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Scandal Review 6x14 Head Games

Well hello world. This review will hopefully be short and sweet and to the point. But are y'all olitcose like I am? Just kidding. I read it and it’s long as hell. 

So Let’s begin shall we? The past three episode the group had been trying to save Mellie while simultaneously shut down Peus and Real Bitch. Last episode the drones were shut down and the threat (Peus and real bitch) had been neutralized. The next day Marcus is in the press room going over what happened with the drones last night. A reporter asked with President Grant few days in office what exactly does he wish to still tackle. Marcus with that dazzling smile says:

“The president will continue to be both passionate and eager, Carol. With a long list of interest he still hopes to tackle…”

We see first hand not exactly what, but rather who Fitz is still hoping to tackle with passion and eagerness.

And Olivia seems just as eager to be tackled. Lawd. You gonna have to excuse me for this explicit write up as I discuss this love baby making scene. This is sexy and fun boom boom and I know some where up and arms about the playfulness of this scene but I loved every moment of it because it’s no longer this torrid affair where they have to rush before someone walks in. Olivia and Fitz are enjoying themselves because they are done feeling guilty. Olivia is going to relish in this glory, after all what better reward is it then to make love to the one you love.

Let’s begin.

First. Olivia is Fitz’s priority and the one he is most eager and passionate to tackle.

You know for Jake with all his bravado bragging about Olivia loving to ride him … I ain’t haven’t seen it (possibly by choice) and most times Olivia and Fitz make love we have seen Olivia at one point riding Fitz. But Olivia is clawing at Fitz as she brings him closer and deeper inside her.

Olivia is in heaven. This is how her heaven would be. To be with Fitz. 

We have seen Olivia and Fitz make love many times but when Fitz is hitting Olivia from the back it’s a clear message that Olivia trust Fitz explicitly as she is leaving herself in a vulnerable position. Olivia is silently asking Fitz to join her in their world made for two, a invitation he cannot refuse. They are making love, toe curling, hair pulling, head banging love and goes what? It feels so damn good.

When Olivia came to Fitz after putting Rowan in jail. She went there to fulfill the desire and want. This scene parallels to the current one, both of them are in the throes of passion but this time it’s different. They are different people.

@bananadome thank this beautiful creature for these gifs

Fitz is hitting that kit Kat and Olivia is near convulsing at the ecstasy but as their bodies are moving and hardening with Olivia reaching her peak. Olivia reaching for Gawd ends up knocking the glass down but neither of them care about the frivolous object as they laugh and turn over going for round 6383. Yes, people clear homage to their first time when they broke the lamp. Also to note Olivia has never or could never really stop when it comes to Fitz, she refuses phone calls, even glass breaking; nothing can stop this feeling burning inside her.

The opening sequence is perfect foreshadowing. As Marcus is talking about The promise of tomorrow we are getting a look at what exactly tomorrow will bring; Mellie transitioning into the President Quinn getting married to Charlie.  But also the hopefulness and optimism at what lies ahead as once again the camera pans on Olivia and Fitz in bed. With Marcus reiterating that though they only have a week and half left they are far from done; not even close to being done. With Marcus’s final words being:

“Trust me people. When we are finished you will know.”

pic @dontfrget

Just when we think they are finished as Marcus’s speech correlates to Olitz. Olivia and Fitz look at one another but it is Olivia that turns and moves over to Fitz’s side of bed that tells us Olivia is far from being finished with Fitz. In fact Olivia is clearly just beginning.

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Wait! Wait! Wait a fucking minute! I am in crisis! Fitz isn’t the one moving to Olivia’s side but she is moving to his. Olivia is the one initiating contact something we have never truly seen Olivia do with vibrator, who she can clearly give one damn cent about. Throughout these past episodes Olivia has been the one basking in the love and light that comes with happiness and Fitz makes Olivia happy. She is deserving of it. They both are.

But here is the interesting tidbit. Time. Fitz has his watch off cast to the side as does Olivia. Neither of them are paying attention to time. When Fitz asked Olivia how many more days he has left of this. She said nine as she moves over to kiss Fitz again. I am so curious about the status of their relationship. Fitz’s statement seems to imply that once he’s gone from the White House whatever it is going on between them is gone as well but neither of them appear upset but actually the opposite. It feels as though they are counting down to his last day with uncontrolled excitement.


I just want to appreciate the shear joy and glow Olivia is radiating. She is blissfully happy and satisfied and it’s such a moment for the audience as it is for Olivia because not long ago we saw her at her lowest and to see the smile returning to the face now…yes. Here Comes The Sun. I am excited to see Olivia and Fitz talk in this finale and tell us the audience where it stands but the music playing in the background is a clear indication that Olivia and Fitz can only move on up from here.

David comes to Rowan for advise after falling in love with a women who used him to torpedo democracy. Rings familiar doesn’t Rowan? Rowan sympathize with David as he has clearly been in his shoes. How could y'all be shocked about Maya’s return. I’m excited about her return and Olivia and her having a talk. 

Domestic Olitz


Ugh I love domestic Olitz. This scene is reminiscent of 2x21 after Mellie went nuclear and outed Fitz. Both are getting dressed and Olivia is now putting her watch back on as she looks at the pardon petitions on the table. Olivia tells Fitz that he needs to talk to Abby and have the difficult conversation, either Fitz forgives her and lets her in or he let’s her go.  Olivia’s pause during the statement makes me wonder if Olivia is talking in subtext again, you know referencing to the difficult conversation they need to have.

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Olivia is telling Fitz he’s being irresponsible because he’s scared of trusting Abby after what happened. But wait a minute. Fitz told Olivia to forgive Abby so why hasn’t he?

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Is Fitz testing Abby? Does he want Abby to prove not so much to him but herself that she is still a good person and that she can make a difference. Yeah…I’m leaning toward this way but how cute is Fitz telling Olivia to go annoy and challenge the other president. My shipper heart

Last point. Olivia got dressed at the White House, does this mean she has clothes over there ? Last episode Olivia was in all black once Fitz came back and told her everything was okay… and I know she didn’t run home to go grab some clothes. Yup. Olivia has clothes at the White House.

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Marcus and Fitz 

I’m really digging Marcus and Fitz talking and hammering it out about Fitz’s legacy.  Marcus reminds Fitz that he should probably avoid Thomas Jefferson quote when talking . Lmao well look at Marcus being comfortable and funny as he clearly pokes fun of Olivia and Fitz. And of course the quote Fitz wants to use that defines him and to be honest it fits him and all these characters perfectly.

"nearly all men can stand adversity but if you want to test a man’s character; give him power.”

This is true. Practically everyone who came to power or was near it became intoxicated by the greed. Yet Fitz never did. However Marcus is thinking Fitz wants to talk about his flaws and bring up issues he lacked in his presidency that he hopes to correct in the future. But Fitz didn’t have that in mind at all, Marcus.

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At Mellie’s office. Olivia and her are going over cabinet members. But Mellie quickly decides to bring up Marcus as her communications director. Hearing that, Olivia’s face speaks for itself. We all know Olivia was Fitz’s communications director, and Olivia is quick to see Marcus paralleling her own life. Especially when Mellie brings up this being a ’promotion’ for Marcus.

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But Mellie quickly chides herself and tells Olivia that it’s over between her and Marcus and that the ship has sailed for them but Olivia doesn’t looked convince and neither does Mellie as she tells herself this lie.  Olivia tells Mellie that while it can’t happen now doesn’t mean it won’t in 4 or 8 years? Yeah. Olivia is referring to her and Fitz here. It’s happening people. But Mellie isn’t listening to Olivia as Olivia tells her that it doesn’t have to be over.

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All that boom boom seems to have snapped Olivia back to reality. But one thing is still off, and it’s this idea that Mellie and by extension herself can’t have it all. Why must Mellie wait to be with Marcus ? Why did Olivia have to wait to be with Fitz?  It is still possible to have it all but you just have to work for it. But nonetheless Olivia telling Mellie that her and Marcus don’t have to be over is a sweet gesture after all she was the one who broke them up. It doesn’t have to be over Mellie after all look at her and Fitz . Yeah, I see you Olivia.

Rowan and Olivia

Instead of checking on her gladiators or seeing how they are doing; Olivia is having dinner with Rowan as they discuss his vacation and Rowan sees that Olivia is happy at his departure, but Olivia says the reason she is happy is because she knows he’ll be back three weeks max. But Rowan is clear when he tells Olivia this is goodbye for good.


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I ain’t sad to seem him go. This is what Olivia needs. To grow on her own without papa pope creeping in the shadows dictating her movement, she needs to be her own person and finally live her own life, something I explicitly discussed in last weeks review.

But Rowan’s leaving isn’t because of Olivia happiness but because she is in the circle of power and his rule is that there can’t be any family as it is a distraction…so who else is Rowan referring to as family, Fitz?
Olivia doesn’t want Rowan to be dramatic but he tells her she needs to listen and sadly we hear Olivia say defeatedly “here we go” as Rowan begins his monologue and final grooming.

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Rowan tells Olivia that now that she has power she will soon tell herself that she can have everything, that she can have love and happiness and a family. As Rowan tells Olivia this, Olivia nods her head in agreement of Rowan’s statement that she does feel that she can have it all- love,happiness, family. After all it was Rowan that said that love is only for the victor yet now he is contradicting himself and Olivia finally tells Rowan what we all have been seeing since day one. At last Olivia is telling Rowan the truth about himself. That she is not him despite him seeing Olivia as such. Glory hallelujah big daddy sho did Olivia right. Fitz must have banged that head on that headboard pretty good because Olivia is spitting out some facts right now. You tell him Olivia! You tell him that you are your own person. Y'all see that growth from Olivia

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Rowan tells Olivia that she is his flesh and blood but she counters by saying nature vs nurture.

Let me do my praise dance! That’s right Olivia! You and you alone decide how you wish to live your life. Rowan did not raise you, you adjusted to your surroundings to survive. I went in depth last week about Rowan’s view of Olivia as an extension of him and to see Olivia acknowledge Rowan’s control over her is beautiful. She’s not angry, she’s not resentful as she tells Rowan she doesn’t blame him for Sandra and Maya but she’s just done being used after all if Rowan regretted his family then he would regret having Olivia, and we al know Olivia is his greatest achievement. Olivia is reading dad right now and I’m loving it.

But as Rowan is going on the waiter comes and Olivia tells him she would like coffee despite Rowan telling him to ‘remove yourself’. Again going back to characters drink preference Olivia adapted the taste of wine from Rowan but we have yet to see Olivia drink wine in the past two episodes the last time she did have wine was with Jake at her darkened apartment, again it makes since for her to be drinking it at the time since it was a family issue, and Jake clearly is another extension of Rowan. But as of late, Olivia is disassociating herself with the people with a negative influence on her (Jake and now Rowan) this is also a reference to the AU where Olivia stayed close to the people with similar values as herself and distance herself from those with ill intentions.

Olivia of the past did not like coffee but now she is wanting it. Preferring  it over wine. Olivia is done sipping yo kool aid Rowan.

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But still Rowan is preaching about his leave while Olivia tells him to come back after his vacation so they can be a family but Rowan is clear that he will only stand in her way and when Olivia realizes he is actually leaving. Olivia grabs his hand tearfully and says goodbye.

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Throughout this episode Quinn has been waiting for Olivia to show up and she never did, and finally seeing as Olivia was refusing to save them, Quinn had no choice but to save herself. Yes. Finally. I’ve mentioned it many times in my reviews that everyone looks to Olivia to be the answer to their problem when in truth they need to start looking at themselves. Quinn has finally did that when she went to the oval and demand that the president pardon Campbell though it will cause commotions, she asked him to do because it is the right thing to do. Fitz refuses at first since Olivia didn’t give her stamp approval but in a really beautiful and poetic way Quinn describes what has happened to ’My Olivia’ to Fitz who is listening Intently on this new information regarding Olivia. Quinn begins by telling Fitz that ’my Olivia’ could care less about your legacy or the President elect transition, her Olivia would have been in here fighting for justice and doing the right Thing regardless of the outcome, but her Olivia is gone so she must stand in her place.

If only Olivia could see the impact she has had on these people. They are by no means blood related but every single one  of them are her family and it is her that changed their life and inspired them to be better people even in the face of opposition. This beautiful homage to Olivia strikes my heart in ways I didn’t image at first. Olivia drastically changed their life’s for the better and to see her walk away from it all is tragic and official. Though we know in the end Olivia was acting that way to test Quinn’s worth and her will  to fight the good fight. Olivia handing over the keys to her legacy to Quinn shows that Olivia trust that Quinn will do OPA justice and even when it comes to going against her at times. Olivia always believed in Quinn but now Quinn believes in herself. Olivia was training Quinn for this moment where she will hand off the throne. This is a beautiful scene where Olivia has trained Quinn to the best of her abilities and now like a mother she must let her fly and create her own path.

This feels like the series finale. Everything feels finale. And Olivia leaving OPA has my feelings all messed up. I rebuke Olivia leaving opa but at last Olivia gives Quinn the codes and finally not only a seat at the table but her own table to call the shots.

You Shonda! better not put Olivia in that White House where the very things that make her who she is disappears! I know you aint but if you do you gonna feels these hands on ya! Don’t try me Shonda. Olivia has outgrown opa and that’s okay. We are always looking higher and aiming farther, and there is nothing wrong with growth but the growth can’t be horizontal.

After Marcus witnessed Quinn channel her inner Olivia Pope and tell not only the president but Marcus that Olivia isn’t the same Olivia who took Marcus in when his own scandal made headlines, the Olivia of the past is no more and so when Mellie walks in and offers Marcus the job as communications director, he turns Mellie down because he didn’t join politics for power but for making a difference.

And if you look closely I believe that is Campbell in the background. Marcus has on the wall in his office not pictures or awards but a newspaper article about a black man. Marcus got a firsthand look at what has happened to Olivia, the last thing he wants to do is become the person she is now. So when Mellie tells him they could be a team he tells her that he isn’t Olivia Pope.

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Fitz is doing his interview and to Marcus’s surprise Fitz takes the  more difficult approach as he addresses his setbacks and how he could have done more for the people who depend on the government, people like Shaun Campbell, minorities who only wish for a fair trial, people who need help in their communities to help fight corruption states like Philadelphia, Chicago and the D. When asked about his legacy Fitz wants them to wait ten years to ask him because he is only just getting started.

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That is my bae being presidential! And taking ownership. Fitz is no longer contained and has to bribe his party in order to push his agenda. He’s free now and he can do whatever he wants. And you know for Shonda to hate Tony that was awfully sweet of her to basically have Fitz creating the innocence project; something close and personal to the man who plays Fitz in real life.

But as I was talking to my fellow Shonda whispers last night we noticed that something has been slowly blooming into fruition- the AU. Our Fitz is taking AU Olivia’s life, with Marcus by his side he will be running a foundation for equal and fair justice and helping the communities who need assistance, something Olivia was doing in her alternate reality.

Another thing to note is Abby and David are growing closer once again. Since Fitz is Olivia essentially based on the AU, then that means Olivia is Fitz.

Fitz’s monologue in the AU was Olivia telling Fitz and herself everything she needs to say. I am on pins and needles at Olivia finally talking and giving voice to her wants and desires about her future.

This episode wasn’t like the past few episodes with excitement or jaw dropping suspense but it’s more about characters development and leading to Olivia having that moment we all have been waiting for. Shonda has set the scene perfectly. With Quinn divulging to Fitz about the lack of gladiating and white hat from Olivia, I believe we will see them two have a heart to heart with Fitz wanting to get to the bottom of what’s eating Olivia Pope. But Fitz won’t be the only person, Mellie will also look at Olivia and blame her for the reason why Marcus refuses to stay with her, and at last with mama pope back. Yup, Olivia is going to be having some talks. But our Baby is growing and coming into her on.  I never doubted the show and where it was going but goodness is it great to be right.

One episode left…and i’m not ready.

Until next time,


Loved Me Back To Life Pt 3

Baby Ackles on the way, the reader stays with Jay so that he can be there for every mile stone. The time comes and when she goes into labor it couldn’t have been a more awesome place to happen.

Jensen Ackles and Wife!Reader

FLUFFY!! Child birth, just all around adorable

Part One Part Two

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               The week went by quickly, just being with our families and our friends. We started packing for the trip up to Vancouver again, Gen told me it was ok for me to go, but I still felt guilty for leaving her alone. She then reminded me that she was with Jared with her first and second pregnancies. We had to get up early in the morning to fly out. On the last night in Austin we were snuggled on the couch music playing in the background.

              We talked about everything and anything under the sun, it was still so shocking that we had gotten together and now had our first child on the way. I was so lucky to have this amazing man in my life. “Penny for your thoughts?” “Thinking about how blessed I am” He wrapped his arms tighter around me, sighing at the relaxed feeling I felt just being around him.

              We must have fallen asleep for the next thing I heard was our alarm going off. I groaned and just snuggled deeper into Jay. “We gotta get up baby” “No” I whined. He just chuckled and got up pulling me with him. I hated flying, the jet lag always affected me differently than the boys. I put on a pair of yoga pants and Jay’s hoodie for the long trip.

              Once we reached the airport, we quickly made it to our gate and loaded quickly. I was feeling queasy and asked for a caffeine free coke to help. After I started feeling better I put my head in the crook of his neck and quickly fell asleep. I felt a hand going through my hair and humming a Beatles song keeping me relaxed.

              I woke up the next morning to an empty bed and wondered if I had dreamt it all. Then the smells of breakfast wafted in my bedroom and of course my stomach rumbled. I slipped out of bed and went downstairs to see Jensen in a pair of low hanging sweatpants, no shirt and barefoot. I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around him enjoying the body heat radiating from him. “Good morning baby! Hungry?” “Of course! I am eating for two now”

              He turned around and just watched me with a look of pure happiness and pure contentment. “I love it that I finally get to call you mine and now your carrying our child in that beautiful body of yours” He kissed me on the forehead and ordered me to go sit down on the couch. I found the perfect spot and snuggled into it, happily waiting for breakfast that my husband was making me.

              My pregnancy was going well so far, I was four months and had a good bump going. When Jensen was home he always had some contact with that bump. There was nothing he didn’t do, he sang, he told stories or he would stare and enjoy the small kicks the baby was showing. Jay and I had already decided that the next appointment we would find out what sex the baby was going to be.

              I was five months at my next appointment and were really excited to find out what we were having. I knew my leg was shaking, it was something I did when I was nervous. Jay was running late with filming but I knew he would be here when he could. He hadn’t come yet when I was called back, but I wouldn’t be mad, I completely understood. Just as she put the gel on my stomach, he came busting in breathing heavily.

              I giggled at the fact that he was still wearing his Dean outfit. “Jay, slow down ok?” “I wanted to be here” Once he calmed down enough, the nurse started running the wand over my stomach. I could hear the heartbeat and immediately started tearing up, Jensen held my hand and running the other hand through my hair. “It looks like you are having a girl”

              I looked over and saw the tears in his eyes, happy that we would have a little girl that would have him wrapped around her little finger. She wiped the gel off, making a dvd and printing out pictures for us to keep. He helped me sit up grasping my face with unshed tears in his eyes. “I hope you’re as happy as I am” “Are you kidding? I love it that we’re going to have a mini you running around the house” He kissed me sweetly and helped me off the table, I went back home, and he went back to work.

Jensen POV

              I drove back to the set tears spilling out of my eyes at thought of having a little girl to be joining our growing family. I pulled into work, getting a text from y/n letting me know that she had gotten home and couldn’t wait to see me tonight. I walked back on to set, looking for Jared and Misha to tell them the great news. I finally found them in the food tent, joking around as usual. “Hey Jay! How was the appointment?” “It’s a girl! I’m so happy right now I could burst”

              I got hugs and pats, everyone excited for the new supernatural princess coming soon. We got back to work hoping to get things done early today. All I wanted was to do was go home and spend time with my girls. So, we buckled down getting things done quickly, heading home when the guys asked if they could bring pizza over to our house to celebrate. I quickly agreed and sent y/n a text and got a reply asking how I knew that was her craving. I let her know I was on my way home and got into my car.

Reader POV

              When I had gotten home, I put on comfortable clothes and snuggled on the couch, wearing one of Jay’s hoodies. I must have fallen asleep, I could hear my phone buzzing. I stretched and looked to see that he had asked me if pizza was okay for tonight with a certain moose and angel. I agreed quickly and got up to run some water over my face.

              I heard the door open and heard three sets of footsteps, I went back downstairs excited to see my boys. Of course, they went to my favorite place. While Jay set the table I grabbed the beers and a coke for me. The entire night we ate, we drank, and we celebrated the new addition to the family. Once the boys had left I fell back on the couch rubbing my belly happy and full.

              At seven months, I went to work with Jay, I was having issues with my blood pressure so he wanted me with him so he could keep an eye on me. I did have a surprise for him today, I had made an appointment for someone to bring a machine that let the fathers feel the kicks for themselves. The woman had arrived on time getting it set up. I knew Jay had his lunch now, so I sent him a text and waited for him to come.

              I heard the door open, seeing my loving husband come in and wonder what was going on. “If you could sit next to your wife Mr. Ackles” She put the shell on my expanded stomach and then attached to the one on Jens stomach. Once everything was together, the baby started kicking in which Jay could feel it as well. “Wow! This is amazing y/n/n” “I knew you would like it, I wanted you to feel what I feel” “I love you so much”

              Once it was time to head back from lunch, I thanked the woman profusely for coming out. All she asked was for a picture with her favorite singer, in which I happily agreed. I must have fallen asleep, when I woke up I found Jensen in bed with me fast asleep. I ran my hand through his hair making him sigh in contentment. I snuggle into him and fell back asleep, he was the best pillow I could ever ask for.

              When I reached eight months, we went to the season thirteen wrap party. I wasn’t feeling well at all but I didn’t want to miss out on the festivities. Once we made it there, we walked around and talked to everyone. I was feeling uncomfortable so I went for a walk, and ended up in Dean’s room in the bunker. I sat down trying to feel better but when I felt my water break then I knew it wasn’t Braxton hicks. I sent an urgent text to Jay, hoping he would get to me in time. He was faster than I gave him credit for, but when he tried to help me up a contraction shot through me.

              The paramedics were called, but I couldn’t move, my contractions were too close together. The paramedics had arrived and confirmed that it wasn’t safe enough to move me and that she was on her way already. “Really? It couldn’t skip a generation” Jay just chuckled and kissed me on the side of the head. Once they told me it was time to push, I gave every ounce of energy I could. Jensen was so strong giving me the strength I needed. “Ok Mrs. Ackles one more push”

              I put everything into it and soon heard the cries of our little girl. I collapsed against Jay as they laid her on my chest. “Hey beautiful” “Baby you did so good, thank you” I looked down at her and could see Jensen completely in her. From her beautiful green eyes to her dirty blonde hair, she was perfect and she was ours.

              Once we made it to the hospital, they cleaned her up and brought her back to us. “I was thinking, how about Jaclyn Rose?” “That’s beautiful” When she grasped his hand just watching him with wonder. “Welcome to the world Jaclyn Rose” I fell asleep that way with my husband and my daughter feeling blessed to have this amazing family.

Maxson/Sole - Formal affairs Part I

Inspired by this post  by  dyr0z, additional ideas of   danse-or-farkas are/will also be used.
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Maxson stormed through the prydwen.  Without as much of a side-glance he yelled “ Sentinel, a word!” Sole rolled her eyes as she mimicked him in front of Haylen ‘Sentinel, a word! Sentinel, a sentence! Can’t do anything without me. ’

“Sentinel!” That one sounded more like a growl. So he heard it all. Haylen held back her laughter as Sole shrugged it off. What was he gonna do? Get rid of his Sentinel, destroyer of the Institute? Yeah, sure..
“ I better get in. See you later.” Haylen nodded.
“Good luck, he sounds pissed off.”
“ Haylen. He always does.” Sole put down the wrench she was using to work on her powerarmour. “He’s a big softie inside though.” She winked at Haylen. Sole was still rubbing grease off of her hands as she walked into his quarters. “Elder?”

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Ok so clearly that dinner scene was lacking and I’ll tell you exactly what it needed:

- Sam Winchester in his pajamas wrapped in the Grey Shock Blanket ™

- Dean and Mary hovering over Sam because hey! He was just tortured!!! And sexually assaulted!!! And they are aware of these things!!! And want Sam to be okay!!!!

-C a S t i E L b E i nG PrE seNt

-this scene to have the level of purity that was reached when Sam hugged Mary for the first time and soft guitar music was playing in the background bc thats what needed to happen

-just eveyone actually being treated properly bc they’re all going thru some shit and its time.

(Someone pls write this, I am currently suffering and bitter)

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Nordic headcanons for "netflix and chill"?XD(Nsfw please....I need that shit....)

Omg I’m sorry for taking a sudden little vacation! But I am back at home and ready to go! And i’m sorry if it isn’t really nsfw. I don’t really do story type things, so I have issues going into detail with just head canons. 

APH Denmark: He would always be the initiator. In fact, he would be so eager that his S/O would barely even be able to get Netflix started before he practically jumped them. Oddly enough, they still wouldn’t be able to figure out why he really invited them over :P He would practically tackle them to the floor as the movie played in the background, shocking them a little. Clothes would be ripped off in seconds, and they’d be panting in front of the tv not even 15 minutes into the movie XD.

APH Finland: Finland’s favourite thing to do with his S/O is cuddling, and he would always be sure to spend the first half of the movie doing so. He would never be as eager and forward as Denmark would be. He would constantly have his arms around them, but would slowly start moving them lower and lower, until he was caressing their leg. It would probably just drive them crazy to the point of forcing them to initiate the “chilling.” It wouldn’t be anything overly forceful, but very sweet. The couple would make it last through the whole rest of the movie, and would find themselves curled up together naked under a nice cozy blanket for the rest of the night.

APH Sweden: Lol this dork probably doesn’t know what Netflix and chill is. His S/O would totally be expecting something from him when he invited them over, but he would just sit there and watch like anyone else. Every so often, his S/O would try to drop little hints and attempt to initiate something, but his brain would be so immersed in the movie that he wouldn’t notice any of it. Eventually, they would probably get so frustrated that they would just throw him down on the couch and just start stripping him down. He would be startled, but he totally wouldn’t object to it. He would be kinda ticked off that he missed the end of the movie though XD.

APH Iceland: Icy would totally want to just tackle his S/O when they got settled in to watch the movie, but I think he would be too shy and awkward to do anything. He would sometimes try to reach over to touch them when they weren’t looking, but he would chicken out and pull back when he got close. Little would he know, his S/O would totally know what he was trying to do. So they would try to encourage him by undoing one more button on their collar, or hiking their skirt up a little higher. Eventually he would just lose control of himself, and pull them close and attacking their neck. When they finished getting down and dirty, his S/O would give him a smirk and be like “Took you long enough, you dork.”

APH Norway: Norway’s S/O wouldn’t expect any less from him. He is a very clingy guy when he is alone with his S/O, so they would almost be prepared for it. As the movie started, he would casually just start caressing their thighs. It wouldn’t seem all that sexual at first, but they would know better. He would just kind of ease them into his lap, and slowly start nipping at their neck as they pretended to watch the movie. When he got bored, he would suddenly turn them around so that they were facing him, and start stripping them down as he kissed their lips. And though they really did enjoy this side of him, they would pretend to scold him anyway for interrupting the movie :P

- Chella

Me appearing in AC world (Templar Gathering)
  • Haytham: Do you swear to uphold the principles of our order and all of that for which we stand?
  • Shay: I do.
  • Haytham: And never to-*loud explosion, I fall on the floor out of nowhere*
  • Me: ahhhh shiiiiiit
  • Templars: o.o
  • Me: *notices the men* AHHHHH SHIIIIIT!
  • Haytham: *coughs* Who...are you?
  • Hickey: *in the background* WHAT THE FUCK?
  • Me: I...I...I...*nervous* I am his wife from the future! *points at Shay*
  • Shay: WHAT!?
  • Haytham: what??
  • Charles Lee: What an odd taste....
  • Haytham: *glances at Shay*
  • Shay: I swear I have no idea who she is!
  • Me: *plays the role* I was sent here to fix the mistake by the order of Gandalf the Grey!
  • Haytham: Ganda- who?
  • Me: I shall marry him!*points at Haytham*
  • Templars: *deep shock*
  • Hickey: *in the background* WHAT THE FUCK?!
  • William: *just silently being fabulous*
  • Gist: *uncontrollable laughter*
  • Lee: *joins Gist*
  • Haytham: *clears throat* Madam...I have no idea where you came from, but this is pure insanity...
  • Me: I'll show you pure insanity in bed *winks*
  • Gist and Lee: *hysterical snoring laughter*
  • William: *I'm so fancy*
  • Hickey: *in the background* I need a drink
  • Shay: *rushes to join Thomas*
  • Sorry Master Kenway, you are on your own!
  • Haytham: *tries to stay calm, searches for help*
  • Me: :D Gandalf told me to bang you.
  • Haytham: o.o Charles, I need your assistance.
  • Lee: xD naw
  • Haytham: *evil glare* Charles!
  • Lee: Dx fuuuuuuuuuuu
  • Haytham: get this woman out of here and find that Gandulph that she mentioned, she might be an Assassin.
  • Me: no, I'm a wizard! XD
  • Haytham: what????
  • Me: Haytham, you are wizard too. The Taco Hat has chosen you.
  • Haytham: kill her, she is insane.

You know what’s bullshit? I can turn all this off. I can get off tumblr, turn off the news, maybe play some Pokemon and this could all fade into the background for me. But for an entire city, an entire race, a statement has been sent out that their lives could justifiably be over whenever some asshole with a badge says so. And then the leader of our nation says that they just have to take that on the chin. This is shocking and I am ashamed of my country

"Can You Just Let Me In?"- Luke

    Luke had been on tour and this was the longest you two had ever been apart. It was currently month 4 of their 7 month tour and the distance was taking its toll on both of you. Luke tried his hardest to call and facetime every night but timezones and his busy schedule prevented it. You tried your best not to let him know how you couldn’t sleep without him and how much your heart hurt, but he could hear it in your voice and see it in your face whenever you two would talk. He never missed a chance to tell you how much he missed you and how “it’s not much longer now babe”.  It was just your usual Saturday moping around the house missing your boyfriend when your phone started ringing. You looked at the caller ID and smiled at the dumb picture of Luke making a face that popped up. “Hey babe” you said trying to sound cheerful but it just hurt you to hear his voice and not be able to see him in person. “Hey princess, what are you up to today?” you hear him say, “not much just cleaning the house and listening to music what about you?” “ummm I’m uh writing ya writing with the boys today” he stutters out. “Um okay…” you say not really wanting to question him about it “hey is that greenday playing in the background because I think we’re listening to the same song” you giggle. “Ya I am, you know how much I love them” he quickly responds as you hear a knock on your door. “Hold on for a sec Luke, someone is at the door” “ya of course” he says. You open the door looking gross because you’re still in your pjs and bed head to see your boyfriend standing there smiling with his phone still up to his ear. In shock you shut the door immediately, “You didn’t, you’re not” you say into the phone. “Can you just let me in princess?” Luke says his voice coming through both the phone and the door. “Oh ya sorry” you say as you open the door dropping your phone and leaping into his arms. “God Luke I missed you so much you don’t even know” you say tears beginning the well up “trust me princess I know” he says pulling you into a kiss and at that moment those four months didn’t matter because you two were finally together again.

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ONLY Carol & Daryl and a lonely HOUSE.........

Come on. This is so good,so obvious,literally cheesy,it is damn near ridiculous.

Ep 10
1. Caryl will be in the same space…..💥
2. …for a bigger amount of time💥
3 …ALONE!!!💥💥💥
4. …behind closed doors💥
5. …talking to each other💥
6. …about significant things💥
7. …during sunset/nighttime💥
8. …enlighting candles to see each others face💥
9. …no cockblocker in sight💥
10. …(Rain would be cool)💥
11. …(“in the air tonight” playing in the background)💥

Gimple serves us a 💥CARYL BOMB💥 no one can survive.I am going to be in SHOCK for days after this episode airs.And I am not complaining.