i am scotty

Scotty from Star Trek ToS is extremely unappreciated? That man is so adorable, intelligent, hardworking, caring, beautiful and millions of other positive adjectives. Why there’s so little of him everywhere? He has the intelligence of Spock, charming personality of Kirk and humour of Chekov, yet Scotty remains in the dark? This is injustice I am Willing to Fight even though no one even cares about ToS at this point of time, but it is never too late. 

  • 10 days later
  • Wildcat: Hey guys I was wondering if you......
  • Nogla: When butterflies are in love, do they feel humans in their stomach?
  • Ohm: If you get out of the shower clean then how does the towel get dirty?
  • Vanoss: Are you telling the truth if you lie in bed?
  • Scotty: If the camera lens is circle then why do they pictures come out rectangular?
  • Basically: If the #2 pencil is the most popular then why is it #2?
  • Delirious: What was captain hooks name before he got the hook?
  • Mini: If a frg hops into a no parking zone is it a toad?
  • Terroriser: If you pour ice water on a hot dog, does it become a chili dog?
All Dressed Up (Halloween Fic)(High School AU)

“Is it okay if I bring my exchange student with? My mom said I need to include him more.” Craig asked.

“Yeah sure, we can get a better discount at the fair with a larger group.” Brock said

“Which kid did you end up getting anyway?” Marcel asked.

“The Canadian.” Craig replied.

“Wait, you got that one?? I thought you had like Brian, seeing how you’re both Irish.” Tyler stated

“I’m not really Irish though.”

“You said you were from Northern Ireland!” Scotty jumped in.

“I am! But that’s British, not Irish!”

“Same fucking difference!” Marcel yelled.

“No its not!”

“Shut up, you idiots! We still need to plan this shit!” Evan yelled back.

Craig knocked on his foreign exchange student’s door as he pushed it open.

“Yo Smitty, you wanna go to the Halloween festival with me and some friends tonight?”

“Uh, sure. What is it?” Smii7y sat up off his bed.

“Basically just a fall festival. Corn mazes, pumpkin carving, carnival games, fried food, shit like that. Then afterwards we usually hit up a few houses for trick or treating.”

“I’m down.”

“Great! We’re gonna meet at Tyler’s house at 5 then walk to the fest from there.“ Craig smiled before leaving the room.

Smii7y glanced at his clock, seeing he had half an hour to get ready, and got up.

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BBS As Things I’ve Thought


Vanoss: Where do owls go during the day? If I saw an owl walking by me during the day I think I’d cry.

Delirious: Why can I think congruently but not speak it?


Fuck I meant fluent.

Moo: I hope my friends bought lunch today…if someone’s still hungry I brought loads of snacks…

Terroriser: I am too good to deal with your bullshit good sir.

Scotty: I am a 17 year old woman why do I sound like a 10 year old boy going through puberty?!

Basically: Why are you acting like America isn’t racist? America is so fucking racist if you looked up racism in google it would say: do you mean America?

Smitty: If I dabbed would anyone notice?

Kryoz: Wait…if the legal smoking age is 18, is it the same for vaping? Can I go buy a vape?

Panda: No matter how hard I study I seem to always fuCKING FAIL!

Wildcat: Fight me. Do it. Give me an excuse to punch you in the face. My hands may me tiny but my fists are ready.

Mini: I’m so depressed…