i am so ashamed of myself oh my god


It’s been such a long time since I last showed up here !!!! I missed being on Tumblr and roleplaying with you, guys. When I thought I was 100% ready to be back, guess what ??? Millions of essays, exams and other university activities suddenly came up. So, as I think I am back, can you HIT THE LIKE BUTTON FOR A SHORT STARTER ??? Probably a one-liner or very short paragraph, no icons ( please!! no time to make those, unfortunately ; ; ) and pre-established. If you’d like our muses to have a specific relationship, send me a message on Tumblr IM !!

Work Place Conversations

A/N: This is my entry for @supernaturalfanficc 50 Shades of Supernatural challenge. This was so much fun to write and I’m so happy with the end result. I hope you guys enjoy reading it. Y'all should know by now but thanks to my awesome beta, @chaos-and-the-calm67

Pairing: CEO!Dean x Assistant!Reader

Warnings: Smut, implied smut, all the smut, dirty talk

Word Count: 1647

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“Do you trust me?” His eyes dark with lust, on the verge of losing control as you lay under him, but he would never do anything you didn’t want. You knew that.

“I do,” I breathed.

“Good. Now spread those legs for me, Babygirl,” he instructed.

I do as I’m told, my body tingling with anticipation as a pair of green eyes stare down at me. It’s overwhelming, the way he’s staring at me. I didn’t think I could last much longer, especially with his gaze following my every move like that.

He crawls onto the bed, his body fitting perfectly in between my legs. His mouth captures mine in a tender kiss before he trails his lips down my body, the sensation alone making me dripping wet for him. Only for him.

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Somebody one told me
The world was gonna roll me
If I lived the way that Jesus said
That I would look kinda dumb
With my finger and my thumb
In the shape of an L on my forehead
The fears started coming and they didn’t stop coming
But I trusted in the lord and I hit the ground running
It didn’t make sense not to live for the lord
So I found my purpose and never got bored
So much to do
So much to say
So what’s wrong with living in the lord’s way
You’ll never know if you don’t go
They’ll never know if you don’t glow
(This next part isn’t a typo, on my behalf anyway)
You know deep down you wanna get bolder
A little voice says “wait ‘till you get older”
But the spirit of God gives you power
He’s by your side
Every minute
Every hour
You’re not too young to be a light for him
The water is warm so you might as well swim
My heart is on fire
How ‘bout yours
Does everyone know that you love the lord
Oh yeah
Somebody once told me
They give it up to me
‘Cause I loved my lord and wasn’t ashamed
I said hey
What a concept
I could start a little flame myself
Then we could all go in Jesus
If the fears start coming and they don’t stop coming
Just trust in the lord and hit the ground running
It doesn’t make sense not to live for the lord
So shine like a star and you’ll never be bored
So much to do so much to say
So let’s all keep living the lord’s way
You’ll never know if you don’t go
(Go) They’ll never know if you don’t glow
Shine like glittering gold
Only shooting stars break the mold

I'm ready to join the Reylo trash fandom

I saw TFA for the second time with my family, and in every scene with Rey and Kylo I was like “oh my god now that I’m seeing the movie again I can sense the tension and I’m shipping them so hard what am I doing” and I felt so ashamed of myself…………
Then at the end of the movie, my sister (who’s a normal girl and not a disgrace of human being like me) told me “I’m sure the girl will end up with the bad guy, they clearly had a great feeling”
Thank you sister
You made me feel normal

((Btw why is everyone so sure Rey and Kylo will be related when the simplest and more obvious explanation of Rey’s origins is that she’s born from the force just like Anakin))

(((If you’re not Reylo trash don’t judge me, I’m already judging myself)))