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If you didn't go to art school how did you get so good at art? Pls advise I am also poor and can't go to art school and I would like to improve. PS: I love your art 💖

thanks for thinking im good at art. i just drew a lot all the time & studied art i like & took some figure drawing classes/sessions. i went to a liberal arts college & did art stuff there but it was a mistake (except for the figure drawing)

Voltron S2 Thoughts and Opinions

Ok so, I enjoyed S2 on a surface level. The animation and soundtrack was stellar, the voice acting was phenomenal, the plot was amped up, and there was good to the season. 

That being said, there was also a lot of bad. This season lacked in a lot. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed or upset, because I really am. But then again, it was partially my fault for hyping this season up to be more than it ultimately was.

So below the cut will be some points I’d like to bring up. This will obviously be teeming with spoilers, so read at your own risk.

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I think I just scared the shit out of my manager. She’s this kind Hispanic mother who works a full time retail job at the mall and I started talking about the “tr*mp ina*gurat*on” and the BLM protest going on, but she misunderstood me and thought I meant a protest of black lives matter. She stopped dead and looked at me, and said “you support trump?” With the slightest amount of disappointment in her voice and I WAS SO !!!! PLEASE NO CINTHIA I DO NOT HES SO DESPICABLE and I told her absolutely not and showed her the tweets I just reblogged and she understood. She’s happy there’s a protest going on and I am too, though I’m also afraid of what it’s going to do to the ratings. But,,, I also don’t think that keeping the media ratings for the event is as important as the fundamentals behind this protest. So hell yeah im gonna tell her about it and talk about it to you guys I’m just not gonna say that evil mans name on the internet.

Hallelujah Money

Ayyy not like anyone cares but I wanna put some positivity on here about yesterday’s song release. I can’t make a nice insightful analysis of the song because I’m not so great with words and writing. I’ve read a ton of negative and hateful comments towards Gorillaz on all their social medias and it bummed me out. I loved Hallelujah Money; the song is beautiful the video is beautiful and so intense. Benjamin Clementine’s voice is so so powerful in the song and I’m glad I got to discover him as an artist today. I really am thankful Gorillaz are back for phase 4. I’m so excited for what’s coming and yesterday was heart racing for me trying to figure out what they meant by the “transmission”. I wasn’t disappointed. You do you, Gorillaz. Thanks Damon and Jamie and everyone else involved!

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When I joined Tumblr a couple months back I was deeply overwhelmed and didn't know where to start. I found your blog and In all the craziness of this amazing fandom you were a guide to the best meta and information. You knew and yes I mean knew so much about the show. Moffitiss got it wrong you didn't and you gave us hope when we had none and your shouldn't be blamed or feel bad for that. I've never been more disappointed then I am which them right now but I look up to you! Thank you!!!💕

Lovely, this is so kind of you to say! Thank you so much <3 I am happy that my blog is a beacon of hope for people :)

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ahhh so people who actually care about the shit portrayal given to the brown characters of the show can eat your whitey white ass? good to know! perra imbecil.

Thank you for taking the time to send me this! Clearly you have a lot of time on your hands.

Where did I ever say I wasn’t disappointed that Lance and Hunk didn’t have more development? Because I am? But people are acting like they were non-existent in the season and that’s not true. They both had so many moments that were iconic and quality shit and I LIVED for them.

Yes, I wanted more time for them. I also wanted more focus on Pidge and the Holt family. But as someone whose favorite character is Keith, I was screaming with happiness that we finally had development for him because we knew NOTHING about him in season 1.

All that not withstanding, season 2 was so much more intense with its plot, animation, and scenery just to start, so if me being happy and supportive of the new season is worth insulting me over, then I think you’re the one with the problem.

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NEVER STOP BEING SALTY LET'S ALL BE SALTY! But on a serious note though, I'm extremely disappointed. The season had good stuff as well, but come on... we don't even know what the blue lion's paladin qualities are. All shipping aside, they did a terrible service with Lance this time.

Hey, hey! I’m trying not to make people genuinely excited about s2 upset, haha. 

I am disappointed too. Objectively s2 was good! I liked it. Full of action, fast-paced, old and new friends, exploration of the Galra, major reveals, galra Keith … the whole shtick! 

I was, however, upset that we saw 2% Lance, (skim milk Lance, if you will) and the only Hunk we had was either a) napping, b) making a joke about his weight, or c) food-related. Those moments where Hunk was showcasing his intelligence and fixing shit was a godsend.

Back to Lance, of course … what the fuck. Barely any of his scenes were substantial; he existed to deliver one lines; he had next to no character development. That scene where he’s like, “I’m the seventh wheel” … That wasn’t even explored! That was just two seconds of feeling bad about himself, countered with an excellent (my boy did that!) shot at the end. It’s like it was tossed in there for the sake of having ‘angst’! That’s not how people function and I highly doubt Lance got over it that quick (based on the hang ups he has in season 1), but it was never brought up again!

Lance had pathetic screentime, really. His mermaid ep with Hunk was really, really good and I’m grateful for it. The scene where Coran and Keith are talking and Lance shows he’s possessive (about Blue, at least) I am grateful for. The brief klance in the elevator/pool scene was also amazing! However, overall? Rip.

I’m disappointed on that front. Otherwise, series two was really nice! Had some good Allura, some excellent Keith arc and Shiro scenes. I was a fan of the Pidge exploration as well! 

But yeah … They did Lance (and Hunk) so dirty. So, so dirty.

Edit: I’m very grateful for Keith’s character arc, btw. And the Pidge moments where we saw her bond with her lion and really showcase her intelligence. And, of course, Shiro’s struggle with leading them and doing what he had to do. Shouldering everything. 

Finished Not Perfect
My mantra: Finished Not Perfect This video was edited by Kesh: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLMkh2PYXpQh52d3m2bzNNA Thanks for putting this together Kesh...

Back to normal programming soon… but I feel like this is an important thing to watch if you’re anything like me and struggle to put pen to paper.

My output of anything at all greatly reduced over the past few years because I’ve become self-conscious about doing anything that didn’t come up to the standards I set myself (so… everything I do!). I spend a lot of time comparing myself to my peers and artists I follow online, many of whom are a lot younger than me and already far better. Sketching and practicing felt like admitting how shit I am to myself and everybody else, so I avoided it altogether, and left larger things unfinished as soon as I hit any kind of snag or disappointment. I’m trying to swallow my pride and say HEY LOOK I’m nearly 29 and I still make a shit ton of mistakes and fuck up hands and I can’t draw faces.

The mantra ‘finished, not perfect’ has really hit the nail on the head. It’s painful to remind myself of my failings and how I haven’t worked as hard as I could have, but to confront them is the only way I can overcome them in the end.

America 🇺🇸

This is absolutely ridiculous. We as a country should be uniting together and helping each other get through tough times, but instead we are hurting people, starting fires, and destroying buildings. I don’t care whether you like Donald Trump or not, that is no excuse for the pain and suffering we are causing. Plus, Donald Trump hasn’t even had a chance to be president, yet people are already judging his presidential abilities. You can’t judge something that hasn’t even started yet. I’m not saying the Trump family is perfect, but we have no right to inflict disappointment and fear on the new presidential family. It’s just so disrespectful.

Also, how is hurting people, starting fires, busting windows, getting ran over, or getting arrested helping America get better? It’s only making it worse. You think America is broken? All you have to blame is yourselves. (The rioters)

I am not a Trump supporter, nor I am for Clinton. But, I know that this is RIDICULOUSLY INSANE and that we should be ashamed of ourselves. Not all of us, just the ones that are causing this mess.

If you don’t like my views, unfollow, block, rant at me, I honestly couldn’t care less. It’s not illegal to have an opinion, and I don’t care if you agree with mine or not. I just want this to stop, it’s destroying our country.

Have a nice day. x

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Rosy, I swear I'm trying to lower my expectations BUT WTF GIVE ME FEBRUARY I CAN'T FIGHT ANYMORE *bellamy's voice*

Listen Nonny, don’t come to me to lower your expectations. I’ve had conversations with people. They’re all like, “I don’t want to hope too much, I don’t want to give anyone too much hope what if it doesn’t work and they’re all disappointed? I’m trying to be realistic and manage everyone’s expectations,” and I’m like… yeah, I get that, that’s wise. You should do that.



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I ended up watching mob psycho because your gifs of it looked pretty rad, and goodness me it did not disappoint. I blew through the whole series in a single day. I am really glad you exposed the show to me! I also felt like I was able to appreciate the animation and art of the show because of various posts about the subject that I think you posted. So thank you! And keep up the great work

I hope you don’t mind me publicly posting this because I feel like this is also relevant to @mobpsycho100

I’m so glad to hear this though! It’s the same for me. After writing and reading so much I blitzed through the series in a single evening. I only ever managed to watch two episodes because of how busy I was at the time and how bad I am at keeping up with anime every week. I’m happy you enjoyed it!

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I have never felt so many things in sucha condensed amount of time like i was freaking out the whole time i was watching it and now im just empty and in need of 1700 hours of sleep

I’ve seen a lot of spoilers and like everyone’s disappointed there was no Klance but on the other hand like they confirmed that Shieth was dead and that was good and Pidge is the love of my life and I’m on the 6th episode so I have no idea where things turn sour.

But like it’s just like we should appreciate the fact that they gave us a second season. I mean they put so much hard work into making this second season and we should be grateful

I’m grateful Sheith is dead and done.

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1) alright so: Lennie recently did and interview talking about finale. Im not on a computer at moment so I just am going to paraphrase what was said. So he said: " there was moment in the finale, myself and Melissa, when reading the script, we screeched at a certain point. It's such a sexy moment. It's just lovely. [...] It's about a character arriving - it's just just so lovely" My first thought was Beth but now I'm not sure//my other asks might not match up..// hope this goes through

I hope people aren’t disappointed by the end, but there’s one point in the finale that myself and Melissa [McBride, who plays C@rol] were reading as we sat next to each other on a plane, and both of us kind of screeched when we got to this one point. It’s such a sexy moment, on all levels – it’s huge, it’s just so lovely. And both of us, when we got to the point of reading it, were like: “Oh my God!” Like kids, excited by it. And to still be at that stage seven years into the show is a testament to the writers. It’s about the arrival of a character, and it’s lovely – really lovely.“

Source (X). (emphasis mine)

Don’t fuck with me, Lennie.

If C@rol and Morgan come across Beth first, that would fit some of our theories. C@rol was the first character to “reunite” with Beth in Slabtown, yet we never saw that reunion. Morgan has also been tied to Beth and likely came across her after she was left behind (X) (X). Last night I spoke with @bethgreenewarriorprincess and @allatariel about the interview. He could be overhyping; he could be referring to C0rgan. We don’t know until the finale actually airs. In informal language though, sexy can mean “exciting; appealing” (Oxford Dictionary). If C0rgan becomes a ship, it would be a Gimple Ship™ (Rich0nne, Bethyl), and he writes slow burns. That would take seasons. And right now C@rol’s story is pointing at Ezekiel’s in terms of romance. While C@rzekiel was established pretty quickly as a possibility, it’s still taking awhile as C@rol has to work out her issues. Furthermore, allatariel noted that Lennie used the word “arrival” rather than introduction, which implies something coming, but not something new or the beginning of something new. It’s pointed. We’ve theorized that the Beth-promotion would become heavy in the back half, to prime the audience for her full return (as it’s obvious Boots is her). 

[T]here’s one point in the finale that myself and Melissa […] were reading as we sat next to each other on a plane, and both of us kind of screeched when we got to this one point.”

bethgreenewarriorprincess analyzed this section. It’s likely they were reading only a scene they were doing together. If only C0rgan reunites with Beth, it would allow the show to drag out the big Beth reunions: TF, Maggie, and Daryl. Which I think will be done in that order. The season eight premiere is the show’s one hundredth episode, and Beth reuniting with her family after +3 seasons would be fitting, especially since the reunions would be hyped during the hiatus. Such a scenario would also be an inverse of Morgan’s complete return in 5x16. He saved Daryl and Aaron, and they took him to Alexandria. Beth might do the same for Morgan and C@rol, and they take her back to her family. 5x16 had the “How the Harvest gets Home” truck, which was written on Morgan’s wall back in 3x13 and relates to Beth, who is a Persephone character in terms of her relation to fertility and time.

Lennie really could be overhyping, but there are other signs pointing to the finale, like the “getting the band back together” promotion (X) (X). We just have to wait and see.

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Okay, so I'm not the asshole anon from earlier, but I am genuinely disappointed that you're not offering nudes. Because I find you very attractive. I understand why not though.

well you could always still donate to me and my big boobers ;P

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holy FUCK are you ok
i sure am one popular fuck on here not entirely sure wwhy but thanks :33 youll be so fuckin disappointed in my blog its just dumb shit all ovver

you know what? Im so glad im not one of those people that constantly gets disappointed or even pissed at their favorite bands for changing their sound throughout the years, I am so hard to disappoint when it comes to my favorite musicians and im thankful that i like to grow with the bands I like instead of bashing them for wanting to try something different and sometimes even weird

Sometimes I feel like no matter how hard I try, no matter how much I give, I will never be good enough for anyone
—  Courtesy of the Depressing thoughts eating me alive