I screamed his name so loud I hurt my throat and almost cried. I’m so happy!!! Then he asked me to his junior prom and he’s staying the weekend and I’m just. My heart is so full

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I am actually so excited to hear about your trip, after you 3 wonderful ladies meet for the first time (I think that's right?)! Hoping you feel like sharing some of that with us. 😊

I think you’re referencing me, Lauren and Jess meeting? that’s not happening on this trip unfortunately so you’ll have to wait an as yet undetermined amount of months to hear about it (bc we’re sneaky af). hopefully the 3 of us won’t have snark-tweeted ourselves to death by then. @jamesandclairefraser @balfeheughlywed

BUT!!! I will be meeting lots of other wonderful shippers on this trip so you’ll definitely hear about that :)

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Excited for sea ponies?

I’m gonna assume you’re referring to the MLP movie coming out this year? If so, then yes, I am indeed excited for the film. o3o

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I finally bought myself a bible so I can seriously dive into the word. Any advice on how to start & what do you recommend for beginners? I started Job myself, because I heard he went through hardships like I am.

Hi friend,

Congratulations on your new Bible! That’s so exciting. :)

Job is perfect for if you’re going through hardships. As for advice on how to start and what I recommend, here are all of my posts tagged Bible study, where I talk about these topics (and my own studies) quite often. 

My husband and I started in on the Old Testament and are reading the Word from cover to cover; however, for a beginner I would recommend starting in the New Testament (with Matthew). It’s so solid and full of great teachings and you get to learn all about Jesus, which is what’s up for sure. Don’t get me wrong. The Old Testament is big and beautiful and I love it so, so much, but I think the New Testament is easier to swallow for a lot of people (myself included) most days.

@jspark3000 has a really great post on this topic as well. 

Feel free to keep me updated on your studies, and do let me know if you have any further questions. I love talking Scripture. 

All my love,


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I just read the news, and I just needed to say that it's fucking awesome! I am so happy and excited and what not because The Broken Mask/The Savage Dark is going to be a comic! Thank you! One thousand times thank you! Akiric is a wonderful artist and I'm sure he will make an epic comic! I already reblogged his post and thanked him, and now I just had to thank you, because without you this wonderful story wouldn't exist! Sorry for my outbreak, but I just had to do this, thank you! :D

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Thank you. :D