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@mistsonfire asked me about Layla’s tattoo and instead of answering the question like a normal person, I had to go and draw it.

After the incident on Akuze, Layla got a tattoo of an almost-empty hourglass as a reminder of her limited (and, in her mind, likely to be very short) time left on earth. 

When she woke up from the Lazarus project, she was surprised to find that the top half of the hourglass was almost full, and realized that Miranda took a few liberties in her reconstruction… 

“I had always wondered what the future held for me. For a short while, I thought that I could see it. The promises of adventure and company had been laid out before me -roads traced, just waiting to be explored… And they were to be walked with you at my side.

I believe that they are still there, darkened, but not forgotten. Galaxies away, new ones will have to be mapped out, ones that you will travel without me, but not alone. They lead to new beginnings, to new love, to new friends and family.

Because of them, I am at peace.”

Happy Birthday Commander ⋆  

“You have provided peace of mind for a lot of people, Commander. I thank you on their behalf.

Commissioned the very amazing @augmented-mind to draw my Rosario Magdalena Shepard and I’m just…I can’t even…it’s beautiful. She’s beautiful. I am very, truly thankful. Anyone who gets the chance; commission @augmented-mind because this artist is very kind and does a remarkable job.

Some fluffy Shakarian things to think about for when you need cheering up

For the amazing @zendelai (and others that could use it!)


Garrus’ adopted kids building a fort and they ask him for help and he is more than happy to oblige but he takes it WAY too literally and Shepard is just like GARRUS NO.

Garrus trying to work out what the hell a hula-hoop is

Garrus trying to hula-hoop

Garrus reading to his kids but putting on voices and EVEN ACCENTS

Garrus pranking Shepard with sneaky little traps that set off paint bombs or confetti or silly little things

Garrus chasing after their kids

Garrus playing hide and seek with them

Shepard isn’t home and one of the toddlers has a poo explosion

Garrus with puppies

Garrus with puppies snuggled in his cowl

Garrus having a tea party with his daughter

You know what’s even more heartbreaking than Shepard leaving behind someone they came to love to defend the Galaxy?

A Shepard who never actually found love. A Shepard who felt like they could be close to it but there was so much going on, too much, too many problems. The galaxy needed them and that took away any time they could have had to be human.

A shepard who had friends, hell friends they considered family. But not love. Not the warmth of another’s touch or the quickened beating of the heart. They die before they have the chance to find it. They die completely alone, with no one out there who could claim that they truly loved Shepard. They didn’t sacrifice themselves for a lover, they sacrifice themselves for a ragtag band of misfits who became their family. They die for the galaxy, a galaxy that never really gave them anything in return, not even someone to love.

After Kane Shepard punched the Reapers in their ugly faces, she married Garrus and got herself a face tattoo to get her husbando’s facial marks too. 

It’s a really long time since I last wrote seriously. I asked for prompts a while back and then totally failed to write anything coherent for them. Apparently that’s because none of them made my heart hurt enough since this came relatively easily, even if I’ve been fussing over it for four days now.

it’s probably utter clumsy tripe but i tried honestly it’s been SO long and I’ve lost all of my critical skill 

(Mass Effect, Rani Shepard, Kaidan Alenko, SFW, Post-ME1/Beginning of ME2) 
Also on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10035323

A Little Breath

“Do you remember what I said before, about shared shore leave?” said Kaidan. The lights in the cabin were dimmed, still on the night cycle, but there was enough illumination for him to see Shepard’s face. She lay on her side, head propped up by her arm, watching with a faint smile as he pulled his pants on.

“I think you mentioned it,” said Rani. She yawned, stretched beneath the blankets then pushed them back and swung her legs over the side. “Remind me?” She stretched again, rolling her shoulders and enjoying the slight pull of her muscles. She crossed the cold floor to her locker on bare feet and began to dress.

“Well, I just thought it’d be nice. We could spend some time together. Away from all-” Kaidan waved a hand vaguely as he stood and fished a shirt from the floor- “All this. Duty. Work. Rank. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love that we’re able to work together and I wouldn’t want it any other way, but… sometimes it’s hard. And I hate all this sneaking around. This-” He paused and looked down his chest at the t-shirt that stretched awkwardly across his shoulders and was not nearly long enough “- this is not my shirt.” Rani stifled a snort at the sight.

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