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Mister Miracle (2017) #2 comic review

A new war between New Genesis and Apokalips is well underway in the second issue of Tom King and Mitch Gerads’ Mister Miracle. The conditions of battle, orders from Orion, and an encounter with the vile Granny Goodness put more weight on Mister Miracle’s mind as his trauma is amplified through the life his duty demands he lead.

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BTS reacting to you suddenly saying “I love you” while talking to them

Hey anon, thanks for your request, this is super cute:3

Please continue to request, I love to do those and as I am not studying (what I shoud do) but I am pretty tired because I couldn’t sleep last night so yeah I am doing some stuff on my blog:)




“You are just too cute, sweetie. I love you, too. Okay, where was I? I think I forgot what I wanted to say, see what you are doing to me with this.” He smiles and gives you a peck on the lips while figuring out what he was about to say.

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“So I told Jungkook to shut the fuck u- huh? Sweetie, wait…this was too fast what did you just say?” He asks confused as he was really into talking about his day.

You shyly repeat it and he softly smiles: “I love you, too, of course. Now, okay I told Jungkook to shut the fu-, huh? What is it now?” He looks at you even more confused as you interrupt him once more.

“You should seriously stop swearing so much, you will influence Jungkook too much by telling him to ‘shut the fuck up’“ You mock him, laughing.

“That’s not true! I won’t change my language because of this boy.” He pouts.

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Telling you about his day, he suddenly stops in his sentence and looks at you wandering around in the room. You stop, too, looking at him and suddenly feel the urge to say those three words as the words slip through your mouths.

“Did we just think of the same thing and said it? Really? I mean I would say it is cute that you can read my thoughts but…sweetie, somehow it is more creepy o.O How did you know I was about to say that?”

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“How did you come to the idea to tell me that when I just told you how gross the bathroom was when we left the maknaes alone for three days? What kind of association is that? ‘Oh yeah, the sink was full of old food you know’ ‘Oh, I love you’“

You almost fall from the sofa by his impersonation of the conversation:

“I love you just because of this!” You simply state.

“Because I am good at cleaning things? Because that’s what I did the last two days, it was horrible.”

“No, I love you for always making me laugh and I just had to laugh at your story and it reminded me at how much I love you.”

“You are so cute, I love you.” He smiles and pulls you into a hug.

“Ugh, I hope you showered after cleaning that mess in the dorm.” You said as he chuckled in response.

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“You know and then I did this move..” Jimin says and stands up to show you the dance move they have been practicing and you watch him with interest, your eyes following his movements which were perfect as always.

“Jimin, I love you.” You suddenly say.

“What? Ouch!!!” He asks as he fails to do one difficult move because he has been too surprised to focuse. Now he lays on the floor looking up to you as you go up to him to help him standing up.

“You mean it? I love you, too.”

“You look too cute and yeah, I love you, now stand up, my dance master.”

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“I know, right? They are too cute, I love those dogs, too.” He says as he shows you another picture of the new dogs he has met in the neighbourhood.

“No, I think you misunderstood, I said I love YOU!” You chuckle while hugging him from the side.

“Oh, of course I love you, too. Why did you say that out of sudden?”

“Because…I don’t know. I felt like it as you were so excited showing me the pictures.”

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“Really? I know I may not be a boyfriend who says these things a lot but I love you, too…ah this feels so strange, all this love thing.” He chuckles and looks away from the movie you were watching and looks at you instead.

“I know…but I just wanted to tell you as we are now sitting here because I wouldn’t change any of this right now.” You smile at him.

“Ahhh stop being so cute, you are making me blush!!!”

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Thanks for your request this was really fun to do!:) Hope you like it!<3

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