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Flirting With Disaster

A/N: Happy Birthday to @constellunaa! I saw your beautiful drawing of Laxus and Cobra and thought ‘hey what if she actually ships it?’ and then wrote 6.5K of it in hopes that you actually do lmao.

If not, have some hint of nalu bcus I am so sorry

Part of my deaf!Natsu college au bcus I’m a slut for continuing universes! Also shout out to @papalogia for putting up with me yelling about this and for helping with some of the words. Natsu and Cobra are cousins, with Indian!Igneel and his unnamed brother who is Cobra’s dad. 

Also praise @rivendell101 for helping me title it! Apparently I’m useless without my friends :D


Pairing: Cobraxus, Nalu, Fairy tail

Words: 6515

Rating: M for language

Part: Oneshot

Laxus wanted to die, and not just because of his pounding headache or the fact that he was in an eight AM lab for fucking chemistry of all things. No, Laxus wanted the sweet embrace of death -or maybe to plead for manslaughter on account of insanity- because of his benchmate.

“Could you please make your stomach make disgusting noises quieter? I’m trying to measure out our chemicals, considering you’re going to be useless today.”

Laxus narrowed his eyes at his labmate, thinking of other uses for the sodium hydroxide solution that was being poured from the erlenmeyer flask to a petri dish.

“Stop looking at me like it’s my fault you decided to do jagerbombs instead of sleeping like a normal human being with an eight AM.”

Laxus scowled. The dude wasn’t even able to see his face, eye on Laxus’ side closed from a nasty looking scar. Laxus felt his own scar over his right eye twinge in sympathy, line thinner than the other boy’s. “How’d you know what I was drinking?” he asked, tongue fuzzy and thick in his mouth and voice rough with disuse. He sounded like his dad, and Laxus wished for another double jager to push back that unwelcome comparison.

“Because you reek of licorice, red bull, and regret.”

Laxus snorted, grinning as he scrawled down the fourth trial’s measurement in his lab notes. “I showered.”

“Don’t feel bad,” the boy drawled, sealing the vacuum box the petri dish now resided in before they turned on the chlorine gas, “it’s a stench that permeates engineering students.”

Laxus frowned, wanting to bite back against the generalization of his major, but flashbacks to the group of twenty somethings doing keg stands and flip cup after their last electrical midterm stopped him. His labmate wasn’t exactly wrong.

But his class had fucking earned going a little wild, especially after the hell that was the four hour midterm of Jose’s quantum nuclear midterm. Laxus was pretty sure that time length wasn’t even allowed by the school board, but seeing as how his grandfather was at a bit of a cold war with the dean, Laxus wasn’t about to say shit.

“Well I’m sure you biology kids know all about the danger of popping illegal prescription pills, don’t you?” he snarked. He had yet to meet one that wasn’t permanently shaking from a near overdose of Adderall, struggling to stay awake to finish making their four hundredth flash card.

“I’m not a biology major,” he said flicking on the highly poisonous gas with the most uncaring expression Laxus has seen on something besides his mirror.

Laxus eyed him critically. “Only biology majors are actually interested in chemistry labs,” he said finally, watching the plastic cube in front of him as the gas reacted with the solution.

“What about chem students?” he asked flatly, switching off the gas lever after the thirty seconds had passed on the stopwatch.

“Those freaks can do this shit in their sleep and try to go and set shit on fire under the fume hoods.” Laxus said just as flatly as his lab partner, focusing on writing down the chemical equations involved in their experiment. “If you aren’t biology then why the hell are you in this lab then?” Laxus asked. He knew why he was there, stupid requirement for his degree saying he need at least a 200 level in each of physics, chem, and bio. Not that Laxus fucking understood why he needed to know how bases and ions reacted to make deadly gases, considering he was going to be an electrical engineer.

Fucking reqs.

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ok first off, thank you for your hard work on this blog i learn so much uwu and second, am i the only one having a hard time placing taehyung bc he's quite different from how you interpret him to how he acts on camera like caps tend to be mature right? but like he's also a child. also, he's p in touch w his emotions w/c i don't see much in his signs. also he's rlly into artistic stuff and idk where that corresponds rlly. pls send help ❤️

so like i mentioned before i think that childish fun side of him comes from his jupiter aspects (cough and a potential sagittarius rising cough) 

now the artist side really stands out in his chart. he has a lot of neptune aspects (with moon, mercury, and mars) neptune is a dreamy whimsical planet that rules creativity. a lot of visionaries and artists have neptune aspects. esp his mercury conjunct neptune. it gives him a lot of appreciation for the arts, v v creative and out of the box with an endless imagination. a daydreamer. also his aquarius venus draws him to unique aesthetics that some people don’t understand 

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I wanted to make a super sappy post because o how emotional I am right now but I’m honestly so speechless. Thanks to all the nctzens who helped achieve this win one way or another.

Did you see the way johnny mark and haechan had their little convo on stage bc they literally did not believe it? Did you see the way mark had his hands clasped really tight over his face because he was so happy in disbelief? Did you see the way haechan smiled proudly? How MC Doyoung, who always has something to say and never loses a chance to speak, actually hand over the mic because he was speechless? The way taeyong had to take in deep breathes so he could get through his speech without crying? The way they all held each other that this win, this trophy was physical proof that they were finally succeeding in the industry?

It’s not just the dream of 1 person, but all 9 acting as one that came true and for that I thank everyone who made CherryBomb1stWin happen


there will never be a day when I don’t think of you

Just a dream || Pietro x mutant! reader

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A/n: I am writing this one shot bc Pietro maximoff is keeping me up at night. I am gunna use y/n now bc i lub you guys and please check out my story, star crossed for star wars afs like me xx

Title: Just a dream
Pairing: Pietro x Mutant!reader
Warnings: depressive af jk
Spoilers: none
Copyright: all rights reserved. I don’t own Pietro/oh well./ and the other avengers i dun wanna get sued mmkay

Pietro Maximoff …

His name sounded like music to my ears. He’s so beautiful, it physically tortured me.The way he appeared so pure and simple, but hid thousands of emotions underneath that cheery smile. His silver hair is majestic to me. His cute,scruffy stubs were so comfortable to me. His cerulean eyes were so deep you’ll get lost looking at it. Overall, He’s a treasure. And a peculiarity to some. He’s very cheerful and protective.

But to me, he was simply a dream.

A dream that won’t come true.

My feelings were all bottled up, waiting for the right time, right sign in order to svoid hurting.

I loved him from afar, stealing glances from time to time, creating a fake scenario about how and him would end up together and fancying his last time becoming my last name someday.

I wish for alot of things but I wish I would stop wishing for him.

It was unrequited. It was one sided. And it hurt.

But even though I knew in myself that it hurt, I let it happen because it makes me happy. He makes me happy. He makes me blush from time to time with those cheesy puns. He makes my heart beat faster whenever I feel the gush of the wind behind me. He makes me feel secured whenever I would tell him I was having trouble going out or falling asleep. He makes my heart skip a beat whenever he would smile at me during meals. He keeps me up at night, rethinking those times we exchanged laughs, his arms around me, the simple friendly hugs and those sneaky body contacts.

Most of all, he makes me feel warm.

I thought to myself that if I wasn’t Y/N, would he love me? If I’m not this ice wielding freak known as Snowflake, would Quicksilver love me?

I am part of the Avengers, alongside Clint, Natasha, Bruce, Steve, Tony,Sam,Wanda, Vision and Pietro.
I mostly stay at home during most of the missions because I don’t like going out and interacting with people. And I’m sick most of the time.

That night, during Tony’s party, it was raining hard. There were thunderstorms.
I made a mistake during the mission earlier and I kept beating myself up.
I sat alone in my bed covering myself in my blankie. And every time a lightning would appear, I would cringe.

“The rain’s good, isn’t it?”

I lowered my blankie and saw him standing in front of me. My stomach is curling up and mychest as thumping nonstop. “Oh, Pietro…”

“Y/N, don’t you want to join the party?” He asked, his argentine hair glowing under the nightlight. “They’re betting on who’s worthy to be the ruler of Asgard”

I waved my hands on him. “I enjoy here. I don’t really like noisy and crowded places.”

“So is this seat taken?” He gestured beside me “Can I join your quiet party?”

“Of course, Quicksilver.” I smiled

He sat and put his arms around me. “Well, thank you Snowflake.”

He’s done that many times but It never fails to make my heart flutter. “You do realize your name means mercury, right?”

“I did not know that.” He spoke in his thick sokovian accent. Which i find very attractive really.

“It meant a silver-white poisonous heavy metallic element that is liquid at ordinary temperatures and is used especially in batteries.” I replied.

“Liquid at ordinary temperatures, huh?” He chuckled. “Then why is it around you I’m getting so—”

I nudged him. “Shut it!”

We exchanged laughs. And glanced at each other then back to the dim sky. Listening to the sound of the rain. There was a long, awful and deafening sound of silence. We were always like that. We would be so awkward, but it was comforting too. He knew that I enjoyed silence and he knew that I am a girl of few words.

“Wanda said you’re blaming yourself for what happened back there. It wasn’t even your fault you froze half of the building. It was that terrorist dude.” He said and made me lean to his chest.

“It was me, I was so stupid I didn’t know there were people there.” I cupped my face. “And now people were hurt and it’s my fault”

“Hey…” He cooed, while stroking my hair. “It’s gonna be okay, sunshine”

“Thank you, speedy.” I replied as I stared in his beautiful caeruleus eyes.

“All for you, snowflake.” He smiled and the distance between us was closed within a second. His lips met mine and it was magical. It was slow and serene. His kiss was perfervid, it was melting the ice inside me. Melting the cold, solid ice inside me.

“I love you…” He confessed between kisses. His hands trailing on my sides and my fingertips trailing his neck and jaw. I didn’t reply because I don’t know what to say or what to do. But I do, I love him so much.

We pulled away, gasping for air. “Do you mean that?” I said. “B-because—”

“I mean it, I’m sorry if I’m too late…” He smiled and held my hand as his own. It seemed like puzzles fitting in together. Like it was made made just from me.
Like it was meant to be.

“No..no you aren’t…it’s just you’re too much for me and I…well I’m me. I’m just this worthless, stu-” he put his index finger on my lips and shushed me.

He smiled and cupped my face. “Never beat yourself up again, okay? You are worth something. Don’t you ever think you’re useless and worthless. You are worth something to me. I love you for all that you are, you’ve been and you will be and I’ll never leave you. I promise that, sunshine.”

I nodded and planted a small kiss on his cheek. “Thank you, Pietro.”

And then everything goes back to reality.

I woke up.

It was just a dream.

He was gone. Pietro was gone.

It was just a mere memory.

I cried again. My room was full of ice blades and frozen drips.
It was cold.
The warmth was gone. Forever.
It was so silent I could hear my own heartbeat and it makes me insanely lonely because I’d rather hear his.

I stared at the clock, 4:43 pm. It was already afternoon.
I remembered my mother explained to me why sunsets are beautiful and poetic. It’s because sunsets means death. Just as morning represents birth and the mid day represents purity. Susnets represented death and passing. And night represented darkenss and oblivion

I’ve been a sad wreck for weeks now.
Sadness was an emotion humans felt, maybe mutants too. It was as common as anger and happiness.and at one point I believe that people experienced much pain than they did overjoy. That was what I felt towards Pietro.
He wanted to be a better brother, better son and a better person. He wanted to achieve so many things. But he can never do it.

I leaned against the bedrest as a familiar tune from Tony’s radio played and I can’t seem to control these tears in my eyes. I felt a big lump on my throat.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey.

I was afraid of happiness, because I know when you’re happy, something or someone is going to be taken away from you. Like something is going to end. It was like the saying after the rain, comes the rainbow, and here’s the rain, then there’s the rainbow, then there’s the rain again. I was afraid of it. I was afraid of losing Pietro, He was like a bubble. And happiness is like a bubble, whenever I try to touch it, it pops. It ends. It disappears in thin air. So fast, so quick, like him.

You’ll never know dear, how much I love you

I regretted that I didn’t told him that I love him. I deeply regretted that. It kills me that he died without knowing or even hearing me say that I love him. I couldn’t manage to utter the words ‘I love you’ and it kills me.

Please don’t take my sunshine away.

I loved him. I truly did. And i knew it would hurt if I had to let him go.

I just didn’t think I’d have to let go so soon

I was so scared of being hurt, I didn’t told him and now I’m suffering.

I have this little picture of him and me, I take it out and stare at it. Every day.

I miss him so much. I feel as though I am missing a part of me. And it was him. It’s been weeks since he was gone, I reclused myself from the others. Wanda and Steve would come sometimes, Natasha would talk to me and Pepper would bring me food. I would give everything just to bring him back. I would give everything just to feel his soft touch again. I would give everything to turn back time and be with him that time. I would give everything just to feel his arms around me. And I promise I won’t let him slip away my fingers

But all of it would stay as dreams,

a series of thoughts, memories,visions, or feelings that happen during sleep

And it’s not real, even if I wished it was.

After all, it’s just a dream.


A/N: sorry this was bad it’s my first time writing a one shot for two hours. It’s already 5am and I’m going to sleep in my hammock...

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Can I get headcanons for Toshinori Yagi and Todoroki Shouto with a fem! s/o who talks to her herself (not bc she's crazy but it's a way of getting inspirations and dealing with her tumultuous emotions)?

This was probably one of the first asks I ever received and I am only now getting to it. I am so, so sorry you had to wait so long. ;-;. If you send me another one, I’ll get to it right away to make it up to you! Promise.

Todoroki and Toshinari with S/o Who Talks to Herself


•At first, he’s kind of confused as to why his S/o talks to herself? The first couple of times that he hears it, he mistakenly assumes that she was speaking to him, only to find her muttering quietly while typing away on her cell phone.

•It becomes a little thing that he does.. trying to understand what she’s saying when she talks to herself. Is she talking conspiracy? Is it her darkest secrets? If she glances his way, he quickly looks away, and pretends to be busy with something else. Todoroki is an expert at not getting caught! This only serves to further fuel his burning curiosity.

•Things go on this way for longer than you’d expect. He never says anything about it, until one day, his S/o brings it up herself. When she says that speaking to herself helps her think and sort her emotions, he can’t help but let out a laugh – it’s so anticlimactic. He confesses about his theories on why she did it, and gets his S/o to laugh about it, too.

•Now, her habit is like an inside joke between the two.

Toshinari (All Might)

•Toshinari looks at her in curiosity when he hears her do it. “Uhh, what are you saying?”

•He’s 100% likely to tilt his head in confusion when he hears his S/o’s muttering. Like a puppy. When she tells him why she does it, he nods his head and doesn’t really bring it up again after that.

•Toshinari ends up building the habit of talking to her while she talks to herself.. As in, she’ll be muttering away to herself like usual, and he’ll respond to what she’s saying – but she’s not paying attention, so he ends up talking to himself, too. The two look really weird when they do this in public, and people stare.

•In the end, S/o’s habit rubs off on him, and Toshinari ends up talking to himself as well.


“– and then I said, PLUS ULTRA!”

“Toshinari, who are you talking to?”

“Uh.. I was just.. I mean– I was thinking..”

girlfriend!hannah baker

a/n; first attempt at a rewrite, let’s see how this goes. btw none of the tape stuff happens, everything is as it should be (meaning that jess, alex and hannah are all friends, and alex and jess don’t date, but bryce still goes to jail). there are hints of justlex, jessich (jessica x zach, ‘cause why not?) and clony (as always). and i’m deleting the old ones as soon as i post the new version.

as always, these are aimed at female readers.

  • hannah had been working at the crestmont for about three months when she meets you 
  • clay was actually the one that introduced you
  • you applied for a job at the crestmont in the first few days of you moving into town and clay was the one that showed you the ropes 
  • hannah had been on a weekend vacation when you started working there so when she got back to work on the monday, she was shocked to see someone other than clay working 
  • she tried to keep her cool after she saw you but once clay asked if she was okay, she freaked out at him
  • “am i okay? am i okay?! would you be okay if you saw her?! i was doing great, you know, i’d had a pretty good weekend with my parents, i’d passed my midterm and i spend a whole three hours with alex and jess with absolutely no justin or zach talk, it was great. but now? now, i’m gonna kill you.”
  • “hannah, breathe.” 
  • clay would be so worried because he’d never seen hannah freak out this much
  • “chill, han. i’ve never seen you freak like this. it’s just y/n.”
  • “great, her name is even beautiful, awesome!”
  • it took clay like two weeks to get hannah to talk to you
  • you thought, for some reason, she didn’t like you because she’d always leave the room when you entered and would use every excuse to not have to talk to you
  • you first noticed it a few days after clay awkwardly introduced you to each other 
  • once she got to know you, hannah was surprisingly more calm around you
  • within, like, a fortnight, you and hannah were basically best friends but she was still a little bit nervous around you, especially when you were pretty close to her
  • which meant clay would be getting calls 24/7 about you, hannah constantly badgering him to tell her how to handle her feelings
  • bc even though he’s awkward with emotions somehow he got tony to date him so he must know something, right???
  • so when hannah stopped texting him at 4 am, asking about you, needless to say he got pretty worried
  • he annoyed tony a bit for a few days bc he was worrying about you both so much
  • “what do you think happened? did they have a fight? what happened?” “how the fuck am i supposed to know, clay? just ask one of ‘em on monday, now cuddle.”
  • sure enough, come monday, there you both are, not only friends but a little bit more
  • hannah had for the most part listened to clay’s advice about you but when she asked if you liked her or not, let’s just say clay was a little less than helpful
  • “just tell her.” “yeah, okay and after, i’ll throw myself off a bridge.” 
  • she did tell you
  • and she was terrified the second the words left her mouth and her brain went into overdrive
  • “what have i done? what if she doesn’t like me back? what if i ruined an awesome friendship? i’m gonna kill clay.”
  • but thankfully you liked her back, even though you didn’t technically say it
  • now wherever hannah was, everyone was sure to find you with her
  • sometimes kissing you, always holding your hand
  • and, obviously, clay wouldn’t let either of you forget how much he helped until hannah lightly punched him in the arm
  • your relationship would be really trusting and neither of you would get jealous often
  • that is until marcus cooley thought it was a good idea to flirt with you
  • and no one, i mean no one, had ever seen hannah so angry before
  • not even when jess had tried to make hannah try out for cheerleading
  • no one actually saw what happened to him but rumour has it that he wasn’t able to walk for a week
  • hannah always had a hold on your hand, no matter where you were
  • forehead kisses were a must for hannah
  • whether she was giving them or receiving them, nothing made her weaker than feeling your lips on her forehead, calming her
  • a lot of people envied your relationship, for a lot of reasons, but mainly because you were so supportive of each other (like crazy)
  • no matter what either of you did, the other was always there, supporting you 100%
  • her parents would definitely practically be in love with you too
  • they absolutely adored how much you cared for hannah and they were thrilled she had someone that loved her wholeheartedly 
  • hannah was practically the queen of love bites
  • you were constantly covered in them
  • and if someone had be flirting with you, then expect your body to be littered with hickies because that girl will not stop
  • she’s not a big fan of getting them herself though
  • at least not where people can see
  • she knew her parents loved you, but they were also crazy protective of their little girl
  • so hannah had to convince you to not bite her neck until you had been together for awhile until her parents were more used to seeing those kind of marks on either of you
  • hannah loves cuddles
  • it’s practically law that whenever you’re alone, you’re either making out or cuddling, there’s literally no in between
  • always having lunch dates 
  • whether it’s at monet’s rosie’s or some other place, you and hannah are constantly having “lunch dates”
  • she’ll literally bring you a coffee/hot cocoa in the mornings and call it a date
  • ice cream dates are a real thing too
  • at least one a week hannah’ll drag you to her favourite ice cream place
  • even in winter
  • you’ve both lost track of who’s clothes are who’s by now
  • you’ve stolen so many pieces of clothing for each other you don’t bother figuring it out
  • you have “study dates” 
  • both kinds
  • sometimes you’ll spend a few hours at the library or in her/your living room, working on projects and quizzing each other
  • other times, not so much
  • you plan to study, you really do, but sometimes things get in the way
  • like when hannah’s mom bought you pizza and you started licking your lips and it would’ve been a crime if she didn’t do something 
  • speaking of study dates, every time, without fail, you would always end up asleep in each other’s arms
  • and, without fail, her/your parents would never miss an opportunity to take cute (and embarrassing) pictures of you two of you
  • constantly telling each other how much you love each other
  • and making sure the other knows that you’re always going to love them
  • if there’s one thing that calms hannah down, especially when she’s jealous, is playing with your hair or having you play with hers
  • it’s her #1 weakness when it comes to you
  • the spooning position is constantly changing but the majority of the time, you’re the big spoon
  • you’d definitely be her first everything
  • when it comes to hannah, you can never do anything wrong
  • you could, like, kill a guy and she’d call you adorable for it
  • everyone else would be in a state of constant “what the fuck??” 
  • basically whenever you’re around, hannah pretty much turns into the “heart eyes, motherfucker” 
  • her favourite nickname for you was either “my love” or “my life” bc she’s cheesy as fuck
  • you preferred to keep it a bit more “normal” with nicknames like “babe”, “baby” and 
  • piggy back rides are a must in your relationship
  • pretty much just falling in love with your best friend and knowing you’ll always have that amount of love between the two of you

boy/girlfriend!series: hannah | clay | justin | zach | alex | jessica | jeff | tony | montgomery | tyler | skye

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Yoonjin taking care of baby jimin?

“Why is he so ugly?” Yoongi asks, peering into the crib.

“Babies are always ugly for the first few weeks. He’ll get cuter. He’ll be so cute you won’t be able to resist.”

Yoongi wrinkles his nose. “I don’t think so.”

((“Dada!” Jimin gurgles and Yoongi reaches a finger into the crib. Jimin latches onto it and curls his tiny fist around the finger.

“Ok, he’s cute,” Yoongi mumbles and Seokjin laughs.

“Told you so.”))

“If you don’t want to be here, you don’t have to be,” Seokjin says as he changes Jimin’s diaper.

“It stinks,” Yoongi grimaces but he stays anyways and when it’s all done, Jimin reaches out and Yoongi picks him up and kisses his forehead.

((“I’ll change it,” Yoongi tells Seokjin who blinks, surprised, but agrees.

Seokjin doesn’t offer his help because he knows Yoongi will refuse it but he watches Yoongi struggle for half an hour until he finally gets it and Seokjin smiles.))

“Who would’ve thought Yoongi-hyung would be a father,” Hoseok laughs and Yoongi scowls.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Jimin lets out a cry and Yoongi turns around, digging through the baby bag for Jimin’s bottle.

Namjoon blinks. “I honestly didn’t think Yoongi-hyung even had parental instincts.”

Seokjin watches Yoongi fit the bottle to Jimin’s lips. The angle is awkward and Jimin won’t be able to drink that way so Seokjin stands to go help.

“He doesn’t,” he tells Namjoon. “But he’s trying.”

Jimin hits his head playing on the playground and he and Seokjin wait in the hospital while Jimin gets stitches.

“I’ve never been this scared before,” Yoongi confesses quietly and Seokjin squeezes his hand.

“I am too. It’s because we’re his parents.”

Yoongi nods and they wait, holding hands.

((When Jimin’s finally out, they sleep with Jimin curled between them for a week and if they wake up every so often to make sure Jimin’s still there, they don’t call each other out on it.))

On Jimin’s first day of school, Seokjin kisses Jimin’s forehead and hands him his lunch. “Be good, I love you,” he says and Jimin nods.

“Love you too,” he tells Seokjin.

Yoongi drops him off without Seokjin who said he couldn’t bear it if Jimin ran to him crying that he didn’t want to go.

Jimin doesn’t do that. He waves to Yoongi and skips in, smiling and Yoongi bites his lip so he won’t cry because his baby’s growing up so fast.

As he’s about to leave though, Jimin comes barreling out and hugs Yoongi ’s legs.

“I almost forgot,” he says and he tugs Yoongi down and kisses his cheek. “I love you daddy, have a good day!”

A lump forms in his throat and Yoongi kisses Jimin’s head.

“Yeah…love you too kiddo,” Yoongi croaks and Jimin grins and runs inside.

When Yoongi gets to his car, he buries his face in his hands and cries.

When Jimin gets called to the principal’s office one day, he and Seokjin come down to the school to see Jimin sullenly sitting in a chair. Another boy beside him is nursing a black eye.

“Why did you hit him?” Seokjin asks in the car and Jimin scowls. “Violence is never the answer.”

“Sometimes it is,” Jimin says and he locks himself in his room and doesn’t come out for dinner.

Jimin doesn’t talk to them the next morning either and they both go to work with heavy hearts.

Yoongi gets a call at work. It’s a Jeon Jungkook, the boy Jimin hit.

“I asked them to not suspend Jimin,” he says. “because I deserved it, honestly. I…made fun of you and his mom and I was just joking but he took it seriously. It was my fault so please don’t be angry with him. He’s…he loves you guys a lot.”

Yoongi bites his lip. “I…I know. Thank you.”

When Jimin gets his first college rejection letter, he locks himself in his room and doesn’t come out.

Seokjin slides a letter under his door and the next morning, Jimin comes out and hugs them both.

(((When we first brought you home, you were so small and fragile, we didn’t know how to hold you. We were scared of being parents and we didn’t know if we could raise you up to be all you could be. But we think we did a pretty good job and we are so proud of you. So proud. And nothing can ever change that. You’re not perfect but you are to us. We love you so much Jimin. Please come out. We’re making your favorite tonight.)))

When Jimin graduates, Seokjin and Yoongi buy him flowers and leis and take pictures until Jimin laughs and complains his face hurts from smiling.

Yoongi’s own heart is so full it hurts.

“He’s leaving for college,” Yoongi whispers and Seokjin nods.

“It’ll be quiet without him,” Seokjin says.

The unspoken “we’ll miss him” hangs between them, heavy in the air.

He and Seokjin hang back after the reception.

“How did it feel to walk him down the aisle?” Seokjin teases and Yoongi smiles.

“He looked really beautiful today.”


Jimin kisses the love of his life in front of all his friends and family and Yoongi and Seokjin stand at the back, smiling so hard their faces hurt.

“I’m really scared,” Jimin confides to him. “Will I be as good of a dad as you, do you think?”

“You just bumble through and hope for the best,” Yoongi says. He squeezes Jimin’s hand. “I wasn’t very good at it but I did okay right?”

Jimin laughs. “What do you mean? You were the best dad ever.”

“I love you so much.” He hears Jimin say and he can tell he’s holding back tears.

“I love you too,” Yoongi says. “Seokjin’s waiting for me. You’ll be okay?”

“Mhmm,” and now Jimin’s crying, holding Yoongi’s wrinkled hand tightly in his own. “Sleep now dad. Say hi to mom for me.Tell him I love him.”

“Mm.” And with that, Yoongi closes his eyes for the last time.

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This is my favorite ask I’ve gotten this year so far

@liamdarlinstewart let’s help her

a few Opinions

• yousana is not problematic or toxic
• even should tell isak about his past
• black clothes aren’t that hot pls stop
• noora doesn’t deserve hate just bc she has problems and it’s not her season
• season 4 is good and we need to let the plot come together before we get so angry
• yes today should’ve mentioned ramadhan but don’t go saying that iman is misrepresenting muslims because she’s a literal muslim
• i am so angry at the fandom right now
• everything will be okay
• yousana is not toxic
• yousana is not bad
• noora and yousef did not hurt sana on purpose, their kissing meant nothing, it does not make either of them bad people
• yousef is allowed to have emotions and he’s allowed to be upset since he thought that sana probably wouldn’t date him bc of their religious differences
• this season has a complex plot, not no plot, and it hasn’t come together yet so just be patient, my god
• think about like being unfriended and cut out by ur crush because you said straight up you’re not religious because of trauma in your past. that would hurt. so could u maybe not hate him for being emotionally vulnerable ????
• yousef and noora did something bad. they are not bad people. they just did something bad. they are both wonderful sunshine people and deserve to share their stories before we hate on them
• it’s important to not hate everything pls stop just be happy with what u get this is our last season come on dont ruin it for everyone

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Ducky as far as I can tell Ben doesn't get hurt much in his next lot of roles. Am I right? Has he turned a corner? :)

hey :-)

wellll not necessarily. Rogue Male (if it ever happens) is pretty much BC getting hunted, wounded, bruised, beaten and starved. (yes please give me). The Man in the Rockefeller Suit; not so much physically but emotional it’s a bruising journey. Patrick Melrose (now filming); if all my dreams come true and BC plays “Bad News” late-20s or even early-30s Patrick, he’s in for a tortured, brutal odyssey into some legendary drug use.

The Child in Time is a whole arc of grief and loss and emotional trauma. And to a lesser degree and with a lot more hope, How to Stop Time as well.


love train ♥️

okay so yesterday i was hit with a really hard wave of affection for all my friends and mutuals and i really wanted to express my love for you guys so here i go!

💘 @laggage : avery i am so glad you are a part of my life and that you brighten it up every time i see you being so passionate about something new, i love how you think and how you are not afraid to think and speak for yourself and how you stay true to yourself! life might be a bit confusing for you right now, but i know you will get through it just fine and i love every single art piece you create bc it shows all the emotions and effort you put into it and it just makes me feel things, i am so happy that we are friends!

❣️ @a-mess-of-a-princess: faith i adore your personality so much and how you bring so much love and humor into this world - you may not think too highly of yourself, but please know that i do and that i look forward to every single one of our conversations and that it makes me so proud when i see you grow and love yourself, every step is important and i am so proud of you for taking them!

💓 @littlegirlgoescrazy : nadja, i love your blog more than words can express and looking through your posts always brings me so much joy, especially when i see you being happy about green day! i really love that you have something that you can be this passionate about and that i as a mutual can see you have that much fun and scream about music!

💕 @hesnotgay : ian i’m sorry that i don’t regularly check up on you, but pls know that i love you and i’m so happy that i have you in my life! every time we meet is precious and i wouldn’t trade it for the world :* your sense of humor is a treasure and it gives me so much joy seeing you enjoy yourself and experiencing so much, even if a giant ocean separates us rn ^^

❤️ @elfroots420: francey i am so glad you introduced me to the arcana discord chat and i love hearing you yell about tall boi! even though you have gone through so much, you persevered and are such a wonderful person, pls keep being this amazing!

💖 @fade-steppin /@swampwitched : nessa you are a treasure far too good for this world and i adore your humor as much as i love seeing you in discord, i appreciate you being my mutual more than words can express and your voice is so pretty, i can’t handle it!

💗 @vesuvia /@helonias : justine i can’t believe how a person can be that funny and compassionate at the same time, i love everything you do and i hope you do too!

💙 @jeremytheannoyingpenguin : fre we might not know each other for too long, but i love seeing your url pop up in my notes every single time! i hope you feel as appreciated as i do and that you will meet many more people on here who will make you feel great!

💚 @kawizzle /@devorwack : elise your humor is out of this world and i love you just the way you are! i can’t stress how much i love the discord chat and how much i appreciate meeting people like you on there, and i hope scooby doo boi will get a grip and get to know you better bc otherwise he would be really missing out!!

💛 @promt0 /@trans1ents : claire i can’t thank you enough for that reading back then and really adore seeing you and your gf being so happy and gay together, may your cats be blessed and may you get that house in the woods together with all these other dream goals we talked about the other day soon!

💜 @coffin-skate /@fireflytrio : another great artist i have the pleasure of knowing! jess your oc is amazing and i love having you around and yelling together in the discord chat :D

💝 @seafucker : kai my fellow enfp, i love your blog and fashion sense and aesthetic so much and am so glad that i met you in the discord chat!!

💟 @asrawrites : maria i hope you know that your writing is amazing just like your personality and that i look forward to every single piece of writing you create? if not, here’s your reminder!

💞 @debesmala : lin i listened to your voice clip and it is so beautiful, your art is awesome and i love how devoted you are to your followers and that you are so happy in the discord chat! (as far as i can see at least)

💋 @nadias-bitch : hero my fellow nadia stan, i love that you adore that queen as much as i do and that you are such a great person with so much affection to give!

👌@mitsushide : ems i know it’s pretty stressful for you at the moment, but pls know that i’m here for you and that you are loved and appreciated, okay? i always look forward to our chats and screaming with you about snek boi :D also your editing skills are awesome!

👼 @actualangelmitsunari : ash first of all your url is awesome and i’m glad we can spread all that mitsunari love! i adore all that empathy and compassion you have and your great way of thinking, especially about mental health and relationships (considering the topics we talked about so far) ^^

👍 @girlganqs : eva it might be quite a distance from here to singapore, but i can feel the love you put out there and i love talking with you about kpop and making each other laugh with reaction gifs :D i hope you will do well in all your studies and that you won’t get stressed out too hard!

🤙@bratfleck : johana, as much as i love dc, i appreciate you being so passionate about it just as much! i am so happy to be your mutual and i hope we can talk even more in the future :D

i hope this didn’t sound too mushy but i follow the rule “if you feel something strongly, show it”, so here i am, expressing the love and affection i have for all these amazing people my life has been blessed with in one of the best ways i know!

pls feel hugged and loved, guys, you deserve the appreciation! 😄💕

if anyone has read Life After Legend PLEASE message me

LIKE HOLY MOTHER i am absolutely DESTROYED right now

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stfu the post abt day6 in la makes me want to cry my sweet little babies im so glad they're happy Ilana they're my everything I feel so soft right now my little baby boys they deserve so much I hope they're always happy and healthy and I hope they know they have so nuch love and support and I just fuck wow I'm rly fucking emotional abt them now

i haven’t been looking at day6 stuff bc it literally makes me me sad :( they’re in my timezone nd what am i doing!! huh!!


HE’S GLOWING DO YOU SEE HOW MUCH HE’S GLOWING? He’s so incredibly happy and grateful, his words only show the tiniest little piece of it. But his face! His face shows it all. Look at him, just look at him for a moment. The pure joy in his eyes, the disbelief, this cute little jump he does because he has no idea where to put all the excitement. And the overall relief because he finally allows himself to accept that there are people out there who love him - and that he’s worth their love.

This. This is the Jensen I want to see in every moment of my life. He didn’t expect to win this award - not in his wildest dreams. Because he simply doesn’t know his own value. He’s too genuine, too humble. He doesn’t know how loved and talented he is because he always focuses on others. He always praises his friends and promotes them whenever he has the chance to. He always points out how great and talented his co-actors are. But he never in this world expected that he will be the one to win this award.

And then look at Misha in the very end of the first gif. Because when he turns around again, he’s not that dorky guy anymore who’s making a funny video with a tea pot. No. He looks at Jensen and his whole face says “I know.”

I know how happy you are, Jensen. I know how you’re doing your best to be your cool old self right now. I know that you’d rather jump up and down in excitement like a five year old boy. I know. And even if you don’t believe it yourself - we all know that you deserve this award more than anyone else.

  • finally spoke to some people in the class and thought i was making progress and then i cried in the middle of class bc i felt like the teacher was humiliating me and he had to drag me out and try and explain he wasnt and that he just didnt understand why i was being so stubborn in insisting i do something a certain way and i had to tell him im autistic and now ive humiliated myself by crying in front of everyone over what seems like nothing which i guess means everyone sees me for what i really am and the worst part is that he was right and that i was being stubborn bc i was trying to get him away from me before i started crying and damn i just hate myself so much im just a jerk who cries way too easily and now im back in my natural habitat which is locked in a bathroom crying and trying to breathe just why cant i fucking have regular emotions or be able to speak to people or take criticism without it feeling like the person hates me i cant stand up for myself without seeming mean and thats what i dont want so its easier to never stand up for myself but i cant do that either
Ashton Irwin Imagine → Jealous Much?

Pairing: Ashton x Reader

Request: Yes

A.N: I’m really sorry it took so long!

Yes I suck a choosing titles, well this was Clara’s idea but lets not talk about that. it sounds sassy as fuck but I dont wanna spend my evening with choosing a better one bc like i said i suck and no one probably cares so I should just shut up now.

Ashton’s P.O.V

Jealousy. It’s a terrible thing. Everyone knows that it’s one of the worst emotions a person can feel. It’s about wanting something you can’t have or it’s about another person having something you’re not having. Jealousy has a lot of sides and reasons and my reason in my current girlfriend (Y/N).

We’ve been dating for only three month, which still makes me very insecure about things. Am I doing everything right? Do I make her happy? I question myself loads of times lately. She’s been hanging out with my band mates more than with me which makes me think, does she really like me as much as I like her?

Today was one of those days. She’s touring with us for a few weeks since she just finished school and had some free time. I thought it was the best time we could catch up and reconnect but we haven’t had a lot of ‘alone’ moments. I don’t have that much time because of all the appointments with the band but in our free time the other boys were always around and I have to admit, I got jealous after a while. And not just a little bit. It was the end of her first week with us and we have been alone maybe 4 times?

It was Sunday morning and we all had breakfast together in the hotel restaurant. “So, do you guys have any pans for today?” She asked. “I think I’m staying in and sleep. I’m too tired to do anything.” Michael mumbled and yawned. “Well Luke and I wanted to do some sight seeing.” Calum laughed. “Maybe you and Ash could come along?” I wanted to say no, we finally had a day off and I wanted to spend time with her. Alone. But I saw how her face lit up and the excitement in her eyes. “I’d love to!” she smiled, “Are you okay with it?” She asked and turned to me. I didn’t want to disappoint her so I forced a smile and nodded. “Anything you want princess.” She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and smiled widely. “You’re the best.” I sighed. It hurt that she wanted to spend time with my friends rather than me, but I love her and I’d do anything to make her happy. I was glad she’s here at all and not hundreds of miles away from me.

We spend the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon walking around LA. We had lunch at a steakhouse, went shopping and had coffee at Starbucks. All in all it was actually a really nice day but I was still a little hurt and still jealous.

Back in the hotel (Y/N) and I were finally alone in our room. She dropped her shopping bags on the floor next to the bed and walked over to me, her hands moving around my neck. “You’ve been so quiet today. Is everything okay?” She asked worriedly. I bit my lip and nodded. I didn’t want to ruin her day with my nagging. “Ashton.” She sighed and started playing with my hair. “You can tell me when something’s wrong.”

“It’s just…why do you never wanna be alone with me? You’re always hanging with the other boys and not with me. Sometimes I wonder if I even make you happy.” I blurted out.“ Her hands left my neck and she looked at me shocked. “I-I didn’t know you think this way.” She whispered. “You do make me happy. You make me incredibly happy Ashton! I’m so sorry I didn’t realize…it’s just, everything is so exiting for me! I’ve never been out of Australia before and when the other boys say they wanna go out I want to come with and explore the cities with my best mates and my boyfriend. I didn’t think it’d bother you so much.”

“It’s not bothering me. Not really. I’m happy you’re happy but I thought we could have some time to ourselves. But if you rather want to hang out with the others it’s okay. I understand they’re your friends as well and you miss them.” I shrugged and looked down to my feet. “Hey listen to me,” she started and cupped my face, “I love you! And I wanna spend as much time with you as I possibly can!” My heartbeat increased and a huge smile spread over my face. “You never said that before.” I breathed out. We never said I love you to each other. “Well I do! I love you and I’m sorry I made you feel this way.”

“It’s okay. It’s not your fault. I should have said something earlier. Maybe we could do some kind of compromise? Like we could do something alone on the weekends and occasionally when I have plans with you, and the the rest of the days with the other boys?” I suggested. “When you have plans with me huh?” She smirked and traced her fingers down my stomach. “Like what?”

“Like, tonight. I’m taking you out.” I said. “Sounds good to me.” A smile spread over my face and I pulled her in for a passionate kiss. “I wanted to say it first though.” I mumbled after we broke the kiss. Her eyebrows furrowed together, “say what first?”

“I love you.”

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( 1:42 am ) hey moulin rouge is on epix right now
( 1:44 am ) haha you’re probably not awake it just reminded me of you
( 1:45 am ) hope you’re good fren

( 11:18 pm ) i know you still drink. that’s not fair. why do you get to keep your addiction as a recreational thing but as soon as i go to the gym people worry? not. fair. 

( 1:56 pm )  do you ever miss being sick? even the bad parts. i miss it right now. like today i went up two flights of stairs and didn’t feel like i was going to pass out. now i’m so damn healthy and sometimes it feels like shit. i want to be small. i just puked my guts out, yikes. this is pathetic. sorry. gina’s in class and i didn’t know who else to bother. i thought you might get it. 
( 1:59 pm ) disregard that