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You really hate Tim don't you? Lol (no sarcasm intended)

I’m so exhausted.

This isn’t about Tim. He’s not real. He’s not even been characterized as Tim for nearly 10 years.

I’m criticising a storyline that has made yet another superhero get up close with fascism for the drama of it all, the fallout of which is supposed to make us sympathize with him while consequences fall on a Jewish character instead. Like, I hope the solits are misleading but I don’t know how they’d swing it around considering what they’re saying.

But sure I just hate Tim. Because that’s all his stans care about. Protecting a fictional character from any and all criticism, even if it’s about the writing, putting their hands over their ears and yelling to drown out anything that doesn’t agree with the idealised, fetishized character that exists only in fanon and crying about ‘all the tim hate’ while attacking people for so much as mentioning anything remotely negative about him while simultaneously posting hate in other characters’ tags.

I don’t hate Tim, but honestly I wouldn’t piss on his stans if they were on fire.

Someone, anyone, please take away my photoshop

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for the sentence prompts: “At the moment, it seemed like a good plan, obviously it was not.” starring prompto and ignis (if you want to of course!)

Sentence Prompts

♦ “At the moment, it seemed like a good plan,

obviously it was not.”

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“Igs, I’m not trying to hurt your feelings here, but you gotta be fuckin’ kidding me,” Prompto says to him one afternoon in the Crownsguard locker room. He’s eyeing up the ice skates in the Chamberlain’s hands like a pair of venomous snakes about to strike out and sink their fangs into his sweat-damp skin. He was about to jump in the shower to finish off a day of training when Ignis pulled him aside, more of a spring in his step than usual.

Ignis, on the contrary, looks as far removed from hurt as one can be. If anything, he’s confused. It’s their three-week anniversary, and he has what he believes to be the perfect date planned: a trip to Lucis’s popular outdoor ice rink, tucked away in the easternmost part of the metropolis, removed from the stress of Prompto’s restaurant shift and rigorous Crownsguard training. Ignis has been fussing over the details for days– canceling appointments at the citadel and moving Noctis’s meetings with the council to later dates in the week to make it fit.

What he’s feeling isn’t a slap in the face, but it’s something similar.  

He raises a single eyebrow at his boyfriend and lowers the skates by a hair’s breadth, plainly disarmed. “Might I ask why?”

“Look,” Prompto says, and he isn’t kidding around this time. His voice carries none of its usual boyish charms, and the glare he sends Ignis’s way is Honest-to-Astrals frightening. “Do I really need to go into it?”

“If you wish me to understand, please,” Ignis replies. He sets the ice skates down next to his feet, folding his arms across his chest. Prompto blanches at the action and dives for the footwear faster than Ignis is able to comprehend. He scoops them up in his arms, darting his head in all directions, identical to a frantic chocobo cornered by coeurls. Ignis finds it damned adorable, with his spiky blonde hair in feathery disarray about his head. If he mentions it to Prompto, it would surely earn him a smack.

“Stop overreacting and explain yourself, Prompto,” Ignis presses.

Prompto sets the skates on the bench next to him, with the blades angled deliberately away. “I didn’t want anyone to see, okay? Promise… Promise you won’t laugh?”

Ignis’s eyebrow disappears into his hairline, likely never to be seen again. “Why would I laugh? What is this about?”

Prompto takes a deep breath. It’s now or never. His deep dark secret.

“I… I can’t… skate.”

It’s quiet enough to hear a pin drop, not that much else can be heard over another crownsguard trainee whistling a carefree tune beneath a showerhead.

“That’s it?” Ignis asks, at last, eyebrows returned to their natural state. “That’s why you’re so upset?”

“Trust me, it’s not something you want to see. I don’t want to embarrass you.” Prompto hangs his head, shame spilling out like water from a broken dam. He’d love nothing more in this moment than sink into the floor, away from what he’s sure is Ignis’s disapproving frown boring into his skull, and stay there for the rest of eternity. He must be quite the sight: face scarlet-red down to his neck, left knee bouncing in time to his heartbeat, free hands twisting and untwisting the towel draped over his shoulders.

Ignis, in fact, shrugs. He shifts his weight against a set of slate grey lockers at his back, wholly unmoved by Prompto’s confession. He may as well have told him it was going to rain tomorrow.

“I’m… not entirely sure what you expect my reaction to be, but you can relax if you think I’m going to laugh at you.”

The stunned expression on Prompto’s face is downright cartoonish. It’s the last thing he expected. “I’m not trying to turn you down, it’s just… ice skating? Really? Can’t we go out for dinner? Catch a movie?”

“Rest assured, Prompto, your professed lack of grace on the ice isn’t a detriment to me. I’m not asking you to put on a show or anything of the sort.”

“Dude,” Prompto squares his shoulders, doing his best to appear confident when he speaks, “Guy with two left feet talking. How long have you known me? In case you haven’t noticed, I’m still getting my ass handed to me. I can’t finish sword drills with Cor without making an ass out of myself. I’m lucky I know which end to grip. Why do you want to do this so badly? Can’t you drop it?”

“Whatever your anxiety is telling you, I’m not doing this for myself, Prompto. I’m doing it for you. You’re clearly stressed both at your job, and training with your fellow soldiers-to-be. You come home each day forcing a smile, and I thought you deserved to wear a real one for a change.”

Ignis’s sincerity hits Prompto behemoth-hard in the face.

“Iggy… you didn’t have to go to this much trouble for me,” he murmurs, preoccupied with the pattern of calluses on his fingers. It’s his turn to feel the slap, rattling down to his bones, settling in the marrow like an ornery swarm of wasps in waiting.

“You’re worth every cent,” Ignis replies, and he means it. He crouches to Prompto’s level, balancing on the balls of his feet, and reaches out a tentative hand to cup a gleaming red cheek. Prompto’s blush isn’t strong enough to fully engulf his freckles, and they’re glowing defiant amidst a sheen of sweat. He still needs to shower.

“In retrospect, I should have asked for your opinion on the matter before going ahead with it. At the moment, it seemed like a good plan. Obviously, it was not. But–I’ve been so desperate to spend time with you, I… couldn’t wait for a second longer.”

The smile Ignis has been waiting for appears. “Long as you promise you’ll catch me when I fall.”

“Of course,” Ignis answers. “Now, go and get cleaned up. You smell worse than Gladio after a burger run.” He plants a soft kiss on the crown of Prompto’s head before leaving the locker room.

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tbh I’ve studied harder and longer for this exam than my previous ones and I’m at the point where I am just second guessing everything now because I (think/feel) know all that I’m going to know

voltron senior quotes

allura: i truly believe we can all change the world. if some people just shut up and never speak, together we can all make this world a beautiful place

shiro: every day in algebra i’d eat a bagel. over my entire high school career i must’ve eaten- oh jeez, 2000 bagels

pidge: if idiots could fly, this place would’ve been an airport

hunk: i love everybody and support all of you! follow your dreams! except you greg from 8th grade math class you can rot in hell 

coran: i’ll never forget when a student threw a basketball at my head and i blacked out. those 2 minutes of unconscious bliss are my happiest memories as a teacher

matt: you guys used to make fun of me for being a nerd but my grades this year spelled AC/DC. could a nerd do that? 

keith: people always used to ask me, is it ‘ko-GAYNE’ or ‘koga-NAY’ and i always used to say the same thing: how dare you speak to me

lance: i’m proud to say nobody cried harder during gym than me


This tale of our shared past is entrusted to the King of Kings.

The Six have safeguarded this star since time immemorial - each of a different mind, but united by this common purpose.

The gods’ protection extends to all creatures here below - even to the mortals created in their image. They are feeble creatures leading fragile lives and clinging to foolish fancies. The Frostbearer scorns these visions of ‘hope’ which melt like snow in the sun’s light.

Yet the Pyreburner admires their strength of will. For their reverence, he grants unto them his flame, and the world of man flourishes. His benevolence warms the frozen heart of the Frostbearer. The mortals have earned her respect; he, her love and admiration.

It is not long, however, before some among those men ascend to new heights of hubris. The people of Solheim spurn the gods who blessed them - the gods they once worshipped. The ungrateful mortals incur the wrath of the Pyreburner. He seeks to raze the very civilization his flames once helped build.

But the Six are sworn to defend this star and all of her inhabitants from harm - and, at times, from one another. The flames of war surge as Solheim fends off the Pyreburner’s fire. The gods’ pleas for peace fall on deaf ears and the battle rages on.

When the smoke clears, the world of man is in ruins, their star left scarred for time eternal. Wearied from war, the Six seek solace in slumber.

Leaked image of Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 5!!**

I’ve been waiting to post this for ages so it could go up with the chapter it’s from and AT LAST!!! Happy Friday the 13th! (at least it is for me here)

My 2nd commissioned piece from @bev-nap who is a literal goddess among mortals. Look at this. Look at my grumpy son, isn’t he gorgeous?! I’m still squealing internally and externally over this and I don’t think I’ll be done anytime soon ^_^