i am screaming because so cute

tangled up in you 45k

by missandrogyny (paynner on tumblr) 

Harry blinks once. And blinks again. And says, his voice dangerous: “Niall, did you get me a mail-order bride?”

Because what the actual fuck. It kind of looks like Niall’s just purchased a person. For Harry.

Niall blinks back at him for a few moments, before throwing his head back and howling with laughter. Harry throws a pillow at him. Hard. “No, what the fuck, Harry.”

“A prostitute then?” Harry also doesn’t want a prostitute.

“Of course not!”

“A stripper?”


Damn, he’s running out of ideas. He settles for launching another pillow at Niall’s head. Niall bats it away easily, still laughing. “Stop!”

“What did you get me, then?!” Niall must hear the tinge of hysteria in his voice, because he’s pulling himself together, trying to stop himself from laughing.

There’s still a big grin on his face, though, when he says, “I got you a professional cuddler.”

A professional…what. “What?”

My Reaction While Watching the Never Ever MV

T.W. Lots of cussing

  • Holy fuck its starting
  • ohh the group outfits look on point
  • Why do they look so emo??
  • Jackson GOT FIRST RAP
  • Ohhh now JB is sining okay okay I can survive this
  • Nope now Im dead but Mark looooooks really good
  • Jackson needs to wear turtle necks more often
  • Why are you letting GOT7 drive!? You clearly didn’t see them practically fail the fuck out of their driving test
  • Bambam looks so breath taking 
  • Damn Jackson trying to a Superhero and smash through that wall.. told y'all in my imagine he would have super human strength and ruin shit
  • The choreography looks really spot on
  • Oh god mark no stop right now
  • Jinyoung you look like a lost child sitting in that thing
  • More group shots #imdeadinside
  • WHERE THE FUCK DID YOUNGJAE GET THAT HAMMER!? Don’t hurt yourself but you look so cute though
  • Mark is the only one who dived into the water to save Jinyoung. 
  • MARKJIN IS REAL!! All of y’all are fake as fuck friends, this is why he hates y’all a majority of the time
  • Yes keep putting JB in the center of the group dances, I like suffering
  • “I wont make you cry again, don’t worry”  Im sorry Youngjae I can’t hear you over my loud uncontrollable sobbing
  • Oh no not Yugyeom again
  • What do you mean I belong to you? I belong to no one
  • ohh okay more dancing
  • Sooo Bambam is that the new type of vaping or what?? But your eyes look good
  • OKAy group dancing I GET IT Y’ALL DANCE
  • OMFG WHAT WAS THE MOVE!?!? Thought that was some exorcist type of shit or something
  • Ahhh back to a dead Jinyoung
  • Bambam looks so pretty just standing there… He belong in an art museum 
  • Of course a fucking dab
  • 15/10 acting
  • give them an oscar, golden globe, grammy, GIVE THEM EVERYTHING

anonymous asked:

Hi, so I kind of had a weird request, it's different than the usual, I want the rfa reacting to MC and Saeyoung dating and being clingy, pda and stuff, like continuing from 707s after ending, and if it's not much trouble, rfa reacting to jumin and mc dating and also pda etc etc, if you decide to do it thank you in advance, if not, I understand, it might get quite long, nontheless thank you!!

what i kinda planned is under each member the headcanons will be how the other members react to them and MC ((idk if that makes sense but let’s see if this works out~~)) 


✮ everyone thinks y’all are goddamn adorable
✮ because yoosung is such a virgin 
✮ so you gotta be innocent as well to protect him
✮ jaehee is lowkey jealous bc your relationship is just so cute 
✮ but she’s hella supportive and Mom Mode is on because ‘omg look at her two children go’
✮ zen often gives relationship advice to yoosung 
✮ tries to be genuine but he complains about being single so much more
✮ jumin probably couldn’t care less 
✮ but when you both send photos of the other (or both of you) with your cat Lisa he’s like ‘!!! CAT’ 
✮ says it’s cute (you both just take the compliment, knowing very well he’s only talking about lisa)
✮ seven pranks yoosung even more but now he does it involving you
✮ as in, saying things like
✮ and yoosung fuckin fREAKS out
✮ he’s crying and shaking and he’s about to Zoom to the hospital
✮ until you call seven out on his shit (yoosung cried a little more while clinging on to you)
✮ yoosung will dubiously mistrust seven forever  


✎ she is hardly the one to do pda and be cutesy and stuff so it’s totally up to you 
✎ you like to send photos and selfies of you two working at the cafe 
✎ and when she’s completely engrossed in one of zen’s things 
✎ zen is highkey jealous upset. he just wants all the attentions and now the only two females in the RFA clearly aren’t romantically interested in him anymore
✎ jumin was kinda surprised by the whole ‘coming out’ bit when you announced y’all were in a romantic relationship 
✎ but he put away his salt about jaehee quitting and is probably the most supportive of the relationship (bc he says that jaehee is super responsible and that you’re patient and just all around great) 
yoosung probably gets turned on by it 
✎ you know he’s That Guy 
✎ but other than that he doesn’t really say a lot about it 
✎ he also complains about being single a lot more 
✎ seven makes fanart and writes fanart 140% 


✿ you think he’s a narcissist now?
✿ also says stuff like ‘we’re the perfect couple. there is no couple cuter than us. we should be you #goals’ 
✿ yoosung is jealous af 
so is jaehee 
✿ she actually probably has a joint ao3/tumblr/wattpad with seven
✿ jumin is Salt
✿ but he brings up the point of if zen has enough time for you between all his acting and singing and all that other stuff
✿ and zen sends back a candid photo of you talking to his director
✿ is like ‘HA’
✿ seven likes to make sex jokes all the damn time 
✿ definitely makes jokes about The Beast 


₩ it would probably be really cute 
₩ but when he tries to send photos of you/you with elizabeth/him and you/all 3
₩ they’re always B L U R R Y 
₩ so you teach The Jumin Han how to take a selfie 
₩ zen is probably uncomfortable and also very salty 
₩ jaehee appreciates the relationship because jumin is always in a better mood and you can convince him to give her breaks and paid vacation 
₩ so she lowkey loves y’all 
₩ yoosung could probably give less than a shit 
₩ he’s just playing LOLOL alone 
₩ but he kinda likes it because you can get Jumin to ease up on jumin’s LOLOL bashing
₩ seven also makes sex jokes 
₩ ‘have you ever made MC wear cat ears?’
₩ “Great idea Saeyoung”
₩ everyone is !!!!!!
₩ you try not to kill him 


⌨  he doesn’t like photos of him bc y’know 
⌨  privacy 
⌨  so you try to take selfies with him without him realising 
⌨  so the result is blurry photos with your face in the bottom corner laughing and saeyoung in the close background falling off his chair because he tried to chase you 
⌨  everyone lowkey loves the relationship because you two are always really happy together 
⌨  zen of course is salty because ‘he never leaves the house but gets a girlfriend?!’ 
⌨  seven likes teasing everyone about his Catch
⌨  so he’ll send random photos of you. always 
⌨  ‘look how cute MC is awwwww’ 
⌨  everyone, but especially Jaehee, really like and appreciate how you support each other’s emotions 
⌨  once made you dress up as a cat (like with the ears, maybe a tail with a questionable explanation of how it’s staying there)
⌨  took a picture you thought was ~private~
⌨  ‘jumin you were right~~ i am a cat abuser ;;;)))‘
⌨  you scream and spam the chat trying to make sure no one sees it 

okay so once i finished this i realised it was kind of only pda through the chat?? if you want another set where it’s more in person?? then definitely feel free to send in another request! 

But I hope you liked this ♡


so i recently got into book of mormon (the musical) (not the…actual book) (because i have a crush on josh gad) and i think its hilarious (some parts i screamed with horror but it was so funny) and of course you know how i am with goofy and weird-but-cute ships like this!!!

nabalungi found a disposable camera at the market. they will probably never be able to get the photos developed but thats ok. (the t-shirt is arnold’s) (probably) (don’t ask me how it got to uganda)

Otayuri fic recs #3

Sweet Summer Mornings by thelonelywriter (oneshot, nsfw)

THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER OH MY GOD HOW CAN SOMETHING BE SO PERFECT Listen to me this fic made me smile so hard just when i needed it the most. So basically this is 10k words of Otayuri fluff and smut. They are so perfect together. SO BEAUTIFUL ❤❤❤❤

Hashtags by abrandnewheart (oneshot, sfw)

It is gonna kill you and your life will be ruined after reading this. In other words beutiful angst thet will leave you with a lot feelings. I hate it and I love it at the same time. Thank you @mylittlesecretshelter for recommending me this.Don’t read if you dont want to be sad,

Honey, We Broke the Children by blackmountainbones (oneshot, teen and up)

OMG this is so funny I’ve been laughiing the whole time while reading this. Victor is a main character and he is super worried about Yurio( Yurio has a daddy kink #daddybek ;) ) and it is super funny and adorable. 

Gold Medal by howlingmoonrise (TheDarkStoryteller) (oneshot, nsfw)

So in this one Otabek is completely different than in most fics but it is so cool to read. Also this one is super hot.

Halsey Series of Sin by siren of old (series, nsfw)

Ok so this is series of 6 short fics that shows development of their feeling for each other. I love it so much because you can find here fluff, smut and angst (aka everything I need from a good fic). and OMG everything is perfect here you have to read it you won’t regret it I promise

How Long You Walked For (til you got lost tonight) by LiviKate (oneshot, nsfw)

OH MY GOD I AM SCREAMING I LOVE IT SO MUCH the ending just killed me with its cuteness everything here is just perfect I am so in love just asdfghjkl AMAZING okay i am done screaming about it so Otabek here loves Yurio so much but is completely oblivious to the other boy feelings

I really hope you are gona like it. If you do, don’t forget to leave kudos and comments under the fics. This authors deserve them so much

geekyyoungblood  asked:

Do you have any evak + the boy squad headcanons that you feel like sharing? I need more of that in my life

Omg I live for this

  • So lets be real. Even fits into the squad perfectly. He is literally the perfect mix. He talks about political issues with Jonas, whips up the best waffles in the entire world for Mahdi while giving him a lovely dick joke that makes him LOL haaaaard. And then of course there is Magnus - who just omg Magnus has never held so much love and admiration for anyone as much as he does for Even. Like I imagine it being similar to Eskild and Isak’s bond but slightly different because Magnus is just like completely in love with Even. not even kidding, if he has a problem he will just be like omg Eveeeen what do I doooo? and then he will say something like “oh just tell them how you feel Magnus, be straight up.” And Magnus will be all “OMG you are a genius!” and then Jonas is literally standing there completely bewildered like “I just said that! what is this? wheres my love? where’s my attention? where’s my respect?!” and then Isak is just like “chill, Even is his guru” But I digress…
  • Okay but sometimes Isak gets a little ??? jealous. Like he is just all “give me back my man Magnus.” Seriously these guys are all over Even, sometimes it leaves Isak craving for attention. Magnus is telling Even everything he did that day, from the moment he brushed his teeth to the awkward 3 seconds in history where he accidentally brushed his hand against a girls boob. and Even is listening intently, while also listening to this new song Mahdi found and wanted to get his opinion on and reading the new article Jonas wrote about the oppression of women in society today. Like the boy is swamped. And Isak just wants to !!! love his boyfriend. Like guuuuuys stop. Sometimes he just gets so done, he will like pout and squint his eyes and make those very annoyed loud huffing noises that only irritated married couples do haha until Even realises that his baby isn’t getting enough attention and he will like stop everything he is doing and pull Isak gently towards him, sit him on his lap and wrap his arm around him. And then he just casually goes back to everything he was doing, now with Isak sitting contently in his arms. Then Magnus will just stop what he was saying and gush over evak and asks questions about how they are doing. Until he gets super inappropriate and starts asking things about the kind of sex they do because he saw this documentary the other day that talked about this thing he never heard of so he googled it and it came up with-  “Magnuuuuuus stop We are not telling you how we have sex. Please just drop it” Isak would say super annoyed, his cheeks turning a bright pink while Even laughs and mouths something super cheeky to Magnus over Isak’s head. haha oh gosh I love those two. 
  • Of course Evak can get super cute and loving and flirty and the boys are just like “oh mah gawd we get it you guys are cute. Stop rubbing it in our faces. ugh couples” And then Isak is just like ummm excuse me this is my baby right here, imma love him all I want and ya’ll can just mind yourselves because he mine. and then he just gives Even another nose kiss just to spite them haha. Omg I actually live for thirdwheel Jonas because can you imagine him getting a taste of everything Isak went through with him and Eva in season 1? Ahhhh what if there was like a  repeat of that scene where Isak walks in on them except…it is Jonas walking in on Isak and Even! ahhhh i’m screaming. I’m sorry I am getting too excited about this but what an experience that would be for all of them? Jonas would just be like “oh fuck sorry guys” and just like smiling all proud for his bestie while Isak turns into 40 shades of purple, and Even is literally laughing his freaking head off. ahhh he loves seeing his baby awkward and shy. It’s so cute because he has nothing to be shy about. and it’s just ahh it’s a funny journey. And then of course Isak will come to school to see Jonas talking in hushed whispers to Mahdi and Magnus, who of course is listening super intently. They all sit up straight and stop whispering when Isak reaches them and Isak hits them all with his squinty eyed ‘I smell bullshit’ meme face and then Magnus begins looking him up and down, his mind trying to imagine everything he just heard and Isak is just like ‘ahhhh gawd!” and like hits Magnus on the head and hides his face in embarrassment. ahhh I love them.

Okay this got super long and I think I wrote more about Magnus and Evak but haha I love him. I hope this was okay 💚

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Okay so I've always been into Jikook- or Jeikook now xD (god I love Jimin XD)- but I was quite unsure if they were 'Real'. But after all of this stuff Jimin is posting and Kookie is doing, I am 100% sure they are real and I'm screaming (Well I'm sick so it's more of a silent scream)

First of all, I hope you will get better <3, being sick sucks. And second, I totally understand you. I wasn’t sure too. It was just shipping them because I liked how cute they looked together. But after “backhug scene”  (I’m sure every jikook shipper knows this backhug) I was like: WOW THEY HAVE SOME STRONG FEELINGS FOR EACH OTHER.

And now seeing them posting all those videos and photos where they look so comfortable with each other makes me think that they are real. Idk but these days they look so boyfriend. Maybe we can’t see it sometimes at first on camera but when we look closer we all can see how subtle they can be. All those stolen glances, “accidental”skinship etc. Also Jimin with that tag:  Jeikook. Very nice ^^

I think that this is how they are in real life. I mean look at them

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 They are so in love. Now we can see it even in their eyes. <3 
And in the last gif where in original video we can hear a kiss sound.
I can talk about jikook for hours but I don’t want it bo that long :D  

Hearing people writing deaf characters be like:

Hi my name is Kathleen Jaylin Deafie Raven Way and I was born deaf (that’s how I got my name) and I have beautiful long hair and people usually tell me it’s such a tragedy I was born deaf! All that beauty mared by the grey world of deafness. My sign name (which I gave to myself obviously) is BEAUTIFUL SAD FLOWER in ASL. All of my family, friends and my dog and that guy on the corner who hates me know ASL, but I prefer speaking English (I speak ENglish perfectly of course) because ASL are just signed English words anyway!

I lip-read at school, so I refused when they offered me an interpreter. I can lip-read so well that I understand what my rival says at the table on the other end of the school cantina… I know you are badmouthing me, you nasty girl! Just because I am hearing impaired doesn’t mean I am stupid!!! I may not be able to tell apart yawning and screaming, but that doesn’t mean anything!

When I sleep, I wear hearing aids, naturally, don’t you just hate it when your ears are exposed? Also my friends frequently take my HAs off and I don’t mind at all!

Also, recently I met this incredibly cute guy… He is so amazing! He is a pop signer and he is RICH! He didnt know ASL when he met me, but I taught him and after 3 days he already speaks fluently. He is so amazing! But it’s so hard being together because I am deaf and I can’t hear his music!  It’s tearing me apart, like I am missing someting in my life, I can’t live like this, without music!

But, oh, he saved me! Since he is rich, he arranged a cochlear implant for me and I went to surgery (he held my hand whole time) and when I woke up from anesthesia, I could hear perfectly. I was cured, I am not deaf anymore! The moment I first heard his music was the moment I knew we would be together forever!

We got our happy ending. I just hope this will be inspiration to other poor disabled people out there, never give up!

Wow!! It’s already WEEK SEVEN of Hannah’s Sunday Reading List! Once again, I apologize for getting this out so late - it was a nightmare trying to get all of the links and remember everything I said for the reviews after my computer pooped out on me, but it all worked out!!! There are some new authors on this list this week, so make sure to send them some love, along with all of the other wonderful writers I got the pleasure of reading this week!

Enough of me rambling, here’s this week’s list: 

Plus, She’s Amazing (Part 2) by @imagicana (Luke Alvez x Reader) 
This was wayyy cute! I love a little flustered Luke… :-) The way he is so infatuated with the reader makes me smile. Each of his failed attempts to get her to notice him made me both laugh and feel sorry for him at the same time. Poor guy just wanted to tell her how he felt! I thought the ending was perfect. I really like your writing style, and this two parter was adorable! I really enjoyed it :)

Ready or Not? by @criminally-yours (Spencer Reid x Reader) 
Ahhhh I need more!! That is so like Spencer to test run his trips to the hospital that many times, and I’m sure he’s already read every baby book known to man lol. This was really sweet and I liked how you involved the whole team in it too. It made me laugh that Spencer seemed to be freaking out more than the reader hahaha. Dang it Mari, you’ve given me the Daddy!Spencer feels now… Always a pleasure to read your work!!

Sleepyhead by @spencerreidsmiles (Spencer Reid x Reader) 
Oh how I love this angry, sleepy, pregnant reader! I’ve never been pregnant before, but knowing some pregnant women, this is pretty accurate to their stories about not being able to sleep when they were heavily pregnant. Spencer is so sweet in this, and as always, totally true to what I would think he would be like as a soon to be father. Your stories are always so great!!! Seeing you post makes me smile xx

Newest Addition by @reidoneshots (Derek Morgan x Reader) 
Yay for Morgan fics!!! What an awesome change of pace for me to read. :-) I definitely feel like something I would do, first of all hahaha. The reader is so excited and I love that Morgan was just a puddle at her feet. TBH, I haven’t ever read a lot of Morgan, but I think you captured him perfectly. Although this fic made me miss him being on the show very much… Thank you for giving me the Morgan feels!! lol

First Sight by @hipstercinderellageek (Spencer Reid x Isabelle (Will’s Sister)) 
This was just incredible!! I am so so happy that you tagged me in it :-) This is such a heavy subject, and I think you handled it beautifully. The connection between Spencer and Isabelle is amazing and so sweet. I am always so amazed by people who can think of such eloquent story lines and go so into detail. You kept me at the edge of my seat the entire time - your writing is amazing!!! I hope to see more from you soon xx

New Sensations by @dontshootmespence (Spencer Reid x Reader) 
This was so realistic! Very raw, very real… I think everyone’s first time is awkward and I’m glad that you pointed that out!! Very reassuring to your virgin readers out there :-) I enjoyed how light hearted the relationship between the reader and Spencer was. I love that they were able to laugh about their awkwardness. As always, your writing was so beautiful. xx

Lullaby by @original-criminal-fanfics (Spencer Reid x Paige (OC)) 
I AM SO HEARTBROKEN!!! Ugh Jasey, I think you’ve killed me! Your writing was so descriptive, I could literally feel the pain and grief just rolling off of poor Spencer… My heart hurts so much after reading this. I’m happy with his decision, and I thought it was so cool that they brought Hotch in to talk to him since he had been in a similar situation. You have so much talent, Jas xx

Criminal Minds AU - Revelations by @remember-me-forever-silent-angel (Spencer x Sister!Reader (Allyson))  
Okay so for your AU I’m gonna have to just put certain parts on here because there is sooo much to go over and not enough detail. I am so psyched for this whole entire episode, and it started off with a bang!!! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but the way you write is absolutely incredible. You can really feel the emotion Allyson is feeling the strong connection between her and Reid. I see that you’ve posted the next part, and I can’t wait to read it :)

Neighbors by @sassygeek77 (Luke Alvez x Reader) 
I am LIVING for this series. I love everything about it - the slow build up to the relationship, the teasing, the friendship… UGH this is everything I wish I could write for a series. Luke is so playful in this and I can really tell that the reader and him are starting to fall for each other hard. I love the series that have a slow build ups like this. Watching this relationship unfold is so beautiful, as is your writing!! So excited for more :-)

High Tensions by @criminal-minds-fanfiction (Spencer Reid x Reader) 
YESSSS this series… Cher, you’re gonna kill me with this one. I love to read the reactions to this one hahaha. You always write this sexy, filthy side of Spencer so well. And the teasing, OH THE TEASING. The friggin buildup in this fic is outstanding. You’re a little evil, dragging us all along like this. Luckily, I’ve read this masterpiece before, but I am enjoying it just as much the second time you’re reposting it. So much love to you, my dear!!

Blow Your Mind by @holagubler (Spencer Reid x Reader) 
Girl, I just want to take a minute to thank you for doing “Smutmas.” It’s the highlight of my friggin’ life when I see that you’ve posted for it!!! This whole thing was so so hot, like… it’s hard to find words to tell you how great this was. Dominant Spencer is one of my favorite things to read so this sure was a treat for me!! Everything in this was so easy and natural to read :-) congratulations again on 2,000 followers!!! xx

Gallery by @criminally-yours (Spencer Reid x Reader) 
Oh Mari, you know how much I love this story :-) There’s something about a date at an art gallery that just really gets to me, and this fic definitely got to me! Ugh, the way you described how infatuated Spencer was with the reader made my heart melt. And I love how different these two are! Yet they work so so well… I loved to see sweet Spencer standing up for his girl, too. Loved this!!!!

Choke On This by @zugzwangxo (Spencer Reid x Reader) 
Lee!!!! This angst!!!! When you told me it was angsty, you weren’t lying! So much pain in one fic, I don’t even know what to do with myself. I love how you used and interpreted this song - it is absolutely perfect! Spencer’s coldness in this send chills down my spine - I know a lot of people don’t like unhappy endings, but I think you ended this exactly how it needed to end. No sugarcoating here! You broke my heart in the best ways possible. Well done!

Yes, Doctor by @reidbyers (Spencer Reid x Reader) 
And my gravestone will read: “Death by really hot fanfic.” MY GOD this was just like, out of this world. I could totallyyy see Spencer having a doctor fantasy like this. I’ve read this like a hundred times, I shit you not. This and all of your other works are amazing!!! I feel like a kid in a candy store reading all of your NSFW Sunday drabbles. Keep doing what you’re doing, because you are hella good at it!!!

First Time by @original-criminal-fanfics (Spencer Reid x Reader) 
Awww, this was so sweet! I’m going to accept this fic as an apology for killing me with your other fic… ;-) And I think you’re great at writing first times!! It was realistic and still very hot. You wrote Spencer so well - his concern for the reader was so sweet. Everything about this was so so special. Makes me smile seeing a soft side of Spencer! Once again, you have outdone yourself Jasey xx

The Past That Was Once Ours by @dontshootmespence (Spencer Reid x Reader) 
I really, really loved this, Nicole!! Very heartbreaking in the best way possible. It’s definitely not easy to write Spencer as a cheater, but I love to read it when it’s done as well as you did it. The song wove in with the story very gracefully; I love that song so much, lol. And even though they didn’t get back together, I think the ending was absolutely perfect for this story. Thank you for breaking my heart!! I will forgive you… this time ;-)

Weirdos by @hotchnerfuckmeup (Emily Prentiss x Reader) 
I am happy to let you know that this is the first Emily x Reader I’ve ever read!!! And it met all of my expectations and more!! It was the most adorable thing I’ve ever read, ugh! Be still, my heart! S/o to Rossi for making that happen and being a super cool dad… I would love to read what happened next, if you’re up for it of course hehe. This was a perfect first Emily fic for me to read!

Paintings by @reidimagines (Spencer Reid x Reader) 
Once again, I am a sucker for those stories in an art museum! In my eyes, it’s like the perfect place to meet someone. I really liked this reader; I feel like she’s going to give Spencer a run for his money for sure. Your writing style is very natural and lemme just say that you are really great with writing dialogue! All of it sounds so real. I love love love this fic!

Excuses by @frankwrite (Spencer Reid x Reader) 
I am always so blown away by those who write fanfiction where English isn’t their first language. This story made me smile, and it was so so good! Such a cute storyline and it was well written, too! Spencer was too cute in this, finding an excuse to spend more time with the reader. I definitely think this is something that he would do in the show too, haha! Well done my friend, I am excited to read more from you!! xx

Pining by @brywrites (Spencer Reid x Reader) 
Every time I see that you updated, I scream a little bit inside because I know it’s going to blow my mind; of course you did that with “Pining”! Honestly, I kind of hate you because you’re so good at writing. Okay okay, I don’t actually hate you, but you get what I’m trying to say ;-) I look up to you and your writing so much. Whenever I read one of your stories, it inspires me to write my own and I can’t thank you enough for that! You are my own personal ray of sunshine, Bry. Never stop writing!!

Extra Special Shout Out to my girl Red because I am an idiot

Nunchi’s Trip to Exo’rdium

Buckle yourselves in guys this is a chaotic mess of emotions. 

The entire thing seemed to pass in a blur because it was just so surreal. 

It was definitely a journey.

Suho: “New York… Thank you for waiting for us.”

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Ok, ok, ok, ok!!!! *huff* GOD BLESS CHERITZ FOR THE X-MAS DLC, OMG!

Haven’t played it, yet…but I saw the picture and that this Unknown Route exists and….and I am already dead even without playing and I could cry because there is so much joy in my heart already and….yeah ok whatever.

I saw this huge ribbon and my first thought: Heh, MC looks like a present :D ….what if….OOOOOH! //////

It’s kinda embarrassing that my first thought is a dirty one after I screamed how fucking cute Unknown is in this picture. Aaaah well~ Merry Christmas everyone!

Dating Jimin would include:

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.. hold on, too many feels going on here. This gif is perfect representation of what this boy is made of.

.. because this precious, giggly, sexy, stripper of a teddy bear, sunshine as a human, cinnamon roll is literal perfection.

.. so you are lying down, nothing much going on, then he walks in with that creep smile like jagiyaaa, pinching his smol fingers on air like be prepared for a tickle fight.

.. his gold giggle like please someone save me, you’ll be hearing it all day and you can’t control your feels, I am prepared to date you just to hear it.

.. you both are free souls, deeply madly in love with no rules binding you. Except for one, don’t bring up his height or you will suffer the wrath of the all mighty jimin. Who am I kidding he will just pout and hold his giggle.

.. from strawberry popsicle to hot damn daddy in 0.0001 seconds and it makes you so confused but hey, you’re in for a long steamy night so why not.

.. speaking of steamy, being the creep he is (as deduced from his relationship with jungkook) you shall never have a peaceful shower, oh no. He may not actually want to do anything sexual but can I soap you i am great at this.

.. then stuff take an unexpected (not really) turn and the steam doubles.

.. his plumpy lips like I am having issues right here. So full, such perfect lips should not exist because you wish you can have them on yours all the time.

.. then he notices you staring at them when he speaks, and teases you by starting to bite on them, monitoring your awkward shifting.

.. I mentioned this a lot, but jimin is the biggest tease ever. Whether it’s slipping his hands between your thighs during family dinner or the rated moaning he casually does, it just makes him so happy watching you tense up like don’t so this I am weak.

.. but he never leaves you hanging for too long and knows when you can’t have any of his shit anymore, so he scoops you up and here we go with another night.

.. he may seem squishy and emotionally awkward to others, but once you get to know him you’ll find out he is great at handling situations.

.. for example you come home feeling down, and it doesn’t take him long to find out what is wrong, doing his best to cheer you up. And here we go with a third night.

.. don’t underestimate his abilities to lift up your spirits. You see, if someone was the cause of your distant behaviour or your gloomy day, his inner man will snap his eyes open like someone will end up bloody or dead today.

.. then you are like where were and he is like I brought donuts sweety pie.

.. he may be perfect at keeping your self esteem up, but sometimes, things can get pretty low with him and he just needs your chest to burry his face in.

.. the silent cuddles and rare giggles set off an alarm and you just have to ask what is it baby boy.

.. then he goes on about whatever is making him feel bad as your hands spontaneously lift up to stroke his hair like it’s okay babe let it all out.

.. and he loves that so much about you that he can’t help thinking about it all the time.

.. as he traces butterfly kisses on your face he pours out how much he loves you. How you make his world shine with your smile, how you always seem to know what to say to make him feel better, how no matter where he goes he can’t find anyone better than you.

.. at that point he starts tearing up because he is a sensitive little peach and having to deal with intense love is a little bit difficult without letting out cute men tears.

.. but good luck when jungkook is around because dude I am right here, stop trying to catch jungkook’s attention.

.. so you pay back and say a bit too loud damn rap monster you are so sexy.

.. and namjoon is so confused like excuse me, all the while jimin is oblivious, kissing up the maknae’s ass.

.. then you get home and pushes you to the wall grabbing you not too hard, but firm enough like who is sexy?

.. and umm, *cough* here we go with a fourth night.

.. cute, sudden back hugs and kisses. Cute presents and dates. Singing you to bed and screaming I love you at the top of his lungs in public, jimin in love is a treasure you are blessed to have all to yourself.

.. I can seriously go on and on about this fluffy man forever, being the sexy, adorable talented cabbage man he is.

The few times Deacon actually does sleep, he usually ends up crashing wherever it’s warmest.

Most of the time that happens to be Nick.

The absolutely lovely @haalpine finished my commission and I’ve been screaming about it for the past few hours, guys look at how cute it is

They were absolutely wonderful to work with and y’all should definitely check out their commission page, and now I will continue screaming because !!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

hello I'm that anon that requested the vlogger MC and I LOVED IT!<3 I'm here to request another thing if you don't mind~ A hc with the RFA+V+Saeran where they discover a photo of MC in middle school and she used to be really plump and actually wore glasses. She worked out to lose the weight and uses contacts now because she was bullied and after the extreme makeover she actually became popular in high school and college. (and no I am not a vlogger XD)

Thank you for your request! Sorry it took so long. Bleg… Why are kids like that?


- When yoosung saw that photo he was screaming internally

- “OMG MC YOU’RE SO CUTE!! What happened now?” he joked.

- You smack him on the head before pulling the picture away from him forcefully

- He was a little dense

- “Puberty hit you like a truck, huh,” he laughed.

- “Yeah… something like that”

- Now he’s concerned. “MC what’s wrong?”

- You asked him to forget but he kept pestering you

- “NO! You have to tell me what;s wrong!!”

- You finally gave in and told him the truth

- You thought you’d cry at the end of the story but yoosung got all teary eyed.


- “Hey!! It’s ok!! IT was in middle school. Kids can be mean”

- He still couldn’t believe it. You were so cute as a kid. You had to reassure him that it was fine

- When he was done with all the drama, he hugged you real tight.

- “You’re perfect MC. Don;t ever try to change yourself”

- Now you got all teary eyed.


- When Zen saw the photo, he chuckled.

- He was just giggling in the corner and you had to see what was up

- “BABE YOU’RE SO CUTE!! I would’ve squeezed you to death.”

- But you grabbed the photo from him

- “Babe what’s wrong?!”

- You weren’t ready to tell him yet

- He understood. He hugged you and kissed you on the forehead.

- “Tell me when you’re ready.”

- And when you did tell him, he was very empathetic.

- He knew how it felt but there was nothing he could do.

- He told you about how he was called ugly by his own family. He got all emotional too.

- “I never really loved myself till I met you,” he said as he stroked your cheek, “You’re perfect to me MC. No matter what you look like.”

- You were really touched!

- “Maybe you should take revenge by showing off your hot boyfriend,” he winked.

- You laughed.


- Jaehee respects your privacy. So normally she wouldn’t be going through your stuff.

- The picture fell out of the cupboard while she was cleaning up.

- She saw the picture and gave a really small smile.

- She was looking at the picture with so much love that you had to see what it was.

- When you saw that it was your middle school picture, you grabbed it from her.

- You regretted it immediately when you saw the look of hurt in her eyes.

- You had to explain why

- When she heard it, she didn’t say much. She just hugged and held you tight.

- It felt so good.

- Afterwards the both of you cuddle.

- And you tell her about the whole thing and how you felt.

- She listened patiently and hugged you real close.

- “In my eyes, you’re always beautiful.”


- One day you were looking at the picture with such a sad face on.

- Jumin had to come over and ask you what was wrong.

- You get a little teary eyed and try to shrug it off.

- “It’s nothing”

- Jumin would not let you go.

- “Tell me what’s wrong, kitten”

- You started sobbing uncontrollably and mumbled about what happened. 

- He hugged you till you were done and spoke about his past.

- “Now that I am with you, you would never go through that again.”

- If there was anyone who knew what loneliness felt like, it was Jumin. 

- You still sobbed into his shoulder, not for the bullying of course. 

- You were just really touched by Jumin’s words. 


- Seven being the nosy little hacker he is, found your yearbook photo online.

- He laughed so hard that he fell out of his chair.

- And when you saw the photo, your face became ashen.

- Seven was really surprised. He had no idea that it would affect you so much.

- “MC what’s wrong?”

- He had a look of concern on his face and you were trying really hard not to cry but the tears came out involuntarily when he hugged you.

- After seeing you cry, Seven tears up too.

- Now you stop crying and look at him really shocked.

- He wipes the tears off his face.

- “What? You can’t expect me to stay calm when you cry,” he grins with snot dripping from his nose. His eyes and nose were really red.

- You didn’t know why but somehow that really cheered you up.

- “SAEYOUNG YOU CRYBABY,” you scream playfully as you tackle him to the floor.

- He hugs you really tight.

- He hold your face and looks at you longingly.

- “You’re the most beautiful person in the word, MC,” he says as he kisses your forehead.

- You were sure never to cry in front of him again.


- You and V were talking one day and he got to talking about his school life.

- He got really excited and told you about his childhood.

- It was so adorable to see him get all enthusiastic. And you couldn’t help but smile.

- And then he asked you about his.

- Your voice kinda cracked when you told him that it wasn’t as good as his.

- V was really concerned now.

- He rubbed the back of you neck and stroked your cheeks.

- “I’m sorry MC,” he mouthed, “That was really insensitive of me.”

- And then you told him about the bullying.

- He didn’t say much. He stayed silent till you finished.

- You were a bit sad that he didn’t seem to care as much.

- “You know MC…. I would’ve fallen in love with you even then,” he smiled.

- You melted a little lot  


- When you and Saeran were going through your old pictures, your middle school picture fell out

- Saeran quickly grabbed the picture.

- He gave that little loving smile when he saw it.

- You grabbed it away from him.

- He looked visibly hurt.

- And you had to explain to him why.

- Seeing you sad, made Saeran angry!

- Really angry

- He squeezed you hands really tight.

- “Those damn bastards! I hope they rot in hell.”

- You had to assure him that it was all in the past and it was fine now.

- “But MC ! You were bullied. I know how much pain you would’ve felt,” he said with a lot of hurt in his eyes.

- Saeran had a really tough childhood too and you could understand why he reacted the way he did.

- You hugged him really tight.

- “We have each other. Nothing else matters now,” you say.

- Saeran smirked and he hugged you back.

- “You know MC… You’d look really hot in glasses.”

- You smacked him on the head.


Imagine Mob, after seeing Shou’s damp hair once from running under the rain, inviting him over and over for a swim in the pool or going to the beach, even though he barely knows how to swim.

(“Please teach me how to swim”)

Imagine Shou, giving Mob a hairband, because the rare times he sees Mob’s hair flying up when in use of his psychic power, it takes Shou’s breath away to see what’s under it.

(“It’s pretty useful in summer”)

Tri Spoilers

I feel the new trailer has kinda spoiled some of the films best moments since they take some of the tension out of it… On the cast talk, they didn’t say much of interest, since we hadn’t seen the movie, so anything interesting would have been a spoiler…

Cast Talk
Sora’s va had invited other cast members to her concert and they came, so she felt like they were family. They twirled around in the uniforms and said they thought the movie was interesting. Next broadcast is those two + Mimi, with Takeru as the MC, because he’s cheerful and able to chat. He called himself ponkotsu (useless, terrible etc) and said he found it difficult, so Sora should do it, but she said she was ponkotsu too. Mimi’s va is the ‘you can do it’ senpai, so the announcer said the three of them probably balance each other out lol

Warning: I was working on three hours of sleep and did have a teeny tiny bit of alcohol before the movie (I get tipsy easily :/) so I may or may not have missed something. 

Shipping moments - honestly whenever someone asks me about a ship moment I never know if they’re talking friend or romance. Because in all honesty, character A can look at B and half of tumblr will say it’s code for them dating. So when y’all say ‘moments’ I never know what you’re thinking because half of you exaggerate nothingness into canon. So when I’m asked about moments, I talk about times when characters interacted. I hope that clears things up.

Also please slow down on the shipping asks. I deleted over 10 messages. Patience is appreciated. So is not being rude. I’m happy to talk about literally any ship, but don’t spam me and demand answers. You make your ship and the fandom look bad. (Also why are y’all on anon I don’t bite lmao)

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amavirraandherstuff  asked:

(part 2 of 2) Dorephan is so happy that he got roped into this family game. Sidon being Sidon drops down from above and nabs Nami. Sidon tells her she's cheating by using her Grandpa. They take off to find Link. Dorephan is just so freaking happy, then he feels something touching his side and it's Freaking LINK using him to hide now. They have a tiny bonding moment between Father/son-in-law. Then, cause dorephan is a shit, he yells out Links hiding place. Link just looks at him like; betRAYAL

“That was a lot, but I hope you might have liked it? I was thinking it would be before they adopt the boys and Mipha. I am totaaly not going to be offended if you don’t want to use it. It’s just something I thought of while eating breakfast. (btw I’m the reader that commented that you made me cry with the latest chapter)”

So I am very sad because for some reason I can’t find the first part of this ask but I HAVE BEEN SCREAMING BECAUSE THIS IS SO CUTE!!!! 

I couldn’t help myself. I made a silly little one shot out of this prompt, but you can expect that I will absolutely be using this as just a permanent facet of SidLink family life. Like. So happy. I am just so pleased! Thank you for sharing this!! I’m sorry I made you cry with the last chapter! I hope it was good tears at least! Ahaha~

(The one shot is under a read more for length)

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I’m still having computer issues (which are baffling multiple people, myself included) so I’m gonna share pictures of my cats.

Why? Because they’re cute and make me happy.

This is River. She likes socks, chin scratchies, and my lap (and mine alone). She dislikes everyone else. I love her

This is Fitz. He’s an unholy terror who likes tormenting his sister, eating posters, and screaming at the top of his lungs at 3 AM. He also loves snuggling and being held, so he’s not all bad. He tolerates the vacuum and understands  how doors work, and I’m pretty sure he’d open them all randomly if he had thumbs.