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hello everyone. my name is Judson and today i’m going to be talking about something i’ve been working on and off again for the last 4+ years 

i’ve been writing a book that’s very dear to my heart and the characters are basically my children so i hope you can check Atlas Hounds out 

please understand that the character/summary page isn’t entirely done yet since i need to add more to it and i plan on changing the theme for it but it’s as done as it will be for a little bit 

quick overview/trigger warnings:

  • deals with internalized transphobia and transphobia in general (the main character, Kev, is a transboy)
  • the exploitation of a group (lgbt, poor) by the government to benefit a war (signing up for the Kolpos, the front line, earns the poor money for their families back home and free hormones/transitioning/etc for those who are trans, as well as exempting those who fall under the term lgbt from being punished by the law.)
  • racism and the pressures of acting out against a stereotype vs adhering to a stereotype
  • the glorification of war and propaganda
  • blood family vs found family
  • severe PTSD and disassociation as well as suicidal tendencies  

Here’s a “simple” summary:

Kevlar Whitterstock has accepted the fact he’s going to die. It’s inevitable, really, when you’re a soldier at the Kolpos. There’s never a moment when shells aren’t rocking the ground and the popping of gunfire shakes him awake. It could happen any day at any time - poke his head over the trench wall at the wrong time, a bomb detonates a little too closely, hell, he could do it to himself if he wanted. The urge is there but he can’t. He signed up for this. His life in exchange for money for his family back home in the Skid. And, selfishly, the ability to transition. He remembers the humming of relief the day he got his first shot, three years ago at the age of fifteen, that would make his body right with his mind. He can also remember the first time an erratic piece of shrapnel embedded itself into his side. A necessary exchange, in his opinion.  Since joining, he’s seen people come and go, but somehow he manages to stay alive. He knows even his two newest friends, Tyde, a scholar-turned-soldier, and Jamir, a mechanic with a knack for repairing guns, will be gone soon enough. But then everything changes. Suddenly, Kevlar and his friends are being pulled from the Kolpos by the orders of the King, who’s under political strain regarding the war. They’re whisked to Basileia, the kingdom ruled by the Davenports, and undergo training to be servants to the Royal Family. Kev, in simplest terms, isn’t really the serving material they’re looking for, but he’s told to put up a pleasant front for the public. The smiling, scarred boy who waits on the King patiently. And that’s fine with Kev because the paychecks going to his family are heavier and he isn’t on the front line anymore. But when the King’s middle son, Winston, starts hounding Kev into being a “ true gentleman”, things start to get testy. 

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anonymous asked:

what is it like being a medical student? Have you been working at the hospital yet?

I am officially done with the didactic portion and I start my clerkships (hospital stuff) tomorrow so I’m both excited and nervous and hoping I can adapt to the change of pace quickly. It’s been a difficult couple of years for reasons pertaining to school and outside of it, so I’m hoping this new environment helps me remember why I’m doing medicine.

So this is just a quick peek at what I am planning on working on. I have done the sketches for the comic and its at 20 pages currently. I’m still not sure if I’ll continue using tones. I may post one more preview, but after that, I won’t post it until (if) I finish it.

When Ouma asks Saihara to live together, Saihara is unable to decline despite not being entirely sure about the idea. 

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I need everyone who’s a fan of Antony C just as much as I am to listen up!!!!

Antony and I are going to Bronycon this year in August to premiere our own cartoons at a panel. He has been working on his for over 3 years and has only now gotten around to finishing it. And he’s only 50% done with it! Which means he has only 4 months to get all 30 minutes of the animation done!!! On top of that, he’s stressed out with illness in the family and getting shit done for colabs and stuff. So I think we should help him out!

We should all individually draw something nice for him. Something that would motivate/encourage him to keep pounding it out. He really gets motivated when he sees his work has inspired others to keep going with their own life or create something new. So a drawing and saying something nice would definitely get him right in the soft spot. Doesn’t matter what you draw, could be his pony OC, could be Nelly, could even be himself, whatever! LET’S ENCOURAGE THIS BOI


Today has been a productive but longgg Sunday

1. I was craving something savory this morning, so I whipped up ye basic ol’ avocado toast. Haven’t had it in so long and it was scrumptious.
2. I worked on my essay (it’s 16 pages…) and am having so much trouble finishing up the conclusion. Sigh- any advice?
3. My to do list for the day~ everything got done except for critical care studying. The next few days are going to be so packed because I didn’t get to study today. :(
4. Hair tip! If you’re like me and have dry hair, adding in some coconut oil before you workout allows ample time for a hair mask- plus, you have to shower anyway, so killin two birds with one stone, amiright? ;)
5. I was super clammy during my workout for whatever reason, so I only got 15 min on the stair master and 15 min of incline walking. It just felt nice to get out of my headspace and bedroom and people watch (my gym has lots of big windows).
6. I got coffee with a good friend, and I was reminded of how great it is to spend time with people. I’m super introverted and get overwhelmed by spending too much time with people, but lately I’ve felt that i haven’t been spending ENOUGH with others. Ah well~ maybe when finals are over hehe
7. On that nursing assistant grind. I have 10 patients who are all high acuity today, and I want to stay on break forever, but alas I cannot. Thankfully, it gets much easier after 9pm, but until then…. 😪

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I haven’t posted in awhile and I owe you all an explanation, currently I am struggling a bit with balancing my time. It’s been difficult to get college work done, find a job, spend time with my family and friends as well as making time for myself so I’m sorry that Tumblr has received the least amount of attention.

With that in mind I have decided to go on semi-hiatus until my exams are over, I will try to post wherever/whenever I can but as of now it doesn’t look too good. Hopefully after exam season I’ll have more time and my writer’s block will also of faded so until then stay groovy everyone <3

I will try to be on here as often as I can but if you really need me I also have a second blog (@franks-sandcastle) where you can contact me, I’m also willing to give out my social media accounts too if you ask for them off anon.

I love you all very much, thank you for sticking with me and supporting me even through times like these

- Jamie <3

Not bnha/my art related but


I cannot express how disappointed and angry I am to see such an amazing person like @arikafd get so much hate for such a long time. 

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TalesFromTheFrontDesk: The Fourth Worst Night Shift I Ever Had (Involves Keylocks!)

Howdy, long time lurker, longer time employee, not so frequent poster. Allow me to vaguely describe myself and the property; I am from Texas, I have been working for the industry since I was 16, done full service, limited service, no service, corporate owned, management company ran, and even independently owned. Presently I work for an independently owned, franchised, extended stay property in a small town. Now that I have gotten that out of the way let me tell you about the worst night shift I ever had.

I had these guests in at the time, it had been about 3 weeks that they stayed with us and presently they were paying week by week. I firmly believe these guest were outed from some domicile as these were locals, and there were easily about 6 people in a room with two queens (2 adults 4 children and a dog). One night, after a night out on town, these guest turn up at the office telling me that the card keys to their door are not functioning.

Before I continue my story I have to tell you about the door locks at my property. The people who originally built this property (note: not the people who know own it) used Beeline for their locks. Since I know hoteliers don’t necessarily use the same locks (God knows I’ve seen like 5 different kinds of keys in my span of working) these key cards are basically like the chip credit cards people use today. And while that’s all well and good the major downside to these locks is that they ONLY RUN ON BATTERIES, 4 AA Batteries to be exact, so once those batteries are juiced the lock is dead. Protocol calls to use the master, open the door, switch the batteries out, and these batteries go out all the time it feels like.

So, knowing the protocol I take my master key (note: an actual key), my screwdriver, and my 4 AAs and I march with this family to the room. I pop the exterior magnetic cap that covers the emergency key lock for the door and I try to insert the kid sideways like it generally goes, but it doesn’t fit. For some reason the locking cylinder of this room has somehow twisted to a point that the lock is askew. I should have taken notice, I should have been apprehensive, but I wasn’t I stuck my key in anyways and turned.

The lock didn’t turn, the door remains shut, even worse is that I can’t get my key out of the lock. Apparently if the cylinder is not set just right in these locks the magnets that keep the safety cap on the cylinder will actually Chinese Finger Trap your key into the lock. The manager shows up, I’m struggling to get the key out, the door to turn, anything at this point. And like magic the moment my manager says, “Whatever you do don’t break-” and her words were interrupted by the sound of the master key breaking in the lock.

Well, at this point we’re pretty much out of options when it comes to “getting in right now;” move the people in the system, give them another room, and figure it out tomorrow. That would be the game plan at this point. Only no, not possible, as the lady of the room begins to explain to me, in very colorful language, that their chihuahua is still in the room, this room needs to open immediately.

We try to open the window from the outside, obviously locked. We try jimmying the windows lock open, no luck. At one point the husband tries to pry the door open with a crowbar, all that did was destroy the face plate, the key reader, and the lock battery tray. And so we have no further options, we must break the window.

Boys and girls, I have broke many windows in my day. One year I actually broke so many windows my boss threatened to dock my pay if I broke one more. But evidently between the last time I broke a window and now windows have evolved. Using a hammer, some duct tape, and the very might of an angry god I tried to smite this window pane with all my fury, and it took it all like a champ. In the end we had to hammer and chisel a crack into the corner of the window and then break and even after that we had a whole other window to break before we were “in.”

Suffice to say we finally got that damn window unlocked, I climbed in, and then opened the door from the other side, and even after all this we were still going to have move these people because of the damages we had to do to the room. But that isn’t the biggest issue, that was our only damn master key and it was STILL stuck in the lock. Meaning if this happened again that we’re basically going to have to break another couple windows to get access to the room. Luckily for the remainder of THAT night, nothing bad happened, and afterwards the manager instructed housekeeping to unlock ALL the windows as a failsafe until we can get another master. In return I had to watch the parking lot at night to make sure no one tried to break into rooms using the already unlocked windows.

Luckily by Tuesday we got a new copy of the master, the window didn’t get fixed until about two weeks later. The whole incident took up four of my eight hour shift.

I still ran audit late.

Thank you for reading my story, how about we have a discussion about keys, locks, and other stories involving issues with either that require you to break into a room?

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OMG did you really just gush over me?!?!?!  OMG I THINK I AM DONE WITH THIS LIFE AND I AM DEAD!!!!!!  I have read your works for SO LONG ever since finding Restraint and then binged your works.. SHIT I EVER READ SHIT FROM FANDOMS I AM NOT EVEN IN! Probably the ONLY DRARRY I still read! (Plus I love I get sneak peaks at them) 


I always cherish our fucked up friendship honey!  <3 Yes fic tags are fun!  SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!  <3 and I got to open fics I had forgotten I had written!  LOL!!!!  

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The Dolphin Paradox, Chapter 18/20
The Record Store AU that's not an AU
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter 18, in which I promise, it’s all gonna work out.

I posted this last night and then promptly fell asleep before linking it here. Oops. Also, chapters 19 and 20 will go up simultaneously next weekend and then we’re done. Again, I cannot express how grateful I am to those following along. Your support means the world to me.

the next week

Hi friends,

I am going to be really, really busy over the next week with grading - it’s that time of the semester - and it’s a crapton of work that I really, really want to get done before ACOWAR comes out. This means that I won’t be on tumblr very much, basically so that I can revert back to living on tumblr once I receive and read ACOWAR.

Also, I’m pretty annoyed at spoilers already. And people’s attitudes towards them. But that’s another issue. Either way, I need to stay away from the fandom a bit more.

I’ll still check my inbox, I’ll still respond to messages, questions, comments, whatever. I just won’t be as present as I usually am. And I’ll still post some scheduled things and my ACOWAR exchange fic in a couple of days - it’s an OT3, that’s all I’m saying.

I have created another blog for the purposes of messaging with friends, while staying away from my dash/notifications/inbox/etc. - if you really feel the need for that blog url, send me a message.

I love you all so still send me your thoughts if you have any, or any ranting you need to do, or advice you’d like, and I’ll check at least once a day. <3


Breath of the Wild Armour Sets [Part 1]

A few weeks ago, I announced that I was working on a Zelda project. Well, this is it! I challenged myself to draw every single armour set in Breath of the Wild. There are a total of 21 armour sets but I plan on drawing 4 additional items that are not part of sets (Eg, Champion’s Tunic) However, Tumblr only allows 10 pictures at once so here’s the first 10: 

  1. Gerudo
  2. Zora
  3. Desert Voe
  4. Ancient
  5. Hylian
  6. Snowquill
  7. Barbarian
  8. Stealth
  9. Climber
  10. Radiant

I have yet to draw the remaining 15 but I will upload everything in one shot when it’s done! 

Also, yes, I am going to draw the Amiibo exclusives too. Even sets that are unobtainable (Eg. Fierce Diety). Look out for it! :)


did some facial ref practice with the vento aureo gang also @ davidpro part 5 when????

honestly how was harry potter surprised by all his misfortunes after like his second year at hogwarts i mean by his fourth year when the goblet of fire spit out his name how did he not stand up and predict that was going to happen. i definitely would’ve just looked into the camera like i’m in the office and just walked outta there like nope not today i just need a five year nap let mcgonagall compete she’ll win



91/100 days of productivity

Me and only me: procrastinates in physics homework by annotating the hamilton songs😂

lie to make me like you

pairing: victor / yuuri

length: 9 chapters, 80k

It’s become a game, of sorts, to anyone privy to the fact that the pattern exists in the first place: ask Victor out at the beginning of the month, date for however many days, and wait for the end to come and for Victor to say, always: I couldn’t fall in love with you. Let’s break up.

Or, Victor is a retired actor looking for love, and Yuuri happens to be the (un)fortunate soul to unwittingly ask him out at the beginning of the month. Except relationships don’t come with a script, and it’s much harder understanding love than roles.

[ao3 link

Done… FINALLY … I don’t have to stare at this anymore… ohwait this is my business card design for the upcoming convention.. nvm….  눈‸눈