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My Classroom Tips

Just a few quick tips to incoming college freshmen:

  • Where to sit in class: I’ve seen several posts about striving to be a aces student that mention sitting in the front row which is a good tip in general; I personally have anxiety in social/classroom situations so the best seat depends entirely on the class for me and it might for you too! For instance I speak up a lot in math classes so I feel more comfortable towards the back so that I know that no one is really staring at me as I speak. In history I sat at the front because my professor encouraged a very calm environment that I felt completely comfortable in. In English/Writing courses I sat in the first or second row because getting to know those teachers felt like a good idea (tip on that below). In art I sat at the front because there was minimal interaction with the professor, she was very good she just didn’t require much more than our attention so it was easier to focus at the front. In philosophy I sat at the back because the classroom was small and I was originally a little intimidated by the professor though I learned throughout the semester that he was a great teacher and a nice person (I mentioned that it was my birthday at the start of the week when an essay was due and he told me that it was fine if I handed it in one class late without my even asking). 

  • Teachers: If you don’t get to know/speak to any of your other teachers PLEASE make some sort of nice with your English/writing professor! And any other subject where you write a lot of semi-opinion type papers (like philosophy). I tend to use a lot of commas in my writing because that’s how I speak too, also it’s just how I was taught. Once my English (and then also my philosophy) teacher knew how I spoke about things in person and then also a bit of what I was like as a person/student when talking it seemed to help with them being able to read the papers I was turning in as my papers and not just a paper with an unknown voice. It helped me at least.

  • STAY ON TOP OF YOUR HOMEWORK: Please make sure that you do all of your homework as it gets assigned! Do not leave it until the last minute and PLEASE do not rely on the idea of extra credit EXTRA CREDIT CANNOT FULLY REPLACE REGULAR CREDIT. Also try to do every single piece of homework that you can; my math professor gave us a lot of just practice homework and doing it really helped me to understand the material better. And my philosophy and history teachers both gave out suggested readings and when I had the time to it definitely helped me appreciate the courses more. Just because a paper or project doesn’t count for very much doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. In programming it was possible to miss a few projects if you made nearly perfect on all the others and still come out with a grade but every single person who relied on that idea came out with a lower mark than they really should have because they didn’t do the work. 

  • Your teachers understand that you have a life: not every single teacher is going to be willing to just hand out extensions or forgiveness but most of them really do understand that while school may be your number 1 priority you have other obligations too. Talk to them, be honest with them, and most of them are willing to help. With the exception of one all of the teachers that I have had are teaching college/uni because they want to teach, because they like it, so they really don’t want to ruin the fun of learning for you; they want to help you.

That’s all I have right now, and I know that they all based on my individual experience so you could be totally different and this could be no help but I would also like to stress that my ask box is always open if you ever are stressed, confused, or just need someone to talk to! I’m here for you and so are so many others in this wonderful community. I’m planning on continuing to share what few tips I have once my school year begins in ernest (mid-September). Please reblog and add/comment your thoughts!

ok this is something i’ve tried to ignore but it’s rly starting to bother me so like here we go i guess

why do ppl almost always hc the quiet and/or awkward characters as asexual??

like?? u can be quiet and/or awkward and not be ace?? ur sexuality has literally nothing to do with ur personality?? it’s honestly so annoying that ppl automatically jump to the conclusion that a character must be ace just bc they’re a lil quiet or socially awkward

anyone can be ace. just like anyone can be gay or bi or pan etc. im sick of constantly seeing the same thing over and over. like ya, as an ace person, it’s nice to see ppl making ace headcanons but like. when it’s the same type of character 90% of the time it gets rly aggravating bc its like ppl are saying that there’s a certain image for what an ace person is supposed to be like and act like and that’s just. gross tbh. bc we’re all so different, just like any other person?? and obv im not saying that there isn’t quiet/awkward ppl who are ace bc obv there is, but not every ace person is like that?? lack of sexual attraction isn’t an explanation or reason for why a person/character is quiet or awkward. it’s a completely separate thing?? it’s honestly not that hard to understand like. i myself am awkward as fuck but it has nothing to do with my asexuality u feel me

im not saying to stop headcanoning quiet/awkward characters as ace, that’s not the point im trying to get across, i just. i want ppl to think about this more and be more diverse with the characters they hc as ace u know?? pls stop headcanoning characters as ace solely bc of a few personality traits they possess. and this isn’t directed at fellow ace ppl bc like obviously as ace ppl we’re not gonna stereotype, we just wanna see ourselves in characters we love and that’s rad. but i just rly want all the non-ace ppl to read this and understand how tiring it can be to see the same thing over and over. obviously i can’t speak for every ace person—im sure this isn’t something that bothers every ace person, but i know it bothers me

this got rly long and ranty but im just. rly salty abt this tbh and im sorry if im not making much sense lmao

Hold Me Tender

Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6

Sam looked around him and felt his heart drop when he realised he was back in the Cage. “No…” he whispered. It couldn’t be. He had escaped.

“Oh you did, but you’re back now.”

Sam whirled around to see John Winchester. “Dad? What are you doing here?” he said to his father. John just slowly walked around the Cage, kicking the bars at one point, as if to see how sturdy they were. “Dad? What are you doing? Get me out.” Sam shouted.

“No can do, Sammy.” John said, “I always knew you’d turn dark, turns out I was right, and so here you are. Safely locked away from the world. Good riddance, I say.” Before Sam could even reply John had turned his back on him and walked away.

Sam stood in the middle of the Cage, in a stupor, trying to process what had just happened.

“Come on, how weak are you?” Sam suddenly heard, “Can’t even handle a simple truth.”

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sometimes I feel like I am not taken seriously for liking hockey because I’m a girl but when I am on here I always feel very accepted and taken seriously so thank you to everyone who makes being on tumblr a lot of fun, you make my day better when you send me messages and spam my notifications ily

genderfluidpansexual1997  asked:

My mom died three days ago, could I get a sympathetic sans? (God I sounds entitled, heck I wouldn't be surprised if you thought I was lying for attention. I'm sorry you can just ignore me if you want)

This reply got a tad too long, so its under a cut. I.. have experienced a similar loss, and i projected all of my feelings through sans. 

I… hope you don’t mind.

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anonymous asked:

I really liked your last post about fanfics and I definitely think more people should kudos and especially comment, but something else that's important is making sure authors respond correctly. I stopped leaving comments as often because I would 1/

Read a fic & love it & get really excited & leave an enthusiastic comment but then like 2wks the author would respond with just ‘thanks’ or something or not at all and it’s really discouraging for leaving comments. Responses should be = comments. 2/2

I’m sorry but I completely disagree with this.

Do you have any concept of how long writers spend working on their stories? On every chapter they post? Of the time and effort they put into planning and writing and editing the chapters before they put them up online for you all to enjoy? Days, weeks, sometimes months. Authors put in such incredible time and effort, and you can’t leave a comment because they don’t deserve it if they don’t come back and leave a satisfactory comment on your comment as well?

I think it’s great when authors write back, but it’s not and shouldn’t be compulsory, and especially not for them to leave long, epic responses to every comment they get. They do their part by devoting hours to writing fic, and really the least a reader can do is give them some kind of comment showing their appreciation for all the work they do.

I can assure you that every author appreciates your comments and feedback, whether or not they respond. Maybe they’re not sure what to say (since apparently a thank you isn’t even good enough for you). Maybe they don’t have the time to reply to every comment because they’re too busy using their free time to write the next chapter or story for you.

But I really think it’s ridiculous to feel like you’re owed a response when you comment on an author’s fic. They write these stories in their free time, they take extra time to post them so you can enjoy them, that’s their contribution. And their only payment is you taking about a minute to leave some kind of feedback. But you don’t think they deserve it unless they take additional time to respond to each of your comments as well? How is that fair, anon?

I sincerely hope none of you are crying right now

Things are going to be fine

Stop panicking

Grace got dis

If any of you are especially distressed and in need of any comfort/someone to express your distress to, I am here

Seriously though, Grace Helbig will always be present online, did you not see the time she went a week without it

She needs the internet as much as the internet needs her

5sos preference:You have a set of multiples

5sos preference:You have a set of multiples

So in ¼ the multiples aren’t born yet in ¼ the multiples are newborns and in ¼ the multiples are years old and in ¼ the multiples are grown up.

Sorry for any errors!

“I’m going to go crazy in a house full of women!"Calum exclaimed to your stomach which was currently holding your triplet girls.
"Some one has to protect us!"You joked.
"Yeah.Look at these guns!"He exclaimed flexing his arms."I’ll scare all the boys away!”
“Totally.You are terrifying!"You joked.
"Yeah I am!”
“But in all seriousness Y/N I will always be here for these three little girls and you.No matter where I am in the world.I will always be you for you four."Calum told you looking into your eyes.
"I know Calum.You are the best husband and you will be the best daddy."You told him kissing his cheek.

You and Ashton had struggled getting pregnant so when you found out you were pregnant you were thrilled.But when you found out you were having Quads you two were beyond thrilled. Now it was time to finally hold them for the first time.Ashton holding one of the girls and the only boy while you were holding the other two girls.
"We are the only boys in the house bud.We’ve got to stick together!"Ashton whispered to the little boy in his arms. "We’ve got to protect your sisters and your beautiful mother."He said looking up at you.
"Yeah you have countless boys to scare off."You joked.
"No!My little girls can’t date till they are thirty!"Ashton protested.Your little boy grunted and started to make nosies.
"See he agrees with me!”

“I can’t believe you guys are going to pre-school!"Michael exclaimed to your twin boys.
"We are grown up daddy!"Your one son told him with a toothless smile.
"No!You will always be my little boys!"You tell him.
"No!Mom we are big boys now!"Your other son told you flashing the same toothless grin.
"Grown up!"His brother added.
"Well lets not argue my big boys!We got to get you to school!”
“They are growing up Y/N!"Michael told you while walking your sons into school.
"But they will always be our little boys!”


You never thought in a million years that you would have 5 kids.Especially not all at once.But you did and you and Luke raised
them for 18 years and today was the day they were graduating from high school.
“You remember when they were in the hospital small as can be and now they are graduating!Time flies so fast!"Luke was going on and on all day about how he couldn’t believe his 5 babies are all grown up and how he couldn’t believe how time goes so fast.
"I know Luke.Its scary how quickly everything changes.”
“18 years went by so quick!”
“It was only 18?It felt like a million!"One of your sons said.
"It might have felt like that to you guys but it was a snap of the fingers for us!"You told the three boys and two girls sitting in front of you.
"I just can’t believe we are graduating!"One of your daughters said.
"Well like dad said time flies!"Your son said quoting his father.
"It sure does!”

I hope you liked it!!!!!