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You Who Came From The Stars & Kim Soo Hyun

*** Spoilers ahead, just saying ~~

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Finally got my shit together and watched the last episode. To be honest I was dreading it because I was so afraid of an unsatisfactory crap ending, and also cos watching it would mean that I officially finished the series. I just wanted to live in denial for the rest of my life hahaha. But I watched it anyway and DAMN IT WAS GOOD.

First of all I would like to say, writer nim I’m not going to stab you. Then ending was pretty good! Well not the most satisfactory but it was still pretty good! Korean dramas are so well-known for their shit endings that I was so tempted to just stop at ep 20 just so to leave a good impression of the drama. But it was decent enough! It’s been so long since a Korean drama had a good ending. In particular I would like to point out that Gu Family Book and The Heirs had bloody bad endings. 

Okay so DMJ got sucked into a wormhole. I read the recap before I watched the episode cos I just couldn’t wait. Being an international fan is hard, and waiting for eng subs is like waiting to grow a beard damn it. Anyway teared up quite a lot just reading it. To be honest I didn’t really love what I read but then again I can only comment after watching it. I now officially change my mind. Given the drama’s popularity and the massive amount of fans, I don’t think the writer has a choice but to give us a happy ending. The wormhole thing is genius. It gives a slight twist at the end, yet still leaving viewers with the sweetness of them being together, well sort of. I mean if DMJ can stay longer each time, I’m pretty sure it will eventually be eternity. My only question is the ageing issue. Isn’t CSY gonna be extremely bothered by it? 

Anyway I have never cried so much and so hard while watching a drama. Each time any of them cries, I cry too. I practically bawled through the entire finale. JJH and frigging-handsome-just-kill-me-now KSH oppa are the best. They WILL win best couple this year. Mark my words. Their chemistry is awesome. Their kissing scenes are so realistic that it makes me question Ji Hyun unni’s marriage lol. I ship this onscreen couple like crazy.

I have always been a pretty big fan of KSH, since Dream High. He was awesome in Dream High. His satoori was spot on and I have this huge weakness/obsession for satoori. Moon Sun was even better cos I love sageuk dramas and who doesn’t love a king? His crying scenes were so good and I never failed to cry along. Please watch the BTS for his Moon Sun crying scenes. He really deserved that Baeksang award for his role as Hwon. YWCFTS was the drama that turned me into a HUGE ASS fan. OPPA I LOVE YOU SARANGHEYO. Please let that rumour about him playing the role of a vampire scholar be true. 

On a side note, I just wanna let Keyeast know that they are such liars. NO OST?! WHAT KIND OF LIE IS THAT. I’m actually super amazed that they managed to keep it a secret for that long. Like literally till the day it was released omg. Oppa, you have an amazing voice I love you so much. Anyway if there’s a drama with KSH in it, it’s just stupid not to have him in the OST. Just saying~~

All in all, this was a bloody good drama. I’ve watched like almost 50 Korean dramas and this is by far the best I’ve ever watched. Seriously I’ve watched about 50. I don’t wanna count cos I’m afraid the number will be higher. This is completely irrelevant but I wonder how I managed to find the time to clock in all those drama hours. I am a University student, a Law student in fact. I’m in serious need of some self-reflection, and I think I need a life haha. Anyway back to the drama, the storyline is awesome, the cast is great, the acting and chemistry are undeniably the best, and the visual explosion is just magnificent. KSH is perfect and I cannot imagine anyone else as DMJ. No one does DMJ better than he does. <3

Now that the series has ended, I’m currently suffering from withdrawal symptoms. No more awesome drama to look forward to each week major sigh. I feel extremely empty right now. I need another drama that is as good as this, though that is highly unlikely anytime soon. Korea, you have outdone yourself with YWCFTS. The hallyu wave is bigger than ever and KSH’s popularity is reaching the skies. On a sad note, KSH is due for his mandatory 2-year national service soon. The day he enlists will be the day my world collapses, and I will cry a river. =’(

Okay let’s end with DMJ’s perfect, flawless face cos I miss Do Manager. Brace yourself.

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Okay and I’m gonna be really mean and put this unrelated photo here mwahaha!

Alright I’m officially done with my review and fangirling.

Oh and writer nim, where are my alien babies? YWCFTS 2 perhaps? x)

And btw I just found out that the last episode ratings in Seoul is 33.2%. Now that is an achievement! =D