i am so done with your attractive faces

When they see you in your bathing suit for the first time.

Request: Can you do a reaction of Got7 or bts seeing you in a bathing suit for the first time. 

A/N: I am going to do both but I haven’t done a Got7 scenario just yet so I am gonna start with them first! 

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He would be shocked at how much skin you were showing, you weren’t one to show off your body but he would complain. He would be staring at you the whole time you were walking to him with this shocked face but the initial shock wore off he would be such a flirt about it.

“STOP IT!” You looked at him with a half serious face. Out loud you hated it but inside it made you feel really attractive.

“I can’t! You just look really great.” He said emphasizing really.

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Myself as the Scarlet Empress from Exalted, worn at Anime Boston 2015!

Super special bonus pic

Artfully captioned by chirpadee as ‘Istg I am so done with your shit, I’m going to kick you ass then go back to playing my pokemon like an adult.’