Among The Carnage

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Fandom: Vikings

Pairing: Ivar The Boneless x Reader

Note/Summery: I just wanted to hop on to the whole sexy battlefield smut that has been floating around. So, that’s what you’re getting. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write this, I’ve been having a bit of trouble with my health the passed few weeks, but I hope you enjoy it!

Warnings: Smut, blood and gore.

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That Twenty One Pilots Dude (Josh Dun)

I am so sorry this took me so long to complete, I got sent this request a long long time ago and it has taken me so long to actually come around to doing and I apologise for that I am useless.

 I hope you’re ok that I changed the request ever so slightly but it still is practically the same :) 

Words: 2,300+


I walk down the cobbled streets which seem to go on forever as I do my daily trek to work. Its a rather cold winters morning in Ohio today making the route to work unbearable as I use all my efforts to try not to slip on the thin layer of ice that seemed to have formed over night.

The ice was just another inconvenience for me that morning as i was already extremely tired from the night before. My friend Megan had come round as she had the night off of work and wanted to see me and I had not seen her in ages. We sat on the sofa caught up on eachother lives and drank wine together, this lead to Megan starting to talk about a band she was interested in that she was recently introduced to. As Megan is a lightweight and was by now pretty tipsy she was slurring her words when she was trying to speak however I managed to pick out that the band was called Twenty One Pilots, and amongst the drunken chats she was showing me pictures of them. I am not completely certain that I fully remember what they looked like however if i saw them again there is a high chance that I would be able to recognise them.

I arrive at Ember, the small coffee shop that I work in, I love it to bits, it’s warm cosy and the coffee they sell is honestly some of the best I have ever had. I push open the wooden door and walk in causing the bell to ring above the door notifying my manager Ella I have arrived for work.

“Hello Y/N, the shop opens in 5 so for the time being could you put these out for me thanks.” Ella ushers me to put a few more things on shelves before the shop opens.

“Of course” I reply and potter around the coffee shop and make sure that it is ready to open. 

It has been a rather busy morning of regulars coming in and grabbing their usuals as well as some new customers coming in and out and trying the varieties of pastries we have laid out as well as the relaxing coffees. I am pleased to look at the clock and see that I have 20 minutes until the end of my shift and look back out at the shop and see that it isn’t half as busy as it was earlier, I am thankful for that.

I see that no customers are waiting to be served and no one has walked in so I walk over to the side and pull out my phone. This is something that I am able to get away with sometimes if it isn’t busy and if Ella doesn’t see me. I was growing curious about these Twenty One Pilots guys and give in and decide to look them up and see what the big deal was with them. First of all I go to google images and see these two boys one having bright red hair and piercings and the other had a shaved head however you could still hair in his head and be able to tell that it was brown. they’re pretty hot I can see what Megan sees in them. I continue to scroll through the pictures on google images and see that One of the boys which I found out his name to be josh changed his hair colour quite frequently. And the the other boy was called Tyler and he was the lead singer and the only singer in the group. 

I was pulled out of my trance when I heard a coughing come from other side of the counter. I quickly shove my phone in the pocket on the front of the apron and walk over towards the counter. 

“I am so sorry, what can I get you?” I ask not yet looking up from my apron, most likely coming across even more rude than I was already seeming. 

“Its alright, um can I get two coffees please with milk” 

A/N I don’t know all the fancy names for coffees that they usually do at these shops i’m sorry but you can just imaging that they bought some fancy ass coffee or somethings 

I finally look up at the person who just spoke and see a handsome looking man with vibrant red hair looking back at me. A/N I know Josh now has yellow hair but this was set when he still had it red. His red hair standing out in the small coffee shop. He had a nose piercing as well as a tattoo sleeve which I immediately found attractive, he stood about 3 inches taller than me and glanced at me with his honey brown eyes.

“Yeah sure” I reply with a smile and he gives me the money.

I turn around and make the drinks and realise that I was just speaking to Josh Dun that Twenty One Pilots dude. Crap, I hope he didn’t see me staring at pictures of him and his friend on my phone. As I continue to make the drinks I decide in that moment that i am not going to tell Josh that I recognise him and I have a couple of reasons for that. Firstly, I do not call myself a fan as I haven’t even heard any of their music all I have done is google them and see that they were a couple of hot guys. Also another reason being that Josh is a famous guy so he proably has fans recognising him all the time and if i was the guy I would like a break and not want to be recognised for just once.

I have made the drinks and I go back to hand them over to Josh however he is hesitant to take them thats when he looks up at me slightly nervous.

“Um, Y/N do you have break coming up or the end of your shift soon?” He asks biting his lip slightly, a nervous habit proably. I try to hide the pink blush thats creeping up on my cheeks when i realise that he has looked at my name tag and then asked me.

“Actually yes I have my break in like 10 minutes” I say smiling back at him.

“Ok I was wondering if you would like to maybe go for a walk or something” He asks but straight after he said the words he bites back down on his lip.

“Yeah I would love too” I say but this time i dont even attempt to control the blush that i know is forming on my cheeks. 

“Ok great, I will be sitting over there on that table when your shift is done just come over I guess” He says smiling in relief.

“Yeah sure” 

Then he walks away back to the table him and his friend are sitting at I can only guess is Tyler. But as he is walking away I cant really help myself from staring at him as he walks away. He was even better looking in real life than he was in the photographs.

During the small amount of time that I had before my break with Josh I continued to prepare drinks for people and serve them food but not without flashing the occasional glance towards Josh at his table. A couple of times we made eye contact and smiled at eachother but then i was sure to carry on with my work. the quicker I was done it felt like the quicker I could get out of there.

If was finally time for my break and I was ecstatic that I was going to be spending it with Josh. I take off my apron and put my black jacket on as it might be chilly out there walking with Josh and I stroll over towards the table that him and his friend are sitting on. 

As I am walking over I see his brown haired friend and we make brief eye contact. He nudged Josh’s elbow notifying him that I was making my way towards the table.

“Hey Y/N” Josh greets me after he turns his body slightly so he was facing me properly. 

“Hi” I reply smiling towards the two boys.

“Y/N this is my friend Tyler, Tyler this is Y/N” I took this opportunity to take in Tyler’s appearance. He was wearing a black Adidas Jacket and black ripped jeans accompanied by some white trainers. His brown hair had seemed as though it had recently been shaved off though you were still able to see it. He was a smiley boy who seemed to radiate joy and happiness, I can see why these two would appeal to people visually as well as for their music. 

“Hello Y/N it is nice to meet you” Tyler introduces himself to me.

“Nice to meet you too Tyler” I smile back at the boy and turn back to look at Josh.

Josh stands looks at me and smiles then turns to his friend.

“Right Ty we will be off, I will catch you later man” 

Tyler and Josh exchange their goodbyes and we walk out of the door and we are immediately hit with a chilly breeze. I shiver slightly and out of the corner of my eye I can see Josh smiling at me again.

We have been walking and talking for 5 minutes now and we have come across a small abandoned park that has some swings as well as other things their for children to play on. However, it appears that me and Josh both have the same idea as we turn to look at each other then nod towards the swing set, we walk towards the swings and sit down on them and continue to make conversation.

“So yeah I moved here from New York with my family about 4 years ago now. I love it here in Ohio but for me its not the same as New York, I guess I am used to the busy streets that never sleep at night and the hustle a bustle of city life. But you have been there before haven’t you, both you and Tyler” I continue, however before I realise what I have said it is too late, I had slipped up, I had let him know that I knew that he was in a band.

But I was surprised to see that when I looked over after I had made the error that Josh wasn’t in the least bit angry in fact he was smirking at me.

“Y/N, how did you know I was in a band?” He was teasing me now he knew that I had slipped up in our conversation and he seemed to find the whole situation amusing as he sat on the swing moving slowly backwards and forwards with his hands in the small pockets of his ripped jeans.

I then explained Megan and what had happened only the night before when she came round telling me all about him and Tyler however the alcohol that had been entered into our system seemed to have stopped me from remembering practically all of that information apart from their band name.

“So after you had ordered your drink I had decided that I wasnt going to tell you as I am sure you got it all the time people coming up to you and recognising you. Also because I don’t see myself as a fan as I only found out about your existence last night, I haven’t even listened to any of your music yet, and if i were to approach you I would have no idea what to say.” That last part earned a chuckle from Josh’s half.

“Thank you Y/N, I mean I do get quite a few people coming up to me sometimes so it was nice to speak to someone who sees me as Josh Dun, and not Josh Dun from Twenty One Pilots.”

I smile back at him understanding completely where he was coming from and I am thankful that I had made the right choice about not telling him that I recognised him as if I did I might not be here now talking to him.

“Josh if I had told you that I had recognised you in the Coffee shop would you have asked me to go out for a walk with you?” My curiosity was getting the better of me and I had to ask.

Josh looked down at his feet in front of him for a second he seemed as though he was nervous. Then he finally speaks up.

“I think I would have, even though you may have recognised me I don’t think I would have forgiven myself for letting someone as beautiful as you go without even trying to talk to them or give them a chance.”

What Josh had said had caused me to blush extremely hard and I let my hair fall in front of my face in attempt to conceal it from josh.

Josh walks me back to Ember as I still have a few more hours working there before the end of the day, but just before I walk through the door he speaks up.

“Um Y/N I really enjoyed it today and I would really like to get to know you better so I was wondering if I could get your number?” He asks biting down on his lip again, nervous again. I smile up at the red haired boy

“Yes of course, I enjoyed it too” I say now not even trying to conceal the blush on my cheeks from Josh who was typing away his number into my phone.

“Talk later yeah?” He asks optimistically as I turn away to go into the warm comforting coffee shop.

“Yes Josh, talk later” I say opening the door to be greeted by the scent of freshly brewed coffee, one of my favourite scents. 

Throughout the rest of the day I was unable to clear my mind of thoughts of josh and I was looking forward to the next time I would be able to see him.

it calls me

for @pemasea and @preatorpercy - i’m so sorry it’s taken so long and still isn’t finished, but here’s a start on that ariel and moana fic for you!!!

“I am Moana of Motunui. You will board my boat and restore the heart to Te Fiti.” She pulled the sail around, grunting slightly with the effort, and repeated the mantra again. “I am Moana of Motunui. You will board my boat and -”

Something interrupted the chant that had been running through her head since she’d set out on this voyage. A voice in the distance, high and sweet and - singing?

Moana froze. When she concentrated, she could clearly hear the song, carrying over the waves. It couldn’t have been that far away. She mustn’t have been so utterly surrounded by water as she’d thought. The voice was heavenly, sweeter than anything she’d ever heard before, and Moana felt drawn to it by something beyond her control. The same longing she felt whenever she stood on the shore of Motunui surged within her again now, this time pulling her over the sea and towards the strangely beautiful sound. Barely hesitating, she changed course and headed straight for the voice. 

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My Best Friend’s Brother Part 15

My Best Friend’s Brother Part 15


Title: My Best Friend’s Brother

Summary: Back in college you and Sam Winchester were the best of friends, you had even introduced him to Jess and became the official third wheel, the three of you were inseparable until Jess’s death and then your best friend just disappeared from your life. A few years later living in New York City you run into your ex best friend and piece some things together about his mysterious life. You and Dean grow close, he becomes your best friend too, but can you keep your feeling platonic and brotherly like they are with Sam?

Pairing: (MOC,Demon)Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam x Reader (Best friends)

Warnings: language, smut, angst

A/N: Hey guys i am so sorry it took so long for me to post, its been a long week and I just haven’t had the mental energy to write. My computer also lost a lot of the work i’d done and so it took me a while to get the motivation to write again. thank you for being so patient <3

1 year later

The past few months had been a mess. After Dean had taken on the Mark of Cain everything spiraled out of control. The two of you were still together through all of it but things were tense. Dean kept himself distant and was much less affectionate. You knew he was worried about hurting you but that he was also struggling with everything going on inside of him. You stood by him through all of this until he died. You and Sam had set Dean on his bed and said your goodbyes. Sam left you alone in the room and you were overcome with your sadness. You crawled into the bed with Dean and held his body while you sobbed whispering I love you’s wishing you had never let him take on the mark, wishing you’d done it yourself, when his eyes opened wide and they were solid black.

“Get out of Dean’s body!” you yelled jumping off the bed. How dare a demon take his body, you would not let that happen.

“Sweetheart it’s all me in here” Dean’s body said with a smirk on his face.

“That’s not possible Dean died, you’re just some demon trying to take his body, but I won’t let you”

“I’m afraid the squirrel is telling the truth princess” You spun around and saw Crowley, you looked at him questioningly not sure what was going on, “When someone with the mark dies, it brings them back to life, but as a demon. Your little boyfriend is a demon now” He said smiling.

Dean gave you a tight smile and walked towards you, he gripped you by the hips and his eyes went black, “You in baby?” giving you his signature smirk but it was void of his normal kindness. It was still Dean though and you loved him, you could find a way to change him back but you couldn’t let him out of your sight. But also you were curious, you obviously still loved him but you also were drawn to this new version.

“Ok” you barely whispered out before Dean was grabbing you by the hand and dragging you out along with Crowley.


Those events are what brought you here today. You were seated alone at the bar on your second whiskey while Dean and Crowley were in the back playing pool. You turned around to see Dean cozied up to some blonde apparently trying to teach her how to play pool. You rolled your eyes turning back around to your whiskey. You weren’t sure why you stuck around, Dean really only used you for sex but he was also getting plenty of that from other girls. You kept hoping that maybe if you stuck around his love for you would come through and that you would get your Dean back, but so far he was just a demon. He still had some of his sweet tendencies, like cleaning you up after sex or the way he’d look at you when you were laying together but overall he was just an ass. You had been thinking about contacting Sam, letting him know what was going on, where you were, but you knew Dean would find out and you were scared to make him angry like this and you wanted to keep in tact so that you could eventually figure out how to change him back. So here you were stuck and not sure how to move forward.

You heard giggling and turned to see Dean whispering in that girl’s ear and you felt sick. You knew your Dean would never cheat on you, but he was a demon now and that version of him didn’t care if he hurt you.

  You put some money on the bar for the drinks and grabbed your purse walking over towards Crowley.

“I’m gonna head back to the motel I’ll see you guys later” you said looking over to Dean who was a bit preoccupied.

“He won’t be happy you’re leaving without him, you know how possessive he is over his little princess” Crowley said taking a sip of his drink.

“He’ll get over it, probably by getting under another girl, again” you spat out, “I’m just going to go back to my room and order some pizza and watch movies, there’s nothing for me to do here and I don’t feel like drinking all day or watch my demon boyfriend make out with other girls”

“I’ll let him know” Crowley said returning his annoyed gaze to Dean.


You were curled up in bed full of pizza and watching one of your favorite movies on the tv. You were wearing just one of Dean’s button down flannels, even though he wasn’t really him anymore his clothes still gave you comfort.

“Why’d you leave?” Dean asked stumbling into the room. You could hear the anger in his voice.

“I was bored and didn’t really feel like watching you hit on that girl” You said not looking away from the tv.

Dean gripped your chin and turned your head to look at him, “ You know I don’t like it when you leave without me, you’re mine. And besides I didn’t fuck that girl it was just a little bit of fun” he smirked

“Well you’ve fucked plenty of others so excuse me if I made assumptions” you jerked your head away laying back down, but Dean gripped your ankles pulling you to him so he was standing between your legs.

“I wasn’t done talking to you sweetheart.” His eyes flashed black for a second as he said that, his voice low and gravelly. You couldn’t help your arousal at the sound of his voice. Even though demon Dean was a total dick you couldn’t help but still be attracted to him, and even get turned on with how much rougher he got. While it was definitely hot, nothing could change how badly you missed the sweet kisses or loving touches. Dean’s eyes met yours as he grabbed your shorts and tugged them off, “You know what it does to me when you wear my shirts” his hand trailing up to your stomach and you shivered under his hand and gaze. He pulled back and took his shirt off and you sat up to work on getting his belt undone. As you were reaching to unzip his jeans he gripped your chin again and pulled you face up to meet his eyes, “all you’ve got to do is say stop if you want to stop” he said his face serious, but there was also a hint of worry. These were the moments that gave you hope, why you stayed. Pieces of your Dean were still in there and you weren’t going to leave his side.

“I know Dean, I’m ok” you said and he gave you a slight smile before his face went stoic again and pushed you down onto the bed.


You woke up a few hours later expecting to be alone or at least for Dean to be rolled over but instead you woke up to him spooning you pulling you as close to him as he could. You weren’t sure what all he could feel or how he differentiated right from wrong as a demon. He could be sweet, they were fleeting moments but they were still there, he couldn’t be all evil. You didn’t know if it made you weak or strong to refuse to leave him even if being with him like this wasn’t healthy, but you loved him too much to give up. You snuggled closer into him taking advantage of this moment and letting him hold you as close as possible  before falling back asleep.


In the morning you woke to the feeling of being pulled, you kept your eyes shut trying to pretend to still be asleep when you realized Dean was rolling over and pulling you up onto his chest. One arm wrapped around you while the other reached up and ran fingers through your hair. Dean always used to do that when he was overthinking something and you tried to think about what he could possibly be thinking about when he began to speak obviously still thinking you were asleep, “ I still love you ya know, it’s a different feeling than before… it’s not natural for demons to love but I know I love you, it’s just different. I wish I could be the way I was before, I’m still me, just darker, and I don’t really want to change, it’s not in my nature to want that but you, you make this complicated, you remind me of what being human was like, you’re keeping me somewhat good. I don’t like hurting you, making you feel unwanted, but I just can’t stop…” you felt his grip tighten on you and you wondered if all demons struggled like this or if this was Dean’s humanity coming through. Dean leaned down and kissed your forehead. You could’ve cried at that gesture, it had been so long since he’d been sweet like that. He gently rolled you to your side before getting out of bed. You finally opened your eyes to see the back of him as he pulled his jeans on.  

You decided to finally let it be known that you’re awake, sitting up in bed pulling the sheet up with you, “Morning” You said pulling your legs to you. Dean turned his head and looked at you with an expression you couldn’t read before reaching for his shirt to pull it on.

“ I’m heading to the bar” and with that he was out the door leaving you alone in the motel room. You laid back groaning, trying to decide how to move forward. You reached over to the side table and grabbed your phone. You thought for a second before dialing a number you hadn’t called in a while.

“Y/N?” your best friend’s voice said hesitantly.

“Hey Sammy, umm I need your help”

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Why don’t we make a deal?”

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9 10 or 12 I LOVE Hurt/comfort!Kristanna it's very comforting and I am in love with your fic "breathe" ugh! My first Frozen fanfic I read too!

Send me “Show me love”

And I’ll generate a number from 1-30.

(these are from…a week ago)

“Hold me until I forget.”

“I don’t feel good. Stay with me…”

“I had that horrible dream again. Can I sleep in your bed?”

[Thank you so much, Anon! <3 <3 <3 ‘Breathe’ is definitely one of my favorites out of my own fics, I’m honored that it was your first Frozen fic :) Sorry that it’s taken me so long to get to your drabble! I hope you like it]




He looked up from his ledger, rubbing wearily at his forehead as he struggled to focus on the small figure in the doorway. Kristoff had never learned to read, not properly—he knew numbers, and useful words, but there had been an awkwardness when Elsa realized that the records he kept as Ice Master, though meticulous, were written in runes. No one else in the city could read runes except for a handful of scholars. He found himself awkwardly submitting to reading lessons, and now he was giving himself the devil of a headache trying to translate his accounts.

“Anna? What are you—why are you in your nightdress?”

She shuffled her bare feet and plucked at the soft yellow fabric. “Because…because it’s nighttime?”

Kristoff rubbed a palm over his face, blinking hard. It was later than he’d realized, now that he was paying attention to details—the sky outside the window was dark, the candles were burning low, his back was aching and Anna was…not just in a nightdress, but her braids were mussed and half undone, her eyes reddened. And she was shivering, without her robe or slippers. He shoved his chair back hastily and went to her, rubbing her arms, her hands.

“You’re cold. What are you doing up? You should be sleeping.”

“I was, I…” She bit her lip and looked down. “I had that dream again,” she whispered. His fingers tightened around hers. She didn’t need to explain further than that. Anna took a shuddery little breath and went on in a rush. “I couldn’t go back to sleep, and I saw the light from your room, and the door was open, and I thought…I thought maybe…” She blushed, worrying at her lip again with her teeth.


“Could I…could I sleep in your bed?”


A broken little giggle escaped Anna at his incredulous expression and her ducked her head. “I don’t mean…um…I just thought, if you’re still up, I could…just for a little bit! Not all night! I just…” She shrugged. “One time when you were gone I just…felt really lonely, and I didn’t want to bother Elsa because she never gets enough sleep, and so…I came in here and I was sitting on your bed, and it smelled like you, and…it made me feel safe, and I sort of fell asleep for a few hours. And…I didn’t have any bad dreams. It was nice,” she mumbled, blush darkening. “I’m sorry.”

Kristoff stared down at her. He remembered coming home, after a long, cold week without her, and thinking that he was imaging the smell of summer flowers on his pillow. He remembered how deeply and peacefully he’d slept, too, his dreams full of Anna. Anna laughing. Anna warm.  Anna safe. He bent to scoop her up in his arms—her feet were probably icy on the stone floor.

“Kristoff? What are you—” Anna broke off as he set her down on the bed.

“Here,” he muttered, feeling his own blush heat his cheeks. “You can sleep here. As long as you want.” He fumbled at the blanket, tucked it carefully around her. He bent to kiss her forehead, and her arms came up the curl around his neck.

“Thank you.”

He shrugged, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly and trying not to look too closely at the sight of Anna curling up around his pillow, nuzzling her face into the soft down. Kristoff sat back down at his desk, trying to work, but after a few minutes of staring blankly at the ledger a sleepy mumble interrupted him.



“Sorry, I just…wanted to hear your voice. I still…I don't…”

Kristoff went back to her. She was in a tight little ball, holding the pillow in a white-knuckled grip. He ran his hand over the back of her head lightly, and she relaxed a little. “Are you still–” scared “—cold?”

“A little,” she said. “I…it’s hard to get warm, after…I don’t feel good. My body sort of feels…wrong. But it’s better with you here,” she said hastily, reaching out to touch his arm. “It’s a lot better.”

He hesitated, but just for a moment. Then he climbed up onto the bed beside her, maneuvering until the shivering little lump under the blanket fitted into the curve of his body. He was fully dressed, there were the layers of bedding in between them, surely they could get away with this. Anna needed this. She was already relaxing as he wrapped his arm around her, his body heat leaching through the blanket and the sheet to warm her.

Anna wormed one arm out from under the coverlet to clasp his hand. “Thank you,” she whispered, her voice already soft with sleep. “I couldn’t stop remembering…how it felt.”

“It’s okay,” he said quietly. The back of his throat felt rough, and he pulled her a little closer. “You’re safe.” He was tired, more tired than he’d realized before he lay down, but he forced himself to stay awake, listening for the deep breathing and little snores that would mean Anna was asleep. But she was fighting sleep, too.

“I don’t want to remember. It…it helps when you hold me. Will you hold me until I forget? Please?”

“Anna,” he murmured, shifting to kiss her hair. “I’ll hold you forever.”

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So, recently a porn bot reblogged one of my art posts. I blocked the blog but i also checked it out and saw that it had also reblogged other people's posts and art and added something like "call me when you get home" or some other things that were sorta nsfw. This is giving me anxiety, what do i do? Also will this affect me badly? Or am i worrying over nothing? Thanks and sorry for the long ask

im really sorry this is happening to you oh gosh :( yea its happened a few times to me to, best thing you can do is block & report the blog

i wouldnt worry too much because theyre bots? but blocking them / removing the reply in your notes / reporting them so the blog is taken down Should be the best thing to do

"It's like you don't even know who I am." (Grayson)

Requested by @juliammichelle: “Can you do a Bad boy Grayson imagine please??”


A/N: SO SORRY IVE TAKEN SO LONG TO WRITE THIS. The request was in my messages, and I didn’t even see it until recently.


Grayson Dolan.

Everyone knew the name, but for all the wrong reasons. Grayson was known as the bad boy around school, and he always made sure that he kept true to his rep. He was hardly ever at school, and on the rare occasion that he was, he was never in class. He was either in the principal’s office getting a referral for the most recent prank he pulled, or just walking around the school, picking locks on lockers and stealing peoples’ stuff.

Everyone in your small group of friends disliked him for one reason or another.

Except for you.

You’d seen him around school, and there was no doubt that he was one of the best looking guys in school, and you thought his “bad boy” rep was incredibly attractive. But he was way out of your league. You had seen the girls he’d gone out with in the past. And besides, you couldn’t let your friends know that you liked him.

* * *

You were sitting in class one day, and you were getting bored, so you asked to go to the restroom.

“Don’t be too long, I’m about to hand out the homework.” Your teacher said.

“Okay.” You said. You took the restroom pass and walked two halls over to the girl’s restroom. When you walked in, you saw Grayson propped up on the counter, a notbook in hand.

“Hey little lady.” He said, not looking up from the notebook.

“Why aren’t you in class? Better yet, why aren’t you in the boys bathroom?” You asked sternly.

“I’ve been gone for like 10 minutes. They’re probably already looking for me, and I’m sure they won’t think to check the girls bathroom.” He looked up and gave you a sly smirk. God, he was so hot. You wanted to jump his bones right then and there. But, you kept your cool. You looked down at his notebook.

“Are you actually studying for something?” You asked, already knowing the answer. He let out a laugh.

“Please, (Y/N). Me? Studying? It’s like you don’t even know who I am.” He said. The way your name sounded coming out of his mouth made you weak.

“Wow, I didn’t think you even knew my name. I figured I would’ve been too far down in the slums for you to even care who I was.” You said. Just then, he hopped off the counter and walked over to you, just inches now separating you two. His breath, smelling of alcohol and nicotine, hot against your lips.

“I know every pretty girls name. And you’re at the top of my list baby.” He whispered in your ear.

“I think I heard him over here!” The principal called out.

“Shit. I gotta go. Maybe I’ll see you around.” He said, planting a kiss on your lips and smacking your ass on the way out of the restroom. You peeked around the corner to see Grayson now in the principal’s hands, being taken down to the office yet again. You grabbed the pass from the counter and walked back to class, trying to calm yourself down and process what the hell actually just happened.

rules: tag 20 followers you want to get to know better. i was tagged by the lovely @captains-renegade , thank you! sorry its taken so long!!
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sorry i wrote so much, i have lots to say about these small questions haha
Mine To Protect | Natasha Romanoff AU|

@nostarielstuff requested: HI! So I’m a slut for soulmate and mob AU’s could you do a Natasha x reader imagine where’s she’s a mob boss and you’re her soulmate she keeps tucked away.
Hi dear! Sorry its taken me so long to post this, but I am also a slut for soulmate AUs and this is amazing! Thanks for the request lovely! I changed it a little bit but I hope you still love it.

Summary: Natasha runs the Russian mob in New York. She is deadly and doesn’t take shit, except when it comes to you, her soulmate. And God forbid anyone insult or make a move on you.

Your soul-mark: A tattoo of your soulmate’s first words to you.

Trigger Warnings: Shooting, death, swearing, unwanted advances, making out (if that’s a warning?)

Originally posted by legendarystarlords

“What’s a pretty thing like you doing in a place like this?” Twelve words that changed your life. As a child your parents were unsure of the question, thinking that you were going to go down the wrong path or end up in a sleezy part of town. And they weren’t wrong. On the fateful night you ended up in one of the worst bars on the north side of New York, surrounded by drug dealers, bikers, mob members and gangbangers. Nat had her eyes on you from the moment you stepped through the door, smiling softly to her self when you told the bartender who was trying to get you into bed to ‘go fuck himself.’

“What’s a pretty thing like you doing in a place like this?” She asked as she situated herself on the bar stool beside you. A small scoff sounded in the back of your throat as you downed the shot of vodka before turning to the woman.

“Having some fun. Care to join?” And with that, Natasha was gone. You could’ve asked her to take on anyone in the world and she would’ve done it for you.

You smiled softly at the memory, brushing your finger against your collarbone, where your soul-mark was.

“Hey there, hot stuff. What are the chances of me flipping this coin and getting head?” A drunken man slurred as he sauntered up to you. You raised an eyebrow at him before rolling your eyes and beginning to walk back to where Natasha watched you.

“Hey, bitch! I’m talking to you.” The man then demanded, grabbing a hold of your forearm and yanking you back to him.

“Don’t fucking touch me!” You snarled at the man pulling your arm from his grasp and beginning to walk away. You didn’t get far before a hand grabbed your ass. As you whirled around, you couldn’t say anything before a gunshot sounded and the man hit the floor, now with a bullet between his eyes.

“Don’t touch my girl.” Natasha’s voice echoed through the now silent bar, as she escorted you outside.

“You didn’t have to do that, Nat. I could’ve handled that myself.” You crossed your arms, staring at your soulmate. 

“I know, Y/N, but you’re mine. Mine to protect, mine to love, mine to touch,” she growled as she grabbed a hold of your waist and began to kiss down your neck, “mine.” And with that she pressed her lips to yours, claiming you as hers. Your lips fit together like puzzle pieces, molding perfectly. Natasha’s teeth scraped against your lower lip before she pulled it into her own mouth, sucking on it and drawing a moan from you.

“Let’s go home before this goes too far in public.” You winked cheekily, grabbing Nat’s hand and pulling her towards the car.

“No more bars or clubs for you. It’s not good for me to kill so many innocent civilians.”

@lazytuesday-creation Okay, first of all, i made this draw for you (again UwU) And… i want to ask you something. But its to hard to me say it. So, im sorry if its so long this post -3- ….

You are one of the people who have given me the most support for my drawings and the way I draw, and then … Honestly I would like to meet the person who inspires admiration (at least in me) and I really do not want to sound like one Fangirl obsessed with a person, I want to tell you that what I am saying / writing is 100% taken out of my heart. I hope not to bother you with that and I understand if this is very crazy or desperate at a certain point, but it is something that I had long been saved, and I could not contain myself in doing so or say it to you, but I did the drawing, that drawing is something I had planned For a week and that by trial and error I could not achieve at least until this day.
I do not want to take away your valuable time, in fact, I thank you very much that you take me into account, with all that in what I mention or something by style, I just want to tell you something more …Thank you very much for supporting me, seriously that you are an incredible person!

The Throne Room (Thranduil Smutty Oneshot)

So this is a smutty Oneshot based on what an anon requested me do where Thranduil and his queen are making love on the royal throne but then, well let’s just say there is an unexpected surprise. Enjoy!

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Sorry its taken me so long to review on one of your fics o.o'. Unis kept me really busy for a while but Ive finally had enough time to review for the newest tempest chapter aND OMG I LOVE IT! I love the meeting. I adore both sets of parents And the friendship between Pamela and iris. I adore Amys shirt as Im demisexual :D And The cliffhanger! Why? It's made me really excited to see what comes next. I'm not Muslim but I am Arabic and have Muslim friends and nothing you said was wrong! Thank you!

:)) I’m glad you’re enjoying the fic and I’m glad that you and your friends didn’t find anything wrong with Damali. I kind of adore her now, and though her concept didn’t start out as Muslim, I think I kind of like her better as one :)

My Best Friend’s Brother Part 12

Title: My Best Friend’s Brother

Summary: Back in college you and Sam Winchester were the best of friends, you had even introduced him to Jess and became the official third wheel, the three of you were inseparable until Jess’s death and then your best friend just disappeared from your life. A few years later living in New York City you run into your ex best friend and piece some things together about his mysterious life. You and Dean grow close, he becomes your best friend too, but can you keep your feeling platonic and brotherly like they are with Sam?

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam x Reader (Best friends)

Warnings: language, smut, slight angst

A/N: Thank you so much to everyone who has kept up with this story,I’m not sure how many more parts there will be, I have a little bit of writers block at the moment but I’m going to say there will probably? Be 8 more parts… we will see. I’m sorry its taken me so long to update, I am recovering from a sinus infection and i just was not feeling good this past week and slept a lot. I hope you guys like this part <3

    You, Dean, Sam, and Cas were all sitting at the table in the library trying to get some research done. You and Dean were secretly holding hands under the table, your heart fluttered at the sweet gesture. Ever since that argument Dean had been more affectionate and sweet, even the sex had been different. While the two of you still had hot and heavy moments of just pure lust, more moments had started to turn into a loving need. It was like he just needed to feel your skin against his, just hold you close, he would whisper I love you when he held you, or lean down and whisper it in your ear when you were completely engrossed in a book or tv show, he had this need to just make sure you knew what you meant to him. As you continued to do research Dean flipped your hand over and started to trace circles in the palm of your hand and you looked over at him giving him a small smile. He looked up at you for a second and winked at you before going back to research. Neither of you noticed Sam and Castiel looking at the two of you with knowing expressions.

“Y/N may I ask you a question?” Castiel asked you giving you a confused look.

You let go of Dean’s hand and pulled your hand to your lap at Castiel’s voice, “Of course Cas, whats up?”

“I’m afraid I don’t understand why you and Dean try so hard to keep your romantic relationship a secret. Its fairly obvious to me and Sam that the two of you are more than friends, is it a human custom that I don’t understand to keep a relationship secret?” Sam burst out laughing at this and you sat there looking at Castiel with wide eyes and could feel yourself turning bright red.

“Uhh no Cas its not a custom, we just were trying to be discreet until we knew for sure it was going to last, we didn’t want things to be awkward for the two of you if things didn’t work out” Dean explained laughing a little bit a being caught while you continued to blush profusely.

“How did you know?” You asked trying to regain your composure.

“Y/N I hate to break this to you but not only are you a terrible liar but the two of you can barely keep your hands to each other and quite frankly you umm are very… vocal” Dean burst out laughing at this and you glared at him and he just shrugged trying to hold back his laughter while you blushed a crimson red and put your hands in your face. You felt Dean wrap his arm around you and pull you to him, “Well now you guys know for sure, we are dating and things are going really well” you smiled at him and then at Cas and Sam.

Sam gave you a large smile back, “I’m really happy for you guys, you both deserve some happiness.” Sam stood up to walk out of the room but turned to say one last thing, “and as much as I love you Dean, youd better not hurt her” he said warning and Dean smiled and nodded. Sam smiled at the two of you and walked to his room.

“I am also very happy for the two of you. Now if youll excuse me I have some angel business to attend to” Cas said as he disappeared leaving you and Dean alone. The two of you made eye contact and burst out laughing. As you tried to get control of your laughter Dean pulled you into his lap and held you. You kissed his temple and then nuzzled your face into his neck.

“Well at least now we can kiss and touch each other more openly without worrying about getting caught” you said still giggling a bit.

“That’s true sweetheart” Dean said placing a kiss to your forehead, “and you know you could permanently move into my room with me, if you want…” you looked up at him wondering if you heard him right, “you already spend most nights there anyway, and now that the secrets out, itd just be easier for you to live in the room with me” Dean explained as he watched his hand rubbing up and down your thigh.

“Dean Winchester are you asking me to move in with you?” you said teasingly with a smirk on your face. Dean rolled his eyes at you but couldn’t help the smile spreading on his face and nodded.

“I would love to Dean” you answered and Dean leaned in to kiss you. You giggled as he peppered kisses all over your face.

“I love you Dean Winchester” you said as you placed kisses along his jawline.

“I love you too Y/F/N Y/L/N” Dean responded moaning into your kisses, “ have I told you today how beautiful you are?” he said smiling down at you.

“Mmm I don’t think so” you giggled.

“Well Y/N you are unbelievably and incredibly beautiful” you smiled at him and pressed a kiss to his forehead. You felt so content in this moment.


You and the boys got back to the bunker from a hunt and Dean went straight for your shared bedroom. You had moved in with him two weeks earlier and for two weeks everything was perfect. The hunt you had went on had been difficult and you and Sam had almost been killed. Dean hadn’t said a word since he rescued the two of you. He stomped off leaving you with Sam.

“Just let him cool off he’s probably just angry that we weren’t more careful” Sam said pulling you into a hug. You nodded but Dean didn’t seem as angry as he did upset and you were worried. You made your way to the bedroom and when you walked in you saw Dean sitting on the edge of the bed with his face in his hands. You shut the door and made your way to stand in front of him. You stood between his legs and ran your fingers through his hair, you knew that calmed him.

“Baby please talk to me” you said gently. Another minute passed and Dean finally lifted his face from his hands. His eyes were red and puffy and you could tell he had been crying. You felt your heart break and you instantly straddled him pulling him into a hug and he nearly crushed you when he wrapped his arms around you. He let his breathing even out before he spoke.

“You and Sam almost died today… I almost lost the most important people in my life and I could barely protect you” he managed out.

You pulled back and held his face in your hands, “Dean that wasn’t your fault, me and Sammy were stupid and careless, we should’ve known-“

“But its my job to protect you and I almost failed” Dean said through clenched teeth cutting you off.

“We are fine, you saved us, we are alive because of you” Dean was silent for a few minutes just holding you. You gently rubbed his back as he calmed down.

“Y/N why do you love me” Dean whispered, you pulled back to look in his eyes and he spoke again before you could, “ youre so kind and beautiful and smart you could have anyone, you could have someone better, I don’t deserve you…” he said still in a whisper you felt your heart clenching at his words.

“That isn’t true Dean, I’m the one who doesn’t deserve you. I love you because you are a good man. The way you love the people in your life more than anything is the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen, I’ve never seen someone love like you. You are so selfless and brave, you would give anything to keep me and Sam safe. You’re so hard on yourself but you’re one of the few good ones. You’re so good… every day I wake up feeling so blessed to be loved by you, sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming because surely being as happy as I am with you has to be a dream. You have such a kind soul and I am amazed by you Dean Winchester, you inspire me to be a better person and I will love you till my last breath. It breaks my heart that you cant see how wonderful you are, but for as long as you want me I will spend every moment trying to remind you how worth it you are and how good you are” you felt your tears running down your cheeks at this point, you were still holding Dean’s face and you could see a few tears falling down his as well. He pulled you closer and held you as tight as he could, you could feel him crying, but you just held him and pressed gentle kisses to every inch of skin you could reach.

The two of you sat like that for a while before Dean finally pulled back to look at you. He held your face in his hand and you leaned into him palm, “Thank you Y/N. I will always want you, I will always love you” you smiled at his words and placed a kiss on his nose. You took a look at him and noticed the blood and mud from the hunt still crusted on him.

“Baby let me take care of you.” You said and he nodded. You got up and reached your hand out to him and he took it following you to the bathroom. You started the shower letting the water warm up. You removed your jeans and tshirt and underwear and then walked over to Dean. Dean was seated on a chair in the corner and you kneeled in front of him and started unlacing his boots.

“Sweetheart you don’t have-“ Dean started but you cut him off

“Let me Dean, I want to” you said looking up at him and he gave you a soft smile nodding. You continued and took his boots off. Then you motioned for him to stand up and you unbuttoned his shirt sliding it off of him.  You reached for the hem of his undershirt and he lifted his arms letting you pull that off of him too. Before working on his belt you placed sweet kisses on his shoulders and chest and then got up on your toes to place a kiss on his lips. You then returned your attention to his pants and undid his belt. You then unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and tugged them off along with his boxers. You then led him into the shower and let the water run over him. You began with washing his hair letting the mixture of mud and blood rinse from his hair. Dean shut his eyes as you cleaned him. You then began washing his body making sure to clean out every cut and rinse him free of dirt. Once you were finished you pulled him into a hug and he wrapped his arm around you and placing kisses to your shoulder.

“Thank you Y/N, I love you”

“I love you too, so much” you pulled him in tighter. Dean then switched places with you letting the water run over you as he washed your hair and body. There was nothing sexual about this, you were simply showing each other how much you adored the other, wanting to take care of one another.


You crawled into bed with Dean, neither of you bothering with putting clothes on. Dean pulled you up to him holding you. He flipped you over to your back and began kissing you. That night you two made needy passionate love until you fell asleep tangled up in each other’s limbs.





































CoMC2017: WHO AM I?

“A new governor arrived. It would have taken him too long to learn the names of his prisoners, so he asked only to be told their numbers. There were fifty furnished rooms in this frightful lodging-house. Its inhabitants were called by the number of the one that they occupied, and the unfortunate young man was no longer called by his first name, Edmond, or his family name, Dantès. He became Number 34.”

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“I Did The Dishes” *Bucky Barnes x Reader*

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

Requested by Anon: Can you do a one-shot with the prompt “I did the dishes” or “I made your favourites” with Bucky? Where basically Bucky over hears reader talking to Steve or Natasha about how she is fed up of doing everything, meaning like really tedious missions, and she’s fed up of just never getting a thank you but Bucky thinks its about their relationship so he spends the day; cleaning, baking and cooking for her! Just a really cute thing really.
Warnings: Swearing & Kissing
Admins Note: Sorry it has taken so long for this. We have loads of requests- which is amazing- trying to work through them. I wanted to write this one first because it was most inspiring for me, also I am going through another Bucky faze, where I am just writing stuff constantly for him atm… sorry about that.

“What’s the matter now?” Natasha asked with a smirk on her face, already knowing asking you that question would spiral a whole rant from you. 
“So many stupid missions,”  you cry out, falling onto a sofa, after just coming back from a very tedious mission. 

“I swear I get all the tedious stuff, it’s so boring and… tedious,” you ranted to Natasha and Steve who happened to be walking into the room you both were in. 

They aren’t that bad, (Y/N)” Steve chuckled lightly, you threw a glare at the Super Soldier who promptly shut his mouth but still snickered, earning a nudge from Natasha.

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NAME:  Lindsey // also feel free to call me linds, or even peppermint if its easier for u, as its what I go by on most online games.
PRONOUNS:  she / her
SEXUALITY:  hetero
TAKEN OR SINGLE:  single pringle


  • I am currently working on my bachelor’s degree in game art and design :^)
  • I have had rp blogs in several fandoms here on tumblr outside of ME, including: n.aruto, d.ragon age, f.inal fantasy, p.ersona 4, and s.ailor moon. 
  • I am actually terrible at keeping up with talking to people on social platforms like honestly ?? i just go radio silent and i’m sorry.


  • HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?): I never really roleplayed online before tumblr, but its been like 5 or so years since.
  • PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED:  before tumblr, it was just pen and paper with some friends
  • BEST EXPERIENCE:  making friends here that I still talk to and actually helped me see the world in a different way that my conservative home state never did at a young age has been awesome. like honestly rp helped me discover things about myself through writing characters that I was very confused about myself for because I identified with their struggles. I don’t think i would be the person I am today without this and that’s a scary thing for me to think about. So @ everyone thank u so much. 


  • FEMALE OR MALE:  female.
  • FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT:  mhmm gonna go with fluff & angst, as I rarely write smut. 
  • PLOTS OR MEMES:  plots & memes pls. I am a meme tbh ://
  • LONG OR SHORT REPLIES:  I aspire to write longer replies and want to do so at any chance I can for exploration/character growth, but shorter is what I usually stick with.
  • BEST TIME TO WRITE:  its either early in the morning or late at night, there is no in between.
  • ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S):  kinda, kasumi is a little different for me as she’s like the first really morally grey character I’ve written for, which makes it exciting. I think I would identify more closely with mercy or s.ailor m.ars who’ve I’ve written for in the past. 

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TAGGING: @drellmark, @harmoniris, @greatprotector, & you !

I Hate You Sometimes - Ashley

A/N: Yet again, I’m so sorry this has taken so long its-iloverockandrollsummernights. I hope this is fluffy enough for you and was worth the wait :)

You know what?” you yelled at your boyfriend who was sitting in the living room. “Forget it. It’s not like your here much anyway, so why should you help me out when you are?

Thats ridiculous, Y/N!” he shouted back, making his way to the kitchen where you were. “Do you have any idea how hard it is travelling as much as I do? I am jet lagged beyond belief right now, so excuse me if I’m to tired to help you out at the moment.

Yeah, but you aren’t to tired to get up and yell at me about it!

For fucks sake you’re being so stupid about this.

Am I?” you were livid at this point, it just felt like he didn’t care about you and the fact that you lived alone for most of the year. “This is your house too, Purdy. You might want to start acting like it.

Yeah, well, as you so kindly pointed out, I’m never here anyway.

Hey, I never said never,” you reminded him, pointing your finger sternly in his direction.

I hadn’t finished,” he shouted louder than either of you had so far. “I can’t deal with this, when I come home I want a chance to relax…

And I want to feel like I have a boyfriend.

Will you stop cutting me off?

Will you stop making this into a bigger deal than it is?

I really hate you sometimes, do you know that?” Ashley hissed, running his fingers through his hair.

You threw down the tea towel you were holding and stormed past him muttering angrily to yourself.

You headed straight to your room and flung yourself on the bed the two of you shared. Half of you was still so mad at him, the other half simply wanted to cry. You buried your face into your pillow and screamed. But once you had let out all your frustration, it turned into a strangled sob.

You heard the door open.

Fuck off,” you yelled through the tears, face still buried in the pillow.

Y/N, come on,” said Ashley in a soothing tone.

No,” you said, shifting your body away from him as he sat on the edge of the bed next to you.

Y/N, you know I didn’t mean that…

You sat up then, curling your knees up into your chest. “It sounded like you meant it,” you murmured.

Ashley’s heart broke. You looked and sounded so genuinely upset and the fact that he knew he had caused it made his chest physically hurt.

I know that must have hurt you, and I’m so sorry,” said Ashley, his tone calm and soothing. He couldn’t bring himself to see the hurt in your eyes and stared at his hands while he spoke. “I don’t hate you. Ever. You are amazing. The fact that you put up with me being gone for so long is great. I couldn’t wish for a greater girl and I’m so sorry I snapped. I’m sorry I wasn’t helping out. I really am just so tired, and i get short tempered when I’m tired. I swear I will wash the dishes before I got to bed tonight. And tomorrow I’ll vacuum, or do the laundry, or something. Anything to help out my wonderful girl.

You smiled then, despite your still damp eyes. “Ash, look at me.

He did as you asked and turned his face to yours. You could see tears welling up in his eyes too.

I’m tired too,” you told him. “We’re clearly both just exhausted and short tempered. Lets just go to bed, babe, please? The dirty dishes will be waiting in the morning for one of us to do.

Ashley smiled at you then and moved to hug you.

I love you so much,” he whispered in your ear.

I love you too.

He moved back slightly and pressed his lips to yours. You melted easily into the kiss, entwining your fingers in his hair. All to soon, he pulled away.

Let’s get some sleep, babe,” he said, lightly brushing your cheek.

That’s probably best,” you smiled.

anonymous asked:

What do I do if my bisexual friend doesn't accept me as aromatic. I'm not even allowed to be bisexual. I have to be "straight" (I am aromatic bisexual). She has certain sexualities for people and if you aren't that sexuality, than you are not allowed to be who you are. It is upsetting up to the point where I almost cried when my other friend said she accepted me no matter what, out of joy.

I’m going to be harsh here and say that she doesn’t sound like much of a friend…I’m so sorry that she’s reacted like this towards you anon! How you identify is entirely for yourself to determine and not anyone else! I know it’s been a long time since you asked this (I hope everything has worked out ok in that time!) but if it’s still a problem then if you feel like you can sit down with her and ask her why she feels she needs to insist on determining someone elses identity for them and ignoring their own thoughts. 

However, I am super happy that your other friend was super supportive!