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Don't Talk Down To Me..!

Prompt (from phanfic): “Phil’s been stressed with dealing with all their bills and BBC contracts so Dan, who’s never learned how to do them, wants to help out but Phil just eventually snaps at Dan and pretty much talks condescendingly to Dan because of how much younger he is and because he doesn’t know how to do "simple adult things” so Dan gets really upset and offended and snaps back at Phil before storming off and yes comfort at the end thnx"


oneshot, angsty cuteness, fluff, dan running his fingers through his hair all frustratedly aah(◕‿-)

wc: 2.5k ish

tw: none

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“How to get 5sos to notice you”

        Hello there, my name is Julia, and my twitter is @ashtonarmy. As some of you may know, I have 5/4 and 5sos noticed me a few times. I’d like to start this by saying that I am not bragging and what I am going to say may not work for everyone, but it worked for me and a lot of my friends.

Today I’m going to talk about “How to get 5sos to notice you”.

I’m going to try and tell you how I got my follows and how I did for them to notice me and to be honest with you it takes time to get noticed.  


  • BAND ACC: I first got noticed by @5secsofsummer it was their old band acc user (now @5sos) they were rting people about the same subject, using a hashtag and I was lucky enough to get rted. They were my 5/4 and followed me completely randomly so I believe it was Ashton.
  • MICHAEL CLIFFORD: I tweeted “My dog is a Michael girl” and 5 seconds after he followed me. It was by indirect. He was my ¼.


  • ASHTON IRWIN: I was sick that day and I didn’t tweet for like 35 hours and when I woke up I saw that Ashton had followed me. I think he was creeping under his name and found my account. (Or maybe it was because I drew a picture of him and put my @ on it and he reblogged it on tumblr?) I have no idea it was really random. He was my 2/4. Ashton also faved my tweet about Portugal. I am not Portuguese, but I was helping them trending #PortugalNeeds5SOS and Ashton saw my tweet. See, sometimes you just got to help others, be selfless and good things will happen to you.


  • LUKE HEMMINGS: Damn that boy was hard to get a follow from. Now I think it isn’t as hard as it used to be. It was when he wasn’t really following fans and I literally indirected him every day and one day I got tired, it was like 2 am so I tweeted “It’s not like Luke is going to follow me I’m so tired, goodnight.” And guess what I saw when I woke up? Hundreds of people, tweeting me saying that I was an idiot. Luke followed me during my sleep, by indirect. He was my ¾. On year later, Luke faved my tweet and rted another tweet (this on the same day). As always, it was because he was creeping. He was favoriting everyone’s tweet about him favoriting tweets (smart boy). He rted my tweet saying “Luke looks like Jimmy Neutron.” Again, indirects work.


  • CALUM HOOD: Just as Luke, Calum was really hard to get a follow from. Before going to bed I tweeted “I’m praying that I will wake up with a Calum follow” or something like that, I don’t remember. He was my 4/4, he also followed me by indirect. Calum rted my tweet saying “Calum Hood as an emoji: *insert creepy man with a mustache emoji*” (sorry I can’t see emojis on my laptop but yeah I hope you see which one I’m talking about, haha). Again, it was an indirect (IT WORKS).

       By writing my experience, I don’t mean to brag or anything. It’s actually really hard to get a follow so the best advice I can give you is to never give up.

       Now, I’m going to give you a few tips on how 5sos follow people (I REPEAT, THIS MAY NOT WORK FOR EVERYONE):

THEY ALL CREEP A LOT!!! I’d just like to say that I hate spams. It just annoys me! Do not spam. It’s not cool, it’s not like they really read your tweet and smiled, because everyone spam! Be original, be creative! Indirect them funny stuff and when you do it don’t ask for a follow! Don’t steal other people’s tweet it’s when I least expected it that they followed me! Getting a follow by spam ain’t funny but when you indirect them they might laugh at your tweet if it’s funny, they might smile because you said something cute about them. Think about it, what do you want the most? Just the follow, or the satisfaction that they followed you because for a second you made them happy.  If you do indirect them don’t ask for a follow please, I know I keep saying the same thing but that’s important. If you do, add something cute. I feel like some people only want a 5sos follow to be famous or something but making them smile must be your priority!

Here’s a tip that might work with all the 5sos boys (well I don’t know about Ashton or Michael now because Michael used to be easy to get a follow from because he used to creep all the time): Indirect them funny stuff. Try to tweet a picture, maybe an edit you made and be creative, think of a tweet that may be funny, be original and don’t steal someone else’s tweet. Sometimes 5sos notice people who stole tweets and I promise you don’t want that person to be you. That’s just so rude for the person you stole the tweet from.

     Sometimes of course it’s good to ask for a follow. For exemple, my Luke follow: I was going to bed and I was tired, I was SURE that he wasn’t going to follow me. It’s ok to tweet “He won’t ever follow me” because if he actually reads this, he will want to prove you wrong.

For Ashton I really don’t know what to say, I don’t know how he follows people. You can maybe try to indirect him but not asking for a follow? Or if you have “ashton” “Irwin” “5sos” “ash” in your @ you have a higher chance to get a follow.

Luke has been following a lot recently and ONLY by indirects, I’ve checked. Recently he only types “Luke” in the search bar and looks for tweets about him. You should really tweet something nice even if he doesn’t rt you or favorite your tweet or even follow you, he may see it and you may make him smile.

When you see that people in your timeline start spamming them, it’s your time to shine! Creep on their acc, see who they followed last and what was the type of tweets the person tweeted, if it was spam or indirects, then start tweeting them too!

You have to understand that sometimes 5sos are tired and they may see your tweet but not follow you. We are all humans, we’re not machines and sometimes it must be annoying to have people that only ask for a follow! Remember to tweet ask them how they are doing or if they had a nice day (that’s called being polite).

            Finally, I’d like to say that 5sos creep a lot so be careful of what you say, they also have feelings in case you didn’t know… Some things can really hurt so think before you tweet and don’t go behind their backs saying rude things and when they come online act innocent.

         They will eventually follow you, it takes some time, sometimes you won’t sleep, but at the end of the day it will be worth it. If you want it bad enough, you will get it. Again, I know that lot of you already know all of these “How to get 5sos to follow you” tips, but my friend told me that it would be nice if I wrote how I got 5/4 and that I would want someone to write this for me if I had 0/4 and as always, she’s right. I hope you appreciated that I took my time for you and I also hope the advice I gave you will be useful. Again, that worked for me, it doesn’t mean it will obviously work for you too. Just don’t give up and good luck everyone!

PS: after you read this, try at least to reduce the spam.

Julia, from @ashtonarmy on twitter. Tweet me if you have any questions or if you want me to rt your indirects.

Hi it’s me again, little update, Michael tweeted me and Calum faved my tweet.

Oh surprise, it was by indirecting them! Indirects do work, they check them often and I bet they read tons of tweets but they can’t rt or favorite everything, just be original try to make them smile! byeee

I was going back and forth about making a post (especially when I’ve been so tired and haven’t made IR posts recently, sorry!  just posting silly small things either editing old posts or thanking people) because I was getting exasperated by anti-IR followers trying to follow me almost every day that now gaining new followers, which used to be exciting and fun, is now just “ok are you a porn/spam blog or an anti-IR?”

At first I thought it was better to ignore it and not let them see that they got to me, which they haven’t overall since I’m not going to stop shipping IR and I’m not at all deterred from making IR posts, but I have to admit they are being rather annoying.  The ones following me hasn’t done anything actively and some anti-IRs have probably slipped through the cracks in my purging, but it’s still obvious there is nothing but ill intentions in their reasons to follow an obviously exclusive IR blog. Why else would they be following my blog? (If you’re a multishipper I have to say I haven’t  seen evidence supporting IR on your blogs so apologies if you’re blocked but you obviously made me uncomfortable enough).

And if these blogs are going so far as to hide they are anti-IR or in fact made additional blogs just to stalk IR blogs I have to say:

They are pathetic.
You are pathetic.

I try to be upbeat and positive and try my best not to cross over the lines of civility.  I basically stay in my camp and if I have criticisms or gripes I try to leave it either untagged or tag it as anti (posts older than a year might be an exception because I was still new to tumblr, I still am figuring things out tbh lol).  I didn’t try to start fights or participate in the “war” actively in the sense of fighting with others on it, but I’ll defend my OTP to the last if people start things with me.

But really the bottom line comes to this to the anti-IR blogs stalking IR fans:

What in the world are [you] doing??

They tote around 686 as their ultimate and canonical evidence.  They try to rub in our faces that it’s over, they won, they were right, we were wrong, we didn’t read the manga right, they knew it was endgame, etc.  I have so many criticisms that I won’t get into here, but let’s be honest.  They weren’t endgame, there is 600+ chapters! color spreads! movies! interviews!, and other works to counter that claim.  The last arc was terribly slow and awful in pacing, plot holes were left gaping open and 686 was nothing but a joke that a majority of fans, shippers and non-shippers alike, do not accept and treat it as useless garbage.  

Whether they think they “won” or not, they sure aren’t acting as if they had “won.”  If we, IR, had “won” in this silly “war,” do you know what I would and wouldn’t be doing?

I wouldn’t be trying to find anti-IR blogs to stalk.  I couldn’t give two shits about your underdeveloped and extremely unhealthy, toxic couples.  They literally make me sick so why would I bother trying to seek them out and willing expose myself to something I clearly despise?  Am I going to sit in raw sewage that will make me gag and vomit while trying to eat lunch?  No, I wouldn’t force myself to be near or do something disgusting when I could avoid it altogether!  Why do I need that negative garbage in my life??
I would stay out of their tag and not bother with them as long as they stayed civil and stayed away from me, otherwise, immediately blocking because I do not want to waste my precious time and energy on something that is worthless to me.
I would be celebrating IR without abandon by following IR blogs, reblogging, liking, and creating my own posts to share and support the community focused around our love for IR!
I would be thanking and appreciating all the wonderful fans being supportive of each other on the community while being so kind to share their works, beliefs, and love of IR that brought us together.

I apologize that this post has a definitively different tone compared to my other ones, to be honest I am actually quite short-tempered, cynical and grumpy 24/7 but I try to be more positive and upbeat because negativity brings out only more negativity, but I’m sorry I just had to get this off my chest!

But really I apologize to be so crude but can these stalkers please GTFO. Yes, I’ll block you.  I’ll ignore you.  I don’t need you on my blog, thank you very much.  One day I will not care but today is not that day.  Today I don’t need this and I doubt I ever will but until I can ignore it without effort I’ll help myself do it more efficiently by blocking your existence from my notice, thank you very much!

In conclusion, if IR had become canon and we “won,” I wouldn’t give a flying fuck about any detractors and anti fans who supported opposing couples, let alone go out of my way to stalk them just to harass them or mock them because it

All things considered in my list of things that I would and wouldn’t do, I have to say since a lot of the IR community is basically doing the above by ignoring anti-IR fans and not stalking them while continuing to support each other and share their love for IR in likes, reblogs, edits, posts with fan art, fan fics, and any other creations in our community, I think it’s easy to see who really “won,” don’t you think?

Kubo threw away everything and wasted his time and our own.  He’s ruined his future but he doesn’t have to ruin ours.

Cameron Dallas Imagine part 1

A/N: Same story line, you are Nash and Hayes’ sister, apart of magcon, you are a singer/youtuber. Most of the story lines will be the same, but every here and there I will switch it up. Enjoy!!

   You look up at you tv, taking a break from editing and watch the new episode of “16 & pregnant”. ‘So pathetic’ you mumble to yourself as you shake your head and get back to work. Nearly an hour past and you finally finished editing. You were currently on twitter following your fans when your little brother Hayes walks in. “Watcha doing??” he says, obviously starving for attention, “Just doing a follow spree on twitter.” you reply. “Oh, wanna hang out?” He says with the biggest puppy eyes in the world that you could never say no to. “Sure, What do you wanna do, we could play video games, go see a mov-” you stopped half way through a word and questioned yourself 'Why does Hayes want to hang out with ME. He could always hangout with Nash or HIS friends that are HIS age.’ “Why do you want to hang out with me?” You ask raising an eyebrow. He avoided the question so you gave him 'The Stare’ “Nash and Cameron don’t want to hang out with me, and neither do any of my friends” he admitted “So you think that you can just come to me once you get rejected by everyone?” you say with a strict tone. Hayes’ simi smile turned into an automatic frown and he started walking towards the door. “Hayes! I was kidding!” you say getting up from you bed and grabbing him by the shoulders as you forced him to sit on your bed. “You know you can always hang out with me” you say roughing up his hair with your hand “Thanks Y/N”.

Two hours passed and you had managed to beat Hayes’ butt at Call Of Duty at least 15 times, but being the awesome sister that you are you let him tweet that he beat you. You hear your mom call you guys down for dinner and you see that the rest of the Magcon family was there. “Nash, I’m gonna beat your ass. You can’t just reject Hayes like that!” you slightly shout jokingly nudging Hayes’ arm. “Um last time I checked can do what ever the hell I want!” Nash shouted, clearly he took your joke the wrong way. “Enough!” your mom says as she brings out the rest of the food. As you all were eating dinner you couldn’t help but stare at Cameron, you never felt this what about him, it was something about him, the way he ate mashed potatoes, the way he drank his soda, everything!

  You feel a slight vibration under you leg and check you phone, it was a text from Mahogany 'Stop acting like I can’t see you staring at Cameron’ as you read the text you couldn’t help but smile, only your bestfriend would know you like that, you simply replied ’ ;)’ winking at her as she read the text.

After dinner you go outside to smoke a cigarette, you didn’t really smoke, but you only did it every here and there. You hear the door shut and heavy foot steps approaching you. you turn around to see Cameron. “Mahogany said you couldn’t keep your eyes off of me at dinner” he said while smirking and grabbing the cigarette out of your hand and tossing It into the bushes. “I’m gonna kill that girl” you said as he took you into the grip of a friendly hug.

“So, what was So intresting that you were staring at me?” he asks with a childish smirk on his face. “I don’t know, I guess you could say that I like the was you eat mashed potatoes” You say as you take a seat on the stone steps with him. “I doubt that, you probably just couldn’t keep your eyes off of my beautiful face” he says combing through his hair proudly. You both start to laugh until you are stuck staring into each others eyes, he started to lean into kiss you as you also did. You had felt sparks fly the instant they touched, but you had to pull away as Nash swung open the front door saying “What the hell are you two doing?” luckily he didn’t see anything, you before Cameron had a chance to explain things you quickly said “I was pointing out Orion’s Belt to Cam” You said as you got up and walked back into the house. You quickly pulled out your phone and texted Cam 'Come to my room when Nash goes to sleep’. He simply texts you back 'ok’,

You go up to your room and take a shower and them put on a pair of satin sleeping shorts with a matching tanktop. You turn off you tv not wanting to watch re runs of 16 & pregnant. You then hop into your bed, with all the lights turned off, the only light in the room was coming from your phone. You were currently playing flappy bird then your heard a slight knock on your door, you get up and unlock the door revealing a tall shadow figure. You swung your hand backwards motioning him to enter your room. Once you had shut and locked  your bedroom door you turned on one of the lamps next to your bed. With light in you room you could see him now, you could see Cameron. “So what did you want me to come up here for?” he asked stupidly, knowing the answer already. “I think you already know why” you say smirking at him. Not saying anything he grabbed your head and planted his lips on yours. Your lips moved together not missing a single move. His hands started to wonder over your body, rubbing you tenderly with his large hands.

*Cliff Hanger!*

Hey Loves,

The next chapter to this series with probably be up later today and when i say today i mean May 10th *Pacific Time Zone*.

I wanted to make this series a little longer, so it might just go on to be like 20+ chapters! *YAY*

Sorry this is up late, but i am currently sick, thanks to my mom. Anyways I really have to go to sleep because it is currently 1:11 AM!!!

Goodmorning/Goodevening/Goodnight Loves!

Okay so here’s the thing… I am so sick and tired of getting my artwork traced, copied, taken credit for. And I know I’m not the only one this happens to. As late as last night my good friend Faye, got her, must I say, very lovely artwork of Liam and Sophia noticed by Liam. But some a-hole cut off the part of the drawing with her signature. Now don’t tell me that is a coincident. Whoever did that, was well aware of what they were doing.

OUR SIGNATURES IS THERE FOR A REASON. Just like people who make edits and gifs has signature, heck even writers and moviemakers.
Our work is something we put so much time and effort into. Some of us use these for therapy even. And we put them out online, because we want to share them. WITH YOU. We want to please your eyes and little fangirl hearts. Yes, we want recognition too, but who wouldn’t!?

We wanna share our joy and excitement about our artwork, and then someone goes and use our trust to boost their own selfish wants and needs.

I’m just really sick of it. And I might come off as rude and mad. I am mad!

Just today, someone mentioned to me, that the only time she experienced something like this was with her two 1d drawings….
I guess it’s because the majority of this fandom is young idk. But that really shouldn’t be a reason at all. It is common sense to not lie and cheat, isn’t it?

I guess I would just really like the support of this fandom. Don’t get me wrong, the majority of you are so lovely and nice, and I appreciate you all so much. But when you see anyone taking credit for something you know isn’t there’s, please don’t ignore it!?

Ok rant over. Now I’m off to confront yet another person taking credit for my drawing -_- (and this sucks too. I don’t wanna be negative, but I really don’t have a choice..)