i am so effing excited about this!

DAY 2212

Jalsa, Mumbai            May 6/7,  2014              Tue/Wed  1:46 am

I have been drugged with a tablet to fight off my cold for a while so am taking leave. There is a 7am call tomorrow and then meetings with the R Balki to sort out the shooting schedule starting day after - look, dresses, scenes, locations et al ..

The NUTRICHARGE logo is one that I now endorse and am a part of the business. Spent a heightened evening with their entire work force, and their executives at an event at nearby by hall, to motivate them to increase their selling and marketing skills and to bring the product, to its enviable highest position in the market ..

Fascinating how motivation at such gatherings take place. You could almost feel the palpitating emotions, as each group took it upon themselves, to put their heart and soul to make the brand a leader in their own sense … !! 

And the cricket goes on in unabated breath .. as does the work !!

The last few posts have been given to understand to me, that they were far too depressing to behold and that a greatly more simpler and legitimate writing would be of much help ..

I must admit that perhaps it was, but then the prerogative of content must be mine, surely. If not, then it could be anyone’s.

Many send information on the Blog and suggest that I write on particular topic. But the topics that prevail are difficult not to behold, on my own ..

Many that do not wish to conform to the norms, speak in aggression and threat to leave ..

Remember this then :

I have never forced or threatened for any Ef to come and join the platform. Nor have I ever told anyone to leave, or sacked them. You came on your own and I am most excited about it. You wish to leave, you have sufficient justification to do so .. I shall not coerce you to come, and nor shall I ever ask or command you to leave .. This platform is universal and sovereign .. there is freedom and its expression on it .. bas !!

Amitabh Bachchan