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Domesticity Memes

Put a ship in my ask box and I’ll tell you:

  • big spoon/little spoon:
  • favorite non-sexual activity:
  • who uses all the hot water:
  • most trivial thing they fight over:
  • who does most of the cleaning:
  • what has a season pass on their dvr/who controls the netflix queue:
  • who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working:
  • who steals the blankets:
  • who leaves their stuff around:
  • who remembers to buy the milk
  • who remembers anniversaries:
  • Who cooks normally?
  • How often do they fight?
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other?
  • Nicknames for each other?
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner?
  • Who steals the covers at night?
  • What would they get each other for gifts?
  • Who kissed who first?
  • Who made the first move?
  • Who remembers things?
  • Who started the relationship?
  • Who cusses more?
  • What would they do if the other was hurt?

I know that what happened to michael is proof the white cishet man can die too. But, although he wasn’t perfect, michael was everything the white love interest should be? He cared deeply about Jane’s background (those spanish vows were the most romantic thing ever said in a tv wedding). He used his privilege to help her family (he stopped abuela being deported like 3 times). When he was called out he changed his behaviour (remember in chapter two/three when michael said he was “glad to be the male presence in house meetings” and jane said “that’s not going to go well in our meetings” and Michael was just like “I’m glad to be invited???”). And how even though he behaved appallingly when he first found out jane was pregnant by the end he considered mateo his own son (he and jane always talked about having “another kid” cos they already had mateo???). Overall michael was just a great guy and I wish more cishet white male love interests were as good as him.

Okay now that the opening credits for season 6 has been released I am totally convinced that the writers and producers all sat around and decided to try and make this the worst season of any show in existence. First they get rid of Kira a woc. They decide to bring back two boring ass villains and three new characters. Then they decide to throw the main character who is a poc to the side. Then they are basically throwing everyone’s charter development out the window for stdia. Throwing all relationship development out the window for stdia.They are just basically erasing everything from past seasons for thus god awful ship. And now this fucking shitty opener. It literally looks like a 12 year old fan made it. It’s so bad in my opinion. And that’s why I am convinced the writers and producers are trying to make this the worst season on record.


SO NOW I’M FREAKING OUT BECAUSE I WAS SO BORED ABOUT LAST TVD SEASON AND I WAS WAITING FOR SOMETHING ABOUT KATHERINE TO BE DISCUSSED. NOW WE HAVE IT: Katherine is in HELL, as we predicted before. The best part of this thing is that I am imaging her sitting on a throne with Arcadius on her side, telling him to bring her Stefan and Damon. I love this, I know it’s impossibile but LOL THAT WILL BE SO EPIC CONSIDERING THAT KATHERINE CAN SEDUCE THE DEVIL HIMSELF LOOOOOL.

Btw, seriously, now we know for sure that maybe she is still “alive” or maybe she was “eaten” as a damned soul by Arcadius. But there is something that I am 100% sure: Katherine Pierce is the nucleus of The Vampire Diaries and after eight years this is the 123456765434567 evidence about that. She is always on the show, no matter in what form. She is in every dialogue and storyline, every villain is somehow connected to her. I love this, she is the ultimate protagonist of the show. And yes, I will always love her ‘cause she is the ONLY one character who can make me scream about TVD even after all these years. I miss her and Nadia so much, so thank you Julie for this little joy.

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I am really getting the hang of digital art lately, so here’s another one of my babies! Can you tell Voltron’s season 2 really got to me yet? I’m way too invested in Galra Keith…

This honestly started out as a doodle I did while bored in bed cuz I was sick, but apparently I have no chill when I’m bored because this got detailed really fast. :X I ended up liking it so much that once I recovered enough to use the computer again I immediately started working on turning this digital and BAM! I love it even more now! :D Kinda wanted to add both the Voltron and Blade of Marmora symbols, but with one in horizontal and the other in vertical it wasn’t working out. So I had no choice but to exclude them. I cry. 

Seriously though if nothing else I want to at least see Keith with yellow, pupil-less eyes. Literally if that’s the only Galra trait he ever gets I’ll be happy. I really like the eyes okay?


TBL For Fun - Episode 04x07 Promo

Well I am bored so I am going to post some promo photos for the next episode 04 x 07 - Dr. Adrian Shaw and come up with my own unique / weird interpretation of each.  I am keeping the pics in the same order as posted on NBC Blacklist because what the heck do I know?

Liz - “I believe my father Alexander Kirk is here and I want to donate to try to save his life.”

Tom - “Liz you are such a drama queen. Wait, is that Charlize Theron sitting over there?”

Red - "Hello. NBC? Hey when you said that Season 4A was going to focus on Kirk, I thought you meant Captain Kirk of Star Trek. You know, my buddy William Shatner? Well can’t you beam him up or something?”

Cooper - “I am Harold Cooper and I am the head of the FBI Task Force and very important and always serious. So I am having a very serious conversation with this woman in the hospital. Until I found out she actually works in the hospital cafeteria. Then I gracefully walked away.”

Red - “You two know each other? Is this a date? I love dates. I remember my first date with Mila McCarthy. We were 16 and I took her to see Carrie and we were sitting in the back of the theater and whenever she screamed she would reach over and grab me and then I would…. Oh sorry. You were saying?”

Liz - “When I was a young child I used to play hide and seek. At least I think I used to do that. Reddington messed with my memories so I don’t really know if I did or not. And speaking of Reddington thank God I never think about him anymore. Except when I do. Which is not very much. Except all the time. Stop it Liz!”

“Oh no! Alarms are going off all over the place. We need to run down this hallway and look like we know what we are doing. And thank heavens we have the blue gloves on already. Have you ever tried to put on gloves while running? It is not a pretty sight.”

Tom - “Hey, do you like my hair? What about my beard? Am I too sexy for my shirt? I hope Charlize thinks so, that’s for sure.”

Cooper - “So I just had a very long conversation with a woman who works in the hospital cafeteria.  And she recommended the Club Sandwich for lunch.”

Liz - “I hate waiting. I am so bored right now. And Tom can’t carry a conversation. I might as well be talking to a pet rock.”

Samar - “These wonder-bras do work miracles.”

Liz - “I wonder what Red is up to? Does he still think about me? Or is he thinking about that stupid Madeline Pratt? Wait - stop, I am here for my father, remember? Red is the guy I hate. Or I love him, or I hate that I love him.”

Tom - “I can’t believe Charlize Theron just walked right by me without acknowledging me at all. I even raised my arms over my head to stretch so she could see my abs. And she still ignored me! I am so depressed.”

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For the anon sad that the fandom is shrinking: I am a member of the "why stay here" mindset, so a few reasons from me personally. Here's the thing, Shirley's right, even though I liked 9-10 they were not high points and s11-12 ARE trying to make up for that. But here's the thing; in my mind, it's too little too late. I keep seeing people praising season 12 but like...I'm pretty bored. Why? Because I'm still Cas-starved, the family issues that existed in s1 are still absolutely there, 1/?

And I still don’t feel like I have representation. Couple that with “monsters” (read: fucked up humans) that are kind of not interesting (if I want to read stories about assholes I’ll pick up a newspaper) and I feel kind of like one of those people who are sure the illuminati exists, combing through each frame for scraps of meta/parallels/character development, and once I find that I feel like I have to present it as if I’m giving a thesis. Frankly it’s exhausting and not worth my time. 2/?

PLUS ALSO, I have no place to speak because I am not a writer, but as an audience member I can say that the overarching season story is ?????? I just don’t care about it, because they don’t make me care. In earlier seasons it was like a prominent plot point, but in the later seasons (starting maybe as early as 6 but I would say 8 definitely) the writing is like B at best, and the main storyline is broken up in such a way that I forget to care about it until that one scene where they go“OH ALSO A THING, REMEMBER?“ 

(Sorry Shirley I’m not done yelling but I have to break for a sec. be back soon!)

-after a brief interlude- okay so anyway yeah basically I’m just bored and the individual episodes this season are amusing, but they don’t make me care what happens next. I’m still in the fandom as far as reading fic and stuff, I just don’t find the show super engaging right now. Now I’m done!

Hahaha! Let it all out, dear. :p 

I’m passing it on to the anon, but I also wanna say that once again the issue that basically comes up is one of the main reasons the show can’t grow or evolve; they absolutely /refuse/ to change the formula. We had this discussion when Mary left abruptly, we’ve had this discussion about Cas, but also about Kevin/Charlie, etc. Because nobody gets to stick around because they refuse to change the formula at all costs.

Not changing the formula also is the main reason for your complaints about the main plot; Every season there has to be a X number MOTW episodes, putting the main plot on hold for random reasons until suddenly three episodes later; oh yes, this thing is also still happening. But it doesn’t feel urgent or pressing at all, because hey, they barely mentioned the thing for weeks now, it can’t be that concerning huh? 

Add to that your remark about being Cas starved; this show actually has plenty of interesting characters that are easy to like, but the problem is (again, because the formula mustn’t ever change) if the character you’re most invested in isn’t Sam or Dean (whether it’s Jody, or Donna, or Claire, or Cas, or Charlie back when they hadn’t killed her off yet), you’re pretty much gonna be starved for the entirety of the show.

Most shows that I watch have like 3-4 leads who are all equal when it comes to screen-time/importance, but also like 6-8 main characters to back them up who are around for most episodes, and who all interact with each other on a regular basis. This is what keeps shows interesting, because even if you don’t like every relationship that’s formed on the show (whether it be friendship or romance), there’s always going to be another one that you /are/ invested in, and seeing as on most shows all of these relationships frequently get their day in the sun, that’s what keeps people around; there’s something there for everyone.

Yet here you are looking at the same main relationship for 12 years now, no one is allowed to get in, not really, and it’s only logical that a lot of viewers eventually get tired of that and lose interest in watching the same two people fight and make up again for 12 seasons straight. 

Even if seasons 11/12 are better than what came before that (which most fans agree they are), watching only one relationship for 12 years will get repetitive to even the most patient viewer, so it isn’t any wonder that the fandom (at least online) is slowly getting smaller and smaller, because if they don’t change a thing, time is their worst enemy; more and more fans will inevitably get bored and look for other shows/fandoms to put their time and energy into. 


Let’s just say that I understand why people are looking around and slowly falling in love with other shows or fandoms, and there is no shame in that. Although it’s also a little sad, because even though SPN is 12 years old already, some minor changes to the original formula to switch it up a little would probably be enough to let the storylines and characters develop in a more natural way (go where the story takes them, so to speak), and to keep more fans around and interested in discussing the show online. 

Ah well, c’est la vie. :p

Taking An Important Test
  • me: ok brain so this is worth 50% of my grade can you please not start singing a random song during it
  • brain: ok
  • brain:
  • brain:
  • brain:
  • brain:
  • brain:
  • brain: BAbY SEASONS CHANGE BUT peoPLE don't and I'll alwAYS be wAITIng in the baCK rOOm
  • me: what the fu-
  • brain: I'm borInG but overcompensate with headlines and
  • me: please stop
  • brain: FLASH FLASH FLASH photographY
Into the badlands rant!

So honestly since season 2 of into the badlands started I’ve been searching all over the place for other peoples thoughts on the show. Facebook, tumblr, youtube etc. The most I’ve seen are from the into the badlands facebook page and Tumblr. I feel like Tumblr is the only place I am 101% happy with what people are saying about the show.

1. I saw a people saying they want to see what happened to Sunny on his journey to where he is now.

In my opinion than would be boring. We know the River King sold him off. The episode began with him chained to other people letting you know he was finally sold to work in the mines with others. Into the badlands just came from a tough position. They want to make the show interesting and not include useless scenes into the episodes. If they showed his journey that would have killed episode one taking up too much time.

2. What was the widow up to.

I don’t know if people weren’t really watching the episode but it is 6 months later. Jade and Ryder said the widow has been silent for months. She hasn’t been doing much for them to show what happened to her. She got back her land and we know that she has been giving cogs a home. What else do you need to see?

3. M.K powers

I don’t know about everyone else but I love M.K and the whole monks thing.  It’s nothing too wild and perfect as it is. I think that whole storyline is great for into the badlands.


I saw people say fighting is not realistic. The fighting is perfect as it is. You just need to realise people like Quinn, Sunny and the widow are more of experts in fighting than many others in the badlands.

5. Please don’t start that whole Into the badlands need to find a better time slot on amc channel. No! It does not.

Into the badlands season two is great. Please don’t question every little thing because the show had to wait so long to get renewed. You wanted a better season filled with good fights, quality looks great and a good storyline. Well you got it. Please don’t ruin it now and support into the badlands so it can get better each and every season. Not trying to be rude and offend anyone but just relax are on hard some of you are reviewing the show.

‘Race to the Edge’ 4x03 “Midnight Scrum” Title Analysis

So I’m going to be honest, I had no freaking clue what the word “scrum” meant until I looked it up on dictionary.com. And I am very pleased with the definition.

I don’t follow all of that since I have absolutely zero comprehension when it comes to sports (they bore me too much for me to pay attention), but what I did get out of that is that with “scrum” being used in the episode title it’s referring to this, and Hiccup is the ball. I love that. An episode where Hiccup is faced with some dehumanization because of the bounty placed on his head even dehumanizes him in the title. That’s just great. He’s the ball being kick and rolled back and forth. Just, whoa… Gotta love the brutality of this episode.

If i see Bonnie or Stefan dying tomorrow i swear..

Okay guys, i m a bamon shipper since day one and i will always ship them no matter what the ending will be and i always love Stelena too.. But clearly, i can handdle any of their stupid and toxic/boring endgames as long as BONNIE AND STEFAN DO NOT DIE TOMORROW

CLEARLY after all they ve been through and how much this two characters that i love have been treated like shit through all the seasons i just want these two to be happy, like really happy and alive no matter with who they are..

Please just stay alive!

If one of these two pass out tomorrow i swear i will burn twitter and JP’s account

Now enjoy the finale guys and i am SO HAPPY THIS SHOW IS FINALLY ENDING


So I always get too emotional when something ends. 
I think this was an amazing season, with beautiful jumps, and exciting competitions. We can say this was one of the best. Congrats to Stefan because what he did is nearly impossible, and same with Team Poland. And with every single ski jumper, because we saw new hill records, new jumpers, and a whole new tournament.Everybody deserves this break what yet comes so let them enjoy the holiday, and I am really waiting for the Olympic season.

And I also want to say thank you to the ski jumping family here!
I am here on tumblr for 2 years but I find this fandom only in Januar here. You are as incredible guys as the ski jumpers. Because sport can’t exist without fans. Thank you for living the moment with me, and gifing everything, make edits, screenshots, memes and asking each other at boring nights. And also do it forth, because okey season ended but we are here:3
I also found here two nice girl thanks for ski jumping. @sjf-forever and @sarcasticlilkid

November I am waiting for you!:D

(And here is my face I know nobody is interested in it, but I felt like okey I barely know everybody in the fandom how looks like)

My personal top 10 anime for summer season so far!

10. Himouto! Umaru-chan

9. God Eater

8. Charlotte

7. Jitsu wa Watashi wa

6. Rokka no Yuusha 

5. Gate

4. Prison School

3. Shimoneta

2. Gangsta.

1. Gakkou Gurashi!

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I'm so bored- no new spoilers, no finale promo pics yet, no misery promo yet, a Google search for new girl only shows jakes comments on season 6 finale being good enough as series finale, nothing else, Twitter feed for #newgirl also going slow, really dunno what to do. Have read all the dreamsofsleepingin fan fics, and watched all the fan videos of Nick and Jess, WHAT TO DO WITH MY LIFE NOW? any new spoilers you have, that I might've missed? So bored without new girl :( imagine if they cancel it

Here’s a thought: go offline…. LOL WHO AM I KIDDING 😂 Go watch Friends 🙈 I’m bored too lol.. but DONT GO THERE! I’m 99% sure it’ll be renewed! :) Read @callmelauramiller ’s fic “How to say I love you” it’s greaaaaat only she has to update it sooner lazy ass bish.
I’m afraid I don’t have any new spoilers for you that haven’t been circuling tumblr already ..

Supergirl Season 2
  • Kara: Ms. Grant, this is my cousin, Clark.
  • Cat: The same way that Barry Allen was your cousin?
  • Kara: No, no, he's actually my cousin! And definitely not a superhero. Absolutely not! He's no more of a superhero than I am. Not that I'm saying I'm a superhero. Because I'm not. That's ridiculous. I am so average. I am the most average, boring person to ever averagely exist. Nothing at all remarkable about me. Heh. Heh heh.
  • Clark: Kara is selling herself short. She is truly exceptional. I, on the other hand, am tremendously mediocre. There is nothing interesting about me. At all. Ha ha. Ha.
  • Winn and Jim: *in the background, burying their heads in their hands*