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Whether Trump wins, or Hillary Wins...I am not worried. Black people have been surviving for centuries. Ya’ll can’t stop us - no matter which oppressors you choose next. Africans adapt. It is one of our many talents.With each face of evil the world shows us, we learn and we move forward. Ch.

Fuck the bullshit.

Me: *Is in love with Taehyung. Wants to date Namjoon. Decides that the best match is Yoongi. Thinks that it’d be really adorable to have a boyfriend like Hoseok. Wishes to date Jin, So can cook him nice meals and have dinner dates. Google’s ways to keep up with Jungkook, wishing to date him. Jimin makes it real hard to stay loyal to the rest of them*

Me: *is a hoe for Bts*

Saezuru 24 translation

I’ve had a reaaally long day at work and I’m too lazy to narrate, so just refer to the pictures and follow my drift, word?

We continue from last chapter’s kiss, where Yashiro is torn between resisting and indulging in Doumeki’s passion. His senses got the better of him and he finally managed to get the message across to the big guy, and that his “confession” wasn’t what Doumeki think it meant. Doumeki relents, and asks “Am I really that frightening?”

Y : Wrong. It’s not you, it’s me-
D : *grasping Yashiro’s hand on his shoulder* Even though Boss is trying to cast me aside, you said that losing me scares you. If losing me frightens you that much, then why are you afraid of me being here (by your side)?  

{yeah yashiro, listen to the guy coz you’re not making sense}

Y : *inner thoughts* If I let go of this hand now, I must give an answer. This person is–  me.
(i hate unfinished sentences!!!)
Y : You being able to get it (i.e. your dick) up was the deal breaker. I kept you by my side because of your impotence. Because no matter how much I will want to have sex with you, the fact that you can’t do it makes it meaningless, and that comforted me. But then, you destroyed that.

Y:  Whether I want to throw you away, do you, bully you, or get angry with you, I don’t know. I have no idea how to deal with you. I’m helpless when it comes to you.

Not knowing what to say, Doumeki pulls him up, grabs him by the hand and leads him to the living room.

D : I will wipe you dry, so please take off your clothes           {not exactly the sexiest way to get your partner to take his clothes off, but yeah, that works too}

With wary eyes, Yashiro obeys and removes his sling. He tries to take off his shirt, but has difficulty, so Doumeki helps him. Since he’s at it anyway, Doumeki, in his usual stoic manner, strips his boss all the way. He then gives him a towel, tells him to sit on the bed and wait a bit as he proceeds to hang Yashiro’s dripping clothes. Yashiro watches him, perplexed.

Y : *sneezes*  Ouch!….  As I thought, you are one weird guy.
D : Am I?
Y : You said before that you have never met or seen anyone like me, but you are more weird you know.
D : I don’t agree.
Y : Yes, you are. That’s because I said so.
D : I don’t think Boss is weird.
Y : The blanket… is getting we-

D : *kisses Yashiro’s hair* I loved touching your hair.
Y : …top.
D : It’s fine and soft. I have touched it several times when you were asleep.
Y : Stop…
D : I’ve always thought you were beautiful. Even on the inside, in every aspect.
Y : Stop it already…  Treating me this way. If you’re gonna do it, then hurry up and get-
D : I’ve watched you do it with other guys so many times. There were times I could calmly watch it, and times when I could not.  {my first translation was wrong, sorry}

D : I can no longer allow anyone to touch this body. So that you will end up needing only me, wanting only me.
Y : *grabs Doumeki’s hand* As I thought, it can’t be you. 

*after lots of kissing and panting*

Y : Stop it. How you’re touching me… I think I’m gonna throw up.

But of course, Doumeki won’t listen. Yashiro keeps on telling him to stop, and continues to fail.

Y : I’m gonna puke-
D : Even if you throw up, there’s no way I will stop. 

D : As expected, I might just be the same as my father.
Y : *reaching out to caress Doumeki’s cheek*  You’re wrong. You became impotent because you are pure/unsullied. But even so, I-

D :  No. 

D:  You’re wrong… If I hadn’t met you, I-

Y : *as he gets his dick licked* I said you don’t have to do-.. Ah….  Haa… I mean it, stop…  Hurry up and finish.

In response, Doumeki makes a lollipop out of his ass.

Y : *inner thoughts*  My body, my insides, he’s licking everything, leaving nothing untouched. As if to make it his own. What is this?

Trembling, Yashiro reaches his climax.
D : Boss?
Y : Every…thing. You… won’t listen (literally, you are persistent), so I’m having no more of this.

Doumeki hugs him from the back and nips.
Y : Stop i-
D : Please don’t run away, boss.

Many thanks to @nanashinohime​ for the pics! :)

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ok idk if someone posted about this before but I legit cried when I realized this while I was rewatching ep1 

So in episode one we see Victor skating to his theme that is subbed as stay close to me BUT I just noticed it is actually said  離れずにそばにいってよ
(hanarezu ni soba ni itte yo) which literally translates to ‘Don’t leave me and stay by my side’

and I am sure we all remember when that is said again
YES, In episode 7 when Yuri said the exact same thing to victor at that crying scene, (in which they subbed it as stand by me) Yuri was probably referring to the theme title and it only sounds like a way to convey his feelings as a confession, thus, we see Victor so shocked. I was wondering all that time why was he THAT shocked to see Yuri having a break down when he purposely broke his heart and expecting a meltdown like this. There, that is the reason

and maybe that’s why Victor had the courage to kiss Yuri later on and by surprise he both meant the quadrable flip and his confession…MAYBE 

I am crying and I kind of both hate and love how this anime keeps attacking my feelings.