i am so distraught right now hahah

Tacos tonight! All on these awesome low carb tortillas I found! Only 3 net carbs. Pretty banging.

I slipped up a couple of meals. Ate pizza. Dusted myself off and got right back to it. I am unlearning 28 years of bad habits. It doesn’t happen over night. So don’t get distraught when something happens. I don’t even feel guilty at all and I’m not weighing myself for at least a week.

Back in the gym. Went with my boyfriend today. We’ve never worked out together. Now I know why! He’s a damn pusher! He worked my ass out, and not in the way I wanted. Hahah.

I feel good though. This week will be great. Four day work week. Gonna gym it up at least three times a week to start.

Keto on people!