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I'm not that good at guessing people's weight but i don't think Jensen weighs that much? I mean, yeah, he's tall and has broad shoulders, but that's about it? (I'm not complaining btw. I think the Dean in your headcanons and fics is perfect.)

that’s ok, anon! it’s possible that jensen weighs less than 200, but i find it unlikely. here’s an entirely unnecessary explanation as to why:

1. jensen has a broad enough shoulder span to be considered a “large” man. that means that at 6’1”, he should weigh around 190 pounds. however, those tests that determine how much a person /should/ weigh are bullshit. i mean, chris evans would be classified as “obese” if you only put his height and weight on paper. so basically, 190 is on the lower end of what a 6’1” large man would logically weigh.

2. like i said before, jensen weighed 175 in his late teens-early 20s. this is how he looked shirtless:

there is a difference between “gaining weight” and “filling out,” and jensen has /definitely/ filled out since that picture, meaning he has put on a healthy and natural amount of weight all over his body that comes with age. here is a picture of dean from season 4:

his hips are wider, his belly button is deeper, his pecs stick out, and his stomach is not flat anymore. seasons 4 and 5 (basically 2009) demonstrate jensen’s body change the most obviously. he gained quite a bit of weight rapidly, and if you’re looking for it you can see it most obviously in his face. that was probably a result of adjusting to his 30s, as he’s lost weight since then. in any case, he probably gained between 20-30 pounds during this transition from twink to hot dad. 

3. jensen does not just have broad shoulders and a slightly pudgy tummy; he’s big pretty much all over. his shoulder-to-waist ratio is basically non-existent:

and his arms are ginormous:

when you look at his legs un-bowed, you can see that they are also meaty:

(the bowing gives the illusion that he has skinny legs, but he does not.)

let’s not even talk about the curve of his ass:

4. so jensen is clearly not ripped like jared, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have muscle. in fact, muscle that is /useful/ is not very “visually appealing” (just look at strong men competitions- those guys don’t look like jared, they look like santa claus). under jensen’s adorably pudgy body is probably a frightening amount of muscle. let’s start with his back:

and now his thighs:

and finally, my favorite thing, the tum:

how is his pudgy tummy muscular, you ask? well, he’s got sharp hipbones (inguinal ligament i think is what it’s called) which should be love handles if he wasn’t an active individual.  

he’s got lines down either side of his stomach, indicating strong external abdominal obliques. 

AND FINALLY MY FAVORITE: see his ribcage? that’s not his ribs. that’s the serratus anterior, and jensen has the most pronounced of anybody i’ve ever seen.

so why does his muscle mass matter? because muscle weighs more than fat, and jensen happens to have plenty of both.

conclusion: jensen ackles, between the ages of 20 and 36, has filled out his large frame, gained muscle, and has a bit of extra pudge, making it likely that he has put on about 30-35 pounds in the past decade or so.

EDIT: here’s some more explanation as to why this is important

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To mod: Hi, I think I'm the one who messaged you about something you're annoyed about? I'm so sorry. .-. Hope you don't feel harassed or anything but I'm just amused at the idea about crocomom. Again, I am so sorry. .-.

Though while I’m here, this seems like a good time to establish what asks do annoy me, the artist.

1) Important details that will probably be addressed by canon. For example, how he got the scar, how he lost his hand, etc. These will be evaded or deleted.

2) Things that sound too much like art requests. Questions are fine, but please do not attempt to sponge free art off of me. 

3) Expecting the answers to be polite. Crocodile is an abrasive, classist scumbag. While I try to avoid answering with anything that could be construed as biased, don’t expect an ask blog for a character who’s canonically murdered hundreds and incited a civil war for selfish gain to be sunshine and daisies. Don’t come here for advice or encouragement.

Realize: My inbox has had around 100 asks in it for a while now. I’m not closing my ask box and I don’t intend to, but this does mean that any asks you send in are less likely to be answered. 

So yeah. Be chill and let’s have a good time.