i am so done with all of you

  • Tracer: Ooh! look at me, I'm all tranquil and shit!
  • Zenyatta: it is not polite to mimic others, especially badly.
  • Tracer: Oh, so you think you can do better?
  • Zenyatta: If I must... *gets on feet* I shall.
  • Genji: Master, no.
  • Tracer: Bring it!
  • Zenyatta: Done. *Resumes floating*
  • Genji: Holy shit.
  • Tracer: *Speechless*
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DAY 3343

Jalsa, Mumbai                    May 23/24,  2017                  Tue/Wed 12:50 am

Birthday - Yogesh AB EF .. greetings to you love happiness and all the best there is .. from your Ef ..

Time takes time .. it takes time to take the time we want .. and when the time is done and it has come then it is time to time the time ..

My timing says it is late for the early morning call tomorrow and I must rest .. so I leave .. but not without admitting that the hours of work put in in front of a lens at times is less arduous than the kind of time one spends in a day .. at times ..!!

But this little interlude was so special .. meeting Christine Carvalho .. who .. hold your breath is 103 years old .. 103 .. !! And sees all my films, a number of times .. had the most ardent desire to meet me .. blessed me on my forehead .. watches Tv every day .. her favourite programme is WWE .. unbelievable .. does her own chores .. bathes on her own, washes her own clothes and just so incredible ..

I shall be more exhaustive in the morrow .. my love and my care and my all 

Amitabh Bachchan

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I just signed up for a learn to skate course as a mother-effing 30-year-old because I 1) apparently didn't learn that life skill as a youth and 2) am very impressionable. This is what YOI has done to me. I know that this isn't really a question, but I wanted to tell you this and also the Rivals series is one of the best things I've read in any fandom, and I've been fannish for a very long time (being a mother-effing 30-year-old and all). Thanks for writing it! Have fun on your vacay!

Thank you so much! And enjoy your skating!

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do you still stan Grizi?

I can’t believe this omg listen, I adore Grizi!! I love his talent, passion and overall personality, however, that doesn’t mean I can’t criticize what he says or does. Am I happy about the election? No. About changing his posture and playing with our feelings? No. 

He means a lot to me and has done so many remarkable things for my club that I can’t suddenly dislike him, not just for this. I am hurt but only time will tell how seriously we should take all this.

Some people probably think All those really good artists learned how to draw over night, while I know mine is not everyones favorite I can only draw the way I can now through SO SO SO MANY YEARS OF ART, never assume right, that someone just magically picked up a pencil and was fantastic, this here isn’t even all my art I’ve done over the years but some of it dates back to when I was 14 and I am now 27


And remember like I said







So please If you want to get better at art strap down and practice, do not draw a few things and say you can’t draw, my art was absolutely crap when I started okay, it took so much practice for me to find styles and such that I liked and you know what even I still get jealous of others art I do.

But please don’t give up after a few tries you could create so many things, so many wonderful ideas, you all have your own talents and creativity, people think art is all about drawing, my nan once seemed a little sad that she couldn’t draw and I told her she was creative with her garden and how she would put out all the flowers, there are so many forms of art, it’s about what you make do imagine anything, from making fan videos, to doodles and writing, murals, if you make it, you created it, immediately it is art.

I love you all, you are all amazing, what you make is wonderful.

Keep drawing, keep writing, keep creating what ever it is you create 💖💛💜🦀✨


I am so sorry about earlier, I try to avoid doing that on my blog as the contents of my mental breakdowns can be triggering to people. I’ll try to keep it contained and be more considerate next time!!

Thank you everyone who sent me the hotline numbers and asked after me, if I haven’t already already responded then I will shortly.

I am physically safe, I haven’t done anything dangerous, and while I’m not great, emotionally, I am currently stabilizing. I did get in contact with a counselor using the 741-741 text hotline and she was tremendously helpful.

An additional thanks to those of you who offered to call for help, offered yours numbers for me to call, and otherwise went completely out of your way to help me.

Once again, I am so sorry if upset anyone, and I will try my best to ensure that it does not happen again. I am incredibly grateful to all of you.



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Your posts bring me smiles and sun! I look forward to them once the day is done. Your theories and edits help us all so thank you for being the best little goofball!⭐️🌙⭐️

i am like grinning so hard at this oh my gosh you’re so freaking sweet! thank you!! i hope you have a great rest of your day, friendo!! 💙

14. Part 4

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This is all so new to me, everything is being done for me. I am sat here while they fuss over me, Chris left me and I have nobody “you know what Tamia, she doesn’t really need a whole lot of makeup on. You lucky, some of these females be needing a hell of a lot of makeup on” EJ said while staring at my face “you’re so quiet, we don’t bite. I am sorry I made Chris go, it’s just. He kills the vibe you know. You don’t need him, he doesn’t know a thing about women and fashion. I promise you, we about to hook you up good” closing my eyes as Tamia applied my foundation on “tell me how you and Chris met, he kept you locked away” opening my eyes smiling “we met through a friend, I guess you know Lo. I went to one of Chris’ parties. I kindly declined him so many times, he wouldn’t leave me alone. I am just a simple girl, I work and go home. This is all so new to me” the third female in the room came into my eye view “you kindly declined Chris? Chris don’t do kind, you seem too damn nice for him. I am Munchie if you didn’t get my name” she is the loud one, I can tell “I am Rylee, nice to meet you” all three of these want to know so much “y’all can ask questions but I need to do her face, move!” Tamia spat, she has a point.

Tamia held the mirror for me to look at myself “ignore the hair, that will be done after” looking in the mirror at myself “your face is flawless and your complexion is just great, so I didn’t want to overdo it” I actually love it, my face is coated in just a light layer of foundation. My eyes were made up with a rust-coloured shadow and a perfect cat-eye liquid eyeliner “I can never do the cat-eye, this is perfect! I love it!” I said, EJ smiled nodding his head “that is a right amount, honestly. You know what, I feel for you. Not in a bad way but the people out there are not cute at all, you seem so sweet and quiet” passing the mirror back to Tamia smiling “I will cut a bitch if I need too, I am just like that. My nature is to care, I get it from my mom and being a nurse makes me want to care. You know even with Chris, I know he has this ladies’ man reputation before we even got together he admitted he fucked Rosa and I won’t front, I was angry with him and I am not dramatic at all but I did go out without him knowing. I only went to a concert, he got upset about that. It’s small and probably doesn’t mean much but I did say to him if he fucks on me, I won’t have it and I will get his ass back. I am not a fool either, he met my parents too actually” I am speaking too much, I need to stop “wow, that soon!?” EJ spat “he met your parents? Wow, Chris does seem calmer than usual. Don’t he Munchie?” looking at Munchie walk over to me “he sure is, his side bitches are missing him. They think they are still with him, not saying he fucks with them but he has dipped, now we know the reason why. If you can change that man, I will shake your hand” I don’t know about changing anyone, shaking my head smiling at that thought.

“Chris doesn’t like me wearing no bra, he insists I wear one” I sound so whipped, what is this “nobody cares what he think, this is why he is not here” EJ said as he fixed my outfit “you know what EJ, this is so bomb” Munchie pointed “I am so shook this actually fitted just fine, when people ask you who styled you. Tell them EJ. You know what, I haven’t even looked at your man, I hope he can dress him damn self. I gave him his outfit and he was like be gone” EJ got up from his knees “this whole outfit is Dior, head to toe, the bag too. The Jewellery and everything, it’s on Chris but I am excited for you to see the end look. I just want to say, before you look. You are so beautiful, my name won’t be EJ if you don’t get a modelling contract” he said, Tamia snorted “your name ain’t EJ anyways nigga” EJ kissed his teeth “you can look now” he clapped his hands smiling, I am all nervous now to see myself. Turning around seeing myself, I couldn’t help but laugh “oh shit” shaking my head looking away “I look…” I dragged out “a million dollars, yes you do!” EJ spat, staring at myself wearing an oversized fit, one fur sleeve and one pocket, a draped neckline. Pink is my colour, and these PVC boots are bomb “your bag madam, your Dior bag” EJ held the bag out for me “I give it back right?” I said “oh no, keep it. Chris paying for that girl, you take it” he waved me off, Chris can’t do all of this.

Placing the Dior bag down “I just want to say thank you so much to you all, I look so good. I promise to mention you all” Munchie waved me off “stop it, you look good. I added you on Insta by the way, now all we need is pictures. Won’t post it until after the show” this means I have to stand while they do this “sure” stepping back, I better get used to this actually “she doesn’t even need to try, this hurts my feelings a lot” Tamia said staring at her phone “this is my girl Rylee, you about to slay it on that show. You show them girl” EJ pointed the camera at us both as he walked over to me, he is recording us “who finna slay it, tell them bitch” EJ said “I am coming for you hoes” I pointed saying “yassss you tell them” EJ stopping the recording.

I am dying to take pictures and post them but I have to not expose myself just yet “we will be around if you need anything doing, like a makeup refresh” EJ said as he was packing things “you know if you need anything, any advice, please talk to me” he is so sweet “I actually do need advice, I am unsure about unlocking my Instagram account. Chris did say people will go crazy but I don’t want to shy away from something, my following has already gone crazy with requests” I am literally on the verge of unlocking it “after today nothing will be secret” he paused saying “unlock that shit, I am telling you now. Chris wouldn’t take any girl to this, he is serious about you” Munchie pointed saying “there is your answer” EJ pointed at munchie walking away.

My profile is now free for anyone to see, I have never had more than three hundred followers. I have well over a thousand already, this is scary “I am here now” hearing Chris say, locking my phone and jumping up from the couch. I just don’t know why I am always wanting his approval, I just don’t know why I am like this but it just happens. Turning around to face Chris, his manager saw me first “wow” he said, I guess that is a good thing “wow what?” Chris said looking down at himself before looking at me, feeling ever so shy with Chris staring at me like this “so, what do you think?” Tamia asked, with his mouth open his lips curled up “do I look good?” I said, he is not saying anything “yeah, you look beautiful. Wow, I mean you look good anyways but. Damn, I am lucky to have you” hearing the room groan out “I feel like I am letting my daughter go to prom with this nigga, you know what. Stop this shit, it’s not cute” Munchie said, I getting so warm under this now. He is staring me down, looking into my soul.

I can tell Chris wanted to say something to me but it has become so busy out of nowhere “you better work that shit Rylee, you make a name for yourself. You get them, they going to be like Chris who? Who is this female” EJ is really boosting me up “shoulders back too, you serve looks hunny. I seen you, I seen that fierce side. You go boo, I am right behind you” EJ grabbed my hand to turn me around “ok, let’s go, and your bag” he grabbed it from the side, grabbing the bag from him. This is so hectic, I feel so lost half of the time. Walking behind Chris, seeing Chris holding his hand out from behind him. Placing my fingers on his, he squeezed my hand “I need to speak to Rylee, just go ahead” Chris pulled me to the side, the rest walked down the lobby “I feel like I am underdressed, damn Rylee” placing my hand on his chest laughing “don’t say that” fixing this suit jacket “you look handsome, I like the grill on the bottom row. I love it” he does look nice “you are so bomb, you look so beautiful and I am so happy you are mine. I know people are going to want to know you, I feel I want to hide you now” he is being stupid, pecking his lips lightly “stop that, why would I want anyone else. I only want you stupid, why think that” he is being dramatic “you make me feel like this, just stay close by me” I will be latching onto him, I ain’t even leaving his side.

I am a little scared now that we are here “do I have to walk with you? Can I just meet you after?” I am not about this life at all “it will be a few pictures; you are walking with me. You’re supporting me, I am your man” when he says that I feel bad, I need to support him “fine, EJ gave me these shades to wear” placing them over my eyes “no, don’t. I love your eyes, show them off” he took them off, he didn’t even give me a chance “fine” looking ahead seeing the crowds of people “I feel sick now” this is awful “just follow me, I am proud to call you my girlfriend” the car came to a halt, seeing Joe and Carlos in suits opening the door “oh my god, is that Kanye West. What, oh my” my eyes widened, this is crazy because Kanye is just there “the only man you should care about is me” he is so moody at times “whatever noodle arms” he held his hand out for me to take, I don’t feel like holding his hand but I will.

Chris intertwined our fingers together as we walked, it seemed like he was nervous about this as much as I was, but I wonder what he is nervous about. Following behind Joe, Carlos behind me as we walked. There is so many famous people and I am ready to freak out, I see these people on the TV. Staring at Pharrell Williams in shock, I won’t say anything to Chris but oh my god. He is just there “what’s good?” Chris said to him, I am internally screaming at this “Chris, so good to see you” he spoke back to Chris, I am so damn excited “Pharrell!!” the people shouted “see you inside” he said to Chris before running off “Chris! Chris Brown!” the photographers shouted, I instantly wanted to move but I said I would support him. Chris started walking slowly “shoulders back!” hearing EJ’ voice, looking behind me. They all waved at me “serve the looks!” Tamia shouted, looking ahead of me feeling lost. I can do this, looking down at where I am walking. Standing at the side of Chris as I looked up, this is not a few photographers. There is loads all flashing at the same time, I need to suck it up and stop looking stupid. Taking in a deep breath, shoulders back and head held high as I looked around and still feeling lost in this, how does he do it.

The things the paparazzi shout are somewhat awful “Chris, who is the girl?” some woman ran over as we walked into the fashion show “my girlfriend, Rylee” Chris answered before we both got inside the Dior fashion show, this is insane that I am even here. I see all these people in magazines, on my Instagram feed but look where I am now, with these people “how was that?” Chris asked me smiling “erm, scary. I must look so confused and stupid” Chris shook his head “I promise you now, I know you looked good” with a firm grip still on my hand as we walked along to our seats, I am in shock at all of this because I am with famous people “we are here?” I said staring, front row at this thing. I don’t even deserve, Chris let go of my hand. Picking up the book and some other things and sat down, crossing my right leg over my left “do I look ok?” I asked Chris “can you put my bag down at the side of you” Chris side eyed me taking my bag.

My eyes slowly looking to the side of me, seeing that Kim Kardashian is sat right next to me. Closing my eyes trying not to freak out, I need to act right “hey” Chris said looking over, he got up from where he sat to say hi and then all of my dreams all came true. Like the love of my life, this woman is a woman I adore so much “my god” I said under my breath, Beyoncé is sat across me. Mother of god, fucking Beyoncé is here and is right there “Rylee” hearing Chris say my name “yes?” looking at him all confused “hey girl” Kim said smiling at me, do they know me “Chris was just telling us that you’re his girlfriend” I was just a nurse yesterday, I mean I am still that “yeah, sorry. I am just a little new to this” Kendall waved at me “nice to meet you” she said, waving back at her. Chris made his way back over to me to sit down “what was you staring at?” he asked “Beyoncé, I am just in shock. Don’t mind me” noticing photographers taking pictures.

Seeing the Dior bags is making me want to buy, I can’t be in these places because I want to buy, but seeing these prices get me hot, I don’t do this “that is beautiful” I pointed saying, I am not a fashion person but watching all of this is so interesting and I am getting into it “you’re not wearing a bra” Chris said in my ear, clapping my hands just because everyone else did, looking at Chris “I can see the side of your boob” is he not watching this, is he watching me “pervert” I retorted eyeballing him, I like wearing no bra because its freedom. Dior has got some nice things coming out, reaching into my side pocket because I can feel my phone going the hell off. Pressing the home button, realising that maybe I need to change my Instagram settings. Scrolling up, frowning at the fact Daniel is even texting me and I wonder why but I am not caring. Shaking my head looking up “what does he want?” Chris asked “my hand in marriage” I said. I know what Daniel wants, he wants some attention “why are you not telling me?” I didn’t speak besides shrug.

While Chris is entertained with people, let me read that message. Unlocking my phone, tapping my messages and seeing his message.

From: Daniel

How are you going to ignore my last message when I said I was sorry to you, that life will not last and then what? You want to cut your friends off over a guy that just wants to have sex with you, I actually care about you Rylee. I just want you to see the real man, I don’t want to say I told you so when shit goes wrong for you! Enjoy Paris beautiful and see you soon xx

Daniel needs to stop texting me, it’s just annoying me. After he did what he did to me at the hospital I don’t want to know “come” Chris said as he picked up my bag from the floor, he doesn’t look pleased and I know why already. Locking my phone as I got up from the seat “Christopher Brown” some guy came out of nowhere, luckily side tracking the man himself from going on a rant at me. Taking my bag from Chris “Mark, how are you” Chris knows him then “so good to see you and who do we have here” the white male pointed at me “this is my girlfriend Rylee” the white guy let out an oh and held his hand out, placing my hand in his as he shook my hand “Rylee, I am Mark. So nice to meet you” he looked me up and down, why is Chris not blowing up about this “very nice to meet you” he said again, he finally let my hand go “talk soon Chris” he smiled at Chris, this is the weirdest shit.

I am ready for Chris to tell me off, especially the fact we are going into a very secluded corner. Chris turned around looking behind me, I am walking so slow “that guy looking at me like that is not my fault” waving Chris off “oh Mark, he is the big boss at Wilhelmina model agency. He’s cool, I am not worried about him. Why is Daniel texting you?” he is so predictable “he wants attention, I am not giving. I am just ignoring him Chris and he keeps texting, that is it. Because you seem to feel insecure. Here, look” unlocking my phone, passing my phone to him “why are you annoyed with me?” Chris said, crossing my arms across my chest “because he is annoying me, what else do you want me to say. I am just feeling a little annoyed, then clearly you think Daniel is saying more to me than you think” he doesn’t trust me, Chris is staring so hard at these messages. I am self-doubting myself, I am sure there is nothing on there “he calls you beautiful then” Chris said in annoyance “Chris! Don’t you trust me?” I spat, I don’t like this at all from him “then let me look” Chris said pacing around, I am sure there is nothing in there.

I am not sure anymore “he sent you dick print picture huh, this was the time I asked you out” squinting my eyes staring at Chris “he did? I mean I don’t care about him, read the messages” he is not popping off on me for that, because I don’t ask for it “I see what you put, you said the right thing but he gives him no fucking right! You won’t let me beat him, you won’t let me say anything and I am beginning to get very angry Rylee. You’re fucking mine, you’re texting a man that wants to fuck you” I am not even going to speak, he will just scream even more “you’re ruining my time here and you sound crazy” I couldn’t help myself, I hate his temper because it does scare me “Chris, we going or what?” EJ said, looking at my phone in his hand “don’t you dare throw my phone Chris, you do that and I am walking away from you” reaching over to grab the phone, we both held onto the phone staring at each other “please stop this, you know I am faithful to you and I care about you” he is like an angry child, Chris let go of my phone “play me Rylee and I will fuck you over” my mouth fell open as he walked off, did he just threatened me.

Walking behind Chris like some follower, which I am not, Tamia looked at me “is everything ok?” she asked “just fine” Chris stopped walking to talk to someone like he wasn’t just telling me off and then threatening me. I kept on walking, I don’t know where but I am about to go somewhere. I don’t need him “wait up, Rylee. Girl!” EJ spat “where are you running off too? If you want to run then I would suggest the ladies’ bathroom, he is coming” EJ has a point but I just want to go somewhere, I honestly want to cry because every guy ends up being like this with me. It scares me, they end up threatening me and treating me like that and it showed. I have to suck it up and act normal “Rylee, let me just speak to you” I don’t even want to speak to him “Chris, just leave it one moment. Just wait here boy” EJ said to him, pushing the bathroom door open.

Watching the last of the ladies walk out, EJ didn’t care. He walked in with me “I am gay hunny, calm down” he said to the lady that ran out “women are dramatic” he rolled his eyes “is everything good with you and him, you want me to get you out of here? Speak to me?” staring at myself in the mirror, I hate myself “he is just being so insecure about a guy that I don’t even care about, I told him this. I have told him my past relationships and what happened to me and then he just did that, I’m not having him be like that. If he can’t trust me then we can’t be together” shaking my head “Chris….. Chris is not good with relationships. From working with him, he doesn’t really do them. I can’t say much because I have only known you now, but from Chris’ body language he doesn’t know how to deal with things, he is irrational and I can tell he knows he’s done wrong. He is waiting outside for a reason, I think you both need to talk. All I am saying is yay, Chris has a girlfriend” I am not going to be dramatic, I just needed to walk away from him “Rylee, girl. Shit is about to get really hard for you both, I just think you both need to be strong. Together” picking my bag up from the side “let’s do this” I am not going to give up on him, that is too easy because I have seen a good side to him.

Getting into the car with Chris, we have not spoken at all “where are we going now?” I asked Chris, acting normal as ever “my event now” he mumbled, looking over at him. He stared at me with his puppy dog eyes “I’m sorry Rylee, I let my emotions get the better of me. I didn’t mean to say what I said, please don’t think bad of me” looking away from him as the car drove off “I don’t think bad of you but it makes me think about us, you don’t trust me which hurts. Any guy I date or near they end up treating me the same. I am not what you think I am, I am not a cheat. Think about it, it took you how long to get me?” looking back at him “long time” he said “exactly, and how many times I said no. I said I am not about this life, I am here for you. I want you, I don’t care about another man. I don’t need to be threatened that you will fuck me over, stop proving people right when I know they are wrong, you are not that” I wish he wouldn’t do that to me at all, I guess we are here. The place was not far at all “you will understand why my emotions are everywhere” confused on hearing this, furrowing my eyebrows at him.

I can’t say much to him because we are here at his event now “everything good now?” EJ asked, nodding my head “like you said, he felt bad about it. He’s ok, I believe in him” smiling at myself “you want to get changed out of this? How about a dress, I got one for you” actually, that might be a good idea “let me tell Chris before he thinks I ran off” walking towards him, he is busy but I need to tell him “Chris” placing my hand on his shoulder “yeah?” he looked behind him at me “I am going to change my dress, I will be back ok?” he nodded his head and then kissed my lips out of nowhere “see you soon” turning around “I have a black dress for you, I thought you know what. She might need it” EJ said as we walked side by side.

I am glad to be out of that dress, it was nice but it was big. I feel a little freer with this, Chris looked behind him and I waved at him. I should have worn something Black Pyramid today, it would have been more convenient actually “can all the models please get in line to go out” some lady shouted “we can watch it from here” Tamia pointed at the screen, I guess I don’t need to go out there. Chris’ work ethic is amazing, he is so involved with every model that goes out. He is very supportive, I love watching from the side because when you watch you see the good “y’all can watch from the side” Chris shouted waving at us “Joe walk with them” I mean, we don’t need a bodyguard “have you seen your page though, bitch that blew up. The blogs are talking about y’all, calling you the secret girlfriend. I posted your picture on my page and his fans are livid” pulling a face “you mean they already hate me?” Munchie nodded her head “oh well, they mad we happy. Fuck em” she is right, I am happy and I am not going to pay them no mind at all.

Stood at the side watching the models walk out in Chris’ clothing line, they look so good. I am so proud of him, getting my phone out to video this. Tapping on my Instagram and tapping on the camera, videoing the models walk by in his clothing line. Adding the caption ‘So proud of you @chrisbrownofficial x’ I am really happy for him, grinning wide looking up and seeing Tamia taking a video “turn up” she spat, I just smiled at the camera. Feeling a hand on my butt, I moved away looking behind me “just me” Chris said, he pressed a kiss to my cheek “you being nice to me now” side eyeing him “I am always nice to you, I said I am sorry. I will talk to you later” turning around slowly to face him “it’s ok, I am so proud of you. This is so big” placing my arms around his neck “thank you Rylee, means a lot. It will mean more when I get to have you alone” tiptoeing up to him “same, but I am so very” pecking his lips “very” kissing his lips again “very proud of you” squeezing my arms around his neck holding him close “thank you babe” Chris said “you need to go on stage” some lady came to the side of us, moving back with my arm still around Chris “after the last run, you need to go on” moving my arm away “ok, cool” Chris said holding on to my hand “come on with me” frowning at Chris “what!?” I spat “come on stage” tugging my hand away “no, I can’t. I am too shy for that” the lady waved Chris over “come, we need to go” I cannot walk with him on the stage, I am so damn shy that I can’t do it.

I am so hungry, I really want to go. EJ gave me some Vodka and I told him no because I haven’t ate anything but then again, I was thirsty so I drank it anyways “can you tell him I want to go, I can’t even deal with him anymore” EJ chuckled “that blunt got you feeling some type of way, I can tell. Your body language has become more vibrant” I know I shouldn’t have had the blunt but I was bored of waiting, waiting for him “he is outside here” Carlos said opening the door “then why isn’t he just coming inside? Is he stupid” walking slowly towards Carlos “she about to grab him by the balls” Munchie said as they laughed, poking my head out of the door. Chris is having an interview “noodle arms! Can we go now?” I am dying here, like I am breaking out in sweats just hearing my stomach, Chris looked behind him “I am having an interview here Rylee?” he spat “and I am hungry, hurry up!” I spat stepping back into the room “I think your girl is about to snap on you” hearing Joe say to Chris, why is he fucking with a hungry female.

“Ok I am here” Chris said walking into the room “too late, I don’t want food now. I just died inside” he took too long “she is fierce when hungry, oh my god!” EJ pointed laughing “I can feed you” he touched his dick “I swear on my momma I will bite your dick, keep that away from me” slowly getting up from the couch “wow, you hurt his feelings now. We will eat then, come on. Stop hating me” he held his hand out but I walked by him, I am not with the shits. I need feeding “why are you being mean!?” he said behind me “mean? Oh Chris, You have done nothing but be an ass to me, talk to me after food” I really can’t speak without being a bitch, that drink and blunt had got to me because I have had no food.

The table at the side of us is eating frog legs “why would people want to eat frog legs Chris?” I said in a whisper “that is rich folk for you, they eat anything. This is why I don’t really go here but because I have a beautiful date, I thought why not” he is so sweet, I am in a good mood now “well I am fed, I am all yours now” sipping my wine “no dick biting then?” he placed his knife down “hmmm, no. I think I will save that for a different day” Chris grinned sitting back “I see how it is, thank you for supporting me today. Honestly, thank you. You and I can now be together, do the things we came here for” placing my wine glass down “finally, some attention that I need. I unlocked my page, I thought I would let you know. It’s a little hectic and whatever now” I need to change my settings on that app “Munchie was saying, my fans don’t like me being with any females. I am taken by the world” Chris sighed out.

“So have you really never loved before Chris?” I said placing my hand a top of his “no, I cared but I never let a girl get close enough for that. You could say I hung around with the wrong crowd. I had girlfriends but it was never there, I had stardom so young in life. Why have one girl when you can have them all, I used to be like that. I had a daughter I never knew about, thought it would change me, but no. I think I am scared of the unknown, I was scared of relaying on someone. It fucked me up even more when Royalty came, there is always headlines about these girls being pregnant, but when that test said it was mine. That same day I refused to know. She has this 1 year old child. I don’t know this child at all, I just find it hard to love Royalty but I am changing that now. I just don’t think I am a very loveable guy either. I don’t like opening up.”

He went silent “I would say you are loveable, you doubt yourself too much. You act too quickly but you care” he does have a nice side to him “did I scare you? I am sorry Rylee, I saw dick print. I saw him flirting and saying shit, I got mad. I am forreal like overprotective with you, I don’t know how to act. You only have to look at me and I am under. I always prayed for someone to save me, I never wanted that life of being lonely, I mean who does. Fame sucks, it’s lonely and nobody cares about you. I guess god finally got around to answering me” for a guy that doesn’t open up, he surely just has “he did, he gave you Royalty. You said she didn’t change you then but she has now” Chris’ lips slowly turned into a smile and then chuckled “he gave me you Rylee, my daughter is never mine. She is hers, I am just the dad but god gave me you. As corny as it sounds my feelings have been everywhere about this because I have sung about it but never felt it, I was thinking that this maybe something I get over but, I do love you Rylee” the air got caught in my throat, Chris looked down at his plate as I stared at him in shock, did he just say those words to me. Sitting back in my seat in shock “I mentally admitted it to myself about you and now I want you to know this” I don’t know what to say.

I am in total shock right now, he said he loves me. Looking around me and the couple at the side of us just stared at me “what are you thinking?” he asked, covering my face with my hands “I don’t know what to say, like not in a bad way but really Chris?” he nodded his head, Chris is feeling shy. He won’t even look at me now “remember when I said you know when that person is the one, I knew with you. I love you and I am scared to admit this but you make me feel better” licking his lips as he stared at my face, I am so speechless. I don’t want him to think I am just quiet because I don’t love him, but for him to be a ladies man to this guy telling me he is in love, it has shocked me “this is why I got mad, I got angry. I said those words because I am scared to be hurt, you hold a very powerful position in my heart. I am sorry, I don’t want to hurt you ever” I feel so emotional “come, let’s get out of here. I want to show you something” he said out of nowhere getting up, he is so random with things.

I have never seen the Eiffel Tower in person before “oh my god, this is so beautiful” looking up at the tower “this is amazing” I am in utter shock on how beautiful this is at night “I thought you would appreciate seeing this at night, it looks better at night and less fans. We can just be us” I can’t get over this, I never thought I would come to France in my life, look where I am now and with my boyfriend “Bonjour” Chris said as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders “Je t’aime” frowning turning my head to him “since when? What did you say to me?” I said all confused “I said I love you in French” I am so impressed by him “Ti Amo baby” I said back to him “since when?” he said, I shrugged “I have my own tricks” Chris pressed a kiss to my lips.

Chris kissed my cheek as I took the selfie of us in front of the Eiffel Tower “what do you think?” showing Chris “we look sexy, I love it like I love you” Chris kissed my neck, posting the picture just because I can “you want to go and see EJ and the fam, they at the club or we can go back to the hotel” captioning the picture ‘Paris bitch’ tagging Chris in the picture “we can go there, for a while and then go back to the hotel. We have plenty of time” posting the picture “cool, we do that. Ayo, Joe. Take a picture of us, once I tag you in this. It’s game over for your page” Chris jogged over passing his bodyguard his phone “my page is already a mess, do I really want this?” Chris walked back to me “so what, I am with you now” his fans are a damn mess.

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Rylee is a damn mess, I am all here for having a good time but I am expecting sex after this. I knew I should have went back to the hotel, EJ done got my girl drunk. I have not experienced a drunk Rylee but watching her, she looks so funny “I like her!” Munchie shouted in my ear “Rylee?” I said pointing “yes, she is a nice girl. She gets on with us and she sees the good in you, this is what you needed” smiling at Munchie “my blessing!” placing my hand over my heart, looking back over at Rylee. How did she even end up on the floor and on her knees, getting up from the side “I’m ok” she got up wobbly “oh, the fun police is here” Tamia shouted, dragging Rylee up “I think it’s home time for you” Joe stared at me, he was about to help her up but I did instead.

Moving Rylee’ hair from her face “I am hot, like really hot” she started kicking her feet “why won’t they come off” she whined at her heels “leave them on, it’s ok” I am not impressed by this drunk Rylee at all, looking out of the van window. I hate looking after drunk people but now I am stuck with one, I don’t think she is as drunk because she can walk. She is tipsy I would say, not good enough for me to have sex with her “here” Rylee spat, turning to look at her and the thong just landed on my shoulder “what” I said in shock, reaching over at my shoulder and picking the thong off “I’m hot” she said again, this is fresh from heaven itself “you took your thong off?” the vehicle turned a sharp corner, Rylee falling onto me. She moved away from me and then shuffled closer “you know your penis looks like an elephant trunk when not hard” licking my lips laughing “I will take that as a compliment” feeling my phone vibrate in my pocket.

“I think we will be fine from here, go to bed” I said on the phone to Carlos “nothing more you can do, if it is clear outside my hotel then just go” I am getting felt up by Rylee, she placed her hand on my crotch “can I have this?” she asked as she continued to rub my crotch “how is little miss drunk?” I should really move her because she is waking him up “she is fine, see y’all tomorrow” disconnecting the call “you can have it later” placing my hand over hers to stop her “I need something to suck on?” I wish she did suck on it but not right now, moving my hand back. Taking a picture of Rylee’ hand on crotch, I actually love this picture already. Just because her hands are beautiful and also it will upset the world, not like I care. Posting the picture anyways, looking up from my phone as Rylee hiked up her dress “no” dropping my phone in my lap “no dress hiking, keep it down” moving her hands away and picking my phone back up.

Captioning the picture a wink emoji, Rylee climbed onto my lap “you’re not really that drunk?” I asked pressing send and locking my phone “I know what I am doing, just that whisky got me feeling very pretty. I just want to ride you, god. It’s cold now” Rylee looked down, lifting her dress up as she peeked under it. Clenching my jaw, I just want to eat her out good “you know what gets me, is that you chased me and now you made me fall for you. You deserve some good head and then fuck me good, makes some good Paris sex. No babies, I had to change it to sex. The only babies I want is the ones I want in my mouth” remember I said I wasn’t impressed by this drunk Rylee, well I take it back because she is everything I have wanted in life and more.

I said this on Twitter, but I want to say again how impressed I am that the Grey’s Anatomy fandom has united so strongly in support of Japril.  If you haven’t done so yet, go check out the comments on YouTube and Facebook, look through the Japril and Grey’s Anatomy tags on Twitter and Tumblr, and read through the Grey’s Anatomy Reddit page.  Besides the twelve people who don’t like April, it is fairly unanimous that a Jackson and Maggie anything would be one of the worst story lines Grey’s Anatomy could ever do.  And that is saying a lot from a show that gave us Gizzie, Ghost sex, and all of season 13.  This is how far reaching Japril’s story is.  Their story has touched millions of people of all ages, genders, races, countries, and backgrounds.  That is not an easy thing to do, but somehow, Sarah and Jesse have that magic.  

Among the comments, I have also seen many people giving up and walking away from Grey’s.  I get that.  In many ways, the show is unrecognizable as the show we all used to wait all week for, and Japril is the only part of it that is keeping us watching.  I think at this point, the people who make the decisions don’t think the fans will bail.  Unfortunately, we all know this isn’t true anymore.  As hard as it is to give up on a show we have watched for thirteen seasons, we are at that point with this story line.  For many of us, this is make or break.  But for those of you who are giving up now, let me ask you something.  Wait just a little bit longer.  I know it is hard, but let me explain why I say this.  If we are being honest, we really should all bail now.  The finale was disrespectful to the actors, the fans, and the story we have loved for eight years.  The chemistry between Jackson and Maggie screams platonic brother/sister relationship and we are all tired of watching April comes in second place in every area of her life.  However, as many of you have said, we only got April’s perspective.  Because of that, I think we should at least give Krista Vernoff a chance to dig this show out of the grave.  So, if you need to take the summer to decompress, do it.  Read a book, laugh with your friends, lay in the sun all afternoon, and just be happy.

And then come back recharged because we will need you.  The show likes to say they don’t listen to the fans, but look how quickly Minnick’s story line shifted when just the mention of her name elicited anger at Paleyfest and online.  Does anyone really think they brought Minnick on to fire her in the finale all along?  I sure don’t.  So, they can pretend they don’t listen or care, but I think they do.  And just as the Minnick hate has been obvious, so has the Japril love.  They know what they have, now it is up to them to use it.  So we can’t just roll over and accept that this is the end.  I know that is the easy option, but Jesse and Sarah and their story deserve better.  They love Japril and even though we get borderline crazy, they do love our passion.  So, don’t give up on them yet.  This fandom has stayed alive through more than any other fandom on the show, I would argue, and this is just another obstacle to overcome at this point.  The story isn’t over yet.  So, although there isn’t much we can do, we have to do what we can to show our support.  The writers and actors are on Twitter for a reason.  RESPECTFULLY, let them know how you feel.  Comment on social media.  Someone is posting those clips and reading those comments.  And if you live in the US, use the ratings to send a message.  None of us want Grey’s to get cancelled, but the ratings are one of the few ways we can make sure we are heard.  The episodes and clips are all online almost immediately after the show airs.  If we are getting scenes that we don’t like, we have to send a collective message for anyone to hear us.  I don’t know a better way to unify the fans to send a message than these ideas, but if someone has a better idea, please share.  So, be pissed, but don’t give up on Sarah, Jesse, and Japril just yet.  This might just be a chapter in their story.  

  • <p> <b></b> Lord, this may be a lot to ask especially when it comes from me, but I know I am your child, no matter how dirty and ruined I get, you wil never leave me nor forsake me. I am nothing, and I don't even have the face to apologize for all the sins I've done, but dear God, you told me you loved me, you loved the world, this is your world, and you said you will give the heathen to us, so please God, give us a lil more hope just please, hear our prayrs<p/></p>

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what are your fave animes? i am almost done binge watching attack on titan and tokyo ghoul and need new ones to binge watch lol

OMG ok well i’m only a novice anime watcher, but pls let me recommend you haikyuu, full metal alchemist: brotherhood, yuri on ice and one punch man. those are the other anime’s i’ve watched and I LOVE ALL OF THEM SO MUCH!

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I dont mean to push you or anything i swear .. im sorry if i come off as clingy or rude.. but MY SYSTEM NEEDS SOBER #8 OR I WILL EXPLODE. THAT TEASTER IS TICKING MY BRAIN.

MY BABIES I AM SO SORRY FOR BEING ABSENT. I had so much stuff to do with school but I’m done for the time being and have worked on Sober little by little. I will post the next part tomorrow. I love you all. Look forward to some angsty shit. 😩😭😂❤️

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Hi!I am white, I know i could never see and feel what sana sees and feels and I don't wanna be insensitive, so what would you do w noora if you were in sana's place?If she had done and said the same stuff but still showed she wanted to stand by you? Tbh i'm tired of her so called 'feminism', to me she's all words, no action. If sana was my friend I'd want for her to put herself first this time, although noora might not mean any harm to her, shes clearly not the friend she needs, what d'u think?

Hi, Anon!!!

These are my thoughts, exactly! I’d want Sana to put herself first.

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You said that you did research about the whole stockbroking industry and such. In which way are you integrating your knowledge into your self-created stories? Do you even try to involve your knowledge in your fics?

Hey pal, I would first like to gloss over the matter that the way you have worded this message comes across in a rude tone, and even now, I am not sure if you are actually intending this message to bash me. I sent a screenshot of it to the group chat that I am in to see what their thoughts were, and we all came to the agreement that the general tone of this message sounds like: “Where is the knowledge in your fics if you apparently have done so much research on these topics?” all because of the fact that you said “even” in that final question, as if you are insinuating a high sense of doubt that I do any research at all since you supposedly cannot find a scrap of evidence of it in any of my stories.

Again, I have no idea if that was your purposeful tone or not, which is why I have explained the above rather than going headstrong into defending myself because I thought you worded the message quite rudely. But if you were not intending it to be that way and are genuinely curious about how I integrate my knowledge into my fics, then I apologise, and I really advise that you perhaps reread your messages before you send them and question how the person receiving them, who cannot hear the tone of the asker at all, will perceive it to avoid future misunderstandings! ~

As for how I am involving my researched knowledge into my fics, I will use An Oath For Sinners as an example, since you mentioned stockbroking. I was required to research the history of stockbroking to fit Yoongi’s history into its evolution timeline, which is evident in the first part of the story where I go through how Yoongi came to stand where he is today after he was turned into a vampire. His personal timeline is parallel with the actual advancement of stockbroking throughout our world’s real history, especially as he is considered one of the leading founders of Wall Street, so I had to do research on the development of Wall Street, stockbroking as a whole, and the world in general during these time periods in order for his fictional life to coincide with the realtime events of the world. For example, “he was there for the 1825 opening of the Erie Canal, surveyed as the economy shifted through agricultural, to industrial, to finally come upon a financial focus, had been interviewed by Charles H. Dow” and “he was in his office the day that the bomb went off in 1920 and killed thirty-eight people” and “when the eighties rolled through, he, decidedly, plummeted into the drug culture that came about during the economy growth of that decade” is heavily based on knowledge that I had researched.

A lot of my research is based on locations as well. The OC goes to New York University, so for the third part, I have had to research the university and its grounds so I can represent them correctly in the story. Yoongi lives in the duplex penthouse suite of 50 United Nations Plaza, so I have had to research the building’s location in correlation to where the OC lives in order to calculate a rough distance between them and ultimately estimate the average travel time to get to either place, mostly because the OC catches a taxi there. Since I am using a real residential building as Yoongi’s home, I decided to analyse the real floor plans of the duplex penthouse so I can represent the layout in the story, as Yoongi gives the OC a tour, whilst also checking out the building on Google Maps to see what its surroundings appear like so the OC will see the real deal when she looks outside the taxi window. In general, I have also had to do a fair amount of research on New York itself, inclusive of its boroughs, avenues and streets, and other tidbits of information that only appear for a fleeting moment in the plot (eg. Bemelmans Bar).

I hope this answered your question!

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Akaashi, please tell Futakuchi to CHILL

futakuchi has been adequately chilled… just kidding, he unplugged the fridge to get in there. akaashi has learned to keep a closer eye on him from now on

Straight Allies™: we’re not homophobic! #loveislove

gay person: hey all these straight ships are fine but it would be great if like…one..maybe two characters were gay

Straight Allies™: why are you mad you dont have representation ??? we’re all equal anyway ???? stop hating on straight people ???

Hello everyone. If you haven’t yet watched the video then these words might come as a shock to you. If you have watched, know that this is exactly what I would have said in the video, if filming it wasn’t one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to do. This morning, I announced that I will be taking a step back from PTX.
I’ve struggled with this decision a lot. It has been the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in my life. Before I explain why, I want you all to know that the past 6 years have been the most unbelievable years of my life. The things we’ve accomplished, the places we’ve seen, the people we’ve touched with our music… It surpasses anything that I could have ever dreamed up for my life.
I believe one of the big reasons why we have been so successful and accomplished all that we have is because of the unbelievably fast pace that we keep. Throughout my journey with PTX, this pace has always been a struggle for me. It’s been hard for me not to be with my family and friends when I need them or when they need me. It’s been hard to not be able to escape into nature when I’m feeling overwhelmed or just need some time to myself.
Through all of this, I’ve done my best and I’ve kept pushing myself to keep up. Really, the reason why I’ve been able to push so hard and for so long has been because of you guys. You all have inspired me and lifted me up every single day and, for that, I am eternally grateful.
I do love you all so very much, but I’ve come to a point where I just can’t keep up anymore and I would never want to inhibit any type of success that we have because I truly do believe in everything that we’ve done and everything that they will do. I just know that I can no longer continue at this pace and so I have to do what’s best for the group and I have to do what’s best for me.
I do want you all to know that I’m still going to be doing music and I’m going to be doing it with my whole heart. I will ALWAYS do my best to lift others up with my voice. I hope that you’ll all support my decision and that you can understand where I’m coming from. And regardless of anything, I just want to thank you for all that you’ve given to me. I have been so unbelievably blessed and humbled to be a part of all your lives in any way and I wanted you to hear this from me. From my voice. And from my heart.
I love you all deeply and I thank you for everything. Truly.
And just so you know, I will still be performing at all of our announced shows, so come say hi and give me a hug. I love hugs.

I know the announcement is already going around tumblr but I thought I’d upload the video. Watching it made me realize how sad and sorry he is. And even though I’m upset about the news, I think I’m more worried about him. I’m seeing lots of support and love for him on the internet, and I hope he’ll see it. Hopefully his decision will allow him to take back control of his life, get some rest and focus on whatever he wants. Maybe he’ll finally ask Sara Bareilles out, who knows… I just want him to be happy. It’s going to be hard for the band and for us fans, but both Avi and Pentatonix will still be able to make good music and succeed; except now he’s going to be able to breathe and go at his own pace.
Also, give him a hug from me if you can! x

I am standing right here in front of you, pouring my heart, my soul out for you.
You’re just standing there, watching watching me give everything I’ve got, giving it all to you. I try so hard, harder than anyone ever has, just for you to notice me, hoping you will reach out to me. Wishing you would just love me in all the ways I love you, wishing you cared like how you used to care, wishing you would care like I still do. You promised, promised me you will never allow me to feel isolated, but that’s exactly what you have done.
—  Tenari ioapo // Do you still care about me the way you said you always would?