i am so done with him and his flawlessness

The Joker x Reader -“Obsession”

The Joker has an obsession: you. He doesn’t really need another one added to the pile but…anyway, here it is. Brace yourself  you lucky girl - you’re in for a treat. 

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– He keeps on dropping things on purpose so you can pick them up, this way he can stare at your butt.

You know, for being the Joker, your boyfriend is pretty clumsy: he keeps on dropping stuff all the time. Like, right now, he just dropped his pen and you are fast to bend over and get it for him.

Intense purring immediately follows.

– J took you shopping and you were so excited when you smelled “Gucci Guilty” for men. You thought it’s a divine scent and he got 10 bottles without you knowing, replacing his current cologne with the Gucci one. He has those stashed all over the place while he still keeps in sight his usual fragrance: Clive Christian - “No.1” .

You have a feeling he smells like “Gucci Guilty”.

“Are you wearing Gucci Guilty?” you sniff the air around him with a huge smile on your face.

“Nope,” The Joker keeps on piling up money in boxes, trying to ignore you.

“Are you sure?” the insistent question pops up because you got a vibe you’re onto something here.

“I think I know since I’m the one that put it on, hm? Stop pestering me!!!” he barks your way and you just turn around, biting on your lip, stricken with fascination: your boyfriend does smell like GG, no point in denying it. Where is the damn bottle? (Well… bottles, but you have no clue there are 10 of them).

– You love knives; they are your favorite weapons. Mister J believes it’s classy as hell: in a world of guns, his girl is sooo stylish using sharp blades. You don’t know yet, but he ordered 50 personalized gold plated knives with your initials on them. He plans to give them to you for your 2 year anniversary.

* J totally loves it when you use him as target practice: such a turn on when the blades shriek by him, he gets very impatient.

“Don’t move, baby, I wouldn’t wanna cut something you might need to use later, hm?” you always wink at him, teasing even more just because you can.

Your boyfriend loves guns. So you will surprise him for you 2 year anniversary with a special gift: you will order 20 personalized guns for him from the place that all Gotham’s underworld knows about. Upfront they sell jewelry but the basement it’s a different story.

“I want to order 20 customized guns: half green, half purple background, gold plated,” you start your order.

“Sure, may I ask who they’re for? We can personalize even more,” the guy offers, pointing towards the multitude of catalogues lying around.

“Daddy,” you reply, absent minded since some fancy grenades caught your eye.

“How old?”

“Ummm…Probably… around 39,” you debate, deep in thought.

“Oohhh, OK,” the seller finally understands.”Got’cha!”

You smack your lips and it clicks for the person.

“Hold on, is the order for Mister J ?”

“Of course it’s for him, who else?!” you frown, irritated by the question.

“Oh my God, so sorry, I didn’t recognized you with this purple hair!”

“Whatever!” you grumble, grouchy he needed so many hints to figure it out.

“Would you also like to add his logo on all the guns?”

You roll your eyes, exasperated:

“Well, duh, HE IS The Joker, isn’t he???!!!!”

“Such a Goddam temper,” he thinks, aiming not to annoy you since you are famous for your short fuse.

* You totally love it when J uses you as target practice: such a torn on when the bullets shriek by your ears, you get very impatient.

“Don’t move, Pumpkin, I wouldn’t want to shoot something you might need later, yes?” and he always takes his shirt off, teasing even more just because he can.

– He likes to watch you sleep. Sometimes The Joker spends hours just staring at you. One night he cut off a small strand of your hair and hid it in the nob of his favorite cane since it’s hollow, this way he always has a piece of you with him. He detests being so infatuated but he can’t help it.

You like to watch your boyfriend sleep; you spend hours just staring at him. One night you cut off a strand of his hair and hid it in the pendant he gave you last year and never part with, this way you always have a piece of him with you. You hate it that you are so infatuated but can’t help it.

And you love his hands. When he’s asleep, you just like to look at his fingers, pressing your palm against his, caressing the soft skin. Sometimes he wakes up.

“What are you doing, Princess?” he opens just one eye, not knowing what’s going on.

“Nothing,” you are fast to reply, kissing his knuckles and keeping one of his hands prisoner for the rest of the night.

– Once every 3 months or so, your boyfriend is in a good mood so you try to take advantage of the rare occurrence. This time, for example, you convinced J to let you put makeup on him because you want to have an idea on how he looked like before the “Ace Chemicals” incident. A little bit of foundation to cover the scars and tattoos, bringing the skin and lips to a natural tone plus a dark blonde wig with a similar haircut to cover the toxic green locks.

“Wow, you were so gorgeous before too!” you gasp, admiring your work and how flawless The Joker seems. In your opinion, of course; Batsy wouldn’t share the same belief.“So this is how you looked like before?!”

“More or less,” he smirks, loving to see you so worked up about the whole thing. “Can’t argue with that statement though, I am a very good looking guy.”

You take a picture of him like that and set it up as your new screensaver, gulping when he gets up all shirtless, taking the wig off, being done with the experiment. A miracle doesn’t last for long - just like his patience.

“I’m gonna go and wash this stuff off,” he stretches and heads towards the bathroom when you block his way.

“Noooot so fast, handsome. I was kind of thinking to have a one night stand with this stranger I’ve just met,” you lock your arms around his neck, determined to have fun with him like that.

“Well, this stranger’s services are very expensive. I come with a high price. Still interested?” The Joker grumbles in your ear because he doesn’t want to say no to some crazy stuff for sure.

You just snicker and push him on the couch, starting to undress.

* Later you both go to one of your clubs to enjoy a night out. While you change your dress in the VIP room upstairs, one of the waitresses brings J his drink, thinking she can finally get you in trouble with your man. She despises you but you wouldn’t know since you never pay attention to those girls.

“E-hem, Mister J?…” she clears her throat, getting ready to talk crap.

“What?” he snarls, watching over the club from behind the smoky windows.

“Sir, I’m sorry to bring the bad news, but I think your girlfriend is cheating on you,” she blurs out and he lifts his chin up to finally look at her.

“Is she?”

“Yes, Mister J, I saw it with my own eyes. Y/N keeps on glaring at the screen saver she has on her phone; definitely not your picture sir. I caught her kissing the image and she turned off the cell right away, pretending nothing happened.”

He sighs, tapping his cane on the floor.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, sir, I swear!” a smile appears on her face, happy you are probably a goner now.

“That woman! How dares she?!” J huffs and pushes her away, then strolls upstairs while she silently follows.

He barges in the VIP room, slamming the silver door behind him.

“Almost done, baby,” you cheerfully announce, putting on another coat of mascara.

“Who is that asshole on your phone?” he raises his voice and the waitress bites on her nails, enticed at your misfortune.

“Umm…My boyfriend?” you giggle and turn to face him, wondering if you’re playing roles again.

“Boyfriend?! How dare you sleeping with somebody else behind my back, huh?” and he tosses the cane to the floor with all his strength, making the woman jump on the other side of the door.

Oh, she’s gonna get it ! she victoriously chuckles to herself, silently clapping.

You are going to get it, but not in the way she thinks.

“I couldn’t help it,” you play along, not having a clue about what’s going on but if he wants to go this way, heeeeyy, works for you.

“You are so paying for this, nobody cheats on me!!!!” J yells, starting to rip your dress off while you do the same with his shirt.

She’s going to pay for it ! I hope he kills her, the woman gets all excited, waiting for the bad turn she is responsible for.

You are going to pay for it, but not in the way she thinks.

She hears a loud thud, your scream and The Joker grunting, then …moans?!

What the hell is going on?!  she wonders, baffled, still listening at the door for a few more moments before leaving.

Needless to say nobody saw her again after that night. Who knows what happened? People disappear all the time, right?

– You can fix things and J goes insane for it. He breaks shit on purpose.
“Doll, we have a water leak under the kitchen sink !” he shouts and places his elbows on the table, waiting for you.

“Again?!” you reply from the balcony, but go and get the tool box so you can take a look. You get under the sink and begin to work on the problem.

Intense purring immediately follows.

You don’t know how, but something always breaks around the penthouse. It’s a mystery since everything is the best quality money can buy. Like, why do you have another water leak under the sink?! You just had one two days ago. And The Joker is purring so loud. Why is he all excited about?!  

– You love huskies so J got you a puppy. Best present ever! Since you love Japanese names, you named the fur ball Yuki. The first trick you taught your doggie makes you melt when you watch it in action:

“Yuki, go bite Daddy!” The puppy jumps from your lap and charges at your boyfriend, grabbs his shoelace and pulls on it while growling up a storm:

“Grrrrrrr!!! Grrrrr!!! Grrrrrr!!!!”

J would love to break its neck, but how can you kill something that kind of growls like you?!

“Cut it out, mutt !” he threatens but bends over to pet the puppy. He hears you whistling with admiration.

“Wow, nice ass baby!”

* The puppy likes to sleep on your tummy. You are watching a movie with J and it’s boring so you need something more interesting to see.

“Yuki, go bite Daddy!”  The doggie’s ears go straight up and he rushes to get the enemy, pulling on the t-shirt he didn’t take off yet.

“Grrrrrr!!!! Grrrrr!!!! Grrrrrr!!!!!!!!!”

“So annoying!” The Joker complains, but caresses the fluffy pest and as a response he gets licked all over his face. And barked at too, in between.

You are absolutely and utterly thrilled.

“Now I have two sets of blue eyes I adore,” you grin with admiration, and your boyfriend doesn’t like that.

“I’m the only one you adore. Period,” and he starts growling.

Yuki’s tail wiggles with eagerness while jumping up and down by The Joker.

“Grrrr!!! Grrrrrr!!! Grrrrr!!”

J growls some more; Yuki is stunned and continues to growl also.

“Are you two having a contest?” you start laughing, reaching over to separate the two feisty males. The puppy cuddles in your arms, barking at his other owner.

When The Joker’s arm reaches towards you, Yuki hops on it, keeping it in place, not having any of it.

“Stop it, mutt ! I need my girl!”

His fingers are softly getting chewed on and more growling follows.

“Seriously?! I want to have sex with my woman, get lost!” and Yuki gets lift up and locked outside the master bedroom, but not before it gets more petting and squeezing. His intention was to break the puppy’s neck, but how can you kill something that kind of growls like you?!

– J hopes you are not going to notice how much he’s obsessed with you. It will get to your head and he already spoils you too much.

You hope that your boyfriend won’t notice how obsessed you are with him. It will get to his head and you already indulge his every whim. Even if he is soooo clumsy. Like, right now, J just dropped his gun and you are quick to bend over and get it for him.

Intense purring immediately follows.



Tom Kha Gai and Whiskey (a Malec fanfiction)

Hello. My first “shortest” Malec fanfic.

Warning: angst, a lot of angst. Dealing and reflecting with the aftermath of 2x12.

Summary: It’s has been a few days since the switch and the aftermath is rainy and cloudy.


It has been a few days. Slow, unsteady, and uneventful. Until news of a missing girl with unexplained circumstances brought Alec and Jace to an old Downworlders’ spice shop in Chinatown. After 10 minutes of useless interrogation with a few sale clerks. Alec withdraw and decided to let Jace take the lead.

He settled by the opened shop’s doors. Standing on the steps and listening to the soft rain. He distracted himself with the motions and movements of the countless mundanes walking about in a city that never sleeps. Across the street, there was a small noodle shop with a few individuals seated. A soccer game aired in the corner in a tiny television set. Occupying a group of elderly men. A young couple, smiling and whispering among themselves. While a young mother on the opposite side was feeding her toddler son. The smell of the noodles’ broth filled with spices, herbs, and curry was making Alec suddenly hungry and sad.

“I got nothing.” Jace said, standing next to Alec. Jace sighed.

“They don’t want to talk us.” Alec straighten his back. “I don’t blame them.” Alec said softly.

“You hungry?” Jace asked. Jace looked across the street. His fingers still unconsciously playing with the new ring hanging from his neck.

“Yeah, I think I might get something to go and bring Magnus something.” Jace nodded. He looked at Alec, sympathetic and with a hint of pity. Alec knows he wants to say something. Alec looked away and headed across the street. He has been receiving this unconsciously and unintentional “looks” and concerning lectures from both his siblings since the switch. It’s making him uncomfortable and it’s pissing him off. He doesn’t need pity. He quickly rushed to dodge the rain. Jace followed.

He does have to admit, he is pitiful. In the past few nights, Alec continued to find any form of excuses to see Magnus. Food has been the easiest route he can think of. However, it’s still a sad attempt but it’s the only gesture, Alec could think of. His logic was Magnus needs to eat and Alec is very capable in getting food.

When Alec arrived, he knocked. Little wet from the rain from his quick walk. He tried use his speed rune, but it was a little hard with hands full with hot Thai noodles. After a series of knocks, The doors opens automatically. Magnus knows it’s him. It’s a little comforting to know that Magnus still opens his doors for him. The loft is lit and alive, with the balcony doors wide open. Letting in the cool rain and the echoing sounds of the rain drops. Alec isn’t sure if he should closes it.

He walked into the kitchen. Setting the food down. Magnus is no where to be seen. But Alec knows where he is. He’s in his studies, door closed and isolated across the loft. He has been locked in there every day. Alec took his dampened jacket off. He moved around the kitchen to prepare the food. He has made a detailed study of Magnus’ kitchen in the past days. Memorizing every locations of the forks, the knives, and the spoons. Where the bowls, the plates, the pots, and the pans are. The collection of fine China and golden tea sets. As Alec was finishing setting the dinner table, soft footsteps pulled Alec out of a semi-trance of his quiet preparation. It’s Magnus.

A hint of sweet musky sandalwood filled the air when he walked in. He looked perfect. His hair is up. His make up is done and flawless.

Alec misses him, so much. He wants to kiss him. To greet him like he uses to.

“Hi” Alec smiled.

“Hello.” Magnus grinned weakly. “Alec, you don’t have to keep doing this. I can feed myself.” But you don’t. Alec said to himself. Magnus hasn’t been eating much. He nibbles and picks at it.

However, he has been drinking. A lot.

“Tom kha gai? I hope I am pronouncing it right?” Alec smiled again. “Um…it smell so good. I was in Chinatown with Jace. Stumble upon this little Thai noodle shop…I…I hope…it’s good.” Magnus is looking at him, with the same hint of pity he saw in Jace. Alec bite his lips. Holding in his emotions. “…it’s spicy, I got the mild one too…just in case.” He looked away.

“Thank you Alec.” Magnus moved to help him.

They ate in silence. Listening to the rain. Magnus actually ate more this time, half his bowl. When he finished. He thanked Alec again. Putting the leftovers in the refrigerator and return to his office. Shutting the door.

Alec settled in the living room. Unsure if he should leave, but he decided to stay and made a pot of tea. The balcony doors still open. Still raining and cold. And it’s strangely comforting. He spend a few hours looking at some cold cases he has left at Magnus’ early in the week. Scattering them on the coffee table. Busying himself with work.

When Magnus reemerged, passing Alec towards his bedroom. Alec can smell the strength of a few glasses of whiskey coming off Magnus. Somehow, Alec felt a sudden surge of a need to be bold. He followed Magnus, who has disappeared into the bathroom. The sound of the shower was started as the heels of Magnus’ shoes dances on the bathroom marble floor. Alec wants to do something, anything. However, as he approached the bathroom, the boldness is gone. Alec stepped back and seated himself on the bed. Telling himself, that he should go. Leave Magnus alone. It is getting pitiful.

He looked up to see Magnus standing there, body wrapped in his silk green kimono. His face is bare and one hand wrapped around a glass of whiskey and the other around a nearly empty Dalmore’ bottle. He’s looked right at Alec.

“Do you want to know a secret?” Magnus’ voice was soft and hollow. “I actually can’t get drunk anymore. After a few hundreds years. I am grown immune to it’s problematic charm.” He finished the whiskey in one big gulp. “…it sucks.” He chuckled. “…all the pretending…and this was so expensive…Dalmore 62, perfectly aged.” His smile grew. Alec hasn’t seen Magnus smiled for a while now, but this smile. It was sad and broken.

He put the glass and bottle down and walked towards Alec. It’s a slow and uncertain walk. Alec feels weak, looking into Magnus’ eyes. They were red and swollen, filled with fear. The same eyes he saw when he shoved and pushed Magnus against the prison’s walls. While he was in Valentine’ vessel.

“What tragedy to bestow on us. Unlikely lovers…you and I. To love and despise at the same time is an interesting feeling.” He sniffed. Holding in his tears. Alec hated how he is heartbreakingly captivated by Magnus’ words and pain. Alec hates it.

“Darling, I know…I know why you doubted me. I know why you did what you did. I know.” Magnus is so close. The closest he has been since the switch. “But it hurts…still.” He cried, lips pouted, and as he pointed his finger to his chest. “…here…and here.” The he pointed at his own forehead. Alec wanted to reach out, to hold him, to change him, and to make him believe.

“Magnus, I am sorry…I am so sorry.” Alec choked on his words. Magnus runs his fingers softly through Alec’s hair.

“I am sorry too.” He stopped and pulled back. His face is stoned. “What are you doing here?” His voice is cold again. “Tell me…Alexander.” He grinned. “Someone like you shouldn’t be dancing with the devil.” His marked eyes showed, glowing in the dimmed room. They were alluring, beautiful, haunting, and dangerous.

“Because I love you.” Alec answered firmly. Magnus’ wide cat eyes were wet with tears and pulled Alec into an intoxicated trance. He pulled himself up onto Alec’ lap. Seated face to face. Magnus’ arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer. And the tears returned and his muffled cries filled the room. Alec steady and carefully wrapped his arms around Magnus. Slowly pulling him tightly in. He can feel Magnus’ fingers digging into his skin. Magnus tucked his head between Alec’s head and shoulder.

“I should hate you.” Magnus whispered. Filled with tears and pain. “I hate what you did. I hate your kind…so much.” His words were broken. “…I hate that you didn’t see me.” Alec pulled him closer. “I begged you…Alexander.” Magnus’ tone shifted to desperation. Alec head hurts and the tears is pouring out, painfully.

Magnus pulled his face closer to his. His lips seeking for Alec. Alec turned, wanting Magnus to lead. The kiss was weak at first. Then a sudden rage filled them. Blood so warm and pounding. So rush and desperate. Magnus pushed him back, pressing his body on to Alec. Lips pressed hard and sloppy. Old whiskey has never tasted so sweet, so bitterly sweet.

Selfishly, how Alec needed Magnus’ kisses and touch. The absence of Magnus was slowly drowning Alec inside. He was so afraid. Afraid that any wrong motion or act, he would be punished to never touch Magnus again.

Alec knows. He has know for awhile. That Alec is selfish. Incredibly selfish in anything Magnus is. He wants Magnus, in every form, every nature, and every way. He wants Magnus’ happiness, his sorrow, and his pain. And he will take it all.

The shower was turned off. Left unused. They’re in bed, arms wrapped tightly and cocooned in the silk comforter. Alec watched as Magnus’ tired greenish yellow eyes slowly dimming and drifting off. Soon, Magnus was asleep, his body pressed against Alec. The sound of the rain and the faintness of Magnus’ breaths as he slumbered filled the room. Alec kissed his soft raven hair and whispered. “I promise you. I will never hurt you again.”

When Alec arrived at the institution. He was late. But he didn’t care. Magnus let him hold him last night. It was very hard to pull himself away from Magnus this morning. Magnus kissed him and whispered softly in his ears. “It’s okay. I’ll see you tonight.”

Alec knew it will take time. He will wait and he will be patient. Magnus needs time.

“You’re late.” Izzy said, worried. Alec didn’t replied as he seated himself across from her. He sees Sebastian next to her. He nodded at Alec and Alec returned a nod. He’s still uncertain about Sebastian, but Izzy seems confident. Suddenly, he felt a present beside him. It was Jace. He seated himself down and pushed a file towards Alec.

“I thought it’s best that you do this one.” Jace sounded suspicious and guilty.

“What is it?” Alec opened the file. A collection of profiles, pictures of Downworlders. In the stack was a picture of Magnus. “What is this?”

“They want a DNA sample…”

Note: sorry for the angst. And the grammatical errors. Did it on my iPad (late in the night) and posted it using the the Tumblr app and the app kinda of suck.

A look through the two thousand-odd pics of Diego on my laptop has come up with the following eyebrow information:

Looking abit messy here. Overall the look is messy though, so it works. He wants to look like he doesn’t care. Either that or he actually doesn’t care. That could be more likely. 

More groomed, more defined - maybe tinted black? Darker looking than usual, I am feeling this look so hard. 

Pretty natural. Intense. This whole pic is so intense, god. Those cheekbones. Was the photographer like, “Hey Diego, be fucking wicked intense,” and this is what he did? The angles. THE ANGLES.

Tenoch has very tidy eyebrows. Very pretty. Of course he does. Tenoch has the prettiest everything.

He’s had abit of a tidy up here, very nice. Where does he get his eyebrows done? Who grooms him? These are things I need to know.

I just wanna put this in here because it’s funny.

SO INTENSE. The fluffy hair, the razor sharp face, the flawless eyebrows. Glorious. 

Messy. Perfect. Whoever took this pic fucking absolutely nailed it.

Absolutely flawless. Waxed to within an inch of his life. I love it.

Continuing the peek a boo vibe with this. Evil eyebrows. Savage cheekbones peeking out. Fuck me.

I mean, this pic overall is absolutely spectacular, but his eyebrows are absolutely A+, top notch, luxury, bonus awesome here.

Looks like he’s recently had a tidy but they’re growing back natural again. Also his eyes are the richest brown omfg. So beautiful.

Of course Javier has perfect eyebrows. Also I appreciate whoever the fuck oiled him up to make him look all shiny in the sun. What a job.

These are the fucking eyebrows of a HERO.

Excellent angle from which to view the eyebrows. Amazing. 10/10.

Eugenio is a fancy boy with fancy eyebrows.

He looks so clean, so fluffy. Killer eyebrow/eyelash combo going on. Whatever he’s doing with his hand has me all riled up.

Gotta include this gif by @semisweetshadow because that eyebrow action is unmatched. It is unmatchable. It cannot be matched.

Gabriel’s eyebrow scar. Just so you know, the guy who did that to him? Felix had him killed. You do not mess with his boy’s face.

Scrunchy orgasm eyebrows ayyyyyyyyy.


Teaching You A Lesson (Part 2)

Zyglavis x MC

(Rating E 18+)

Okay I tooootally lied. This cannot be a two piece because I am SO NOT DONE!!!! Dammit this Zyglavis is too fucking sexy not to continue writing about. So, while unfortunately that means this is not the conclusion piece I had intended to write, it also means there will be even more dirty hot sex with the god of Libra so stay tuned!

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Johnny Depp won the People’s Choice Award for Favourite Movie Icon and I honestly couldn’t be happier for him.

A few nights ago I was asked whether I still supported Johnny Depp (x) and I danced around the question a little until in the end I just wrote how talented he truly was, but I still didn’t say whether I still supported him or not. 

I won’t go into his and Amber Heard’s relationship, I don’t know the ins and outs of it because I don’t know them personally and reading the stories online isn’t really solid proof is it? Whatever has happened between them is in their past, they are now both happy (and might I say Johnny is looking much better now, that also makes me happy) and they have moved on from it and now so should everyone else. Respect them both for their work and talent, because that’s what you are able to see.

Now, Johnny Depp winning Favourite Movie ICON is living proof that his talent is flawless and endless, people still look up to him and he still has an incredible fandom! He deserves this award more then anyone. From my darling Mrs. Lovett, those Londoners and me, well done to him! *applause*

And lastly, to answer that dear anons question: Yes, I stick by him as an actor, as a rockstar and as a person. I am with you Johnny Depp.

Hold Me Tight & Don't Let Go ~Jackson~ ♥

Request: Hi! I just wanted to say that I Love Your blog!! Heheh and I want to make a request, can I right? ^.^’ .. Well.. I want a Jackson’s scenario where we just spend the day at house being cuddling, fluff staff hehehe sorry, this days I’m a quite clingy ~~~ 

Comments: Ayee, I just wanted to say that I love you :)I hope this is what you were looking for! 

“Look at this.” Jackson tapped your arm to get your attention and went to go stand in front of the stovetop. “You know how in those movies, the girl is always cooking in the kitchen all dramatically, right?”

         You eyed him weirdly and nodded. “Yeah, I guess.”

         “Ready look, I can do that too.” Jackson picked up the spatula and stared at you intently, as if he were at a photo-shoot. Then, he slowly moved the spatula towards the pan so that he could flip the pancake inside. “Look, don’t I look like Beyoncé when I’m flipping pancakes?” he asked.

         You laughed. “Yes, yes you do.” You walked over to him and gave him a big kiss on the cheek before resting your chin on his shoulder, peering down at the pancakes. “Are you going to make the rest of them?”

         Jackson scoffed. “Of course I am, I’m practically Beyoncé now, I can do anything.”

         “Yes, how could I ever forget?” You smiled and walked over to the counter, taking a seat on one of the stools. Your gaze fell on Jackson as he made a big show of creating the pancakes. You only sighed and shook your head. He was quite amusing.

         “Oh, babe,” Jackson said a few minutes later. “Every time I try to flip the pancakes, they break. Why is that happening?”

         “Are you flipping them at the right time?”

         “There’s a ‘right time’ to flip them?”

         “Oh, Jackson.” You hopped off of the stool and sauntered over to Jackson, who was staring down at the pan sadly. You took the spatula from his band and eyed the pancake he put in the pan. “You have to wait until you see a bunch of bubbles in it,” you said. “Then, you flip it carefully.

         You waited a little bit before you showed him exactly what you meant. You successfully flipped the pancake over before handing him the spatula. “Wanna try again?”

         “No,” he said stubbornly and turned off the stove, locking your hands. “I wanna cuddle instead.”


         Before you could protest in any way (which there really was no reason to), Jackson had already managed to lead you all the way to the couch and had you sit down. “Wait here a second,” he said before sprinting off somewhere.

         Seconds later, Jackson was back with a very comfy looking blanket that he draped around you. “Just so my girl doesn’t get cold,” he said before sitting down. Then, he pulled you close and let the blanket drape over both of you. “Isn’t this so much better than flipping pancakes?” he asked.

         “Well, we didn’t really have breakfast,” you pointed out.

         “Making food is a struggle, and it is not necessary. We can always order anyway.”

         You sighed dreamily and laid your head on his chest, hearing his heartbeat faintly. “I actually like this better,” you whispered. “Much better.”

         “See? I told you.” His hand moved down your side until he found your hand. He laced your fingers together and sent a chill down your spin by his actions. Jackson grinned when he saw you shiver lightly. “Can we stay like this all day? I really wouldn’t mind.”

         You turned around so that you could now face him properly as he used his free hand to stroke your face. “Yes,” you answered.

         Jackson didn’t reply; he only inched his face closer to yours until his lips pressed against yours. He moved his lips in sync with yours for just a few moments before he pulled away and stole one last kiss on your cheek. “Mmm _______, your lips taste good,” he muttered.

         You blushed and buried your head in his chest. “Thanks, Jackson,” you replied in a muffled voice.

         “Oh, don’t be shy. Let me see your face again.”

         “No, give me a moment.”

         “_______, look up at me again.”

         “Wait a second.”

         “________, I’m forgetting how to breathe.”


         “________, I need mouth to mouth, help me out here or else the world will forever lack wild and sexiness.”

         “Oh my gosh.” You sat up a little so that you were still in his arms, but this time his face wasn’t hovering over yours because you were at the same height. “I kind of wish I stayed in the kitchen cooking pancakes now.”

         “No, you don’t. You are a liar. Lying is not good. Lying gives you wrinkles.”

         “No it doesn’t!”
         “Yes it does, why do you think my skin is so flawless?”

         “I am so done with you right now.” You bit your lip to keep your laughter from erupting.

         Jackson only frowned and tilted his head. “Fine,” he said. “Then I’m just going to go where I’m appreciated. To the kitchen. With my spatula. Excuse me.”

         Jackson started to get up from the couch, but you were quick to spring up and pull him back down. “No!” you exclaimed. “No, don’t let go. Stay here, Jackson.”

         He stopped and raised an eyebrow. “Say that again?”

         “I said stay here and don’t let go.” You pouted to try and convince him a little more. “Please?”

         “Promise you won’t make fun of me?” Jackson stretched his pinkie out towards you.

         “Promise.” You locked pinkies with him and kissed the little knot before smiling and lying back down.

         Jackson lay back down as well and held you even tighter than before. The two of you just stayed like that, lying together in almost completely silence, just enjoying each other’s company.

         At one point, Jackson broke the silence by saying another one of his “funny” quotes, to which you only laughed because of how cheesy they were.

         And after that, neither of you could keep quiet as the laughter erupted. 

Exo Reactions To Trying To Speak English To A Pretty Girl

Done :3 xo

They’re short & a little trolly so don’t take them seriously~ I was just having fun & making up for the smut reaction <3

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: “Hallo, I am Baekhyun. ” *doesn’t know much more than that so he just acts stupid*

Chanyeol: “Hiii! Nice to meet you, I am Chanyeol.” *reaches the extent of his English & just waves like an idiot even though you’re right in front of him*

Chen: “Hey gull, how you doin’? I’m Chen.” *that’s literally it & then he smiles*

D.O.: “Hello. I’m D.O. It’s nice to meet you. How are you today?” *flawless*

Kai: “I’m Kai.” *can’t say much else other than names of food so he just waves too*

Kris: “Hey, so we should go out sometime. I mean, like, I think we’d have a lot of fun together. I’d make it worth your while, trust me.” *cocky*

Lay: “I’m Lay, hallo.” *just acts cute to make up for his lack of English*

Luhan: “Hey pretty lady, wanna go out with me? My name is Luhan. Nice to meet you.” *winks*

Sehun: “Look at me, look at me, I can do dis all night long baby, neber don’t mind about a thang, E-X-O.” *acts like he just gave a speech about the process of mitosis* 

Suho: “Hi, I am Suho. I would love to take you on a date.” *perfection*

Tao: “I do Kung-fu.” *demonstrates*

Xiumin: “I’m Xiumin.” *doesn’t really try other than that, just gives you little eyebrow raises & smiles*



(do you see Tae staring into my camera kyaaaaah)

Guys guys guys, oh god I am still getting feels from this so please excuse me if there’s suddenly a paragraph of caps because I really need to let it out OTL (my band mates have literally tried to tape my mouth shut after the concert lmao) 

I’ll try to make this as descriptive as possible, as much as I can remember for you all so I hope you enjoy and take this as an apology for not being active ;; I love you guys! <3

Warning: I am very extremely Namjoon-biased, don’t say I didn’t warn you ʕ≧ᴥ≦ʔ

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Soooo last nights episode left me with some feels...

(A little aside before I begin…I am still working on that video but it has been put on the back burner for the time being seeing as how I’m in Finals mode right now…BUT I just have to say this before I just start to reblog the pretty and be kind of quiet for the next few days)


^^^^^First this scene this freaking scene!!!! Fricked me all the way up. The part when Oliver says no he’s about to shot him in the heart and Barry automatically looks at Iris…I was like

Because instead of looking down to his chest where any normal person would have done he looks to where his heart really is!!! Iris flawless west is his heart she doesn’t just hold it she is the living embodiment of it!!!!

^^^^^Then there was this scene (I feel like the writers are deliberately trying to kill me and I am so here for it). Iris knows that Eddie has his task force ready to hunt him and instead of her calling him to let him know that the flash had contacted her and telling him where Him and his people could get him. She goes up to see him by herself and even though she is hiding behind the door and tells him never to contact her again( which she is perfectly in the right for!!!!) she doesn’t turn him in because deep down in her she knows that 1. She can trust him and 2. That he is not a bad guy.

CAN YOU SAY OTP!!!! Just leave me here in this corner sobbing I’m fine.

(Gifs are not mine)