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Rarely Do I Make Callout Posts

But here I am, doing just that. 

Recently, a blog run by people who are transgender, has had a horrible thing happen. One of their mods, mod jade, turned out to be a terf. 

If you see this user following you, block the fuck out of them.

Read their response here

If I EVER hear that TERFs don’t harass transwomen, aren’t transphobic, and don’t invade THEIR spaces, then you clearly are a piece of shit who ignores people. 

Mod Bethany

oc questions: ice (and suffering) edition

It’s a wintery day and your OCs are out for a walk. OC1 suddenly slips on some ice and falls on their butt. The other OCs notice.

Which OC…

  1. winces in sympathy?
  2. runs over to help but ends up slipping as well?
  3. just facepalms and sighs?
  4. manages to actually help OC1 to their feet?
  5. records the whole thing and posts it online or on snapchat?
  6. records the whole thing and keeps it as blackmail?
  7. tries to hide their laughter behind their hands?
  8. laughs their head off before asking “are you okay??” in a still giggly voice?
  9. laughs so hard that they fall as well?
  10. suggests that they just wear ice skates next time?

I don’t know what to believe anymore. 

BBC Three turned out to be fan run.  This could as well.  I was so upset over S4— I still am, and I don’t want to get disappointed again but all of this looks just so fishy…  But the writers and creators were also so absolutely dismissive and rude to the fans.  I’m not sure if they just have absolutely abysmal PR or…. I just don’t know what is going on.

The Twitter accounts have posted some interesting things.  

The twitter accounts must be run by someone who works at BBC at the very least.

At the same time, both Sue and Joe Lidster have come out claiming that the accounts are fake.

I don’t know what to believe.  Is it possible the BBC employee is a fan who had this timed or could this be something else and they are hiding it?

sd-833〜Lots of things I should say...

Suzuki Shougo Blog Post 30.12.2016:

Yes, there are lots of things I should say.

But one thing first:

The Hakuouki musicals are very important productions.

I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for the people I have met through these productions.

The role of Kazama Chikage is a very cherished role to me.
Since meeting him, I’m very proud to have run along with him for five years. I’m really glad that I could maintain his demon pride. I’m grateful to him more than anyone else in the world. I’ve been saved by him so many times.


Starting with the producer, Mouri-san, all the members of the staff enriched my life as an actor. They taught me many things. They created this beloved production called the Hakuouki musicals. I will never forget this encounter for the rest of my life, and I would like to see you all again when I’ve grown more.

The same goes for all the actors I met through Hakuouki.
Regardless of whether or not you were senpai or kouhai, we aimed for the same goals, competed with each other, cared for each other–we shared the suffering and glory together. We spent countless hours together exchanging words, crossing blades, drinking sake, and seeing things through the well of tears. It wasn’t always a fun time but because we each loved the Hakuouki productions in our own way, it was an honor to stand along side of you all on stage. That’s why it was such a happy company. It was truly a beautiful stage where we couldn’t win but we couldn’t lose, and it didn’t matter if you were senpai or kouhai. That’s the Hakuouki musicals.

With everything above, when HakuMyu Live 2 ended I thought:

Everything’s finally in order.

Every moment is incredibly beautiful, but, at the end of the last number, when Yuusuke put my sword in it’s sheath and handed it to me for the last time and I saw the audience and all the people who had supported the Hakuouki musicals–that was the best present anyone could’ve given me.

Hakuouki is the best and I will continue to love it forever.

Thank you, thank you, thank you…

There are never enough words.

Thank you very much.

I’ll cross paths with you again someday.

We’ll meet again.

Suzuki Shougo as Kazama Chikage


not today mv thoughts

so ive seen a few ppl wondering abt what was happening with the whole gunshot thing and members dying and why jk is the only one who didn’t get shot …. so here i am offering my take on the whole thing:

lets rewind back to run. jk in run was often singled out and alone, especially at particular two scenes that could relate to not today. there was that one scene where the camera zooms in on jk is sitting at a party w/ the crew but then it zooms out and he’s alone. 

additionally, at the end of the run mv, ot7 (minus seokjin) is walking away from the camera, but jk turns around and looks back and smiles.

okay so back to not today. i feel like the hooded figures symbolize the members’ own issues they each deal with. so in the mv, the hooded figures are always behind bangtan, and bangtan is seen running from them. 

this could represent the universal struggle that is dealing with your own issues and fears and inner demons, if you will. while every individual faces differing personal challenges, the ubiquity of the experience lends to the fact that all members are being chased by the same group of hooded figures rather than different members being chased by different hooded figures.

and then there’s that part with the gunshots and the members falling, leading the audience to believe they’ve been shot. (refer to gifs up top) this part is what namjoon’s probably referring to with the lyrics in the beginning “a day may come when we lose”. this to me is like the members getting pulled under by their fears and succumbing to the pressure of their hardships.  and jk isn’t shot bc his specific fear is losing his hyungs, his family. so you can see the panic in his eyes when he turns around to see his hyungs falling to the ground. 

but then it cuts to them dancing and still being “alive” because they aren’t dying today…. hence……Not Today. and when they link arms at the end and kind of corral the hooded figures behind them it’s like they’re willing to stand strong together to prevent that from happening. this is reinforced by the lyrics emphasizing that you won’t fail if you work together.

tldr: bangtan lean on each other to get through difficult times and situations and they really are “1 heart shared by 7 boys, a boy that shares 7 hearts”

gifs by the lovely @bwiseoks

🐝i am moving blogs🐝

okay so ive decided that i am moving to @rosegoldspock for good so!!! if you like star trek and want to keep following me, you can find me there! if you are into sherlock/random bits and pieces, you can follow me at @celestialbee 😌 i am going to keep this blog up as an archive once the queue runs out, but i will not be posting new things here at all!! also, if we are mutuals here but i dont follow you back with my new blog, its most likely just because i dont want a lot of sherlock on my dash for now, not because of you personally, and id love to still keep up with you 💖 i love u all!!

Things refugees have said to me that have really stood out
  • A Libyan man in Athens told me, “I like Greece because I am alive here.”
  • A little Syrian boy told me he liked Greece because he told sleep through the night without bombs going off.
  • A Syrian woman and I had a conversation at the post office where she told me she wasn’t even sure she could get mail to her country. 
  • There is this adorable Somalian boy who runs to school every morning and every time I see him he stops and ecstatically tells me “good morning!!!” and bolts away and his dad is always behind him, running after him with his backpack.
  • There is a family of refugees that live on the beach and when I was walking down the beach at night I had a long conversation with them about how they finally felt safe and how it was just this enormous weight off their shoulders to finally be in Greece.
  • There is a Libyan man who I see every dawn feeding the stray dogs with his leftover food and he is the sweetest person ever. He told me he does it because he wants to “spread good fortune while he has it”.
  • I gave a little boy who sits in front of the market a huge bag of like $25 worth of food and clothes and he actually jumped for joy and now every time I see him he hugs me.
  • I gave a refugee mother and her daughter a suitcase full of clothing and $20 worth of food in Athens, and everytime I saw the girl she would run up to me and hug me, telling me I was her good friend.

This isn’t something someone said, but it still really sticks out in my mind. in Ierapetra we have a church that used to be a mosque, and as with the church that used to be a mosque in Athens, I notice that whenever I walk past there during salat I see people praying! 

Refugees are lovely people who deserve to live and you need to let them in! I have never felt safer than I feel living in a town full of refugees.

Phan Week 2017

Hey guys, it’s been a minute! Sorry for the lack of Phan Week in 2016 - things got a bit hectic and we couldn’t find the time to run the event. Buuuut….


I am still working out the dates, but as I’m now running this by myself, I’m going to need some help! 

If you are interested in becoming a mod for Phan Week 2017, please click anywhere in this post to fill out the application

I want to get this sorted as quickly as possible so that we can get everything up and running and host Phan Week ASAP, so applications will be open until Friday, February 3rd

If you could reblog this to help get the word out, it’d be much appreciated! Thanks :D 

- Alexandra


{Hello, everyone. This is admin three. Very recently, this blog’s founder decided to move on from the blog, and continue to do her own more private blog elsewhere. I am saddened, but I understand the need to move on and start anew. There are so many of you out there who follow, and I request that if you come across this post, reblog or comment a Thank You! of some sort to show her support. Without her, this blog would not have been created.

In her stead, she has left the blog in my hands, and I feel incredibly blessed that she trusts me with this task. The other admin and I will do our absolute best to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible, though potentially a little more slowly. Patience is a factor, as both the other admin and myself have obligations elsewhere. If you know who I am, send me a message or even a link to a thread I am forgetting and a short message and I shall try my best to get to it. 

I guess I shall be the first one, then, no? 


Happy (REALLY LATE) Valentine’s Day Everyone!!! I drew a quick sketch of male Robin in the pink palette for ssb4 because I have a bias for boys in pink hehe (i think Pit looks absolutely adorable in pink as well <3) Wanted to make a Chrobin comic but as always I run out of time x’C but do not worry! I am planning on having a full comic coming out soon for Chrobin and maybe some other side projects too for Fates~ Also please excuse the lateness and the sketchiness of the drawing, I didn’t intend on posting this at first but I decided ‘eh why not?’ Also, should I try uploading things every week from now on? I think i justttt might~ 

My phone just got bigger…

I just found the photo on the left this morning and I was shocked! I usually wouldn’t post a pic of my self with my stomach showing, but wow I was stunned. I could not believe that I was as big as I was. Before I used to eat whatever, hated working out, and was just content to live my life the way I was. Now I eat whole (most of the time), am finally starting to like running, and I feel a whole lot better! One thing about getting healthy and fit is if you don’t really want it, it won’t happen for you. Your body is only as capable as your mind thinks it is. I hated veggies, and never really ate them, I lived off chicken nuggets. When I started whole 30 it was tough I wanted what I was accustomed to. Now I have successfully finished four rounds of whole 30, lost 56 pound , and green food is my best friend.

So if you skipped that paragraph here’s what you need to know. If you are unhappy about your weight there’s only one person who can change that… You

remembernola  asked:

I saw your face and my heart literally skipped a beat. It's one of those moments where you're walking down the street and you feel so infatuated with that person that a whole series of events plays out in your head and then you keep walking because you're too afraid to say something and you almost run into a lamp post and they notice and you have to play it cool. Good thing I was stationary.

I don’t know what I do to deserve such nice messages like this. And as usual I don’t know how to respond because ‘thank you’ never sums up how grateful I am and how things like this make me feel so warm inside. Thank you thank you thank you I really don’t understand bc I’m so plain but thank you thank you thank you

2/21 things

-i am developing a fever on top of a major congestive cold so i’m going to rest today instead of running

-but it is beautiful outside so i will walk otis and then do HW outside

-only 2 tests this week!!

-i want to study preventative medicine 

-my appetite over the weekend was out of control which is probably good bc i haven’t felt hungry at all and i haven’t gotten my period yet

-it is terrifying that it is 60 degrees in MN in february. 

anonymous asked:

i had one of those semi-conscious half-dream, half-daydream things that you posted the next chapter of mr. min and i shot out of bed and almost ate shit running to my computer on my sleepy legs and i couldn't help but laugh at myself for reacting so violently bc i wasn't finished with my rereading of the fic 😆 your writing's got POWER, ma'am.

Lmao please don’t hurt yourself trying to see if Mr. Min is updated.  The next chapter won’t be out for awhile and I promise I’ll give warning before it is.  No stubbed toes or skinned knees please!

ok so…………lately ive been like……really outgoing and confident and its so weird??? i almost feel like im not acting like myself,,,, ive always been shy and quiet etc and i still am those things but not as severe?? i can like actually be forward and flirt and idk man its nuts!!! feels good but weird too tho i just need to work on hanging out w friends outside of work im just so tired after work and on my days off i either have errands to run or appointments or i just straight up sleep man but otherwise………………………………!!!!


Alright all.

As of just a few minutes ago, every single file of this video has been turned in and finished.

The next stage- Editing.

Due to the nature of the way we handled things this time, I can’t say for sure how long this will take, but odds are it will only be a day or so.

This post is *NOT* the release date news.  However, if things go according to plan, I am attempting to aim for next Saturday as the day it goes live.


I will make a separate post about a solid release date and I will not be doing so until after editing and the step after that- getting Luis’s approval (and preferably whitelisting the video for Youtube) so things run smooth right out the gate.

We’re close all, hope to report back soon.

Update on Fugitive

Hi Friends,

So I am going on a bit of a hiatus because of my school musical, work, school and just…because I’m emotionally distressed basically all the time lol. After my queue runs out, this will post…and from then on I’m gonna be gone for a while, and sadly, right in the middle of Dorianmance week. I’ll still be answering messages though and checking in when I find time, but doing this just makes me have…one less thing to worry about.

Sorry everyone.

you know that thing perfectionists do where we procrastinate absolutely everything bc we’re anxious about it not turning out the way we’re hoping

nowhere in my life does that happen as much as with dming, i am running this game T O M O R R O W and i still need to figure out one of my main environments, ha ha ha