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I meant to do this for a long time now. Here is the masterpost of fanficion written for me. Mostly Vaxus and Pavelyan but also Alistair x Surana, Fenhawke and lots of OC x OC shipping. 

I love every single piece on this list. You are all incredibly talented and your writing keeps me inspired and motivated to keep going. This list was made so I have the easy access to all the beauties but it’s also a huge fic rec ;D

Thank you for making my days better <3

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I am literally so blessed to have @mermaid-reyes as my best friend. She is so good to me, and not just because she sent me these lovely books, but because she is such a kind-hearted and amazing person who never fails to support and love me. Even though our friendship is stretched across oceans, I’ve never felt closer to anyone. Hell, sometimes we’re so in sync, I think we’re the same person. So, thank you, Hannah, for being the loveliest friend and person I know. I am so glad that we met on this crazy website over our mutual love of all things Teen Wolf and that you sent me that first message (because I was too shy to start up a conversation haha). It was truly fate and I couldn’t imagine my life without you. Love you more than all the stars, babe. <3


I got my copy of Gray Log and I feel so damn pleased, like I don’t even care I am wrecked health-wise and tired beyond words.  I’m just happy to own this. (Also, the little Alma Karma was so precious I had to buy him. 😭❤️)

Y'all I don’t give enough credit to @madara-fate. Like I know I send him cute little asks (feels like not nearly enough) and messages from time to time, but I feel like it isn’t enough.

Let me tell you how good of a person he is. He simply asked how my day was going and I sent him an essay just going on a miniature rant and he was more than okay with it, didn’t complain, nothing. Just simply went song with it.

But, not just that, he puts up with the community everyday, has to be a savage with some of he questions he gets, half of which are like super redundant but whatever, and he still does it. Kudos to you, darling. I don’t know how you do it, but I’m proud of you. Good luck with job hunting, love you!

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collab with the amazing @dogebode (aka they drew a sketch on my iPad and I randomly lined and colored it)

he cries for the same reason I do


I am so in love with this AU omfg (Pretty much an AU of Hunchback of Notre Dame but with FFXV.) I just adore Esmeralda!Prompto and Frollo!Ardyn holy fuck. I have @barcodechocobo and @friendlyslowpoke to thank for starting this (truly, thank you so much), and @chocobutt-trash for encouraging me to go wild over this.

I was crying all day over happiness. Literally my tears wouldn’t stop flowing with how excited I was that this AU was becoming a thing. I CAN’T. I settled with drawing two of my many favorite scenes from the movie.

Does that mean Gladio is Phoebus?


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I'm drunk on fizzy wine and I have the song in my head "ur tall n fun n pretty ur rlly rlly skinny....Ginny" and ikd what to do welp. Also the moon is so pretty rn?? And England is kinda warm rn??? Anyways. Luv ya

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Hegemony of murderers

The West still doesn’t understand the evils that haunts mankind since the emergence of modern ideologies. Although Burke criticised the development in France during the Revolution, we never learned the lessons he wished to teach us. Instead we replaced his wisdom with forgetfulness of the worst atrocities ever faced by mankind.

In the early hours of 17 July, 1918, the Romanov family, three servants and their doctor were herded down into the cellar of the Ipatiev house in Yekaterinburg. They had been told that they were going to take cover from artillery from the approaching White Army. They put on their clothes and gathered some belongings and the Tsar carried his sickly thirteen-year-old son, Alexei, down the stairs.

They waited in the cellar for a while, before a group of armed men came in and read their sentence. Death. The Tsar was then shot several times in the chest and he fell down dead or dying. For the rest of them the gruesome butchery had just begun. Alexei, Anastasia, Tatiana, Olga and Maria were not killed by the first hail of bullets. Wounded and terrified they cried out in agony before they were executed with bullets, bayonets and the butts of pistols and rifles. One of the murderers recalled that the floor was slippery as ice from brains and blood as they waded in to kill the children. It took 20 minutes before they were all quiet, but as they carried the bodies out it was revealed that two of them were still breathing. The children were then stabbed until dead. The bodies were plundered of valuables and the soldiers cut off the fingers of the Tsaritsa to remove rings. All of them were cut up, put in acid and dumped in a mine shaft and a shallow grave.

Thus ended 300 years of Romanov dynasty. But of course, for Russia, the slaughter had just begun. At least 20 million people were killed by the USSR, and communism as a whole is responsible for killing at least 100 million people. It is the single deadliest ideology in the history of mankind.

The left gets away with murder

Here’s a death toll for communism around the world, according to the Black book of communism:
65 million in the People’s Republic of China
20 million in the Soviet Union
2 million in Cambodia
2 million in North Korea
1.7 million in Ethiopia
1.5 million in Afghanistan
1 million in the Eastern Bloc
1 million in Vietnam
150,000 in Latin America
10,000 deaths “resulting from actions of the international Communist movement and Communist parties not in power.”

The left also has a long history of domestic terrorism in the West. The Red brigades, Red Army Faction, Weather Underground, Symbionese Liberation Army to mention a few. 

Exempt from scrutiny
Unlike followers of revolutionary ideologies on the right, it is quite possible to call yourself a communist without any repercussions in your personal or professional life. It can even help you in your career, especially in Academia. Many famous Swedish people in politics, media, sport, and culture are un-repenting communists. Members of a Marxist-Leninist party even. Many more are just slightly reformed and constantly apologetic, often hiding behind a thin veneer of restraint which is let go as soon as something in society upsets them, and they immediately call for totalitarian and violent measures. The online world has proven a perfect outlet for their urge to purge, as they hound political opponents, engage in mischaracterisation, threats, and calls to violence. Western society has an inexplicable tolerance for these leftist views and ideas, even when it takes violent expressions. 

It’s easy to think this is just something relating to communism or anarchism, but the above examples often come from liberals too. And they also have a history of getting  away with murder. Between 1793 and 1794 the Reign of Terror raged across France. Robespierre and the revolutionaries did what so many revolutionaries would do after them, they killed anyone who they didn’t like. Most famously Robespierre and his thugs killed the aristocracy, but in fact 72% of those executed were peasants and workers who simply disagreed with the regime. In modern day, another example is the Western liberal support of the Arab spring which has been pivotal in crashing the Middle East into yet another violent rampage.

Remains of 20,000 poles murdered by the Soviet Union

We just want change. And kill anyone who opposes it

Revolutionaries kill people. The revolution is in itself almost always responsible for worse atrocities than the regime it seeks to overthrow. Solzjenitsyn claimed that in the 80 years prior to the Russian revolution –  a period where one Tsar was assassinated, there were many assassination attempts (one in my own country, Sweden, in fact), and there were widespread revolutionary movements – only about 17 people a year were executed. The Cheka, however, executed without trial more than a thousand people a month in the first years after 1917. He continues to tell us that if you would average the amount of executed a month up until the height of executions by Stalin in 1937-38, about 40,000 people were killed every month. He rightly wonders how the west could make an alliance with such a horrible regime. How was the Soviet Union better than Nazi Germany? In fact, it wasn’t. 

But the revolutionaries aren’t just to be rejected for their blood lust. If we simply look at the murderous aspect they cannot be understood. The question becomes a simple argument of “how could this happen?”. The really important thing to understand is how mankind can develop and improve society, without destroying itself in the process, and how we can maintain that which serves us even when we have forgotten how it serves us. This is the point of view that Burke argued in the Reflections on the Revolution in France. He meant that the reason that the French Revolution would be so disastrous was that it was founded on abstract concepts that ignored mankind’s complexity, the wisdom which hides within tradition, and the intricacy of human society. It also ignores the weakness of men and our inability to grasp everything, but our willingness to think that we do. Herein lies the hubris of utopian thinking and ideological fight for power of the societies that have grown more organically over the centuries. The left is a living example of the Doning-Kruger effect, if you will. Too stupid to understand that it doesn’t understand. I mentioned the liberal support of the Arab spring previously, and it is a prime example of how overthrowing functioning nation states for abstract ideas can lead to extreme problems. Remembering Burke commenting on the French Revolution, it is easy to see history repeating itself, but this time in the Arab world:

“Can I now congratulate the same nation upon its freedom? Is it because liberty in the abstract may be classed amongst the blessings of mankind, that I am seriously to felicitate a mad-man, who has escaped from the protecting restraint and wholesome darkness of his cell, on his restoration to the enjoyment of light and liberty? Am I to congratulate a highwayman and murderer, who has broke prison, upon the recovery of his natural rights? This would be to act over again the scene of the criminals condemned to the galleys, and their heroic deliverer, the metaphysic knight of the sorrowful countenance.” (Reflections on the French Revolution. The Harvard Classics)

Remember who we are. Or perish.
The alternative to these modernist ideologies is a state based not around an ideology, but around fair and tested principles of law, and a people and their geographical location. In other words a nation state for each people created around the self interest of that people as a whole, and represented by themselves.

We have not yet managed to free ourselves from abstract utopian thinking. And it is important to remember that it is not just the revolution that kills, that is just an eclipse in the blood lust fed by the urge to kill that which does not fit the revolutionary world view. Man has always killed, but when he kills for abstract ideals there is no limit to the extent of the murder. The breech against the abstract idea can occur at any time, in any generation, and in any person. No one is ever safe.

The limits of man’s wisdom should prevent us from any too radical idea. Anything that changes society greatly in too short a time. Today’s Western society is rife with abstract ideas that are said to improve life for mankind. The ideas of globalism, open border, multicultural societies, the dismantling of the family are obvious abstracts that are major changes to our societies, that history repeatedly tells us could lead to disaster. But beyond those things, we will be facing technological advances that are beyond our current field of vision. We are facing these new challenges without having understood anything from the violence of Modernity and the 20th century. I believe that is a reason for concern and potentially the end of mankind.