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Pansy: Don’t let Draco fool you. He’s not that scary. He used to do ballet.
Harry: No way!
Draco: Which gave me the physical skills I need to strangle you with my feet.

Adorable Jerks + Bonus Chat

Pairing: Sam x f!Reader


Could you do a Sam x reader where the reader and sam just constantly tease bucky and Scott (maybe with the use of memes)

Sam has created a chatroom.

Sam has added Y/N, Bucky, Scott.

Scott: Hi! :) How are you two?

Bucky: what is this

Bucky: what do you two want





Bucky: S T O P

Scott: I have one question, that really needs to be answered: How did you get pictures of those events?

You: A tech genius never reveals the fairly obvious answer.


Sam: when you see an insect


You: when the insect sees you

Bucky: You think you’re so funny :(

Bucky: Well you are but whatever :(

You: thank you snape? ◔̯◔

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s4, breaking the fourth wall, the arg, and gaslighting as literary device

And if the pretentious title didn’t frighten you away, or cause you to immediately unfollow / block me, I offer some thoughts:

Following the cues left by the hot mess s4, it’s reasonable to assert the following (which has been asserted just about non-stop since each of the episodes aired; I am not pretending to be original here):

  • s4 is fucky in a way that seems to call attention to its own fuckyness, especially if you take events and themes of the previous series as guidelines for what to expect / how things work in the world of Sherlock. (A ton of people have done a ton of work on this, but thanks to @antisocial-otaku​ for making it clear how frickin obvious this pattern is, here.)

As much as recent arg developments have been A Ride, I really think we’ve missed the obvious, because it wasn’t nearly as much of a challenge as people were looking for / as the fandom genius hive brain is capable of meeting. I think we’ve been looking too hard.

The puzzle, the thing we are supposed to figure out, is s4 itself. The game is simply this: we are invited to have discernment with regard to what is and what is not possible in the world of BBC Sherlock, and to conclude, as most people did, that much of s4 is, indeed, not compatible with the world of Sherlock. The truth of the narrative is in the subtext, as almost everyone here has argued.

The narrative of s4 is, for the most part, really hard to get hold of, and full of content that blatantly works against everything the show has tried to set up so far. As much as I appreciate attempts to make sense of s4 as is, my mind, like a lot of people’s, recoils when asked to consider (for example) that the people who wrote this:


Also wrote this:


You’ve all seen the evidence. You’ve all watched The Final Problem and thought–what the hell is this? 

People in this fandom were crying foul from the moment TST ended. I think we were already playing the arg then (if such a thing exists), and we kept playing it all through s4, because we were thinking critically about the episodes, and questioning the reality status of the story with which we were presented.

Up until recently, I would have said, meh, maybe this apparent lack of skill on the part of the showrunners was deliberate, maybe it wasn’t. Maybe they just threw in a ton of excess detail (like Mr. Glowy Skull) because why not? I am not very big on writerly intention. The text I’m presented with, I feel free to interpret however I wish, and this, to me, is the point of s4. It undoes itself. It undoes the text of series 1-3. It invites critique in a whole new way. Regardless of what does or does not happen next, I will always choose to question this narrative, to read against the text, because that reading is more interesting and less infuriating. s4, like mofftiss, lies. 


The part that makes me think the arg is happening right in front of us, and it’s still live: 

This fucking thing.

This “John and Mary really love each other” barf festival video, released on 28 February. (Savage and efficient crit here, by @smoljohnlock​) 


I could see, maybe, that video flying as an s4 preview, but we have it released here, now, after…all that, when we know that the picture being presented in it is nowhere near the reality that we got in the narrative.

I don’t want to say it’s a sign. I don’t know, man. I’m tired. We’re all tired. But that video certainly did invite a renewal of the wtf-was-that outrage of s4, didn’t it?

The fourth wall, in my opinion, has already been broken. 

The show has been teaching us how to observe, and not just see, to think critically, and to look for solutions to puzzles, since the beginning. Now it’s turning the function of detective over to us. 

Just like the #sherlocklive game was designed to allow us to practice our puzzle solving on a small scale, so is s4. The entire narrative invites us to sit up, take notice, and say, come on, that can’t be how it really happened.

I’m still not going to predict the future here. The show has broken the fourth wall before, and paid off careful observation, via the “1895″ clues. It might be doing that with the “March 8″ billboard thing. It might not. When I say that the narrative is unfinished, I mean exactly that–it lacks an ending (much like my languishing WiPs…sorry about those, btw). What will happen next? Who knows? None of us. Signs (that’s literal, billboard-type signs) point to something more. 


So: we have been presented with not one, but two false narratives. If mofftiss finish their damn story, and offer some sort of explanation for all the fuckery of s4, then we’ll have been told a bunch of lies in-story, about “what happened” to John and Sherlock, and a bunch of extratextual lies, about s4 being finished after three episodes. 

I will always assert, regardless of what happens next, that the in-story lies are there, and believing the textual level of the narrative makes less sense / is less happy making than believing that the story lies. As for the bigger lie, about the length of s4 / the end of this narrative–we’ll see. 

It’s a peculiar choice, this, as modern storytelling goes. Rather than just, you know, tell the story they wanted to tell, about a detective and his blogger, they’re really going the long way round. If the “s4 is fake” reading is confirmed, and there is a plan in place, it’s show-offy. It’s audacious. It’s gaslighting the audience to make a point. It’s putting us through an experience–the textual level content of s4–and asking us to believe something contrary to that experience. 

It’s not…enjoyable? Like with everything else, I think I’ll be left questioning why this way, and not some other way. It is, potentially, fascinating. 

If this is what we think it is, we’ve been playing all along, without even trying.

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me: woo! i am so excited that HARRY STYLES finally gets to celebrate all that he (HARRY STYLES), has worked so hard for by going to the premiere of the movie in which he (HARRY STYLES) debuts his acting skills!! that’s right, HARRY STYLES has worked very hard to get where he (HARRY STYLES) is at and tomorrow night he (HARRY STYLES) will get to be surrounded by those he (HARRY STYLES) has worked on such an epic project with!!!

you: but what about a one direction reu-

me: woo! i am so excited that HARRY STYLES finally gets to celebrate all that he (HARRY STYLES), has worked so hard for by going to the premiere of the movie in which he (HARRY STYLES) debuts his acting skills!! that’s right, HARRY STYLES has worked very hard to get where he (HARRY STYLES) is at and tomorrow night he (HARRY STYLES) will get to be surrounded by those he (HARRY STYLES) has worked on such an epic project with!!!

your gurl not talented at all so I gotta bust out that good ole text and paste skills. 

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Why building skill in art is fun,

but not inherently required for the art’s value

I explained this a couple times in streams but I want to put it down in text.

Art is an incredible and special process where people can share a concept in their head with the outside world. Human imagination is endless, but part of the fascinating nature of art is the triple disconnect between artist and viewer- and the mosaic of images this creates. I’ll explain:

The first disconnect is between the artist’s imagination, and what they can produce. This is the only disconnect where building skill with practice can bring the two closer together. However, imagination is fluid, beautiful, and impossible. There’s no way to portray exactly what’s in our heads, but chasing that impossible goal is what drives artists! 

The second disconnect is generally a lot smaller, but still worth mentioning. Humans are all biologically slightly different, and we may be viewing the art through a different medium. The viewer may see less or more colour than the artist, or maybe their computer monitor has different settings.

The third disconnect is where the magic happens! A person interpreting an artist’s work will apply their own experiences and feelings to it, making the image they remember totally unique to them. This is part of the exciting nature of art- when you create something, you don’t just create one thing. Everyone who sees it will take away something different! This is a big disconnect and it isn’t affected by an artist’s skill at all. 

This process isn’t a bad thing! Art is incredible and beautiful, and our ability to create and interpret endless variations and feelings is what makes it so exciting! 

It may be discouraging when someone gets a different idea from the one you tried to create- but that doesn’t mean the idea they took away doesn’t have value! It’s still something that you did! 

Create more art! Fill the world with ideas! 

Safety Plan

It’s important to make a safety plan to recognize triggers, plan for distressing events, and plan how to cope ahead.  Below, I’ve posted an outline of a safety plan with examples.  I encourage you to come up with your own ideas and make your own safety plan!

Triggers (when these things happen I am more likely to feel unsafe or upset): examples include meals, holidays, work stress, loud noise

Thoughts/Inside Warning Signs (these are things I may notice just before I feel unsafe or upset): examples include hopeless, worthless, loss of interest, thinking about death, feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated

Other Warning Signs (things other people may notice just before I feel unsafe or upset): examples include isolating myself, less talkative, irritable, increased anxiety

Things that help me stay better now (this that help me calm down or stay safe): examples include crafts, talking to friends, grounding, reading, music, writing lists, playing with pets

Things that help me stay well (things I do consistently that help me stay safe): examples include taking my medication, therapy, seeing a psychiatrist, staying in a routine

Changes in my environtment for me/others to make: examples include getting rid of sharps, monitoring medications, stay away from alcohol and drugs, creating a safe space, keeping my environment clean

Things that make me feel worse (things that do not help me calm down or stay safe): examples include alcohol, weighing myself, restricting, bingeing, purging, self-injury, being invalidated, poor sleep, being overwhelmed

When I notice triggers/warning signs, I will take action by (what I can do to prevent things from getting worse) - doing the following things: examples include using coping skills, reaching out, therapy - calling the following people: friends, family

When others notice that I am getting upset, I would like them to (what others can do to prevent things from getting worse): examples include listening to me, don’t judge me, don’t invalidate me

If I am experiencing a crisis, I would like the following people to be contacted: example includes your parents, parent, friend, therapist, psychiatrist

Finally, make a list of support hotlines, crisis text numbers, and mental health resources in your community so it is all in one place for easy access.  

Jones Industries - Chapter 2

Chapter 1 //  ao3 link to chapter 2


Jughead Jones sat in his newly purchased Upper West Side penthouse with his best friend Archie Andrews, on the sofa opposite. They had been in the middle of a game of poker when Archie’s wife rang to talk about a new layout she had planned so the raven haired boy was sat staring at the calendar on his phone, full of reminders of the job interviews that were happening over the next couple of days. As always an outside firm came to do them, but he couldn’t stop thinking about Betty and hoping she would get the job so that he could see her.

Archie came back and took his seat again, handing Jughead a cold bottle of beer from the fridge “Dude Veronica wants me working miracles, I’m telling you. She wanted me to ask you if we can borrow your apartment for her September cover.”

He chuckled “How could I ever say no to her? Seriously, she has enough to blackmail me into giving her the whole place.”

“Don’t go giving her ideas Jug,” Archie replied. “She’d actually do that.” After a moment he asked, “So who is she?”

“Who’s who?”

“Don’t act innocent Jug, you keep checking your phone every couple of minutes. Have you finally got a girlfriend? It’s been seven years since…”

“No.” Jughead interrupted. “I haven’t even thought about her since she ended things and I really don’t want to again. She really was a Class A bitch”

“I think golddigger is the term you’re looking for?” Archie offered. “You keep changing the subject though dude, who is the girl?”

Sighing, Jughead sat forward and Archie copied the movement. “Her name is Betty. We met last night in Foley’s and well,” he ran his hand through his hair “she’s beautiful.”

“So you’re gonna ask her out right?”

Jughead shook his head no, “I want to, believe me I do, but I wouldn’t know what to say or do. What if she becomes like, well She Who Shan’t Be Named and expects all these big fancy things from me?”

“Easy, don’t tell her. You didn’t give her your name right?”

“No, just told her to call me Jughead.”

“Okay so don’t mention who you are. Be Jughead, the guy who likes to order the whole menu when he goes out to eat, who loves yell out historical inaccuracies when we’re in the cinema, who always manages to pull literary references out of thin air. Not Forsythe Jones, billionaire property developer.”

“One problem with that Arch,” Jughead pulled out his phone and opened his email, turning the screen so Archie could see, “fifth name down.”

“Betty Cooper, Monday 11:30am, Admin Assistant” he read out loud. “Oh shit, she’s interviewing?”

“Yeah, so you got another plan?”

“So she does know who you are?” Archie asked.

Taking another swig from his bottle Jughead answered, “I don’t think so. She had a few interviews lined up including one at Money & Gardener and let’s be honest, we all know how much of a dick he is.”

“Jug, focus. Text this girl, say you wanna hang out and see what happens. What if she’s your perfect girl and you miss it?”

Sighing he picked up his phone and sent the message:

Hey, this is Jughead (the guy from the bar). Just wondering if you wanted to hang out soon?

Only a few minutes later his phone beeped and he jumped to check it. “It’s Veronica dude, she says you better be on your way back and if not, woah I am not repeating that but you’ll be in pain.”

“That is my cue to leave then. See you tomorrow Jug” and with that Archie left.

As soon as Archie left, Jughead received another message. Opening it, he read Hey Jughead (still waiting for an explanation on that name.) I would love to hang out, say tomorrow evening? followed by her address.

That night he went to bed happy.


Betty woke up at 7am on Monday morning to the sound of the alarm ringing throughout her apartment. After hitting the snooze button a couple of times, she woke up and went for a shower. Deciding to dress in business appropriate, she opted for black trousers with a white flowy top paired with a khaki green blazer. Putting her hair up into a high ponytail, Betty made sure she had her wallet, phone, and keys before leaving for her first interview of the day at Spector, Grant & Associates at 9am.

The interview went poorly, the person just before her had managed to piss off the interviewer off so she had to put up with his foul mood. Luckily, he had seen her slightly earlier than intended which meant Betty had some spare time to explore Manhattan afterward. Walking out of the tall building, Betty attempted to hail a cab to head uptown for her next interview at Jones Industries but none stopped for her so she ended up using GPS and praising herself for adding internet data to her contract. Eventually she managed to navigate her way to the business, praying that this interview would be better.

After walking the final three blocks from the subway station to the building, Betty booked in at reception and, along with three other people, was taken up to the 30th floor and seated outside a conference room. She looked around nervously at the other candidates that were waiting, some were reading over their resumes, some checking their phones whilst some made small talk amongst themselves. Sitting down next to a guy she assumed was close to her age, Betty was about to go through her file one last time but the person decided to talk to her instead. “Are you okay?” he asked.

Betty looked up and nodded, “Yep just nerves. My previous interview didn’t go the way I intended so I’m hoping this one goes better.”

“I’m sure you’ll be great. I’m Dave by the way” he held out his hand.


“Well Betty, it’s a pleasure to meet you. You’ll do great, don’t worry and” he smiled. “Maybe we could go out for lunch after?”

Betty smiled apologetically, “I’m sorry I’m meeting someone afterward.”

“Thought you might say no, but I just had to try anyway,” he replied.

A man came out of the conference room and yelled “Betty Cooper” down the packed corridor.

Betty stood up and followed him in. She stood next to her chair until he gestured for her to sit down. “I’m Fred Andrews.” He introduced himself, taking a moment to scan over her resume, “So I see you’ve just graduated with a degree in journalism and made the move to New York from Riverdale ?” Betty nodded “How was that?”

“Quite scary if I’m honest, but I’m glad I moved. I felt like I needed to take that step, for my independence.”

“I understand,” Fred nodded. “Why do you think you’d be a good fit for Jones Industries?”

“Well, as you may have read I used to work for the town’s newspaper, which I know was run by my family but my parents had very high standards and if I didn’t meet them, my writing didn’t get published. I’ve been working since I was thirteen, helping them out when I could. When I was fifteen, my father passed away so my sister and I alternated between researching and reporting.” Betty paused, the mention of her father’s passing leaving a weight in her throat.

Placing down the folder he was holding Fred asked, “How was it to start work at such a young age? When I was thirteen I was still running around with my friends. Then again that was about forty years ago.”

Sensing his tone of voice change from formal to a more candid talk, Betty relaxed her shoulders and smiled, “I actually enjoyed it. Being able to go out and find stories, dig deeper into people’s lives but those skills are transferable to almost any job! I can type 70 words per minute, work flexible hours and am ready to start whenever.”

He asked Betty a few more questions, about her life and career aspirations before letting her know they’d be in contact. She left feeling good.


As soon as Betty arrived back at her apartment, her phone bleeped with a text from her mother.

Movers got the days mixed up, they arrive this evening. Be home.

She replied with an okay mom before opening up the small text chain with Jughead and sending Sorry, I have to cancel tonight.

It wasn’t long before she got a reply That’s fine. Is everything okay?

Betty smiled at his concern. The last load of my boxes arrive today instead of this weekend.

I can help you if you want. I’m not a creep I promise. There was a picture attached of Jughead pulling a funny face.

She grabbed the first thing she found, which was a spoon, balancing it on her nose she took a selfie and sent it in reply along with the message Fine but I’m telling my sister that if she doesn’t hear from me tomorrow, to look for you.

Text me your address then, I’ll be there after 5 :)


Sure enough, at three minutes past five there was a knock at Betty’s door. She looked through the peephole before opening it. “How did you manage to get in?” she asked holding the door open so he could enter.

“One of your neighbours kindly held the door open for me. She told me I was welcome at her’s anytime for cake, even felt the need to slap my butt when I walked by. I think I may need a shower after that.”

She laughed pointing to the couch, one of the only pieces of furniture in the apartment, “Make yourself at home.”

“Going for the minimalist theme I see,” he joked, sitting down.

“Something like that I guess. Drink?” she called out from the kitchen.

“Just water please.”

Betty returned from the kitchen holding two bottles of water. “Here you go.” She sat down next to him, “I’m trying not to clutter the place but my mom’s sending a lot of stuff that has no place to go here.”

Jughead was about to reply when a furry creature emerged from a small hole in the wall. Betty spotted it first and screamed, pointing towards it, “Shit shit shit get rid of it please Jughead.”

He leapt up and managed to grab it by it’s tail. Opening the window he dropped the rat onto the fire escape and shut it quickly. After washing his hands he returned to where Betty was, her feet up on the couch, back pressed up against the armrest. “Hey,” he placed his hand on her arm, “you okay?”

She smiled and nodded, “Really looking forward to sharing this place with my new furry friends,” she attempted to joke but her laugh came out as a sob.

“Please don’t cry Betty.” Jughead put his arm around her and pulled her close, his t-shirt muffling the sound of her voice. After some time had passed he said, “I have a proposition for you.”

Betty pulled away, wiping her face, “What is it?”

“Well, I have a spare room at my place. When the movers arrive, I can tell them to take your stuff there. My friend is already at my place so he can let them in. It’s 100% strange animal free and you can visit whenever you want. How ‘bout it?”

She took a few moments before responding. “I don’t know Jughead.”

“It’s just a room Betty. It’s a secure building, I’ll introduce you to the doorman, he’ll let you in and out whenever you want. Plus no unidentified animals will be running about!”

“Alright then. Why not” Betty held out her hand for Jughead to shake, “but I’m paying you some sort of rent. Non-negotiable.”

“I can accept payment in the form of food if that helps.”

Before either of them could speak, her intercom buzzed. Jughead got up and answered it, “I’ll be down in a second.” He looked back at Betty, signaling for her to stay where she was and went downstairs.

Betty watched from her window as Jughead talked to the two movers, who by the looks of their conversation had agreed to go to his place. He ran back into the building and arrived at her door again in record time. “Thanks for that,” Betty said, letting him walk in.

Jughead stood in the doorway, hands on his knees as he panted for breath. “Your neighbor was out again.” Betty passed him his water which he took a big gulp of, “I just managed to avoid her but I’ll take that food payment now.”

Laughing she took out her phone and grabbed the Chinese menu that was next to the door. “Any preferences?”

Jughead shook his head no, “As long as it’s edible, I’ll eat it.”

Within fifteen minutes, Betty and Jughead had chosen an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine to watch, and their food had been delivered. The two sat on the couch, both had their feet up on the small table in front and laughed along with the tv show. After three episodes, Betty stood. “I’m gonna clear this lot up.”

“Let me help,” Jughead offered, picking up some empty boxes and following her to the kitchen.

“You can put those in there,” Betty pointed to the bin in the corner of the room.

Before he could reply her phone rang. “Hello” she answered. Jughead could only hear her side of the conversation, “This is she… really? That’s amazing…. Thank you so much sir… I understand, I’ll see you tomorrow.” She hung up and let out a squeal, turning to face Jughead, “I got a job!”

His face lit up with excitement, “That’s amazing Betty! Congratulations!” He wrapped his arms around her in a hug, holding her tightly. After what felt like too long for two friends to hug, he pulled away slightly so he could see her face and brushed some hair out of her face. Betty’s eyes darted between his eyes and lips, she subconsciously licked her lips and Jughead was about to move in when her phone bleeped again making them pull away.

Betty looked at her phone. “it’s an email from Fred, officially offering me the job with the final details. I start tomorrow.”

Clearing his throat, Jughead replied, “I’m so happy for you. I better get going, make sure those movers listened to my friend.”

“Of course.” Betty moved to hug him again but held back so he opened his arms for her, enveloping her “See you soon?”

Stepping back “Of course. Night Betty” and with that, he left.


The next morning, Betty arrived half an hour earlier than was required. Fred met her in reception, along with the three other people that were starting that day. “Welcome officially to Jones Industries. Whilst I’m not a direct employee of the company, I have been asked to come and show you round because Forsythe is in an international conference call at the moment, but I will introduce you to him later on. If you’d like to follow me, I’ll take you upstairs and show you around.”

When they arrived at their level Fred showed them to their relevant rooms, Betty being the only person joining the Administrative area. He showed them to the area where the senior staff members worked, stopping at a board that displayed all staff employees pictures and job titles.

“This is my son Archie.” He pointed to a picture of a redhead with a wide smile.

“Not saying anything bad are you Dad?” came a voice from behind which belonged to the same person in the picture.

“Why would I do that kid? Everyone, meet Archie Andrews, Senior Vice President of the company. Archie meet Ethel Muggs, Drew Stevens, Lucy Mitchell and Betty Cooper.”

He shook hands with them all, but kept his eye on Betty. “Have you met the boss yet? I’m sure I just saw him in his office, follow me. See you later dad.” Archie led the four people to a wooden door, marked Forsythe Jones III , knocking once before walking in. Jughead was looking out the window, back to the door.

“Dad was showing the newbies around, thought I’d introduce them to you,” he signalled for them to walk in.

Betty walked in last, gasping slightly when Forsythe turned around.

“Jug meet Ethel, Drew, Lucy and Betty. Everyone this is Forsythe Jones. CEO of Jones Industries.”

Jughead’s eyes traveled down the line, finally landing on Betty. “Hi.”

Rogue's Last Run
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

The Rebellion releases a tribute honoring the memory of the Rogue One crew, one year after their deaths.

This proves extremely inconvenient for Bodhi, who is still alive. With his supposedly-deceased face everywhere, it’s a race against time. Can Bodhi finally find the Rebellion before the Rebellion accidentally gets him killed?

It’s ALIIIIIIVE! ‘Bodhi Lives’ is back, featuring Bodhi and K-2SO making friends, kicking ass, taking names, and running away…from a lot of things. 

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hi! do you know if they released the full version of the OP song? and out of curiosity is it sung by the VA of Ye xiu? thanks!

Hello! Sorry for the late reply. Sadly, I do not know about the full version-last thing I heard was an extended version (just a repeating of animation’s version). And yes - the opening song is sung by Ah Jie (阿杰) - a VA of Ye Xiu.

and since seeing is believing….

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Tips on how to drink to forget

1. Don’t tell anyone that you go from smiling and laughing to wishing you were dead. It puts a bad taste in others mouths.

2. As hard as it sounds being a cliche is just that, a cliche. This needs to be a “casual” self destruction not a teenage fad.

3. This skill is best appreciated in the late hours of the day when your sense of self is low enough that you don’t have to drink that much in the first place.

4. Tears are optional. But probable.

5. As much as you want to text them. Don’t. The lonesomness of the whole event will be dissaccociated if you let reality seep into your veins.

6. As much as you would like to think I am strong enough to drink myself away you’re wrong.

7.Go back and replace it with an empty mind and a broken heart. Go back and see I am too scared to die, but I also don’t want to live. This forgetting part is hard. I forgive too easy and think too much.

8. I want to drink to forget you. I want to rip myself from reality even if just briefly.

9. Shut the fridge and walk away. You aren’t strong enough to make a decision like that yet.

—  b.c.m.

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Is there anything that bothers you about anti posts?

I aim not to read them, so as a general rule, no - there’s not much.

Of the ones posted in the general tags, I suppose it’s the lack of critical thinking that surprises me the most.  I don’t have a problem with people disliking Snape, but I suppose I find it a little disappointing when people appear to blindly accept things on face value, or don’t attempt to factor in any context.

For instance, we discussed the firework scene in CoS the other day, and that’s a great canon example where the reader is given context for Harry’s behaviour whilst the characters are not.  Harry throws a firework into Goyle’s cauldron, temporarily disfiguring some of the kids in the class.  His actions are explicitly explained and justified within the text: he doesn’t intend to hurt others - his aim is to cause a distraction, enabling Hermione to steal from Snape’s stores.  

The reader knows that Harry’s ultimate goal was altruistic - to save the school - but Goyle, and the other kids, and Snape have absolutely no way of discovering this; they can’t see Harry as a kid trying to save the school because they aren’t privy to the pieces of information which would help them to draw that conclusion.

Furthermore, Harry’s actions don’t occur in isolation.  He doesn’t hop, skip and jump away from the consequences, even if he appears to escape any punishment.  I think it’s fair that Goyle might’ve retaliated the next time he saw a Gryffindor.  I think it’s fair that Harry’s actions added fuel to the Gryffindor vs Slytherin animosity.  I think it’s probably also fair to say that Snape appraised the situation, and decided that his previous conclusions were correct; that Harry was just like James - an arrogant and nasty bully…and therefore, Snape escalated his hatred of Harry.

Stepping away from Harry, when it comes to reading Snape, I think it’s much more interesting if you apply similar rules to him.  Canon provides Harry’s internal logic, whereas the reader is rarely privy to Snape’s.  Consequently, you have to fill in the gaps - you have to mull on his actions, and both the immediate context and wider context for his behaviour.  You have to think about the things that he would credibly know, and the things he might not know - and then you have to decide why you think he behaved in the way he did.

So it’s not that I have a problem with people disliking Snape, but I suppose I find it an incredibly boring critique of his character when people merely say, “I don’t like Snape because he was mean to Harry / Neville / Hermione.”  It’s not that it’s not true - because yes, at times, he was mean to them…but that it’s not the only truth, and presenting it as such is a demonstration of a very shallow reading.  

I suppose I have rather higher expectations for people participating in a twenty year old fandom.  Perhaps that is unfair of me.  After all, I am beyond certain that the majority of the arguments we’re making have all been made countless times before…  It’s just, if your argument is something so cursory that a seven year old could’ve concluded on their first read, then it’s probably not particularly insightful - and you’d probably benefit from looking at the text a little more deeply.

And the real reason that bothers me?  Well, it’s got nothing to do with Snape, or Harry Potter…it’s because I fear that some people lack those critical thinking skills when it comes to appraising other media in their life.  It’s not remotely important when it’s Potter, but when it’s a news article that you’re failing to sufficiently interrogate and are happy to blindly accept on face value, it is rather more serious.

I got a talk today

The same store owner who is so concerned over me, who attended my mom’s funeral, i think maybe he’s trying to get me to quit.

This was about 3 hours before my shift ended. The manager called me to go to the office.

He sat with me and proceeded to tell me that I work at a much slower pace than everybody else there, that I rarely finish my tasks and that my output had declined.

And that I take the longest breaks.

Oh! And that I fall asleep at the cash register, which NEVER HAPPENED!!!

He also asked me if I have problems with any of the other employees. To this I answered that I’m only human and that it’s natural that some people I get along with better than with others.

But the thing about me being slow triggered me. Badly. I can’t stop crying.

I’m in my mid-thirties, I’ve been working there for the last 2 and a half years and this is the longest I ever started in a job by far.

Every other job I had lasted between half a day and 2 months, with the employer usually telling me not to come back because I’m too slow.

My first ever job, I was supposed to replace the graphic designer who was about to give birth and go on maternity leave, and since this month or two before she had her baby I spent mostly sitting next to her watching her work, when it was my turn to do her job I was slow and did a terrible job, until one day I went to the office to see them taking the computer to the car and telling me that I’m too slow and they’re taking the PC to her because they can’t deal with my slowness.

And in this job they never had any problem with my pace and suddenly it does bother them and it just brings back all the insecurities and fear of never finding a job.

I spent most of the day crying.

Now I can’t even count on their recommendation, because a potential employer might call and what will they say? “She’s a delightful person, but very slow.”??

I don’t take smoke breaks, I don’t spend all my time at the cash register checking my phone or texting people, I do a good and thorough job.

I *am* slower than other people. I wish I knew how to change that. But when I try to do things faster, I become clumsy.

I speak 4 languages fluently and I have now work experience as cashier and as shift supervisor.

Any suggestions on non-retail, part-time jobs (I’ll start uni. nect year) that I can look for where this job experience and skills might count for something and that speed-of-work isn’t too important?

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Then who are YOUR Tumblr friends? >:3

omGGG Y U do dis, anon? :’v

To begin with, I need to say that my social skills are trash (so am I lol), I don’t even talk a lot with some of the blogs I will mention but I still consider them my friends uvu and I’ll also say who I’d like to be friends with. 
I’m a mess, tbh. I have social anxiety and it isn’t easy for me to talk to people, not even online. I always overthink when I’m gonna reply to a text, and sometimes I feel overwhelmed and exhaust after conversations, even if I’m having fun… I don’t answer all of my messages right away, sometimes I stop doing it for a certain period and I’m not proud of myself for being this way (I’ve talked to my therapist about it and he said that it’s okay, but I can’t help but feel guilty when I take too long to reply to my friends because they deserve better).
And maybe this is unnecesary ‘cause you didn’t ask but I really wanted to say it because that’s the reason why I don’t talk to a lot of nice people here. I don’t dare to, I’m gonna be a bad friend and they will be disappointed at me, that’s what I think.  I’ve been thinking about how to answer this ask for days.

@warriorsacrifice (you’re one of the sweetest people I’ve met, bestie ♡)
@fayrelynn-trinity (awesome, friendly, big-hearted ♡)
@r-sweti (so cute and nice ♡)
@zurysalvatore (beautiful both on the inside and outside ♡)
@literallysubjective (fun and sweet, I feel so comfortable with you ♡)
@partijunkie (you’re so cool and nice, I had been wanting to talk to you ♡)
@fairywale (talented, kind and friendly ♡)
@limosmcl (I think you’re a great person, such a sweetie ♡)
@justanothermclblog (you are nice and fun ♡)
@giccix (you are so fun and cool, and our Candies are cousins 8) ♡)
@annon35 (you’re incredible and gentle, I like talking to you ♡)
@vanillaamoursucrethings (I already consider you my friend xD u are so cool ♡)
@heyitsmasumiendo (I met you on cdm’s forum and you’re awesome ♡)
@troloyunu (can I consider you my friend? I really think you are sweet and fun♡)
@mcl-the-lovelaces (I just met you but I already like you! you are so nice ♡)

And now the beautiful people I’d like to get to know better~
@kahasan (I’m kinda intimidated by you, tbh, but in a good way xDD like, I think you are really really cool ♡-)
@killdondan (I actually think you are a fun and nice person ♡)
@mcl-alegria (you are really really sweet ♡)
@irf94 (you are great and cool ♡)
@shion-mcl (I like you and your blog ♡)
@velvet-black-cherry (you are so kind and talented ♡)
@mikamycandylove (you’re sweet and friendly  ♡)
@moonlightmcl (I have the feeling that we’d get along well ♡ you’re cool)
@mizukiinozomii (you are so funny and cheerful ♡)
@milakuu (you seem so gentle and nice ♡)
@lunaria-sucrette (you are so modest! and talented! ♡ really incredible xD, I’m intimidated by you too… ♡ haha)

I hope I’m not forgetting anyone ;-;