i am sleeping at this very moment

You like coffee, while I like tea. You spend every waking moment learning and yearning while I spend mine wishing to go back to sleep. You are loud, like a fierce lions roar, while I am quiet, tiptoeing from door to door. I guess what I’m trying to say is, we are very different, in many aspects of our busy lives. Everyone saw the things we could not bond over, they thought we would not last. Yet I learned to love the taste of coffee as I kissed your lips, and you learnt to stay in bed just for five more minutes so we could stay entwined in each other’s arms. Our differences brought excitement and opened our eyes to a new world we could love together.
More Ace Dex

Ace Dex combating the casual aphobia that we all deal with at some point.  

“Dude, you’ve never done the nasty?”

Dex rolled his eyes, hard. Whiskey’s tone was just this side of shocked, and it made Dex was to take back the fact that he had said anything at all. It wasn’t exactly that he expected the team to be more understanding than other people, but he hoped that was the case, anyway.

On top of that, Whiskey managed to catch the attention of Ransom and Holster, who were walking past, heads close together.

“Wait, what’s this about someone never smuggling the ol’ bone?”

Ransom gave Holster a critical look, then grinned in that way that only someone on the wrong side of tipsy can. “Playing hide the sausage.”

Holster countered quickly with, “Making the beast with two backs.”

“Assault with a friendly weapon.”

“Entangling the lower beards.”

“Joint sessions of Congress.”

Holster held out a fist. “Bro, pound it out for that one.”

With a solemn nod, Ransom offered tapped his fist to Holster’s. Dex hoped that their (truly awful) back and forth would distract them from what was going on, but instead they plopped onto the couch to join in the conversation. Well, they pushed their way onto the couch, which was already too full, Ransom on one end and Holster in the middle of Nursey and Dex.

Whiskey pointed in Dex’s general direction, and told the captains, “Apparently, Dex has never had sex.”

Holster threw a big arm around Dex’s shoulder and turned toward him. Dex could smell tub juice wafting off of him. “Dex! My dude. My man. Bro. We gotta resolve this.”

“It’s not a problem. There’s nothing to resolve.”

On the other side of Holster, Dex could see his boyfriend’s concerned face. Nursey knew that Dex’s sexuality (well, his asexuality) was still a touchy subject. On the best of days, it was hard for him to have a conversation about. On the days after a game loss and with a group of drunken and less than subtle frat boys, well…. Chances were that it wasn’t going to go well.

“No, but Dex. Dexy. Dex. Sex is so good. Tell ‘im, Rans, tell him about… Shit, what’s a good one for Dex? Crab fishing in the dead sea.”

Dex scrunched up his face. “Dude, that’s fucking gross. And no, whatever fucking euphemism you use, the answer is no.”

On the other side of Holster, Nursey stood up and held a hand out to Dex, and yeah, that sounded like a better idea than having a discussion about life choices with a very drunk Holster. Dex pushed off the couch with a solid fist to Holster’s thigh, maybe a little harder than strictly necessary. He followed Nursey under the caution tape and up the stairs to Chowder’s room.

They spent the rest of the not-kegster (because apparently it could only be a kegster if they won the game) hiding out, watching Brooklyn-99. Dex could feel Nursey sending him concerned looks, but he ignored them. They fell asleep together, cuddling on the thin mattress.

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You’re like caffeine

This is really self-indulgent to be honest (like the rest of the imagines pertaining to Peter has been) and hopefully, you will enjoy reading this just as much as I had a fun time planning this out in my head. There might be mistakes here and there because it’s way after midnight and I had a really long flight earlier. That aside, I am probably going to continue to indulge myself with floofy Peter Parker.


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You blink a few times, trying to keep the sleep away as you wipe the counter lazily. There are not a lot of customers at the moment – granted, it is expected seeing as it is currently after midnight so the regular customers are all probably sleeping in, you envy them! – except for the very few college students who are slaving over their assignments at the moment. You let out a yawn, covering your mouth. “This is boring…” You murmur to yourself as you stop wiping the counter. You didn’t really need to clean it – you have cleaned all of the counters and tables for the past hour – that was how bored you were. Working the midnight shift is really not something you normally do but tonight, your workmate had an emergency and seeing as you would be getting paid double to cover for her, you decided to do it anyways (you really needed the money!).

You begin to fold tissues decoratively when the bell rung, signifying the arrival of a customer and you brighten up slightly before the smile on your face widen. “Hi, Peter!” You call out to your favourite customer – you’re really not supposed to be having any favourite customers but what your manager doesn’t know wouldn’t hurt her – when he stumbles inside.

Peter glances at you, a look of surprise painted on his face before he gives you a smile that could rival the sun; the one where he closes his eyes and the smile just slowly appears on his face, showing his beautiful teeth. He’s just too cute sometimes. He pads over to you. “Hi, Y/N.” He greets you – he comes over to this particular café so much he even knows your name! – and then the smile on his face is quickly replaced with a frown. “What are you, what are you doing here?” He tilts his head to the side before he crosses his arms. “I thought you don’t do the midnight shift?”

You chuckle at how adorable Peter is. This is also one of the reasons why he is your favourite customer – the fact that he actually pays attention to your mindless chatters and remembers most of what you have said makes you feel a tad bit happy. “Well. I technically don’t – so after tonight, you won’t be seeing me here.” You tell him, tucking your hair behind your ear.

“Are you quitting?” Peter exclaims and you immediately shake your head, chuckling at the confused look on his face. “Oh, um, did I get that wrong?” He rubs the back of his neck sheepishly and you giggle as you nod your head.

“I am covering for a workmate tonight.” You inform him and Peter nods his head. You blink a couple of times when Peter turns to look at the menu. You lean forward slightly and let out a gasp, causing Peter to look back at you – startled by how close you are to him. He flushes as he steps back, still staring at you.

“Peter,” You frown. You made a move to reach for his cheek but then remembered that you are still technically on the clock and if your manager decides to review the security camera, you are probably going to get in trouble. “What happened to your cheek?” You question before the frown on your face deepens. “And what are you doing out here so late?” You glance at the clock – it’s almost 1:30AM now.

Peter blanches – momentarily forgetting the fact that he had been thrown through a wall a few minutes earlier. The fact that you actually notice his bruising cheek is also making him feel slightly panicked. “Ah, yeah, couldn’t sleep so I – I decided to get something to drink. Which I am here for. And I finally chose something to drink.” He stumbles over his words, looking away from you to stare at the menu once more.

You bite the inside of your cheek from pressing the subject too much and lean back. “So what do you want to order?” You look at the menu – most of the drinks, you are able to make so there is really no worry about telling him ‘no’. “Do you want me to recommend something?” You turn back to look at him at the same time Peter turns to look at you. He flushes slightly before nodding his head.

“Yeah, yeah, that – that would be good.” Peter gives you a shy smile and you grin.

“You said you couldn’t sleep right?” You turn back to look at the menu before looking at Peter. “How about you take a seat and I’ll bring your drink over?” You tell him but Peter frowns.

“I still need to pay.” He fumbles to take his wallet out but before he can even take his money out, you press your hand against him, effectively stopping him from doing anything. He stares at you in shock.

“No worries – it’s on me.” If your manager sees this and questions you, you are just going to tell her the truth. “Just, you know, go take a seat and I’ll be right back with you.” You push him lightly in the direction of an empty table and Peter blinks a couple of times and nods his head. He slowly moves away from the counter, mumbling quietly to himself and you really could not help the smile that grew on your face.

Whenever you have troubles sleeping, you normally drank some hot tea with milk and that was what you made for Peter. You grab the to-go cup and brought it over to his table along with a pack of ice. Even though you wanted to change the subject, you really didn’t want the bruise to worsen. “Here you go.” You place the to-go cup right in front of him before taking a seat across of Peter.

Peter looks from the to-go cup (he smiled when he saw your nice little drawing of a stickman holding a cup) and look at you. “Thank you.” He holds the cup in his hands – the warmth feels really nice against his hands. He eyes the bag of ice you are currently holding and when you notice that he is looking at the ice, you handed it over to him.

“I know it’s none of my business but I really don’t want your bruise to worsen.” You tell him as you push the bag of ice to him. Peter opens his mouth to say something but closes it as he reaches for the bag of ice. He murmurs a quiet ‘thank you’. “I’m just going to pretend I didn’t give you that bag of ice and that you didn’t look like you just got punched,” Peter winces at the truth, “So enjoy your drink yeah?”

Peter nods his head as he presses the bruise with the ice. Just a few months ago he had the same bruise on the same side of his face – courtesy to one Captain America – but this time around, it had probably been from one of Vulture’s guys. “Thanks, Y/N.”

You smile at him. “Anything for my favourite customer.” You wink at him causing Peter to sputter nonsense. You laugh before reaching over to pat his shoulders. “I have to go back to my counter or otherwise my manager is going to have my hide but I’ll see you around, yeah?” You stare at Peter, waiting for his answer.

With a flush over his cheeks, Peter nods his head shyly. He can’t really say he doesn’t like the attention he gets from you – he does. In fact, Peter knows he is probably harboring a small crush on you – after the whole thing with Liz, Peter wasn’t sure if he was ready to go through another heartbreak again but somehow, your cheery disposition attracted him.

“Yeah, yeah – of course, I’ll be back tomorrow!” Peter answers quickly and you giggle. Peter stands up and he looks at you before pulling the ice away. “Uh, thank you for the ice, Y/N.” He makes a move to give the ice bag over to you but thought against it before picking up his drink. “I’m going – to go home – um, good night, Y/N.” Peter tells you and you smile at him as you watch Peter hurriedly rush out of the café.

You laugh quietly to yourself – why is Peter such an adorable stuttering mess? Thanks to him, you are probably going to start looking forward to the next time you will be able to see him and your cheeks are honestly starting to hurt from all of the smiling.

I’VE DONE IT! FINALLY managed to get Rhys out of my head properly and onto paper :) It’s only taken a few attempts … 

Anyway, here he is with Feyre - I will colour these little head shots soon but I am very busy at the moment packing my life up to move and cracking on with freelance work *sleeps*

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RFA + V + SAERAN hurting MC (physically) reaction?? (intentional or unintentional whatever)

wow I love drama! 


  • he was playing games as usual
  • and it was a bit… intense 
  • so he got a lot into the game 
  • but he lost 
  • he was just about to win 
  • but he didn’t 
  • and by accident he threw the control
  • and BAM! 
  • just in your head 
  • it wasn’t that bad 
  • “Yoosung, calm down. I am not bleeding so is fine” 
  • “No, I am an idiot. I didn’t wanted this. Sorry” 
  • feels super bad about it for days 
  • doesn’t play games when you’re there 
  • just to be sure 


  • this dude was going way to fast in the motorcycle 
  • and you were there 
  • “ZEN STOP” 
  • “what? I don’t want to” 
  • he was mad because the role he got was really bad and not even principal 
  • he was pissed 
  • and you screaming at him wasn’t getting it better
  • “then get out” 
  • he stopped in the middle of the street 
  • “Zen calm down”
  • but he just wanted to get you home so he could go somewhere alone 
  • “get back here… let’s go home” 
  • but you didn’t 
  • you wanted him to calm down first 
  • but that was not near to happen
  • “ugh fine…” 
  • and he fucking threw the helmet at you 
  • hitting you in your arm 
  • and since it weight a lot it also hurts a lot 
  • and you broke up 
  • started crying part because it hurts and also you were mad at the situation 
  • “MC no… please I wasn’t…” 
  • “Zen just take me home…” 
  • probably feels like shit now 
  • and for the rest of his life 
  • won’t talk for the rest of the ride 


  • She was practicing some judo moves 
  • it was a stressing time for her 
  • work was hard 
  • and Jumin was a jerk 
  • so she was practicing to calm her nerves a bit
  • and you were there doing some work 
  • not that close to her 
  • but also no that far 
  • and she made a bad move 
  • and it got to you 
  • “ouch” 
  • “MC I’m so sorry. Are you okay? Did it hurt?”
  • very concerned about you 
  • stop practicing and made some coffee for you 


  • Elizabeth was sick 
  • and you were taking care of her 
  • of course you loved her as much as Jumin 
  • but he was worried to death since he wasn’t able to be there with her 
  • returned from the office very late and tired 
  • to find you awake 
  • “Is everything fine?” 
  • Elizabeth was sleeping but you couldn’t 
  • “yes, go to sleep” 
  • and that little order made him a bit mad 
  • he was tired and got lot on his mind 
  • “don’t tell me what to do. I am in my house and I’d like to stay awake for a moment” 
  • and it happened that you weren’t in the best mood too 
  • taking care of the cat the whole day wasn’t easy 
  • and you started a fight 
  • of course you two said a lot of things 
  • usually the same as every other fight 
  • but… 
  • he told you to stop being lazy and do something for your life 
  • this got him so mad 
  • you both knew that Jumin actually worked pretty hard 
  • and he just pushed you aways from him 
  • but his force was a little more than what he thought 
  • and you fell on the floor 
  • “I’m leaving…” 
  • couldn’t say a single word 
  • he was so shocked about his own actions 
  • how could he do that to the most precious thing on his life 
  • probably bought a million things later for you 


  • You knew what it was to be with him 
  • some days he just didn’t wanted to see you 
  • it was not that bad 
  • usually talked to you about wanting his space for a couple hours 
  • but this wasn’t like that 
  • he didn’t wanted to speak 
  • or see anybody 
  • a bad day remembering things from his past… 
  • and you didn’t wanted that 
  • “Saeyoung, please let me in” 
  • you were actually worried at this point 
  • he didn’t answered for hours 
  • so you opened the door with the key 
  • and he was there 
  • sitting in the corner of the bed 
  • watching at some picture 
  • “Saeyoung… don’t do this to yourself” 
  • he looked up at you 
  • mad that you were there 
  • “leave me” 
  • but you didn’t 
  • and he stood up very fast 
  • took you by your wrists and throw you outside 
  • when he realized what was happening stoped 
  • to see how your wrists were all red 
  • from his own hands 
  • “MC…” 
  • couldn’t look at you 
  • looked himself again just to cry about how much an asshole he was to you and how you did deserved something better 


  • was working on some new photos 
  • and wanted you to help him a bit 
  • “just put those things in there” 
  • he was looking for a better light 
  • and was kind of focused on the camera 
  • while you were on the floor moving some things for the photo 
  • walked way to close to you 
  • and you were about to stand up 
  • when he let the camera down 
  • but it got on your head 
  • feeling like shit for not knowing you were there 
  • tons of apologies for the rest of the day 


  • this was one of those days 
  • were he was bad 
  • really bad 
  • nightmares and screams
  • of course you didn’t left his side
  • but he was getting a bit aggressive 
  • “Saeran… is me”
  • it was like he wasn’t actually in front of you 
  • but in front of someone else 
  • someone he hated 
  • didn’t recognized you 
  • and BAM 
  • hit you pretty hard in your arm
  • you screamed out of pain 
  • and he came back to reality 
  • just to see what he has done 
  • “It was me? MC… please forgive me” 
  • didn’t knew what to do 
  • a few tears came out of his eyes 
  • but you told him that is was okay 
  • because you knew what he was going through 

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"I am very suddenly not okay and i dont know why" - yuuri @ 3am probably (me? Projecting? Psh never)

Small chapter this time! I promise to do a few more longer ones soon!

Not Okay

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
I am very suddenly not okay and I don’t know why

He stared the words written on his phone for a moment before pushing the tweet button.

It was three in the morning and he had been fine until a few minutes ago.

He was at home in Japan, spread out on his bed with Makkachin cuddled up beside him.

The only thing he was missing was his clingy fiancé who was back in Russia, probably just arriving at the rink to train with Yakov.

He shifted to his side with a sigh, wrapping an arm around the sleeping poodle beside him.

Due to some visa issues, he had been forced to leave Russia and subsequently Victor as well. His fiancé had demanded that he take Makkachin with him, ‘to keep him company’ Victor had claimed.

“I just want Victor,” he muttered softly, suddenly overcome with the urge to cry.

He just wanted to be with his fiancé. Wanted to be wrapped up in his fiancé arms. To feel his fiancé press kisses to every inch of his skin for no other reason but to touch him.

He pulled away from Makkachin, laughing weakly as he rubbed at his eyes in a poor attempt of stopping the tears.

He jolted in surprise as the room suddenly lit up in a bright light. After a moment of glancing around, he noticed his phone lying face up on the ground, notifications from tweeter filling his screen.

He leant down and scooped the phone up, unlocking and began hesitantly scrolling through all the messages tweeted to him.

Phichit Chulanont @phichit+chu
Nawwwwww! @yuurikatsuki call me if you want to talk about it! I’m always available for you -kissy face emoji-

Christophe Giacometti @christophe-gc
Is someone not looking after you, @yuurikatsuki? Do you need me to come keep you warm -winking emoji-

Emil Nekola @emil_Nekola
Hope you feel better soon -heart emoji- @yuurikatsuki

Seung-gil Lee @seung-gillee
Walnuts are a healthy alternative to chocolate @yuurikatsuki

Guang Hong Ji @+guanghongji+
Do you need some puppy videos? I’m happy to spam you with puppy videos? @yuurikatsuki

Jean-Jacques Leroy @Jjleroy!15
Anyone up for a group chat? I’m up for a group chat! We can make @yuurikatsuki feel better!

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky
You better come back soon! I can’t deal with the old man’s mopey mood much longer!

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky
Why would I want to group chat with you, @Jjleroy!15?

Yuuri gave a weak laugh as he glanced towards Makkachin.

“Why is everyone so nice?” he asked the sleeping poodle, who continued to slumber on beside him.

He barely had a moment to think before his phone started buzzing in his hands. His fiancé’s name flashing on the screen. He picked up without hesitating, the urge to cry hitting him again as he heard Victor coo his name ever so softly.

“I miss you.”

Twitter War AU

AO3 Twitter War

Boyfriend Vernon

Originally posted by gyuhan-17

  • “kidney function is not a right, it’s a privilege”
  • intense teasing that would go both ways
  • rap battles ft. judge seungkwan
  • who always declared u the winner, just to annoy hansol
  • vernon switching to english to sweet talk you if the boys are around
  • “eww, hansol, that’s gross”
  • “oh, joshua, didn’t realize you were here. sorry, dude”
  • sharing beanies/jackets/hoodies
  • all of which smell like him
  • he tries to be artsy & send you pics of the places he’s touring or doing a fan sign at
  • but it’s usually photobombed by the guys
  • so you ring him like “why did you send me a blurry photo of minghao flexing next to a tree?”
  • “it’s called art, babe, look it up”
  • he calls you “babe”
  • and melts when you call him “babe” back
  • he’s too shy to do skinship around the boys so only when you’re in private, in his bedroom, will he brave a quick peck to your lips
  • only to hear seungkwan over dramatically make puke noises by the door
  • and see jun wink obnoxiously behind him
  • jeonghan makes you both keep the door open when u visit & go to his bedroom
  • “for safety reasons” he says
  • whenever you’re in his room tho it’s 99% of the time just for video game sessions
  • that end in one of you being bitter & giving the other silent treatment
  • sending each other memes
  • texting at 2 am became you’re still up, binge watching some show, & he’s just getting back to the dorm after practice;
  • “hey, wanna get ice cream?”
  • “sure?”
  • so in sweats & bare faced, the both of you wander around looking for 24 hour shops. you buy the worst kind of food, which is mainly just junk. but you force him to get something substantial too since he’s been dancing for hours. so he picks up a soggy sandwhich, & if you’re happy w that, he also gets ice cream, crisps & fizzy drinks
  • the healthiest of diets
  • being that couple that show up to christmas parties in matching shitty sweaters & santa hats
  • for ironic purposes, of course
  • not just bc you both feel festive as hell in that outfit
  • getting into group photos & refusing to smile
  • papa coups hates this very much :)
  • “why can’t you both just smile? why do you have to ruin every family photo ever?”
  • doing the “hotline bling” dance whenever you’re in the club, & the song is not even playing. you both wait for something like “anaconda” to come on then hotline bling dance in the middle of the dance floor
  • he’s picked up alcohol occasionally & you both hide out in his room, feeling bad ass & getitng more drunk off of each other than the can you’re sharing
  • better hope the others don’t find out though
  • you gonna be in big trouble if they do
  • makeout sessions that are mostly you two giggling or bumping noses
  • tumblr deep conversations while cuddling at 3 am;
  • “do you think the ugly duckling still felt ugly, even when he became a beautiful swan?”
  • “go to sleep, hansol, it’s too early for this shit”
  • he’s young & spent his youth as a trainee, so I don’t think that the relationship would be all that mature or experienced. it’s your typical puppy love. with awkward moments and shy kisses and the occasional petty fight. but it’s wonderful. for all his dumb moments, vernon cares so much for you & works very hard to show that, in his own, awkward way

Peter Maximoff + “Fatherhood suits you.”

When Hank, in his stark white lab coat, sat both you and your husband Peter down, in his lab with a solemn face and somber eyes only to tell you two that you would never be able to conceive a child both of your hearts broke. That night, and every night for a solid month after that, you, who had always wanted to be a mother would climb in Peter’s arms with swollen red eyes and puffy red cheeks while he would wind his arms around your waist and say ‘Hank doesn’t know what he’s saying babe. We’ll get our kid, even if I have to do you over every piece of furniture in this manson.’

Now if one were to flash forward six years and ten months they would see Hank was wrong.

Despite the hard pregnancy and even more strenuous birth, you had managed to carry a tiny baby girl, Magda Jr-or MJ as Peter dubbed his daughter before she had even been born -to term.

Peter, while you were asleep in one of the schools hospital beds, cradled a bundle of pink blankets in his arms. He was sitting in the uncomfortable chair that was stationed next to his wife’s sleeping form.

“Hi,” he whispered to his sleeping newborn daughter, “I’m your daddy.” Despite having nine whole months to be ready the fact that he and his wife were having the child they longed for, the fact he was going to be a father hadn’t actually hit the speedster until that very moment.

“I am never going to let you get hurt,” he told her thickly, joyful tears welling up in his eyes. He used his right thumb to brush her already long silver locks of hair out of her face, causing her nose to scrunch up. Though she stayed asleep.

‘She’s so tiny,’ Peter thought as he, if it was even possible, brought her closer to his chest.

“I am going to protect you because you missy,” he said, still speaking in a thick whisper, “Are mine and your mommys miracle child. Did you know that?” He asked rhetorically.

“Well did you know that we named you after my mommy? Your nana,” Peter chuckled.

Fatherhood suits you Maximoff,” a groggy voice said. Peter’s eyes snapped up from his daughter to the mother of said daughter, to his beautiful wife.

When you had agreed to date him Peter was exatic, but then when she agreed to marry him-and then actually marry him Peter didn’t think that his life could get better. And then Hank said they couldn’t connective and Peter thought that the memory of her in her stolen white dress would forever be his favorite.

But now, with MJ in his arms fast asleep and you glowing, despite the fact that you not only looked tired beyond belief but your hair was still sticking to her forehead Peter knew this moment in time would be his favorite.

“Really?” He grinned, and you nodded.

“But not as much motherhood suites me,” she grinned. Peter couldn’t help but laugh at her.

“Come on,” he said, readjusting MJ in his arms, “We both know she’ll be a daddy’s girl.” And instead of refuting it, you smiled softly at him, and took a deep breath, gazing at both him and MJ with a look of pure adoration.


I am so done with everybody's shit

I am just so done with these insecure people attacking vmin or jikook or even ships like yoonseok just because their ships are literally sinking… like I know this might come off as rude but… It is so cringy for me to watch people bash us Jikook shippers for every moment we have and them trying to turn it into “brotherly love”. It also went THAT far that SOME people were pretending to be KOREAN in other people’s asks to JUST PROVE their point. Also I am really sick of people going out there and trying to push on people how JIKOOK or VMIN are “fanservice” and their ship is not by claiming their ship have a handshake?! WHAT THE… Yeah Jikook are totally fanservice with most of their iconic moments being off camera and we all know that some videos were even DELETED without any reason… and we might just guess that jikook had something to do with that. And Vmin are literally so close that you might think they cuddle each other every night to sleep and tell each other their deepest secrets. I take myself as very openminded person who doesnt judge anyone in what they ship because shipping is supposed to be fun and part of fandom. But I really cant stand these certain people because they literally attack jikook fans out of nowhere and then they go and make post how immature WE are just because we get offended by them. Of course people are gonna get offended when you act like an asshole and go to people’s twitter or asks and attack them so PLEASE DONT make a VICTIM out of yourself!!! These are just my thoughts that I had to put out there to summarize my feelings about what has been going on these days in our fandom. Why to make ship wars when you can basically just not mention or tag other ships on your bullshit, stay on your tag and mind your own business?!?! Like I am starting to think these people are secretly obsessed with jikook when they make so much affort to check on every moment they have and then hate on it.

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im not sure how i found your blog but it is now my favorite, all this jikook content is saving my life i feel so blessed 🙏 if you don't mind me asking, what are your favorite jikook moments?

Awww…your making me blush you cute anon, staph it!!

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But nice to hear that you like my weird trashy blog, feel free to stay as long as you like fam ;)But back to your ask on my favourite Kookmin/Jikook moments?…dear god I’m having so many war flashbacks right now of all the Jikook moments that those dorks have blessed and also made us suffer with. Where do I even begin?!?! Guess I have to try so you can watch me go and fail to make an essay on the couple that reduced me into a mess of tears. But before I start I have to say to everyone else who might read this, that these are only my personal observations and opinions on the dynamics of these two so if you don’t like it or don’t agree with me then please do not read. :)

So anyway first I have to start with the legendary Jikook V-Live… they high key just flirted through the whole thing, the minute Jungkook came running in with his unfinished lunch at his hands. After that they just stared deeply into each others eyes,  forgot the meaning of personal space and said things like…

Yeah they said things like that, I kid you not and also did you hear the sounds of me suffering jungkook?! Because thats what I was legit doing while bearing witness to this V Live! And his voice lowered a couple of noches when he said it and then the tension dropped harder than my sanity after that. Dear god Jungkook has no chill. Please go watch it if you have not, it’s art. Now to the next thing the back hugs. Jikook being the legendary back hug couple I just have to share with you a couple of those moments. Like this when…

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…they where taking a group photo and Jungkook? Well he seemed to just straight up ignore that, deciding to focus on hugging Jimin instead. He even closed his eyes while doing it!! I repeat he closed his eyes!! It felt like I was intriguing on something since Jungkook looked so at peace like as if Jimin was his safe haven in the middle of all that noice and flashing lights…And yes I cried when I saw it, how could I have not. And now onto this…

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….Back hug which happened somewhere after Namjoon and Jimin had their little wedding moment during a fanmeet. Not saying that there is a connection, but also not saying that there isn’t one. So as on cue let us move on to the legendary topic of Jeonlous. It being one of my greatest aesthetics I just have to include it in this. I mean Nochu has so many notp’s these days that, I firmly believe them to be the sole reason why he probably lives in the gym like his life depends on it. Like the wise satellite-jeon once said Nochu is out there lifting to win.  

Here are some great examples of the struggles of Jeonlous…

Jungkook: *sees JoonMin standing close to each other* Gotta go and separate that shit. If I could have a dollar every time Jungkook went between these two I’d be swimming in money…aaand onto the next one.

Now this had me weak I mean Jungkook just straight up pushed J-Hope away from Jimin while trying to gain Jimins attention. He also did the same thing to Jin in one of the latest V live’s, when he tried to just look over Jimin shoulder and Jungkook was like nope. This boi is struggling to keep his chill.

I have so many many more Jeonlous moments like these but this will become way too long if I try to add them all in. But what I will have to add in is him doing that tongue thing he does when ever Jimin is concerned. Because he does it so often that it can’t be coincidental anymore. I mean once is accident, twice is coincidence but three times is pattern.

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I have a whole folder full of him doing that, and if you ask why I have it…well its for science okay….*sweats nervously*. Let’s move onto the last and my most favourite moments…them trying their best to make each other laugh or smile. And I don’t think these moments even need an explanation on why they are so precious to me, because they pretty much explain themselves.

Now there are many more moments that I would like to talk about, but as i said before this will become way too long and also I need to go to sleep since it’s 04:46 am where I’m at. Meaning that this would start going downhill and fast from here if I continued and I want to keep this pg. level while my brain still allows it :D Hope that this very, very bad and messy answer in someways met your standards anon and thank you again for sending me that ask!

Btw since some of the gifs are from my save folder, because for the life of it Tumblr would not find me the ones I needed so please tell me if you know the names of the ones who made those gifs so I can credit them properly :)


there are only two possible explanations for why Lee no longer has sleeves in the Boruto-era: either he was out with baby Metal one day and didn’t realize he was out of diapers, and they were sacrificed for Metal’s baby poop - or something like this post happened. let’s explore the latter.


Lee did not want to get out of bed.

Popular though the desire to stay wrapped inside a blanket burrito may be, it was relatively foreign to Lee. Usually he had to be persuaded to stay in bed or still… and unconsciousness didn’t guarantee either of the two. Truly, the best way to lure him into aching to inhabit a sleep cocoon is to put a cozy, sleeping, sex-drunk Kazekage in the bed next to him.

Gaara looked so snoodly when he slept. He always curled into Lee, with his hands grabbing for any bit of his boyfriend that he could get - an arm, another hand, a nipple - anything to keep them connected. Lee didn’t make cuddling easy, since his body naturally assumed a jazz-hands star fish pose the deeper into sleep he fell, but Gaara always found some bit of skin and held on. 

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Papa Winchester - Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader - Part 2

Title: Papa Winchester

Pairing: Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader

Word Count: 3,074

Warnings: None really

Prompt: YN and Jeffrey met on season 1 of SPn where she played his daughter(the middle Winchester sister) and have been together ever since,they'r married with kids by now, and the fans (specially the cast who’s her family) always makes fun of that during interviews and pannels,but it’s always cute because Jeffrey likes to surprise them ,specially when the fans are involved,and they all love and are very supportive of their relationship

Read Part 1 here!

A/N: I’m doing lots of writing today since I have time and more posting will be done tomorrow! Also, this was not betad so apologies!

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“They never let you catch a break, do they?” your driver and bodyguard asked with a chuckle as you surfed on the net, on your way to visiting your husband on set.

“It’s Jensen and Jared, Mike, of course they never do.” you chuckled, shaking your head “I mean, they might probably deny it but, I know it’s their favorite hobby!”

“I don’t think they are really denying it anymore.” he laughed, shaking his own head and you shrugged.

You glanced back at your daughter sleeping in her seat, it was already very early and you wanted to surprise her by visiting her dad on his work “Those sly bastards, I am sure they learned how to make memes just for us!”

“Jared for me wouldn’t be a surprise but Jensen? Are you sure about that?”

You laughed “Oh you really don’t know them that well, besides I think they sort of confirmed it during a Con. I am not sure, haven’t joined them in some time but I like to keep up, so I know that for sure. Here-” you opened your gallery, just at the moment he stopped on a red light “See this?”

Dad’s on a hunting trip. And he hasn’t been home in a few days.” he read and added “Well, classic line. It’s what started it all, Jensen’s favorite.”

“Yeah, just see the rest.” you said with a giggle as you showed him the full photo. Under a picture of Jensen’s from the pilot were the rest of the words.

A few days? Are you sure it’s a hunting trip?”

No, he’s- he’s making out with our sister in his trailer?” he ended up reading it as a question before laughing and shaking his head “Yes, alright Jensen is so the one to make this!”

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Hi everyone,

I want to thank those who have found my art reposted on different sites/blogs without my permission and have notified the owners of those social media about crediting the original artist (me), and to please not repost my work. In several of these instances, I would not have come upon the reposted art myself so I really appreciate the people who have taken action and contacted the reposters directly as well as notified me of the reposted art.

I’m very grateful that you are helping me watch out for reposted art because this is something that affects me personally. It makes me feel very sad (I’m not saying this lightly, it’s to the point that it gets hard for me to draw), and I don’t know if I would be strong enough to run after and talk to these reposters all on my own. All artists are negatively affected by reposted art. I don’t own these characters or this series, but all the time and effort that goes into these pictures still comes from me as a fan.

Let me share a bit about my personal circumstances: I am a freelance artist who is struggling to make ends meet. I spend most of my time drawing alone and there are many days where I’m drawing literally from the moment I wake up until the moment that I sleep and I don’t have the chance to talk to anyone. It’s very lonely work. But that loneliness becomes worth it because of any sort of response I receive about the art that I posted. Likes mean a lot, reblogs are even more precious, and comments in the tags or messages can absolutely make my day. These responses help me cope with loneliness that comes with being a freelancer. The responses I receive to my artwork are one of the few ways I can connect with people at this time. I’m inspired to draw because I always hope for my work to connect to people.

Reposting not only affects my livelihood, but it also severs the connection I have to those looking at my art. So please, please don’t repost the work of artists whether they are professionals or not, whether they have many followers or not…it hurts many artists. Artists put a lot of hours and energy into creating art. It’s the connection we have to people that keeps us going.

Thank you to everyone who has notified me about reposted art and informed reposters not to do this. I appreciate your help very much.

- robo

anonymous asked:

1/4 Hi, i read your post about Even being hypomanic and i need your opinion about this beucase you actually know about this disorder from your own experience. When I see Evak I can't stop thinking about it. I know that hypomania doesn't make you fall in love with someone but at the same time, if Even had been hypomanic (since like episode 4 imo) I can't stop this feeling that everythig he did (their first kiss or first sex) was driven by his hypomania and not by his feelings for Isak.

Hello anon,

I’m glad you’re asking me about this. I have bipolar (type II) and, although I’m not an authority figure on the topic (everyone’s experience with bipolar is different), I’ll try my best to explain my thoughts and interpretations of Even and his feelings for Isak in and outside of his hypo/manic episode.
I know there are other SKAM fans who have bipolar too and I hope they’ll feel free to chime in if they have anything to add to my answer.

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Bunk with me tonight


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Banana Pancakes

PARINING- reader x avengers 


WARNINGS- non unless you count fluff as a warning :P  

Hello everyone, thank you for reading my last post, it makes me feel all warm and happy when I see you guys have liked what i wrote, now I have another one for you yay!!! Although I should probably be doing my Uni assignments whoops, all well, I hope you like it, you can read this as a continuation of Moving in which you can read here  or you can read it as a stand alone, what ever floats your boat :) anyway here it is, hope you guys like it! 

I also made have made this slight Bucky x reader, but i am so Bucky trash at the moment forgive me 


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The mornings after a mission that didn’t go so well were always the quite ones. Having gotten a decent amount of sleep you knew that today would be a day of reflection, a day of wondering what went wrong or what you could have done better. Of course the rest of the team felt the same way, but they all displayed their disappointment and anger in different ways, something you picked up on very quickly. You’d be one of the first ones up, which surprised even you; normally you would dare fight anyone who woke you up before 10am. Only the likes of Thor, Bucky or Nat would be brave enough to step over the threshold of your room and risk a flying lamp or well-aimed shoe. But eventually you would be pulled out of the warmness of your bed; Thor had learned that physical force was needed on the odd occasion and it was no strange sight to see you slumped over the God of Thunder’s shoulder in defeat as he carried you into the kitchen.  But on these mornings you would be up well before the rest of the team.

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The Joker x Reader - “The Bucket List” part 3

Two months after breaking up with The Joker, you found out the bad news. You didn’t have a choice but to ask for his help and J didn’t even show up for the meeting. Of course he didn’t care, but now that he heard why you wanted to see him so badly, it might be too late for any amendments.

Part 1: http://diyunho.tumblr.com/post/161143650396/the-joker-x-reader-the-bucket-list

Part 2: http://diyunho.tumblr.com/post/161379886591/the-joker-x-reader-the-bucket-list-part-2

J is sleeping with his head against your chest, completely out of it. He likes to do this lately since a lot of times he can’t really tell if you’re still breathing or not. Even if your blood pressure gets really low, he can at least hear your heartbeat and knows you’re alive.

Suddenly, he yanks at your waist so hard it wakes you up and you start coughing in a frenzy, startled.

“What’s wrong, baby?” you ask, trying to calm down and J gasps for air, opening his eyes to look at you.

“I dreamed that you died,” he snuggles to your body even more, panting.

“It was a nightmare; I’m here,” you kiss his forehead and manage to stop coughing. You peek at the clock: only 6am. “We should sleep in, it’s very early.”

The Joker just growls and rubs his eyes, uneasy for a few more moments.

“I’m gonna miss you…” you whisper in his ear.

“I’m not going anywhere, Pumpkin,” he yawns, exhausted.

But  I am…” you sadly smile and he frowns, watching you attempt to get comfortable in his arms.

“NO!” J utters, covering your mouth. “You’re staying with me, OK?”

You don’t reply and he lets go. You feel the need to get it all out before it’s too late:

“I really wanted a baby…with your eyes and my hair. Remember how pretty my hair used to be?”

He doesn’t know what to say and you continue:

“I know you wanted a boy, I’m sorry I can’t have children in the state I’m in…” and you take a deep breath, struggling not to cry.

“Don’t worry about it, Princess, I don’t care,” he grumbles and you peck his lips, getting more and more upset:
“I don’t want to die…” you finally bring it up for the first time ever and bite on your tongue really hard so you won’t start sobbing.

“Jesus, kid, I won’t let you die, OK?!” J strives to comfort you and squeezes you in his arms harder.

“Do you think I’ll make it to my 37th birthday?” you whimper, worried about the gloomy future.

“For God’s sake, of course you will! And then you’ll make it to another one, and another one, and another one… I promise!” he lifts your chin up so you can look at him.

“Really?” you gulp, staring in his blue eyes.

“Yes, I promise!” he insists and you bury your face in his neck, wanting to point out the truth:

“You’re such a shitty liar…” and you sniffle, quietly crying on his skin.

J would like to say more, but decides it’s better to change the subject since he feels flustered himself.

“Did you just wipe your nose on my shoulder?!”

“M-maybe…” you stammer, snorting.

“That’s just gross, Doll. I put up with a lot of stuff, but I have to draw a line here, alright?” he elbows you and you retreat to your pillow so you can see him better.

“You should let your hair grow,” you suggest, stroking his shaved head, actually wanting to talk about something else too.
“I don’t want to!” he huffs, tracing your jawline with his fingers.
“I miss your green hair, you know that?” you admit, playing with his diamond earring.

“Meh, I don’t,” he grumbles, stubborn as always.

“You think I should wear wigs?” you crinkle your nose, not excited at your own proposal.

“Nahhh, I like you bald, I got used to it. This way we match, hm?”

“That’s good,” you sigh, relieved,” because I don’t want to wear wigs. If it’s not my hair, I don’t want it.”

“Wise decision, Pumpkin. I mean, you look decent enough, especially with makeup on. I have high standards and I had to lower them for you. The sacrifices I make…I’m so selfless and altruistic, a true gentleman and an exemplary boyfriend.”

You watch him with your mouth open, intrigued. You don’t even notice you’re not crying anymore.


“You heard me, you naughty minx. You’re suuuuch a lucky woman,” he eagerly mentions. “Do you know how many girls are waiting in line to get a piece of this?” J scoffs with an attitude.

You turn around towards the glass sliding door, glaring outside at the deserted back yard, not even a bird this early in the morning.

“Wow, so many women willing to take on The Clown Prince of Crime,” you pretend to be surprised. “We do have a huge line on the patio. Which one do you want?”

He snickers and you giggle, finally amused.

“Shut up, Y/N,” he shifts you towards him again, locking his arms around your neck.“Let’s sleep in so zip it. Oh, and for the record: this was the worst pillow talk we ever had!”

You indifferently blink, liking the idea of having a lazy morning:

“It wasn’t that bad…What worries me though is all those women waiting to get you; we should give them numbers, I don’t want them to fight about who goes first,” you kiss him and he purrs, annoyed.

“I am a very wanted man!”

“Yeah, by the cops and Batsy…” you mutter and J smirks, victorious:

“Still counts!!”

“If you say so…”

After 10 minutes



“After I die, can you please get a girlfriend that’s not as pretty as me?” you beg, anguished.

“Shush!” and he slaps your butt; The Joker absolutely hates it when you bring this up.

“At least you’ll be able to have children…” you ignore his warning, sensing another wave of hurtful feelings washing all over you.

“Cut it out, Y/N!”

“I…I hope your kids are ugly!!!!” you have an outburst while he rolls his eyes, irritated. But he knows you’re depressed and he knows the reason why: yesterday, your blood tests came back bad (again) and the weekly doctor visit didn’t go to too well either. All after you tried 3 new drugs that supposedly worked OK in the experimental phase but didn’t do anything for you and it’s discouraging.


After waking up, you are both hanging out in the kitchen. You are looking at the breakfast food that Frost dropped off, not wanting to eat one single item; you’re already nauseated. A bunch of your favorites and it almost makes you gag. You study the lab results, sulking, wishing for once there was some kind of improvement.

“Eat something, Pumpkin,” J urges you, taking a bite out of a fresh bagel.

“I’m not hungry,” you sigh, reading without seeing anything but demoralizing news.

“You have to eat, that’s why you’re so skinny,” he gives you a cup of coffee and you take a sip to please him.

“I’m not skinny because I’m not eating and you know it…” you speak in a low voice, licking your lips. He decides not to reply. “J…?”


“I didn’t mean it when I said I want your kids to be ugly…”

“Drop it, Kitten!” he pouts, moving some strawberries on a small plate.

“But…how can they be cute if I’m not their mom?…” you swallow your tears and take deep breaths, trying to cool down.

“I said drop it!” J barks and you gaze at the yummy goodies he put together for you, nibbling on a muffin, this way he won’t complain you’re not eating. He watches how much you struggle to pretend you’re alright after he cut you off and doesn’t like it.

“Did it hurt, Princess?” The Joker winks, getting your attention.


“Did it hurt?”
“What baby?” you inquire, confused.

“When that portal from hell opened and you spawned through it right into my life,” he grins, very confident in his seduction technique.

Your eyes get big and you chuckle, then actually start laughing, entertained.

“You have the worst pickup lines, but I actually like this one! Do you have more?” you suggest he keeps going, placing your elbows on the counter and checking him out in those gray sweatpants that keep on sliding down every time he moves. J never bothers to tighten the string.

“Excuse you, Doll,” he huffs, “if my pickup lines are horrible, then why are you blushing?!”

“I’m not blushing, I have hot flashes from my pills,” you defend you rosy cheeks, flattered.

“Nonsense! You’re all worked up about it, don’t lie!”

You hop on the counter and crawl on his side, eager to touch your boyfriend. He drags you in front of him and you sit up there while holding his hands, curious to hear what’s next:

“Aside from being sexy, what do you do for a living?” he roars and you bounce your legs, excited.

“Hehehehe,” you giggle on his chest and he tries not to laugh.

“Is there a mirror in your pants, Doll? Cause I can see myself in them,” he pulls on your bottom lip and you bite his finger, feeling your cheeks getting warmer.

“It’s the hot flashes,” you try to defend yourself and he is not buying it.

“Don’t think so!” he tugs on your tank top, preparing his lethal weapon: “Princess, you turn my software into hardware.”

You snort so loud it echoes all over the place.

“Oh my God, this is terrible!” you shake your head, though fascinated at how bad it sounded.

“No, for reals, you do!” J hums in your ear and you look down at his crotch.

“A-ha, I can tell!”

“You’re such a perv, Pumpkin; my eyes are up here,” the cocky answer comes without hesitation. You kiss his Jester tattoo and walk your fingers down his abs, anxious to do something about this new spin on your morning. The anti-nausea meds you took are starting to work so might as well take advantage; who knows how many times you’ll be able to sleep with him before…

The Joker gets you out of your daze:

“Wow, Y/N, you seem so desperate to get me naked; don’t you have any pride left?!”

“Not really,” you brazenly admit and moan when you feel his hands all over you.

“You’re a good kisser, kid,” J parts from your lips and takes off your tank top, tossing it on the chair.

“For sure,” you approve, sliding back more so he can get on the counter too. He starts kissing his way down your waist and you scream.

“You’re starting early, I like it…Daddy’s  gonna make you…”

You scream louder:



“Spider!!!!!” you point behind him and he turns his head to look: there is indeed a little creature crossing the wall on top of the sink. “Do something, baby, I hate spiders!!!” you shiver under him, getting goosebumps.

“For God’s sake, woman, I’m trying to have sex here!” he mutters, aggravated at the interruption.

“I hate spiders! Please kill it!!!!” you implore, digging your nails in his back.

“All the stuff you use to do before you got sick and you’re still afraid of spiders?!” J gets off the counter and you cling to him, stiff as a board:

“I detest these insects; so nasty, ewwww. Please kill it!” you beg once more, choking the life out of him. He grabs a tissue from the box, heading over to grant your wish while your legs are squeezing his waist with a strength he didn’t think you have left in you; both your arms are wrapped around his neck super tight - you definitely are tense and disgusted.

The Joker smooshes the culprit and now it’s resting in peace in the trashcan where it belongs.

“Happy now?” he grins, heading back towards the counter.

“Thank you, baby, I really can’t stand those beasts! You really are my knight in shining armor.”

“Told ya’!” he puffs, full of himself. “Any more crap I have to kill before we get down to business?”

“No, I think we’re good now,” your body finally relaxes when you are placed back on the countertop and he can finally breathe normal again.

“You still have a mean grip, you know that? You certainly have your skills Doll,” J praises you, actually surprised on how powerful your clasp was.

“Of course I still have them, just didn’t use them in forever. I’m not completely useless, OK?” you smack your lips and he is fast to push you on your back, smirking.

“Less talk and more action, Princess! The only word I wanna hear you scream is my name, understood?”

“Spider!!!!” you shout, teasing, and then surrender under his weight.

“Ha! Funny!” he growls, yearning to have you once more.


When the night comes, you can’t sleep at all. You keep on tossing and turning, somber thoughts flooding your mind. You decide to go in the backyard and walk it off because you don’t want to keep J up with your restlessness. He isn’t actually sleeping, just pretends and watches as you march out there in your sheer white nightgown, deep in meditation. Just like a ghost, he catches himself thinking and his heart aches but doesn’t want to pay attention to the feeling.

Your frail shape stops in the front of the roses you love so much and you drop in the grass, not feeling the chill, staring at everything without seeing. The Joker sneaks outside, aware you are probably freezing and drags you back in, while you silently follow his steps.

Once you’re in bed under the covers, he’s trying to get you warm and for the first time he’s not telling you to shut up when you speak up about things you really want to get off your chest. All your dying wishes, the most personal and intimate emotions meant only for his ears are whispered in a soft, low voice. You keep on going, relived you got such a heavy burden off your shoulders.

“I left you everything. After I die, all the funds from my estate will go into that account that belongs to the mysterious Jack Green we both know,” you caress his face and he grinds his teeth in denial.

“I don’t want your money…”

You disregard the words.

“It will come from Mrs. Emily Green, you know how much I always loved this identity. So when you see the wire transfer with that name, it will be from me. I already made the arrangements, I’m not changing my will; it’s signed. I can’t take the money with me, might as well give it to someone I care about. Keep this house and use it, yes? I really love it, nobody will bother you here, it’s a very good hideout. And try not to get yourself killed, ok? You’re so impulsive…”

“You’re more impulsive than me!” J sneers because for the first time in his life he’s at a lack of words.

“Used to be. I didn’t do anything crazy in so long it actually makes me the mellow one. Go figure!” you joke, not even sad for the moment being. It’s just so natural to let it all out.

“I really don’t want your money nor the house…I’m not gonna let you die, so there’s no need for any of this, Doll,” your boyfriend studies your reactions, intrigued.

“That’s nice… it almost sounds like you love me or something,” you tease, cozy on the fluffy pillows.

“I doubt it,” he furrows his invisible eyebrows, uneasy.

“Tell you what, baby: after I die, if you miss me so much it hurts it means that you loved me; if not, you should be fine,” the simple explanation is fast to follow and the abrupt reply makes you whimper:

“It already hurts…”

“Well,” you manage to stay strong and not burst into tears,” now that we both found out the answer to this crucial problem, I think we can rest, hm?”

“I’m so tired…” is the only thing he says before electing to inform you: “I have a meeting with him again tomorrow night.”

“NO!!!” you jump up, shaking J to show your disapproval. “NO!! Don’t go!! Stop meeting him! Stop going! It will be an ambush or something, you’ll get captured and locked away and I will die alone! …I-I can’t die alone!!!” you scream, alarmed.

“We are meeting on neutral ground, he won’t try anything. Never did before. And Princess, I’ve set forces in motion you can’t even imagine,” he tries to calm you down while you shake with anxiety. ”I know he might have something for you that I can’t get my hands on. This time, he’s the one that requested the meeting so I think he’s going to use that as leverage to negotiate some kind of terms about his precious Gotham and all the poor souls he has the audacity to believe he protects.”

“No, no way! He’s bluffing, he has nothing for me! Don’t go! Please! He just wants to catch you and take you away and I… just can’t die alone…” you nervously bite on your nails, hopelessly trying to make him change his mind.

“Kitten, you know I don’t leave anything to chance. I’m going and you can’t stop me!!”

“No, please don’t go!” you keep on imploring, scared for this new plan he seems very decided to carry on. “What if it’s a trap? I can’t afford to lose you, I can’t…I just can’t die alone…please?”

“There’s no trap, and even if it were, I’m prepared. Don’t worry, I got it all covered. When do I ever put myself in danger for no reason?”

“Like…all the time!” you gulp, scratching your arm in denial. “Don’t go…”

J signals you to place your head on his chest and you comply, being so worked up you’re wheezing; it’s so difficult to breathe and this doesn’t help.

“Don’t stress out, Pumpkin…I won’t let you die!” The Joker reinforces his declaration, wishing you would unwind and go back to sleep.


He’s been gone all morning and you have no idea where he went; no answer to your texts or calls, probably getting ready for tonight. You hear the sliding glass door and turn towards the patio, guessing it’s him. You take a few steps and freeze, confused: he walks inside holding a girl’s hand. She is very pretty, well dressed and seems nervous.

“Who is this?!” you narrow your eyes, baffled.

“This Doll, is my future girlfriend. After you die, she’ll take your place. Wanna look around, honey?” he winks at the girl and you resentfully gasp. “All this will be yours after Y/N is gone from the picture. Lovely home, you’ll enjoy it,” he gropes her and you crack your neck, walking towards them with a menacing demeanor.

“Get her out of my fucking house!!” you mutter through your clenched teeth, grinding your jaw so hard it’s painful.

She tries to escape J’s hold but he keeps her near:

“Don’t move!” he commands, pissed when she whines:

“Mister J, I don’t want to be here…Please let me go…”

You are getting closer.

“Get out or I’ll break your neck! I might be weak but I can still do it! GET OUT!!!” you shout at the woman and J tightens his grip on her.

“Don’t move!” he warns and as she struggles to escape. “My current girl here,” the Prince of Crime nods his head towards you,” has it ALL figured out for me: she plans to die and I’m supposed to get a new girlfriend, have kids and leave happily ever after. I’ll even inherit her fortune, which is substantial, I assure you,” he turns his icy glaze towards you and you almost can’t hear: your heart is beating so fast and loud it’s deafening.

“Get out or I swear I’m going to kill you!!!” your voice alerts in such a threatening way she finally uses all her strength to yank her hand away from his and backs out, taking advantage of the fact that you stopped in front of J as the perfect moment to escape the house.

“What the hell are you doing???” you yell at him on a verge of a nervous breakdown; this is the last thing that you need.

He smiles in such an eerie way and has the nerve to pretend it’s the most normal question when it comes out of his mouth:

“Are you jealous?”

“Wha’……????” you are taken aback, not understanding what’s going on. “What is the meaning of all this ??”

“ARE. YOU. JEALOUS?” J pronounces each word in a strange manner and you can tell he’s mad. And so are you.

“Yes, I’m jealous!” you blur out, wanting to slap him so badly. “What games are you playing??!! What’s wrong with you?!”

“You know why you’re jealous?” he continues, disregarding your justified tirade.


What’s going on? you think, completely out of it.

“Let me enlighten you, Princess,” he grumbles, annoyed. “You are jealous because you’re still alive, do you even understand what it means anymore? Stop making plans for me, stop talking about dying and give me a break! I’m sick of listening to all of it! You’re still here!” and him charging at you and kissing you passionately like he didn’t see you in years takes you by surprise. You respond to the kiss, unable to hear your own thoughts or react in any other way.

“Did you feel that?” he breaths on your lips and you moan a faint yes. “Great! It means that you’re alive!” he pushes you away, annoyed and heads over to exit the backyard, not before kicking a few bottles with your meds on the floor.

“Who’s that girl?” you raise your voice and he is already out, barely bothering to satisfy your curiosity:

“How the hell should I know?! Just a dancer at the club!”

You have no clue about what got into him, but you stood there petrified for a good 30 minutes.


11:30pm- neutral ground located behind the abandoned highway 205

“Finally! You’re 6 minutes late!” J jumps off the hood of his purple Lamborghini when he notices Batman emerging from the shadows. “Do you have it?” he stretches, pretending to be indifferent but in fact very alert.

“I do,” the distorted voice lets him know as his nemesis stops at a safe distance, only a few feet away.

“Does it work?” The Joker wants to know right away.

“It does. And I’m the only one that has access to it. Experiments showed amazing results, not certain if it will ever reach the medical market. If it does, it will be at least 5 more years,” Bruce Wayne explains as fast as he can.

“My girl doesn’t have 5 years!” he barks, straitening his back. “I assume you wanted to meet because you want to bargain? What do you want in exchange?”

His silver teeth glisten under the flickering neon light, the shaved head giving him even a more psychotic aura.

“Every month you stay put and don’t cause trouble, you get a month worth of the medication. Plain and simple,” Batman replies.

A vague cackle, then a louder laugher followed by full blown temperamental outpouring of lunacy:

“Awww, such a good deal!” The Joker claps his hands, faking his happiness. “But I have even a better proposal !” his blue eyes get big with anticipation. “I’ve been reeeeeally busy in the last 2 months; let’s say Gotham may or may not be under an imminent attack. Certain people may or may not have placed explosives all over the place: residential homes, bridges, schools, hospitals, anything you can think of. You will never be able to find all of them!! Something happens and I don’t get the med, it all goes to shit ! Would you prefer your precious city goes down in the same time or piece by piece?” he snickers with an evil grimace.

“Don’t push it !” Bruce Wayne snaps, tossing a vial containing your much needed remedy towards his adversary and J catches it mid air, placing it in his pocket.

“Don’t make me!!!” he growls, retreating back into his car and driving away into the night while The Batman debates if The King of Gotham is bluffing or not. Knowing him, probably not.


“Go tell your mom she’s needed for important paperwork in the master bedroom after you fall asleep tonight, OK?” J urges his 4 year old son to go outside in the garden where you sit on a blanket under the tree, reading.

Kaden runs over, stumbling with anticipation, eager to give you the news:

“Moooommm!!!!” he screams up a storm and lands in your lap, excited: “Dad said you have paperwork tonight!”

You and The Joker love to use him as a messenger; he’s absolutely adorable and even if the poor kid doesn’t remember everything he’s supposed to say when he runs from one parent to the other, it’s still awesome and it makes your day.

“Go tell Daddy that’s fine,” you smile, kissing his cheek and he gets up, rushing inside to communicate the update:

“Daaaaddd!!!!!” he almost staggers and falls on the carpet, “Mommy said OK!!!”

“Goody!! Hey, com’ere!” J signals him and Kaden giggles, jumping up and down until he gets picked up and sat on the table. “Now go ask your mom if she wants another baby, don’t let me down, alright?” The Joker puckers his lips, winking at the little boy. He reaches for the nearby drawer, takes out a piece of paper and scribbles on it, then hands it over to his son. “Give her this too, ok? Us, guys, have to help each other, hm?”

“Yes, dad!” the little boy passes his fingers through his father’s green hair, enthusiastic he has such an important task. 

Once he is put back on the ground, Kaden races over to you:

“Daddy wanted to know if you want another baby,” he sniffles, covering his mouth with his small hands.

You roll your eyes and look down at your 4 month pregnant bump, mumbling:

“Soooo funny… Anyway, mommy’s too old so after your brother is born, that’s it.”

Your son snickers and pulls on your hair that now reaches down to your shoulders, making you pay attention to the paper he’s giving you.

“From daddy,” he explains and you take it, unfolding the note. You gasp when you realize it’s your old Bucket List, now having a “check mark” symbol by “- a family” wish. You take a deep breath, looking towards the house to see if J is in sight but you don’t notice him. You get teary and fold back the paper, hiding it between the pages of your book. The Joker is actually behind the curtain, sipping on his whiskey, savoring your reaction.

“Go tell daddy I already have 3 kids, so we’re good,” you whisper in Kaden’s ear and he darts inside, yelling:

“Daaaaad, she said she already has 3 kids!!!”

“What??!! 3 kids?!” he frowns, aggravated. “That’s rude! Tell her she’s rude!” The messenger runs for it.

“Daddy said you’re rude,” the little one pants, snorting when you start laughing.

“Whatever,” you make him sit down, struggling to keep him still in your lap so you can apply the purple hair mascara on a few strands of his hair. J goes crazy for it so you try to do it daily since it’s being washed at night. “Go show your dad how cute you are! And tell him he’s my favorite poison. Give me a kiss before you go!”

“Muahhh,” he pecks your lips and flees. After a few moments J shouts:

“Hey Doll, is that a pickup line?!”

“Yeesss!!!!” you yell back so he can hear you.

“That’s a good one!”

“I know!!!!!”

You read for 5 more minutes when they both come out: Kaden is holding a bottle of water and you know what it means: time to take your med.

“Here Princess,” The Joker opens the vial, giving you one tablet. “It’s that magical time of the day.”

You swallow the pill and he crawls on the blanket, resting his head on your tummy. Your son is playing around with his toys, preoccupied with a butterfly that landed on his bike.

“I thought the magical time of the day is going to be tonight when we have to fill out all that tedious paperwork in the master bedroom,” you elbow him and he purrs.

“Certainly; so much paperwork, that’s why I need your help,” he softly bites your wrist and you pinch his arm. “Hey, Y/N, besides being sexy and pregnant, what do you do for a living?” he turns on his side, facing you. “Wow, are you blushing?!”

“No way, hot flushes from my treatment,” the defensive answer comes.

“Lies, lies, lies,” J bickers, kissing the bump.

“You have the worse pickup lines,” you shake your head, teasing him.

“Got you pregnant twice, didn’t I ? So if you have a complaint, you should file one tonight with the rest of the paperwork,” the smug reply follows.

You stare at each other for a few seconds before smiling:

“Shut up, J,” you kick him with your knee and go back to reading while he closes his eyes, relaxing in the shadow.

Definitely her knight in shining armor, The Joker thinks before snoozing. No other losers in line for the job…which…makes me the loser, I suppose. Oh, well, could be worse, he reckons, snuggling by you even more.