i am shipping it even though i don't think this was in the books

Humans Are Weird

It is well established among all sentient species that Humans are Weird. Exceptional Humans, however, make the regular humans seem almost tame in comparison.
Yatrov was to show the newest crew member- another Human- “the ropes”, as Human Jenny phrased it.
Upon arriving, however, the newest Human barely spared xir even a glance, which was odd, seeing how Humans prize interaction above all else. Shrugging it off, xe delicately held out a clawed hand to engage in the Human positive-meeting greeting, a “hand-shake” it was aptly named. “I am known as Yatrov, in Human Common tongue. I am sorry to say that I was unable to read your file report, and am thus left without your name. What is it you wish to be called?” Yatrov was genuinely sorry; the ship was in dire need of repairs, and this Human was coming to help.
Instead of taking the proffered hand, the human’s brown eyes stared into xi’s own violet. “I am Giovanni. And you are approximately 7 minutes late. I do not fault you for your tardiness, your job is a busy one, so your apologies are void. I do not need to see the entirety of this ship, I only require the engine room. Take me there and I will begin repairs immediately. Social niceties and other such meaningless things can be done at a later date, if done they must be at all.”
Yatrov felt somewhat slighted; xe’s species did not greet with touch, but it was seen as an insult- a social misdemeanor- to deny the shaking of hands. Attributing it to the Human having been under circumstances that made him “cranky” and to the fact that the Human was excited to work- humans forgot norms when excited, xe had found- Yatrov continued to try to create a pack-bond with this Human, “I have heard many great things about you.”
“Truly?” The Human considered this for a moment, head tilting, “I am merely faster than most, mentally. A marathoner or racer is not spoken of in as high-esteem as those with quick mental facilities are, are they?” The Human was speaking out loud, xe found this practice odd and ignored it. “What exactly have you heard?” The Human tapped their legs with their fingers, adopting a rhythm unknown to xir, and hummed. 
Arrogance or curiosity? “Admittedly, not much has been told. I know that you have several thesis papers, have repaired and improved upon numerous ships, and that you were good enough that our captain was surprised that you even bothered to consider joining our crew.”
“Huh.” And that was that. Giovanni did not speak after that, made no effort to communicate. Giovanni did not try to obtain physical contact. Giovanni remained aloof with even Human crewmates long after he had joined. He also remained fidgety, seemingly unable to keep still, unless it was to engage in a staring contest with the resident cat- to keep the Humans from adopting a weird, deadly creature- or to continue his single-minded work with machinery.
Three weeks after he had joined, the ship was attacked. Vernians boarded the ship, using their many appendages to apprehend multiple members of The Highlight- the ship- at once. No one knew where Giovanni was, and no one would have been surprised if he had left to save his own hide.
Which was precisely why everyone, who were all bound and trying to negotiate with what was essentially pirates, was surprised when Giovanni came around the corner, a knocked out Vernian held under gun point.
Guns pointed at him, Vernians shifted to attack him. “What you need to know: firstly, I have hacked into your language processors. All Vernae will sound like gibberish.” He paused, then grinned ferally. “Try”, he dared.
“Kir-ah?!” They did, and did not seem pleased with the results.
“Back! Restore!” the voices of Vernians screeched, their language translators on the fritz. 
“Secondly,” he paused, “I will shoot your friend if you do not release my own.” When an uproar of shouting started again, he blandly stated, “Blank point will be quite messy, won’t it?” He hummed, as though in thought, though his eyes trailed after every movement the Vernians made.
A smaller one, likely emotionally closer to the Vernian Giovanni was holding captive,  pounced.
ZZZZZT-PA! The Vernian howled, two of its 11 “arms” gone. “My threat is not idle.”
The room quieted, members of the Highlighter slowly being released.
“Thirdly.” His lips pursed, his nose tilted, sneer deadly, “Run, and pray that I never see you again!” He shot a wall, and they scattered, leaving the crew of The Highlighter mostly unscathed.
It was hours later, after the chaos was settled and the ship fixed up again, that Yatrov approached Giovanni.
“Why did you save us?”
Giovanni scrunched his thick eyebrows together, “Why ever would I not?”
“You make no attempt to communicate with us.” Yatrov insisted, trying to discover the reason Giovanni would do something without some sort of gain.
“Oh, that.” He dismissively waved his hand, his face again lax and bored. “I do not see the point in wasting words. I enjoy the presence of the crew, and- while I see no point in engaging in it- their idle chatter is amusing to listen to.” He raised an eyebrow, “Why do you ask?”
“The crew operated under the belief that you disliked us.” Yatrov felt a small bit of shame; clearly, Yatrov had been wrong to assume that all Humans were so similar.
“I-” He looked hurt, eyes filling with water- tears, they were called, and Yatrov knew that this was not a good sign. His lips twitched, his words near whispered, “Did you not consider me a friend? I thought we were.” He had begun nervously threading his fingers, humming lightly.
“I thought you disliked me.” Yatrov’s admission only increased xir’s guilt, and the slight tremors of the Humans smaller body.
“I made you and the others a new computer.” Giovanni’s eyes searched Yatrov’s one, and again found no solace. A computer did not equate to friendship. “I *made* you and the others a new computer.” The emphasis hit Yatrov. Why would one handmake something if the person receiving it did not matter to them.
“I am sorry.” Yatrov paused, xe had seen it in a Human film once, maybe…? “Can we start over?” A small nod eased Yatrov’s mind and reaffirmed xir’s decision. “I am the one known as Yatrov, and I enjoy reading: fiction, typically.” Xe did not hold out his hand, but stared Giovanni right in the eye.
The smirk on Giovanni’s face told xir that the actions- or lack there of- was not missed. “I am known as Giovanni.” He held out his hand, looking smug and slightly proud of remembering this, as their hands clasped, he said, “I enjoy sandwhiches, science, and conversations on how realistic or achievable a work of fiction can be. It will be a pleasure to work with you.”

Humans were odd, but exceptional Humans lived by a very different set of rules. Intelligence changed their perceptions. Yatrov knew, from personal experience, that they were still Human, still fantastic and horrifying, at their core. Yatrov put down the book xe was reading, looking up to watch Giovanni’s animated expressions as he ranted about machinery. Yes, truly, Humans are Weird.

(Please excuse any grammar/spelling mistakes, my hand has been cramping up lately and it is hard to write at the moment. And I should not be writing sci-fi, because it is NOT my forte, but I had a plot-bunny and felt the need to attempt it. This is basically a shortened version of what I wanted to write, skipping over much of what I actually wanted to put down. Feel free to take the general idea and write something better XD )

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you're the first person to talk about how disgusting deenerys is to the slaves and freedmen. can you make like a comprehensive post about it, please? i'm rereading the books and so i don't remember well.

 I don’t at all remember exactly all I have ever said on this site, but I don’t remember ever using the work ‘disgusting’, if I did, I want to take it back right now. Slavers and slavery is disgusting. The way Daenerys tried to liberate slaves wasn’t disgusting, it was just stupid and wrong with disastrous consequences… And delusional, ignorant and hypocritical. 

Trust me though, I am by far not the only one, and most certainly not the first to declare Dany’s Mereen campaign all I said above and more. Loads and loads of people have criticized it and named it for what it is. 

I’m not gonna make a comprehensive post aka meta, because I literally do not even have the time to update the last two chapters of my fic (sorry bout that). I’m crazy busy and I lack both the time and energy necessary to look up book quotes and everything. 

I’ll give you a from the top of my head list, though, which is gonna me crazy long and detailed still. Hope that’s sufficient to give you an idea: 

- It’s lovely that she wanted to free slaves, but the reasoning sucks. She is perfectly fine with Drogo collecting them to afford the ships she needs, nor does she actually ever liberate Mirri Maz Duur and the other women, she merely stops the raping. In the first two books she not once mentioned because disgusted by slavery. When she goes to Yunkai, planning on buying the Unsullied, there’s not a vessel of her brain that protests against this plan because she’s so anti slavery. The truth is that Daenerys ‘liberates’ the Unsullied because she can’t afford them. She was planning on buying them. The Human Rights Declaration 1948 part of my brain knows this makes her guilty of slavery. Her anti-slavery campaign starts cause she’s broke, which is the worst of reasonings… despite all the claps she receives for being so kind-hearted. 

- The way she liberates them is stupid. She makes very different kind of mistakes in Yunkai, Mereen and Astapor, which is kinda amazing in a way, because all three cities are completely in ruins after she interfered, one more so than the other, but still. We can conclude she learns nothing as she goes, cause she keeps screwing up. Astapor may or may not be her greatest monstrosity of all. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Yunkai turning her back on her and becoming her 1# enemy was as predictable as anything (really, Dany? leaving the government and military fully intact? So odd, that they eventually rebel) and Mereen was, if anything, the prove we didn’t need to know Daenerys is a shit ruler. Dany and her anti-slavery campaigns indirectly killed many many people and brought prosperous cities to total ruin. 

- Just adding this: from a superficial moral pov liberating slaves is a really really good thing, but you can’t just say ‘and now you are all free’. Very little has changed in the actual lives of these people Dany ‘freed’, which only shows how little Dany-I-know-what-it-is-like-to-be-bought-and-sold-Targaryen understands of slavery. She delcares them free and believes the issues are gone, but that’s of course not at all how it works. Being a slave doesn’t just mean you’re the property of someone else. You can’t take slavery out of society by just banning it. Slavery is part of Essosi culture, it goes very very deep. She underestimates that, because, despite her own believes, she knows nothing of what it’s like to be bought and sold. She was Drogo’s exotic trophy wife, she became his queen for crying out loud, gained power, independence and was freed of Viserys. She compares that to being the absolute scum of society? Nah. Not impressed. 

- Let’s be real, Dany’s real, main and true goal is the Iron Throne. She’s not planning on staying, she’s in no way planning on dedicating her life to it. Odd right? To think freeing a society is something that doesn’t have to be someone’s life’s work. Liberating slaves, their freedom, is a stop along the way to her. She takes it so seriously that she didn’t even come up with a long term plan. She’s using this as a way to ‘learn’ how to rule. Think of that… liberating thousands and thousands of people is not something she sees as her life’s goal, it’s just a learning process to Daenerys before she goes for the real price. 

- Daenerys doesn’t pay the unsullied. Where were they supposed to go after she ‘liberated’ them? They were eunuchs who killed infants babies as part of their training, an inhumane training, with no family, no loved ones, no nothing. They had nowhere else to go but to follow their blonde princess. It looks like they choose her because she’s their mother Theresa, but honestly, it was the only option for them… And she doesn’t pay them. They’re slaves who’re ‘allowed’ to leave whenever they want. Ha. What exactly has changed for them, I ask? 

- Daenerys uses unpaid labor for public work projects in Mereen, something with beans it was, I think. *cough* slavery *cough*.

- Daenerys allows freed slaves to sell themselves back into slavery because the ‘freedom’ she offered them is worse. She also keeps part of the bargain. Ha.

- She crucifies over a hundred people who may or may not be guilty of any crime, doesn’t care to check their guilt. It disgusts me how people shrug this off with ‘they were slavers’. I personally don’y believe in fighting cruelty with cruelty, especially not when that cruelty comes from anger about a certain thing that the executed may or may not have been guilty off. And she allows them to choose themselves who among them gets killed. That’s one way not to get the guilty ones punished.  

- I can come up with a million things of what she does wrong in Mereen, really. She’s too cruel when she needs to be soft, and too naive when she should be wary. One example that I’ve always ‘loved’ because it’s so ironic, is when a rich woman comes to her, asking for help. The woman has lost her son and husband during the sack and fled her house to hide with family. When the woman returned to her house, she found it taken over by prostitutes, who were all wearing her jewelry and dresses. The woman pleads for Daenerys to help her get her home back. Dany’s judgement? The woman gave up her rights to her home the moment she fled… can you feel it? Remember who else fled her home and now wants it back? Exactly. Oh George.. the irony. 

- Daenerys uses torture. People always use that example of the minors, and of course this was especially horrifying, but no one can deny she’s guilty of systemic torture

- Daenerys believes her way of living is better than that of the Mereneese. She’s right kind of, about slavery and all, but not everything about the Mereneese culture is curel and savage. She complains about the fighting pits, she complains about people eating dogs, she complains about the way people dress… oh right, she actually has teenage boys murdered solely because of their choice of dress

- While Mereen starves and bleeds and suffers and nothing of Astapor remains except ‘Hell on earth’- Quintyn Martell, she sits in the tip of her fancy Pyramid, eating sweet fruit and drinking wine, looking down on her ‘free’ subjects, complaining about her many burdens as self-declared queen, dreaming about when to find a moment alone with her dear dear handsome Daario- who’s, obviously to everyone but Daenerys, using her. I can’t.  

- Have I mentioned she doesn’t care about Mereneese culture? She doesn’t put much time into learning about it, and all that she learns she waves away and deems inferior to her own. 

Oh RIGHT! She’s just a girls… she’s just learning! She’s trying! She wants to be good, she wants to do the right thing, she… means well

Do thousands of people have to die cause she means well? Me don’t think so. Kinda odd, isn’t it, that sacrifices like that must be made to make someone suitable to rule, when about every character in ASOIAF is more suitable to rule. Why does Daenerys gets to make these sacrifices? Cause she’s her mad daddy’s daughter? She’s not even the actual rightful ruler. In the books there’s Aegon, who’s going to turn Daenerys in a real usurper (the one she learned to hate all her life) and in the show there’s Jon. She’s not even the rightful ruler. She’s just a girl with too much power. 
That said, after all the experience she’s had and all the learning moments that have come her way, she’s learned fairly little. She continues to be delusional and ignorant and constantly makes mistakes she’s made before. 

To quote my favorite quoran: Dany ostensibly means well, yet destroys about everything she touches, cities, people and complete societies… yet people want her to be queen of Westeros? I think they have suffered enough. 

That’s all I can come up with without picking up the books. Hope you kinda understand my pov better now. If you don’t, that’s fine. Most Daenerys stans can’t be turned away from the dark side anymore, not after all that. 
What I mean is… if you can still support Daenerys and believe she should rule the world after all the crap she’s done… well, there’s nothing she can do to change your mind. 

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i REALLY don't understand the kind of audience who don't realize jon is a hostage right now. they took his boat and his weapons, but d/ny said he wasn't a prisoner so i guess he could just swim to shore and walk unarmed back to the north if he wanted to no big! and then there's the folks who think kneeling is the same thing as making an alliance like literally i don't understand how the big speech about perpetuity could have gone so far over their head like the stakes are high dudes

This will kinda cover a huge portion of my up-coming “Targ!Bowl vs Targ!Cest” - post, but who cares since you asked and I wanna talk about.

Though I absolutely understand you and your frustration I kinda do understand why some parts of the audience don’t realize all that, or at least not the severity of it. 

I’m not even talking exclusively about the shippers who, to like anything from 50 -99%, don’t care what happens as long as their ships becomes canon, or the stans who will find a way to sugarcoat and excuse absolutely anything, anything I tell you, before admitting their fav has done some seriously terrible things or, dear god, “problematic” traits and storylines. 

It also seems plausible to me that some parts of the more general, non-obsessive, “I don’t read the books” or “have a blog about it” kind of audience, have trouble to really grasp these issues. You wanna know why? D&D are half-assing it. Right now they are half-assing two narratives, instead of whole-assing one.

I propose the following theory: 

Right now D&D are setting the stage for dark!Dany, while simultaneously selling her as Jon’s love-interest this seasonThose two narratives are pretty much forced to hold the other one back, because Jon can’t fall for “ the villain”, while Dany can’t break bad out of the blue.  

Leaving us with this incoherent mess, slightly ooc characters and actions that don’t influence the story in a “logical” way or even contradict each other.

Dany’s “transformation”, if you will, has to be properly foreshadowed, it has to be sufficiently hinted at from the moment she touches westerosi soil. The audience has to be able to look back and think “Oohh… I guess what she said there wasn’t alright. Should have seen that”.
But she also has to appear loveable enough to warrant any kind of affection Jon displays towards her. The audience’s reaction once dany does break bad should be “But why did Jon!? Well, I guess I didn’t think she was that bad back then neither.”

There you have it. That’s why her behaviour seems so appaling to some people, while others are still strong advocates for good!Dany and everyone in between doesn’t know what the fuck to think. That’s why you can make a strong case for both, or more precisely for neither.

This is apparent when you look at the fact that every “negative” characteristic she portrays is counter-attacked with one of two things: 

  1. Someone else making a comment, implying the exact opposite.
  2. The narrative conveniently jumping to a new plot point, reducing the immediate emotional impact of what we just saw.

Here are some examples:

  • Varys interrupting their dispute at it’s climax | Their first meeting didn’t go particularly smooth. They did not see eye to eye, they were not moving towards an understanding. Quite on the contrary, their interaction become more antagonist with every line of dialogue. It’s starts with both of them playing nice (in their own way), moves to Dany saying that Jon is breaking faith, Jon telling her that he doesn’t give a fuck about her birthright and ends with Dany outright accusing Jon of being in open rebellion (!!!). Where do you think that conversation was heading at? An intimate conversation about dead brothers? Dany has made her stance on Northern Independence clear, she see’s it as treason, I swear to all the gods, if Varys hadn’t walked in right then and there she would have explained what exactly the punishment for treason and oath breaking is. Try making a romance out of that. But conveniently enough Varys did come in at the perfect moment, dissolving all the tension into nothing, ending the scene on a half-baked Jon is her prisoner-but-not-really note.
  • Tyrion telling Jon about Slaver’s Bay | I don’t know if you had noticed, but Dany left her undeniably good accomplishment of abolishing slavery out of her little speech. She exclusively focused on awful things that have happened to her and the two big achievements that make her so god-darn special: Bringing dragons back into this world and making the Dothraki cross the Narrow Sea. All her statements were about her, not about the good she has or could do in this world. I strongly believe this is to imply that her conquest is deep down rooted in selfish desires. Contrasting Jon, who embraces his role as king to protect and save his people. So of course, we need another character to swoop in and remind us of the good things she has done. Too make it more clear: Dany says that “faith in herself kept her going”, Tyrion reminds Jon that “she protects people from monsters”. 
  • Jon is a prisoner, but hey, he gets dragonglass | Jon was a “prisoner” prisoner for exactly five seconds, when he - rightfully - complained about it to Tyrion. It is establish that Jon wants to leave, but simply can’t, because Dany took his ship, thus making him her prisoner. If D&D had some balls they could have pursued this narrative, but instead wooossshhhhh we are jumping ahead to Jon being allowed to mine dragonglass. Now it doesn’t matter whether Jon is staying on dragonstone by his own free will or not. He needs that dragonglass, so of course he will stay to mine it. The audience was forced to contemplate Danys decision to lock him up for like a minute, before rendering the conflict obsolete. Begging the question why it was necessary to begin with, if not to show Dany doing some un-nice things to one of our protagonists.
  • Varys and the whole “burn someone alive” issue | This isn’t limited to her interactions with Jon. I am going to talk about Dany threatening to burn Varys alive, very much, very soon. Right now, all I want to say is that it is not a good omen. It’s one of the clearest indication so far that Dany will embrace her “inner dragon” and cause some serious destruction when doing so. Dragons plant no trees. But all the not-so-great undertones of her interaction with Varys are forgotten in the next scene when she embraces Melisandre with open arms saying “we decided to pardon all those who served the wrong king.” Sucking all the dark implications of threatening someone to BURN HIM ALIVE right out of the audience’s mind. Emphasizing that part where she pardons former “traitors”. If that scene would have cut away from Dany right after “her promise”, without reminding ous of her “forgiving” side, that little comment would have left a way more bitter taste in your mouth than it did. 
  • I don’t wanna spoil anything from episode 4, (next paragraph contains very minor spoilers!)

    let’s just say that Dany demanding that Jon bends the knee, is met with another character stating that “Dany was chosen by her people”. Supposedly trying to establish a parallel that doesn’t hold any water in her current situation in westeros, anyway. But again, it is taking the sentiment expressed by Danys actions and words (a chosen king should kneel to her, whom his people didn’t choose) and twists it to paint Dany in a better light (she too was chosen by her people). It doesn’t make any sense when you think about it, but it fabricates enough emotional connections, for the audience to soften their view on Danys opinion on northern independence. 

Do you see what I mean? I have a couple other examples, but some of them are from episode 4 and I’m going to go into this in my upcoming post anyway. The unobservant and/or biased show watcher simply has no time to properly process all this in one go. I’ve watched each episodes several times, am pretty obsessed with this whole thing and even I took some time before noticing a pattern. 

Most people will just stick to that component of the narrative which is coherent with what they already know: that Dany is one of the good guys, a hero of this story. All her questionable actions are either dismissed or boiled down to “well, it turned out okay in the end”. As sloppy as the individual narratives seem to be (neither dark!Dany, nor, let’s call her hero!Dany are well developed, they overlap, contradict each other, etc.), they did a fantastic job at keeping the audience in the dark about it. Why? 

Because for one reason or another she has to fuck Jon. Why that is, can only really be judged once we seen the whole of season 7, probably season 8, but I do have a couple of ideas why:

  • It happens in the books and D&D shouldn’t have cut the episode count. Maybe Jon and Dany hook up and/or develop feelings for each other before she breaks bad in the books as well. But since we only have 10 episodes where that could happen and dark!Dany and targ!bowl also has to happen at one point, those two storylines overlap. It isn’t too far-fetched that something will happen in the books as well, since Jon unknowingly committing “incest”, while being tormented about falsely-assumed incest is just too … fucked up, not to have crossed grrm’s mind.
  • It’s a red herring to throw the audience of Targ!bowl and Jonsa. Yes, I do belong to the people who are pretty very much certain that Jonsa will be endgame. I also belong to the people who are pretty very much certain that targ!bowl will happen one way or another. Believe me or not, I believed that Jon and Dany would rather fight than fuck once she comes to westeros, way before I ever thought about Jon and Sansa being a thing. So it’s not because I’m a salty shipper. So what else do I have to say? It’s a red herring, they are throwing us off the rails, to make Jonsa and Targ!Bowl extra-super-duper-surprising in season 8. And probably a bit rushed as well. Great. Just what I wanted. At least Jonsa was properly set up in season 6 and they mention each other every episode. Coincidence?
  • They want to have a sex-scene with Kit and Emilia. D&D are trash. They have sexualized countless other encounters on the show, single-handedly coined the term “sexposition”, I do believe they could write in a Jon x Dany sex-story just because. You can call that fanservice if you like. I’m not going to stop you. 
  • Maybe they thought Jon and Dany having “a history” would make targ!bowl more engaging. Could be.

Either way, I personally feel a bit exhausted by this decision. Not because it “threatens” my ship, it doesn’t imo and not because I’m so opposed to the idea of Jon and Dany hooking up or even having a love-affair. It’s because the screenwriting is sloppy. It’s because they are messing up Danys characterization and maybe Jon’s as well. It’s because both Dany and Jon contradict themselves and the development of their relationship simply suffers by Dany being set on the path to the dark side, without any character on screen noticing it (at least yet. I have this feeling that Tyrion will seriously start to doubt all this very soon.) 

I know this got way too long again, but giving unwanted, unnecessarily long answers is my forte after all. 

I’m still holding my fingers crossed for Jonny playing Dany, all I can do is wait and pray. Let’s see how the rest of the season / series progresses, but for now I’m going to leave you with some wisdom from Ron Swanson, D&D should have taken to heart IMO:

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This maybe is a really unpopular opinion, but I don't like what they are trying to do with the legend of korra comics. It was bad enough that they pretended to be inclusive when they make korrasami canon when it was the fandom who did all the work, they didn't care to give them a properly development because they knew the power of the fandom and now they know that the fandom is still on tumblr and they are writting fan fiction in order to sell the comics. I don't like when people use my +

sexuality to appear to be inclusive, they are not the first one to try it and sadly they won’t be the last.

I’m going to start off by saying that I think you’re preaching to the wrong audience here friend. I’ve always been aggressively pro-Korrasami and pro-Bryke and I’m one of those people who will take LGBT representation in whatever form its given to me (except for like…Irredeemable villains and obviously token characters who are there for one ep and then gone *coughRedKansascough*. 

I am apologetically a slut for queer rep, but I like to think I’m still aware and critical of representation that’s obviously been half-assed, and I have never felt that way with Korrasami.

That said, just because I don’t feel that way doesn’t mean I don’t think your feelings are extremely valid. I can see how you and others might feel a little taken advantage of with this whole influx of LGBT inclusive material in the Korra comics when, in your eyes, they didn’t try very hard to do so in the show. From that perspective it seems like an attempt to cash in on their queer fans. 

The way I’ve always looked at it, though, is that they have more freedom in the comics to do what they’ve always wanted to do (”Always” meaning since the developing stages of Book 3 when Korrasami became a real possibility). Nickelodeon is still a children’s network and, much as it hurts to admit, we as people are still largely considered “taboo” for the kiddies. Abuse, adultery, and murder-suicides are cool for them to see tho. Many kids shows today have begun to show more LGBT characters, so we seem to be moving away from that mindset. 

But Korrasami was a thing in 2013-2014, before gay marriage was even legalized country-wide. Censors were a real problem in showing LGBT content on networks like Nick, Disney, and CN. We already know from Bryke (or one of them, can’t remember which though lol) that Nick censored a kiss in the finale. It stands to reason then, that Nick was probably fairly strict when it came to developing Korrasami. The fact that they got what they got approved (Like the Hug n’ Blush, which was probably the most forward moment outside of the finale) still amazes me tbh. I believe that they’ve begun to include more LGBT material in the comics due to a lack of censors and more creative freedom, not to attract more readers, though I’m sure that’s definitely a bonus. (Young Justice did something similar in their tie-in comics with Marie Logan by the way, only LoK did it better by not killing off the Lesbian 2 seconds after her reveal) 

I do take issue with your insistence that the fandom did all the work, however. Contrary to popular belief we didn’t just pull Korrasami out of our ass based on breadcrumbs (And neither do Bumbleby fans or SQ fans, or most other fans of f/f ships but that’s another discussion for another day). Korrasami was so prominent in the fandom because of what they were doing on the show, not the other way around. Did fandom play a part? Of course, I’m sure we helped to plant the seeds and I’m sure the OG and most diehard Korrasamis would have found something in the show to feed into their ship with or without the writing team backing them up. 

But I was there from the start, and I watched the Korrasami fandom grow exponentially in Books 3 and 4, which is when Bryke have said they started working hints and moments in. It’s not a coincidence that the ship drew more support in after the writing started leading in that direction and, I’ve come to realize, it’s not a coincidence that I myself started shipping Korrasami in book 3 either. Bryke and the crew fought hard for Korrasami to become a reality and I truly believe they did their best with the restrictions they were given.

Really, whether you see Korrasami (and all the other LGBT things they included in the comics) as taking advantage of their queer audience or a genuine attempt to be inclusive is dependent on whether or not you’re willing to give the crew the benefit of the doubt. I am, but if you’re an LGBT fan who feels differently then that’s your right and I can’t question it or judge you for it. 

At the end of the day though, when I think of all those finale reactions that show queer fans jumping for joy or crying actual tears because of Korrasami, or see posts with stills from Turf Wars talking about how much this means to them, I find I really don’t give a damn about their intentions. What matters is the impact, and Legend of Korra’s impact on LGBT fans cannot be denied. 

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Thank you for all your quality braime posts! 😂 I am curious what you make of Bri*mund? You haven't said much about them, I don't think...

You’re welcome. I know I mostly keep it light with stupid crack posts, but I actually am very emotional about Jaime and Brienne.

 The second bit took me a second- not used to these censored names. Eff Tumblr’s “search” system. -_-

Anyway, I do like… let’s call him “Tormie” because I can’t stand asterisks or zeros for O’s. He’s a good guy and clearly has good taste. ;)

I also think it’s nice that he’s attracted to the things most other guys dislike about Brienne- her height, her strength, her fighting skills. But that is all it is- an attraction. They haven’t spoken. If they do speak, I hope he gets a few lessons from Pod beforehand about how to talk to her without pissing her off. His little uh… nickname… for her is not cute nor is it going to endear him to her, even though he doesn’t mean any harm by it and probably thinks it’s a compliment. I think comments about her height and build will always stir up bad memories for her.  

As for “the ship,” I think it started off as kind of a joke. A bit of comic relief and a reminder to the audience that Brienne is not just a fighter or a protector for Stark ladies and that there is a love interest in her storyline, even though they’d been separated for awhile.  

I doubt the writers intended to start A Thing because it’s pretty obvious that as long as Jaime draws breath, Brienne’s heart and loyalty will be with him. Not to mention show!Jaime’s gentle way of speaking to her or his book counterpart’s affectionate, mild “pseudo-insults” are much more her style than blunt and brash.  She doesn’t trust easily and she will be wary of any guy showing such a blatant interest in her, certain it’s a cruel joke or that he’s after her father’s money and lands.

But B/T were unexpectedly popular so they’ve kept it going, still mostly for comic relief purposes but it will probably lead somewhere next season. So now I’ve got a few theories… that actually all revolve around “Braime” because I’m me.

The happy, optimistic ones (let me dream!):

  • We might get a version of the classic book scene “You are speaking of a highborn lady, ser. Call her by her name.“ 
  •  Possibly a bit of totally not jealous Jaime  
  • It could inspire Jaime to make a move or at least rant about how Brienne deserves better than an unwashed, bearded ginger. 
  • Brienne could scoff at Tormie’s “advances”  in the “as if he were my type” way and give Jaime an excuse to look at her all hopefully, kinda like this:

The pessimistic one because in this fandom we must always be prepared to suffer:

They might be setting things up to imply he’ll end up with Brienne some day after something happens to Jaime. Probably mostly in an effort to hush any cristism along the lines of “Oh, so a woman who isn’t ‘conventionally attractive’  gets a love interest and then he dies?!” 

But I do believe that in order for that to happen, we’re going to get at least a little bit of Jaime/Brienne. If Brienne knows for sure that Jaime, one of the most beautiful men in Westeros, could love her and did love her, she’ll be more likely to believe someone else could love her, too.

…so the too long; didn’t read of it is: the ship you asked about, it’s okay, but it’s mostly a prop for Jaime and Brienne’s relationship, which is far superior.  

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Hey Seda, for the prompt thing, love me or value me for Poliver (obscure ship I know so it's ok if you don't want to - also doesn't have to be those prompts I'd just love to read what you have to write about them, if it's not too much trouble / difficulty for you ) xxx

I have written another Percy x Oliver a few months ago, i will link it if you want to read that, too. (x

Also, one of the things I love the most is how some of you send me a ship I usually don’t write because you want to know my take on it. It feels like you trust me with your ships and it makes me feel fuzzy inside. So thank you :)

“Oliver, for the love of Merlin, stop tapping your fingers on the desk,” complained Percy. It was very hard to concentrate on his Transfiguration essay that was due in four days when Oliver was being an insufferable arse. He checked what he was doing stealthily.

“There’s a game tomorrow Weasley,” he said angrily without lifting his head up from the game plan in front of him. “Maybe you should re-read your Charms essay for the hundredth time somewhere else.”

“It’s Transfiguration!”

Whatever,” snorted Oliver and raised his gaze guiltily to look at Percy. “I’m sorry. You know how stressful I get before Slytherin games.”

Percy stood up and went for the stairs without even replying Oliver, he had enough of how careless he was with his words. Percy had tried to be nice to him, he had even helped him with his homeworks when his Captain duties made it hard to keep up. Percy had even considered that maybe he liked him but it was impossible. He knew people said opposites attract but Oliver was impossible to handle.

“Percy, don’t be ridiculous,” shouted Oliver as he stood up. “I won’t tap my fingers, promise.”

Percy started climbing the stairs, he was used to being ignored by his siblings but when Oliver did the same he felt his veins get tighter because even though he was obsessed with Quidditch, he was one of the few people on Percy’s level. He was smart, he was determined and he was a perfectionist. He was tall, he had broad shoulders and a hoarse voice, he was as perfect as someone would get but Percy didn’t have the patience to deal with someone like Oliver.

“Percy don’t make me walk there,” he sighed. “You know how lazy I am.”

“I know how lazy you are and I know how stressful you get before games, not just Slytherin games because that’s who you are.”

Percy couldn’t believe what he was saying but he never left anything unfinished, he knew that.

“I know everything about you even though you may think I hate you but you, Oliver, still haven’t learned that I hate it when you out of all people scorn my commitment to my academic life and I’ve had enough. Good luck at the game tomorrow.”

“Aren’t you coming?” asked Oliver, he was looking down like a small child who had been scolded by his parents.

“No, I’m not,” replied Percy firmly. “Why should I support you when you don’t support me?”

“I never thought–”

“Well, there you go,” mocked Oliver. “You never think. I can’t believe I thought I had a crush on you.”

Percy clapped his hand on his mouth as soon as the words left his mouth.


“Um, pretend I never said that,” he mumbled and started running up the stairs.

“Weasley!” yelled Oliver. “I need you at the game tomorrow.”

Percy stopped on his tracks but still, he didn’t speak.

“I play better when you’re there,” smiled Oliver, Percy could hear it in his words. “I can’t help but show off.”

Percy climbed back down slowly and stared at the Gryffindor Keeper who had a wicked smile on his face. 

“I mean only if you want to, of course.”

“You’re an idiot,” teased Percy even though he knew full well that Oliver Wood was no fool.

“I know,” he replied and went back to his game plan as he patted the chair right next to him. “I promise I will be quiet. I don’t know how but you calm me down.”

“That was you calmed down?”


“Merlin help me.”

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Hey so I know you probably don't do this but I thought I'd ask - I've seen your moodboards for the 2nd generation (they are awesome btw) - and was wondering if you could sort your 2nd generation into houses and give justification. I've seen many different versions of their sorting and was wondering if you could do yours, if you don't want to you don't have to but thanks anyway 😘

A/N: thank you so much for your ask anon, and no I don’t usually get asks that aren’t for ships or imagines but I am so happy to give you my opinion on the next generation Hogwarts sortings and btw if anyone wants to ask random questions for my opinion on things please feel free to :) 



James Sirius Potter: Gryffindor

James Potter would be so much like his father and grandfather, a little cocky, such a mischief maker, charismatic, adventurous, spontaneous, valiant, let’s be real he would be so sarcastic, but I also feel that you could have no better friend than James, he’d be loyal to a fault, intelligent but would hate to show it, also witty and secure with the person he was 

Albus Severus Potter: Slytherin 

Alright so before you hate on me for sorting Al into Slytherin hear me out; so he’d be a softer Slytherin so not all that bold and assertive but growing up with Mr. Perfect James Potter as an older brother he learned pretty quickly how to use his intelligence to his advantage, he’d became quite self-reliant and independent from an early age and would be able to hold a grudge for weeks, and even though he may not be the most ambitious person he would be adaptable and realistic about the goals he would set himself so he had the best chance possible to achieve them 

Lily Luna Potter: Gryffindor

Lily I see as having a mixture of all her grandparents best traits, like Arthur she would be inquisitive but wouldn’t take things at face value (which I think is a very Ravenclaw trait), but the reason for being in Gryffindor is that she can be fiery and short tempered but all that comes from being extremely passionate, like James she’s adventurous and tries not to take herself too seriously. Like her grandmother of the same name she is vivacious, genial and is strong-willed like her other grandmother. 

Rose Granger-Weasley: Gryffindor

I know a lot of people would have sorted Rose into Ravenclaw, and as much as I believe she would share a lot of the Ravenclaw qualities Hermione had, I do believe she would be a Gryffindor. Like Hermione I think that being in a house that valued intelligence wouldn’t have been the best for Rose, Gryffindor would get the best out of her, show her the brave, outgoing, generous, fun-loving, sociable interior that was sometimes hidden behind her focused, curious and wise exterior. 

Hugo Granger-Weasley: Hufflepuff

I think Hugo would be a lot like Ron, and not that he wasn’t necessarily brave, but I think Hugo would like to be in a different house than the rest of his family and make a path for himself rather than just following everyone else into Gryffindor (which is in itself brave as he is choosing to stand alone). He is very loyal, open-minded, amiable, has a fantastic sense of humour and would be enthusiastic, but can bring out his forthright and insightful traits (he got from Hermione) when required. 

Victoire Weasley: Ravenclaw

Victoire would be the most poised, considerate and forgiving person you could know, but that doesn’t mean she’s a pushover. Remember he father was a Gryffindor and her mother competed in the Triwizard Tournament so she would share an element of fearlessness and perseverance, but I think Fleur and Bill would have raised her to value using her brilliant mind and mental strength over her physical strength, but also to see the world through unbiased eyes and to question everything. 

Dominique Weasley: Gryffindor 

Dominique in my mind is that very carefree, ‘doesn’t care what people think cause I’m going to do it anyway’ kind of person, one that can sometimes get caught up in trying to be as bold and daring as she can and forget to be gracious and understanding, and although she might come off as being a little presumptuous or rude, she does have a warm and benevolent heart. She doesn’t value using her mind and wit like her siblings do, she’s always the more outgoing of the three and would prefer to venture into the unknown rather than play it safe. 

Louis Weasley: Ravenclaw

Louis was the probably the shyest of the Wotters, internalised most of his feelings and preferred to be alone. However, he’s extremely creative, loves art, especially painting. In my opinion, Ravenclaws don’t always have to be focussed on academic success but instead aspire to learn and perfect something they are extremely passionate about which is why I think Louis would be a Ravenclaw. He’s very passionate, patient and accepting which are very Hufflepuff qualities but his dedication to his art and his strive to master the skill is what I think found him being sorted into Ravenclaw. 

Molly Weasley II: Gryffindor

Ok so Molly, I picture her to be a lot like Ginny actually, very ‘stand up for what you believe in’, lively, independent, resourceful, maybe not as popular as book Ginny was but not caring about how others view her. I think in a lot of ways she was a lot like an older version of Lily Luna but a little less lively and impulsive. She is also idealistic and decisive, tbh I feel like Molly’s would have been a pretty easy sorting, she fits Gryffindor perfectly in my opinion. 

Lucy Weasley: Slytherin

Alright so people are probably gonna give me shit for sorting Lucy into Slytherin but I just totally see her being really ambitious, driven, assertive, and determined - which are all traits I believe Percy had, I also see her being a little stubborn (again like Percy), and a little blunt and brutally honest sometimes. I think she has a kind heart and is very dependable which are more Hufflepuff traits, but her drive and her extreme want to be the best in everything that she tries is why she would end up in Slytherin. 

Fred Weasley II: Gryffindor 

Fred, like Molly II, I think fit perfectly into Gryffindor. I also like to believe he knew even from a young age that he was a true Gryffindor through and through. He didn’t really like school but like his dad and uncles that didn’t mean he wasn’t intelligent or intuitive. He was very proud to carry on his uncle’s name and always wanted to make sure his mother and father could be proud of him. His procrastination levels were beyond anyone else’s, and I think he would have loved to be inventive and create new things for his dad’s joke shop. 

Roxanne Weasley: Gryffindor 

Roxie I think would have basically been exactly like her mother, Miss Angelina ‘take no bullshit from anyone’ Johnson. Her and Fred would have had a similar sense of humour but unlike her brother I think she would question whether she belonged in Gryfindor, having the love for learning she associated with Ravenclaw, the ambition she associated with Slytherin and the loyalty of a Hufflepuff. The deciding factor for Roxie I think would have been that she was brave enough to let the sorting hat decide which house she would belong best in even though all her family that had come before her had been sorted into Gryffindor. 

Teddy Lupin: Hufflepuff

J.K got this one bang on when she sorted Teddy into Hufflepuff in my opinion. He is the definition of how Hufflepuff’s aren’t always push overs, boring or naive. He is the softest little puff ever but if you cross him my god does his strong, fiery, and ‘can hold a grudge for ten years’ side come out. But if you give him reason to trust you he would literally go to the ends of the earth to make you happy. I believe he inherited his mothers and fathers selflessness, noble and debonair manner, and had a great sense of right and wrong. 

Lorcan Scamander: Ravenclaw

I feel like Lorcan would be very much like Luna, believing that anything is possible and not letting the negativity or disbelief of others get in the way of his opinions. He would have a great interest in how magic works and what makes the world the way it is. I also believe that he would have some Gryffindor qualities, he would be gallant and chivalrous, wear his heart on his sleeve but would also sometimes get a little too confident in his abilities. 

Lysander Scamander: Hufflepuff

Even though he and Lorcan are twins and they have much in common, I believe they would be sorted into different houses. Lysander would have the same interest in learning about the world as Lorcan but I believe he wouldn’t place as much importance on it. He would be very dependable, ardent and generous, and being the younger of the two would sometimes be seen as naive and too trusting. He had a tendency to keep his emotions close to his chest, unlike his brother, which lead to people thinking he was closed off. 

Scorpius Malfoy: Slytherin 

I think people don’t like to think of Scorp as a Slytherin and instead maybe a Hufflepuff because of his kind nature or even a Ravenclaw because of his love for learning, and as much as I agree with those aspects of his personality I really do think he belongs in Slytherin. The Scorpius that’s in my mind is driven by wanting to please his family and wanting to do them proud, he is organised and always comes prepared, over thinks about all the different scenarios to make sure his goals are realistic and like his father he would be charming (and also slightly awkward at the same time), dedicated and wouldn’t mind a little attention sometimes. 

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I love these and I need more: 49 & 50 plzzzzzz :D

this is so late im so sorry ships, im also commandeering this prompt to add to my weird asexual angelic deckerstar baby story XD read the first part HERE

49. “I’m too sober for this” + 50. “Oh god, I need a drink”

Chloe looks over where Amias and Dan are speaking. She wonders just how and where Lucifer picked this young man up. And for the fact that he really could be Lucifer’s son. It’s there in the facial features, the curl of his hair. Except for those clear colored eyes. 

Amias had been surprisingly knowledgeable about the crime scene Lucifer had somehow talked both of them into. He’d been disturbed by the violence, almost mournful, but he’d offered clear, insightful comments, like an oddly responsible Lucifer. As for the Devil in question, Lucifer had simply beamed proudly, reaching out to squeeze Amias’ shoulder affectionately. 

Dan says something and Amias grins, and it’s not the smirk that is a mirror image of Lucifer’s, no. Chloe is struck because…that’s - that’s Trixie’s grin. It’s jarring to see it on someone else’s face and Chloe furrows her brow in confusion. 

“Hey, Chloe, can I talk to you for a second?” Ella asks, startling her out of her thoughts.

“Yeah, sure.” Chloe turns her attention to the lab tech. “What’s up?”

“Are the guys pulling a prank on me?” she asks, and Chloe’s eyebrows go up.

“I don’t think so. Why?”

Ella chews on the inside of her cheek. “It’s probably easier if I show you.” Ella says, and gestures for Chloe to follow her to the lab.

“Since Lucifer convinced the boss to allow Amias to tag along with you guys, I asked him back to the lab to get his details for contamination purposes.” Ella says looking a little shifty.

“You asked him back here? Alone?” Chloe asks, feeling oddly protective. 

“He didn’t seem to have a problem with it.” Ella mutters, cheeks a little pink. “I mean, can you blame me? The boy is a looker.”

“I am too sober for this.” Chloe mutters and pinches the bridge of her nose.

“What? So you don’t think Amias is hot?” Ella asks with a raised brow.

“What? Ew, no!” Chloe protests, instant and instinctive. She blinks a little surprised at herself, as does Ella. “Anyway, we’re getting off topic. What’s this about?”

“Well. I took a sample of Amias’ DNA so it can be cleared from evidence, right? Standard procedure.” she begins.

“And Lucifer was okay with this?” Chloe says with disbelief. 

“He didn’t exactly…know?” Ella winces.

“Ella.” Chloe reproaches. 

“I know, I should have asked. But this is where things get weird.”

Chloe instantly thinks back to the time where Lucifer tried to prove his divinity by urging her to test his DNA. Maybe there was something different about it. Perhaps Amias was the same. “Weird how?”

Ella clicks a few icons and turns the screen to face Chloe. It’s Amias’ sample, but next to it is her name and information.

“Because he shares DNA with you.”


“Yeah, it flagged you in the system. Partial match. Almost like he’s your kid.” Ella says, looking at Chloe with wide eyes. Chloe face is blank. “But that’s impossible, right?” Ella gives her a forced smile. “Because it’s a joke.”

Amias has Trixie’s grin, her grin. His eyes are the exact same color as the ones that look back at Chloe everyday in the mirror. Oh, god. It…it couldn’t be, could it? But that would mean Amias is hers and Lucifer’s. And that Lucifer is indeed an angel and everything else he’s told her is absolute truth. 

Chloe thinks she might need to sit down.

“And then the rest of it is even weirder, because the father’s DNA is completely absurd,” Ella continues on, starting to ramble out of nervousness. “Like the chromosomal pairs are the wrong number, the genetics make no sense. It’s like it was made totally from scratch, like mad scientist style. I don’t think parts of it are even human.”

“And that would be Lucifer’s DNA?” Chloe asks, feeling lightheaded.

“I think so. And it’s not a fifty-fifty split between the two, which I can’t even begin to explain. It’s like seventy-thirty.” Ella tilts her head. “Sixty-forty.”

Chloe grips the edge of the desk with white knuckles. Ella looks uneasy. “This isn’t a joke, is it?”

“No.” Chloe says. “I don’t think it is.”

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THIS IS LONG college bio (or other sci) lab? Alex&Maggie are partnered on 1st day of class and sparks. Alex is "why are they making me take this weakass pre-req" and maggie is "chill danvers you aren't special. tho you are e-special-ly hot" On the last day of the add/drop deadline (my uni has this at 1 or 2 wks in?) Lucy adds bio and gets partnered w/ them bc Thats How Fic Works. A&M catch her up outside of class over pizza & beer and Don't get your greasy fingers on my txtbk i gotta resell that

Of course she gets partnered with the one girl in the class that managed to make her look twice. Maggie huffs, quietly gathering her stuff and trudging to the station their teacher had assigned them. She reaches it before her partner does, and Maggie does her best not to look like a nervous gay mess.

“Hey, I’m Alex. Alex Danvers.” 

Maggie chokes on her own name.

“I am uhhh… M-Maggie. Sawyer.” She thrusts her hand out awkwardly and Alex laughs as she shakes it, raising one immaculate eyebrow, before taking her seat opposite. The rest of the class is divided into groups of two and three and their teacher hands out a short quiz to gauge every groups knowledge level and skill. 

Alex takes the sheet and immediately reads it through as Maggie watches on, pretending her mouth isn’t dry and that she isn’t just hopeless gay idiot.

“Do you want to look at it or just let me do everything right?” Alex raises her eyebrow again, and Maggie’s small gay brain kicks into overdrive at the challenge. Because Alex thinks that she’s only in this class because she had been forced to select it.

Alex would be wrong.

Sure, you wouldn’t expect the star of the baseball team, class clown, barely averaging a C minus in a good seventy percent of her classes Maggie Sawyer to have actively selected Advanced Biology. But what Alex didn’t know is that Maggie has a brain for science, and Maggie has her sights set intently on the Science Division, and Maggie is nothing if not dedicated to achieving her goals.

So Maggie snatches to sheet from Alex’s left hand, the pen from her right, and speeds through all eighteen questions as quickly as she can. Slamming the pen down, she flicks the sheet across the table so that Alex can look at it.

And Alex raises her eyebrow yet again, looking up at Maggie in disbelief.

“Didn’t take you for a science nerd, Sawyer.” 

“You’re not that special, Danvers.” 

And then everything slows down, because her idiotic, dumb, gay mess of a brain decides that the next words out of her mouth should be the cheesiest pick-up line it can think of.

“But you are e-special-ly hot.”

Silence. Is it hot in here? Someone turn the thermostat down. Alex is staring at her, and then her mouth is doing something but Maggie is decidedly not looking at her mouth. But, who is she kidding, of course she is. Because Alex Danvers is scrunching her nose, an pouting her lips, and then smiling at her.

“Smooth, Sawyer.”

And like that, somehow Maggie manages to land a date with the hottest, most popular science nerd in National City.

Which all comes crashing down three days later when their teacher saunters over to their desk with another ridiculously gorgeous student.

“Danvers, Sawyer. This is Lucy Lane. She’s picked up bio this week and will be joining your group.” 

Alex shakes her hand, all smiles and then harshly nudges Maggie in the ribs when the smaller woman just stares up at the brown haired, green eyed beauty that is holding her hand out to shake.

“Uhhhhh M-”

“That would be Maggie ‘too gay to function’ Sawyer.” Alex cuts in, rolling her eyes playfully as Lucy shakes Maggie’s hand and drops into the seat beside her.

“Too gay to function, huh?” Lucy asks, smirking as Maggie scoffs indignantly, but still can’t get any words out of her mouth, because now she’s been partnered with the two hottest girls in the class and which Gay Overlord is looking after her?

“Definitely. Though at the start of the week she managed to blurt out the worst pick-up line I’ve ever heard.”

Lucy raises her eyebrows, her gaze flitting to where Maggie is sitting, wanting to just curl in on herself and combust because eyes like that should be illegal. 

Earned herself a date tonight.” Alex finishes, and Maggie thinks she can see some kind of evil glint in her eye as she studies Lucy closely, watching for a reaction. Lucy only nods, casting her gaze down towards her books awkwardly and God, Maggie can’t even believe her lucky stars.

“Want to join us, Lane?” Alex asks, causing the two brunette women to snap their gazes towards her. Lucy then looks over at Maggie, and Maggie does her best to smile like her stomach isn’t filled with a quadrillion butterflies.

Lucy swallows. And then Lucy nods.

“Sure, if you’re happy to reschedule your date.” Lucy smiles awkwardly as Alex and Maggie share a look. A look that communicates exactly what both of them want. Maggie nods and Alex smirks and Lucy just stares between them, entirely speechless.

“Who said anything about rescheduling?”

  • Luke: Leia, you have to help!
  • Leia: Luke? What's the problem?
  • Luke: I'm not in control of my own speech! Everything I'm saying is being typed by a tumblr blog owner on his iPhone 5!
  • Leia: Is Vader testing out some new force possession trick or are you on death sticks again?
  • Luke: Leia you don't understand! This person is controlling my speech to make a post on his Star Wars blog!
  • Leia: The fuck is Star Wars?
  • Luke: It's the name of our franchise. I don't even know why he's doing this. This post isn't Star Wars related at all! He's just using our names in positions that could be filled by any fictional character ever!
  • Leia: And you're the galaxy's last hope... we're fucked.
  • Han: Yeah and this situation wouldn't even be funny as a joke anyway. Do you think the blog owner is just using this as filler for his blog?
  • Luke: Even though I currently am the blog owner speaking, I am also meant to play the character of Luke in this dialogue. Therefore I'm not sure if I should answer that question based on my own knowledge or based on Luke's.
  • Han: I'm gonna have to end this post short.
  • Han: *shoots Luke*
  • Leia: HAN?!
  • Han: What, it was obvious he is completely controlled by some crazy monster anyway.
  • Obi-Wan: Hey its the blog owner again. Try shooting a ghost, fucker.
  • Han: Shit he's continuing the post even though it's not funny.
  • Leia: What post? Han, how do you know even a bit about what's going on?
  • Han: Well, someone in this dialogue has to understand some of it, and Chewie can't speak so Han will have to do.
  • Leia: Why are you referring to yourself in third person?
  • Obi-Wan: No reason.
  • Han: Shit, wrong character.
  • Leia: Am I the only sane intelligence on this ship?
  • C3-PO: Princess, I am-
  • Leia: Shut the fuck up 3-P0.
  • Han: The owner has to end this post at some point.
  • Obi-Wan: Actually, I am very bored and have 13 minutes to continue.
  • Leia: Minutes? What are minutes?
  • Han: 13 minutes is a long time.
  • Kylo Ren: Enough time to add another character into the mix.
  • Obi-Wan: Wait, this doesn't make sense at all. You don't even exist in this trilogy!
  • Kylo Ren: Talking to yourself makes no sense either.
  • Obi-Wan: Ok you're right.
  • Kylo Ren: Oh hey, Dad.
  • Han: Who the fuck are you.
  • Kylo Ren: I'm Ben.
  • Obi-Wan: No, I'm Ben. You're Anakin.
  • Anakin: No, I'm Anakin.
  • Kylo Ren: I was Anakin in the books and I'm Ben on screen.
  • C3-P0: And I am C3-P0, human cyborg rela-
  • All: Shut the fuck up, 3-P0!

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I don't understand how you can say respect my wishes but spam a sub par book and tell everyone to rate it. You're not personable in the slightest. TBH I feel as though you think you're better than your followers. Your only response ever is "Thanks!" That made me wanna stop interacting with you. It hurts when you write nice things to a writer but then just get more begging and pleading. You were better a year ago. Now you act like an egotistical author. I looked up to you. Guess I was wrong to...

(Part 2) It wasn’t posted for you to respond. It was supposed to be a self reflection. What are you actually telling your audience rather than what are you trying. Again, you come off narcissistic. Other authors have books but they don’t spam them every single fucking day or even a week. But you’re gonna do what you want. So we can both be assholes together! 💁🏼❤️❤️❤️

So, the first message was sent as I was posting that I wasn’t going to respond any more messages today, and I didn’t see it until after. Then came the second. Sorry, but I need to respond to this one. I’ll put it under a cut, and then I’m logging off Tumblr for the day so y’all don’t have to see any more of this. I’m sorry for today, guys. My blog will be back to normal tomorrow.

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1) I have a question that may or may not have to do with acowar (that you don't have to bother with if you don't want to). I had all of these opinions while reading the book - good, wholesome opinions about how much I loved certain plot points, certain ships, etc. I finish it, pretty happy (though admittedly not as happy as after acomaf), and go back on Tumblr... only to find everyone sort of hates it. I read through a lot of posts expressing really good points that I hadn't considered...

2) like how poorly Mor and Lucien were treated, how Rhys’s character kind of regressed, how Feyre was not cool in the Spring court, and some ace- and biphobic shit. I realised I agree with most of it, and it made me feel kind of narrow-minded and stupid both for not noticing and for still liking the book even with all of its problematic aspects. I’m not even really sure what I’m asking, but you’re really smart and nice and I want to know what you think? About the book and Tumblr’s hate? (sorry)

Okay, first off, tumblr is a filthy salt pit where nothing is good and everything is vile and Problematic. I agree that I am a member of the current forming salt goblin army but…I think there’s an unhealthy mentality on here that everything must be bad and if there is one bad thing then you must burn the entire thing and all those who support it. It fosters this unhealthy hivemind and encourages you to just…Oh well that person is saying it’s bad I must accept this or else I am bad. 

Engage critically with media but do it on your own terms. If you like something this is fine! If you don’t that’s also fine! If you think it has good parts and bad parts then you’re probably doing this thing right. Nothing is perfect. But nothing is entirely condemnable either. Make up your own mind. (Which I’m aware you have done like it’s fine to see things from another person’s perspective and realise that you agree and alter your opinions but…Critically engaging with media is important but so is critically engaging with…the criticism.) OKAY. SERMON OVER. ONWARDS AND UPWARDS. 

I’m not really sure what you’re asking either tbh but I will just…Just pick at the points you mentioned and give you my gut reactions on them just now okay? (These may change when I have reread the thing which I’m planning on doing soon-ish. I require it to process properly) but as for now… 

Mor was treated poorly. Mor was, as a friend succinctly put it, hit by a plane and then a train and then a bus and then a car, just to be quite sure. I am not happy with the way Mor was treated in this book. At all. And I’ve been someone who has made posts about this (which I am not sure whether you have read or not but??) I stand by those. As a queer woman and as an abuse survivor her narrative was gross. I think she was used to generate angst and conflict within the Circle and was then shoved aside when that moment of conflict had passed and sjm didn’t really want to bother following-through with the consequences. This is an opinion it’s probably going to be hard to shift me off of tbh. 

Lucien….I know some people have complained about this but…Honestly? I wasn’t personally bothered my first read through? Or…I don’t think it was as bad as what happened to Mor. He got out of the Spring Court. He found a purpose again and people who wanted to put him to good use as opposed to just using him. I was not a fan of any of the Ianthe stuff especially as it got swept under a rug and was never dealt with (like…he was sexually assaulted twice…and….Not a whisper) And the comment about not asking Tamlin’s forgiveness incensed me like nothing else. I wanted that relationship being explicitly picked apart and said to be unhealthy. I would have liked to have seen him more, at the meeting with the High Lords, during the battle but…I think….It could have been worse. And it wasn’t wholly bad like Mor’s where she was repeatedly fucked over again and again and again. There were some moments with Lucien that I liked - seeing him in the Autumn Court, his journey with Feyre, some of the Elain scenes (NOT the library one where Feyre slipped into his head what the fuck was that) and his ending I felt was..Hopeful. This is something I want to think about a lot more when I re-read but..I can deal with what we got. 

I, personally, don’t think Rhys’ character regressed. I think the decisions that he made were perfectly IC and the things he did lined up with him. I don’t think it’s a regression to remind the readers that Rhys is morally grey and fucked up at times as well. (Especially with how black and white Feyre tends to be with people in her narrative - if she loves them she forgives them nearly everything, her response to Tamlin and how it changed when she fell out of love with him is a good example of this) I think the way the story then handled this sucked. See: The Mor/CoN incident. I don’t think that was OOC for Rhys. But I wanted far more lasting consequences. Grey morality is only a useful plot point if you actually make it grey and make it mean something. If you just have a character do something questionable then shrug your shoulders and five pages later have it all be smoothed over for them then what’s the point? I don’t have an issue with Rhys’ characterisation personally, this may change on a reread as I know others did but…I more have an issue with execution than content here. 

Feyre at the Spring Court is a similar problem to Rhys: they make mistakes that have a lasting impact on other people but it doesn’t affect them. There’s no repercussions it just gets glossed over and ‘oh well oopsy daisy’ which is just lazy writing tbh.  

I don’t know if this helps you?? I think there are problematic aspects of this book (that I have and will continue to criticise) but…if you still get something out of this series that’s valid? There are problems with it but I think we were all attached to these characters and your opinion is your own. Engage with the criticism (or don’t) but make up your own mind about how you feel. I just…Said what I thought here, this was my take on things…and it’s all subject to change when I reread it but…As it stands. Tehre were parts of this book that I liked (mostly character stuff) and I will probably remain in the fandom and keep ficcing things and the like and…I don’t think this was very helpful at all but…i don’t know, this was just..how I felt? 

ga(stan)fou descendants-verse family headcanons
  • gaston is totally the “fun” parent in that he’ll let the kids run around and do as they please but probably teaches them all to hunt when they’re young
  • lefou is more the strict parent, but not like super tough or anything. he just sets the rules and makes sure they’re enforced. he also probably teaches the kids to read and write (reiterating all of gaston’s lessons, of course)
  • bc i hate ship wars and leaving people out, i figured that gaston, lefou, and stanley can be poly parents, so stanley is like the “mom” in that he’s more feminine, and maybe takes on more traditional housewife roles (though, who am i kidding, lefou helps with those chores too - gaston totally does not, lol). he probably also tries to enforce the rules as to keep lefou happy but considering that he’s also widely headcanoned as a baker, he’ll sneak the kids sweets and baked goods every now and then when lefou isn’t looking ;)
  • also, i like to mix book canon and film canon, so the gaston twins are still there, maybe a year or so older than gil. i can also see them having a daughter at some point who’s probably a bit younger than the boys (maybe dizzy’s age?) and she’s like they’re little princess who they’re extremely protective of but she grows up to be super tough and maybe a better hunter than her father
  • the gaston twins obviously take after their father in their masculinity, and gil does too in the physical sense, but he’s probably a mix of all his father’s in that he’s tough but also gentle and sweet. he’s strong, so he can handle himself in a fight, but he’d prefer to settle things with words than with fists. he can hunt but probably isn’t the best at it. he’s also probably quite skilled in styling hair, since he’s offered to help care for his sister, and maybe even applying makeup. (she’s one of those girls who probably tries makeup kinda young, maybe 10, 12-ish, mostly stealing from stanley, but gil takes note of stanley’s methods and gives his sis lessons in private.)
  • (the makeup thing comes in handy when gil starts dating uma and harry… just saying.)
  • gil’s probably, like carlos, one of those guys who thinks clothes are just clothes and would totally wear skirts, blouses, dresses, etc but knows that he’d be shamed wearing those sorts of things in public (stanley only really wears his dresses and makeup at home), so he chooses not to.
  • slightly unrelated headcanon that lefou wears glasses at home, maybe mostly/predominantly for reading. gil might have inherited that imperfect eyesight, but he doesn’t mind. (though, again, doesn’t wear glasses often bc he doesn’t want to be teased. uma and harry are the only ones aside from his family who see him wearing his glasses.)

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But isn't it normal to have SO at red carpet premieres? GoT cast, Mad Men cast etc all had SO at their premiere red carpets. I don't even think it would be a debut if Sam had MM there, since they did that at the Piaget Oscar Party. Anyway, it's up to us if we want to focus on the private lives and SO or the actors and the show. It's our own responsibility. We shove the SO down our own throats with all the freakouts when they appear. Focus on the show and all is good.

Well I dipped my toe into the water by broaching this whole topic, so I might as well take a quick dip. A VERY QUICK DIP. Anyone who cares can click under the cut.

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dontwakethepuppy  asked:

What do you think of d*aensa? Sansa is my fav, and I don't have much love for DTarg. I can get behind briensa or sansaery, but how did this ship come about? To me it smells a bit like the whole 'they should be friends, Sansa will gladly braid DTarg's hair and make her northern outfits' but maybe I'm overthinking it. I'm fairly new to the fandom and to shipping in general, so maybe I should just take a chill pill and let people have their fun :)

Well, you know the history of my dislike for Da€nerys is a long one, and Jonerice was my NOTP since book two long before I’ve begun shipping Jonsa and long before there was a show. Since I dislike D so much I would never ship her with any Stark, since I would like all of them to be happy (not bloody likely though). The only ship I somehow like is Da€nerys /Tyrion, because I can see that her undeniable charisma and his shrewd mind could work together.
As for Da€nsa… Sigh! I think you are absolutely right that some people ship it because the ship brings the whole attitude of : ’D and Sansa will get along splendidly because they are two women’ to a logical conclusion. And in a way anyone shipping them can show that he/she is above shipping wars. I saw posts like that: ‘Don’t ship Jonsa or Jon€rys, and stop pitting two woman against each other over a man and ship them instead!’
To me it does not make any sense to start shipping because of how a fandom evolves, because I never chose my ships, my ships chose me and crept upon me unawares. And I do think that this is not about a stupid ship war. To me Jonerice is my NOTP because I am foremost a Jon and a Stark fan, and Jon with D would be imho deeply unhappy (the show has yet to convince me that it could be otherwise) and for me my rooting for the Starks and the North led me to the logical conclusion that Jonsa would be best conclusion for that arc. If Jonsa never happens but the Starks endure, survive and the North will have his independence or rather some kind of proto-representation a part of me will be very happy about the outcome regardless of the fact that I have to quench my Jonsa thirst with fics.
So shipping Da€nsa goes against how I want the Stark arc to end and even if it’s not my NOTP I find it pretty ‘meh’. I can see the aesthetic appeal of it, but that’s about it.
But, as you said, ship and let ship. And while I think that I might have an idea why some people ship Da€nsa (these are reasons that do not work for me at all) there are certainly shippers who have other reasons I just don’t know about. I would never comment or jump on a Da€nsa post, and I hope this post doesn’t show up in their tags. So, if you don’t like it or think how some of it derives from an attitude of 'I am soo above shipping wars’ just don’t let that disturb you. Scrolling past is always a good option. And it’s easy. Da€nsa shippers are very polite. I’ve yet to clash with one. Unlike a certain other part of the fandom who crosstaggs and jumps on posts correctly tagged as anti…
If you like Sansa in a relationship with a woman there are enough options as you pointed out. Thanks for the ask!

The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland In A Ship Of Her Own Making- Book Review

5/5 Stars 

I can safely say this is one of my all time favourite books. It had me hooked all the way through to the end and even then I found myself still thinking about it constantly. I am so looking forward to the next books which I hope will be equally as brilliant.

This is the kind of book which makes me want to scream at people to read it NOW because everyone should experience it. Although it may not suit all tastes, it was just so perfect for me. Some people have compared it to Alice in Wonderland or Wizard of oz which I can understand but to me it made more sense and reminded me more of the Terry Pratchett Tiffany Aching books.

September is an amazing heroine, a strong, confident resourceful 12 who still at times cries, feels lost and wishes for her mother in between saving others, bleeding, breaking bones, standing up to villains and losing a part of herself. Honestly I feel she is so perfect because she is imperfect and feels so real.

Although all the characters are interesting and intriguing and just so real (especially for mythical/fairytale creatures) A-through-L is my favourite. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone so I won’t say anything more about him but I really wish A-though-L could come and visit me. I guess I’ll have to settle for reading the next book.

I’m obsessed with fairytales, - original, Disney, modern, rewritten and twisted, all of it - and this is one of my favorite kinds because it’s a completely new story with plots and characters you don't recognise so you never know what’s going to happen. You’re not waiting for the twist that makes it a new story (not that I don’t like those ones too) because it already is new and exciting.

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How does Sansa "canonically" not want Tyrion?

Okay so this might shock a lot of the show-watcher only fans, but Book Sansa Stark does not want Tyrion Lannister. Sansa hated that she was forced to marry him. She feels pity for Tyrion after she flees Kings Landing only because she knows Little Finger has set him up. Other than that she’s mainly happy to not have to share her bed with him. 

Here are some lovely quotes of Sansa making it clear she doesn’t want Tyrion. 

He’s as frightened as I am, Sansa realized. Perhaps that should have made her feel more kindly towards him, but it did not. All she felt was pity and pity was to desire death.” 

“This is not right, this is not fair, how have I sinned that the gods would do this to me, how?” 

“uncomfortably aware of her husband’s mismatch eyes. Why is he looking at me that way” 

“he looks like a starving child, but I have no food to give him. Why won’t he leave me be?” 

“the memory of her own wedding night with Tyrion was much with her. In the dark, I am the Knight of the Flowers. He had said. I could be good to you. But that was only another Lannister lie. 

While Book Tyrion wasn’t Joffrey, he wasn’t physically cruel to Sansa, he very obviously expected her to fall for him. Tyrion’s a character with huge emotional baggage and he expected a 12-year-old girl to be able to deal with this baggage. 

How I read the relationship was Sansa didn’t want him and Tyrion felt entitled to her love. Even though Tyrion is very aware that she must hate the Lannisters for what they’ve done to her. Also Tyrion himself tells Sansa she looks like a child, right before he says he wants her anyway. Gross. Had they stayed married long enough (keep in mind they weren’t married for like more than a month or two in the books) I have no doubt he would have started raping her. He thinks about doing it. 

To me, this was one of the most aggrievance things D&D changed from her character. It’s very obvious D&D have a “Tyrion problem” and they seem to want to overcompensate in the Sansa department. Personally, I think they hated that GRRM didn’t make Sansa gratefully she married Tyrion and set out to punish her for it. Even in her rape scene, she had to mention how awesome Tyrion was, for being a non-rapist, to Ramsey. 

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Elriel? Can you explain this to me because I think you are suggesting breaking up Lucien and Elain's mating bond and Mor and Azriel being whatever they will be once Cassian is out of the way with Nesta, to ship Elain and Azriel. Don't get me wrong I totally think they will be friends as they are both quiet and caring people, but really a ship????

Yes, really a ship. I doubt it will happen, unless Maas:

  1. Wants to give us another example (other than Rhys’s parents) of why being someone’s mate does not equal automatic meaningful companionship/love
  2. She wants to make a point about how, in the real world, when you sustain a crush on someone for a long time/you build that person up in your mind to the point that the idea of them will always be better than the reality of them
  3. She wants to get at the idea of how a traumatic bond between two people can make them feel strongly for one another, but that doesn’t make it the kind of love that meaningful, healthy relationships are built on

It’s a loooong shot. Although, I can 100% make an argument as to lines that foreshadow the possibility of Elriel. I got on this ship because there was some significant foreshadowing for Mor’s death, and I’m the kind of person who will cry real tears/get actually real-world depressed when characters I care about die (MATTHIAS!). So I had to distance myself from Mor. JUST IN CASE. 

But the more I thought about Elain and Azriel, the more I realized that it his SEVERAL of my nerd-buttons. Mainly my “Hades and Persephone” nerd-button. A myth that I am mildly obsessed with. And the more I thought about Elain and Azriel and their character development/backstories, the more I shipped Elriel. They are VERY similar. 

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anonymous asked:

Do you think Julie and Josephus fit the "King and Lionheart" trope? (If your not sure what that is see: swanjolras. tumblr. com /post/72281641613/could-you-possibly-explain-the-king-lionheart or okayophelia. tumblr. com /post/88319841310/hi-can-you-explain-to-me-the-king-and-lionheart)

I would have to say that based on the way Leviathan Wakes and the first season and a half were written/filmed, and the rundowns given in those posts, they do not. Or at least, they don’t fit the trope enough for me to say that they fit it. The problem for me is that they are separated for the vast majority of the narrative and we have very little canon interaction between the two, and none of it, aside from Miller promising that whatever comes next will happen to both of them, feels like it fits. 

The K+LH trope is, to me and most everything I have read, based on a constant interaction, an ebb and flow between the King and their Lionheart. Actions taken by the King character backed up and supported by the Lion Heart. A two-way emotional connection between the two that is sometimes, but not always, romantic. The trope revolves around the two of them together, rather than the actions of the one. 

Maybe, if we’d been given a different story where Julie was alive and interacting with Miller the whole time, it’s the trope we would have gotten. However, I am more likely to put them, either in canon or in a story where we got to see Julie alive, into the Lady and Her Knight trope. 

Now, I have had several conversations with others talking about how much Miller’s devotion to Julie mirrors that of the Lady and Knight, but sadly I would have to spend a couple hours going back through conversations to find what my conversation partners have said as, sadly, I was not the first one to think of them like this and the others have a much firmer grasp on the concept than I. But looking at the trope it’self, we can get some pretty clear imagery to help back it up.

First, let’s take make a list of some of the points the trope entails, then take a deeper look at them and how they apply to Miller and Julie.

  • The Knight views the Lady as a force of goodness
  • The Knight will start acting good because of his lady.
  • The Knight will make a pledge to the Lady serve her above all else, even country 
  • The Lady will often defer to their Knight, trusting their judgment
  • The Lady and Knight trope is also a vessel of the Courtly Love trope.

These are just the ones that came to my mind going through the trope article on TV Tropes. I’m sure those more familiar with the trope and it’s historical/literary context could find even more.

Force of Goodness

One of the main themes in LW is that Miller wasn’t as good as he thought he was. He was a product of the system that raised him. Taking bribes, throwing people out of airlocks, etc. Through the story and as he’s looking for Julie, he starts to realize how selfless and good she was. At least compared to the type of people he was used to seeing. Through this, a sort of mirror is held in front of him and he sees the truth of himself. Through her he realizes he needs to do better. Which ties in with…

…Acting Good

At the beginning of his story, Miller is separated from the Belter’s because he is a tool of the Star Helix, a company with an Earther at their back. Only through his investigation of Julie does he start to sympathize on any real level with the rest of his people. He starts to become more Belter than he ever has in his life. And within the context of his story, within the context of Miller, that is good. He’s stopped doing what he was told because of who gave him his credits and started worrying about his people. About people as a whole.

The Pledge

The pledge happens long before the pledge happens if that makes sense. Around the time he’s taken off the case, he decides she’s the most important thing. There is the fact that he knows she’s in the middle of all the shit that’s been kicked up, and I think that at this point, he tells himself that’s why he’s trying to find her. At this point, he’s still uncomfortable with the idea that he might have fallen in love with her, but by the time he leaves Ceres, he’s in full on Julie mode. He’s decided she’s worth more than his job, which he’s been fired from anyway, more than his life on that rock, more than anything else he could possibly come across. 

But the real pledge, when it happens, is just as visually important as it is emotionally important. 

One of my favorite parts in both the book and the show is when Miller has found Julie, woken her up, and is talking with her. This is the point in which I always start crying heavily because I am a big baby. But seeing it on screen? 

Originally posted by blacksirencry

In the Lady and Knight trope, the pledge always comes on bended knee as he kisses her hand. While Miller isn’t technically kneeling in this scene, it still reflects the same imagery. This is the moment when he decides no matter what happens to her, it happens to him as well. Her fate is his fate, and she matters above all else. He’s kind to her without lying to her. He makes sure her emotional needs are taken care of.


This one is more of a technicality, but to me, it’s important.

After Julie wakes up, Miller starts to tell her the truth of what is happening and what needs to happen. We know that Julie is headstrong, but in this instance, she defers to him, trusting that what he says is true and his plan is for the best. 

Now, someone could make the argument that she is scared and has no choice but to trust him, and while I don’t doubt Julie was scared, we are never given the slightest indication that she wouldn’t be contradicting him if she had a different idea, scared or not. She could have decided against him, but didn’t.

Courtly Love

I’ll just let this speak for it’self. Emphasis added by me.

Courtly Love is having a romantic affair without ever imagining it will be consummated. The man in question will be in love with his lady — who is normally his social superior — do almost anything for her and in her name. She may love the fella back, if he’s fortunate — though that’s not expected, and not really the point. (x)

This here is the essence of Miller’s feelings for Julie and why, even if people don’t ship them, I will for the rest of my days. 

Like I stated above, they do not fit the K+LH trope enough for me based on the interaction and storyline we were given, but I can see how, especially with how well they fit the Lady and Knight trope, large parts of the K+LH trope could fall in with their story had we been given more of it. And, depending on how you look at it, you might find more in their story to fit than I did. 

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an Of Monsters and Men song to go listen to….