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Fading - Scott McCall

Characters: Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Reader.


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You were back in Beacon Hills. It’d only been two years but you’d cut ties with everyone. It was too painful to talk to anyone.

You walked into the restaurant, picking up your order. You’d told your mom you’d eat before you came by the house to see her. You paid and grabbed your bag turning around. You start to walk out when you see him. Your heart feels like it’s dropped to the floor. Your head hurts from all of the memories flooding back. You try to hurry out the door before he sees you.

“Y/N! Is that you?” You hear Stiles shout. You turned on your heel and gave him a small wave. “Come over here!”

You sighed and walked over, trying to avoid Scott’s gaze. Stiles stood up and hugged you. “How’ve you been?”

“Ahh..normal, I guess.” You shrug. “How’s school?” You asked him.

“I’m done! For now I’m working as a deputy…dad’s worried about me jumping right into higher government.” He rolls his eyes.

“That’s great! I’m sure he has a point, though.” You smile.

“Hey, Y/N.” Scott says quietly and you look over at him.

“Hey.” You tuck a strand of your hair behind your ear. You’re sure he can hear your heart pounding.

“Are you doing well?” He almost whispers and you nod.

“I am. Yeah. Are you?”

He shakes his head ever so slightly and looks at you, giving you the look. The look that would make you want to cry. He’d always given you that look when he was upset, or after a fight when he’d sneak into your bedroom. It was the look that made you open your arms wide for him to hold you.

It was all too much. “I should go. My mom’s waiting on me to come by..” You turn and start to walk away.

Scott grabs your arm. “Can we talk?”

“I really should go…my number’s the same.” You nod at him before leaving, your head spinning.

You barely make it to your car before he’s texted you. You get inside and unlock your phone.

Where can we talk?

You sigh and reply. I don’t really want to go anywhere. Can you just call me?

Yeah. I’ll call in about an hour.

He did. He called exactly an hour later.

“Hello?” You answered the phone, walking up to your old bedroom.

“Hey. I just..I really need to talk to you.”

You sat on your bed. We’re you crazy or did the pillow beside you smell like Scott. You exhaled loudly. “About what?”

“I’m still in love with you.” He blurted out.

“I..Scott…I just..” You sighed.

“I know I’m the one who screwed everything up, but I love you, Y/N. I’ll always love you.”

“Then why’d you do it? If you loved me then why’d you leave me?”

“I didn’t want to! I had to. If I hadn’t have left everyone would be dead. You have to understand that.”

“Except I don’t. I don’t understand because you could’ve taken me with you. We talked about getting married already, Scott. You left me without a hint of where you were going, you wouldn’t answer my calls. What was I supposed to do except feel abandoned?”

You heard him take a deep breath. “You left too! Don’t act like you were here waiting for me.”

“I left to get away from all the memories of you! I left because of you!” You felt tears sting at the corners of your eyes.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry I left. I was so scared I’d lose you, but I lost you anyway.”

“You don’t think I’m still in love with you? I’ve pushed away guys I could’ve had something with because all I could think about was your big dopey smile.” You felt a tear fall.

You heard something at your window and your heart fluttered. You hung up the phone and threw it on then bed before sliding your curtains open. There he was, that dopey smile spread on his face. You slid your window open and helped him in.

He held his arms open and you hugged him tightly. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I really am.”

“I missed you, Scotty.” You mumble into his chest.

“I’ve kept walking around town, hoping to run into you. When I saw you today…I thought I was losing my mind.” He kisses the top of your head. “You knew I was back…you had to…why didn’t you call?”

“I thought you didn’t want me anymore…and remembering how happy we were just makes the pain worse.“

“I should’ve brought you with me. You’re right.” He sighs and hugs you closer. “Do you forgive me?”

“Not completely but I think we could work on that.” You look up at him and he wipes your tears with his thumbs.

“Do-over?” He asks.

You nod. “Do-over.”

Me: I’m feeling a little down today.
My brain: You know what you need?
Me: no… please…
Me: **facepalms**
Brain: LET’S GO!
Me: **sighs** whatever just go for it.
**3,000 words of fluffy coffee shop au and cutie pie Scotty later**
Me: **feels better** I guess you were right.
Brain: I told you so.

Part 4

Summary:  Two weeks after waking up with no recollection of the people and ship around you, you take your future in your hands and try to piece together your past and the events that lead up to you losing your memory of the last five years. This means finally meeting Scotty, the man you just learned is your husband.

Word Count:  2,080

Author’s Note:  This one got a little long, but it’s got lots of loving!Scotty and it’s making me really happy. As always, thank you for reading, and thank you so much for your continued feedback; it really means a lot to me. Please enjoy!

Table of Contents Here

“You be careful with him, y’hear?” McCoy warned as you approached the door of his office to leave.

“Who?” You half turned back, preparing a snippy response if he meant Jim.

“Scotty,” McCoy stood from the desk and folded his arms over his chest. “I know the two of you haven’t really talked yet, but he’s a good friend of mine. He’s pretty easy-going, but when it comes to you… that man’s in a bad way.”

“So I see,” you mumbled, looking at the floor and sucking your teeth. “I’ll be careful with him.”

“You better,” McCoy warned. “I’ve never seen him like this and frankly, I’m just as worried about him as I am about you.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. See you tomorrow?”

“No, take tomorrow. We’re not getting anywhere and I think a break’ll do us both some good.”

“If you say so, Doc,” you raised a hand and stepped into the medbay.

Chapel wandered past and gave you a wide-eyed look, but didn’t stop to talk. You found out her reason when you exited sickbay into the hall.

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Upside Down (part 1)

Intro: Hello and welcome to Kaity’s heart in post form.  If you need me, I am currently 600 kilometers deep in the Scotty trashcan, with no sign of escape (not that I want to).  So please enjoy all my feelings out in the open.  This fic ended up being 7,500 words long so I split it up into multiple parts.  Some are long, some are short.  All are good.  I hope. 

Pairing: Scotty x reader (and best friend!Jim Kirk)

Word Count:1,454

Warnings: totally 100% fake engineering everything, (I was too lazy to actually come up with proper terms so I just made up words), eventual injury, swears.

Summary: So basically the starting point for this fic was Scotty x reader who loves engineering as much as he does.  So that’s where I went with this fic.  You are second-in-command engineer and Scotty one day ends up being in charge, much to your chagrin.  You butt heads.  Scotty gets hurt.  Feelings get hurt (mostly my own).  Welcome to my trashcan.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5


“So you’re saying you would never have sex with me.”

“James Tiberius Kirk if you were the last person on earth I would copulate with a turtle before I even considered you.” You deadpanned, strapping your tool belt to your hips as you got ready to leave and turned to the frowning Captain who was leaning against the door frame. 

“Really funny.” Jim griped sarcastically, and you sauntered up to him, swinging your hips in just the right way, and you saw his eyes fall and he shook his head. 

“It’s only funny because it’s true, Jimbo.” You reached up and slapped his cheek twice, flashing a million dollar smile before pushing past him. 

“You know, this means I owe Uhura 5 bucks.” Jim called as you made your way to the engineering room. 

“That’s your own fault, you idiot.” You called back, laughing as you turned down the next hallway, finally out of his sight.  

“Hey, Bobby!” You shouted as you entered the automated doors, instantly smiling at the comforting smell of metal and sound of whirring machinery. 

“Lass, what’s with all the yelling?” An unfamiliar voice sounded from somewhere in the room and you leaned over the railing to look down and saw a man in a red shirt looking up at you. 

Suddenly, a hard hand clapped you on the shoulder and you nearly jumped out of your skin.

Spinning around you saw Jim again and scowled, taking a few deep breaths to calm your nerves. 

“Yeah, Bobby doesn’t work here anymore.” Jim said matter-of-factly. 

Your jaw fell open in disbelief, “What!?”

“He had to take sudden leave for… reasons, and this is his replacement.  Get up here Scotty!” Jim yelled and you continued to look at him incredulously. 

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Part 13

Summary:  Two weeks after waking up with no recollection of the people and ship around you, you take your future in your hands and try to piece together your past and the events that lead up to you losing your memory of the last five years. This means finally meeting Scotty, the man you just learned is your husband.

Word Count:  892

Author’s Note:  Enjoy and as always, let me know what you think! Also, you can now find this story on AO3.

Table of Contents Here

“Are you absolutely certain?” Jim asked, looking at the readings over Spock’s shoulder.

“I am,” Spock responded. “Captain, although I respect your decision not to send down a second away team -”

“I’m starting to reconsider,” Jim admitted. “Can you isolate the source of the signature?”

“It seems to be emanating from this mountain range,” Spock said, pulling up a topographic diagram of the planet’s surface. He indicated a plot of two square kilometres. “This area in particular.”

“That’s nowhere near where we sent the away team down… We don’t have much time do we?” Jim asked, rubbing his face.

“The last instance of this signature that we were able to record only lasted for twenty minutes,” Spock confirmed. “However, now that we have coordinates -”

“We might have time,” Jim said. “We also might not. I want an away team ready in five minutes.”

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