i am side eyeing myself

If you take the time to leave in depth, praise-filled comments on my fic I hope you find $20 on the ground tomorrow. I hope the barista at your favorite coffee place makes you the most spectacular latte you have ever had. I hope you see a dozen sweet, fluffy puppies all in one afternoon and get to pet each and every one. I hope you find the perfect pair of jeans on clearance. I hope the sun shines on your precious face and all your dreams come true.


Does anyone else notice when it comes to women of color, the relationship between her and the white man everyone suddenly becomes concerned with their friendship ? Or they say “They wouldn’t look right together.” Not only am I side eyeing this bullshit as a black woman myself but I’m also side eyeing it bc its just fucking disgusting.

For example Draeden (Teen wolf) and Richonne (The Walking Dead)

Meagan Tandy’s “Braeden” character has been getting a bunch of shit. When she saved Isaac (in a non romantic way) it was fine to everyone. However, now that it is revealed that she will be with Derek in a romantic way, all hell breaks loose.

Coinedence ? I think not.

Oh and as far as Richonne, comments like this are being made.

This person is basically saying “I know Rick and Michonne will probably end up together but I was hoping a white character would come in a swoop him away”