i am sleeping :p

So I’m actually super stoked for this thing I’m working on, but starting tomorrow I’m going to be on vacation in the Carolinas for a week so idk how much/soon I’ll get to work on it… 

So, want a sneak peek~? ;3c

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Ask and it shall be delivered

A OPM!Saitama skin and a FMA!Edward skin, here they are! It’s kinda hard to do the Saitama one, ‘cause you know, he’s… well, not cool. It’s the base principle on which they build his character. He’s just the most uncool but awesome person. And also the color scheme is hard to work with… I’m actually not entirely happy with it. 

mainly because I cannot make Jack bald ahahaha

With the Edward one, I choose to include the cloak and the boots, to go for something more like the Jack we saw at that con… the Edwardhead!Sam is just a dumb thing haha God I need to seriously rethink these

here to find out more about idea illustration and requests!!!

Ok, so who wants to hear a super gay story?

You. you want to hear a super gay story and here it is.

So today I was picking up some cough medicine at kroger and it was fucking pouring outside so I was waiting in the Kroger lobby for my mom to pull the car around so I didn’t have to run out in the rain. Well, I since I was the only one there, I started to sing “Wildfire” by Demi Lovato because Demi is queen and that song is beautiful. So my gay ass is singing practically at the top of my lungs because I’m alone so why the fuck not and I finish the first verse but then sOMEONE STARTED TO SING THE CHORUS WITH ME and it scared me at first cause like, I was alone? and now I’m not? but now i’m dueting? so me being me I figured, well fuck it. It’s not every day that I get to sing a ballad in the foyer of a grocery store with a complete stranger bUT THEN I TURNED AROUND AND THE GIRL WAS REALLY BEAUTIFUL AND THEN WE ARE SINGING ABOUT BEING BREATHLESS AND SCARLET KISSES AND HONESTLY IT IS THE SINGLE MOST GAYEST THING I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. so we finish the song together and I’m staring into her eyes like the angsty teen ager that I am and then she says “You have a really pretty voice” and I was just like, “I like your face” and I’m terrible at being gay because I have absolute no game in these types of situations and she said thanks and then walked away and guys I think I just fell in love somebody help


What to do when sleep deprived;; Develop a new style then draw dorky gundam getting overly excited over his precious dark devas