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The Flirtatious Drunk

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Request:  SUPER MAD I HAD NO WIFI OR CELLPHONE ON MY BBY TIMOTHYS BIRTHDAY!! but since i am late could i ask for a 21 birthday party for tim drakexreader since why not a sleep deprived tim is funny but imagine a sorta wasted tim! merci! (thanks)

Pairing: Tim Drake x reader

Summary: Tim may be off of his face drunk, but not so much that he wouldn’t recognize  true beauty when he see’s it.

Word Count: 1,019

Genre: fluff


“Tim, I wouldn’t suggest drinking it like-” you warn before your boyfriend takes a giant pull from the cheap bottle of tequila you bought him as a present. You watch his face twists up in disgust before he forces the abrasive liquid down his throat.

“That.” you finish before ruffling your boyfriend’s hair, laughing at his reckless abandon.

Today was Tim’s 21st birthday and you two decided to celebrate. You, Tim,Barbara, Jason, and Dick (Damian wasn’t invited because he still had 2 years before he could drink legally and this was an ‘adult party’, or at least that’s what Jason said before Damian tried to attack him.) all were crowded in your small apartment as you fed Tim more drinks. Now, Tim had drank before, what teenager hadn’t but he had never drank as much as he had now. Beer, various cocktails and now shots straight from the bottle had been passed around the room all night long. You and Jason were easily the most sober in the room, you hadn’t drank all that much and Jason just had the single strongest tolerance you had ever seen. He said it was because ‘zombies can’t get drunk’, but you knew exactly how him and Roy spent their weekends. You sat down on your couch and Tim sits right next to you, drunkenly touching your face.

“y/n have I ever told you you have pretty eyes?” Tim slurs out as he leans on you. You laugh as he pulls that classic move of pretending to yawn and slung his arm over your shoulder.

“A few times actually!” You say. Tim smiles and gives you a kiss on the cheek.

“Well did I tell you that I think you’re hot?” he said trying to be suave, which was hard to do as he was so drunk he could barely keep his eyes open.

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Hatoful Boyfriend: an experience
  • Me (beginning): wow this is so funny! It has cute graphics and it's cheap so I'll give it a go!
  • Me (before the sad): haha pudding! Man some off the stuff is kinda sad but hey there can be a little drama in a game about birds right?
  • Me (after the sad): I am a good human being and I don't deserve this. I don't do
  • anything seriously bad so why does this game do this to me?
  • Me (fully completed): that was fun and emotionally destroyed me. *cue sobbing*