i am so done with stanning this kid

i still have a few prompts to fill but i thought i’d made a tiny masterpost of what i’ve done so far. people have been super lovely about these silly things and i really appreciate it ♡

reddie prompts: jealousy, cats love eddie, petnames

reddie ao3: you trip me up (flower kid eddie figuring out his shit), see the sky (claw-machine master richie refusing to figure out his shit)

other stuff: wlw bev (prom + bg reddie lmao)

A continuation of this dark prompt

Sentence Prompt: “Stop it, you’re hurting me!”

Aaaaaaand DONE! I’ve drawn too much sad comics (and so many crying faces), so I gave this a happy ending! It’s almost 2 am on this side of the Earth so off to bed!

Stan Pines, part 1/2

Stanley has memory gaps because his mind hasn’t finished piecing itself back together, and Ford doesn’t recognize Stanley’s ticks and quirks because he picked up new ones while they were out of contact.  There are plenty of reasonable explanations for Stan’s behavior.

[part 1, you are here]

[part 2]

Weirdmageddon is over, the kids are back home, everyone is recovering nicely, and Stanley is the town hero.  Ford would know if he was dealing with someone else.  Right?

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Wind In Our Sails


Rating: G

Summary: Sea Shanty singalongs! Family reunions after a while apart always lead to the best kind of memories.

AN: Based on @garrulousgibberish mammoth idea of an animation! Can’t wait to see the finished product ♥ Until then I’ll carry on singing the song with you though haha!

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So remember that scene in “Land before Swine” When “Fantasy Stan” is feeding waddles? Well that made me decide there was no way I could ever draw a serious looking Stan bottle feeding one of his kids, so I decided to do it this way instead. Fiddleford is in this too because I figured if one baby woke up the other would too.

It’s like three am and Fidds and Stan have got up again because the kids were crying, and fed them. Finds is almost convinced that he got more sleep in Grad school than he has since having these two. Stan’s not even awake he’s just sort of have there and getting this done as quick as possible.

Wehn Ford is staying up late working sometimes they’ll just leave the kids with him because he’s not sleeping anyway and can watch them while Fidds and Stan conk out for a few hours.

21 Months (2/3)

Or, having three babies in the house at once is like, really fucking hard, Henry is occasionally still creeped out by his brother in law, the demon, Stan is pretty much Grandpa, and Mabel definitely has her hands full.

Or, oh shit this is three chapters now, help.

First chapter here!

Second chapter under this handy read more!

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Ah, yeesh, where do I begin?

Les’see, there’s always that one story about bein’ a Peruvian chocolate salesman…or the night I stole those wax figures from that one guy’s garage sale—heh, remember those?  Oh yeah, and there was that one souvenir shop in Florida that just kept tryin’ t’sell me orange juice for literally two hours straight…

Oh! Whoop! There, got it—how’s about the one time ol’ Stan Pines almost stole…THE BATMOBILE?

Yeah—th’ actual Batmobile, I’m not kiddin’!

This was…what, ‘bout ten years ago? Sounds about right—Soos had just started workin’ at th’ Shack, and I was just gettin’ t’know the kid…Y’know, that awkward stage where y’aren’t close enough t’ask their favorite animal, but that you’ve taken mental note of their dinosaur-themed school supplies enough t’get a general idea when it comes to buyin’ em presents and stuff. 

Er—not that I bought Soos presents or nothin’!  Certainly not birthday presents. Or—Or holiday ones.  Uh. Or—like—

Y’know what, a dinosaur’s not even an actual animal! This rant’s totally irrelevant!  Take that, non-existent sentimentality!

Ahem—Anyway, Soos was wanderin’ around th’ Shack durin’ work one day, and he hadn’t stopped ramblin’ all day about Batman for some reason.  Now, I’m sittin’ here thinkin’ of, y’know, the real Batman.  The only Batman.  The Batman that Ford n’ I used to watch every week on Pop’s ol’ black and white TV, same bat-time, same bat-channel!  That’s right: ADAM WEST AS BATMAN.

But Soos comes around ramblin’ about some remake in production, goin’ on an’ on about some “Batman For Beginners” and “Christian Bailed” an’ all that!  What, you think I was gonna allow that kinda blasphemy under my roof?  Nah, nah, this kid had to be enlightened!

Wantin’ to stop this brainwashin’ before it went too far, I did my research and found out that the actual Batmobile from th’ original 1960s series was bein’ hosted in some car museum in Tennessee.  An’ after seein’ those images of this makeshift “Batmobile” that Soos was throwin’ my way, I decided I was gonna do what any concerned, responsible adult would do…


So right at closin’ time on Friday, I borrowed Soos for th’ weekend, buckled ‘im up in the ol’ Stanmobile, and we hit the road!  It took…it took quite a trip…most’f it occupied by Soos ramblin’ about laser-eyed zombie robots or somethin’…But days later we reached Tennessee, and in th’ dead’f night, too, as luck would have it!

So then it was time t’execute th’ plan.  Soos and I would break into the museum, hitch up th’ Batmobile to my car, and speed outta there before y’could say “Holy grand theft auto, Batman!”

And as soon as we slipped in there, I knew the entire heist was all worth it. Wanna know why?

Cause Soos was completely entranced th’ second he saw that Batmobile.

He was so entranced he didn’t even remember how t’fix up a trailer hitch.

Or notice that he set off th’ museum alarm.

Or say a word as I was forced t’scoop him up and run for dear life from hoards’f unexpected museum security!

In th’ end, the entire “business venture,”—if, er, if y’wanna call it that—kinda fell through th’ cracks.  But I wouldn’t call it a total waste!  When all is said and done, I educated a poor, Batman-deprived kid on what really mattered: Classics, cinema, and the art of world-class thievery!

Soon as we got back to the Shack, Soos was beggin’ t’watch the original episodes with me.  And so yeah, I squeezed in a couple’f marathons when I could, just t’humor ‘im.

Come to think of it, I coulda just…marathoned th’ show with him to begin with…

Nah, who am kiddin’? Stealin’ the Batmobile was totally rational!



You know, it is a funny thing, when I was a kid, Walt Disney was like my god. And to think that I’m now part of a Disney animated feature, I just can’t tell you how pleased I am. There’s nothing more fun than doing voices. I love doing it. Big Hero 6 is so well done, that to have the feeling that any of it was inspired by anything that we had done at Marvel, is thrilling to me.
—  Stan Lee, Big Hero 6 Interview