i am so emotionall about this!

Am I the only person who actually enjoyed this episode of Sherlock?

It showed Sherlock, John and Mycroft’s characters so much. It revealed the reason why Mycroft is so protective of Sherlock and that actually he’s not that emotionall strong. It revealed why Sherlock is the way that he is, constantly needing to solve puzzles, to save people. It showed John as the strongest, mentally. It showed Sherlock’s emotions towards his brother and John and it showed Mycrofts emotions towards his little brother. Mycroft was about to die because he knew Sherlock would not be able to kill John Watson. HE WAS GOING TO SACRIFICE HIMSELF SO JOHN WATSON COULD STAY ALIVE. The end montage of them rebuilding the house, John obviously moving back in with Sherlock and them looking after Rosie, all well solving crimes was brilliantly done. And Eurus’ character was brilliant! Also, how could you not love the episode after Moriarty’s entrance?!