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“It’s gone...all gone...” - Batsis (Reader) x Batfamily

Summary Batsis is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED after she accidentally erase from her computer the entirety of the novel she has been working hard on for the past three years… 

Because I’m actually very frustrated with myself right now (refer to that post if you wanna know more), and thought that the best solution was to turn all that frustration into a story, and sorry if it’s pretty bad, it’s literally something I just came up with, and wrote in twenty minutes, because I was so damn frustrated, and here it is : 

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Your screams of panic wakes your brother up from a good nap he was having, and he runs to your bedroom as fast as he can, almost falling down stairs, slipping on the wooden floor in his socks. He burst into your room, ready to fight, and finds you sat at your desk, shaking your computer desperately. 

-Timmy, please do something, I just did something, don’t ask me what I don’t even know it just kinda happened, I pushed some fucking keys on my computer, and my novel just disappeared ! 

He stares at you for a few seconds, a bit in disbelief, before finally answering :

-…Wait, that’s your emergency ? Are you kidding me (Y/N)? 

-Au contraire mon frère, I’m super serious ! My novel alright ?! I’ve been working on it for the past three years, I was almost done !! IT CAN’T BE ALL GONE ALRIGHT !?

As you said those last words, you stood up and grabbed your brother by the collar of his shirt. Realizing what you just did, you let go of him, and straighten him a bit, forcing a smile on your face. 

-Can you, please, my dear and adorable little brother, check my computer to see if it can be retrieved ? 

Tim was a little stunned, he never saw you like that before. It was pretty much the exact opposite in fact, you were known to be the calmest and more collected of the batkids. You usually were the one calming them down…In that sense, you were a lot like your father. So seeing you being so…hysterical, was a bit unsettling. 

-Ok calm down, we can probably retrieve your file. Most files can be recovered from computers. Hell, remember when I got some back from the bat computer after it’d been completely torched down ?

-Yes, I’m hoping for another one of your miracle here. Don’t disappoint bro’. 

-I won’t. 

And on that note, Tim cracked his knuckles and went to work. 

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But I want a woman.


It’s getting a little crowded in here..


anonymous asked:

hey dad, i'm a trans lady and i kinda want to change my name, but to something that's more or less the feminized version of my deadname. am i dumb? is this idea dumb?

I know that the old, cruel, cishet half-joke goes, “Did ya’ hear? Samantha used to be Samuel, if you catch my drift,” but the thing is, you’re not a joke. You’re a living, breathing, human woman, and so it isn’t your job to avoid what might look like stereotypes from an outsider’s perspective. It’s your job to survive and be happy, and if part of that means a “cliché” name change, who the hell and/or fuck cares.

Change your name to something that’s going to make you comfortable and content. I don’t care if it’s the feminine version of your deadname, or a name your parents picked for you, or a name you got from your favourite show. It’s doesn’t have to feel good for or sound right to anybody but you. Do what you’ve got to do to take care of yourself, babe.

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I have a dumb question. If I use a reference to draw does that make me a reposter? Now I'm too afraid to post my art because I just googled head placements for hugs. Am I a reposter? What do I do?

Hello, anon! Sorry for the late response. This isn’t a dumb question at all. c: It’s easy to confuse these things, so it’s totally okay to ask questions to things you don’t understand! (੭ˊᵕˋ)੭

Using references doesn’t make you a reposter at all, don’t worry! Never be afraid to use references when doing art, that’s part of the learning process. Lots of artists have used references, and still do. Be not afraid, young artist. Using references is not bad.

If you just googled photos to see how to get those danged heads to look natural when drawing a hug, then you’re good. You can use multiple references to make sure your art looks “right” to you. And when you’re done, be proud and post it! You made a thing, and that’s great, GO FOR IT!  (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b (I should listen to my own advice rly >_>)

However, if you copied or traced over someone else’s work/photo, then that’s a whole different thing altogether. Sometimes copying or tracing helps you improve some facets of your art (tracing can help train you in making cleaner/better lineart, for one) but it can hinder the development of your own art style. Also, it is considered art theft/plagiarism/reposting if you post that, so… :c

I know it sounds confusing now that I added copying/tracing into the mix, and I’m bad at explaining, so here are some links to help you understand the differences better:

I hope my answer and those links helped you, anon! @miraculousblackout protest may be over now, but that doesn’t mean we’re stopping from trying to clear things up about this issue or trying to educate. Don’t be afraid to send an ask if you’re confused about anything else. c:

I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY, THANK YOU FOR THE ASK! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° Happy drawing, anon!

Kian Lawley Smut shot


“Bye y'all, love you!” Kian blows a kiss at the camera and shuts it off. Right on cue for you to walk into his bedroom, looking for the adaptor of your phone, which Kian’s been borrowing the past week. Because Trevor friend his and your best friend doesn’t want to get out of his house to buy a new one.

“Hey Y/N, whatcha looking for?” Kian looks up at you and gives you that dazzling smile.

You grit your teeth, no way you are giving in to his charms now. You’ve been resisting your best friend’s charms for over 5 years now, today will not be any different. “I need my charger Kee, my phone is as good as dead.” You reply to him, poking around on his desk for your charger.

Totally forgetting the fact that all you wear is your PJ bottoms and a rather low cut, loose fitting tank top. Written on is ‘you make my heart smile’. Kian bought it for you when you need a pick me up and you’ve been using it as sleepwear ever since.

Kian reaches beside his bed and held your charger up to you. You step forward to grab it, but Kian pulls his hand back last second, making you fall down on the bed. Sprawled half over Kian, that is.

“You are not getting it back without payment.” Kian cooes.

You sit up and send him a dead glare. “Kee, it is my property!” You tell him strictly. “Now it is my hostage, you better pay up, angelcakes.” Kian uses your special nickname that makes you fluster every time he says it. You slap his arm and try to reach for the charger. Kian stretches and drops the charger behind his bed. “YOU FUCKING ASSBUTT.” You screech, trying to lay a slap on him for punishment sake.
“Now now, no panic, I can move my bed and grab it for you, but first you need to pay me.” Kian taunts. “What do you need from me Kee?” You ask, exasperated.

“I need your lips, on mine.” He replies.  

You look at him, partly pissed, partly impatient and partly jittery. Kian is just your best friend, nothing else, right?

“Kee, stop fucking around!”

Kian shakes his head, sitting up. “I am not fucking around. I need you to kiss me.” He says, leaning closer to you. He’s taller than you, quite a bit, and you hate every inch of it. You cross your arms, under your chest, pushing up your breasts without being very much aware of it.
Kian practically drools all over your boobs, which you are very much aware of.
“Dafuq is up with you today, Kian?” You move your arms up to cover your breasts. Kian pouts at you for a single moment and then runs a hand through his hair. He gives you a taxating look, as if he is thinking up which of his excuses you are most likely to fall for. It is a face you know well and the outcome is also rather familiar.

“Kian, stop thinking, just hand me the truth.” You interrupt his train of thought.

He knows he can’t deceive you by now. He sighs softly. “Okay, I’ll give you the truth, but I don’t want you to laugh or protest or anything.” He says. You nod and gaze at him, rather impatiently.

“I think I like you….”

Kian does everything to avoid your eyes, but you reach out to grab his chin, making him look you in the eyes. “Kee, what did you just say?” You ask. “I think I like you.” The confidence comes back to his voice. “Y-you do?” You half expect it to be a joke.

“Yes, I do, I mean, look at you, you’re a dream! You always look after me and you make me happy when I am down. You’re an A+ cook and you are the brightest sun to shine in our life. In my life. Ugh I am so dumb for hiding this from you, but I was kind of sure it was just a dumb brief thing because I am sexually frustrated, but it is not, I am slowly but surely getting totally hooked on you. The outfit did totally give me the final push though.” Kian rambles on and on.

You see no other solution than to pull Kian down to you and press your lips to his. He balks at first, freezing against you, but you persist and slowly Kian softens up and kisses you back.

His hands rest on your legs, fingers arching into the checkered fabric of your pj bottoms. You run one of your into his soft hair and cup his jawline with the other. His lips mold against yours in such a way that makes you swear that you should have kissed him much much sooner. Because darned it feels so good.
Soon one of Kians hands cups your face as well and his tongue runs over your lips. By this time you have melded so much that you just open your lips and allow Kian’s tongue into your mouth. You moan a little at the sensation and your tongue wrestles with Kian’s. He moans a little bit too.

Kian lays down, pulling you on top of him. You allow him and the kiss does not break. It only gets deeper and Kian’s hands run down your back. He greedily grabs your ass, making you moan to his lips.

The kiss breaks and Kian smirks up at you.

“Wana get out of that shirt?” He teases. ”Hmmm, I think you are wearing more clothes than me.” You reply. Very much not a yes and very much not a no. Just a statement. Kian groans. “So do you want me to put my shirt off first?” He tries to move things along, but you are far from certain, so you hold off.

“I first want my charger back Kee.I gave you what you want, now give me what I want~!”

You sit up, on top of his, your pelvis pressed against him, his erection is rather obvious and pressed up against your privates.

“Kee, you dirty perv!” You call out, poking him on the chest. “I can’t help it, you’re just that good to me.” Kian’s hands stroke up and down your upper legs and he gives you that well known dazzling smile. “Ugh, Kee, you are not fair!” You let your flat hand come down on his chest, knocking the wind out of him. Kian coughs a little and the dazzling smile fades from his lips. “Why am I not fair?” He asks.

“Because I’ve loved you from the first stages of our friendship. You know, the days that we didn’t live together and you were still uncomfortable with being half naked around me, because I am a girl. I’ve loved you all these damn years and you pick up on the vibe like five weeks ago and now all of a sudden it is okay. Have you any idea how long I have bottled up my feelings for you. And what the fuck, I can’t let it all pour out because you can’t control your dick!” You rant.

Kian gapes at you as if he’s lost his wits.

“Don’t look at me like that Kian!” You bring your hand down on his chest again, less hard this time, but it brings him back to reality all the same.

“I never knew, babe, I am sorry.” He sits up and looks at you as if he sees you for the first time. “My god, I must have put you through hell. I am putting you through hell as we speak. Oh my god. How do I even repent?”

You silence Kian’s rambling with a kiss.

Kian kisses back ever so eagerly, his hands skitting over your legs and side. He grabs at tugs at your top. You return the action and start tugging his shirt upwards. Kian smirks to your lips and runs his fingers over your sides, under your top. You moan a little, the feeling of Kians soft fingers on your skin riling you up.

You pull Kian’s shirt over his head and Kian removed your top. He marvels at your breasts for a while and gently wanders his fingers over your soft flesh. You shiver and avoid his eyes. “You’ve never been so shy before, not even when JC and I did that weird dick dare. This is a little odd, but cute at the same time.” He says sweetly. You feel your cheeks heat up and close your eyes.
Kian chuckles lightly and leans in to kiss along your neck. Your moan rather loudly and claw at his back, creating red scratchmarks on his skin. Kian gasps against your skin before latching on, creating a dark hickey.

“Kee, are you barking mad, everyone will see!”

“I want everyone to see, little angel, that you are mine.” Kian growled to your skin, moving only a little to suck another hickey onto your skin. You moan loudly and let him so as he pleases this time around. Because he wants people to know you are his.


Kian’s lips wander lower along your neck and over your collarbone, up the other side of your neck and he bites at your earlobe. His tongue twirls around the back of your earring and your breath comes in shivering pants.
Kian smirks and his lips wander lower again, over the soft flesh of your breasts. You moan loudly as he latches onto a nipple and gently starts to suckle. You run your hands through his hair and cling to him, your breath running short.
He leaves you not time to catch it when he switches nipple and plays with it with his teeth.

His hand strays into your pj bottom to greedily grab at your ass.

Your turn to wander your lips, over Kian’s neck and to his adam’s apple. He moans ever so loudly and arches his back when you latch on and suck lewdly. You leave bite marks in the nape of his neck and drink in the sounds he makes.

Kian flips you over and presses you down amongst the sheets. He moves himself between your legs and kisses you again. You trail your hands tenderly down his back to his ass, grabbing at it just as greedily as he did.

Kian becomes impatient. His boner is straining against the cloth of his jeans. “Oh fuck I am so pent up, can we please… Move along.” He whispers.

You open his jeans and he tugs it off. You stroke him through the cloth of his boxers, making him out a mangled moan. His hips buck forward and his hand slips into your panties to gingerly stroke at your folds.

You moan loudly and allow Kian to take off your pj bottoms and panties.

“I want you so bad.” Kian whispers, pulling down his boxers.

Your eyes dart to his cock and you lick your lips. “I want you too Kian.” You whisper. “But safe, Kian, condom.” Kian chuckles and moves off to reach into the drawer of his nightstand and grab a condom.

You open the wrapper and put it on for him.

You both loudly moan when Kian slowly slides into you. Every so slowly, ever so tenderly. “Oh fuck, you feel better than I have ever imagined.” Kian gasps. “You do too Kee, you do too.”

Kian is incredibly wound up, as proves. He cums after only three minutes, his hips stuttering as he spends his seed inside the condom. “Oh my god, I am so ashamed right now!” He mumbles softly. “Don’t worry about it Kee, we can do it again after dinner and tonight after Game of Thrones.” you whisper softly, kissing him on the nose.

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(diff anon) A friend told me to make the most self indulgent OC I could think of and I gotta say, despite it being super cheeseball mary sue, it was probably the most fun I had in a while. Sometimes it's fun to cut loose and not worry about how dumb the thing you're making is (and like 9 times out of 10 it's not ACTUALLY that bad)

I’m always so worried it might be a dumb thing, the whole story and all it’s characters. I believe they are not self indulgent OCs but maybe unconsciously I am making them that way?? 

uggh when I was a child making OC’s was so easy and natural for me… I had a furry one whom I loved with all of me hahaha A kinda “dog girl”  XDD. And now it’s not that diffeent, one of my OC’s is a Giant dog too… or 2 dogs..

what I try to say is that I don’t want to be obvious and get to surprice people with my ideas… But I might be trying too hard ^w^…. 

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K but I get that there might not be alien abductions and they're not like watching us. But how can there be such a huge expanse of space with is as the ONLY living things?

I’m just very skeptical and logical, where I base my opinions around factual, objective evidence. We can talk about the possibility all you want, but at the end of the day, we have nothing to show for it; therefore, I won’t believe it. Simply put: the “high” probability does not excuse the absence of evidence.

Also, I’m very ehhh on the whole space exploration initiative.

I’m just very human-centric and self-centered. I believe that, if it has no effect on us and our personal development, why bother scouring millions of light years of space (and let’s not trivialize the fact that we have still found nothing about other life, mind you)?

I just feel like our resources and professional curiosity would be better spent investigating the deep ocean, where we know for certain that there are living things and it is a place that is actually close enough to affect us.

Not to say that investigating space has not led to critical breakthroughs and human advancements. But. I mean, once we start looking for other living things, it stops becoming about science and really about our human inclination to romanticize everything and try to relate all things to us.

This is just my opinion. I am not a science nerd or anything, so I’m kinda ignorant on the specifics. However, based on objective reasoning, I do not believe in aliens due to lack of objective, factual evidence and I feel like we should invest in the deep ocean as much as or even more so than space.


How Our Loved Ones Sleep

A continuation of this because all you goofballs liked it so much, and because I needed to write fluff about LI’s snoozing with the Inquisitor.

               Cassandra starts out as the big spoon when she and the Inquisitor first go to bed. But when she inevitably falls asleep first, she curls up against their side until they roll over and wrap around her instead. She nestles her head against the hollow of their collarbone, and snuggles deeper if the Inquisitor rests their chin on top of her head. Her hands instinctively seek warmth and often end up resting against the Inquisitor’s chest, or twined in to their fingers. She sighs in her sleep contentedly whenever the Inquisitor wraps an arm around her shoulders, and pulls her a little closer.

               Iron Bull is a muscled wall of strength and safety. His arm easily circles around the Inquisitor, but despite all his strength and the firmness of his grip, he holds them gently. Sometimes they simply press up against his side, and he lets the Inquisitor use his arm as a pillow. Other times the Inquisitor lays curled across his chest, and Bull will huff when they press cold fingers against his chest. But he loves to feel the patter of their pulse against his skin, and he lets out a sigh of contentment whenever they lay their head over his heart. Bull radiates so much heat that they rarely need blankets.

               Dorian lines his own body along the Inquisitor’s. He likes to rest his head in the crook between their neck and shoulder. He holds the Inquisitor’s hand in his own, fingers twined in theirs. He sometimes squeezes their hand too hard, afraid he will wake up and they’ll be gone. The Inquisitor never complains. Late at night, when he is restless, Dorian likes to rub his moustache along the Inquisitor’s neck. It makes them smile in their sleep and tilt their head back toward him so that Dorian can see their face clearer. That smile helps him fall asleep.

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ok so here you have the dumb marichat thing I promised

It’s so bad I am sorry


So juat to clarify now this should hopefully be my last fandom statement for my blog (at leasy for this season haha) just so anyone coming im kniws wheee i am. ok here goes..

I am a Caryler and will remain so til I die. You will pull my ship from cold, dead fingers cause i will not let go of it. That simple.

I will not make any excuses for the dumb shit Norman says. And I will be the first to admit he says dumb shit. But I will not stop being a fan of his and liking him either. That is my choice as well. And he he dosent always make it easy on me, trust me on that. But I will not apologize for it either. End of story.

Even has the right to how they feel about things. If they want to give up fine. If they dont like/hate Norman, fine too. I have many friends tgat feel that way and I never tell anyone how to feel about anything. Difference of opinion is another foundation of free media and its a good thing.

I pick my battles, meaning that only if I feel real strongly about something will I speak up. If I feel someone is being unfair to someone else, no matter who it is I will say something, but most of the time I will let well enough alone.

People can deal with thier fandom and frustrations any way they want, just dont tell me how to deal with it is all I ask.

I have met great people here and a lot of them are still here and still my friends (and they kniw who they are) so I will continue to my thing and ship my ship and love and celebrate who I want to and I hope thats fine with everyone.

so per usual to my shipper peeps, just Caryl the fuck on for tge new season ❤❤

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anonymous asked:

You're a pussy, I asked you about suicide in the trans community and it's been a while, you just don't know what to say. Dumbass. Watch Joe Rogan and Ben Shapiro, two people who can talk about it without worrying about political correction. I asked to get an honest answer, it shouldn't take 3 fucking weeks. You dodge important questions because you aren't smart enough to answer. You really are dumb.

Just so its all in one place, you also said:  Nothing you say will show you are smart, just because you are trans doesn’t make you smart. You are dumb and you say a lot of dumb things. Thank God you aren’t the defender of the trans community. You faggot.

Now, let me start off by saying that I am a busy person. I work two jobs while studying for a better one, I raise two kids, and I got married less than a year ago. I volunteer my time as a technician at church. I also have hobbies that I like to indulge in, such as skating and modeling. So the fact that I haven’t answered your question yet isn’t because I don’t want to, but simply because I haven’t found the time. 

A topic like suicide isn’t something I can speak on without doing research. I don’t have all the latest studies and cases and numbers in my head. So to get you an informed, proper response will take me time. If you would rather me make something up that isn’t factual, I could do that, but it would hurt my own integrity. I’m not comfortable with making things up, especially with such a nuanced topic.

Now, with that said, fuck you. I don’t know exactly what kind of arrogant, self-involved child you think you are, but you have no right to call me a dumbass when I’m the one putting in the work to answer your fucking question. If you can’t wait around for me, then do the work yourself. I’m still going to write my response to it, but you certainly don’t have to read it if that’s how you’re going to be.

anonymous asked:

I have an ESFJ friend whom want to spend more time with. But I can't just say it?? Like I try just inviting her places and making up excuses to do stuff together and often it just doesn't work out so I pretend not to be über disappointed even though I really am?? And I can't bring myself to just ~say "Hey, I would like to be better friends with you and hang out more." Like is that dumb or what.

Yep. Pretty dumb. But since I do that sort of thing myself, much to my shame, I guess we’re dumb together.

I mean, what could happen? Most people are flattered when someone wants to be their friend and spend more time with them. But we are so used to not saying that stuff out loud (because our marvelous society has relegated such straightforwardness to children) that we can’t quite figure out how to go about saying it. And then we never do, and we feel bad.

But what if your ESFJ friend feels bad? ESFJs care deeply about people, but I know from experience that they have a tough time understanding how an INTP thinks. It may be that your friend would love to hear these words from you and just doesn’t know how to give you the chance to say them. Why, she might even want to say them herself but be afraid that you’d find them too sappy.

I can’t say for sure. All I know is that you’ll never know either, unless you do say something.

I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by.

anonymous asked:

Call me dumb, but I will ask anyway. I regularly see an emoticon in your replies, and I have no idea what it is supposed to be/mean/convey. It's this one: ;v; / ;_; / ;; / and variations thereof. Can you please explain to my autistic brain what it means? I can't make anything of it. Sorry if this is dumb.

Oh yes, no problem, this is not dumb at all sweetheart (and neither are you). So, the “; ;” symbols are tiny eyes (the dotes) with little tears running (the commas). Can you visualize it? 
The things that we put in between (v, o, __, ^, etc.) are meant to represent the mouth and I guess that they all convey different emotions? 
For example, ;_; and ;; are crying emoticons for me. I use them when I am helpless, for example.
;v; is more of a… gentle smile, I would say? It’s honestly very personal, some people may use them differently. 

But I hope that my reply helped you and that you understand their meanings better now! I wish you a good day ❤

*mod Liliane

anonymous asked:

About the long text post thing, I get like that too! It's been getting worse and it takes me forever to understand something I read now. I thought I was just dumb and felt so shitty about myself. But since I've been disassociating worse lately, it makes sense now.

Gosh you have no idea how glad I am other people feel the same way bc I was also scared I was just? heckin dumb hhhhh