i am so chill right now

Its been a while since I posted something here. I’ve been very busy getting all my shit together and I guess I’m doing a good job because right now, everything seems so light and chill.

For the past 4 months, I was able to finally let go of the things/people I don’t rightfully deserve. Even my heart hurts, I know that’s the kindest thing I can do for myself. And little by little, I learned to love myself more and to always put myself first.

I’m not gonna deny that there’s still moments that I hear voices from the dark side, but unlike before, I don’t let it consume me. I guess, I can say that right now, I’am a better version of who I used to be.

And to those friends who stayed through thick and thin, I love you. You know who you are people.

Here’s a photo of me shamelessly smiling because why not. Cheers, to life! Thank you, Universe.



In the 9th grade, there was a social worker who told me I had an anger issue. I thought: fuck her, she doesn’t understand shit because she didn’t understand shit. But, now I’m wondering if she maybe was right. Because I am angry. I’m angry because I’m not Muslim enough and no matter what I do, I’m never Norwegian enough. And I’m not Moroccan enough. And I’m not chill enough, not pretty enough. I’m angry because I made it so important to fit in on a Russ bus. I’m angry because I don’t fit in anywhere. Because I always get angry and fuck up, but most of all I’m sad because it influenced you. Because that bus is not important to me. It’s not important to me to be Muslim enough, or if I fit in with Moroccans or Norwegians. As long as I belong with you guys, the biggest losers in school. I’m sorry for what I’ve done, I don’t give a shit if I’m expelled, just, please, forgive me.


SKAM S04E08 Clip 5 - Hope you have room

SANA: I’ve tried to write something.

CHRIS: To them?

SANA: Yes.

CHRIS: What did you write?

SANA: I wrote.. Hi. In the 9th grade, there was a social worker who told me I had an anger issue. I thought: Fuck her, she doesn’t understand shit. Because.. she didn’t understand shit. But now I’m wondering if she maybe was right. Because I am angry. I’m angry because I’m not Muslim enough and no matter what I do, I’m never Norwegian enough. And I’m not Moroccan enough and I’m not chill enough, not pretty enough. I’m angry because I made it so important to fit in on a russ bus. I’m angry because I don’t fit in anywhere. Because I always get angry and fuck up, but most of all I’m sad because it influenced you. Because that bus is not important to me. It’s not important to me to be muslim enough, or if I fit in with Moroccans or Norwegians.

[Because that bus is not important to me. It’s not important to me to be muslim enough, or if I fit in with Moroccans or Norwegians.

As long as I belong with you guys. The biggest losers in school.

I’m sorry for what I’ve done, I don’t give a shit if I’m expelled, just please, forgive me.


[TO CHRIS: Are you coming?]

SARA: Do you know if they’re coming?

SANA: I think they’re coming.

INGRID: Because it’s a bit meaningless without them. Everyone here agree we won’t report it to the school?

SARA: You agree too, right? Did anyone have their last class with them or something?


GIRL1: I saw Eva during the break, at least.

INGRID: They haven’t written to you or anything?


INGRID: Maybe you could try calling them?

[Hey, you’ve reached Chris. I can’t pick up the phone right now, sorry..]

[Hey, you’ve reached Chris. I can’t..]

INGRID: But do you think Eva and Vilde wanted to report it to the school?

SANA: I don’t know.

SARA: But they haven’t said anything about it?

INGRID: But they understand that if they do that, we have to tell them why we made the Vilde account and that’ll influence you too.

SANA: I think they understand that.

INGRID: But seriously, how long are we supposed to be bothered with sitting here? It doesn’t seem like they’re coming.

GIRL1: There’s no point in sitting here..

GIRL2: What time is it anyway?

GIRL3: Ten to half past..

SARA: Should we just leave, you guys?

GIRLS: Yeah, let’s go.


SARA: Let’s go.

THE GIRL SQUAD: SANA!!! SANA!! SANA!! SANA!! COME ON!! Look what we got!!


SANA: Where did you get this? Was it you?


NOORA: Bye, bitches!

EVA: Bitches!


Call me a terrorist and threaten my pay? Enjoy your nuked careers, yuh heathens.

(long story. tl;dr is at the end)

I used to work in hospitality in a metro known for it’s obscenely huge tourist population, you know, the city built around the Mouse. I was a manager for the recreational division of the hotel. So one day, my boss (who we’ll call Mary for the purpose of the story) comes into the shared managers office and starts rummaging around for something, and strikes up a small conversation about work related minutiae with me. It’s important to note she is actually 2 tiers above me, but was acting as head of the department while searching to replace my previous boss who recently quit (great guy by the way, huge loss to the company).

As we’re talking, she abruptly stops and says “By the way, you need to shave your beard, you look like a terrorist and I don’t employ terrorists”. Haha, funny joke between colleagues, right? Nope. I am half Indian and I do look middle-eastern, and have been taking this kind of shit since middle school. Plus, we’re not close, at all. So I reply as calmly as I can muster, “Hey, I get you’re trying to be funny, but on my end it comes off as pretty ignorant, so I’d appreciate it if you chilled out with the terrorist stuff” to which Mary retorts “Oh, I’m ignorant? We’ll see how ignorant I am during your annual review”, and proceeds to walk out of the room in a huff. My jaw dropped so low I could taste the floor.

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Sleepy Kisses - boyf riends

Title: Sleepy Kisses

Word count: 575

Pairing: Jeremy Heere x Michael Mell (boyf riends/Meremy)

Warnings: Kissing? Fluff?

A/N: Well, this is the small thing I talked about that I would post when I had no other things to post. Also, I’m posting this right before school, as opposed to right before I fall asleep, so there might be lesser mistakes (there’s always mistakes that I’m probably the only one who notices, but I go back and fix them).



It had been a long day. Jeremy and Michael had first eaten breakfast with Jeremy’s dad, at seven o’clock before he had to work. Since they had summer break, they didn’t need to go anywhere. 

Then, he and Jeremy and all of their friends had gone to an amusement park. Half of the day they had spent on rollercoasters and eating popcorn, the other halves was spent in the small waterpark. They didn’t leave until the park closed down for the night, and by then everyone was exhausted.

Michael’s house was quiet when they entered. His parents were away on some business trip, so he had the whole for himself, which was why they were sleeping over at his place. Michael’s parents were nice enough, it was just that they were very homophobic… and very open about it. Every time Jeremy slept over, he had to sleep in a different bed than Michael, usually in the guest room. They didn’t have to worry about now though.

Jeremy was the first one to hop in the shower when they came home. He hadn’t wanted to shower at the park with lots of other stranger guys around him, and neither had Michael, so they had just decided on showering when they came home. Michael had joked about joining him in the shower, which made Jeremy’s face completely red and made his words come out in a jumbled mess. 

When he came out, Michael had made dinner. And by dinner he meant pouring some of Jeremy’s favourite cereal and milk in his Player 1 bowl. Jeremy still loved it, and he ate it up before Michael even had a chance to get out of the shower. 

When he put the spoon down, he felt the exhaustion settle in his body. He barely made it to Michael’s bed without collapsing on the floor. When he could finally slither into the half warm sheets that smelled like his boyfriend, he let out a sigh of pleasure, before his eyes closed involuntarily. 

The next thing he knows is that Michael gets in the bed on the right side of him (Michael was always on Jeremy’s right hand) and wrap his arms around his half-asleep boyfriend’s waist. 

“Good night, my player one.” Michael murmured into Jeremy’s ear before softly kissing it.

Jeremy shuffled closer to Michael, and pushed his head so that his lips were a few inches away from his boyfriend’s. “Mmmmh, ‘isses.” He mumbled, his eyes still closed.

Michael chuckled, and the action made the whole bed shake. “Jer, you’re barely conscious. You should sleep.”

Jeremy’s only response was to shuffle even closer, so his lips were hovering over Michael’s lips. Michael couldn’t help but smile adoringly at his boyfriend. “So stubborn.” He mumbled right before he put his lips on Jeremy’s. 

The kiss was slow and lazy, and Michael was doing almost all of the work, but they both enjoyed. Jeremy gripped Michael’s T-shirt between his hands. Although Jeremy was in some kind of dream state. Not fully dreaming but not fully awake either.

Soon Jeremy’s whole body went limp and he stopped kissing, and it was clear to Michael that he had fallen asleep. He mumbled something in his sleep and curled up even closer to Michael, which made his heart skip a beat.

“I love you.” He whispered, before he kissed Jeremy’s forehead and fell asleep with his head on top of Jeremy’s.

the waiting game

Lardo’s already setting up the camera when Nursey walks in to the room, and he sees her jump a little when he asks, “Alright, Lards, where do you want me?”

“On the stool there, just make yourself comfortable,” Lardo answers, waving her hand towards the stool in the middle of the room as she adjusts the camera on the tripod.

“So what is this about anyway?” he asks, trying to decide whether or not to cross his legs.

“It’s this project for my multimedia class, but I’m trying to go a little weird and experimental with it, so we’re going to do some word association if that’s cool?”

“Totally chill, brah, whenever you’re ready,” Nursey grins, looking straight into the camera.

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Why is Sana still angry with Elias?

Another theory no one asked for:
We still don’t know why the fight happened and it seems like Julie leaves us pretty much in the dark.
The last weeks I was thinking that the fight was about Even as he is the connection between the balloon squad and the boy squad and we know that something happened what seperated them, so it seemd likely that the fight was about Even and his backstory with the balloon squad.

But in today’s clip, something hit me:

Elias mentioning Isak, not Even! So, yeah, it makes sense as Isak was the one who got hurt, if it was by Elias, or not, is still not confirmed. But I think, we can be pretty sure, that Elias was strongly involved as he feels the urge to apologize to Sana (again). 

So why is he emphasizing Isak? Would the fight have been ok, if Isak wasn’t Sanas friend? Or is there more about it?
Even isn’t the only connection between boy squad and balloon squad, Sana is too!!
So, I was wondering if the fight started bc of Sana!- maybe Isak was standing outside with the other boys and was talking about Sana, mentioning her and Elias just heard it and jumped to wrong conclusions. 
We already learned that Sana was heavily mobbed at her previous school, maybe Elias thought it happens again at Nissen… and that’s why the fight started… 
So emphasizing “I didn’t know Isak was your friend” could be important, as Elias now understands that Isak wasn’t talking bad about his sister and that he just misunderstood it… 
And there is something else that didn’t fit with my previous conclusion about the fight: I was really expecting after the hiatus, that Even / Isak might be mad about Sana, bc she invited her brother and his crew but she should have known that this could end in trouble. But they never did. 
The opposite happened, Isak was reaching out to Sana and Even was very happy to see her in yesterday’s clip- would that have been the same, if the fight was really about Even and Bakka? I am not sure.
And it also seems to me that Even and Isak are very chill right now, what doesn’t makes sense to me, if the fight would have been about Evens past…

Well, that’s it so far! I am still not sure how likely this theory is, so I am curious to hear your opinions and if you have something to add, feel free! 


She literally didn’t let her friends take off the necklace, so that she wouldn’t become Killer Frost and kill them all. She stayed awake her whole operation, without any sedatives. Kept talking to Julian about what he was supposed to do, IN HER STATE OF PAIN AND MISERY because like Iris said “None of us are doctors”, yes none of them are DOCTORS. SHE WAS THE DOCTOR OF THE TEAM WHEN EVERYONE CLAIMED SHE WAS DOING NOTHING AND CONTRIBUTING NOTHING TO THE TEAM. Nobody on that show, apart from Barry, suffered as much as she did.

I stand by Caitlin Snow at all costs, I am so glad this selfless, gracious woman who always helped her friends and did no harm is still alive and well. EVEN THOUGH SHE IS LITERALLY KILLER FROST RIGHT NOW AND THANK GOD FOR THAT. THANK GOD. She always deserved better and when everyone was chilling at home, talking about how to save Iris, only HR Cisco and Julian truly cared about her and stayed with her. I will not forget it and I don’t think she will either. 

Killer Frost finally at large and I couldn’t be happier. 

Humans are weird

So you know how humans just have these weird ‘systems’ sometimes going on Int heir pretty heads? Yeah, so I thought it’d be funny to imagine an alien encountering one of them.

“Human Kate, you look awfully stiff. Are you feeling unwell? Please, do not hesitate to ask upon us if there is anything or anyone you need.

“N-no, just… it’s like 2 am right now and I like realllllyyy need to use the loo. Gonna piss my self at this rate. Say you mind I use urs instead?”

“What’s wrong, Human Kate? Is there anything wrong with our five human facilities? Are you uncomfortable? Is there something we might’ve done wrong. Our crew is new to your species so we’d like to rejuvenate any of our mistakes as soon as possible.”


The alien looks confused as Kate flees for god knows where on their ship. Most probably to relieve herself. They search up ‘cockroach’ and have found that it is in fact an non-intelligent insect (in terms of communication within species outside their own) and wonder why and how did this ‘cockroach’ and their human Kate come into an 'agreement’ to the sharing of the toilet when agreements supposedly mean to have two or more parties come into harmony in accordance to opinion or feeling.

Because, the two can’t even communicate intelligently so how is it an agreement?? Besides, humans are much larger than cockroaches so why does Kate even look FEARFUL?

Weren’t they fearless?
Human Kate says: fear comes in different forms and if you take that god forsaken creature even within 64 steps of me I will end you. Rip your bloody antennas out as shove them down your throat!

Alien is scared and silently worships the creature cockroach who is able to provoke feelings of such fear into Human Kate.

The reverence only increases as Kate throws another threat about dragging their insect asses so deep into Australia where the sun don’t shine.
Avengers Chatroom: Pizza

Requested by Anon

Pairings: Peter Parker x f!Reader

Scenario: The team really wants to know who Peter’s girlfriend is. Especially Tony.

A/N:  моему маленькому ангелу - my little angel. Thank you to the Anon who let me know about the correct translation <3

Tony has created a chatroom.

Tony has invited Nat, Steve, Clint.

Tony: I have some news about Peter.

Clint: What did he do?

Steve: Leave the kid alone.

Nat: You are like an aunt who is always gossiping.

Tony: Do you want to know or not?!

Steve: It’s none of your or ours business if he did anything. He’s a good kid so I doubt it’s something bad.

Clint: Yup.




Nat: He is a teenage boy. He must have a girlfriend. This is not surprising.

Tony: I didn’t raise him like this!

Clint: You didn’t raise him at all.

Tony: Don’t any of you want to know who this girlfriend is?


Steve: Kinda.

Nat: Steve!

Steve: What? He never introduced us to her! We are his second family. We should know.

Nat: True… Okay, who is it?

Tony: I don’t know.

Steve: Well find out.

Tony: You find out!

Nat has added Peter.

Nat: So, you have a girlfriend?

Peter: No I don’t.

Tony: Then who gave you the hickeys?!

Peter: What? I don’t have that.

Clint: Tony maybe you imagined it.


Tony has added Y/N, Bucky, Sam, Bruce, Thor.

Tony: Who knows who Peter’s girlfriend?

Tony: Whoever she is, she gave him hickeys!

Y/N: That is none of your business!

Steve: That’s what I said.

Y/N: and stop mentioning the hickeys!

Peter: This is so awkward.

Bruce: Stop harassing him Tony.

Thor: What are hickeys? Is it some type of animal?

Y/N: … Yes.

Bruce: Don’t mislead Thor. We don’t need a repeat of last time.



Thor: I almost threw Mjolnir at him …

Y/N: whoops.


Peter: I don’t have a girlfriend!

Bucky: He must be telling the truth. Are we really going to believe Tony? Of all people?

Tony: Hurtful.

Peter: Can we change the subject?

Sam: I kind of want to know as well now. Who’s the lucky lady?

Peter: I am not dating anyone.

Steve: I will find out.

Y/N: Leave him alone.

Tony: Confess!

Nat: We just want to meet her.

Steve: Maybe his aunt knows.

Tony: If you don’t tell me, I will ask your aunt.


Peter: Please don’t!

Bucky: Ask his aunt.

Peter: She doesn’t know!

Thor: Perhaps she ought to.

Tony: Maybe I’ll visit her right now.

Peter: I’ll do anything! Don’t tell her!

Sam: Why not?

Peter: She should find out from me, not any of you!

Nat: So you are dating someone.

Tony: I’m only 5 minutes away.

Tony: Do you think she’ll be surprised?

Y/N: It’s me! I’m his girlfriend!

Y/N: Don’t tell his aunt!

Clint: MY SWEET Y/N?!


Y/N: Okay I’m sweet or sinful, which is it?!

Peter: … Both, babe.

Sam: Okay. Ew. Ew. Ew. I don’t need to know that.

Bucky: I would never have guessed.

Nat: Awww my two babies are dating <3

Thor: This is most adorable!

Sam: Didn’t know you had a thing for spiders.

Y/N: Oh shush.

Bruce: I assume you both have been given the birds and the bees talk?

Bruce: I will recite it just in case.

Y/N: Please don’t!

Peter: I didn’t know my cheeks could get as red as my suit…

Steve: I need pictures of the two of you!

Y/N: For what?

Steve: To frame! You’re growing up so fast!

Clint: I don’t accept this! Don’t condone this!


Steve: And why not?

Peter: This is why we were anxious to tell any of you.



Peter: Mr. Stark… I don’t mean to insult you but…I’m not your son. I should be able to date Y/N without your permission.

Tony: After all I’ve done for you… You come into MY HOUSE

Y/N: Chat*


Y/N: What do you think I’ll do to Peter?! Kill him?!

Tony: Well no. You two actually make a very good couple.

Y/N: Then why all the fuss?!

Tony: I don’t want you and him to date because Nat is your mentor. You know her famous Thighs Of Death move and what if YOU INJURE HIM DURING SEXY TIMES… IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN

Nat: You have already embarrassed them enough. Do you really think I’m going to let you tell моему маленькому ангелу that and live?

Tony: … I’m sorry.

Tony: Y/N, tell your mama bear to stand down!

Tony: Please!

Tony has left the chat.

Nat has left the chat.

Peter: Do you think we should go help him?

Y/N: He’ll be fine.

Steve: Well… That was certainly quite the experience.

Bucky: I’m going to go see Tony get his ass kicked. Happy days :)

Bucky has left the chat.

Sam has left the chat.

Clint: Listen here, Peter. If you hurt my little Y/N, I will shoot you. I never miss. EVER.

Clint has left the chat.

Y/N: … I guess that’s his way of giving us his blessings.

Peter: I’m very scared right now.

Thor: You would be scared only if you meant to hurt Lady Y/N…

Peter: That’s not what I mean!

Thor: I will be watching you. Closely. At all times. Wherever you may be, I will be there. Watching.

Thor has left the chat.

Y/N: … That’s not creepy at all.

Peter: Study date tonight? I’ll bring pizza and all your favorite snacks.

Y/N: Yes. Did I ever tell you that I love you? Because I do. Very much.

Peter: Are you only saying that because I’m bringing food?

Y/N: Partially.

Peter: Well I love you too.

Bruce: Maybe I can tutor you two…

Y/N: Date. Study DATE.

Bruce: Just want to make sure that studying is the only thing happening.

Peter: … So two pizzas it is then.

Bruce: Good :)

Bruce has left the chat.

Steve: What are you going to study?

Y/N: History.

Steve: Make it three pizzas.

Steve has left the chat.

Peter: Will we ever be alone after this?

Y/N: We just have to be extra sneaky.

Vision has joined the chat.

Vision: I have been informed of an impromptu study session with pizza. Make it four, please.


Vision: Five actually. Wanda will be joining.

Peter: Who eats an entire pizza?!

Vision: Six now. Pietro will be in attendance.

Y/N: I’m moving to Wakanda.

Peter: Right behind you.

Y/N has left the chat.

Peter has left the chat.

Vision: So no pizza?

Vision has left the chat.

HuniePop Sentence Starters for all you sinners.
  • “Wow, okay. Could I get you to maybe take it down a notch? I’m right here.”
  • “Chill out for a second. You’ll be glad I showed up.”
  • “Oh my God, it’s worse than I thought, isn’t it?”
  • “I’d KILL to have tits like that!”
  • “Try not to be an ass for like…five minutes.”
  • “Thanks for the sex, homie!”
  • “It feels like I haven’t eaten anything in like a hundred and fifty years.”
  • "Is it weird that I like veggies so much?”
  • “What’s shakin’, bacon?”
  • “Oh my God, I could kiss you!”
  • “This is romantic as shit. Are you trying to seduce me?”
  • “That was a pussy drink! Hit me with something stronger!”
  • “What’s wrong? Seems like something’s bothering you.”
  • “Ohhhh, come on! Just try it on. It’s going to look sooooo cute.”
  • “You can’t keep all that boob to yourself, hun. It’s not fair to the rest of the world.”
  • “What’s cooking, good-looking?”
  • “You really are something else. You know that?”
  • “I have got to get something inside me. Food, I mean.”
  • “Let’s go win some stupid shit.”
  • “Can’t you just, like, chill out for once and, I don’t know, have fun?”
  • “What’s wrong!? Did I hurt your whore feelings?”
  • “Uhh, could you move please? You’re kind of in my way.”
  • “That’s fucking disgusting.”
  • “Okay, I’m here. So now what?”
  • “I literally cannot remember my name right now.” 
  • “Forgive me for saying this…but your body is straight bangin’.”
  • “Weakness? I’ve never heard of such a thing!”
  • “Fuck these birds, am I right?”
  • “Isn’t it funny how life is pointless and nothing matters?”
  • “That is a supremely nice set of tits. Ten outta ten!”
  • “What should we do about the fact that we’re desperately attracted to each other?”
  • “I just do whatever the magic fairy that follows me around tells me.”
  • “I need to pick up some condoms for our date tonight.”
  • “You look like you’d rather be anywhere else.”
  • “Flat chested girls make me sad.”

anonymous asked:

reddie prompt! eddie gets cast as the lead in a school play and he has to kiss the main female, richie gets so jealous he does everything in his power to join the cast too and ruin the play

I’ve used this prompt to make a second chapter in my Reddie fic! So bless your heart anon! Head over to Archive of our Own and leave reviews! Or reblog! I love both.

For other chapters - 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Chapter 2: School Play Gone Wrong

Richie was holding his stomach cracking up, “Romeo and Juliet?! You can’t be fucking serious.”

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What’s normal? A Dean/Cas mirror

This episode is so full of subtext about the themes of Dabb era I think I may have to write 25 separate posts on each moment / theme rather than one episode review cos my friends it is intense. 

*Imagines Andrew Fairy Goddabb waving his glittery wand all over the episode and season*

Key themes: Who we are is not what we are. There is no normal, it’s a social construct. Chosen family. Performing to a norm and repressing your true self does not lead to happiness. Honesty wins. Love is love. Romantic v platonic love. Humanity. Fatherhood…. subverting the pilot and linking it back to the start. I think I will just do them one by one :)

Themes One and Two: There is no “normal”, acceptance of differences. Chosen family & sadness turned to rage.

Exposition: Jack and Clark.

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1. There is no normal.

Police officer: “Weird.”
O Barker: “There’s no such thing as weird, everyone’s normal in their own way”
Clark: “Yeah, totally normal…”

Clark Dean Mirror Barker firstly establishing that he thinks there is such a thing as “normal” and Jack definitely falls outside this box, moving forwards until he’s sitting on the floor with him accepting he can do cool magic and eating candy bars with him.

*Tink stares into the camera*

Clark and Jack first meet in a fast food joint (!) where Clark (Dean mirror) tells us he is untouchable due to his parentage in a lovely echo of season 4/5 Dean when he first met Cas being untouchable due to being the vessel of Michael through his parentage.

He’s intrigued by Jack, kinda flirty with everyone, charismatic and Jack starts to learn about himself and humanity through his interactions with Clark. 

By the end:

Jack: “I like it, I like nougat!”.
Clark: “Dude’s magic”. 

Then continues to smile and sit comfortably with him until Jack goes nuts (nougat pun intended) due to Angel radio. He was however seemingly pretty chill about Jack’s abilities and thought it was kinda cool *insert Dean’s hey lookatmyboyfriendhessocool face*.

So Clark Humanity Barker helps Jack discover his own Humanity through candy bars (childhood) but he had to grow up fast… because the world is a dangerous place and he needed to grown up quickly and have a protector.

2Chosen family & sadness turned to rage.

Then we have this:

Jack: “That’s why I chose Castiel to be my father.”
Sam: “he’s dead.”
Jack: sad face that immediately turns to angry revenge. 

Where have I seen this before?! 


Both immediately after Cas’ death we have Dean falling to his knees in grief then turning into a hard angry face as he goes inside to shoot Jack in the face, then the same again after his prayer goes unheard, going from abject grief to rage.

Man this season is going to be EPIC. Subtext abounds and this is just one small snippet of the themes of this one episode!

Bonus: What episode do we think we will get an openly bisexual side character who’s a massive Dean mirror and we get Dean’s reaction to it? (Ie. not like Chuck who WE know about, but Dean doesn’t) I’m going with… by episode 14.

Bonus Bonus: Ok but I crack-postulated that Dean might even come out of the closet by the time Cas comes back in 06 because he’s so done with everything and feels like now is the time to be honest about himself because why not, everyone is dead anyway… and the freaking HONESTY scene with Officer Barker is just hammering this home to me right now and I don’t want to get overly excited but man… Dabb you have no chill, you’re writing fanfic and I don’t know how to separate wild speculation from realistic speculation now as he’s just validated our meta of season 12 and the consequent speculation within minutes of the new season and now there is actually a totally open path for this to happen (and how much else is left given we got so much already within the first 42 minutes of the season?!)   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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domestic boyfriends hcs plz

I love my boys and support their domestic lifestyle so certainly anon!

- It started out with them rooming at college just so they didn’t have to be with strangers, but ended up dating and loving the life.

-they both end up getting really good jobs, Jeremy as a tech wizard who designs software and games on the side, while Michael is a dj, music editor and creator. He has a commercial with his audio work in it for shampoo.

-so they have a little apartment together now! It’s not the best but it’s definitely not the worst, they can’t complain. And Michael likes being on the fourth floor because of the porch

-they have the goddamn softest blankets since their bed is close to a rock. They’re working on buying a new one but it has to be perfect.

-they sleep all cuddled up

-Michael takes about two hours to wake up and even then that’s late, so when they have off Jeremy will get up and make Michael breakfast for him to wake up too

-Michael tells pretty much everyone that waking up to the smell of Jeremy’s chocolate chip pancake is the best feeling in the world.

-they’re supposed to split the chores but they never follow their set boundaries. When Michael is too tired to do the dishes Jeremy steps in and does so no problem, or when Michael hears Jeremy had a stressful day he’ll do the laundry for him

-but there’s also a lot of moments where both of them are in a slump and everything just piles up until Jeremy decides to stress clean

- Michael still walks in yelling “honey I’m home!”

- when Jeremy does the dishes Michael comes up and puts soap suds on his nose, and Jeremy usually responds by flicking water at him

-they have a mini fridge full of Mountain Dew red just in case

-Jeremy leaves his boxers everywhere and Michael keeps stumbling on them, they no longer phase him.

-Michael has a pet peeve for handprints and smudges on the windows but Jeremy opens the porch door by dragging his hand along it

-they both have opposing schedules, so they don’t go on dates as much as they’d like.

-they usually spend time with each other winding down, relaxing on the couch and watching movies

- you would not believe how many times Michael has carried Jeremy to bed because the boy fell asleep on the couch

-the SQUIP actually helps with their schedules and life, sometimes even waking Jeremy up to tell Michael his alarm didn’t go off.

- Rich is basically always over, he says he loves “casa de los homosexuales”

- Michael big spoons Jeremy and kisses his neck, then says “no homo”

-they take showers together, usually at night. Jeremy leans against Michael’s back and they just have a comfortable silence.

- they have the god damned greatest game station set up and if you so much as put dust on one of their consoles they will kill.

-seriously like a third of their cash goes to that decked out baby. They have it organized by console, genre, and alphabetized.

-they also have a ton of posters and nerd decals and merch everywhere

-Michael has this giant pacman ghost of pinky that Jeremy won him (by accident) at a carnival once and he loves it half to death

-once they were brushing their teeth when Jeremy inhaled the foamy mint stuff and choked

-they also lay on each other and scroll through their phones if they need down time.

-They have a scrapbook of all their memories and yes it is gay.

-there’s a hole in the wall covered up by a movie poster because Michael once wore his skates inside and crashed.

-when Jeremy is really tired he doesn’t sleep with his shoes on, no he kicks and flings his shoes across the room, it scares Michael.

- Michael wakes up in the middle of the night to panic attacks every now and then, to which Jeremy will rub his back and hold him to calm him down.

-sometimes Michael catches Jeremy talking to himself- or well his SQUIP- and he just sounds so upset that it physically hurts him

-Jeremy has better control over it now so he’s ok. But sometimes he falters yknow?

-random kisses everywhere. Just lean over and kiss your boyf do it.

- “dude you’re so high right now”

“I am not”

“You just asked me if the guy with the biggest dick was named dick and if that’s why we call them dicks.”

Let's be more than friends?
Let's be more than friends?

H-H-H-HERE IT IS…the song I wrote for Michael (or rather, that Michael wrote for Jeremy) in chapter two of 24-Hour Life Tickets!

The lyrics aren’t exact since I sorta messed up at one part but wHATEVER

Also please ignore the horrible quality I recorded this in my basement and with my phone so it’s nOT THE BEST
And yeah it’s all acapella since I can’t play an instrument to save my life there’s some clapping in there to give it a nice beat but thas about it frens

Please keep in mind that I am in no way a professional songwriter or anything remotely like that;; I just did this for fun? And I came up with this randomly I didn’t really plan it or anything lol

Now please excuse me while I go and scream into the void

Busy, Busy, Busy

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad x reader
Word Count: 2,221ish
T/W: Fluff! (little bit of angst, Alex has anxiety)
A/N: “IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY MY WHOLE LIFE! Can you do a Hamilsquad fluff where the reader is like really busy and the Hamilsquad thinks that the reader is avoiding them? -Flower Bee anon” 
Tags:  @applesislife ✨ @iworshipmusicals ✨  @othermia ✨

“Good morning ma belle,” Laf purred, placing a kiss to your neck. 

You were the last two in bed. Stretching out, you hummed at Laf’s affection, up until you turned to look at the clock. It was well past when you were supposed to be up. Work was already crazy enough and your boss was stressing you out to no end. Blinking your eyes you groaned, yep, you were late. 

“Shit!” you tossed the covers back and started pulling clothes out of your dresser.

Not realising you had abruptly left Laf’s embrace, you headed to the bathroom to get ready and leave. Laf thought it was strange, but got up, going to the kitchen. Herc was in his studio as usual, but Alex and John were already at work. Laf started to get out ingredients for breakfast. You walked out, dressed for work and hopping as you tried to put your shoes on while standing. As you double checked your work bag, Laf’s arms wrapped around your waist. He placed one more kiss against your neck, before you wiggle out of his grasp. 

“Bye, I’ll see you later tonight,” you gave him a peck on his cheek, closing the door behind you on your way out. 

It was very, very unlike you. Usually you loved the attention. Laf furrowed his eyebrows, walking into Herc’s office. Herc was at work with a soft pink dress, meant to be for you. Laf wrapped his arms around Herc’s neck from behind. 

“Did she try it on for you?” Laf asked, placing a kiss to Herc’s jawline. 

“Nope,” he answered, “she was too busy yesterday and with the way she was bolting out of here today, I didn’t even get the chance to ask.” 

“Hmm, I’m sorry,” Laf held on a little tighter, “she didn’t give a good morning kiss and she didn’t seem to like me touching her.”

“Don’t think on it too much, Babe,” Herc looked over his shoulder at Laf, “maybe she’s really busy.” 

Arriving at work, you headed straight to your office, not stopping by Alex’s like usual. Tossing your bag on the desk you sighed, quickly trying to get all your stuff out before your boss walked in to see that you were late. She liked to put all the pressure on you instead of dividing the work evenly among you and your co-workers. Sitting down, you pulled your chair in and pushed some hair behind your ear, swiftly opening your laptop. Taking a deep breath you thought you were in the clear. 


A sharp voice rang out, making you cringe slightly. 

“You’d better makeup the time you weren’t here,” Martha snapped, leaving. 

“Yes, ma’am,” you sighed. 

You swore you had drunk at least five cups of coffee before noon, but your work was nowhere near done. You typed, almost violently, on your computer, not noticing when Alex walked in. He was going through a really rough time, this month had the day his mother died in it and he always got very very anxious and fidgety during this month. He really liked how you comforted him, so at work you always told him to come have lunch with you in your office, away from other people.

“Hey,” Alex gently shut the door to your office, he took a seat across your desk, but you still didn’t look up.

He scooted his chair closer to your desk and cleared his throat. Making you jump.

“Alex!” you closed your eyes, trying to chill out from being so tense, realising the tone that you said his name in, “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you come in. I’m just a little busy right now.” 

“It’s okay, I see that. Do you want any help-”

“I am fully capable of doing this on my own, I am going to do it that way, I don’t need help,” you curled your lips in, also realising the tone you said that in as well. 

“Oh, okay, you got it then,” Alex got up, “I think I’ll go see if anyone’s outside, if not I’ll be there.”

Before you could respond to him, he was already shutting the door behind him. You slouched back into your chair, rubbing your face with your hands. Shaking your head, you tried shake it off. The rest of the day went by painfully slow, but you tried your best to just finish the work, which, of course, didn’t happen. You had more to take home… Alex had already headed home, not waiting for you; he assumed you’d be staying late. You made it back just as the boys were finishing cleaning up dinner. 

“Hey, babygirl! You ready for movie night?” John hugged you, “Horror, romance, my hand down your pants?”

You quickly hugged him and moved on, making your way to your office. 

“I-I can’t tonight, I’m sorry!” You said walking down the hallway, turning into the office. 

“That’s weird, she- she loves movie night…,” John had confusion spread across his face. 

“She did the same to us this morning,” Herc shared. 

“She kinda got upset with me at work,” Alex spoke up, “I ate outside.” 

“Mon amour,” Laf wrapped his arms around Alex, lovingly.

“What’s her deal-”

They pause, suddenly hearing you talk. Were you on the phone? With who? They thought you were “working”? Curious, they all gathered around the office door. Alex still staying next to Laf. 

“I know! All of them, today has just been the worst, Angelica!”  You said on the phone.

“Is she talking about us?” John asked. 

“I think so?” Herc answered, unsure in a whisper. 

“Yeah, I come home and I have so much to do, but yeah, all the boys are here and you know how distracting they get! With their attention and I just really need to get this done. But honestly, why can’t they divide it evenly and just let me chill out?” 

Right outside your door the boys’ jaws dropped. John looked furious, but Herc held him back. 

“Do you mind if I come over sometime, so I can actually get things done?” you asked. 

The boys spread out, Laf and Alex watched Netflix in the bedroom. Lafayette comforting Alex who was now really upset. John and Herc were in the living room, Herc was sewing something, John was attempting to focus on reading, but the things you said stuck with him like no tomorrow. How could you have said those things? A few hours passed before they saw you again. 

“You comin’ to bed, princess?” Herc asked you. 

“N-no,” you swung your bag over your shoulder, “I think I’m going over to Angelica’s for now. I’ve got a lot on my plate and I don’t want to keep you guys up all night.”

“Oh- okay, be careful and safe, tell her we say hi!” Herc hugged you, saying goodbye. 

You left, leaving the boys home all alone tonight. Walking to the bedroom, John and Herc got ready for bed, Herc slid under the covers on the other side of Alex, who was snuggled against Laf, sleepily. John on the other hand couldn’t get in bed, he paced and was way to wound up to be calmed down. 

“John, just come to bed,” Laf asked one more time, watching his partner pace the room. 

“How could she do this to us?!” John exclaimed, loudly. 

Alex snuggled closer to Laf at the sudden loudness in John’s voice. Laf sighed, stroking Alex’s hair. 

“I’m surprised at you,” Laf said, “she needs to do what’s best for her and-”

“I thought WE were what’s best for her! And-and now…now she’s not even coming to bed with us?!” John started to choke up. 

“Maybe she needs space, let’s be honest, we’re a lot to deal with,” Alex mumbled, still clinging onto Laf while Herc rubbed his back.

“Oh, you’re just used to losing people-”

“Hey!” Laf yelled, “Knock it off or you’re sleeping on the couch with no one.”

“Ya know what? I think that’s best!” John grabbed a pillow and a blanket. 

“John,” Laf tried to sound calming. 

“Fuck it,” John stormed out of the room. 

Laf leaned his head back against the headboard of the bed, closing his eyes and rubbing his temple with his free hand. Herc observed his stressed out nature. Alex started crying a little more. 

“I don’t wanna lose this family, not everybody…not again,” he said softly. 

“Shh, mon ange, you won’t I promise you’ll always have me,” Laf tucked himself and Alex under the covers, Herc joining. Alex nuzzled his face into Laf’s chest, arms tightly wrapped around him. Herc held Alex from behind, placing a soft kiss to his shoulder. Laf and Herc, looked at each other, as Alex soon drifted off to sleep, the stress always wore him down. 

“We’ll talk to her in the morning,” Herc said, reaching a hand to stroke Laf’s forearm, sweetly. 

“Oui,” Laf just sighed. 

“Hey, we’ll get through it, together,” Herc nodded, as if waiting for an answer form Laf. 

“Oui,” Laf said with a little more confidence.

Sharing a quick goodnight kiss, Laf brought his hand to meet Hercules’, holding onto it while they both tried to fall asleep. The night wasn’t easy, but the morning was harder. Being the first to wake up, Laf checked on John, who was still passed out on the couch, draping his blanket back over him, Laf continued to the kitchen, making some coffee for himself. Alex was the second one up, Herc the third and John last. Waiting and waiting they talked about how to approach you; it was much harder than they thought when you came back. 

“Hey, guys!” You greeted them happily. 

“Mon cher, we want to talk to you,” Laf started. 

“Okay, what’s up?” you were in a really good mood for some reason, which made it even harder. 

“I think you better sit down,” Herc advised, so you all made your way to the living room. 

John was keeping his distance, arms crossed as he didn’t even look your direction. Laf stood in front of you with Herc, and Alex was on the couch across from you. They all seemed very out of character, it was bizarre.

“Y/n, we’ve been noticing some patterns of late, that don’t seem normal for you,” Laf began, “you’re missing dinners, you’re not having movie night with John, Alex has barely seem you all week, you won’t come to bed with us and-”

Herc took over hearing the struggle in Laf’s voice, “We heard you on the phone with Angelica.” 

“Yeah, we heard everything!” John spouted off, tears already welling in his eyes. 

Before you could say anything, “We just want you to do what’s best for you and if you want out, just tell us, don’t slowly become distant from us, it’s breaking out hearts everyday. Yes, there’s four of us and one of you, but mon ange, please just tell us, don’t be afraid.”

It took you a moment to understand what they were thinking, until you got it. They thought you wanted to break up with them. Which was the entire opposite. You wanted more than anything to just be home with them, cuddled and squished in between your boys. You wanted to cuddle with Laf, model for Herc, have lunch with Alex and fool around on movie night with John, but that just wasn’t your schedule. 

“Guys,” you almost laughed, “I don’t want to break up with you!”

“Well then what was that phone call? You said: ‘ why can’t they divide it evenly and just let me chill out?‘“ John snapped. 

“No, no, no when I said they I mean my boss and her boss! Not you guys!” you stood. 

“Listen, I want to be home with you as much as possible. Work is just really busy, people are pressuring me, I haven’t been myself lately and I apologise, but I want nothing more than all my boys.”

They suddenly realised how serious you were getting. 

“I want to cuddle, model, eat, fool around with you all, but I can’t right now, and I guess if you don’t want me like that, then I can leave, but I don’t want to..”

“Princess,” Herc was the first to speak up, “if you’re stressed, you just gotta let us know, we’ll take care of you, we promised to!” 

“He’s right, cheri! Just express how you’re feeling, we thought you were avoiding us, so it was a lack of communications on both sides, so…we’re sorry. Right boys?”

Everyone nodded. 

“I could never avoid you and listen you’re all a distraction because, let’s face it, you have bangin bods, and you walk around shirtless a lot, which I love, but it’s not ideal for working on important documents.”

There was a collective nervous laugh with them apologising under their breath. 

“But for now, can we just have a chill day?” you asked, “Please? I could really use a nap?”

The boys quickly rushed to the bedroom, John taking your hand and pulling you into a kiss before leading you to the bedroom; it was his way of saying sorry and you didn’t mind one bit. You got in the middle of the bed, Alex on your right, as he needed comfort now too. Herc and Laf cuddled on your left, Laf right against you. John, just behind Alex. They all made sure to be touching you in some way, to let you know that they’re here for you. 

“I love this family,” Alex said softly.

“And we love you, my Angel,” you responded. 

“Hmm, we’ve missed hearing that,” John hummed. 

“And feeling you,” Laf kissed your neck. 

“I’ve missed all of us together,” Herc added. 

“But here we are,” you smiled, feeling sleepy. 

It was perfect as you fell asleep, you were home.

He Passes Out During A Show - Josh Dun Imagine

Hey guys, firstly I wanted to say sorry for taking so long to post this, I’ve just had some important exams but all is good because my results are really good! hope you all enjoy x

Joshua had been working so hard for this tour. So much that he’d barely eaten a thing, every morning I would wake up in an empty bunk, sometimes it would be 6am and I would hear the faint pounding of drums from inside the stadium. he was constantly tired and went straight to sleep whenever we had any type of alone time. 

It was the night of the first show of the second part to the Emotional Roadshow, Josh had been up since 8 practising the same bit to Ride over and over. I walked behind him, setting the coffee that I had made for him beside his kit and ran my fingers over the warm skin of his shoulders, he flinched slightly at my touch and stopped suddenly looking up at me. Deep set frown lines cut through his pale face, mocha eyes drained of the life that usually danced in them. ‘Baby, you gotta have a break sometime, I promise you, you’ll do great’ I said softly, passing him the hot coffee.

‘I cant Y/N, I have to get this bit right,’ he said mumbled, gulping down the steaming drink. I gasped slightly because I knew how hot I had made it. ‘Just listen to this bit, is it okay’ He began to play the part of Ride where he would play on top of the crowd at they all peered up at him like he was a god. I listened as he played his heart out putting all of his effort into this solo, until he went wrong. ‘Argh fuck! I get the same fucking bit wrong every time I can’t do it’ he sulked burying his head into his sweaty covered hands.

‘Josh, Josh hey,’ I said, he looked at me again, tears threatening to spill from the eyes that I had fallen so in love with ‘You are going to do great, you do it every time, all the fans love you, and if you do mess up, then so what? the only people that will know are Tyler and I, and we love you no matter what, don’t you ever forget that okay?’ I smiled at him.

 ‘Thank you baby, I just wanna do you proud, I love you’ he said pulling me into a tight, if not slightly sweaty hug. I screwed up my nose and giggled at him then left to change for the evening. The drumming continued followed by various profanities, if he missed a beat, I sighed not knowing what to do with my perfectionist boyfriend.


“Tyler!?” I called from the hall, he popped his head out of the dressing room door, hair half combed as he was only part way through getting ready for tonights show. (A/N: Tyler has hair in this imagine for the purpose of this line and another later on, trust me I love Ty’s hair right now it just works that he has the fluffy hair here!)

“yesssssssssssss’ he chuckled, and I rolled my eyes at his behaviour. 

“He’s been drumming for about four hours straight now, I’ve tried so hard to get him to stop and chill but no matter what I do he won’t stop, I’m so worried Ty’ I said scratching lightly at the thin skin of my palms.

“I know, I am too, but I don’t think anyone can change what he’s doing, you know what he’s like, once he’s got his heart set on doing something he’ll do whatever it takes to do it’ he sighed running his hand through his fluffy hair. “It’s time for him to get ready anyway, he’ll come by in a minute’.

As if on cue the drumming stopped abruptly, moments later Josh was trudging down the hallway, footsteps heavy and tiresome. “Time to get ready,” he muttered trying to give a hopeful smile as he passed us and then into his dressing room. I closely followed and watched as he slumped down in his chair, he looked at his sweaty image in the mirror and I could tell he was criticising everything I saw, my heart slightly tore apart at the thought and walked over to him deciding that I would help him to do his hair and eye makeup today because he seemed exhausted. 

I kneeled in front of him and started to comb his hair into a more organised mess of sweaty, sunshine curls on top of his head, he gave he a lop-sided smile and closed his eyes as I began to smear the red paint gently over the smooth skin beneath his eyes. “open” I almost whispered at him. He fluttered his eyes open and inspected himself in the illuminated “does it look okay?’ he just nodded in response and then closed his eyes again.

‘Thank you,” he murmured.

Half an hour later and it was moment until the boys were due on stage, Josh had pumped himself up a little and was ready to go on, the adrenaline must have kicked in. 

As the stage director gave the cue, the music started and the low hum of the beginning of HeavyDirtySoul filled the arena, accompanied by the screams of the crowds. They roared in delight as they watched their idols run on stage, Tyler rapped every word to perfection and Josh kept up with the quick pace of the song. I smiled as I watched him nod his head in time to the song.

It came to ‘Ride’ and a slight wave of sickness washed over me, worrying about how Josh would do, I knew he would be fantastic but he had stressed me out earlier. I watched as the crew lifter the drum kit on top of the crowd, Josh scanned for the best path in order to safely climb onto the plywood platform. Sure enough he clambered on safely at sat on the black leather stool. The music started again and he began his solo putting the rest of his power into the beat of the song, I glanced down at my phone until I heard a thud, followed by a sickening but definite scream ‘Y/N!’, Josh was on the floor his small body engulfed by the mass of fans, desperate to touch my boyfriend. I ran across the stage, over the barrier and into the pit wading through the hoards of people until I found him, eyes rolling back in his head, gasping for breath. 

I kneeled beside him, and held his wrist in my palm checking his erratic pulse. Soon enough the medic rushed towards us and security ushered people out of the way so he had more space to breathe. I tilted his head up so it was resting on my knees and the doctor checked his heart rate and his temperature. They then picked him up and took him off to the side of the stage where he was given water. “I’m sorry guys, Josh can’t play anymore, I’m sorry if this ruined your night please don’t blame him he’s been working so hard for you. We are Twenty One Pilots, and so are you, goodnight everyone’ Tyler addressed the crowd as they began to amble towards the doors.

When the lights turned back on I had a proper look at Josh, and gasped at what I saw, his shirt had been nearly shreded by the fans, his hat was missing and small scratches were littered all up his arms where they had obviously tried to grab onto him but instead hurt him. “Babe! look at you, are you okay? look at your shirt there’s practically nothing there” he looked down at the torn black tank, and frowned, anger clearly bubbling up inside of him. “Stand up a minute I need to take a photo of this so that I can show the fans what they’ve done to you”

He stood up shakily and I quickly snapped a few shots of his shirt and arms. I went onto twitter and composed a new tweet ‘To the people who thought it appropriate to tear Joshua’s shirt and literally cut his arms, please don’t come back to another show, you are not welcome. I know you know who you are, you hurt him while he was vulnerable I hope the moment of touching him was worth it.’ I then attached the photos and posted the tweet, knowing hate would soon follow but I didn’t care because I needed to get my point across.

A couple hours later and Josh and I were curled up in bed, ‘Baby?’ he whispered, voice low and tired ‘I love you so much, thank you for helping me earlier, you’re amazing, I don’t know what I did to deserve someone like you’

I smiled into his chest and whispered back ‘I love you too Joshua,’

There you go, I feel like I’m a little rusty because I haven’t written for so long but I do hope you liked it, I’d love some feedback because you don’t know how much it means to me!

Much love.



skam month week four: favourite music moment
↳ 4x08: Håper du har plass

“In the 9th grade, there was a social worker who told me I had an anger issue. I thought: Fuck her, she doesn’t understand shit. Because.. she didn’t understand shit. But now I’m wondering if she maybe was right. Because I am angry. I’m angry because I’m not Muslim enough and no matter what I do, I’m never Norwegian enough. And I’m not Moroccan enough and I’m not chill enough, not pretty enough. I’m angry because I made it so important to fit in on a russ bus. I’m angry because I don’t fit in anywhere. Because I always get angry and fuck up, but most of all I’m sad because it influenced you. Because that bus is not important to me. It’s not important to me to be muslim enough, or if I fit in with Moroccans or Norwegians.”

boyf riends "we'd make such a cute couple"

This was pure bliss. Michael hummed as Jeremy carded his fingers through his hair, sometimes taking a group of strands to roll the ends of between his fingertips. They were at Michael’s house. They have been for the past 4 days actually, thanks to summer break. Michael’s basement is practically his own apartment so there was no need to leave, they had all they needed right there. Jeremy sat on the end of the couch, by one of the arms while Michael was laying across the length of the couch so his head was resting in Jeremy’s lap. Michael had a bowl of popcorn on his chest and alternated between taking pieces for himself and reaching a few up to give to Jeremy. A documentary played forgotten on the T.V. in front of them. Neither of them have payed any attention to whatever the narrator was saying about the penguins or whatever in a while as they were too busy paying attention to each other. They weren’t talking, they didn’t need to. There was a mutual understanding and a comfort found in the silence.

“Jere,” Michael broke the fragile sheet of silence covering the room.

“What’s up?” Jeremy responded, not stopping the movement of his fingers in Michael’s hair.

“We’d make such a cute couple, just hear me out.”

“Michael, you ca-” Jeremy tried to respond but a handful of popcorn was shoved into his mouth, stopping him from continuing.

“Shut up, I said hear me out. Think about it, Jere. Look at us, this isn’t something bros do. This is like, totally gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that though, cause I’m also like totally gay.”

He paused to eat another piece of popcorn.

“We would be so fucking cute. I could wear your sweaters and the sleeves would be too long and Christine will talk about how cute it is. We could be so grossly affectionate to try to top Rich and Jake. Jesus, those guys have no chill. Just, like, consider it. We’re practically dating already.”

“Michael,” Jeremy tried again.

“Don’t shoot me down just yet, I have like a billion different reasons.”

“Michael. You need to stop.”

“Hey! I said don’t shoot me down. You just need to think about it.”

“I am thinking,” Jeremy moved to rub his hands against his temples in frustration but Michael grabbed his wrist to move his hand back to his scalp. “I’m thinking that you’re probably way too high right now. Mike, we’ve been dating for like 7 months now.”

“Hmm. Oh, yeah. My points still stand.” Michael placed the bowl on the floor and turned so he was straddling Jeremy’s lap. Jeremy’s hands now on his hips, Michael nuzzled into Jeremy’s shoulder.

“I still think,” Michael said quietly, his lips brushing Jeremy’s neck, “that you make an excellent boyfriend.”

“And I still think,” Jeremy positioned Michael so their foreheads were resting together, “that you’re insane.”