i am so emotional right now bc of this

sometimes when I’m sitting around I get really sad thinking about James and Lily’s deaths like if James had his wand he could have held off Voldy but he didn’t but he didn’t care because he was going to do whatever he could to try to save the two people he loved and Lily didn’t move and she didn’t budge when Voldemort went for Harry because hell no you are not getting near my baby like they spent their last breaths trying to save the people they loved AND I AM JUST SO EMOTIONAL RIGHT NOW BC HARRY WOULD HAVE GROWN UP AND BEEN LOVED AND HAD TWO PARENTS WHO HE MEANT EVERYTHING TO AND HE COULD HAVE HAD A BABY BROTHER OR SISTER AND NOT TO MENTION HIS GODFATHER SIRIUS AND UNCLE REMUS BUT NOPE THAT DID NOT HAPPEN AND I AM A PUDDLE OF MY TEARS RIGHT NOW WTF WHERE DID THIS COME FROM HOLY CRAP

i can’t believe national poetry month came right now. my emotional state is a mess, i don’t feel like myself anymore, i have a lot of feelings that i’ve been ignoring so i can survive the day, and i have not been writing / creating anything for awhile. i’ve been really scared of poetry for awhile bc it comes from a part of me that always sees thru the bullshit. this 30/30 challenge isn’t just about challenging myself to complete a goal each day, it’s about working through a bunch of shit i’m terrified of. but ok poetry, it’s your month, let’s do this. i’m ready to break myself open & fucking heal

seriously guys, I am so freaking happy right now. rumbelle being the fan favorite according to cast just made me teary. we may not be tumblr popular ship bc you know tumblr is all about eye candy *rolls eyes* but the cast: lana, ginny, emilie, robert they all believe that rumbellers are die hard fans and very passionate :’) we fucking are! I AM PROUD OF US!! 


Hi Taylor its me niki, I’m writing to you right now because I’m in such a sad place and you’re someone who means a lot to me so I am coming to you for advice. There is this boy who makes me feel so many emotions at once. He’s so confusing and hard to read. him and I could have a amazing night together or be having stupid FaceTime calls about random things for hours and then the next day he ignores me and is a completely different person sometimes. Part of me dreads a good day with him bc I know the next day It’s going to bring a bad day. I constantly feel like I’m walking on eggshells with him and I’m afraid to say or do things in fear of him. He’s just so mixed to me and I’m just having anxiety about the whole thing I don’t know what to do. taylorswift

I think what has me the most emotional right now is that from what I can tell, none of that show felt like an ENDING. it felt like a celebration of everything they’ve done. they were emotional, but they were just so HAPPY. they still feel so lucky to be able to do this even after everything they’ve had to put up with and I’m just so happy I could cry because they still love it and still love each other so very very much