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I'll Be Waiting // Jung Jaehyun


the prompt: how about a neighbourau! For jaehyun in which one of u just moves in? ☺️☺️☺️ I’ve daydreamed this scenario so much!

words: 1329

category: fluff

author note: i suppose this lil fluff is to make up for the angst i dumped upon you guys. also, to who requested this, i wasn’t sure what you wanted, but i hope you like this!

- destinee

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beau, can you rec me some of your fav romcom? thank you! x

of course bb! some of these might have more of a drama element than a strong comedy element but they’re all my faves so i hope you enjoy. in no particular order:

  • clueless (duh)
  • bridget jones’s diary (ditto)
  • she’s the man (this was my Favourite Movie of All Movies for like five years. and for good reason. CHANNING TATUM IN HIS PRIME TBH)
  • bring it on (KIRSTEN DUNST IN HER PRIME TBH!!! i fuckin love that guy she ends up with, he’s the perf combo of snarky musician hipster bs to balance out her perky blonde go-getter cheerleader-y-ness. why am i even saying this though like the odds are you’ve already seen this movie and LOVE IT TOO. also the clovers are everything)
  • john tucker must die (silly. also fantastic. also female friendships!!!)
  • monte carlo (idk why i love this movie so much but i really do. leighton meester’s character’s storyline makes me cry and want to fall in love and go swimming in a really cute one piece. selena gomez’s character’s storyline is cliche but also very sweet)
  • the proposal (forever and ever and ever favourite)
  • 10 things i hate about you (kat stratford is everything i aspire to be. why is there no heath ledger look-a-like in my life surprising me with a guitar i would never be able to play and a really hot make out session against my car that i don’t own)
  • amelie (THE ULTIMATE. mostly rommy, a bit commy, 100% magical and life-changing tbh)
  • begin again (i love this movie more than i ever thought possible - it improves on every rewatch - also i love the ending like. a lot. a lot a lot. very genuine and bittersweet and real. and the songs are REALLY GOOD you will replay that ost for a week straight i s2g)
  • flipped (so sweet you will PUKE. also highly underrated. PLEASE WATCH THIS MOVIE AND SHARE THE LOVE IT DESERVES)
  • miss congeniality (one of the defining rom coms of my life)
  • the duff (this movie has a gr8 message, whatever those who have read the book but not seen the movie say. also robbie amell and mae whitman are magical together)
  • you’ve got mail (you will cry. a lot. if you don’t cry i don’t want to know you)
  • when harry met sally (do not talk to me about this film i have too many feels about it i will punch you in the face.)
  • she’s all that (remember when freddie prinze jnr was like sooooooo hot in 1998 or whatever? WEIRD TIMES. whatever, just play “kiss me” by sixpence none the richer on repeat and cry with me)
  • it’s a boy girl thing (cringeworthy with the humour sometimes but the two leads have surprisingly amazing chemistry. i rewatch this every year and i love it a lot)
  • breakfast at tiffany’s (very rommy, not particularly commy but still wonderful. audrey hepburn was the most beautiful person alive. i don’t blame writer guy for falling in love with her on the spot. also you will cry when the cat runs away and it’s all raining and romantic and shit. i always do)
  • tangled (OOPS IT’S BETTER THAN FROZEN I SAID IT. idk if you would class this as a rom com bc it’s more a family movie but???? i do so whatev. eugene and rapunzel are too cute not to ship like a rom com couple tbh)
  • the to do list (HILARIOUS. aubrey plaza is a gift)
  • mean girls (do i need to say more. less rommy than commy ofc but who cares when the com part is sO GOOD)
  • someone like you (old school rom-com feat. ashley judd before she disappeared off the face of the earth and hugh jackman looking like absolute BABE TOWN and idk i think i watched this when i was young and it’s kind of stuck with me ever since even tho it seems to be a fairly nondescript kind of rom-com?? somehow still v enjoyable tho)
  • one fine day (okay again this is more of a family~ rom com if that makes sense but it’s just??? REALLY FEEL GOOD???? michelle pfeiffer is beautiful in this movie and george clooney’s a babe. idk watch this if you want an instant mood improver, it’s super duper cute)
  • some kind of wonderful (probably my favourite john hughes movie and again so underrated. that “””practice””” make out sesh in the garage is really hot)
  • just like heaven (another mark ruffalo goodie!!! i actually like this movie a lot and don’t talk about it much. very good to rewatch)
  • chasing liberty (corny af but i watched it in my formative years so i’m very fond of it)
  • legally blonde (more girl power-y than rom com-y but that’s cool anyway??? elle woods is Goals)
  • stardust (THIS MOVIE IS SO GOOD YOU GUYS AND IT HAS FANTASY ELEMENTS WHICH ARE SO COOL AND THE ROMANCE STUFF IS LIKE REALLY GR8 AND IT’S BB CHARLIE COX?????? the best tbh. tumblr needs to talk about this movie way way more)
  • and last but not least anastasia (i watched this movie SIX TIMES IN ONE DAY when i was really young… and my sister and i learnt all the songs and sung the duets together for like a year… once i hired the video tape out from the video store and actually cried when i had to return it… yes i was like 10 when all this happened but what i’m trying to say is i have a lifelong attachment to this stupid animated movie and Dimitri and Anastasia are literally lke 68% of the reason i love the enemies > friends > lovers trope so much because THEY FIGHT ALL THE TIME AND THE FIGHTING IS ALWAYS JUST ILL DISGUISED SEXUAL TENSION TBH)
  • oh and for the jane austen contingent: pride and prejudice movie 2005, pride and prejudice miniseries 1995, emma miniseries 2009, and persuasion 2007 are all MEGA FAVES. wallow in those period drama feels like me for the last two days!!! burst into tears when your otp’s hands ~~~touch~~~ for the first time!!!! hold your breath when the camera closes in on their subsequently astonished/aroused faces!!! life is so gr8 u guys!!!!!!!
That Boy is Mine - Request

Requested by anon: sherlock x transguy reader where their like visiting john and Sherlock accidentally hurts their feelings by revealing their trans in front of a bunch of people /could I request a sherlock x trans male reader where Sherlock I a bit rude at first but the realises he loves them /Um would you be able to write a sherlock x transguy reader type thing if that’s okay

Pairing: Sherlock x trans!male reader.

Word count: 1.545

Warnings: After debating for hours what Sherlock’s sexual orientation would be for this, I realised that Sherlock doesn’t give a shit. If he doesn’t care about the Earth spinning around the sun, he will definitely care less about finding a label that suits him. SO yeah, there’s that.

A/N & Disclaimer: I DO NOT know ANYTHING about this. I’ve only met one transsexual person and we talked three times, not a single one about her transition. I don’t know if I expressed myself correctly, or if I used the proper terms, etc. I DO NOT MEAN TO OFFEND ANYONE.
Sherlock is meant to be rude, and so he makes some nasty comments; if these things trigger you DO NOT READ. This in fanfiction, nothing else.

**Feedback is highly appreciated.


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There he was: the great Sherlock Holmes in flesh and bones. With his perfect cheekbones and the collar of his trench coat lifted, giving him his characteristically mysterious look. Avoiding the paparazzi with grace and sassy comments, zipping his way inside the cab John had stopped.

(Y/N) was just a reporter then, trying to get a decent note to overshadow everyone else’s and, at last, gets his desired job as head reporter in one of the most important newspapers in Europe.

How on Earth did Sherlock set his eyes on him? That was a mystery Sherlock wasn’t willing to solve. However, the simple view of his delicate figure stuck in the crowd of paparazzi, fans and reporters had some kind of effect on Sherlock.

“Mr. Holmes, Mr. Holmes, is it true that you are gay?” (Y/N) replied. Sherlock, who was mesmerized by him, shook his head and replied in the rudest tone possible.

“No, now move over.” Sherlock pushed the boy and everyone else away. He hated to be surrounded by people; he always felt like they were too close or too touchy, even if he had the perfect space to walk to the cab without pushing anyone.

In spite of his poor manners, (Y/N) was willing to get his desired paper and so he took a cab and followed Sherlock.

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Tell Me Your Story.

I was nearly an abortion. I was an unplanned accident, born out of wedlock, and the one before me was aborted.

I was born to immigrant parents, who naturalized and met in New York. They started with nothing, working as many as 100 hours per week, slowly and painfully saving money until they could open their own businesses. They believed this was a great country, and still do. My father served alongside the U.S. in the Vietnam War, and he is a proud veteran of this nation.

Many of us have these sorts of stories; they inform who we are, what we believe, and what we fight for, and so we are a myriad of uniquely shaped stories, each giving rise to a different voice in the world.

The really tragic thing is when we superimpose a particular idea on someone without attempting to hear their story first, and their voice is then stamped and smothered. We can too quickly assume a person is only their picket sign, their political party, their social media feed, or a cartoonish, dogmatic, one-dimensional archetype sensationalized by a grab-bag of Hollywood images. We predict what they might or might not believe without asking, without listening, without understanding.

A person’s voice is always built from their stories, their experiences, their very real pains, and it’s this blend of blisters that has brought them to stand on their particular hill. It is a hill, whether rightly or wrongly, that has been reached by a stream of forces that no two individuals can fully comprehend in each other.

So we can only try. Patiently, graciously: to hear their story on the hill.

I have several military friends in counter-terrorism who have seen the very worst sorts of evil. As intel is gathered, from one criminal atrocity after another, the evidence is undeniable: you can imagine my friends’ nightmares, the stomach-churning scenes they have witnessed over and over. My father has been tortured; he has seen entire villages burned to the ground. I imagine he has a very different view of justice and law than the leisurely suburbanite. I am certainly disturbed and disgusted by “terror-phobia” and I am not so cynical to think that evil lurks in every shadow. Yet I’m aware that such evils do happen. I cannot agree with the current methods used to fight them (methods which appear misguided and disproportionate), but with utter reluctance, I think I know where it’s coming from.

Every “issue” continually raises new angles, new questions. I have had extended family members who permanently moved in, who were running from ills in their former country, and while it is a noble thing to care for them, it’s also exhausting and draining. I have seen so many romanticize an issue without considering its implications in the long run, because issues involve people and people are not predictably packaged. It is right to be compassionate and kind and generous, and yet, it is just as right to be wise and protective and gracious to yourself. This is a dialogue that must happen with practical, intelligible exchange, and not hot-headed slogans that only scratch the shallow surface. All this requires smarter solutions than the fear-drenched overreactions of escalating, misinformed spectators.

Mostly everything is complex and complicated, with layers yet to discover, and multiple ways to help and to heal. It does not require that we believe the same things, but that I believe you, and you believe me, and we can join in the same place.

There is a way to help, not merely driven by one-liners, but by a marathon momentum at the ground level. I don’t know what that looks like all the time, but it does demand more than verbal outrage and tribalistic assent. It demands more than changing your profile picture or sending up prayers or another thought-piece (like this one). Real passion, after all, continues to strive long after the initial emotions have ceased.

The more stories I hear, the less I believe that people are simply axiomatic poles that must bend to one absolute or the other. I’ve quit trying to guess. We do not fit in simplistic boxes, and there may be multiple points of tension depending on the twists and turns of our journeys. Our positions were informed by a tangible reality. We have each seen a piece of something that brought us to a belief, to which we have the right to stand for. And whether I agree or disagree, I remain a student of stories, to hear the grief and anger and agony.

I want to be slow enough to listen, and loud enough to tell my story, too. We each have a right to them, and to hear and to be heard. And sometimes, there is only silence, only presence, without a solution right now, because not everything can be fixed, and I can only be with.

— J.S.

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5/10 sentenced - Supercat - Cat meeting Eliza for the first time and then staying in midvale in Kara's old room. NC x

“I’m guessing you weren’t exactly expecting that kind of welcome, did you now?” Eliza softly asked to a slightly emotional Cat Grant as they were sipping a cup of coffee on the porch, comfortably settled in the swing facing the ocean.

Cat took a few more sip of the black beverage before nodding, reluctantly showing that she was indeed overwhelmed by the simple but true affection Eliza had instantly offered, without judgment and without reservation.
Her voice was low and hesitant when she finally whispered “I am aware this is going to sound cynical but, I am so used to being judged and criticized … I have my doubts and my share of insecurities in this relationship and I was so … sure, you would share them and point them out to me, to try to discourage me, to push me away …”

Eliza nodded but stayed silent for a while, watching the sun slide ever so gently below the line of the horizon, plunging behind the ocean in an explosion of gold and orange shades that sparkled across the soft waves of the water.

Then, she smiled and explained “I admit, I wasn’t exactly thrilled when Kara finally revealed who was that mysterious person she was seeing but I learned to trust my daughters, both of them. They are strong women, kind and brave and they know what they want. My role now, as their mother, is to be sure they are happy and you, Cat, you make Kara happy. As far as I am concerned, this means everything to me. It’s alright to have doubts, it’s only realistic and you and I both know the world isn’t as bright and nice as Kara seems to believe it is but it doesn’t mean you are not allowed to be happy too, Cat. It doesn’t mean you should listen to your doubts and fears and let them get in the way of something as promising as your relationship with Kara.”

Cat stayed silent for a long while after that, too shocked and lost to make sense of the words she just heard. She knew, deep down, it was the truth but she had been living with her insecurities for so long now, it was hard to ignore them.

As if she had read her mind, Eliza added “It will take time, I know that but as long as you are giving yourself a chance … You will give Kara a chance and eventually, she will win you over. She’s kind of persistent, did you know that?”

The comment made Cat chuckle and she nodded “Oh yes, I’ve noticed.”

Both women smiled at each other before focusing back on the darkening ocean spreading before them to meet the sky as night started to fall.

Cat leaned against the door frame and took everything in, trying to imagine a teenage alien in this extremely human setting.

The bedroom was small but cosy, with a huge window encased in the slope of the roof in front of the door.

The wall behind the bed was painted in a dark gray color that seemed to absorb all the light but everything else was white, from the furniture to the walls and the only touch of colors, aside from the items discarded everywhere, could be found in the few pink and purple cushions set atop the natural bench carved underneath the window.

There were posters of various boy bands and pop stars pined on the walls, above the bed, above the small and white wooden desk and even on the doors of the matching wooden wardrobe. 3D puzzles were lining on the shelves across the room, spaceships from the Star Wars movies, the Star Treck saga and she even noticed there were a few Lord of the ring items as well, tucked in between science-fictions figures. It didn’t exactly look like a girl’s room and Cat found that she wasn’t surprised.

Kara had once told her that back on Krypton, gender was something no one cared about and little girls would grow up fascinated by spaceships and engineering, by sports or space when little boys were free to pursue their interest in cooking or painting or fashion or anything they wanted, really.

Aside from the 3D puzzles and various trophies, the main thing that could be found in this room was books. Piles and piles and piles of books, spilling from the already full bookcases, set on the floors next to the shelves or set atop every free surface available. Cat noticed there was a lot of manuals and explanatory books and her heart ached a little for this lost little girl who had landed on a foreign world many years ago, having to learn everything all over again while grieving her whole planet, her customs, her language and most importantly, her family.

She was engrossed in her thoughts when she suddenly felt two strong arms circle her waist and the unmistakable scent of Kara instantly wafted around her, that mixture of human perfume that wasn’t quite hiding the smell of stars and wind that could never be put into words.

“See something you like?” Kara whispered in her ear and Cat could fell the smile on Kara’s lips brush against her soft skin, right underneath said ear.

Moving to turn around and face the young woman, Cat arched an amused brow and sweetly replied “Now I do, yes.”

She laughed when she saw Kara roll her eyes and she pointed it out “You are spending far too much time with me, Darling. You’re rolling your eyes like a true Grant now, Carter would be proud.”

Kara smirked and then leaned forward to claim a kiss, soft and simple but tinged with raw affection. When she pulled away, she stayed so close that when she spoke, her words landed in tempting breaths on Cat’s lips “I’ll spend forever with you, if you let me.”

Cat felt her heart soar in her chest, full of love and amazement and Eliza’s words echoed in her head : as long as you are giving yourself a chance

She decided, right in this moment, surrounded by Kara’s arms and dizzying scent, that she would. She would give them a chance and make it work because after six months of relationship, she was in it so bad she couldn’t imagine her life without Kara anymore.

Instead of trying to put her thoughts into words, she simply grabbed Kara by the collar of her shirt and started walking backwards, pulling her lover with her before closing the door behind them.

🎶 Music Shuffle 🎶

I got tagged by the lovely @lovedeven , thank you! I haven’t done a meme in ages and I always enjoy those shuffle thingies so I’ll give this a go. Plus, it will heavily feature Kalafina so I don’t feel bad about posting it XD

Rules of the game: shuffle your music, write down the 1st 10 songs, then tag people!

(Please note that my playlist is jam-packed with Kalafina songs so don’t expect a lot of variety here :P)

1. snow falling - Kalafina
Many people don’t really like this song but honestly, I don’t know why, it’s so freaking gorgeous and I can never get enough of Wakana’s lines in the beginning and at the end of the song. Simply perfect!

2. 屋根の向こうに (Yane no Mukou ni) - Kalafina
One of my favourite summer themed Kala-songs, I have been listening to it almost everday these past few weeks.

3. 灯影 (Hokage) - Kalafina
Another song that’s disliked by many fans but I love it so much! (。♥‿♥。) I am just a sucker for ballads.

4. cynical world - FictionJunction
Keiko’s voice here is simply glorious, I hope that one day we’ll get video footage of her singing this song!

5. Hawayein - Arijit Singh (song from Jab Harry met Sejal)
Surprise, surprise, a song that’s NOT Kalafina or FJ XD This is a recent addition to my playlist and ever since watching the movie the other day, I can’t get the song out of my head. it’s so lovely! I know, I know, Hindi films are an acquired taste but I happen to love them. ^_^

6. 僕が死のうと思ったのは (Boku ga Shinou to Omotta no Wa) - Mika Nakashima
Truth is, Keiko was the one who made me listen to this song. In one of her blog posts she was gushing over Mika Nakashima and how she is so very much in love with this particular song of hers so of course, being the obsessed Cakey fangirl that I am, I just had to go and check it out. It took me a while to get used to Mika Nakashima’s voice (it’s not the type of voice I usually like) but after some time I really fell in love with her way of singing, it’s incredibly expressive. As for the song itself, I liked it from the get-go, the lyrics kill me each and every time!!

7. Sweet Song - FictionJunction
This is such a beautiful song composed by Yuki Kajiura and originally performed by Margaret Dorn but FJ have covered it a few times during their live performences. Sadly, I couldn’t find a video of one of their lives so I added a link to the original version.
This is one of the few songs where I really LOVE Kaori’s singing. And generally, this song is just utterly beautiful, the lyrics make me tear up almost every time!

8. ひかりふる (Hikari Furu) - Kalafina
I cannot express my love for this piece, it’s one of my all-time favourite Kala-songs. The more live performances I watch, the more I fall in love with it. It feels like every time they improve their singing. Their most recent Arena Live version is probably one of my most-played tracks in my playlist ^_^

9. Into the Light - Kara no Kyoukai OST by Yuki Kajiura
I am sure everyone knows my undying love for 君が光に変えて行く, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I am also more than smitten by this lovely piece of soundtrack. This track will forever make me cry.

10. We Wish You A Merry Christmas - Kalafina
I know it’s summer but to be honest, I still can’t stop listening to this utterly gorgeous rendition by Kalafina. I never liked this song and when I first found out that it would be part of Kalafina’s new Christmas/Winter album, I was more than a little disappointed but I should have never doubted the girls or Yuki Kajiura (although I don’t wanna give too much credit to YK when it comes to their Christmas songs because I feel like Hiromitsu Ishikawa was the one who did most of it). The changes they made to the song are perfect and Wakana absolutely SLAYS during her parts. Ahhhhhh, this has become one of my favourite Christmas songs of all time!!!

All of my followers who would like to do this meme, please go ahead!!! (/^▽^)/

there’s a gofundme on my facebook page for a girl taking an environmental economist internship in kenya, but in the description she’s asking for 6 months of living expenses plus airfare, and somehow that totals $12,000 

Im starting to realize just how isolating im becoming

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I need Blitzstone to be confirmed !! Honestly all Rick has to do is have Magnus narrating like 'oh yeah the other weekend my hobo dad finally made an honest elf out of my hobo mom it was super sweet'

ahhaha that would be great!

I am so ready to eliminate negative, cynical people out of my life - people who make fun of others for a laugh and mock you as a joke, people who look at the dullness of humanity and the emptiness of life…Positivity is all I live for.
—  Elise

YOU AND I FOREVER | a sappy otp or romcom-esque mix about the absolutely crazy but sometimes very real notion that your first crush turns into first love and turns into true love that you ink permanently onto your skin forever

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call me cynical but i find it pathetic and hilarious that harry is out there publicly doing charity work and posing with as many people at the event as he can in holmes chapel for the FIRST time in YEARS... because they're filming for his bbc special. last time he did public charity work even close to that was in 2016. when he cut his hair. during his documentary. which was up for sale.

if you’re cynical then so am I…

deadxxxmoon replied to your post:

babblingenochian replied to your post:  Was…                

   How do you personally think Seb views Elizabeth? I used to think he has some sort of liking towards her, but after that one chapter where she tried to fight him, Seb specifically thought that had she not been Ciel’s fiancee, ‘it’d be so much easier;’ implying that he could have killed her. So after that chapter, I am so unsure of his thoughts regarding Lizzy and rather cynical about it.   

This is quite the question honestly, and it’s something that I’ve actually been wondering about. I used to think that Sebastian did like Lizzy. He did stop Ciel from slapping her, and he stopped her from attacking Grell. It seemed like he was protecting her somewhat even when that wasn’t precisely his job.

Then, we have these later chapters and Sebastian doesn’t seem to be nearly as protective. While he held back enough not to kill her when she attacked him at the music hall, he seemed to be rather annoyed. He carried her back properly, but it seemed so this was not to upset anyone, and he didn’t say a word while she escaped. So, what do I think about all this?

Well, I’m flat out bias here because I like Lizzy. I want to admit that up front before I finish answering. I know a part of me always wanted to believe that Sebastian liked her, and he even seemed to be a bit encouraging of Ciel and Lizzy. At least, that’s how I read it.

Personally, I think Sebastian’s feelings and attitudes have changed towards Lizzy has the series has gone on. Early on, she wasn’t a threat to his plans in the least. She was a sweet girl, but she had no idea who he really was or his intentions. In fact, she seemed to admire him, and Sebastian appears to like that.

Early on, Ciel had declared that no one would stand in the way of his final goal. Although he had stopped Sebastian from killing Madam Red, he spoke of her death as if it didn’t affect him. There’s even that scene of Ciel sitting on the throne with bodies beneath him - and Lizzy is among the bodies.

I think that basically Sebastian didn’t view Lizzy as anything more than another person that just happened to be around. He may have found her amusing and even got used to her presence, but I doubt it was much more beyond that. Again, I think Sebastian is limited in what he can feel. He didn’t have any bad feelings towards Lizzy, and he protected her as his master’s fiance. He might have appreciated her skill.

This arc, however, has changed all this. Lizzy has become an obstacle to Sebastian’s final goal. First, she attacked him. Instead of admiring him as this perfect butler, she seemed to think of him as an enemy. He got to see her strength up close. While she was still no match for Sebastian, I don’t think he was happy that he had to engage in this fight.

Her staying in the blue sect wasn’t really an issue because it was a bit more motivation for Ciel to move forward with his plan. Lizzy was left in danger as things were set into motion, and Sebastian was fine with this. Things were moving along well.

But then Ciel displayed an outburst of anger.

This wasn’t typical for Ciel. He’s angry, but suddenly he’s angry for someone else. He’s showing emotions.

This could give reason for Sebastian to doubt Ciel’s claim that he didn’t care who died for him to reach his goal. Whether or not that has changed for Ciel or even if it was ever fully the truth is up to each reader to decide, but I think that this has left Sebastian wondering.

So, how do I think Sebastian views Lizzy? I think his view has been changing through the entire story. At first, she was simply there. She seemed to admire Sebastian and she didn’t cause him any issues, so he didn’t view her as a problem. He might have liked her presence and found her amusing. Later, he realized she had true strength. Sebastian does seem to admire strength, and she was still Ciel’s fiance. He would protect her as an extension of Ciel. During this current arc, however, he might see her as a possible threat to his eventual goal of Ciel’s soul. She no longer admires him, and he might see her as a bit of a nuisance.

Of course, this is all strictly my opinion, and I admit I am bias.