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Chemistry | Part 2 | COLE SPROUSE X READER

Description: While waiting for their flight to leave, Cole and the reader share a moment during an Instagram livestream. The next day, a question received by a fan during a panel interview brings new feelings to light that worry the reader.

Word Count: 2213

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“Ready?” Lili asked.

I nodded my head with a yawn. “Yep let’s get this show on the road.”

Lili tapped the button on her Instagram page that started a live stream. The number in the top right corner started increasing rapidly.  “Hey what’s up guys? I’m here with my dear friend (Y/N) this morning and we are at the airport waiting for our plane to board.”

“It’s raging yo,” I added waving a peace sign.

“No guys but seriously this airport couldn’t be more dead. It is,” Lilli stopped talking and checked her watch. “6:07 am and our flight is scheduled to take off at 6:45. So we figured why not answer some questions while we sit and wait for the rest of the cast to show up.”

I nodded my head in agreement. “Yea so send us any questions you have for us and we’ll try to answer them. Also, why are there over a thousand people watching this right now? Go to bed guys there’s no need to be up this early on a Saturday.”

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I Wouldn’t Call That Art (Deadpool x Agender!reader)

Request: frostedej said: Deadpool acting like a protective big brother with gender neutral reader? :3

He’ll be here soon, you told yourself, lying on your back on a jagged pile of debris from the building that had just toppled with you still inside.  Each breath taken was more difficult than the last, until you felt the stabbing pain of a lung collapsing under the strain.  You could barely move, but you managed to lift your head just enough to see the thin metal bar sticking out from the side of your chest, and you wondered how you were even still awake to have to suffer through this.  When you finally heard Wade’s voice calling out for you in the distance, after the span of an eternity had passed, you realized that this was what was keeping you alert enough; you needed to see him first if your body decided to let you die.

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Imperfect Harmony

A while back, I was sent a prompt that was along the lines of  ‘a Polyjuice potion goes wrong and Ron and Harry are stuck in each other’s bodies’. I am an idiot who mistakenly deleted it, but this is my response to it, so if that was you, please let me know and I will give you proper credit! [ffnet]

“You’re late today, tough day in the office? I’ve got some dinner on the go, but I’ve not been back long myself so it won’t be ready for—Harry? What’s wrong? Where’s Ron?” Hermione had been busy stirring something in a saucepan, humming along to the radio in her work robes and fluffy slippers when he’d walked through the door, but as soon as she’d turned away from the stove, she’d instantly become as alert as any Auror in the midst of a dangerous mission.

“Plenty, and right here,” Harry sighed.

“What?” Hermione snapped. “This is no time to play games! Where’s Ron? Is he injured? In St. Mungo’s? What’s going on?!”

“Sweetheart, please,” Harry said, holding up his hands to stop the tirade of questions. Hermione frowned. Harry had called her many things over the years, but never that. “Ron’s fine. I should know. I am Ron.”

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Over the past few days, I have read so many things about Natasha Romanoff that my head is spinning. I have read Tumblr posts about Natasha Romanoff. I have read articles about Natasha Romanoff that say things I agree with. I have read articles about Natasha Romanoff that say things I disagree with. I have read comment sections on articles about Natasha Romanoff (don’t do this).

And the one conclusion I’ve come to is that I’m not a fan of articles that start with, “Feminists are angry about Black Widow: here’s why they’re WRONG” or “I unequivocally loved Age of Ultron; suck it, Internet!” because that I don’t think that is the discussion we need to be having right now. I think the most interesting thing, and the one that I don’t see people examining, is that fans are so angry, and the reasons that they’re angry–why this dialogue is happening about this character.

Fangirl ire is something that’s not generally taken seriously by the mainstream. A lot of it gets painted as hysteria, or misguided kneejerk rage, or shipping wank (Whedon, in explaining that he did not leave Twitter because of vocal critics, a thing I am very glad he did, chalked the ire he received up to shipping wank), or something else that’s trivial and can easily be brushed aside. And while I’ll obviously shoot down that stereotype any day, the Black Widow conversation is particularly important because of the arguments surrounding why fans found her story’s framing clunky and/or problematic.

Give me the “The fans are mad, and here is why” article, one that doesn’t judge the validity of the arguments either way, so we can have bigger conversations: the presentation of Natasha’s forced sterilization and mother vs. monster as a trope, whether or not she plays into it; the relative glossing over of Natasha’s backstory; well- and poorly-executed romance storylines for female characters; narrative treatment of and expectations for female characters as a whole; how to build upon character development from other films in a movie multiverse to contribute to universe coherency; the undeniable fact Natasha has been the only truly central female character in the MCU for a good long while, and how we wouldn’t heap expectations on her if women weren’t so underrepresented.

Listen: young women, older women, and girls are crying out on behalf of a character they love, a lot of them are, and that deserves attention. I see a lot of people asking in response, “Did we see the same film?” and the answer to that is actually, is always, going to be no. Fiction is inherently up to interpretation. Because of my personal experiences and beliefs, I will come away from Age of Ultron with a different take than you, having watched a different movie. That does not make my take invalid, just as it does not make yours invalid. But something happened, and more people should be looking at the fact that the character writing for Black Widow rubbed a lot of fans with a certain set of experiences the wrong way, and why, and what lessons can be learned.