i am simon and simon is me

  • Simon: *becomes a vampire*
  • Simon: nope nope nope nopenopenopenopenope lmao nope fuck this NOPE I'm cancelled it's over everyone pack up go home that's a no from me absolutely not bye bitches hasta la vista I'm exiting this dimension adios fuckers
  • Simon: *meets Raphael*
  • Simon: cool cool cool tight tight tight sign me the FUCK up yup I'm in I'm hip vamps for life fam yup yup yup I'm good crisis averted my depression is cured I'm reborn I'm on board with this now

Ok so Baz likes reading. I am 99.9% sure about that. So all I can think about is how he must read a lot. I just imagine him one time just sitting on the couch reading *insert sad book here* and trying so hard not to cry because Simon is also in the room and Baz is thinking there’s no way he’s going to see me cry and he’s trying so hard cuz he knows it’s going to happen in the book and he’s just waiting for it to happen. He’s expecting it so that he doesn’t feel the shocked heartbreak. But the sad part happens in the book and even though he expects it, he can’t hold it in and he just starts full on sobbing. Simon is next to him in a matter of seconds asking him what’s wrong and Baz falls into his chest just crying and telling Simon that the character in the book dies (or something equally as tragic). And Simon is so happy. Not because Baz is crying, but because he trusts Simon enough to cry in front of him because Simon knows that Baz is kind of standoffish when it comes to feelings, but he trusts Simon enough to cry in front of him. And I honestly get so happy when I think of this.

You ain't gotta question it, You already know the answer (Part 1)

Hiii! I’m so excited for this ficweek, hope to see a lot of new writers and read amazing stuff.

P.s: This is a two shots, the second part would be along the ficweek two, don’t worry :) 

Day one: ​“Ok sleep well” “and how am i supposed to do that after what you’ve just told me?”

After Luna started dating Matteo it was obvious that she wouldn’t spend as many time with Simon as she used to, and Simon understood that, the thing that he wasn’t understanding was, why Ambar was the one that spend most time with him, and why he felt the need to be near by her every second of the day.

It turned out that Ámbar wasn’t that bad as she wanted to eveybody think, with Simón she was so soft and he felt that he could tell everything to her, except the way she made him feel, because actually he didn’t even know exactly how Ámbar made him feel, he only knew that he never felt that way before.

They already had some rituals, calls right before falling asleep was one of them, and that night Ámbar called him at 10 pm, one hour early than usual.

-Hey, is quite early? How are you? -Simón said just when he pick up the phone

-Ugh, I live with Sharon Benson, how do you think I am? -Ámbar said in a low annoyed voice

-What did she do this time? -Simón asked, he knew that Ámbar’s godmother could be very shitty sometimes, she seemed like she didn’t care Ámbar’s mental health at all and Simón always thought it was very fucked up

-She doesn’t want me to go to the competition because is the week before an important test, but I know I can do that test without any problem, all my grades are perfect and I won’t fail it -She said and Simón could felt how she voice was starting to crack

-Hey calm down, you are the best in the whole school, maybe you can talk to your teacher and do the test even before the competition so you can have the grade and your godmother would let you go without any problem- He said trying to confort her

-Oh my god Simón, that is a great idea, I’m going to talk to my teacher tomorrow you are a genious -She said all enthusiasthic and Simón couldn’t help but smile imagining how shining and blue her eyes get everytime she smile

-That’s what I’ve been told -He said joking, maybe he was spending so much time with Matteo that now his egocentrism was attaching to himself

-Ugh, you sound like Matteo -Ámbar said in a amused tone- You know, before you came here, he was the only one who I could talk about my godmother, and just because he has screwed up parents too, but you don’t have awful parents and still understand me, listen me and bear me, why? -Ámbar asked now in a soft tone, the softest she has ever talked to him

-Because you are my friend and I.. I care about you, is like when you help me writing songs and you put videos of the band in the Fab & Chic, because friends are for help each other -Simón said trying not to scare Ámbar away, he knew that she was quite hard to talk about feelings 

-Simón, for being a genious you are quite slow to not realize that the reason I help you and your band is because I’m in love with you, is not like I do this to everybody -She said laughing amusingly, Simón on the other side of the line was shocked, he was suddenly without words and he could swear that his heart stopped beating and he didn’t breath for a couple of minutes, he was about to say something when Ámbar talked again -Oh my god, I heard my godmother coming here and I should be sleeping now, so we talk tomorrow, ok? sleep well -And then she ended the call

-AND HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THAT AFTER WHAT YOU’VE JUST TOLD ME? -Simón shouted at the phone frustrated

-Hey buddy, calm down you are going to wake up the neighboors, what happened? -Pedro asked entering to Simón room worried

-Ámbar, she happened, I was just happy being alone and then she came and spend all time with me, made me fall in love with her and now turns out the she loves me too, I can’t believe her -Simón said frustrated, and Pedro was looking at him with eyes wide open and then burst in laugh

-So you are mad because the girl you love, loves you back, is that your problem?

-I’m mad because I fell for Ámbar Smith, the most impossible girl in the world, and I´m mad because she told me she loves me and then inmediatly said, “ok, sleep well” and hang up, can you believe it? -Simón was rambling and then stopped and burst in laugh with Pedro -Oh my god, I’m so fucked up- Simón said lying in his bed and covering his eyes with both hands

-Buddy, is good, that the girl you love loves you back is the best thing that could happen to anyone, and I know that you think now that it would be impossible to be with a girl like Ámbar because she is from a totally different world, because I though that too when I started dating Delfi, but if you are in love, everything would be as easy and natural as breathe -Pedro said in a conforting tone sitting next to Simón in his bed -Plus, everybody already think there’s something going on between you two

-What? Why? -Simón asked surprised taking his hands off his face

-Because we have eyes maybe -Pedro said sarcasticaly- For years Nico and I were asking them to upload our videos to the Fab & Chic, and they never did it, and then you asked Ámbar and 20 minutes later our presentation is there, what a coincidense, don’t you think? And then when she is around you forget everybody else exists and become a blushy and smiling mess

-That obvious it is? -Simón asked worried to Pedro, he hasn’t talked about his feeling for fear of scaring Ámbar

-Well, for the rest of us it is -Pedro said with a comforting smile

-And why no one haven’t said anything? Why you didn’t tell me before? -Simon asked frustrated 

-Because you guys are the one that need to talk about it without being force to, now the question is, are you going to talk about it? -Pedro asked

-Of course I’m going to talk to her, I haven’t done it because I didn’t want to scare her, but now that she scared the hell out of me, I guess I can talk about it now -Simon answered enthusiastically

-Then I hope that’s the first thing you do tomorrow -Pedro said smiling patting Simon shoulder

-No, tomorrow no, I need to do it now -Simon said getting up from his bed and putting his shoes

-Wait, what? -Pedro said shocked-You can’t go now, is late, and her godmother could kill you

-I don’t care, I waited for all this time and I need to talk to her now

-How do you even think you will enter? That house is like a fort -Pedro asked worried, he couldn’t believe that his best friend would be able to do such a crazy thing

-I don’t know -Simon said smiling after putting on his beanie, and then walk out the door leaving a shocked Pedro in his room praying that everything would go well 

That mini panic attack you have when your youngest adoptive son comes to visit you while your oldest son is already there and you know they are having a feud

  • Me: *is reading fanfiction*
  • Parents: Oh what're you reading?
  • My heart: *stops*
  • My mind: *panics*
  • My future: *dies*
  • My will to live: *also dies*
  • Me internally: a book it's a book
  • Me: *nervous sweat* oh a *nervous laughter* just a uh a bo-ok. A book I'm reading a book
  • Me internally: nailed it
  • Parents: oh really? What's it about?
  • Me internally: nvm ur screwed.

Simon – can I call you Simon? I’m going to go ahead and call you Simon, since you seem to be on such familiar terms with me and my generation. Simon, let me tell you about my participation trophies. I got them for playing soccer, and they were handed out from a bag at the end of the year with all the ceremony of communist factory workers getting their lunch rations. My response was not “Well, clearly I’m going to be handed a six-figure job as an adult.” It was “Neat, a trophy! Now I’m going to go back to thinking about Pokemon or farts, because I am a child.” Later it was a nice reminder of time spent playing with my friends, and as I got older, eventually only the teams that won were rewarded. This did not shock and sadden us – it was what we expected, and wanted, because we were actually capable of observing adult society, and we noticed that pro sports teams weren’t handed many trophies for constantly losing.

But Simon says all of this caused us to drift through life until one day we entered the “real world,” which to Simon means the workplace, because once you step outside the office, reality dissolves into a hypothetical cloud. And once in the “real world,” we were all stunned to discover that we weren’t special and that our moms couldn’t make our bosses give us promotions. And so “in an instant, their entire self-image was shattered.” What? Do you think no millennial ever watched their parents struggle with their career? Do high school and college exams, where you are literally graded on your performance and told that it will shape your future, not count as a “real world” which can affect your self-image? What the fuck are you talking about? But Simon is convinced that because of this, millennials have lower self-esteem than previous generations. Hey, that sounds like a conveniently vague, borderline-impossible-to-measure “fact” that you made up on the spot. Oh, and what data we do have suggests that you’re wrong.

That Anti-Millennial Rant Is BS: Cracked Destroys A Meme

why “magic” is spelled “magick” in Carry On

wise old mage: magic is now spelled m-a-g-i-c-k

someone: why-

wise old mage: to distinguish the difference between our society and what it runs on. magic is the building block of our society, but magick is our society as a whole.

wise old mage: also, it rhymes with dick this way


He kisses like he has kissed before

(He has)

(I haven’t).

He kisses like he is fighting

(He isn’t)

(I am).

This is the best thing that’s happened to me

(Is that sad?)



somewhere between my tears, and his spit,

I forget about everything but

his chin brushing mine, and our

breaths mingling.

(Tears and spit taste weird).

(It tastes like us).

In this liminal space,

I think:

“This is every wonderful nightmare

I have ever had,

please please do not stop.”

Because Simon Snow is bruising my lips

and his damn cross is reminding me that

this is, indeed, reality.

It must be.

The green smoke on his tongue,

the fire licking my hair,

those were never a part of my fantasies.

C r o w l e y.

I am kissing the hero.

(No, that’s not right).

I am kissing the enemy.

(No, not that, either).

I am kissing the pipe dream.

(Not quite).

I am kissing the boy.


I am kissing Simon Snow.

(And he is kissing me).

Final prompt for @carryon-countdown: Chapter 61!!