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Why am I like this
  • Me: I am a human mess. Why does anyone like me? I am ugly trash who's overweight and has awful skin and hair. What the hell am I doing with my life? Everyone is better than me.
  • Also me: Get out of my way bitch. What makes you think you can talk to me for I am a supreme being and your rightful ruler and you are but a piece of scrap I must deal with in this life I did not deserve. Fear me I am a god.
Long overdue Gumdrop Replies

Yeah… I’ve been meaning to answer these for awhile now, so some of these are from awhile ago. XD

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Helloooo♡I hope I am not disturbing! Can you write a grandfather Jacob holding Lydia while peacefully rocking on a chair? :)

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Jacob didn’t think he would live long enough to be called a grandfather by anyone (unless a playful joke by his younger Rooks and assassins he trained). After the Jack incident and being tortured and beaten for a month, he thought for sure, he would die…

But now, his son Emmett had fallen in love with a fellow assassin and within three years, the two had blessed him with a grandchild—a granddaughter, Lydia Frye. It was like holding his son all over again when he got to embrace her, protecting her from the world. He was so ground of his son and daughter-in-law that it was hard to express properly without being emotional.

However, with Emmett having to take to the field still and his daughter-in-law in recovery from giving birth, Jacob offered to be the one to help her with Lydia when able.

Sleep, again, wasn’t easy to come by as he would hear the child getting fussy at the foot of his bed where he kept her crib to let the mother rest in peace. It bothered him little just as it did in the beginning with Emmett being born. Removing the covers, his bare feet touched upon the floorboards before walking to the crib to gently cradle the child into his arms.

“Come here, princess,” he whispered, his tone labored with fatigue as he rubbed her back sweetly, heading over to the nearby rocking chair he kept in his bedroom long after Emmett was of age just in case it could be reused.

Sitting down with a laborious grunt, he started to rock idly with her cheek resting upon his shoulder and her small hands balled up to his chest. His palm rubbing her back tenderly, he kissed her upon her cheek, listening with relief as her sobs were slowly dying. While he didn’t fancy himself a singer, Jacob still hummed a small tune he used to sing for fun in his youth, hoping the gentle vibrations of his words and melody would lull her back to sleep.

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- Hey friends!!! I’m going to be a senior in high school and this is my first time having a tumblr account! I was always hesistant on making a tumblr bc i didnt think i was hipster enough lmao? Anyways, I stumbled upon the studyblr community when I was hella bingewatching back to school and organization videos and stumbled upon @studyquill ’s videos and clicked on one of her links and found a whole tumblr COMMUNITY dedicated on studying and motivating one another . I’m also thinking about starting a studytube account ahaha we’ll see. Long story short, i fell in love with this super duper cute community of study buddies and it was also reassuring to know there are people out there who are just crazy over stationary as I am :P

- Some of my hobbies include: sleeping, eating, drinking enough water to keep my plant on the app Plant Nanny alive, shopping (which is why i’m broke af), and living life one day at a time :)

- As mentioned before, my ultimate inspiration was @studyquill but after some serious scrolling, i also fell in love with the content these studyblr accounts post such as @emmastudies @ambedostudies @tbhstudying @thesmartstudies @studyign @studyberri @studywithinspo


Ok I’m goning to do a little experiment based off a conversation I was having with my friends…

Would you name your future child(ren) after a celebrity/author/band member/ actor and/or after a fictional character.

I’m curious